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About My Request for help

  1. Betty T
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    I was having problems with my computer for several days and if your neighbors sent offers I didn't get them.

    The request is still active. If your neighbors are still interested give them my number please.
    206 937 3247I(we) appreciate the help. Neighbors helping neighbors you know.

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  2. betty..
    i don't have any of the items you mentioned..
    but if there are things you think i might have that she needs, let me know.

    i am out of furniture.. but i believe i still have kitchen items and curtains and ????

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  3. luckymom30
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    Betty T. - I have just send a reminder to my neighbors of you need, so I hope they do get in touch with you soon. I also forwarded your contact information both email and phone number.

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  4. Betty T
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    You talked to her last night so you know. Many here don't use curtains but i have them I can't stand plain white walls and venitian blinds!I'll keep you in mind if any new people in need come here. We've had a really big turnover in about 6 mo. Some people that came in from the beginning have become to ill to be alone and gone to live with family or Assissted Living. Some passed away, last man was 92. We've had new residents nearly every month. Got another message regarding the 3 needs items I posted; Maybe we'll connect this time. Thanks for your offer.

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  5. betty T
    yes, i knew :)

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