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VIDEO: Alki Art Fair, day 2


2:24 PM: Another spectacular day at the beach, and you have almost four more hours to go wander the Alki Art Fair. Booths are open until 6:


A food truck and food booths are set up along the promenade and on the street, and music continues on two stages. We’re the sponsor for the “Busker Stage” toward the west end.

Stop inside the Bathhouse to bid on silent-auction items; the official Alki Art Fair T-shirt is on sale outside the Bathhouse; and nearby, you’ll find the Seal Sitters booth – ask them about the first pup this season to turn up on a West Seattle beach, just last night on Alki. Maybe it was here for the Seal Sitters-benefiting Spud chowder deal too.

P.S. One more reminder about the free shuttle from Admiral – details on the Alki Art Fair home page.

9 PM: The fair’s a wrap for this year. We stopped by for a bit this evening, in time to catch some of the show by the final band of the night, The Fuzz:

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HAPPENING NOW: Alki Art Fair 2016, day 1

FullSizeRender (29)
That’s the east end of the Alki Art Fair on the promenade at the beach, on until 6 pm today with art, music, food, and family fund, all in a low-key, “just hanging out” atmosphere – sit on the lawn by the stage east of the bathhouse and enjoy some of the music (there’s a “Busker Stage” further west on the promenade, too).


And if you’re not riding or walking already – consider the shuttle bus from The Admiral District; it’s how we got down the hill post-parade:


It’s a yellow school-bus marked ALKI ART FAIR SHUTTLE and you can catch it on the northwest corner of Admiral/California, outside the Metro shelter by the Chevron station. Music continues tonight until 9 pm, by the way. While there, get your T-shirt:


And if you buy chowder from Spud across the street this weekend – $1 goes to Seal Sitters, who have a booth at the festival too.

WEST SEATTLE CAR SHOW 2016: Remember, this year it’s in August, and on a Saturday!

West Seattle Car Show sponsors Swedish Automotive and West Seattle Autoworks (also WSB sponsors) want to remind you that this year’s show is a little more than five weeks away!

Saturday, August 27th, 10 am-4 pm, South Seattle College (WSB sponsor)

Registration’s open NOW – go to this page on the official website. See the list of trophy categories here – this is NOT just about the typical “classic” cars.

First 200 vehicle registrations get dash plaques

What’s planned so far:
*Live music and a DJ
*Kids’ activities
*Seattle Fire Department
*50/50 raffle
*Drawing for a donated drone
*Food trucks

SSC will have its Northwest Wine Academy open on West Seattle Car Show day for tours and purchases, as well as beer sales. You’ll also be able to tour the SSC Automotive Technology and Auto Body programs. If you’d like to join the list of Car Show sponsors or vendors, find the applications here.

Alki Art Fair this weekend! See who’s performing

(WSB file photo, Alki Art Fair Busker Stage)

The music schedule is out for this weekend’s Alki Art Fair, 10 am-6 pm Saturday and Sunday on the promenade, with music continuing until 9 pm Saturday, 8 pm Sunday. Two stages – the main stage is by the Bathhouse, and we’re sponsoring the “Busker Stage” further west, closer to the picnic-shelter area. See the schedule here. The fair is free to attendees; you’ll find artists showing and selling their work, as well as kids’ activities, a silent auction, and more. Plus: A free shuttle from the West Seattle Bridge park ‘n’ ride and from Admiral Junction – details are on the Alki Art Fair home page.

ALL WEEKEND: Mediterranean Fantasy Festival 2016 in West Seattle

(WSB photos. Above, Benu Rising from Eugene)

Looking for something to do this afternoon? Go to Hiawatha Community Center and see the dancers at the 29th Mediterranean Fantasy Festival!

The performances are close to continuous – here’s the schedule – inside the gym and on the outdoor stage to its south, up until 7 tonight. And browse dozens of vendor booths/tables:


You’ll meet interesting people from near and far, like dancer/artist Dina Lydia Johnson of Highland Park:


Admission is free, and the festival continues with another full slate of performances 11 am-5 pm tomorrow.

THIS WEEKEND: 29th annual Mediterranean Fantasy Festival at Hiawatha

MedFest banner & Deann
(Photo by Dina Lydia Johnson from 2015 Medfest – she also made the banner, with which dancer Deann is posing)

In case you haven’t noticed it in the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar – this weekend brings the 29th annual Mediterranean Fantasy Festival, aka “MedFest,” back to Hiawatha Community Center and its south/east lawn areas. Hundreds of belly dancers and musicians will be performing 11 am-7 pm Saturday and 11 am-5 pm Sunday – the dancer lineup is here – on outdoor and indoor stages. Dozens of vendors offer shimmering attire and accessories, and food too (here’s the vendor lineup). MedFest is presented by the Babylonian Ensemble – read up on their history here, and the festival’s history here, and feel like an insider when you get there. No charge to watch the performances, by the way.

West Seattle Summer Fest 2016: Sunday’s final report



2:34 PM: Final hours of West Seattle Summer Fest 2016 and it seems like EVERYONE, and we do mean EVERYONE, is here. This is your last chance for festival deals, for one thing – above, that’s the Easy Street Records tent, right outside their store, where, according to their Instagram post, you’ll find “3 for $5 LPs, CDs & DVDs. Tons of 45s too.”

Steps away, in the Pet Junction zone outside Next to Nature, you will find the answer to a question that’s been asked for months … “When is The Hydrant opening?” :


It was Summer Fest last year when The Hydrant was announced as “coming soon” for the former Junction Bakery/Coffee to a Tea space. The banner above the window there, in the Pet Junction zone, explains that the proprietors had to deal with a death in the family but that the “place for people and pets” really will be opening.

2:57 PM: While you’re here, don’t miss GreenLife, at the south end of the festival zone. While SeattleTinyHomes.com has been drawing a lot of interest, as we’ve shown you in the past few days, GreenLife has a lot more going on. There’s a petting zoo, for starters, and booths with local groups and businesses focused on sustainability. Among them, Tamsen Spengler from the West Seattle Timebank, who sent us a note talking about networking happening here – her organization, for example, has a new member because of connections they’ve made here: The Urban Homestead Foundation:


We reported on the UHF during recent coverage of the Admiral Neighborhood Association, when they came to talk about their plan for the Genesee Hill ex-substation:


You can catch up with them (and the Timebank) at GreenLife, before 5 pm. And just about anywhere in the festival zone – be on the lookout for impromptu performances:

They’re with Southside Revolution Junior Roller Derby, which you’ll find on the south side of the Info Tent/Community Tent. Now, we’re off to check out the 3 pm band, The Swearengens.

3:26 PM: And here they are:

Today’s headline band is coming up at 4 pm – last band of the day – The Dusty 45s. While you’re headed north to the stage, some places to stop – we see Seattle App Academy (WSB sponsor) on the sidewalk outside West Seattle Computers on the east side of California just south of Oregon, and in that same vicinity, the Bella Maps booth caught our eye:


Maps in laser-cut wood!

Meantime, also ahead at 4 pm, your second-to-last chance to get into a We Love The Junction group photo, just north of the Info Tent. And while you’re in the vicinity, take one last look at all the info we have about upcoming summer events (grab a free West Seattle Outdoor Movies button, and make plans to join us for the first movie next Saturday – “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”).

4:21 PM: The Dusty 45s are onstage right now (photos added):


One more reminder – today’s the one day that the festival ends at its official announced closing time; at 5 pm, the breakdown and cleanup begins, so that the streets will be cleared no later than midnight. But first – right at 5 – one last “We Love The Junction” group photo, so if you’re here, come to California and Alaska, by the YMCA and QFC booths, and make it the biggest one of the weekend. Plus – last call for deep-fried PB&Js, gigantic stacks of french fries, elephant ears big enough to sleep on, etc…. (And coconuts or fruit kabobs from QFC across the way.)

5:03 PM: And … it’s over. But not before that last group photo – video:

And if you’re wondering why Ladder 11 is at the end of SW Alaska with its ladder extended … just there for festivalgoers to see.


They tell us you’re welcome to stop by for a look!

P.S. Remember that it will be late tonight before the Junction streets reopen and bus reroutes end. We’ll put up traffic cameras later in the evening so you can check, and we’ll keep watch, too.

11:28 PM: Still closed, as shown on the 42nd/Alaska camera (looking west):

When the “road closed” barricades are gone, that means it’s open again.

West Seattle Summer Fest 2016: Sunday report #1


FullSizeRender (24)

11:30 AM: The last day of West Seattle Summer Fest always goes fast. We’re in the Info Tent again today, with volunteers from the WS Chamber of Commerce as well as team members from the West Seattle Junction Association, which presents the festival every year. In the Community Tent sections (same tent, west and south sides) right now are the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network, West Seattle Wildcats Football and Cheer, Empower Mentoring Network, and the West Seattle Community Orchestras:

Come try an instrument! Then steps away from us, the kids’ rides are in full swing, including this one (Saturday photo):

whirl (1)

The all-day ride pass today is $18, a little less than the previous two days, since everything ends at 5 pm. (Single tickets are $1.25 and the rides/bouncy toys – on SW Alaska west of California and in the lot behind Wells Fargo just north of there – cost 1 to 5 tickets each.)

Music starts in an hour and a half – four bands today on the main stage (California north of Oregon):

1 pm – Featherbones
2 pm – Marieke and the Go Get ‘Em Boys
3 pm – The Swearengens
4 pm – The Dusty 45s

12:28 PM: Lunchtime at the fair. If this is your first visit, all the food booths are on SW Alaska east of California – but many year-round restaurants have special carts and/or seating areas out front, just for the weekend, so check them out too! And the fruit kabobs/coconuts are at the QFC stand across from the Info Tent – look for the orange umbrellas. One thing we should mention about the food booths – if you have an allergy, be sure to ask before you buy – a mom called us to say her teenager wound up with something with undisclosed peanuts, and that was a scary close call.

Speaking of scary – if you lose or find a child at Summer Fest, come to the Info Tent and folks here will get the word out and contact police. They’re dealing with one right now – usually these are resolved quickly but if one ever isn’t, we’ll add the info here.

And thanks as always to everyone who’s been stopping by to say hi. Al from West Seattle Bike Connections visited right after the “Mini-STP” got to the festival – and showed off the new WSBC T-shirts:


Today’s your last chance to come down, meantime, and find out about lots of local businesses in one place – many have booths among the visiting vendors. Another WSB sponsor who’s here is GoodMed Direct Primary Care, which is offering a new way to ensure you have access to primary health care:

Come talk to Dr. Ryan Campbell and Dr. Wendy Hueners (both NDs) from GoodMed at their booth, on the east side of California a little ways south of Alaska.

12:51 PM: Getting close to the top of the hour, and the next We Love The Junction group photo at California/Alaska. Look for the banner, which should be unfurled shortly, and for photographer Peder Nelson:


If you miss the 1 pm photo – four more after that, at 2, 3, 4, and 5. Top of the hour also means the music is starting on the main stage.

1:31 PM: Just wandered up to check out the first act, Featherbones:

The beer garden’s next to the main stage. Next up, Marieke and the Go Get ‘Em Boys at 2.

Just north of all that, don’t miss Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (WSB sponsor), where your editor here just picked up her second Mexi-Mocha of the festival. Cayenne and all. Enhances the wakefulness required for Info Tent duty.

Booths on the north end include Explorer West Middle School (WSB sponsor), whose booth includes a trivia game. They’re on the east side, north of Oregon, and on the west side, you’ll find WSDOT, talking about the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program, aka the tunnel project. For kids, they have a show-and-tell about what kind of soil the tunneling machine has been going through:


For adults – we talked with today’s booth reps about the most frequently asked questions. “When’s it going to be done?” was one; the other, how people from West Seattle are going to get onto and off Highway 99 once the tunnel’s open. For all the times we’ve covered that, one thing we didn’t realize – not only will the Battery Street Tunnel be decommissioned, it will be filled in and filled over, and that will be a north-end connection to the grid.

2:08 PM: Another We Love The Junction walking tour is about to take off from here at California/Alaska, 2:15 pm – hear about the stores in The Junction’s past. The SW Seattle Historical Society just took its 2 pm group shot – each starts with a countdown:

Next one, 3 pm. And we’re about to launch our second and final report of the day to track the last few hours of the festival, which will go by SO fast – it’s sunny, busy, and fun.

West Seattle Sunday: Summer Fest, day 3; Farmers’ Market; ‘Mini STP’ ride; more

Our calendar highlights start with one more day to jump into the biggest West Seattle party of the year:
(Thanks to Sarah for sharing that photo of Truman at West Seattle Summer Fest)

WEST SEATTLE SUMMER FEST, DAY 3: Today’s festival hours are 11 am-5 pm, and this is the one day that everything does end at the official closing time, so if you’re coming to the festival, don’t procrastinate!

Music lineup (main stage at north end of festival zone, California south of Genesee, first band Featherbones @ 1 pm, last band The Dusty 45s @ 4 pm)
Vendor list
Food info
Kids’ area (free AND fee activities – rides are open until 5 pm, they cost 1-5 tickets at $1.25/ticket or [updated] $18/day pass)
GreenLife (south end of festival zone, California/Edmunds)
Southwest Seattle Historical Society group photos (top of each hour, noon-5 pm) and walking tours (12:15, 2:15, 3:15 pm) activities

At Summer Fest and need info/help/directions/etc.? Come see us and community-group volunteers in the Info Tent, center of California/Alaska, headquarters for our as-it-happens festival coverage.

STREETS CLOSED: The closure zone is on California Avenue SW between SW Edmunds and SW Genesee (with SW Oregon remaining open to east/west traffic), and SW Alaska between 42nd and 44th.

BUS REROUTES: From the Metro “alerts and updates” page, which will be in effect until late tonight (after the festival closes at 5 pm Sunday, breakdown and cleanup usually take several hours):

C Linehere
Route 22here
Route 37here
Route 50here
Route 55here
Route 57here
Route 128here
Route 773 Water Taxi Shuttlehere

Also in West Seattle today:

MINI-STP BIKE RIDE: This is one way to get to the festival – or just to have a fun bicycle ride. West Seattle Bike Connections‘ “Mini-STP” ride – Seattle (Street) to Portland (Street), and then on to Summer Fest. Meet at 9:15 am at Hamilton Viewpoint Park in North Admiral – more info in our calendar listing.

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: Yes, the market DOES happen during Summer Fest – back in its old location in the lot behind KeyBank, just for one day. 10 am-2 pm. (44th SW/SW Alaska)

WSUU RUMMAGE SALE: 10 am-3 pm are the hours for the second and final day of this legendary rummage sale presented annually by the West Seattle Unitarian Universalists. (7141 California SW)

COLMAN POOL OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AGAIN: This weekend’s swim-meet closures are over (until next Friday-Saturday) and the regular Colman Pool schedule resumes, noon-7 pm.

CAT ADOPTIONS: Kitty Harbor is open noon-4 pm today with 47 kittens and 11 adults available for adoption. (3422 Harbor SW)

ALKI LIGHTHOUSE TOURS: 1-4 pm, your next round of chances to tour the Alki Point Lighthouse free – be there no later than 3:40 pm. Details in our calendar listing. (3201 Alki SW)

SEATTLE OPERA PREVIEW: Lecture previewing Seattle Opera‘s “Count Ory,” 2 pm at West Seattle (Admiral) Library. Free. More info here. (2306 42nd SW)

WEST SEATTLE SUMMER FEST 2016: Saturday, report #2

(TODAY’S INFO is here; FIRST SATURDAY REPORT is here; DAY 1 COVERAGE here, is here, and here)

(Our 4 pm view from the Info Tent)

4 PM: Though technically we’re two hours away from tonight’s “closing time” at West Seattle Summer Fest, most of the action continues on into Saturday night – food and rides into at least the mid-evening, music until about 11:30. But if you want to check out the shopping – both The Junction’s year-round stores as well as the booths – get here sooner rather than later.

As we’ve mentioned before, the Info Tent is the place to stop (our side facing north at California/Alaska) for info on not only this festival, but also much of the upcoming West Seattle summer fun – we have flyers/cards for West Seattle Outdoor Movies (starting one week from tonight!), Alki Art Fair (two weeks away), Summer Concerts at Hiawatha (six Thursday nights starting July 21st), West Seattle Garden Tour (July 17th) … And elsewhere at Summer Fest, you can find out all about other upcoming events. For example, the Float Dodger 5K before the West Seattle Grand Parade on July 23rd:

festrunner (1)

Sign up for the race at the West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor) – Elite Sports and Spine booth on the east side of California between Oregon and Alaska. (In our photo above are Lori McConnell from WSR and Dr. Nate Moore from ESS.)

Also publicized here at Summer Fest – the month-long Stuff the Bus diaper drive for WestSide Baby:

IMG_4635 (2)

The biggest day is July 24th, when you can bring diapers to “stuff the bus” at HomeStreet Bank (WSB sponsor) in The Junction (41st/Alaska), but there are other dropoff spots and drives all month long.

HomeStreet has a booth here at the festival, we should mention … on Day 1, we photographed Eric, Melodie, and Cody:

festhomestreet (1)

4:19 PM: Hot toy of the day seems to be a Nemo (you know, Dory’s friend) -themed bubble blaster that also makes a spooky little noise when bubbling. Have seen and heard this in the hands of many a child; not sure of the source, but they are suddenly everywhere. Children in general are abundant, too, as they are in most of West Seattle, as observed King County Executive Dow Constantine at last Monday’s 4th of July Kids’ Parade (speaking while holding his toddler daughter).

Popular questions include “kettle corn?” (short answer: no) and “festival T-shirts?” – that too is a “no” but there are places you can seek West Seattle-themed shirts including Seattle Logo Pro (west of us at California/Alaska) and Shockwave Tees (on California south of Alaska). And a really popular feature – the Tiny Homes display at GreenLife, though the one we’ve seen these past few days isn’t THAT tiny:


5:01 PM: If Summer Fest had a turnstile, we’re speculating this might be the biggest turnout ever. And this is the peak time – late afternoon, Saturday.

(The view from Cupcake Royale, closest recharge spot for our laptop)

Still some sunshine. Doesn’t feel like you have to see absolutely EVERYTHING, because there’s still one more day (and let us mention again, YES, the West Seattle Farmers’ Market will be happening 10 am-2 pm as always tomorrow – but in the lot behind KeyBank, the one day a year it can’t be out in the street).

5:45 PM: Major hang-around time, now. Shopping time is wrapping up – as we’ve said before, don’t miss the year-round stores as well as the booths. Twilight, on SW Alaska west of California, had cool Seattle-themed art on display today:


At Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor) at 4540 California SW – east side, a little ways north of Alaska – stop by the shop to register for a Fatboy hammock giveaway.

Another longtime WSB sponsor, Dream Dinners-West Seattle, is based in The Junction – but a little ways out of the festival zone (outer east side of Jefferson Square), so you’ll find them in a booth here at the festival:

festdreamdinner (1)

Ask them about festival specials/deals – and check out their current menu here.

6:44 PM: As crowded now as it was at mid-afternoon! Meantime, up at the stage, we got a bit of video of the 6 pm band, Christian Mistress:

Still four bands to go tonight, and music on the GreenLife stage too – see our first report today for both lineups.

7 PM: We’re the last ones out of the Info Tent, folding up for the night, but Summer Fest goes on! Sunday hours are 11 am to 5 pm – and it’s the one day that everything really DOES end at that announced closing time, because hours of cleanup/breakdown will follow.

AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: West Seattle Summer Fest Saturday, report #1

(TODAY’S INFO here; DAY 1 COVERAGE here, here, and here)


11 AM: One hour into West Seattle Summer Fest 2016, day 2, and it seems like the whole town’s here already. It’s the biggest day of the festival and we’re live in the Info Tent again today with festival updates. Including …

CORONATION: In half an hour (at 11:30 am), West Seattle Hi-Yu will crown Haley Beebe as this year’s Senior Court Queen on the main stage (California SW, north end of the festival zone, between Oregon and Genesee) Update: photo added:


After that, you’ll find Hi-Yu royalty, ambassadors, and volunteers, plus this year’s parade float, on SW Alaska east of California, across from the food zone.

‘WE LOVE THE JUNCTION’: Come write down why you love The Junction, on the blackboard at the Southwest Seattle Historical Society‘s booth – here are photos of what some festivalgoers wrote on Friday. And be part of 360-degree photos and walking tours with SWSHS executive director Clay Eals and other local experts:


The photos are happening at the top of each hour, noon-5 pm, and the tours, at 12:15, 2:15, and 3:15 pm – find the SWSHS booth on the west side of California just north of Alaska, across from Easy Street Café.

TODAY’S MUSIC: Here’s today’s lineup on the main stage (north end of festival):

(The Hollers include, center, Frank Gross of Thunder Road Guitars [WSB sponsor])

Noon – The Hollers
1 pm – Danny Newcomb and The Sugarmakers
2 pm – Tomten
3 pm – Donormaal
4 pm – Draemhouse
5 pm – Crater
6 pm – Christian Mistress
7 pm – Bread & Butter
8 pm – Hobosexual
9 pm – Pillar Point
10:30 pm – Grace Love & The True Loves

HIGHLIGHTS ON THE GREENLIFE STAGE … which is at the south end by California/Edmunds:
Noon – Indian dance performance
1 pm – Dance: Odissi By Urvasi Dance Ensemble
2 pm – Discussion of growth/development
4 pm – Electric-bike demonstration
4:30 pm – Music with Aji Piper
5:30 pm – Poetry with Raven Matthews x DoNormaal
6 pm – Music with Richie Dagger’s Crime
7 pm – Music with Sendai Era
8 pm – Music with The Brodcast

11:42 AM: Not EVERYTHING is on the schedule – wouldn’t be a festival without some unscheduled performances, and one is happening right now just east of our Info Tent HQ, with D&G Dance Beatfeet:

11:56 AM: The youth-led #BlackLivesMatter demonstration is about to start – looks like at least 50 people gathering on the west side of California/Alaska.

Organizer Lashanna Williams just spoke briefly to invite people to join.


They’ll be photographed by the same crew that is about to take the Southwest Seattle Historical Society’s first group photo, Clay from SWSHS then announced.

12:15 PM: The demonstration is still going by – with more people joining as they proceed around the festival’s perimeter.


We’ll have more photos later. Meantime, Deb Barker is taking off on the first SWSHS walking tour from right in front of the Info Tent.

12:58 PM: The demonstration just ended with a gathering at California/Alaska, where it began – here’s our Instagram video panning across part of the group:

“Carry peace through your day,” Lashanna urged them, in closing.

1:20 PM: While the clouds have moved back in, we’re seeing some blue sky to the west. All the same, if you haven’t been here yet, you might consider bringing a jacket or sweater.

3 PM: Crazy busy! Part of what we checked out last hour – a panel discussing West Seattle growth and development at the GreenLife Stage:


Lots of viewpoints on how our community can and should grow. Next up on the GL Stage – 4 pm, electric-bike demo with Alki Bike and Board. Our coverage continues shortly in today’s 2nd report …

West Seattle Saturday: Summer Fest day 2, and more!

Welcome to Saturday – day 2 of West Seattle Summer Fest in The Junction, and more! First, what you need to know about the festival today:

(‘Live’ SDOT cameras from the festival zone)
The festival, presented by the West Seattle Junction Association (with co-sponsors including WSB), opens at 10 am today.

Music lineup (main stage at north end of festival zone, California south of Genesee, first band The Hollers @ noon, last band Grace Love and The True Loves @ 10:30 pm)
Vendor list
Food list
Kids’ area (free AND fee activities – rides are 1-5 tickets at $1.25/ticket or $20/day pass)
GreenLife (south end of festival zone, California/Edmunds)
Southwest Seattle Historical Society group photos (starting at noon) and walking tours (starting at 12:15 pm) schedule

Vendor booths are open until at least 6 pm; rides run until 8 pm; music until about 11:30 pm. If you have questions, come see us and community-group volunteers in the Information Tent at California/Alaska, where you’ll also find local nonprofits participating in the Community Tent.

STREETS CLOSED: The closure zone is on California Avenue SW between SW Edmunds and SW Genesee (with SW Oregon remaining open to east/west traffic), and SW Alaska between 42nd and 44th.

BUS REROUTES: From the Metro “alerts and updates” page, which will be in effect until late Sunday night (the festival ends at 5 pm Sunday but breakdown and cleanup last for several hours):

C Linehere
Route 22here
Route 37here
Route 50here
Route 55here
Route 57here
Route 128here
Route 773 Water Taxi Shuttlehere

Also today:

ROWING REGATTA: The Duwamish Rowing Club’s first regatta, with races against two other clubs, is set for 8 am-noon on the Duwamish River, with spectators invited to watch from spots including Duwamish Waterway Park in South Park. Full details in our preview. (7900 10th Ave. S.)

LUNA PARK COMMUNITY CLEANUP: 9 am-noon, join the first in a series of community cleanups in the area just north of the Luna Park district – details are in our preview.

WSUU RUMMAGE SALE: 9 am-5 pm today, it’s Day 1 of the West Seattle Unitarian Universalists’ “legendary rummage sale” – details here. (7141 California SW)

DEMONSTRATION: Noon-1 pm, a demonstration titled “Black Lives Matter: Silent march for youths and friends is planned in The Junction starting from the northwest corner of California/Alaska.

COLMAN POOL CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC: Swim-meet closure again today at the outdoor pool in Lincoln Park.

ALKI LIGHTHOUSE TOURS: 1-4 pm (be there by 3:40 pm), you’re invited to tour historic Alki Point Lighthouse with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Free. (Alki SW/Beach Drive SW)

SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK: Greenstage presents “Pericles at the amphitheater in High Point Commons Park, free, 7 pm. (6400 Sylvan Way SW)

LOTS MORE GOING ON – see the listings on our complete calendar.

Tacocat wraps first night of West Seattle Summer Fest 2016

(WSB photos. Above, singer Emily Nokes)

A near-perfect first day for West Seattle Summer Fest 2016, with Seattle’s own Tacocat taking the stage to wrap it up, delighting a curb-to-curb crowd in The Junction’s streets.

(Drummer Lelah Maupin)

Their set included a song all too appropriate for our Jultober weather, “Bridge to Hawaii,” and one for X-Files fans, “Dana Katherine Scully.”
(Tacocat’s Eric Randall in left background, Bree McKenna in right foreground)

Introducing Tacocat was West Seattle’s own Brent Amaker:

Saturday’s music lineup starts at noon with The Hollers, includes Hobosexual at 8 pm, and runs through Grace Love and The True Loves at 10:30 pm.

West Seattle Summer Fest 2016: Friday, report #2

(Our first Friday report on Summer Fest is here)


4:09 PM: Things are just ducky as the first day of West Seattle Summer Fest 2016 moves toward evening. (You’ll find the birds, along with pigs and goats, at GreenLife on the south end of the festival zone.) The main-stage music has begun, too – it started with the 3 pm performers from School of Rock:

Nastybits is playing now, with Braindrain at 5, and of course headliners Tacocat tonight at 9:30.

If you’re down here, you might be looking at all the opening-soon restaurants and wondering what’s new. We broke the news earlier this week that Dumplings of Fury is planning to open July 20th. That’s one day after the scheduled opening of Shelby’s Bistro and Ice Creamery – not in time for Summer Fest, but we just found out that Shelby’s is offering sneak-peek tours the next two days, 10 am-6 pm Saturday and 11 am-5 pm (which are the official Summer Fest hours, too). They won’t be able to serve food or ice cream until they officially open, though.

Something else that’ll be big the next two days – the 360-degree group photos to be taken here at California/Alaska by the Southwest Seattle Historical Society, whose booth is right across from Easy Street Café:

IMG_4586 (1)

SWSHS is also offering walking tours. See the schedule in our story from Friday.

5:52 PM: Biggest question right now – when’s closing time tonight? Booths are supposed to stay open at least until 6 pm. Some will be folding up then – some will stay open later, and again, the music continues well into the night. Despite a cloudy/showery forecast, the weather’s been great all day, and so have the people.


The food booths are usually going strong through dinnertime. If you’re into total festival food, look for the Deep Fried PB&J booth, and consider the deep-fried Nutella and banana sandwich ($7). And if you’re planning to come tomorrow, some unique shopping:

IMG_4629 (1)

Earlier we mentioned that shops from outside The Junction often book Summer Fest booths to introduce themselves to more West Seattleites – that sign, across from the Fitness Together (WSB sponsor) building north of California/Alaska, goes with Mystery Made, whose brick-and-mortar shop is in Admiral. Continue further north, and you can find “badass barware” in this trailer:

IMG_4634 (2)

It’s on California north of Oregon. Speaking of beverages – Bin 41‘s wine garden is now open outside their shop on the southwest corner of California and Alaska; the official festival beer garden is by the stage on California north of Oregon; you’ll also find other festival-only outdoor areas including at The Beer Junction just south of California/Oregon.

P.S. If you’re coming tomorrow or Sunday, another reason to stop by here at the Info Booth – by day’s end we now have info you can peruse about a variety of other big West Seattle summer events – WS Outdoor Movies (which start one week from tomorrow), Alki Art Fair (two weeks away), Hi-Yu events, even a poster for the West Seattle Food Bank‘s “Grand Affair” benefit coming up September 16th. Or, just wave as you pass – thanks to all the fine folks who have come by to say hi today/tonight already. We’ll be in the info booth until about 6:30, and then heading out for a break before coming back in time for the later musical acts.

6:48 PM: We haven’t left just yet – still plenty of people circulating. While as we mentioned the “official” closing hour for booths was 6 pm, some stay open – including food vendors, and rides are still running too (as mentioned earlier, tickets are $1.25, with ride prices from 1 to 5 tickets, and a day pass is $20 – there was a $45 three-day pass but kind of too late for that now – update, rides run until 8 pm). Biggest question this hour, “which way to the main stage?” Answer: North end of the festival zone. Acapulco Lips is up at 7, Chastity Belt at 8, Tacocat at 9:30.

Snack tip for tomorrow: We’ve spent the day staring across the intersection at QFC’s tent, which again this year has fruit kabobs, water, and coconuts. Water’s $1, fruit/coconuts are priced $3-$4. They’ve closed down for the night now but will be back tomorrow under the orange umbrellas.

WEST SEATTLE SUMMER FEST 2016: First Friday report

11 AM: One hour into the first day of West Seattle Summer Fest 2016, and the sun has arrived in The Junction, along with festivalgoers of all ages:


The preschoolers were stopping by the West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor) tent, where there’s hopscotch as well as information about the expansion project. They’re right across from our spot in the Summer Fest Info Tent – info on the north and east sides, community groups on the west and south sides.

The Kid Zone is in the Wells Fargo lot north of Alaska (look for free activities in the WF drive-thru) along 44th, and also on Alaska west of California, where you’ll find the ticket booth:


We checked on prices first thing, after a reader question. Ride tickets are $1.25; a day pass is $20; all three days, $45. The ride-ticket booth is also where you’ll find cotton candy, which we’re often asked about; most food is on the other side of Alaska, between California and 42nd, but also look for sidewalk specials in front of year-round Junction eateries

The main stage is at the north end of the festival zone on California, between Oregon and Genesee, with the beer garden nearby; it opens when the music starts at 3 pm with School of Rock – tonight’s headliner, Tacocat, plays at 9:30.

There’s also a stage at the south end of the festival zone, on California at Edmunds; that’s part of GreenLife, presented by Sustainable West Seattle:


Music and other performances/demonstrations are planned all weekend, starting around 2:30 today. And between the two stages – dozens and dozens of vendors, exhibitors, organizations. If you’re looking for someone in particular and can’t find them, come to the Info Tent and we’ll do what we can to help.

11:57 AM: Looking for lunch? Here’s our Instagram video of a quick walk past the main food zone:

Also look for sidewalk cafés and stands outside the year-round Junction eateries (the restaurants are all open too – except for Azuma Sushi, closed for vacation). And Screamin’ Sicilian is handing out FREE pizza samples on the northwest corner of California/Alaska.

Other businesses and groups are on the east side of Alaska, across from the food vendors, including West Seattle Hi-Yu, where you can take your photo with the “Around West Seattle” float, which was getting a touchup when we walked by:


You can meet the Hi-Yu Teen Ambassadors and royalty, too – we stopped by to say hi to Junior Court Princess Stephanie and friends when we arrived:


And come see Haley Beebe be crowned Senior Court Queen on Saturday at 11:30 on the main stage.

1:12 PM: Though many Summer Fest vendors are from outside the area, it’s also a great chance to come find out more about local businesses and organizations. For one, as we’ve mentioned, you can check out the local year-round eateries, some with special setups on the sidewalk, some without – we just heard from Itto’s Tapas just north of the festival zone, at California/Genesee, and they’re opening early today, at 2 pm.

Summer Fest is also a chance for businesses from outside The Junction to come show off. Meeples Games (WSB sponsor) from south of Admiral has a booth:


We’ve also seen Avalon Glassworks, from Luna Park, which has Summer Fest specials every year.

1:46 PM: You can also learn about local nonprofits at Summer Fest. Some are in the “Community Tent,” which is actually half of the Info Tent at California/Alaska:


Right now, Neighborhood House, West Seattle Garden Tour, and BeSMART are on that side of the tent, talking with people who stop by. Throughout the festival zone, you will find other nonprofits with booths including West Seattle Food Bank – where you can buy raffle tickets for $5 that get you discounts at four local eateries even if you don’t win the raffle – West Seattle Helpline, West Seattle Timebank, WestSide Baby – some are in the GreenLife area by California/Edmunds. Speaking of nonprofit – members of the West Seattle High School Band just set up under the Easy Street marquee.

More to come!

West Seattle Friday: Summer Fest begins – and more

Happy Friday! Rain or shine, the biggest party of the summer is on:

(Live SDOT traffic camera, east edge of the festival zone – road closure & bus reroute info here)

WEST SEATTLE SUMMER FEST: Day 1 runs 10 am-6 pm, but the music runs well past then – it starts on the main stage (California north of Oregon) at 4 pm, with tonight’s headliner Tacocat at 9:30 pm – see the full music lineup here. … We’ll start reporting on what’s up and who’s where once we’re in place at the Info Booth at California/Alaska, but here are some other links that might help for starters:

Vendor list
Food list
Kids’ area (free AND fee activities – update: $1.25/ticket, $20/day pass, $45 three-day pass)
GreenLife (south end of festival zone, California/Edmunds)
Road closure/bus reroute info

Again, watch for live festival coverage here after things get going post-10 am. Also happening today/tonight:

COLMAN POOL CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC because of a swim meet.

WORDS, WRITERS, WEST SEATTLE: 5 pm at Barnes & Noble/Westwood Village, journalist Eric Wagner and photographer Tom Reese talk about their collaboration “Once and Future River: Reclaiming the Duwamish.”:

The monthly author presentations comprising WWWS are presented by the Southwest Seattle Historical Society. (2800 SW Barton)

OUTDOOR SHAKESPEARE: 7 pm at the amphitheater behind Neighborhood House’s High Point Center, it’s the Greenstage Backyard Bard version of “Twelfth Night.” Free. (6400 Sylvan Way SW)

TX TRUMBO: Singer-songwriter live at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 7-9 pm. (5612 California SW)

VIDEO: Rain lifts as West Seattle Summer Fest Eve 2016 revs up

IMG_4558 (1)

7:09 PM: One hour into West Seattle Summer Fest Eve, the rain is lifting and people are out in the street in The Junction, as festival setup gets going.


Remember that California SW is blocked off between Edmunds and just south of Genesee, except for east-west traffic on Oregon, and Alaska is blocked off between 44th and 42nd:


It’s also, as mentioned earlier, West Seattle Art Walk night – come on down and join the party!


7:29 PM: Listen to musicians from Jazz Night School, playing outside West 5 again this Summer Fest Eve:

Here’s our earlier preview with info on what’s happening tonight.

7:50 PM: More music – as part of tonight’s Art Walk slate @ CAPERS (WSB sponsor):
Also at CAPERS, artist Genna Draper:
See the full venue list for tonight’s Art Walk here.

9:04 PM: A bit of the Jazz Night School Big Band (which we also streamed for a while via Periscope):

(More photos later.) West Seattle Summer Fest officially begins at 10 am Friday; see you there.

West Seattle Summer Fest 2016: 360-degree group photos, walking tours, more with SW Seattle Historical Society

Another West Seattle Summer Fest preview, with hours to go until the streets close at 6 pm – the Southwest Seattle Historical Society‘s festival plans center on its “We Love The Junction” campaign – get your button, take a walking tour, be part of a group photo, share your thoughts …

The Southwest Seattle Historical Society’s “We Love The Junction” Task Force plans a variety of activities during West Seattle Summer Fest that will invite attendees to support the preservation of key buildings in The West Seattle Junction.

The headquarters for these activities will be the Southwest Seattle Historical Society booth, next to the Easy Street Records booth, just north of the main Junction intersection of California Avenue SW and SW Alaska Street.

The activities are part of the yearlong campaign of the “We Love The Junction” Task Force to support the historical society’s effort to secure city landmark status for the Campbell Building (main tenant Cupcake Royale) and the Hamm Building (main tenant Easy Street Records).

On Saturday and Sunday, July 9 and 10, the task force will stage 360-degree group photos at noon, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm and 5 pm at the California/Alaska intersection just north of the festival’s main information booth.

The photos will feature a “We Love The Junction” banner in the foreground and include the Campbell Building and Hamm Building. Everyone is encouraged to come and pose in one or more of these unique photos, which will be posted immediately on social media.

Free “We Love The Junction” walking tours of The Junction also will be offered during Summer Fest. Here are the tour topics, times and leaders:

“The ABCs of the West Seattle Junction Historical Survey,” 12:15-1:15 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, leader Deb Barker, who served on the survey’s steering committee.

“If These Buildings Could Talk: Stores of the Past,” 2:15-3:15 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, leaders Peder Nelson, vice-president of the Southwest Seattle Historical Society board.

“The Art of History: The Murals of West Seattle,” 3:15-4:15 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, leader Clay Eals, executive director, Southwest Seattle Historical Society.

In addition, the Southwest Seattle Historical Society booth will feature a “We Love The Junction” chalkboard, on which visitors can write their reasons for their attachment to West Seattle’s shopping hub. The answers will be photographed and posted online.

“We Love The Junction” buttons will be for sale at the booth for a $1 donation. Brochures explaining the campaign will be available, and people will be invited to sign the campaign’s statement of support.

Also, the booth will feature the popular “Guess the Number of Lincoln Logs” contest, and $100 Golden Tickets for a chance at winning a Holland America “Choose Your Cruise” will be on sale.

This summer, the historical society plans to submit landmark nominations for the Campbell and Hamm buildings prepared by a consultant funded by a 4Culture grant.

Scroll through our other festival previews in this WSB archive.

West Seattle Thursday: Summer Fest Eve, Art Walk, Find It-Fix It Walk planning, more!

cube tide 13
(Photo by Zack Malson)

Yes, rain’s possible on this VERY busy West Seattle Thursday, but you’re local – you know not to let that get in the way of a good time.

SUMMER FEST EVE: The streets in The Junction close at 6 pm for West Seattle Summer Fest setup, rain or shine, and that means the Summer Fest Eve fun begins. It’s also West Seattle Art Walk night, usually on the second Thursday, but on the first one this month to coincide with Summer Fest Eve. Entertainment is planned at West 5 – the big band and jazz quartet from Jazz Night School – and at Elliott Bay Brewing (planning a band and kids’ entertainment, plus a benefit beer release). We’re checking on “what if it really does rain?” backup plans and will update, so check back here later. (UPDATE – The venues have tents on standby!)

Now, here’s the map/venue list for tonight’s Art Walk, 6-9 pm:

Among the participating businesses are four WSB sponsors:

*Click! Design That Fits (4540 California SW), featuring “Abstract Cityscapes” by Melanie Biehle

*CAPERS Home (4525 California SW), featuring florals by Genna Draper, ceramics by Beth Farrow, and harp music by White M.O.T.H.

*Wallflower Custom Framing (4735 42nd SW), with photography by Troy Sass

*Viscon Cellars (5910 California SW), paintings by Laura Beso and the winery’s new summer releases

MURAL TOURS, TOO: Also during tonight’s Art Walk, meet at Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (4410 California SW; WSB sponsor) at 6 and 7:30 pm for tours of The Junction’s historic murals.

Also happening today/tonight:

LUNCH AT THE LIBRARY: It’s the Kids’ Café! No need to bring proof of income or other documentation – kids and teens can get free lunch 12:30-1:30 pm today (and Tuesdays-Wednesdays-Thursdays through Sept. 1) at Delridge Library. (5423 Delridge Way SW)

DELRIDGE GROCERY CO-OP FARMSTAND: 4-7 pm next to the Delridge P-Patch, fresh produce for sale (also look for Delridge Grocery volunteers with a “mini-farmstand” at West Seattle Summer Fest on Friday and Saturday). Today’s fresh list includes apricots, peaches, blackberries, black raspberries, blueberries, sugar snap peas, kale, lettuce, basil, zucchini, baby beets, Walla Walla onions, scallions, green cabbage, purple potatoes. (Delridge Way/Puget Boulevard)

(added, per comment reminder) FIND IT, FIX IT WALK PLANNING: If you live, work, and/or otherwise have an interest in the Roxhill-Westwood area, you’re invited to help plan the Find It, Fix It Community Walk that’s set for July 25th. First planning meeting is tonight – just show up! 6:30 pm, Southwest Library. (35th SW/SW Henderson)

LIVE, LATE NIGHT: 9 pm, DLO3 is live with “vintage soul” at Parliament Tavern in The Admiral District. No cover. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

Summer Fest tradition: West Seattle Quilters’ raffle

As we continue previewing West Seattle Summer Fest, we have word another tradition continues this year. The announcement and photo are from West Seattle Quilters:

For the 11th year in a row, the West Seattle Quilters have created their raffle quilt to benefit the West Seattle Senior Center. The 2016 queen-sized quilt, titled “Star Dusk,” features a star pattern in quiet grays and blues, with red accents.

Raffle tickets for the quilt are $1 each, and all the money goes directly to the West Seattle Senior Center. Ticket sales begin July 8 at the West Seattle Summer Fest (look for us outside the Stop and Shop). After the festival, tickets will be available at the Senior Center at the reception desk. The drawing will be held October 28, 2016, during Rainbow Bingo at the Senior Center.

Quilters work together on the raffle quilt beginning with pattern selection in February and working through June to complete it. Last year’s raffle quilt raised $2,000 for the West Seattle Senior Center.

West Seattle Quilters meet at the Senior Center on the first and third Mondays of the month at 7pm to share quilting ideas and projects. Quilters of all ages are welcome!

Stop and Shop is on the lower level of the Sisson Building, headquarters to the Senior Center, on the southeast corner of California/Oregon, near the north end of the festival zone.

It’s West Seattle Summer Fest Eve-Eve! More updates

(UPDATED 5:18 PM with Metro’s Summer Fest reroutes, just posted)

4:24 PM: It’s the day before the night before West Seattle Summer Fest – and we have more updates on what’s happening Thursday night (Summer Fest Eve) as well as Friday-Saturday-Sunday for the festival itself:

SUMMER FEST EVE AT WEST 5: One of the original presenters of Summer Fest Eve entertainment in the street is West 5 (4539 California SW), and we just got the lineup from proprietor Dave Montoure – musicians from the Jazz Night School will be back for a second year, their Big Band and a jazz quartet.

PET JUNCTION ADDED: One more Summer Fest feature has just been added to the lineup – look for Pet Junction on the sidewalk by Next to Nature (4543 California SW).

SIDEWALK SALES: When you’re going through the Summer Fest vendor list, take note of the year-round Junction merchants who are listed too – Summer Fest has its roots in what was an annual mega-sidewalk sale, and the tradition continues for many stores.

WHERE TO FIND THE FARMERS’ MARKET ON SUNDAY: This is the second Summer Fest since the Farmers’ Market moved into the street, so maybe fewer people will be confused this year – the market DOES happen on Summer Fest Sunday, 10 am-2 pm as always (although the festival itself doesn’t start up until 11 am on Sunday), but just for that day, you’ll find it in its “old” location, the lot behind KeyBank, 44th/Alaska.

West Seattle Summer Fest’s official hours are 10 am-6 pm Friday and Saturday, 11 am-5 pm Sunday; music runs longer on Friday-Saturday (see the California Stage schedule here). Find festival info here; we’ll continue with previews through tomorrow – scroll through this WSB archive for our earlier previews – and with coverage from The Junction starting tomorrow night, throughout the weekend!

ADDED 5:18 PM: Metro has finally posted reroute information for Summer Fest, Thursday night through Sunday night. Find it here.

West Seattle Summer Fest Eve on Thursday: A ‘wild’ brew

(WSB photo from Summer Fest Eve 2015 – a night to just play in the street)

As West Seattle’s biggest party of the year approaches, we’re continuing to preview Summer Fest (Friday-Saturday-Sunday) and Summer Fest Eve (the pre-festival pop-up fun that starts after Junction streets close for setup at 6 pm Thursday).

Tonight – word of what’s up Thursday night at Elliott Bay Brewing Company (4720 California SW), which always throws a great party on Summer Fest Eve. Elliott Bay’s Thursday festivities will include the re-release of Alpine Lakes Pale, a benefit brew with $1 from every pint sold going to Washington Wild. That starts at 6, and Elliott Bay will have kids’ activities and entertainment on Thursday too – balloons, magic, and a Grateful Dead cover band, we hear. Clear your calendar and plan to spend Summer Fest Eve in The Junction – it’s a special early West Seattle Art Walk night (tour the murals again!), too, among other festivities we’ll be previewing. See you there!

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