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West Seattle crime/safety updates are here, plus important links for keeping yourself and your family safe. If something happens and you want to get the word out (AFTER you’ve reported it to police), please e-mail us (call/text 206-293-6302 if it’s breaking news). 

CLICK FOR SEATTLE POLICE’S ONLINE-REPORTING SYSTEM (but call 911 if it’s happening now!) 

FOR CRIME WATCH STORY LINKS – scroll down past this next box, which features the “Tweets by Beat” West Seattle incidents coming from SPD via Twitter (IMPORTANT NOTE: these represent classifications of calls – not necessarily confirmed crimes – and the classifications do not always reflect what the incidents turn out to be [or not be]):



3/30/2015: Stolen SUV

3/28/2015: Stolen car? Plus, hit-run mystery

3/27/2015: Suspect in Southeast Seattle shooting arrested here; helicopter explained; recognize this gutted truck?

3/25/2015: Store-burglary suspect in jail; stolen car found

3/25/2015: Stolen bicycle; stolen car; mail theft; suspicious person

3/23/2015: Alki shooting recorded on video by witness

3/22/2015: Early-morning Alki shooting

3/19/2015: Arbor Heights exposer

3/19/2015: Minivan taken

3/18/2015: 20 car prowls this past week

3/17/2015: Rooftop robbery; stolen car

3/14/2015: Burglary; mail-theft suspect; found loot?

3/12/2015: Greggette Guy murder still unsolved after 3 years

3/11/2015: Incidents & reminders, including another note about those tax-return scam calls

3/10/2015: New info on Morgan arrests in shoplift-followed-by-robbery/beating in Westwood

3/9/2015: Arrest, search in Morgan after Westwood robbery

3/9/2015: Woman knocked down, robbed; car abandoned

3/7/2015: Shoplifting-turned-robbery at Admiral Safeway; large ‘shipment’ stolen

3/7/2015: Burglaries – one with bicycle stolen, one with laptops stolen

3/5/2015: Student grabbed, harassed on way to Madison MS

3/4/2015: Luring attempt in South Park, involving Pathfinder student; also, car prowl report

3/3/2015: Monday’s 15th/Roxbury search, explained

3/2/2015: Rapist Michael Stanley, arrested in Admiral, charged with attack in Bryn Mawr

3/2/2015: Car prowls, recent robberies – reader reports and SPD summaries

2/28/2015: Burglary report leads to police search in Alki area

2/27/2015: Hit-run driver sought after collision with bicyclist

2/23/2015: Case of the non-starter; stolen car found

2/22/2015: Hit-run pickup flips, driver flees

2/22/2015: Possible shots heard in Puget Ridge, followed by hit-run report

2/19/2015: Reader reports – including a stolen bicycle & suspected prowlers – and summaries from police files

2/18/2015: Local stats at citywide briefing

2/17/2015: Followup on robbery suspect whose arrest was reported last weekend

2/17/2015: Bicycle theft and five other summaries

2/16/2015: Beware of tax-time scam calls!

2/14/2015: Helicopter and ground search in High Point

2/14/2015: Another robbery suspect arrested

2/14/2015: Delridge search after hit-run crash

2/13/2015: Racquets stolen in car prowl

2/12/2015: Search near Sealth/Denny following ‘lewd conduct’

2/11/2015: 3 incidents involving Sealth/Denny students; police plan to increase patrols, presence

2/11/2015: Search after burglary in South Delridge

2/9/2015: Admiral SWAT standoff

2/6/2015: Three helicopter visits, third one for Delridge 7-11 robbery

2/2/2015: Roxbury Safeway robbed

1/31/2015: Roundup of Crime Watch reader reports – thefts + car prowls this time – plus SPD advice for deterring car prowlers

1/29/2015: Student robbed near Delridge/Holden

1/28/2015: Burglary suspects charged; plus, car prowls

1/27/2015: “Flasher” reported by student

1/26/2015: Followup – 47th SW burglary suspects’ bail, backgrounds

1/25/2015: Junction 7-11 store held up

1/23/2015: Two suspects arrested after burglary west of Junction

1/23/2015: Delridge search after gunshot reported; car stolen twice

1/23/2015: Arrest in Tuesday’s Admiral robbery attempt

1/22/2015: Reader reports – burglary, car theft, 2 car prowls

1/22/2015: Precinct commander’s message after 5 street robberies in 7 days

1/21/2015: Admiral street robbery, wide-ranging SPD search

1/20/2015: Morgan holdup followup

1/17/2015: Third day in a row with a ‘street robbery’ – man held up in Morgan Junction parking lot, police search in Gatewood

1/16/2015: High-school student robbed while walking to school

1/16/2015: Car stolen twice in a week and a half

1/15/2015: Middle-schooler mugged while walking to catch the bus to school

1/14/2015: Arrest in incident that led to WSHS ‘shelter in place’

1/14/2015: 23rd/Findlay home shot at, no one hurt

1/13/2015: Stabbing charge; tool theft

1/11/2015: Package stolen in North Delridge; suitcase found in Admiral

1/10/2015: Seen this distinctive “beach cruiser” bicycle?

1/9/2015: Another Lincoln Park car prowl

1/9/2015: Followups including sentencing of driver who deliberately hit bicycle rider, and Alki burglary suspect’s bail hearing

1/8/2015: Burglary suspect caught in Alki area

1/7/2015: Girl stabbed, woman arrested

1/7/2015: Stolen VW Passat – update: found!

1/6/2015: Lincoln Park car break-ins

1/4/2015: Stolen car; stolen/found car; casing

12/31/2014: Two shots fired through business window

12/31/2014: Roundup – camera thief sort of caught on cam; car stolen; car found; peeper/prowler; business burglary

12/30/2014: Stolen car; car break-ins

12/28/2014: 4 arrests, 2 incidents (plus 3 reader reports)

12/27/2014: Two reader reports, three police reports

12/24/2014: Stolen car found, with mystery items inside

12/23/2014: Armed robbery outside Avalon apartments

12/22/2014: Burglary at Zippy’s

12/20/2014: Car stolen; mail stolen; decoration stolen; bottle-throwing booze thieves

12/18/2014: Do you recognize these suspected toy thieves? Also, stolen car

12/16/2014: Stolen Vue; jewelry-store followup; package theft

12/16/2014: Morgan Junction robbery investigation

12/15/2014: Jewelry store hit by burglary for second time in 9 days

12/14/2014: Stolen car

12/13/2014: Hit-run driver damages salon

12/13/2014: Two stolen cars

12/12/2014: Charges filed in marijuana-raid case

12/11/2014: Stolen snowman; car break-ins

12/10/2014: Armed robbery at California/Andover gas station/mini-mart

12/10/2014: Two stolen cars, found

12/9/2014: Three reader reports – stolen CR-V, burglary attempt, stolen license plates

12/7/2014: Businesses hit by burglars; more package theft, with one thief on video

12/6/2014: Stolen black Honda Civic

12/5/2014: Car re-stolen; package theft thwarted

12/4/2014: Suspected drunk driver arrested after 35th/Alaska crash

12/3/2014: 14 summaries in The WSBeat

12/1/2014: Reader report: Westwood exposer

12/1/2014: Have you seen Aidan’s sketchbook or bag?

11/30/2014: Hit-run driver injures woman crossing street at 15th/Roxbury

11/28/2014: Four reader reports – hit-run, card fraud, grocery theft, vandalism

11/25/2014: Reader reports – package thefts, car prowl, bicycle found

11/24/2014: From White Center, surveillance photos of a repeat burglar, plus a stolen car to watch for, and what was inside it

11/21/2014: Local crime stats

11/20/2014: Hit-run witness(es) sought

11/20/2014: Underage-prostitution-sting arrest in West Seattle

11/19/2014: Followup – more on “attempted luring” incident

11/18/2014: Attempted child luring reported

11/16/2014: North Delridge policing plan discussed

11/14/2014: Rapist sentenced; survivor faces him in court

11/14/2014: Burglary suspect arrested

11/14/2014: Gatewood burglary; left-running car theft

11/13/2014: Sprint store break-in; dropbox theft; mail theft

11/12/2014: Burglar-besieged coffee shop

11/10/2014: Thief on cam, scam call, car prowl, more

11/9/2014: Stolen truck

11/7/2014: Search for hit-run driver

11/7/2014: Why three schools sheltered in place briefly today

11/7/2014: Stolen red Civic

11/6/2014: Stolen Maxima; car vandalized

11/4/2014: Armed robbery at Highland Park home

11/3/2014: Fairmount Springs hit-run victim finds clues, seeks specific type of car

11/2/2014: Stolen cars; truck break-in; holdup

11/1/2014: 2 Gatewood houses searched by police in marijuana investigation

11/1/2014: Stolen in Burien, found in West Seattle

10/30/2014: Little Free Library withstands attack, and three other reader reports

10/28/2014: Robbery, assault near Roxbury/Delridge

10/28/2014: 4 Crime Watch reports including “peeping,” auto theft, more

10/27/2014: Shooting, robbery attempt on 28th SW east of Arbor Heights

10/27/2014: Sunrise Heights home invasion break-in; stolen Morgan Junction store statue; Fauntleroy fence fight

10/24/2014: Guilty plea in high-profile Roxbury rape/attack

10/22/2014: ‘Wagner Prowler’; phone robbery; ‘road rage’

10/22/2014: Recognize these found (possibly stolen) items?

10/21/2014: Repeat offender Bryan Tiedeman sentenced

10/20/2014: Burglar Jason Wyman’s plea bargain

10/19/2014: Dog park car prowl; burglary attempt

10/17/2014: Friday night’s helicopter search

10/17/2014: Car prowl/window smash, plus – two found bikes

10/15/2014: Gunfire suspect out of jail; helicopter watch

10/14/2014: Gunfire suspect charged, and other Admiral-area crime updates at ANA meeting

10/14/2014: Stolen-car pursuit ends in 1st Avenue S. Bridge vicinity

10/13/2014: Not shots, recognize this car? recognize this bike? plus – two strong-arm robberies

10/11/2014: Fauntleroy search; package theft

10/11/2014: Acura stolen with new car seat inside

10/9/2014: Gunfire near Fairmount Ravine leads to search

10/7/2014: Stolen bike; stolen tires/wheels

10/6/2014: Stolen station wagon; mystery hit-run

10/4/2014: Teens attacked, robbed in Admiral

10/3/2014: 3 notes – metal theft, car prowl, stolen van found

10/2/2014: Yes, it’s been a quiet week! But please remember, it’s not as easy even for news media to get info from SPD … if something happens in your neighborhood (burglary, car prowl, etc.), a report here would alert others –

9/27/2014: Work van stolen

9/26/2014: Reader report: Parking-lot purse-snatch attempt

9/26/2014: Four-part WSCW update, including a stolen car, search for a hit-run driver, suspected DUI causing damage on Beach Drive, and charges filed in alleged-DUI crash from last weekend

9/24/2014: Followup – arrest in High Point shooting

9/23/2014: Why 3 local schools briefly ‘sheltered in place’

9/23/2014: Minor injury in Harbor Island stabbing

9/21/2014: What burglars took from a Seaview home, plus a look at other recent burglaries’ locations

9/19/2014: 18-year-old shot in the leg in High Point

9/17/2014: Burglary; motorcycle theft

9/16/2014: Evicted tenants arrested for alleged Puget Ridge break-in

9/15/2014: Two stolen cars found; one more stolen

9/14/2014: Police activity on the water; fire pit stolen; burglary

9/14/2014: Window-smashing in The Junction

9/13/2014: Car stolen, bridesmaid dress inside

9/10/2014: Junction flower-basket theft

9/8/2014: Flasher near Holy Rosary

9/6/2014: Three reader reports – stolen bike, phone stolen through cut screen, tire slashing

9/6/2014: Three fires investigated as arson – we covered in two reports, here and here

9/5/2014: Surveillance video from early-morning shooting/robbery

9/5/2014: Two hurt in South Delridge shooting

9/4/2014: Stolen motorcycle, car prowl, two found (stolen? lost? bicycles

9/4/2014: Two ‘assault with weapons’ calls

9/3/2014: Stolen Honda Civic

9/2/2014: Charges filed in car theft/kidnap case

9/2/2014: Stolen Isuzu Rodeo

9/1/2014: SPD car in collision, en route to carjacker search

8/31/2014: 35th/Myrtle search was for Nicholas Broughton, days after his plea bargain

8/29/2014: Vandal smashes Discovery Shop window

8/29/2014: Chrysler Sebring stolen in White Center

8/29/2014: Early-morning burglary arrest in Westwood area

8/27/2014: SUV stolen with baby inside, suspected thief jailed

8/27/2014: Rock-throwing thief steals iPhone from Sunrise Heights home

8/25/2014: Purse snatcher pursued

8/22/2014: Stolen Camry

8/20/2014: Hit-run in neighborhood, teens/booze case

8/18/2014: Delridge gunfire, night 2

8/18/2014: Strong-arm robbery in Admiral

8/17/2014: Delridge gunfire

8/15/2014: South Delridge store held up

8/14/2014: Home burglarized, victim hopes to find jewelry boxes of sentimental value

8/12/2014: Stolen car, stolen bikes, hit-run vs. planter

8/11/2014: Street-robbery arrest on Beach Drive

8/6/2014: SPD Blotter details a hit-and-run rampage that apparently started in WS

8/6/2014: Hit-and-run driver sought

8/5/2014: Stolen blue CR-V

7/31/2014: Arson on 16th SW

7/31/2014: Stolen car; stolen motorcycle

7/30/2014: ‘Flasher’ suspect Duane Atwood charged, bail increased, booked back into jail

7/29/2014: Stolen white Acura

7/28/2014: ‘Flasher’ suspect arrest followup

7/26/2014: Car stolen; part found

7/26/2014: Indecent-exposure suspect arrested; plus, reader reports on burglary, car prowls

7/25/2014: Three reports, including attempted wheelchair theft, found bicycle

7/23/2014: Tip-jar thief hits Delridge coffee shop

7/23/2014: ‘Home invasion’ with shots fired in Highland Park, $22,000 reported taken

7/22/2014: Two car prowls with items taken including custom skateboard

7/21/2014: Three car prowls

7/21/2014: South Park double-murder suspect bail hearing

7/18/2014: Another “flasher” incident, this time in Gatewood

7/17/2014: Burglary suspect charged

7/17/2014: One bike stolen, one left in its place

7/16/2014: Burglaries in Sunrise Heights, Gatewood

7/15/2014: Flasher in Admiral

7/12/2014: Car break-in, stolen laptop

7/10/2014: Tire-slashing rampage followup; Alan Polevia in jail again

7/9/2014: Guilty plea in deadly crash

7/9/2014: Charges against 3 in downtown kicking case; 1 defendant from West Seattle

7/6/2014: South Delridge shooting

7/5/2014: Overnight tire-slashing rampage in Seaview

7/4/2014: 4th of July police calls, including early July 5th stabbing

7/3/2014: Two robbery/attack incidents in local parks

6/28/2014: Followup – “Walking on Logs” still missing a sculpture

6/26/2014: Latest edition of The WSBeat

6/25/2014: Man stabbed at 61st/Alki

6/24/2014: What the Gang Unit told the Block Watch Captains’ Network

6/21/2014: Walking on Logs” sculpture stolen

6/21/2014: Stolen motorcycle

6/20/2014: Police responses in Junction, Highland Park

6/19/2014: New clue in bike/car hit-run

6/17/2014: Robbery aftermath; World Cup banner vanishes (then returns)

6/16/2014: Three reader reports, including a stolen stroller

6/14/2014: Two reader reports, plus an FYI: Ryan Cox out of jail

6/13/14: Lovett Chambers sentenced

6/12/14: Two stolen cars, both the same year/model

6/10/14: Reader finds stolen car; hit-run followup; more

6/9/14: Stolen car crashes through fence, suspect caught by citizen

6/9/14: Crime Watch roundup, including Jacobsen street robbery

6/8/14: Six reader reports plus the Block Watch Captains’ Network auto-theft briefing update

6/4/14: Suspect arrested, charged in rape/beating case

6/3/14: Teens arrested after early-morning burglary

6/1/14: Three reader reports – stolen car, hit-run suspect, break-in

5/30/14: Helicopter, ground search at Lincoln Park after robbery nearby

5/29/14: Top Hat suspect charged with murder

5/28/14: Park theft; tree vandalism

5/23/14: Stolen truck found, helicopter over White Center, bike found, more

5/22/14: $100,000 warrant for no-show suspect

5/22/14: Helicopter assists in search for domestic-violence suspect

5/21/14: Helicopter helps search for assault suspect

5/20/14: Suspect found with $45,000 worth of meth

5/19/14: Bank-robbery followup; teen robbed

5/16/14: Bank robbery north of The Junction

5/14/14: Purse-snatch attempt, yard lewdness, stolen bike

5/10/14: Pickup truck hit by gunfire

5/8/14: Shots fired at 29th/Cambridge

5/7/14: North Admiral hit-run with three wrecked cars

5/7/14: Constellation Park hit-run with stolen car

5/6/14: Admiral burglary, suspect arrested

5/5/14: Street robberies, gunfire, car prowls

5/1/14: Lincoln Park search after mystery man runs from truck

4/30/14: Helicopter over High Point; SPD guns drawn on Alki

4/29/14: Four notes, including car- and mailbox-prowl reader reports

4/28/14: Car theft; suspected gas theft

4/27/14: Big police response in Fairmount Ravine area; burglary suspect arrested

4/27/14: Flasher in North Admiral

4/24/14: Street attack/robbery; store vandalized

4/22/14: Stolen Clean Air Lawn Care truck

4/21/14: Stolen SUV to watch for

4/21/14: BBs hit Alki residence

4/19/14: Lincoln Park robbery arrest; North Admiral car prowl

4/18/14: Man stabbed in South Delridge home invasion

4/17/14: Recognize this package-theft suspect? Plus – car prowl, illegal dumping, nail scattering

4/15/14: Reader reports: Break-ins, hit-run

4/12/14: Super Deli Mart break-in

4/11/14: Liquor-theft sentencings

4/11/14: Update – new info, aerial video of helicopter-assisted search

4/11/14: Helicopter assists with search after burglary report

4/9/14: Stolen bicycle

4/5/14: Roundup of reader reports & updates

4/4/14: Donald Plute sentenced to 10+ years

4/2/14: Kayaks stolen; mailbox tampering

4/1/14: Report of someone seen showing off a gun leads to “shelter in place” for schools; 1 arrested

4/1/14: Two street robberies in West Seattle last night

3/29/14: Stolen van to watch for

3/27/14: What the helicopter was looking for

3/26/14: Two phone stores burglarized

3/25/14: Sketch of 26th/Roxbury attacker

3/24/14: New information in WC shooting

3/22/14: Stolen car; plus, recognize these shoes dropped by a hit-run driver?

3/20/14: Drug warrant served in High Point

3/20/14: White Center shooting kills teen

3/19/14: 2 sex offenders move to West Seattle, police announce

3/18/14: 16th/Holden response; stolen car

3/16/14: 2 burglaries, 2 car prowls, Crime Prevention Council preview

3/12/14: Business burglary; package theft on video

3/10/14: Stolen pickup pulled over on Delridge

3/9/14: Shot fired during Gatewood street fight

3/9/14: Stolen SUV, two hit-runs

3/7/14: Rapist Michael Stanley to leave jail Monday, no new charges

3/7/14: Woman assaulted near 26th/Roxbury; helicopter, K-9 join search

3/6/14: Burglary followed by car theft; car vandalism rampage; counterfeit bill given to cookie sellers

3/2/14: 2 held up at gunpoint north of The Junction; stolen, then found, car – stolen again

3/1/14: Arrest in December High Point murder

2/27/2014: Stolen car, stolen computer to watch for

2/25/2014: Notes from Admiral to Westwood

2/21/2014: Burglary investigation; car window smashed; bicycle-theft attempt

2/21/2014: Ryan Cox case update

2/19/2014: Crime-trends report, and other notes

2/18/2014: Any of this yours? Burglary loot from around the region
2/16/2014: Seen this Maxima? Plus, car-theft stats

2/15/2014: Car reported stolen via tow truck

2/14/2014: Car found; house burglarized; hit-run search

2/13/2014: The Saw met The Club, and 3 other reader reports

2/12/2014: Two stolen cars

2/11/2014: Mail-theft reader report

2/8/2014: Reader reports: Hiawatha playground vandalism; mailbox lock drilled out

2/7/2014: Serial burglar Sean Jeardoe sentenced

2/5/2014: SUV theft/break-in suspect Nicholas Broughton charged; judge cuts bail

2/3/2014: Followups in stolen-SUV case, store robbery; reader report about mail theft

2/1/2014: 16th/Henderson store held up

1/31/2014: Suspect arrested after stolen Tahoe tracked to West Seattle

1/31/2014: Drunk driver sentenced for crash that seriously injured 2

1/29/2014: Bridge closes for hours after stolen truck rams pursuing police car

1/29/2014: Seen this stolen Civic?

1/28/2014: Shoplifter alert; doorbell burglar

1/27/2014: 2 stolen items you might be able to help find

1/26/2014: Stranger approaches young woman

1/26/2014: Stolen car found

1/24/2014: Damaging burglar(s), and more

1/21/2014: High Point murder case progress

1/21/2014: Reader reports – another stolen Honda, mailbox and trash can blown up, more

1/20/2014: Seen this stolen car?

1/19/2014: Reader reports

1/18/2014: Pilfered pig

1/14/2014: Michael Stanley pleads guilty

1/12/2014: Reader reports; store arrest; tree mystery

1/8/2014: Reader reports including catalytic-converter theft

1/7/2014: Student reports ‘flasher’

1/5/2014: Murder trial starting after almost two years

1/4/2014: Four reader reports

12/31/2013: Shooting in South Delridge, two victims

12/30/2013: Brazen burglar; laptop left; hit-run

12/28/2013: Stolen car found stripped; stolen bag’s contents sought

12/27/2013: Plea bargain for drunk driver

12/27/2013: Auto theft, tree theft, mail theft

12/25/2013: Lost purse found – with contents stolen

12/24/2013: Intruders at Genesee Hill school building; 2 car thefts

12/24/2013: 13-year-old burglary suspect arrested

12/23/2013: 2 charged in 4 auto thefts

12/19/2013: Rite-Aid robbed; burglar search

12/19/2013: Video of bus passengers taking down armed robber

12/18/2013: Ryan Cox back in jail

12/18/2013: Cause of death, name made public in High Point murder investigation

12/17/2013: Frosty the Snowman stolen, and six other reader reports

12/16/2013: Rape reported at Roxhill Park

12/16/2013: Two package thefts thwarted

12/14/2013: Woman killed in High Point

12/14/2013: Police search in North Delridge

12/14/2013: Teenage burglary suspect arrested this morning

12/13/2013: Car theft, prowl

12/12/2013: Two vehicle thefts; mail prowler

12/10/2013: WSHS student hits man who tried to grab her, escapes

12/9/2013: Locker break-in followed by car theft

12/4/2013: Business hit; car, bike stolen; mail prowlers scared off

12/3/2013: Two reader reports, and a reminder of SPD holiday-safety tips

11/30/2013: Argument leads to reported stabbing in Arbor Heights

11/27/2013: Thanksgiving Eve burglary – watch for the loot!

11/27/2013: Search for killer(s) in deadly White Center shooting

11/26/2013: Indecent-exposure arrest outside Link

11/25/2013: Man robs passengers on Metro bus, subdued by other passengers, arrested

11/24/2013: Clerk scares away would-be robbers; the car-prowl week in review

11/21/2013: Package-theft alert

11/19/2013: Scam callers try again

11/17/2013: One week, 16 burglaries

11/17/2013: Police seek hit-run driver in West Marginal Way S. motorcycle crash

11/14/2013: Latest edition of The WSBeat

11/14/2013: Scammers call another local business

11/14/2013: From the WSB Forums: Video showing mailbox prowlers

11/14/2013: Stolen car found, police search for suspects

11/13/2013: Car hit, then stolen; another catalytic-converter theft

11/12/2013: Four reader reports plus, Alan Polevia is out of jail

11/10/2013: Arbor Heights burglary

11/7/2013: Reader-report roundup, including Fauntleroy, Admiral car prowls

11/4/2013: Another charge against Michael S. Stanley

11/4/2013: Charges in liquor-theft investigation

11/1/2013: 5 reader reports including a business burglary

10/29/2013: Followup – city can’t charge man arrested near Chief Sealth IHS

10/28/2013: Morgan Junction guns-drawn incident, plus three reader reports

10/26/2013: Stolen Honda Accord

10/24/2013: Child reports seeing possible abduction; police investigation ensues

10/23/2013: Two updates re: flasher incidents

10/22/2013: Flasher incidents reported near Madison MS, Westside School

10/22/2013: Canada-fleeing rapist arrested in West Seattle, where police say he tried to sexually assault a teen

10/21/2013: Crime Watch roundup with burglary, auto-theft stats, plus reader reports

10/18/2013: Serial burglar sentenced

10/15/2013: 13-year-olds arrested after burglary

10/13/2013: Long-gone bike back; salon burglarized; car prowl

10/11/2013: Girl followed by man in van

10/10/2013: Two stabbed in Westwood

10/9/2013: Roxbury crash arrest

10/8/2013: Two guns-drawn arrests

10/8/2013: Stolen cars found; bike gone; car prowls

10/5/2013: Puget Ridge arrests; Triangle bike theft

10/4/2013: Gone in a flash

10/4/2013: Big police response in Highland Park

10/3/2013: Possible child-luring attempt outside West Seattle school

10/2/2013: Taggers; burglars; loot or not?

9/29/2013: Reader reports on car prowls, including a stolen unicycle

9/26/2013: Helicopter assisting with White Center robbery investigation

9/25/2013: Reader reports and August crime stats

9/24/2013: Holdup at bus stop; six reader reports

9/22/2013: Stolen car; road rage; knife found

9/22/2013: Burglary; stolen stroller

9/19/2013: Third flasher incident in a week and a half

9/19/2013: Reader reports – car thefts/recoveries, attempted car prowls, bicycle found

9/18/2013: Another flasher incident reported by Holy Rosary

9/17/2013: Car stolen for second time in a year

9/16/2013: 3 reader reports including keepsakes taken by burglars

9/14/2013: Teenager shot at near 30th/Juneau, police say

9/12/2013: Fake package “deliverer” and stolen bikes

9/10/2013: Red Volvo stolen at Westwood Village

9/10/2013: New information on flasher incident near Holy Rosary

9/7/2013: West Seattle Runner break-in

9/7/2013: $4,000 theft at South Park food bank

9/6/2013: Police response in Sunrise Heights

9/3/2013: Stolen car in Gatewood, stolen truck on Alki

9/2/2013: Arbor Heights police search

8/30/2013: White Center KeyBank held up

8/29/2013: Helicopter search over Myers Way, after domestic-violence suspect flees in stolen car

8/26/2013: Robbery suspects charged

8/26/2013: Seattle Police launch @getyourbikeback

8/22/2013: Busy day for burglars, plus other reports

8/21/2013: Arbor Heights robbery investigation leads to 3 arrests; suspects likely linked to other crimes

8/21/2013: Stolen van full of work tools

8/21/2013: 2 held up at gunpoint in North Admiral

8/19/2013: ‘Camper’ arrested after WSDOT worker stabbed along Myers Way

8/18/2013: Stolen SUV; car prowl with clothes-laden backpack stolen

8/16/2013: Police investigate early-morning stabbing

8/14/2013: Three reader reports, including stolen items to watch for

8/12/2013: Details of Saturday night stolen-gun incident in High Point

8/11/2013: More car thefts

8/10/2013: Light-blue Subaru Legacy stolen

8/7/2013: Street-robberies followup – details on two in West Seattle, one now listed as part of a citywide spree

8/6/2013: Stolen pickup hits two cars, including Seattle Police cruiser

8/5/2013: Convicted rapist/kidnapper out of prison

8/5/2013: Roundup, including first word of two street robberies

8/3/2013: Stabbing, arrest in Morgan Junction area

7/31/2013: Car prowl followed by spending spree – surveillance photos

7/30/2013: Three reader reports

7/29/2013: $1 million bail for deadly-crash suspect

7/29/2013: Ryan Cox out of jail

7/26/2013: Four reader reports

7/25/2013: Burglary; siphoning

7/23/2013: Windshield, motorcycle, package stolen; backpack, bicycle found

7/22/13: Restaurant burglary attempt; two car break-ins

7/20/13: 3-wheel bicycle stolen

7/18/2013: Two burglaries reported by readers

7/17/2013: Man injured in ‘vehicular assault’ on 11th SW

7/15/2013: Mayor with police @ SW Precinct

7/15/2013: Hit-run driver sought after 4 vehicles damaged

7/13/2013: Police at Lincoln Park

7/13/2013: Hit-run, bike thief, bike found

7/9/2013: Flag followup and reader reports

7/9/2013: SSCC memo on man arrested in N. Seattle with incendiary devices, college maps

7/7/2013: Seen this stolen Cirrus?

7/7/2013: WSB reader spots stolen truck; police take 2 into custody

7/5/2013: 4×4 truck stolen

7/5/2013: Neighbors vs. burglars

7/5/2013: Followup to ‘carjacking’ case from Tuesday

7/5/2013: ‘Priceless’ flag stolen from Beach Drive home

7/2/2013: Tangled tale involving reported carjacking

7/2/2013: Two reader reports, including a suspicious person following a teenager

7/1/2013: Three reader reports – package theft, rack ripoff, car prowl

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SPD advice for preventing “car prowls” 

SPD advice for preventing burglaries 

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USPS advice on preventing mail theft 

City rules for door-to-door solicitors 

Handy phone numbers – from graffiti to parking enforcement, and way beyond 

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