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A Public Boat Harbor at Pioneer Square?

  • Started 2 years ago by captainDave
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  1. I would like to see what people in West Seattle think of a new concept for a public boat landing at the old historic Washington Street Landing along the Pioneer Square waterfront. The concept suggests recycling two sections of the old 520 floating bridge to make an expansive floating promenade and breakwater for a Mediterranean style small boat harbor.

    You can see the concept sketches here at:

    This is a grass roots project that attempts to help re-connect people with the Puget Sound by providing public access to maritime activities. I am involved with organization that plans to connect farms and consumers around Puget Sound via water. We hope to eventually have a floating farmers market near Pioneer Square with fresh farm goods coming in from across the sound. Our floating market program is part of a bigger vision to create an alternative food distribution network for the Puget Sound region in the event of earthquakes or other disasters. Most of the old municipal docks around Puget Sound are long gone. We hope to inspire a resurgence of this vital public resource.

    (If you know anyone who might like to get involved, please let them know about us. )

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  2. You should inspect the recent "improvements" that the Ferry district has put in place ostensibly for Water Taxi maintenance.. The current public dock is a dock in name only. The pier to the South is owned by The state supporting the viaduct rebuilding. There may not be room for your vision. my two cents.

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  3. I love your ideas, Captain Dave!

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  4. skeeter
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    This is a very exciting idea. Just look at downtown Kirkland in the summertime. The public dock is full of boats and boaters enjoying the scene. It brings a lot of happy energy, and economic benefit as well.

    I don't have any details or analysis, but at first glance this seems like an amazing opportunity that wouldn't cost an insane amount of money.

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  5. love the idea
    suspect it won't be easy to make a reality

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  6. Kudos on a fabulous concept! Make it happen!

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  7. JayDee: My understanding is that pier 48 will revert to the city after the tunnel project is done.

    JoB: I thought that the department of Ecology would be the biggest hurdle However, after speaking with someone there, I found out that they are far behind in creating public access to the water based on laws created in the 70's. Private shoreline projects are very difficult, but public access may be in favor. Tribal issues may end up being the biggest barriers I am told--but not insurmountable.

    Make sure you sign up with your name and e-mail on the web site if you like the idea!

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  8. Captain Dave,
    As I mentioned above, I love the concept, the website, and the illustrations. I sent an e-mail to "info at RecycleTheBridge dot org" and it bounced back as no such address, so I guess it may need to be checked. In addition to passing along some encouraging words, I also wanted to let you know that the History tab (scroll to the bottom) has some spelling and capitalization errors: "dissapear" and "Elliott bay." I'm sure you want your website to be as professional as possible and that's the only reason I wanted to mention it. Hope that helps...

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  9. Pibal: Thanks for letting me know! I fixed it.

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  10. thanks for the reminder to check the website out more closely and to sign up

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  11. wakeflood
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    More public access to the water downtown would be great. I'll sign up too.

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