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BACK TO SCHOOL: Another reminder – Seattle Public Schools’ schedule changes

Even if you don’t have kid(s) in Seattle Public Schools, you need to remember that schedules are changing when classes start on September 7th. The schedule changes will bring changes in walking, riding, and driving patterns around local SPS campuses. (If you’re new and not sure where the schools are, here’s the districtwide map.)

As we reported back in November – with one big change made public in June – some of the changes are small. More of them are not.

The biggest changes are at the four area elementaries that have had the latest starts for the past four years:

*This year – 9:35-3:45
(previously 9:30-3:40)

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 9:30-3:40)

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 9:30-3:40)

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 9:30-3:40)

The other elementaries will be starting earlier, too:

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 8:40-2:50)

ARBOR HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY (in its new building at its original site)
*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 8:40-2:50)

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 8:40-2:50)

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 8:40-2:50)

GENESEE HILL ELEMENTARY (formerly at Schmitz Park)
*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 8:40-2:50)

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 8:40-2:50)

*This year – 7:55-2:05
(previously 8:40-2:50)

For the paired middle/high schools, one pair moves to an almost-one-hour-later start time, one stays almost the same:

*This year – 8:45-3:15
(previously 7:50-2:20)

*This year – 8:45-3:15
(previously 7:50-2:20)

*This year – 7:55-2:25
(previously 7:50-2:20)

*This year – 8:45-3:15
(previously 8:40-3:10)

For the K-8 option schools, it’s also a five-minute change.

*This year – 9:35-4:05
(previously 9:30-3:40)

*This year – 8:45-3:15
(previously 8:40-3:10)

Again, the first day of classes for Seattle Public Schools is Wednesday, September 7th. As mentioned in this morning’s traffic/transit coverage, we’re told that SPS school-bus drivers will be out practicing their routes starting tomorrow.

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BACK TO SCHOOL: Here’s who starts early in West Seattle

August 26, 2016 8:13 pm
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Though Seattle Public Schools, and many independent schools who follow its calendar, don’t start classes until the Wednesday after Labor Day – it’s already back-to-school time for some other local schools:

Local parochial schools usually start and finish earlier, and that’s the case again this year. Checking calendars tonight, we discover that today was the first day of school for Seattle Lutheran High School (4100 SW Genesee). Monday (August 29th) is the first day for Holy Rosary Catholic School (42nd/Genesee); Wednesday (August 31st) is the start of classes for Hope Lutheran School (42nd/Oregon); Thursday (September 1st) is Day 1 for Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School (34th/Myrtle). The only local parochial school that doesn’t start until after Labor Day is Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School (20th/Roxbury), where classes begin on September 6th.

Reunion season continues: West Seattle High School Class of 1981

August 25, 2016 1:40 pm
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Summer’s not over and reunion season isn’t, either. Just out of the WSB inbox, from Alison:

West Seattle High School, Class of 1981, is having an informal reunion on Saturday, August 27th, starting at 7 pm.

We will be gathering at “The Point,” 435 SW 152nd St in Burien. Come share your memories and reconnect with old friends. See you there!

Will you ‘Be There’ for West Seattle Elementary’s first-day-of-school rally?

(West Seattle Elementary School – photo via seattleschools.org)

Just announced by the West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor):

The community is invited to attend the first annual Be There Rally at West Seattle Elementary on Wednesday, September 7, from 7:00 am to 8:00 am. The school, in partnership with the West Seattle & Fauntleroy YMCA, is rolling out the red carpet and asking community leaders, school supporters, family and friends to line up to cheer, clap and high-five students as they enter into the new school year.

The West Seattle Elementary Be There Rally draws inspiration from an event held in Hartford, Connecticut where over 100 Black men in suits got together to greet and encourage children on the first day of school. They did it because they wanted to show children of color positive images of Black people in their community instead of the negative and damaging images commonly portrayed in the media. That event sparked a couple of Seattle Public Schools to keep that momentum going. From the Seattle High Five held at Leschi Elementary last August, to the over 200 Black men at South Shore PK-8 in February, the goals at West Seattle Elementary are the same.

The Be There Rally will be following these blueprints but with a slight change. Research shows that children whose fathers take an active role in their educational lives earn better grades, score higher on tests, enjoy school more and are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college. Leaders are calling for 100 men to support those who may not have a male role model by volunteering at the Be There Rally.

After careful consideration and speaking with the members of the High Point community, leaders decided to adjust to fit the needs of the neighborhood by also calling for 100 women. It is imperative that girls also have the opportunity to see successful women who they can identify with.

In an effort to dispel myths, breakdown stereotypes and change the narrative that surrounds West Seattle Elementary, please come dressed for success. The purpose of the dress attire is to allow students to see mirror images of themselves and combat any internalized biases damaging to themselves. This event will also serve as the official kick-off for a new initiative that will be followed by a clothing drive. The “Classic Men & Ladies of West Seattle Elementary” is an empowerment program to instill hope, purpose, self-pride and a love for themselves and our community. West Seattle Elementary will be collecting youth dress shirts, ties, pants, skirts and blouses to be worn once a week for our meetings.

The West Seattle & Fauntleroy YMCA is sponsoring the rally in partnership with West Seattle Elementary. Although the event is aimed to represent the demographics of the school, all people regardless of ethnic identification are encouraged to come. West Seattle Elementary’s collaborative school motto for the 2016/2017 school year is “Whatever it takes for each and every kid!”

Your presence at the school on the first day will support efforts to build valuable partnerships with families and members of the community to support student learning and positive academic outcomes.

To confirm your attendance or for more information, please contact Jeremy Smith, Director of Leadership Development at (206) 331-1799 or via email at Jeremysmith@seattleymca.org.

West Seattle schools: Chief Sealth IHS seeking host(s) for visiting teacher

August 24, 2016 7:15 pm
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Two weeks until the first day of Seattle Public Schools classes. Tonight, a community request from Chief Sealth International High School:

Chief Sealth International High School has the opportunity to host a male guest teacher from China for the 2016-2017 academic year. The guest teacher will spend a full year working with students in Chinese classes. He will bring with him traditional, contemporary and innovative instructional strategies practiced in China as well as ideas to contribute to students and families. CSIHS is excited to welcome him to our school.

Host families will enjoy a unique cultural experience, fun and exciting for both kids and adults! Host families are only asked to provide room and board. Transportation costs, insurance and general expenses are paid for by SPS or the sister school in China. To allow our guest to have maximum exposure to life in America, host families can co-host with other families. Possible share times are:

· September- December
· January-March
· April-June
· Or all year!

Thanks for considering this opportunity to host a guest teacher by offering him a place in your home; this can be a great experience for practicing the language and learning about another culture. This is an excellent opportunity for both the guest teachers and families.

Please contact us at 206-252-8550, with any questions about the program or about being a host family.

See inside new Arbor Heights Elementary, with ‘sea to sky’ theme


Story by Tracy Record
Photos by Patrick Sand
West Seattle Blog co-publishers

Two weeks from today, Seattle Public Schools will dedicate two new elementaries in West Seattle. We’ve already taken you inside the new Genesee Hill Elementary; now, our first look inside the new Arbor Heights Elementary.

This is the school that principal Christy Collins and families fought hard for. As recently as four years ago, Arbor Heights wasn’t scheduled for a rebuild until 2019 – despite the old school being in such bad shape, it even flooded without rain one day in 2013.

By then, the campaign had worked, and the BEX IV levy called for Arbor Heights’ rebuild to be complete this year, and now it is. This morning, district officials, school board members, and architects from Bassetti led a VIP tour of the new school. It incorporates the eSTEM philosophy – environment plus science, technology, math, engineering – that was announced by Collins in 2013. As we were shown during the tour, the school’s theme is “sea to sky,” and it’s incorporated inside and out. Like the new Genesee Hill, it’s awash in natural light, with windows and skylights throughout. Here’s a look around inside the cafeteria and stage area:

It’s also built to a capacity of about 660 students, though unlike its crosstown counterpart, it will not be near capacity at opening – more than 400 students are due here. Read More

YOU CAN HELP! Louisa Boren STEM K-8 painting party Saturday

August 22, 2016 2:09 pm
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Back-to-school time edges ever closer … and there’s still a little work to do to get some campuses ready. If you can spare a little time this Saturday, Louisa Boren STEM K-8 could use your helping hands:

Parking Lot Painting Party!

WHO: Louisa Boren STEM K-8 community and any community member willing to help!

WHEN: August 27th 9 am-1 pm (drop in as you can!) but rain cancels event

WHY: Safety!

WHAT TO BRING: Wear old clothing! PTA / SPS will provide painting supplies, water, coffee and donuts. Kids more than welcome with parent supervision.

Need more info? Robin Graham – robingraham26@gmail.com

As of June, the school was expecting almost 500 students this fall – up from about 400 last fall. They’ll have a little more room to roam because after two years of sharing the campus, Arbor Heights Elementary is moving into the new building on its “old” site.

P.S. Any other schools that could use community help to get ready for returning students – volunteer labor? donations? or? – please let us know and we’d be glad to announce/calendarize – editor@westseattleblog.com – thank you!

Remodeling set to start by year’s end at future West Seattle charter school

(WSB photo: The open 2nd floor at Summit Sierra in the International District)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

As the charter organization Summit Public Schools starts the second year of classes at its first two Western Washington campuses, it says the third is on track to open in West Seattle one year from now.

We’ve been tracking Summit’s plans for the former church/supermarket building at 35th and Roxbury since discovering an early-stage proposal in city files at the start of 2015. The court fight over charter-school funding led to the California-based organization deciding at the end of last year to push back the West Seattle opening until fall 2017. Last spring, a new charter-funding plan became law (although it now is being challenged).

In the meantime, the principal originally announced for the Arbor Heights school, Greg Ponikvar, has since been reassigned to Summit’s Tacoma campus; he is a longtime Summit star, and they didn’t want to underutilize him, Summit’s regional director Jen Wickens told WSB. But the West Seattle middle/high school, to be called Summit Atlas, has a new leader in place already: Katie Bubalo, who we met during a media open house Wednesday at the Summit school in the International District, which we attended to find out the latest on the plans here. Read More

SUCCESS! West Seattle High School musicians get new tuba by busking for bucks

We published that video on the first day of this year’s West Seattle Summer Fest, as band members from West Seattle High School played another streetcorner gig to raise money for a new tuba. Today, Maxwell Lemke – at right in the clip – e-mailed WSB to share the good news: They reached their $1,100 goal and got the tuba!

Tuba 1

Maxwell sent that photo of himself (with the tuba) along with his fellow fundraising musicians – Ellie Monroe on trombone, Maximillian Czerwinski on alto sax, Ben Schuh on trumpet, and WSHS music director Ethan Thomas. He also mentioned they had purchased the tuba from Steve Twitchell, who Maxwell met last spring via the West Seattle Community Orchestras:

I sat next to him at rehearsals and one time he mentioned that he had a tuba that he’d been trying to get off his hands; when I asked about it he said that he’d be willing to lend it out to the school for use until we’d have enough money to properly buy it from him. In the back of my head I knew I wanted to get the tuba and I also knew that the way to get it should be through busking (playing music out on the street for money). So in total we went out 19 times; for the first couple times it was just me playing the school’s sousaphone on my own down on Alki, but one day one of my friends that played french horn, Connor Deidrich, passed me and said, “We oughta play together and make a whole band out of this”(paraphrasing).

So I recruited my trumpet and alto sax players and we ran over some of the marching band music we already know and decided that that music would be the key to our success, but a big issue for use was having a reliable trombone player. There were always a couple people here and there that were willing to pitch in for a day or two; we had a tenor sax player, Kevin Corona, that played with us for a long bit before his instrument broke, leaving him unable to play with us for a good chunk of the summer. Overall the first couple weeks were the sketchiest, and it wasn’t until after the first baseball game we busked at that I really felt comfortable and sure that we could make this happen; that was also around the end of the school year, about the same time our first permanent trombone player Ellie Monroe joined us.

Since then we’ve also bought a few marching band songs for the school, arrangements of “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes and “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. I’m going to be a senior this next year and I was thinking that I’d use this as part of my senior project but I’m not entirely sure how I’d present it yet. The goal of the tuba was to accommodate for an expanding low brass section that didn’t have the proper funds to get a tuba in the first place (did you know that the school only gives $300 a year to the music department to spread across 4 different classes? I want to say that MOST of the money at the school’s music department is made through fundraising). The only real “donations” [outside the busking fundraisers] were from two of my family members, my mom and my sister, both giving $50 each even though they live out of state and might never be able to hear us play.

As you know if you are a regular WSB reader, the same dilemma is faced by other extracurricular programs including some sports, and we often bring you word of fundraising events and donation requests. None quite like this one, though.

P.S. Maxwell says you can donate to the WSHS Music program by going here (scroll down the page).

West Seattle schools: Portables on the move


Thanks to Paula for the tip and the photos – Seattle Public Schools confirms they’re moving portables out of Schmitz Park Elementary, including the one taken away just before 4 am today. None are going to other schools in West Seattle. We asked SPS spokesperson Tom Redman for details on what’s happening, and here’s his response:

· Tuesday, Aug 16th, 4-6 a.m.: one portable will be moved from Schmitz Park to North Beach Elementary

· Aug 18th thru Aug 23rd, 4-6 a.m.: four portables will move from Schmitz Park to Hamilton Middle School. There will be a total of four separate morning moves during this time period.


· One portable from Schmitz Park to Maple Elementary

· One portable from Schmitz Park to Mercer Middle School

· One portable from Schmitz Park to Viewlands Elementary

We also noticed a portable last week at Sanislo Elementary on Puget Ridge – Redman says Sanislo has “received two portables, one from the portable manufacturer and one from Loyal Heights Elementary.” Sanislo is expecting 275 students this fall, five more than last fall; according to this recent letter to families from new Sanislo principal Erika Ayer, the campus now has three portables, “which will house our two second grade classrooms and a third grade classroom.”

Reunion time! West Seattle HS Class of 1971, next Saturday

August 14, 2016 12:24 pm
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Last call for the West Seattle High School Class of 1971 reunion! Jim Biava sends the reminder that it’s happening next Saturday:

Fun is Ageless; We are Timeless! Don’t Miss Out!

West Seattle High School’s Class of 1971’s 45th Reunion is rapidly approaching! Our “Throwback to 1971” is Saturday, August 20 at West Seattle Golf Course Clubhouse from 4 pm to 10 pm.

We’ll be celebrating with ’70s Music, Cocktail Food, a Photo Booth, Friendship, Nostalgia, and so much more! Several from our Class will be speaking in the program, which starts at 6:00 pm.

For more details and how to join us, please see our Facebook page “West Seattle High School Class of 1971” or contact Jim Biava at Jim@JimBiava.com

YOU CAN HELP: Donation time for Chief Sealth IHS Clothing Closet

August 12, 2016 8:43 am
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Less than four weeks until the first day of the 2016-2017 school year, and there’s lots to do to get ready. Some local students could use your help. From Nicole Sipila with the Chief Sealth International High School PTSA:

It’s almost back to school time and Chief Sealth International High School can use your help. We’re looking for donations of new or gently used clothing for our Clothing Closet, which provides clothing, toiletries and school supplies for students with low incomes.

We need:

* Plain white t-shirts (part of the Physical Ed uniform)
* Athletic shorts (also for PE)
* Athletic pants — soccer, sweat, running
* Men’s boxer brief underwear
* Men’s dark suits and jackets
* Socks – athletic, men’s dress and women’s styles too

Donations can be dropped off at the school during the weekday. Or please send an email to chiefsealthptsa@gmail.com for other arrangements.

Thanks to our great West Seattle community that has provided us with so much good stuff and cash donations! Students appreciate and are greatly touched by your generosity. Sometimes knowing that there are people out there that care about them is as valuable to our students as the things they get from the Clothing Closet.

CSIHS is at 2600 SW Thistle [map].

West Seattle schools: Genesee Hill Elementary teachers move in

(WSB photos)

It’s move-in week for Shiloh Henderson and her teacher colleagues at brand-new Genesee Hill Elementary, where the September 6th dedication day is now less than four weeks away. The new school housing what had been the Schmitz Park Elementary program could have more than 700 students by the time classes start on September 7th, principal Gerrit Kischner tells WSB.


History will be honored at that spot in the spacious entrance area – the bricks are from the old Genesee Hill school, demolished to make way for this one, and the squares will hold tiles from Schmitz Park. A plaque here will honor the history of what led to the new campus, which, we noticed while visiting, is full of light:


That’s the library, where books from Schmitz Park were awaiting unpacking, with additions on the way. Also in the library: Read More

West Seattle schools: ‘Summer of Learning’ @ Denny IMS

August 10, 2016 3:13 pm
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image007 (1)

Summer school is more than you might remember it to be. Denny International Middle School principal Jeff Clark shares photos from the summer program that’s wrapping up at his campus:

As August began, the Westside Scholars at Denny International Middle School are finishing up five weeks of academics and enrichment classes. Over 200 scholars participated in Denny’s summer program this year.

image005 (1)

The Westside Scholars Program is intended to offer extra academic support to incoming 7th and 8th graders as well as serve as an introduction to middle school for incoming 6th graders from all of Denny’s feeder elementary schools. The program is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with the building and future teachers as they transition to the next level of their education.


Amongst the many enrichment opportunities such as Mariachi, Cooking and Cartooning, sixth graders participated in a unique Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) class twice a week that made science alive and active. A tremendous staff of educators and community partners led and guided the scholars’ instruction and development. Congratulations to our scholars and thank you to our staff and partners for making this happen for our community!

First day of school for Seattle Public Schools students is exactly four weeks from today – September 7th.

West Seattle schools: Cindy Chaput chosen as new Lafayette Elementary principal

Thanks to the Lafayette Elementary parents who forwarded the announcement of a new principal – which also notes the district has filled the position of executive director of Southwest-area schools:

Dear Lafayette Elementary School Community,

As many of you know, Principal Robert Gallagher recently resigned his position to accept a new position with the Kent School District. Today, I am pleased to announce Ms. Cindy Chaput has been selected as the new principal for Lafayette Elementary School.

Ms. Chaput currently serves as a Dean of Students in the Federal Way School District, and she is thrilled to join the Lafayette community and Seattle Public Schools.

The interview team, which included Lafayette staff and community members, and two elementary principals from the West Seattle region, was impressed with Ms. Chaput and her passion to see all students succeed, her exceptional reading and literacy background, her extensive instructional coaching experience, her focus on technology integration, her ability to create sustainable systems and her commitment to meaningful family engagement. In addition to leadership and instructional work with Federal Way School District, Ms. Chaput has also been a leader, instructional coach and classroom teacher in the Renton and Kent school districts. A current Doctoral Candidate at Seattle Pacific University, Ms. Chaput earned her Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction as well as her Principal Certificate from Gonzaga University; her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Central Washington University; and her Bachelor of Science from State University of New York, College at Brockport. In 2011, she became a Nationally Board Certified Teacher.

As hiring is always a challenge during summer months, we especially want to thank the Lafayette staff and community who volunteered to serve on the interview team. Their pride and passion for working at Lafayette was evident throughout the entire process and directly influenced the final recommendation forwarded to the Chief of Schools and my office.

Ms. Chaput will join us shortly. She will work with staff and PTSA members, as well as the newly named Executive Director of Schools for the Southwest Region, Helen Joung, to schedule opportunities for students, staff and the families of Lafayette to meet their new principal.
Please join me in welcoming Ms. Chaput as the new principal of Lafayette Elementary School.

Larry Nyland, Superintendent
Seattle Public Schools

Ex-principal Gallagher’s departure was announced three weeks ago.

Looking for preschool? Levy-funded city program has West Seattle space

The Seattle Preschool Program, funded by a levy voters approved two years ago, has room in West Seattle – 50 spots, to be precise. Outreach manager Rachel Schulkin e-mailed WSB to let us know, explaining, “The program is open to 3- and 4-year olds. There is no income limits on 4-year olds, ANYONE can apply for a 4-year old (And we do accept 3 year olds if they are under 300% [of the federal poverty level]. This is different from any other publicly funded preschool program in Seattle.)” Tuition is on a sliding scale – $1,070 a year if the student is from a family of 3 with $70,000 annual income; $3,096 for a student from a family of 5 with $125,000 annual income; no charge for a student from a family of 2 with $45,000 annual income. Citywide, the program will have 600 students this year, more than double what it served last year (though less than a third of its 2018 goal); the area locations with spaces are Arbor Heights, Boren, Concord, and Highland Park Elementary Schools. Apply via seattle.gov/education – ASAP.

West Seattle schools: Five elementary principals leave; four replacements announced

Five of West Seattle’s nine public elementary schools will have new principals this fall.

When we reported last week on the latest departure, at Lafayette Elementary, it was the third one we’d heard about after Alki and Roxhill; then a commenter informed us that Sanislo Elementary‘s principal had also left; and when following up with Seattle Public Schools communicators this week, we learned that West Seattle Elementary‘s principal has moved on too.

Four of the five departing principals already have been replaced. Here’s the rundown on the departures and, where applicable, replacements:

ALKI ELEMENTARY: Shannon Hobbs-Beckley has left after three years; we published her announcement in May, as she told the Alki community she was headed to Brazil to work at “an American school.” Rena Deese, previously head teacher at Leschi Elementary, is succeeding her.

LAFAYETTE ELEMENTARY: Robert Gallagher announced his departure last week, also after three years. His replacement has not yet been chosen.

ROXHILL ELEMENTARY: Sahnica Washington has left, also after three years. Tarra Patrick is succeeding her; she most recently served as a middle-school principal in Marysville.

SANISLO ELEMENTARY: Bruce Rhodes has left, also after three years, to become principal at the El Monte, Calif., school where he once worked as a teacher. His successor is Erika Ayer, most recently principal at Daniel Bagley Elementary.

WEST SEATTLE ELEMENTARY: After six years, Vicki Sacco has left to become a principal-development coach for the district. WSES assistant principal Pamela McCowan-Conyers has been promoted to succeed Sacco.

In addition to all this, as we learned in the Lafayette-departure announcement, the principals’ supervisor, Executive Director of Southwest Schools Israel Vela, has departed, too, for the Kent school district, after three years in the SPS role. No replacement announced yet.

West Seattle schools: Lafayette Elementary principal leaving

Thanks to the Lafayette Elementary parent who just forwarded this e-mail from Seattle Public Schools official Jon Halfaker:

While the search for a new Executive Director of Schools for the Southwest Region is underway, I have been asked to communicate an important change in your school’s principal. Principal Robert Gallagher informed us yesterday that he has chosen to pursue a leadership position with another district, and is resigning from his position as principal of Lafayette Elementary effective July 31. The process for replacing Mr. Gallagher will commence immediately in an effort to have a principal in place by the beginning of August.

We thank Mr. Gallagher for his service to the Lafayette community, and wish him much success in his future endeavors.

Lafayette is a great community and I know that the caring, supportive circle of staff and families will be able to help our students remain focused on all the positive aspects that will continue to make Lafayette an amazing learning environment.

Gallagher took over at Lafayette three years ago, after two years of multiple principal changes, and told WSB at the time that he planned to stay “for the long haul.” At least two other SPS elementaries in West Seattle will have new principals next year: Alki and Roxhill. (Added Saturday morning: Thanks to commenter Christopher for pointing out Sanislo’s principal also has left. We have since been forwarded that announcement, which also mentioned Erika Ayer‘s appointment as the new principal.)

P.S. We hadn’t previously heard that this region’s executive director of schools Israel Vela was leaving too; (updated) turns out he’s leaving to be assistant superintendent of the Kent school district. (Like Gallagher, Vela joined the district three years ago.)

In the meantime, if you have questions, concerns, or anything you want to discuss about SPS, take note that our area’s elected School Board member Leslie Harris has her next community-conversation meeting at 3 pm tomorrow (Saturday, July 16th), at Southwest Library (35th SW/SW Henderson).

West Seattle scene: WSHS Wildcat Summer Basketball Camp wraps

July 14, 2016 9:32 pm
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Thanks to West Seattle High School boys’ basketball head coach Keffrey Fazio for the photo – today, he reports, was the final day of this year’s Wildcat Summer Basketball Camp, hosted by his program. And it was a big camp – “70 kids, grades 4th – 9th.” What’s next for WSHS basketball after this? we asked; Coach Fazio says the annual WSHS Alumni basketball game is Saturday at 1 pm.

West Seattle schools: Marcus Pimpleton returning to Denny IMS, as assistant principal

One year ago, award-winning educator Marcus Pimpleton left his longtime music-leadership roles at Denny International Middle School and Chief Sealth International High School for a new career direction, school administration, saying he wanted “to learn what it takes to be the type of leader that can help to ensure that all students have access to the high level instruction and experiences that put them on the path for successes in school, college, and life.”

Now that new direction is bringing him back to West Seattle: Pimpleton is returning to Denny IMS as assistant principal, the same position he held at Bellevue’s Interlake High School this past year. Here’s part of how he explained his decision to his now-former colleagues there:

Denny has always been a special place near and dear to my heart. When my grandmother passed away during my 5th grade year, it was a teacher from my elementary school who followed me to Denny and rallied together a community of teachers, counselors, and school administrators to support and nurture me along the path of middle school, high school, college, and beyond. Their deposit into my life is the inspiration for my life’s work which I sincerely believe is to provide leadership that expands educational opportunities for our most impacted students in our most challenged communities. The opportunity to go deeper into this calling in my own neighborhood, in the very school where I was the recipient of this type of leadership and nurturing, is too special of an opportunity to pass up.

Pimpleton has kept a hand in the world of music education as director of the All-City Band (whose busy summer includes three West Seattle events later this month).

“We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Pimpleton back as our new Assistant Principal!” Denny principal Jeff Clark told WSB, when we asked him to confirm the news after hearing about it from several parents (thanks again to them for the tip). First day of classes this year is September 7th, but of course school staffers are back at work long before that.

Reunion season continues: 20 years for West Seattle HS Class of ’96!

Another reunion announcement! Milestone reunion for the WSHS Class of ’96, a week and a half away, so they’re sending out one last call:

West Seattle High School class of 1996 celebrates our 20-year High School Reunion!

We’re hosting an adult-only event on Saturday evening, followed by a family-friendly picnic Sunday.

Please find more details on our website – here are the basics:

7/23: Dakota Park Place, 6:00 – 11:00 pm

7/24: Hiawatha Park (adjacent to WSHS), 12:00 noon

Follow the reunion-website link above to RSVP, ASAP.

Reunion season continues: Chief Sealth IHS multi-class event on July 22nd

Summertime is reunion time and we’re continuing to get announcements. If you are a ’60s or ’70s graduate of Chief Sealth High School, you’re invited to the first-ever multi-class reunion, 5-8 pm July 22nd on the beach at Lincoln Park. Organizer David Katt says picnic shelters #3 and #4, plus 20 tables, will be set up (the area closest to the park’s south end). He and Tom Huling from the Class of ’72 are sponsoring this first multi-class event, “with several other classes involved,” and you can reach him with questions at djkatt@comcast.net or 206-650-0863. The announcement also notes, “Some catering will be provided but Chief Sealth alums are encouraged to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages to this complimentary event.”

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