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West Seattle crime/safety updates are here, plus important links for keeping yourself and your family safe. If something happens and you want to get the word out (AFTER you’ve reported it to police), please e-mail us (call/text 206-293-6302 if it’s breaking news). 

CLICK FOR SEATTLE POLICE’S ONLINE-REPORTING SYSTEM (but call 911 if it’s happening now!) 

FOR CRIME WATCH STORY LINKS – scroll down past this next box, which features the “Tweets by Beat” West Seattle incidents coming from SPD via Twitter (IMPORTANT NOTE: These represent classifications of calls – not necessarily confirmed crimes – and the classifications do not always reflect what the incidents turn out to be [or not be] – the “reported” time also generally is later than the actual time it was called in):



4/26/2017: Stolen silver Subaru Forester (missing since last Sunday)

4/25/2017: Tire/wheel stolen; shared-car vandalism; packages taken

4/24/2017: Two burglaries

4/23/2017: Roxhill Park robbery; possible package theft

4/21/2017: Stolen red Subaru Outback

4/20/2017: Car broken into; white-and-blue bicycle found

4/18/2017: White Cilo bicycle found

4/17/2017: 2 reader reports; 2 chances to talk with police

4/16/2017: Stolen work van, labeled “Valley Electric”

4/14/2017: Package theft in Seaview

4/14/2017: Another charge against Chayce Hanson

4/13/2017: Car prowl; possible dumped loot; next West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting

4/12/2017: Police seeking boathouse-burglary suspect Paul Story (photo)

4/11/2017: Casey Carlstedt charged with bike theft that WSB readers helped solve; also, car-prowl reader report

4/9/2017: Convicted child-killer Chayce Hanson charged with rape

4/8/2017: Convicted burglar’s ‘alternative’ sentence revoked

4/6/2017: Police search in East Admiral

4/4/2017: Charges filed against boathouse-burglary suspect

4/4/2017: Daytime gunfire; 3 stolen cars found

4/3/2017: Thieves and vandals, some on video

4/2/2017: Various reader reports

4/1/2017: Police search in East Admiral after man finds intruder in his car

4/1/2017: Stolen car, found bicycle, more

3/30/2017: Search for White Center shooting suspect

3/29/2017: What happened at this month’s West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting

3/29/2017: Trailer stolen; carport prowlers on video; Jessica Detrick wanted again

3/28/2017: Shell casings found after gunfire near Delridge/Kenyon

3/27/2017: 2 reader reports and a followup

3/27/2017: Scam alert: Fake “City Light” callers

3/26/2017: The illegal-tree-cutting case, one year later

3/25/2017: Two Honda Civics stolen

3/24/2017: Bicyclist attacked on Spokane Street path, and what the city’s doing about conditions there

3/23/2017: Gunfire followup; recognize this bicycle?; package theft

3/22/2017: Street robbery

3/22/2017: Sketch of home-invasion robber

3/21/2017: Package-theft suspect charged, released

3/20/2017: Reader video, images, tips result in arrest of suspected serial package thief

3/20/2017: Gunfire heard last night, evidence found this morning

3/19/2017: Car prowlers leave the change; suspect found sleeping

3/18/2017: Police investigate stabbing at Fauntleroy/Alaska

3/18/2017: Package theft on video

3/17/2017: Teens arrested after gunfire in east Junction

3/17/2017: Silver CR-V stolen

3/16/2017: Stolen Subaru Forester found; daytime driveway prowler; “library” e-mail scam; more

3/15/2017: 4 notes, including stolen Mitsubishi Diamante found

3/13/2017: Burglary caught on camera (red/orange truck and tool thieves breaking into container on Beach Drive)

3/12/2017: Stolen blue Subaru Forester

3/12/2017: Car prowl, vandalism

3/10/2017: Stolen car (silver Mitsubishi Diamante)

3/9/2017: Car theft; stolen keys; found 1-speed bicycle, and fishing-related items

3/8/2017: One car stolen (silver Acura), another broken into

3/7/2017: One reader report, four reports from SPD files

3/2/2017: Mailboxes, car windows targeted; purple/pink Trek bike found

3/1/2017: Car prowlers steal donations, and more…

2/28/2017: Visitors’ car stolen in Fauntleroy

2/26/2017: Car prowl; vandalism; more

2/24/2017: Gunfire; car theft (silver 1998 Civic); package theft on video

2/21/2017: 2 incidents at Junction 7-11; stolen vans recovered; other followups

2/19/2017: Stolen urn; found bicycle

2/18/2017: Four repeat offenders in trouble again

2/16/2017: Stabbing suspect charged, and more

2/14/2017: Burglary and other reader reports; stabbing suspect arrested

2/13/2017: Stolen 1985 van

2/12/2017: Junction stabbing (with followup info added Monday morning)

2/12/2017: Street robbery and two property-crime reader reports

2/10/2017: Stolen car full of loot; car prowl on video; SWAT arrest followup; more

2/8/2017: SWAT response in South Delridge

2/7/2017: Car prowler who left tools behind

2/4/2017: Stolen SUV

2/3/2017: Car-prowl reader reports

1/31/2017: Overnight gunfire; victim in another shooting shows up at hospital; car prowl

1/30/2017: Abandoned bicycle; found license plates; more

1/28/2017: Vandalism; burglary; wire theft

1/27/2017: Work truck stolen

1/26/2017: Reader reports, plus, more charges in burglary ring

1/25/2017: ATM heist suspects charged

1/25/2017: Alki arrests linked to regional ‘high-end burglary ring’ – loot shown off

1/25/2017: Pigeon Point gunfire; Arbor Heights car-prowl suspect out

1/24/2017: Police updates @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

1/24/2017: Arrest in South Delridge ATM-customer holdup

1/23/2017: 2 suspects jailed in Junction US Bank ATM theft

1/23/2017: Arbor Heights search after car prowl leads to 1 arrest

1/23/2017: Bellevue Police arrest 2 in Alki area

1/22/2017: ATM stolen; package theft on video

1/19/2017: Found skis (stolen?); robbers on video; more

1/18/2017: Updates from West Seattle Crime Prevention Council

1/18/2017: Shooting at Highland Park 7-11

1/17/2017: Found bicycle; smashed windows; more

1/16/2017: 35th/Holden police response

1/16/2017: Bikes stolen, found; bag found; more

1/14/2017: Card fraud; burglaries

1/12/2017: Four reader reports, including words of thanks

1/12/2017: Stabbing on Puget Ridge

1/10/2017: Stolen car; vehicle break-ins; possible loot (CDs) found; more

1/9/2017: Teen shot, turns up in ER

1/9/2017: Bicycle found; car windows smashed

1/8/2017: Recognize this bicycle? Purse and more found. Plus, reports from SPD files

1/6/2017: Hit-run crash victim’s father reports arrest

1/6/2017: Ice vandalism

1/5/2017: SPD briefing at Southwest District Council

1/3/2017: 1 car stolen, 2 cars prowled

1/2/2017: Stolen, vandalized cars

1/1/2017: Hit-run driver leaves hubcap behind

12/29/2016: “Shooting” followup; stolen skateboard

12/28/2016: Four reader reports

12/27/2016: Suspects jailed in 7-11 incident

12/26/2016: Robbery attempt; bicycle theft; stolen mail

12/24/2016: Pre-holiday thefts

12/22/2016: 7-11 clerk hurt

12/22/2016: Vehicle stolen in North Admiral

12/22/2016: Coffee-shop holdup

12/21/2016: Hit-run; package thefts; car prowls

12/21/2016: Appeal ruling in Lovett Chambers case

12/20/2016: Stolen car (BMW), hit-runs, car prowl

12/19/2016: Hit-run crash survivor’s family seeking info

12/18/2016: Burglary attempt, garage intruder, bike found (black Trek)

12/16/2016: Plea bargain in guns/drugs case

12/15/2016: Burglary attempts; Rudolph ‘recovered’

12/14/2016: Car prowls, and prevention advice

12/14/2016: Recognize any of this recovered loot?

12/12/2016: Stolen CR-V; package theft on video

12/10/2016: Groceries stolen? And other reader reports

12/9/2016: Possible gunfire; bullet hits car; more

12/7/2016: Teenager shot

12/6/2016: Reader reports including abandoned scooter

12/6/2016: Theater troupe hit by thieves; yard lights lifted

12/5/2016: Followup on arrest related to Corner Pocket liquor-license suspension

12/3/2016: Stolen pickup, found bike, more

12/1/2016: Two unique bicycles stolen

11/30/2016: Prowlers caught and not, package and plant thieves…

11/29/2016: Plates, prowls, pickup

11/28/2016: Bike theft on video (orange Soma)

11/27/2016: Stolen pickup; stolen package; 3 car prowls

11/25/2016: No holiday for thieves, including stolen bicycle (red and black Giant)

11/23/2016: Package-theft-arrests followup; 2 car prowls; stolen car found

11/22/2016: Stolen Toyotas

11/22/2016: Package-theft suspects arrested

11/21/2016: Five reader reports – stolen trailer, stolen (red) bicycle, car prowl, found stuff, possible gunshots

11/21/2016: Three stolen cars (one Ford, one Subaru, other unknown)

11/20/2016: Burglary suspect charged with 4 felonies

11/20/2016: Silver Honda Accord stolen in Gatewood

11/19/2016: Electric bicycle stolen; multiple cars damaged in hit-and-run

11/18/2016: Car theft (2010 graphite Subaru Outback), car prowls, recognize these found items? (photo)

11/16/2016: Illegal tree-cutting case followup

11/16/2016: Car prowlers leave someone else’s items behind

11/15/2016: Missing a bicycle? Take a look at these four

11/14/2016: Possible gunshots off Beach Drive

11/13/2016: Burglary suspect arrested after Admiral search

11/13/2016: Alki-area burglary; possible skimming

11/12/2016: Arrest in PCC lot; car theft (green ’96 Honda Accord); 2 bicycles found

11/11/2016: Pre-dawn car prowl in Admiral parking lot

11/8/2016: Business burglary on video; 2 car prowls

11/8/2016: Robbery suspect out of jail; 3 reader reports

11/7/2016: Followup on stolen property found in recovered stolen vehicle

11/5/2016: Package thief makes off with medicine

11/4/2016: Bleeding burglar, stolen bike, pilfered packages

11/4/2016: Stolen car found full of others’ stuff, plus three reader reports

11/2/2016: Warrant arrest at Westwood Village

11/2/2016: Search after burglary northeast of The Junction

11/1/2016: Burglary, bike theft (photo included – pink bike), car prowl

10/30/2016: Seen this stolen pickup truck (photo included – red Ford)?

10/28/2016: Stolen vehicles and stolen wheels

10/27/2016: Vehicle thefts, vandalized railings

10/26/2016: Hot topics at Block Watch Captains Network

10/25/2016: Two stolen-car cases, including suspects fleeing at 15th/Roxbury

10/24/2016: Reader reports and more

10/23/2016: Stolen Civic, and (found!) stolen Audi

10/21/2016: Robbery-suspects followup

10/20/2016: South Park pursuit may result in robbery arrests; reader reports on package theft, graffiti vandalism

10/19/2016: Garage burglars on cam and more

10/18/2016: Exposer alert

10/17/2016: Followup – after reported 30th/Roxbury gunshots, victim turns up at hospital

10/16/2016: Police response at 14th/Roxbury, apparent hoax

10/15/2016: Street robbery, burglaries, thefts, and a new survey

10/13/2016: Fake ‘City Light’ caller

10/12/2016: Thieves on camera – from tree to supplements

10/11/2016: Gatewood hit-run, North Admiral, Seaview car prowls

10/9/2016: Parking-lot auto theft; mirror vandalism

10/7/2016: Car prowlers, including 1 on clear video

10/6/2016: Four reader reports, including stolen child’s bicycle and hit-and-run

10/5/2016: Stolen car (blue Nissan Maxima) and more

10/3/2016: The case of the repeat offender who had to be dragged into custody

10/2/2016: Car break-in, brazen bike thief (red mountain bike), more

10/1/2016: Skirt-stealing package thief

9/30/2016: Is this your bike? Police want to talk to you – and not just so you can get it back

9/30/2016: Car break-in; purse theft; 2 bicycles found; more

9/28/2016: Fugitive arrested, and two more reports

9/27/2016: Updates on 3 repeat offenders, including a plea bargain

9/26/2016: Grocery thief; dumped bicycles

9/25/2016: Three reader reports

9/24/2016: Two reader reports and a Block Watch Captains Network reminder

9/22/2016: Found (stolen?) items and updates on two suspects

9/21/2016: Police search for a warrant suspect

9/20/2016: Murder cold case closed

9/20/2016: Tree-cutting lawsuits filed

9/19/2016: Stolen black bicycle; found silver bicycle frame; prowler on video

9/18/2016: Car-theft suspect caught in Delridge

9/16/2016: Helicopter helps search for burglary suspect in Fauntleroy

9/16/2016: Couple attacked/robbed near California/Andover; car stolen from supermarket lot

9/15/2016: Police search Lincoln Park after nearby burglary

9/14/2016: Driver arrested after Mercedes catches fire near ferry dock following hit-run on 35th

9/14/2016: Stolen car; stolen package; crime-prevention bulletins; next WS Crime Prevention Council meeting

9/14/2016: Boat & trailer stolen; bicycle found

9/12/2016: Armed robbery starts in park, ends in store

9/11/2016: Two more bicycles found

9/9/2016: Car prowlers steal sports stuff

9/7/2016: Another dumped bicycle found

9/5/2016: Another Prius stolen

9/5/2016: More storage-unit break-ins

9/4/2016: Prius stolen

9/2/2016: Police search leads to arrest; would-be burglar shown on video

9/1/2016: Woman grabbed while running

8/31/2016: Marine View Drive gunfire; South Admiral burglary attempt

8/30/2016: Four reader reports, including a found bicycle

8/29/2016: Assault outside Alki home; twice-stolen car; more

8/28/2016: Possible package-theft evidence; found bicycle

8/26/2016: Twice-stolen car; prowl attempt

8/26/2016: Home, storage-unit burglaries

8/25/2016: Car prowls, plus the case of the abandoned pants

8/24/2016: Car-prowl suspect out of jail

8/23/2016: Attempted child luring; prowlers on video; wedding items stolen

8/23/2016: Police arrest car-prowl suspect in Lincoln Park after helicopter-enhanced search

8/22/2016: Stolen car found, items inside missing

8/21/2016: Burglaries while residents slept, plus a neighbor’s kindness

8/21/2016: From bullets to burglars

8/19/2016: Gunfire on Alki, with two victims showing up at hospital

8/18/2016: Car prowls; vandalism; found bicycles (both mainly white frames)

8/17/2016: Stolen shrubbery; ripped-off rings

8/16/2016: Another stolen CR-V

8/15/2016: Early morning car (Accord) theft

8/14/2016: Roxhill Park police response plus 5 reader reports (vandalism x 2, theft x 2, stolen vehicle found)

8/13/2016: Pickup truck stolen

8/12/2016: Phones stolen; stolen bicycle reunited with owner; stolen pickup found with somebody else’s stuff inside

8/11/2016: Woman attacked while walking in Arbor Heights; dumped stolen (?) items

8/10/2016: Car prowls; stolen bicycle; found 3-wheeler

8/9/2016: Little League’s mower stolen; bicycle stolen; stolen car found

8/8/2016: 2 more stolen vehicles to watch for

8/7/2016: Seen this stolen CR-V?

8/6/2016: Stolen ashes; scam callers try again

8/4/2016: Car thief arrested; stolen car found; stolen van; found bike; burglary

8/3/2016: 1 suspect, 3 robberies

8/3/2016: Jessica Detrick charged in two burglaries

8/2/2016: Morgan Junction bank robbed

8/2/2016: Morgan Junction grocery store robbed

8/1/2016: Tire slashers hit two West Seattle streets

7/31/2016: Reader reports – torched political sign; suspected gunshots; stolen bicycle with extra sentimental value; found golf clubs

7/30/2016: Junction shoplifter; Gatewood discovery of dumped CDs/cases; Triangle bike theft; Highland Park car/mailbox prowler on video; more

7/29/2016: Highland Park arrests from SPD Blotter; reader reports from Beach Drive, 33rd SW

7/28/2016: Suspect in bank-robbery attempt released from jail

7/27/2016: Junction bank-robbery (attempt)

7/27/2016: Racist, threatening hate note left on Pigeon Point family’s porch

7/26/2016: Unusual happenings after two West Seattle car prowls

7/25/2016: Assault charges filed in bridge beating

7/24/2016: Burglary charge via fingerprints, and 4 reader reports – two car prowls, a stolen car, and a found bicycle

7/23/2016: Shell casings found in Lincoln Park after gunfire reports

7/22/2016: Sentencing of West Seattleite who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in deadly SeaTac shooting

7/21/2016: Police find bicycles, seek owners

7/21/2016: 3 suspects still in custody after bridge assault

7/20/2016: High Point arrests following bridge assault

7/20/2016: Burglary, car-theft victims looking for witnesses

7/20/2016: Early-morning gunfire

7/19/2018: Stabbing in Roxhill area

7/18/2016: Burglar caught on camera

7/18/2016: Failed car-theft attempt; mystery booms

7/17/2016: 2 bicycles stolen, another left behind

7/15/2017: Car stolen with keepsake

7/13/2016: Business burglary; yard prowler; close call in a parking lot

7/12/2016: Update on HP/SD prowling suspect Taylor Church

7/10/2016: Car just prowled

7/10/2016: Car stolen, then found

7/9/2016: 3 reader reports and WSBWCN at Summer Fest

7/7/2016: $15,000 bail for ‘known burglar and auto thief’

7/7/2016: Charge filed against rifle-firing suspect Tony Samoun

7/6/2016: Bail set for 4th of July rifle-firing suspect

7/6/2016: Why the Guardian One helicopter was over West Seattle

7/5/2016: Man hurt while trying to stop car-prowl suspect

7/5/2016: ‘Assault rifle” seized in 4th of July gunfire arrest

7/4/2016: Two car prowls (Fauntleroy and East Admiral)

7/2/2016: Three theft reports – Westcrest Park, Lincoln Park, Upper Alki

6/30/2016: Crime trends @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

6/30/2016: Stolen Schwinn Hornet bicycle and dumped-likely-stolen shoes found

6/28/2016: 4 reports plus “focus groups” ahead

6/27/2016: Purse stolen; mail theft and garage break-in; burglary attempt

6/26/2016: Robbed at home; plate stolen, swapped; mail theft and what to do about it

6/25/2016: Recognize this abandoned blue Pacific bike?

6/24/2016: Charges filed against alleged gun-waving car-prowl suspects

6/23/2016: Bail hearing for alleged gun-waving car-prowl suspects

6/23/2016: Police, helicopter response in Alki/Admiral

6/23/2016: Another bicycle theft; what car prowlers left behind

6/22/2016: Car-prowl, gun-waving report leads to 2 arrests

6/21/2016: Drive-up theft in Trader Joe’s lot

6/21/2016: 1 stolen bicycle, 3 found bicycles [photos], plus ‘good news/bad news’ car prowl

6/19/2016: Another Lincoln Park car break-in

6/18/2016: Five reader reports – solicitor suspected of theft; car prowls; hit-run; more

6/18/2016: Woman fights off would-be robbers

6/16/2016: Stolen Nissan Versa; charger taken from doorstep

6/16/2016: Asleep & armed; art case followup

6/13/2016: SWAT standoff in Morgan Junction

6/12/2016: Did you see either of these?

6/10/2016: Teen arrested for stolen gun

6/9/2016: Suspected repeat prowler arrested for burglary; gunfire/crash followup

6/7/2016: Car-prowl victim gets items back with SPD help; abandoned bicycle

6/7/2016: Guilty plea in toddler murder

6/7/2016: Court of Appeals arguments in Morgan Junction shooting-death case

6/6/2016: Art theft; missing math homework; more

6/4/2016: Gunfire, crash near 10th/Roxbury

6/3/2016: Gunfire investigation in South Delridge

6/2/2016: Gunfire-detection system?

6/1/2016: Security video shows pickup truck before, after ATM theft

5/31/2016: ATM stolen from South Seattle College, found in Arbor Heights backyard

5/30/2016: North Delridge gunfire investigation

5/29/2016: Hit-run on video; mailboxes vandalized

5/27/2016: Stolen silver 1996 Honda Civic

5/25/2016: Student approached while walking to school

5/25/2016: Gunfire near Lincoln Park; car prowls in Gatewood, Junction

5/24/2016: Police at Denny/Sealth campus after social-media threat leads to ‘shelter-in-place’

5/24/2016: Police arrest 3 in stolen-bike sting

5/23/2016: Followups on Delridge shooting, High Point gunfire

5/22/2016: Possible Delridge shooting

5/21/2016: Police investigate gunfire in High Point

5/21/2016: Car prowlers ‘score’

5/20/2016: Police’s plans for Alki

5/20/2016: Safety alert from Denny, Sealth principals after student reports being followed

5/19/2016: Parent reports middle-schooler followed in Arbor Heights

5/19/2016: Two bikes stolen; six cars damaged; door-tryer on cam

5/18/2016: Video – “the loot left behind”

5/17/2016: Stolen bicycle

5/16/2016: 4 reader reports

5/12/2016: The case of the leaping prowler

5/12/2016: Reader reports, a followup, and prevention advice

5/11/2016: Delridge gunfire suspect charged

5/10/2016: Stolen pickup truck and a few other notes

5/9/2016: New information about North Delridge gunfire arrest

5/8/2016: ‘Idol’ warning; musical instruments returned

5/7/2016: Search after stolen car crashes and two flee

5/7/2016: Early-morning street robberies in The Junction, South Delridge

5/6/2016: 30th SW resident encounters burglar, reports arrest

5/6/2016: Burglar on video; ‘the crime that wasn’t’

5/3/2016: More Westcrest Park car break-ins

5/2/2016: Case of the self-illuminating flasher, and more

4/30/2016: Man shot on Alki

4/30/2016: Burglary at Emerald Water Anglers

4/29/2016: Burglars hit O’Neill Plumbing

4/29/2016: Police search in Highland Park

4/27/2016: Gunfire investigation (UPDATED)

4/27/2016: Video – car theft/prowl prevention @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

4/26/2016: Smoking burglar; busy car prowlers

4/25/2016: Bereaved and then burglarized; Junction gunfire followup

4/24/2016: Suspected gunfire in The Junction; car break-ins

4/23/2016: Stolen, found, more

4/23/2016: Another 15th/Roxbury shooting

4/21/2016: Stolen instruments; found bike; more

4/19/2016: “A lot of shots-fired incidents” and other Crime Prevention Council updates

4/18/2016: Thieves hit Junction store; car stolen; mower taken from atop vehicle

4/17/2016: Recent auto thefts

4/17/2016: Overnight gunfire confirmed; coat stolen from car

4/16/2016: Helicopter over South Delridge; car prowls in Upper Alki; next WSCPC meeting to spotlight parking issues

4/15/2016: Car prowls; hit-runs; words of thanks

4/15/2016: Two vehicles stolen – red Subaru wagon (found quickly) and gray Mercedes SUV

4/14/2016: Bellevue Police now say Highland Park bust was linked to ID-theft ring

4/14/2016: Stolen white Ford E250 van

4/12/2016: Followup on last Wednesday’s Beach Drive arrest

4/12/2016: Bellevue Police serve warrant in Highland Park

4/11/2016: Man shot in South Delridge

4/11/2016: 4 more reader reports

4/11/2016: VW Passat stolen from 36th/Juneau

4/10/2016: Beware of grocery-store thieves

4/9/2016: Car break-in; wheels stolen

4/7/2016: Police dashcam video shows pursuit preceding deadly Highland Park Way crash

4/7/2016: Burglar hits Meeples Games- recognize him?

4/7/2016: Check your plates – thieves might be targeting them

4/6/2016: Suspect arrested on Beach Drive after stolen car, knife found on Atlas Drive

4/5/2016: One bicycle stolen, one bicycle found

4/3/2016: Car stolen, found

4/2/2016: Hit-run; this week’s auto thefts, as mapped by SPD

4/1/2016: Car stolen at Westcrest

4/1/2016: Serial arsonist sentenced

4/1/2016: Early-morning intruder in High Point

3/31/2016: Church burglary; tires slashed; prowler on video

3/30/2016 – Stolen car and other thefts

3/28/2016: Message to a toy thief, and more

3/25/2016: Triangle car theft; burglars target midwives

3/25/2016: Man stabbed

3/24/2016: Burglaries

3/23/2016: Little Free Library vandalized, then stolen

3/22/2016: Burglaries, car prowls, and stolen student sports gear to watch for

3/21/2016: Classic car (240z) stolen, more windows hit

3/19/2016: More car windows hit

3/19/2016: Car-window rampage; car prowls; found bicycle

3/16/2016: Hit-and-run tree trimmer; truck prowled twice

3/15/2016: SWAT officers at warrant service in Admiral

3/15/2016: Trespassing arrest at Boren campus

3/15/2016: Student robbed on way to school

3/14/2016: Seen this stolen Subaru?

3/12/2016: Mail theft; hit-run; stolen-bike update

3/11/2016: Business burglary; car prowl; stolen bicycle

3/10/2016: Car-prowl prevention bulletin from SW Precinct

3/10/2016: Gun-incident followups; car prowls

3/7/2016: Tools stolen; items found

3/6/2016: Bullet hits house at 11th/Barton

3/6/2016: Mailbox prowler, theft-suspect sighting, found bicycle (silver Trek)

3/5/2016: Possible gunfire reported in Puget Ridge area

3/4/2016: Break-in attempt; ‘suspicious trespasser’

3/3/2016: Old locks beat burglars

3/3/2016: Stolen silver Subaru Outback; hit-run in Seaview

3/2/2016: Stolen silver Honda Accord

3/2/2016: Vandalized mural’s future in question

3/1/2016: Thieves and scammers (including video of porch package/grocery thief in High Point)

3/1/2016: Gunfire investigation in North Delridge

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