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SAFETY: Highland Park Elementary alerts families about student’s report

11:11 AM: Thanks to the parents who forwarded this note sent to Highland Park Elementary families this morning by principal Chris Cronas:

Yesterday afternoon during dismissal, a student was approached by a man on the corner of 11th Ave SW & SW Cloverdale while he waited for his ride home. The student claims the man demanded he go home with him. The student fled on foot, running home where his family found him, safe.

The man was described as having a dark complexion with black hair. He was reported to be wearing a dark green ascot and a dark jacket. We have no further information. The family contacted the police yesterday and provided the school with an incident number. We have notified Safety & Security as well. We will also be increasing our presence during afternoon dismissal by placing adults in different areas throughout the campus to increase our overall supervision.

This is a good reminder to talk with your student about what to do in the event something like this occurs. Please tell your student to immediately go to a nearby adult they know to ask for help.

If we are provided any additional information about this incident that could help the community identify this person, we will let you know.

We’re also asking police if they have any more details.

1:02 PM: SPD tells WSB it’s an open investigation; no other info to share so far.

BASKETBALL: WSHS girls defeat Cleveland, face Rainier Beach tomorrow

(WSB photos. Above, head coach Darnell Taylor)

9:08 PM: Tonight’s second postseason basketball game at West Seattle High School brought the WSHS girls-varsity team another win, 72-52 over Cleveland. The Wildcats’ next opponent: Rainier Beach, 3:30 pm tomorrow (Wednesday) at the University of Washington.


9:40 PM: Photos and scoring info added. Above, WSHS’s top scorer of the night with 18 points, #20 Grace Sarver (with #34 Anissa Babitu); below right, second leading scorer, #32, Meghan Fiso, 16 points:


#4 Kelsey Lenzie was third top scorer with 11:


West Seattle last faced Rainier Beach on January 27th; the Vikings took that game 73-63.

BASKETBALL: WSHS boys face undefeated Nathan Hale tomorrow after comeback win tonight

(WSB photos. Center, head coach Keffrey Fazio)

7:14 PM: Tomorrow night at 5:30, the West Seattle High School boys will face undefeated Nathan Hale at the University of Washington after a come-from-behind win against Seattle Prep tonight. The Wildcats beat Prep 53-49 at home, rallying after being down 32-23 at halftime.


ADDED 10:39 PM: Added photos and top-scorer info. Above, #1 Nate Pryor led the Wildcats with 19 points tonight. The next highest point total was contributed by #5 Abdullahi Mohamed with 8:


The Wildcats and their next opponents the Raiders last met December 2nd, when Hale won 82-59.

TRAFFIC, TRANSIT, WEATHER, SCHOOLS: Tuesday morning updates

(QUICK LINKS: School delays hereMetro bus info here … SDOT winter-weather map map here … More traffic cams/links here)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

5 AM: Good morning. No changes this morning from what was announced last night – most schools are on a delayed start today, including Seattle Public Schools (2 hours late) – here’s our list.

Metro says most of its buses are on regular routes (check here).

The temperature is just above freezing, with lots of slush left on non-arterials and sidewalks, so caution is in order. No new weather alerts.

After skipping pickups Monday, Seattle Public Utilities‘ trash/recycling schedule is delayed one day all week, SPU says – so if you are a Monday customer, have your carts out today.

7:42 AM: Relatively quiet morning so far. Hilly streets, not surprisingly, are the trouble spots. Evan reports via Twitter, “30th between Juneau & Brandon is icy! Multiple cars stuck.”

7:56 AM: Even if you’re not on/near a hill, give yourself time to go slowly. Our side street, which was slushy when we last drove it yesterday evening, sounds crunchy with each car going by this morning. And as commenters are discussing, sidewalks might be your biggest challenge, whatever your ultimate mode of transportation.

8:11 AM: Metro says Routes 131 (which serves Highland Park) and 132 (South Park) are back on regular routes. But we also have anecdotes in comments and via text of unannounced bus no-shows or changes in various spots, FYI.

8:22 AM: Josh reports that Delridge/Kenyon light is flashing red (this is one of the lights affected by yesterday’s power outage). Please remember … an out, or flashing, signal = all-ways stop.”

8:38 AM: From the scanner – police are being dispatched to Avalon and Genesee for a report of a jackknifed semitruck. Don’t know whether it’s blocking one, both, or neither, but we’ll head out shortly to look.

image (1)

8:50 AM: Before we could even suit up to get out the door, Matt Collins sent that photo (thank you!), which shows the location as well as the situation – on the Genesee slope between 30th and Avalon. Could take a while to clear. (Added) Here’s the view from the other side, looking east over Avalon and down Genesee, from a texter (thanks!):


9:19 AM: Update via text: Genesee is cleared.

Meantime, two school notes – Our Lady of Guadalupe has now changed the plan and will be CLOSED today due to “extreme icy conditions” (OLG is at the highest elevation in the city); Madison Middle School says its tours are canceled.

12:07 PM: As just published in a separate story, SPU is now saying it will NOT get to Monday customers in this area until next week.

TUESDAY SCHOOL PLANS: Late start for Seattle Public Schools, others; OLG closed

(First published 6 pm; updated Tuesday morning)

Now that it’s Monday night, we’re getting some information about schools’ plans for Tuesday, and we’re collecting it all here. Keep in mind this could change if the weather does, so check back – we’ll be updating late into the night and early in the morning.

SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS: 2 hours late, school buses on snow routes, more info here (added 8:41 pm)

HIGHLINE PUBLIC SCHOOLS: 2 hours late Tuesday, no AM preschool, buses on snow routes, no out-of-district transportation – full details on district home page

VASHON SCHOOL DISTRICT: 2.5 hours late, no AM preschool (added 8:34 pm)

HOLY ROSARY SCHOOL: 2 hours late, no morning BASE, no morning preschool (added 8:57 pm)

EXPLORER WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: “Delayed start, 10 am.” (added 9:08 pm)

OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE SCHOOL: 10:30 am start Tuesday; NO AM EDC & NO AM PreschoolUPDATE TUESDAY MORNINGOLG CLOSED because of unsafe icy conditions

SEATTLE LUTHERAN HIGH SCHOOL: 10:30 am start Tuesday (added 9:13 pm)

WESTSIDE SCHOOL: “Will open at 10:00 a.m., classes to begin at 10:15 a.m. There will be no Early Care” (added 9:23 pm)

HOPE LUTHERAN SCHOOL: “2-hour late start, no morning extended care or morning half-day preschool program; doors open at 10:15 for 10:30 start” (added 9:23 pm)

A CHILD BECOMES PRESCHOOL: “No AM preschool. Afternoon class will meet as scheduled.” (added 9:51 pm)

COMETA PLAYSCHOOL: “Open tomorrow, regular schedule, 8:45-12:45.” (added 10:29 pm)

LITTLE PILGRIM SCHOOL: “Closed for AM classes only. Afternoon class is open on regular schedule.”

Two individual school notes for Tuesday:

MADISON MIDDLE SCHOOL: Principal Dr. Robert Gary sent a note that today’s tours are canceled.

And from Genesee Hill Elementary, via Twitter:

When your school/district knows its plans, please e-mail or text us – editor@westseattleblog.com or 206-293-6302 – thanks!

WEST SEATTLE SNOW: School closures, changes for Monday

(Scroll down – some schools’ statuses have changed – and we’re continuing to add more)

12:37 AM: We’re creating this separate story to track school changes, so you won’t have to scroll through other snow coverage to find them. So far, two of note:

WESTSIDE SCHOOL“Open at 10:00 a.m., classes to begin at 10:15 a.m. There will be no Early Care. Administration will watch road conditions and announce a closure as early as possible if warranted.” Later update – CLOSED

VASHON SCHOOL DISTRICT: 2.5 hours late; no AM preschool Later update – CLOSED.

3:58 AM: Also announced:

SOUTH SEATTLE COLLEGE: “South Seattle College will have a 4 hour delayed start on Monday, February 6. All classes and activities prior to noon are cancelled. Campuses will open at noon.” Later update – CLOSED.

4:11 AM: Just in:

SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS: All schools closed!

4:17 AM: Also just in:

HIGHLINE PUBLIC SCHOOLS: All schools closed! Activities canceled; administrative offices closed.

4:45 AM: We will eventually reorganize this list into CLOSED/DELAYED sections but for now will keep adding one by one as info comes in:

HOPE LUTHERAN SCHOOL: Closed, per text.

5:29 AM: More:

EXPLORER WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL: Closed, activities canceled

5:52 AM: Also just in –


6:07 AM: Just in –


6:18 AM: Just heard from:


6:51 AM: Also note – UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON (Seattle campus): Closed

8:10 AM: TILDEN SCHOOL is OPEN, as they usually are, even when it snows:

Tilden usually does not take days off for snow. If you feel that you can make it to school safely, please bring your child in. Most of the staff live nearby and can walk or drive to school, even on snowy days. Please make sure your child is dressed in appropriate warm coats, hats, and mittens/gloves, as the kids will have an opportunity for extra outdoor play time in the snow with their friends.”

If you are concerned about ice in the lot, or unsure of driving to school in the snow, please know that there is no expectation on our part that you bring your child in. Your family’s safety is out main concern, and we realize that everyone’s streets, vehicles, and comfort levels are different. Please base your decision about coming to school on what is best (and safest) for you and your family.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: We will have the parking lot gated off this morning, to preserve the lovely snow for the kids to play in. Please plan to park on the street this morning.

8:36 AM: Update –


Any others? Text and/or e-mail us, 206-293-6302, editor@westseattleblog.com – thanks!

BASKETBALL: Seattle Lutheran boys win 16th in a row

Another high-school basketball update: The Seattle Lutheran High School boys have one more game to go in the regular season, after winning their 16th consecutive game Saturday night, on the road against Crosspoint, 76-63. (Thanks to Ana for the tip!) Monday night, they’re home against Auburn Adventist, 7:30 pm. The Seattle Lutheran girls also play AA at home tomorrow, 6 pm, after a 31-29 loss to Crosspoint on Saturday.

CONGRATULATIONS! Chief Sealth International High School students succeed @ State Ethics Bowl

Group (1)

The photos and report are from Chief Sealth International High School teacher Noah Zeichner (and note the reference to a newfound legal celebrity toward the end):

Eight Chief Sealth International High School students participated in the Washington State High School Ethics Bowl at the University of Washington on Saturday. At the end of the day, the two Chief Sealth teams finished with 2nd- and 3rd-place trophies.

Students discussed the ethical implications of raising the smoking age to 21, banning religious garb, funding contraception under the Affordable Care Act, among other topics. The event was organized by the UW Center for Philosophy for Children and took place at the UW School of Law. From the Center for Philosophy for Children’s website: “Unlike debate, Ethics Bowls do not force teams to take adversarial positions or hold fast to assigned perspectives. Instead, students have a forum in which to engage in dialogue, and they are judged on the quality of their analysis – how well they reason through the issues, organize and present arguments, analyze a case’s morally relevant features, and respond to commentary and questions – and the degree to which they engage in a thoughtful, civil exchange.”


The two Chief Sealth teams faced off against Lakeside, Seattle Academy, the Bush School, Lake Washington High School, and King’s School. In the final round, Chief Sealth’s Team 1 lost narrowly to a team from Seattle Academy. The judges included Justice Steven González of the Washington State Supreme Court and Noah Purcell, the Solicitor General who argued the case against President Trump’s immigrant and refugee ban in federal court on Friday.

The top three teams have earned a trip to Olympia on March 16 to hear an oral argument at the Washington State Supreme Court. They will have lunch with the Supreme Court justices, visit the legislature, and take a private tour of the Governor’s Mansion. The 1st-place team will be traveling to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to compete in the National High School Ethics Bowl in April.

SPORTS: First post-regular-season basketball games set

In our coverage of last night’s Chief SealthWest Seattle high-school basketball games (girls here, boys here), we mentioned awaiting the schedule for the first post-regular-season games. Tonight, they’re set:

West Seattle hosts Cleveland, 5 pm Monday
Chief Sealth hosts Franklin, 7 pm Monday

West Seattle hosts Seattle Prep, 7 pm Monday
Chief Sealth hosts Roosevelt, 7 pm Tuesday

In the Metro League girls’ standings, WSHS finished third, CSIHS 13th; in the boys’ standings, WSHS finished fourth, CSIHS 10th.

HIGH-SCHOOL BASKETBALL: West Seattle men win @ Chief Sealth


It’s on to the postseason for the West Seattle High School and Chief Sealth International High School men’s varsity basketball teams after their regular-season-ending clash at CSIHS on Friday night. While Sealth kept it close much of the way, WSHS went home with the win, 57-45. The Wildcats’ top scorer was #22, senior Yusuf Mohamed, with 13 points:


Senior Nate Pryor was next with 12 points; two Wildcats had 9, sophomore Abdullahi Mohamed and #24, junior Simon Harris:


Leading Sealth scorers were senior Evan Moe (#24 in top photo) and #22, junior Elijah Jackson, both with 10:


Junior Peyton Dickerson followed with 9 for the Seahawks, who trailed by 4 at halftime, 30-26. Both teams will find out later this weekend who they’ll face in postseason games early nextweek.

‘Your story is the message’: Chief Sealth IHS storytellers @ Youngstown

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand)

It wasn’t a Valentine event, but love was the theme that wound through the first three stories told tonight at the Chief Sealth International High School Young Storytellers Project event at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, from “On Forever’s Toes,” a relationship story told by the first student performer, poet/musician Lashaunycee (above), to professional storyteller Danielle K.L. Grégoire, who told of her first lost love (age 10) …


… to Native American storyteller Roger Fernandes, who told the story of a young man coming of age, passing a test by saving those he loved, even while breaking the rules:


Fernandes also counseled the young storytellers not to be nervous, saying they are just the messenger, and their story is the message. The event was emceed by Sealth teacher Paul Fischburg:


A unique component of the teacher-organized event, which began with a potluck and mingling, was the request for the audience to write messages of support for each storyteller afterward, including a comment on how they connected with the story.

HIGH-SCHOOL BASKETBALL: West Seattle women win @ Chief Sealth


9:47 PM: In the last of their regular-season games, it’s a crosstown doubleheader tonight with Chief Sealth International High School‘s varsity basketball teams hosting their counterparts from West Seattle High School. The women’s game is in the books, and though they were tied at 39 at halftime, the Wildcats pulled away for the win, 74-68.


2:11 AM: Adding photos (a few more to come later). Above, Sealth’s #4, senior Labrea Denson, was the night’s top scorer, with 28 points. Seahawk Sydney Thomas was next with 20. Leading the Wildcats was #20, Grace Sarver, with 13 points:


WSHS’s Jenna McPhee was next with 12. This game wrapped up the regular season; postseason play starts next week.

West Seattle schools: Denny IMS visits Olympia

The photo and report are from Denny International Middle School principal Jeff Clark:

Congratulations to the Denny International Middle School scholars who traveled to Olympia yesterday to meet with Governor Inslee, Reps. Fitzgibbon and Cody, and Sens. Nelson and Senn to discuss issues related to gun control, a topic they have been learning about in their Youth Ambassadors class.

Thank you to Mr. Segall and Ms. Markowitz for helping our scholars to take leadership roles on issues that they care about—in our school, city, and state. In addition to meeting with our elected leaders, they had the opportunity to provide testimony on House Bill #1387. We are very proud of them for learning to actively participate in our democracy and for sharing their insights as young leaders! Go Dolphins!

West Seattle schools: Unity demonstration @ Louisa Boren K-8 STEM


Rather than being a protest *against*, this was a demonstration *for*, at Louisa Boren STEM K-8 and more than a dozen schools around the city today.


Students, staffers (including librarian Mary, above), and families were showing support for unity, of all people, no matter who you are, no matter where you’re from, as Theo‘s sign declared:


The signs made for today’s show of support included Leo‘s sign made from LEGOs.

signsleo (1)

Today’s event came one week after the Presidential executive orders banning certain people from entering the U.S.


And this afternoon, a federal judge granted a temporary restraining order against the president’s order, an early victory in a multi-state lawsuit led by our state’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson, whose office announced the ruling here. (ADDED LATE FRIDAY NIGHT: Here’s court-provided video of today’s hearing.)

Ceremonial groundbreaking for West Seattle charter school Summit Atlas

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand)

Tonight’s ceremonial “groundbreaking” for West Seattle’s first charter school, Summit Atlas, happened indoors. That’s where the first phase of work to convert the former church/supermarket site at 9601 35th SW will happen – starting next week, according to Summit officials.

It’s been two years since we broke the news that this school was on the way, after discovering an early-stage plan in city files. Tonight, Summit displayed renderings of how the campus will look once they’ve added Phase II, an addition so there’s eventually room for full sixth through 12th grades:


Right now, they have about 125 applicants, split between the sixth and ninth grades with which Summit Atlas will be launched in August, Summit officials told us tonight. They’re accepting applications through March 10th, with a lottery set for the next day if they have more applicants than spaces (they had told us last summer they expected to launch with about 100 students in each of those two grades). The school’s executive director (principal) is Katie Bubalo:


We introduced you to Bubalo in this story last August, when the school year began at Summit Sierra in the ID, one of the two schools Summit (based in California) has already opened in Western Washington. Summit told us that the changes made to their building there are similar to what they plan here. A Summit Sierra 9th grader, Jayla Foster, spoke at tonight’s event:


She said she hopes to become a doctor, and appreciates the “personal attention” the school offers.

Summit Atlas originally was slated to open in fall of last year, but was pushed back a year amid the battle over state funding for charter schools. While a bill passed to provide money from a lottery-related source, charter opponents went to court again and that suit hasn’t been resolved yet. Charters also have support from donors such as those funding the organization that bought and is fixing up the 35th/Roxbury site for Summit Atlas.

West Seattle scene: Louisa Boren STEM families get ready for Friday show of support

(WSB photos)

Tonight at Uptown Espresso in North Delridge, families from Louisa Boren STEM K-8 are making signs for a show of support tomorrow (Friday) morning, to show their support for all students, including refugees and other immigrants.


At least 17 schools around the city are participating, according to organizers.

(Signmaker Eleanor)

The STEM group plans to be outside the school (5950 Delridge Way SW) 9:15-9:35 am.

CONGRATULATIONS! More West Seattle HS athletes sign for college

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand)

Today is the official “signing day” for athletes to commit to colleges, but since school’s out, West Seattle High School had its celebration a day early, on Tuesday afternoon. Cake and all!


Below, from left, the signers were Tommy Irwin, who’ll be playing soccer at Pacific Lutheran University; Izzy Turk, playing basketball at Point Loma Nazarene University; Kate Veenhuizen, soccer at Seattle Pacific University; Jordyn Matthews, soccer at Bellevue College:


Proud parents, grandparents, and other supporters looked on. One WSHS athlete who couldn’t be there had already had his own signing event last November anyway – Nate Pryor, for Seattle University basketball.

YOU CAN HELP! Arbor Heights Elementary PTA invites you to ‘Mission: Possible’

The heart of the season for student-benefiting dinner/auctions is approaching, and Arbor Heights Elementary PTA asked us to share their invitation for you to help by attending “Mission: Possible” – 5:30-10 pm Friday, March 10th, at The Hall at Fauntleroy. Tickets are available now – buy yours here; find out more about the event here. Their message: “Please accept this mission and support our community!”

(Have a benefit, PTA meeting, or other event coming up? We can include it in our calendar if you e-mail the info to editor@westseattleblog.com – thank you!)

WEST SEATTLE SCHOOLS: This week’s tours, open houses

January 30, 2017 9:36 pm
|    Comments Off on WEST SEATTLE SCHOOLS: This week’s tours, open houses
 |   West Seattle news | West Seattle schools

Another update tonight as peak season for school open houses and tours continues, at Seattle Public Schools as well as local independent schools. The WSB West Seattle Event Calendar is one place to find tour dates – we add all the ones we receive (if you haven’t sent yours, editor@westseattleblog.com – thanks!). Here’s what we have for the next week:

*PATHFINDER K-8 (1901 SW Genesee) – Dates are listed here, including two evening open houses this week, 6:30 pm tomorrow (January 31st) for elementary, 6:30 pm Thursday (February 2nd) for middle school, and tours this Thursday for middle school, next Monday for elementary, both 8:30-10 am.

*LOUISA BOREN K-8 STEM (5950 Delridge Way SW) – Tours are planned tomorrow and Friday, 9:35-11 am

*LAFAYETTE ELEMENTARY – Kindergarten tour Thursday, 8-9:30 am

*SHOREWOOD CHRISTIAN SCHOOL – 7 pm Thursday (February 2nd), elementary open house.

*ALKI ELEMENTARY: Morning tours, Friday, 8:30 am-10 am

*DENNY INTERNATIONAL MIDDLE SCHOOL: Daytime tour next Monday (February 6th), 8:15-9:20 am

SPS open enrollment starts February 13th, and school-choice info is here. But if you have a kindergartener-to-be, you can register **now** – the sooner the better, so schools can plan. Here’s how.

If you have tours/open houses to add to our calendar, editor@westseattleblog.com ASAP – thanks!

VIDEO: Immigrant student thanks South Seattle College’s Gifts From The Earth sold-out crowd for helping education dreams come true

January 28, 2017 11:04 pm
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It was a striking coincidence that while more than a thousand people were at Sea-Tac Airport protesting the President’s immigration crackdown, a teenage immigrant was onstage at the annual South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) “Gifts From The Earth” benefit, telling her story.


Blanca Olivera was 11 when she and her family came here from Mexico. Two years ago, she graduated from Chief Sealth International High School, and became the first member of her family to attend college, via the 13th Year Promise Scholarship – which offers one free year at SSC for graduates of Sealth, Cleveland, and Rainier Beach. Another scholarship is helping her with her second year, and she spoke before the dinner/auction’s “Fund A Dream” paddle-raising round. We recorded her speech on video:

Among the crowd, we spotted City Councilmembers Bruce Harrell and Lisa Herbold. The council voted for funding to help support the 13th Year Promise Scholarship as it expands to serve more local students, likely including West Seattle High School.


As we finished writing this report, the tally came in via e-mail: A record-setting $273,000 was raised tonight.


Along with raising scholarship money, Gifts From The Earth showcases the culinary and wine programs at SSC, and their alumni. This year’s lineup of guest chefs is here; this year’s lineup of wineries is here.

Chief Sealth International High School hosts students from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Angola

January 27, 2017 7:14 pm
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Thanks to Chief Sealth International High School teacher Noah Zeichner for the photos and report:

Three university students from South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Angola spent the morning in American Government classes at Chief Sealth International High School today.

They are in Seattle as part of the Study of the US Institute for Student Leaders on Civic Engagement, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. They also visit Washington DC and New Orleans as part of the program. They are part of a group of 20 undergraduates from Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe and are in the United States learning about civic engagement. They are participating in volunteer and service activities, leadership workshops, and cultural excursions. The program is coordinated locally by the Foundation for International Understanding Through Students.

In the government classes this morning, they discussed the 2016 election, the U.S. criminal justice system and they compared and contrasted government structures and public education systems.

They also listened to 12th grade students give a presentation on the Bill of Rights.

Arbor Heights charter school Summit Atlas finalizes groundbreaking-ceremony plan

(WSB photo, December 2016)

Charter organization Summit Public Schools has just finalized its groundbreaking-ceremony plan for the future Summit Atlas campus at 35th/Roxbury in Arbor Heights: 5:30 pm Thursday, February 2nd.

You’re invited to celebrate with us on February 2 as we add to our growing community and provide West Seattle, White Center and surrounding communities with additional public school options. Summit Atlas will open in August 2017 to our first class of 6th graders and 9th graders. Over the next four years, the school will grow to serve grades 6-12.

We first reported on the plan two years ago; the school’s opening was delayed a year because of the fight over public funding of charter schools. The remodeling of the former church/supermarket site at 9601 35th SW is expected to be done in two phases, as reported here last month and in August, with interior work to set the stage for this fall’s opening, and then an addition to make room for the grades to be added in stages.

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