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Paris, France: Freedom of the Press, or poking the bull? 153 Jd seattle 1 day
Fact Checking 11 HMC Rich 2 weeks
US Foreign Policy 11 JanS 1 month
tonight the expected happened... 18 dobro 1 month
Seattle Police 10 borris 1 month
When idiots write I-594 ... 24 CM 1 month
Welcome to our newest Republican Congresspersons 35 JoB 2 months
Should States invoke Article V to stop lawless Fed? 57 HMC Rich 2 months
Net Neutrality (and Ted Cruz) 5 JoB 2 months
Political blog 2 anonyme 2 months
Want to hold democrats accountable? 94 JTB 2 months
Seattle Ballot Measure 1A and 1B -- Yea or Nea? 17 JayDee 2 months
Election Nov 2014: Last minute Ballot Replacement 6 JoB 2 months
Which is the Party of the Rich? 40 JoB 2 months
Vote “no” on every initiative and let the elected legislators do their jobs? 11 waynster 2 months
Ask the Mayor about your money 2 JTB 3 months
We are doomed 13 HMC Rich 3 months
John Stewart on The US House of Reps. Committee on Science, Space and Technology 4 JoB 3 months
Presidential Accountability Lacking 16 JanS 3 months
'Levy fatigue'? Looking for opinions 16 wakeflood 3 months
the city is the peop 1 apl7iswwr0 4 months
Domestic Violence: You're not alone; You're not immune; You're not exempt. 1 Linda Rohan ARNP 4 months
I approve of this Frolic in the Oval Office 3 HMC Rich 4 months
The Science Was Settled but ... maybe not so much... 56 wakeflood 4 months
Eric Cantor....anyone really surprised by this? 3 JoB 4 months
BREAKING NEWS: baghdad 2 JanS 4 months
Amazing Great Recession Effects--worth the clicks 3 HMC Rich 5 months
Robert Reich coming to town 4 JanS 5 months
mais ce n'est pas une couleur 0 WSB 5 months
June 18-24 The Stranger article "Who to Blame for Bertha" 10 au 6 months
Separation Of Powers 48 JanS 6 months
Like Soccer? Watching the World Cup? You're What's Wrong with this Country! 21 redblack 6 months
I have to post this :) 8 JayDee 6 months
On Frederick Douglass, 5th of July, 1852 3 JanS 6 months
Wallet found in Westwood Village Sunday evening 1 Ms mookies 6 months
Benghazi 13 dobro 7 months
Gun free zones REALLY work !!! 2 JoB 7 months
Have You Attended Militia Training Recently? 6 seaopgal 7 months
What, Me Worry? Even Mad Magazine understands 13 miws 7 months
The ACA...and The House of Reps... 125 wakeflood 8 months
What are Democrats? Republicans? 42 JoB 8 months
Interesting Story about Inequality in America, 2014 6 skeeter 8 months
there is nothing more deadly than silence 5 JoB 9 months
Seattle Parks District Tax 7 JayDee 9 months
some of the technical reads unit yes 2 c@lbob 11 months
Disappointed in Rep. Fitzgibbon's comments regarding Arizona 24 JoB 1 year
Where are all the local politics meetings? 5 WSB 1 year
Obamacare ... another thread 102 JoB 1 year
oh, well, let the wrangling begin - lol 43 JoB 1 year
it's not over till it's over... 3 TanDL 1 year

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