5 weeks till West Seattle Garden Tour: Poster artist honored

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One more scene from this month’s West Seattle Art Walk, this past Thursday: Winning 2015 West Seattle Garden Tour poster artist Gretchen Flickinger was honored. Her work was on display at West Seattle Windermere in The Junction; that’s where WSGT president Jan Clow presented her with the $500 check for winning. (That’s the poster art behind them.) This year’s WSGT (co-sponsored by WSB) is on Sunday, July 19th; your ticket book gets you admission to nine great gardens (and includes their locations) plus Phil Wood‘s midday lecture on garden design. You’ll soon be able to buy yours at West Seattle Nursery or Junction True Value.

West Seattle wins KEXP Hood-To-Hood Challenge, 2nd year in a row

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If you liked the May 29th KEXP Hood-To-Hood victory party in West Seattle … or if you missed it and want another chance … good news: WS just “won” the challenge again. As mentioned in our daily preview, this was the designated day for donations, with neighborhoods “competing,” and when it all ended at 6 pm, West Seattle was about a thousand dollars ahead of Capitol Hill and vicinity, so we get the party next year too. It’ll be a while before the date and other details are set, but stay tuned.

You can help! West Seattle-filmed ‘Present Perfect’ almost done

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“What can the very young and the very old offer each other, if given the chance?” That’s one of the questions you’ll see asked in the trailer above for a documentary focused on West Seattle’s acclaimed Intergenerational Learning Center at Providence Mount St. Vincent. The film, “Present Perfect,” is almost complete; it’s been two years in the making and now filmmaker Evan Briggs is in post-production. As is often the case for noncommercial creations, she could use a little help getting to the finish line, and so a Kickstarter campaign is in progress. Briggs explains on her film’s website:

Up until now, this entire project has been a labor of love, funded entirely out of my own pocket. I invested in new camera and audio equipment so that I could function as a one-woman crew, I paid babysitters to watch my kids so that I could shoot three times a week for the entire school year, and I’ve spent countless hours applying for grants and pitching this film to as many people as possible. I’ve gladly taken all of this on because of how strongly I believe in the power of this story and its potential impact. And while I will continue to work uncompensated hours on this project, I do need funding to pay the professionals who can help me take it to the next level.

The ILC serves kids six weeks to 5 years of age – and of course, those ageless Mount residents, too. Thanks to everyone who messaged us to suggest sharing the news about “Present Perfect.”

From the ‘in case you wondered too’ file: Another ‘Duwamish Revealed’ installation

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(WSB photos)
A midday call today sent us over for a look at the South Park Bridge, where someone wondered what was being hung off its west side. The photos show what we found – another installation for the Duwamish Revealed art project we’ve been covering recently. This is “Cultivate: A River Tapestry,” described as follows on the DR website: “A colorful installation made of recycled materials, Cultivate represents the river’s rebirth and has been created with assistance by community volunteers.”

The artist is Catherine Grisez; the installation even has its own Facebook page. We published an overview of Duwamish Revealed last weekend, after checking out one installation at West Seattle’s Jack Block Park, and also stopped by the Friday night opening at and around its biggest creation, the “Estuary” arrangement of cargo containers. You can explore the locations and creations all summer; they stretch from West Seattle to Tukwila, as shown on this clickable map with pop-up descriptions.

‘Duwamish Revealed’ officially opens on the river’s shore

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When we previewed the four-month Duwamish Revealed” art project last weekend, our introduction happened to be signs that were turning heads at Jack Block Park. But what’s “revealed” in this exploration is so much more, as shown off during opening night Friday, not in West Seattle but right across the water at T-108 Park – a triple-digit crowd came to see the cargo-container sculpture called Estuary, by Christian French.

We stopped by for a quick look just before sunset, as showgoers were getting ready for live performances at the site (which will be home to many – next one in two weeks). This is just one of the installations you can check out, at sites from West Seattle to Tukwila – explore the official website to consider where to go and what to see in the megaproject coordinated by artistic directors Nicole Kistler and Sarah Kavage.

Flourish Dance Project: Welcoming a new WSB sponsor

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Today, we welcome a new WSB sponsor, Flourish Dance Project, which envisions a neighborhood where children and youth of diverse background, skill, and ability can experience dance in an environment that cultivates their growth as artists and young minds. Here’s what else they’d like you to know:

Beginning this September, we are excited to offer after-school dance classes to preschool through high-school-age students at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, one of the neighborhood’s liveliest arts hubs. Our classes vary in style and draw from classical and urban influences, including ballet, creative movement, modern and street jazz. We understand that youth thrive when given the opportunity to express themselves artistically, experience a sense of belonging, and engage in physical activity. Accordingly, our instruction emphasizes more than technique. We strive to expose youth to dance in a relevant, thoughtful, and dynamic manner that nurtures their development as both dancers and vital members of our community.

The Flourish Dance Project staff, accomplished Seattle-area dancers who bring extensive and varied teaching and performance experience, believe that dance instruction should point kids toward something greater than pretty, pointed toes. It can nurture joy, artistry and community. It is with this value in mind that Flourish Dance Project distinguishes itself from other dance offerings. We seek to engage dancers in the creative process, embrace a flexible dress code, and have attempted to set our tuition dues equitably to encourage participation.

Flourish Dance Project desires to share dance in a way that inspires a lasting sense of creativity, strength, and confidence in our students’ lives. The Grow Girl workshop embodies this mission and is a dynamic extension of our Modern dance class offerings. Dancers ages 11 and older who participate in Grow Girl will have the opportunity to explore and confront some of the unique issues young women face – media, academics, relationships, body image, and more – through dance. Classes will follow a typical Modern dance class structure, but will also include community-building activities and extended opportunities for students to develop original choreography.

Although classes begin in September, dancers are signing up now! You may enroll in classes online at: flourishdanceproject.com/enroll or by contacting Flourish Dance Project Founder/Director Megan Snow at: flourishdanceproject@gmail.com. Additionally, Megan will be at Youngstown every Tuesday afternoon from 4-5 pm between now and August to meet with families who are interested in getting to know more.

Megan spent much of the first two decades of her life gliding, leaping, and grooving across dance floors. As a student herself, and then later as a teacher and choreographer working with a variety of dance organizations in the Seattle area and Bellingham, she developed a lifelong reverence for the art form. She temporarily tucked away her dance shoes to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in English and Master in Teaching, dedicating the next handful of years to working with children, youth and families primarily in public education and ministry settings, which included teaching for a year at Chief Sealth International High School. With a specialization in supporting academically and social-emotionally at-risk students, she was continually reminded of how the arts — dance specifically — could contribute to students’ thriving. Flourish Dance Project was conceptualized in response to the complex needs youth have and a love for this city. Believing that dance instruction can support the whole child and positively impact the community, Megan is honored to serve West Seattle, the neighborhood she calls home, through this work.

We thank Flourish Dance Project for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

Next lineup: See who’s playing 2015 Summer Concerts at Hiawatha!

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(WSB photo from 2012 Hiawatha performance by Caspar Babypants, who’s back this year)
Today’s second big summer outdoor-entertainment lineup announcement: The Admiral Neighborhood Association‘s Summer Concerts at Hiawatha lineup for 2015! From Katy Walum – who’s organized the series from the start – here are the six acts booked for six consecutive Thursday nights, 6:30-8 pm on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center:

July 23rd – Carrie Akre

July 30th – Naomi Wachira

August 6th – Star Anna

August 13th – Modern Relics

August 20th – Ayron Jones and the Way

August 27th – Caspar Babypants

The concerts are free – bring your own chair, blanket, picnic dinner, family, friends, neighbors, and have a great time. (We’re proud to have co-sponsored Summer Concerts at Hiawatha every year since its start in 2009; this is the series’ seventh year!)

Congratulations! Madison Middle School musicians’ big wins

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Thanks to Sheryl Guyon for sharing photos and news of Madison Middle School musicians’ success

Madison Middle School has an award-winning Music Department. They competed this weekend at Music in the Parks in Silverwood, Idaho. Under the expert direction of Mr. Clark Bathum, the concert band won 1st place for their division!

The Orchestra and Jazz band were pleased to each win second place, most notably with an excellent rating. The competition was intense this year, with more than 1,800 music students attending from Northwest high schools and middle schools. The school is incredibly proud of Jonah Elbaum, who was awarded Outstanding Jazz Soloist:

As one of the youngest members of the jazz band, his award is exceptional. Perhaps the greatest compliment of all came at the end of the trip. The hotel manager noted that this was the most polite and respectful group of young people they have ever had stay at the hotel. Mr. Bathum expects the very best from his students and this remarkable group of young people never fails to deliver.

According to the Madison home page, you’ll be able to see the award-winning young musicians in concert before the school year ends – the orchestra and jazz concert is listed for this Thursday (June 4th), the band concert for next Monday (June 8th), both at 7 pm.

West Seattle Junction updates: Check out the new banners! Plus, Farmers’ Market move countdown

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Two West Seattle Junction notes:

BRAND-NEW BANNERS: It’s magic! Overnight the faded old West Seattle Junction banners disappeared and these new ones materialized.

It was planned, of course, and happened very early this morning (sometime between 1:15 am, which is when we drove through The Junction, wondering if the installation was under way yet, and 9:30 am, when we took these photos).

West Seattle Junction Association director Susan Melrose explains the banners’ inspiration:

The colorful series of five designs is meant to inspire neighborhood pride for all of West Seattle. Design elements include the Alki Lighthouse as a symbol of our strong connection to water, the West Seattle Bridge, a salute to history with the streetcars, our weekly farmers market, and The Junction’s iconic Walk-All-Ways. We hope the neighborhood enjoys this addition to The Junction.

The artist is Jeff Rodriguez of Horsepower Design, who also designs other art used by the Junction Association, from posters to advertising. The banner spotlighting the West Seattle Farmers’ Market brings another reminder:

Today’s market (continuing until 2 pm as usual) is the second-to-last time you’ll find it in its longtime spot at 44th/Alaska. Two weeks from today – June 14th – is the day the WSFM moves out into California SW between Oregon and Alaska. Market management is reminding people that means a change in parking, if you drive – no parking on the market block 7 am-4 pm (flyers are under windshield wipers of cars parked on that block right now) but 45 spots will be open in the lot the market is vacating. And if you bicycle to the market – Bicycle Benefits continue. The market move means “new local Washington State farmers (and) more non-profit community groups ” every Sunday. (WSFM is sponsoring WSB for the next month to help get the word out about the big move.)

Duwamish Revealed art project: Maybe you’ve already seen the signs! See what else is in store, from sculpture to dance to …

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By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

At sites along the Duwamish River, from West Seattle to South Park and beyond, a huge four-month art project is about to “open.” And you might already have seen signs of it … in one case, literally, signs:

When Jonathan tweeted a photo of that sign and called it to our attention Friday morning – with the backdrop at Port of Seattle-owned Jack Block Park, within view of the Shell oil rig Polar Pioneer – we had a hard time imagining that kind of sign could have been guerrilla-installed without port security noticing. Then WSB reader “Grayson Girl” texted us about it this morning and we went over to see for ourselves. She also mentioned another sign out on the pier – and that’s where we found the key clue.

A small label near that sign attributes it to Jack Daws and Duwamish Revealed.

Daws is a Seattle artist; Duwamish Revealed is the name of the big art project that is about to officially open at locations from West Seattle to Tukwila. And we do mean big: More than a dozen sites, and dozens of collaborators. Here’s the program with details (including Daws listed as one of the Jack Block Park artists):

Sarah Kavage and Nicole Kistler are the artistic directors for Duwamish Revealed, a project of the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle, as explained here. (Kavage confirmed to WSB tonight that the Jack Block signs are part of DR, installed with authorization just two days ago.) We recorded them talking about their grand project at last month’s Duwamish Alive! opening ceremony:

Last summer, we published their call for artists – mentioning at the time that it wasn’t just intended for people who already consider themselves artists.

And indeed, the participants are from a range of backgrounds – including students from West Seattle’s Pathfinder K-8 School, whose work at T-107 Park on this side of the Duwamish involves “a sculptural interpretation of a Coast Salish fish trap,” in collaboration with Jennifer Bennett.

Back at Jack Block Park, as noted on the program shown above, you’ll see the Duwamish Lighthouse by George Lee – some of which he’s chronicling on Instagram – plus Jordan Monez‘s work Plant 2015: “To-scale replicas of the ersatz neighborhood built on top of Boeing Plant 2 during WWII are a tribute to the river’s wartime history and the act of revealing, and concealing, history.” Other West Seattle locations on the Duwamish Revealed roster include Terminal 105 and 107 Parks, Lafarge, and Harbor Island (if you can’t see the program embedded above, see it here as a PDF).

Ongoing performance-related art includes free workshops by Ballet Folklorico Angeles de Mexico, weekly in White Center and South Park.

In the photo provided by Duwamish Revealed are Ballet Folklorico’s Aurelia Ramos and Jose Antonio Malagon Garcia.

The grand-opening celebration for Duwamish Revealed is next Friday (June 5th) with soundscapes and sculpture at the installation site called The Estuary on the east bank of the river, 4651 Diagonal Avenue South – details and map here.

Other day/time-specific events along the way include the Water Festival in South Park, August 15-16, and “Revealing Coast Salish Cultures,” with canoe families landing at T-107 Park for an event there and across the street at the Duwamish Tribe Longhouse on September 12th. Even sooner than all that, check out what’s on the calendar.

And for all you’ll find there, it’s just a drop from the river of visual art, performance art, and more that will comprise Duwamish Revealed – browse the official website to sample more.

PHOTOS: KEXP’s 2015 West Seattle ‘Hood-To-Hood’ party

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(SCROLL DOWN for updates; event schedule is here)

12:58 PM: KEXP DJ Cheryl Waters is on the air live from The Junction, just north of the Walk-All-Ways intersection, as the Hood-To-Hood “West Seattle Day” street party gets going. Quiet now but likely to be a much-different scene by mid-to-late afternoon. 1st live music is John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, starting in a few minutes (1 pm) – rest of the schedule is here. If you can, it’s a good time to come down and meet some of your neighbors – organizations here in the early going include West Seattle Bike Connections, with a bike rodeo and safety-check zone …

Meet cool people like Kathy from WSBC …

… and Kristina from the White Center Food Bank.

Speaking of bikes, Seattle Police officers are patroling on 2 wheels.

We’ll be checking back later in the afternoon.

2:05 PM: Looks like the crowd started showing up in time for John Darnielle’s set:

We’re heading back soon to The Junction, where the street party is on until 6, with Miami Horror up next, live at 3 pm; then at 6 pm, nine West Seattle venues are “taken over” by KEXP DJs, and the event wraps with 9 pm live-music showcases at Feedback Lounge (6451 California SW) and The Skylark (3803 Delridge Way SW).

4:10 PM: Just starting, an acoustic set by Telekinesis.

(WSB photo, substituted for previously published KEXP tweet)
Among the fans during that set:

The crowd in The Junction has picked up as the day’s gone on. On the air right now, West Seattleite Kevin Cole, who got a visit from Matt Vaughan, proprietor of steps-away Easy Street Records.

We got back here in time for part of Miami Horror’s set last hour – some of the showgoers danced in the sunshine, and Daniel Whitechurch left the stage to dance with them:

Still adding more photos.

6:23 PM: Street party’s over; we’ll check on the street’s status a bit later.

7:46 PM: Tweeted from one of the KEXP DJ “takeover” venues:

8:21 PM: And from another:

9:09 PM: California SW has just reopened between Alaska and Oregon.

West Seattle Hi-Yu Junior Queen Emily Cain wins statewide art contest; her work will likely land in your mailbox

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Thanks to Kevin Plough for sharing the news that the creator of the statewide-contest-winning art above – announced as “Burien 4th grader” Emily Cain – also happens to be West Seattle Hi-Yu‘s reigning Junior Queen.

From left, that’s Kevin – Emily’s teacher at Cedarhurst Elementary – with Emily, her mom Amanda Cain, and Secretary of State Kim Wyman. Kevin also happens to be a West Seattle resident, so he kindly pointed out the local connection, so we could share the news with you and congratulate Emily. As Wyman’s office explains here, you’ll see Emily’s work in the state Voters’ Pamphlet this fall, and the original will be displayed in the Lieutenant Governor’s office in Olympia.

VIDEO: Lafayette Elementary students perform for Seattle School Board

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Encore performance this week for part of the cast of Lafayette Elementary‘s recent musical! From Luckie:

Lafayette Elementary was invited to performed a scene from this year’s school play, “The Barnyard Musical Mystery,” at the May 20 Seattle Public Schools board meeting in the John Stanford Center auditorium. It was broadcast live on Channel 26 (see the archived video above).

“The Barnyard Musical Mystery” is a one-hour play written by Lafayette Elementary parent Laurie Utterback, who also directed it along with fellow parent volunteer Joel Oltyan and Lafayette’s multi-arts teacher Melia Scranton. A cast of 80 students in third through fifth grade rehearsed after school once a week beginning in January, and performed the play on May 7, 8, and 9 at the Chief Sealth International High School auditorium.

The performers at Wednesday’s school board meeting:

Jane, grade 5
Daisy, grade 4
Audrey, grade 4
Millie, grade 4
Zhaiarah, grade 4
Mason, grade 5
Myah, grade 4
Stella, grade 4
Jordan, grade 4

Lafayette Elementary is very proud of the dedication, enthusiasm, and teamwork shown by all of its talented young actors!

West Seattle summer songwriting camp with Ivory Smith and Kelli Frances Corrado: New WSB sponsor

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Looking for summer options for kid(s) 7-12? How about a West Seattle summer songwriting camp, taught by two acclaimed local musicians? They’re sponsoring WSB right now to get the word out, and here’s what they’d like you to know:

What makes this music camp unique, is that it’s the first of its kind, a SONGWRITING camp, for children this age. Kelli Frances Corrado (above left) and Ivory Smith (above right) worked for over six years at various rock camps and schools, none of which taught students how to write their own songs. While it is important to learn technique and theory, the value of empowering the individual creative voice is essential, not only in making music, but for childhood development.

We are pursued by parents not only because of our teaching history but our experience as songwriters. We are active professional songwriters. Our resumes cover a wide range of experience from college training, performance, touring, recording, radio play, to receiving grants. For example, Ivory has scored numerous pieces for performances at On The Boards and ACT Theaters, has vocal training from Cornish, and has written songs with many ensembles including her band Ivory In Ice World. Kelli is a touring musician who writes songs that have been featured on various radio stations from KEXP to BBC6, and in 2014 received a grant from the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture to teach a songwriting camp for young women.

Kelli and Ivory’s summer songwriting camp has two week-long sessions in West Seattle in August – get the details here, including how to register.

We thank the West Seattle summer songwriting camp taught by Ivory Smith and Kelli Frances Corrado for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

New movie ‘Tomorrowland’ co-created by West Seattle native Jeff Jensen

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Planning to see the about-to-open movie “Tomorrowland“? You’ll be watching the work of a West Seattle native.

It’s co-written and executive-produced by Jeff Jensen, who grew up in West Seattle and went to Hope Lutheran School and Seattle Lutheran High School.

(Photo of Jeff Jensen, courtesy Mike Jensen)
That news is courtesy of Jeff’s proud brother Mike Jensen, who got to join his brother at the recent world premiere of “Tomorrowland” at the home of the film’s namesake, Disneyland. (The movie, starring George Clooney, is NOT about that part or any part of Disneyland, however.)

You might know Jeff Jensen already for his writing – which most recently has included what he called a “distant prequel” to the movie, “Before Tomorrowland.” He’s particularly well-known for what he’s written about the TV series “Lost.”

You will be able to watch this movie co-written by a West Seattleite without leaving West Seattle – it’ll be at The Admiral Theater starting Friday. (Jeff Jensen pointed that out on his Twitter feed.)

Big gigs! West Seattle HS Band & Orchestra perform in SoCal

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Members of the West Seattle High School Band and Orchestra, directed by Ethan Thomas, are wrapping up an extended-weekend trip to California – thanks to Band Booster President Steve White for the report and photos:

Our first stop after arriving at LAX (on Friday) was at the LA Farmers’ Market – where both the orchestra and band (above) performed.

We (then were) on our way to a local college for a clinic and some music instruction, then a group dinner at Medieval Times.

Saturday was spent at Disneyland, with a recording session in the evening, where the students experienced recording a soundtrack for a movie clip.

Sunday there were performances in the park by both groups [orchestra above] and more free time at the park.

Monday morning, both groups will take a tour of Hollywood and the Dolby Theater, then spend the afternoon at the Santa Monica Pier before returning home.

Find out more about the WSHS music program on its website – where we see via the calendar that you’ll get the chance to hear the student musicians at their spring concert June 4th.

FOLLOWUP: Who’s playing KEXP’s West Seattle ‘Hood-To-Hood Challenge’ victory party May 29th

May 14, 2015 at 9:41 pm | In Fun stuff to do, West Seattle news, WS culture/arts | 3 Comments

(Telekinesis, one of the bands playing Hood-To-Hood Day in West Seattle)
One week ago, we reported the date, and a few details, for the Hood-To-Hood Challenge victory party that KEXP is throwing in West Seattle – because people here gave more money to the station during that specific donation drive last year than residents of any other local neighborhood. Today, KEXP revealed more about who’s playing and what’s happening:

After winning KEXP’s annual Hood-to-Hood Challenge by a razor-thin margin of $100 in 2014, West Seattle will host KEXP’s Hood-to-Hood Day on Friday, May 29.

KEXP welcomes music lovers from all neighborhoods to join us from noon to 6:00 p.m. for a free live broadcast of The Midday Show with Cheryl Waters and The Afternoon Show with Kevin Cole, featuring live performances by John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats, Australian band Miami Horror, Hop Along, and Telekinesis, plus a free street festival with bands, booths, and a beer garden.

After 6:00 p.m., KEXP DJs will take over bars and restaurants throughout West Seattle, spinning diverse, upbeat sets until the night concludes with a showcase at the Skylark Lounge featuring SISTERS, Fauna Shade, and Bod, as well as the Feedback Lounge with artists TBA.

The street festival will be in The Junction, with California closed to vehicles between Oregon and Alaska for the occasion. Last year was the first time in five years that West Seattle won the Hood-To-Hood Challenge.

ADDED 11:14 PM: A few more details are on KEXP’s website, including the band schedule for the live broadcasts during the day.

FOLLOWUP: Admiral Theater expects digital projectors in June

May 13, 2015 at 2:52 pm | In Admiral Theater, West Seattle news, WS culture/arts | 10 Comments

(WSB photo: February marquee message at The Admiral, announcing the renovation plan)
The city-landmark Admiral Theater says its renovations – announced in February – are finally about to begin. It’s just announced that “two new state-of-the-art NEC Digital Laser Projectors will be installed early next month.” The theater’s announcement explains:

Laser technology offers an unparalleled viewing experience that is brighter, crisper and highlights the intensity of colors unlike traditional digital cinema projectors. In addition, moviegoers watching 3D films will view an image much brighter than is seen in systems now in use.

Utilizing a laser light source in lieu of traditional projector bulbs also extends the life of the projector and eliminates gradual dimming of images as a bulb begins to wear out.

“Everything we will be doing as a part of this renovation is designed to create a superior viewing experience and facility that while functionally modern, respects viewer comfort and the historical character of the theater,” said Jeff Brein of Far Away Entertainment, which operates and manages the theater. “We wanted the very best and latest projection technology to accompany what we’re planning with seating, sound, carpeting, new restrooms our concessions area and historical preservation. These initial laser projectors represent a first step in a journey that will culminate in a beautiful neighborhood theater.”

The permitting process for the Admiral will soon begin with the City of Seattle, while discussions with historical and neighborhood groups will be well underway this summer.

The Admiral says it’s now hoping to have renovations complete by this year’s holiday season.

West Seattle Summer Fest 2015: Here’s the music lineup!

May 12, 2015 at 10:09 am | In West Seattle festivals, West Seattle news, WS culture/arts | 30 Comments

Announced minutes ago by the West Seattle Junction Association – the music lineup for this year’s West Seattle Summer Fest, coming up July 10-12.

With a bigger emphasis on the musical portion of the event, the line-up includes some of the hottest bands in the Northwest including The Thermals, The Cave Singers, La Luz, Sisters, VOX MOD, “S,” Kithkin, The Fame Riot, and West Seattle’s own DJ Lance Romance among others. This FREE 3-day party in the streets celebrates West Seattle as a thriving music and arts community.

You can catch more than 20 artists performing on the California main stage all weekend from up-and-coming artists like Pig Snout (a father & his two kids-that ROCKS), NAVVI, Solvents, Evening Bell to Seattle music heavy hitters like Gibraltar, Sisters, and Black Whales.

Here’s a YouTube playlist put together by The Junction. And – the schedule:

West Seattle art: Fauntleroy/Alaska mini-park plaza taking shape, with Lezlie Jane’s art

May 10, 2015 at 9:45 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle parks, WS culture/arts | 22 Comments

With construction winding down at Spruce, the mixed-use project that filled what for years was “The Hole,” the sidewalk along 39th SW is open and that provides a view of the plaza on what is actually a bit of city parkland along the corner where Fauntleroy/Alaska/39th meet. At the heart of the plaza, art by Lezlie Jane, the West Seattle artist whose creations grace other spots including Constellation, Cormorant Cove, Weather Watch, and Dakota Place Parks.

We first reported her role in this project when the “public benefit” package for Spruce – required because it includes an “alley vacation” – went to the Seattle Design Commission in December 2012. You can see the concept for the “medallion” in our coverage of the meeting, and how it’s turning out, above, and below in our quick walkaround captured in a 15-second Instagram video clip (we focused on the wording around its perimeter, which includes an explanation of the bear, if you don’t know that part of West Seattle history on sight):

Our visit to the site this afternoon was inspired by the announcement of next Tuesday’s Junction Neighborhood Organization meeting – JuNO director René Commons mentioned it while saying the group will talk about the mini-park’s future, as well as other public/green space issues, at 6:30 pm Tuesday, at the Senior Center of West Seattle.

West Seattle’s KEXP Hood-To-Hood victory party set for May 29th

May 7, 2015 at 4:32 pm | In Fun stuff to do, West Seattle news, WS culture/arts | 7 Comments

(WSB photo from 2010 Hood-To-Hood Challenge party in West Seattle)
The full announcement isn’t until next Tuesday, but KEXP is offering a sneak peek of the details locked in for the West Seattle’s Hood-To-Hood Challenge victory party – first one here since 2010. Every year, fundraising drive, KEXP offers the party as a prize to the neighborhood that yields the most money during its summer fundraising drive, and last time West Seattle came out on top – a narrow victory, 100 dollars or so, but a win it was, so KEXP is planning the big bash here for Friday, May 29th.

KEXP’s Jeff Vetting tells WSB that one block of California SW will be closed to motorized vehicles that day, between Alaska and Oregon. The fun will include KEXP DJs broadcasting live, including West Seattleite Kevin Cole in the afternoon. Live music is planned on a stage that’ll be set up at SW Alaska – the full lineup isn’t public yet, except for Australia’s Miami Horror, which will be here as part of its U.S. tour. Then 6-9 pm, more KEXP DJ action at venues around West Seattle, followed by band showcases around town starting at 9 pm. Full announcement during Kevin’s show on KEXP next Tuesday (2-6 pm) – the bands, the venues, the extras.

(Wondering what Hood-to-Hood Day was like last time around? See our updates from 2010 here, here, and here.)

‘Barnyard Musical Mystery’: All invited to Lafayette Elementary’s production Thursday-Saturday nights at CSIHS Auditorium

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(Photo courtesy of ‘Barnyard Musical Mystery’ production advisers)
It’s not just a school play – Lafayette Elementary‘s production is an original musical written by a West Seattle resident. Here’s the announcement – and even if you’re not associated with the school, we’re told, you are by all means invited to come cheer the student performers and their grownup helpers:

This year’s Lafayette school play is “The Barnyard Musical Mystery,” presented May 7, 8, and 9 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium at Chief Sealth International High School.

The award for Best Exhibit at the County Fair is a shiny new tractor, and Miss Lucy hopes to win it by exhibiting her prize carrots. But something’s afoot: a spooky creature is haunting Miss Lucy’s garden, scaring away her farmhands and keeping them from tending the crops! To solve the mystery, Miss Lucy calls in Hamhock Holmes and Dr. Dachshund, the famous pig detective and her canine assistant. Holmes and Dachshund investigate the case, with help from dancing bees, timid rabbits, sassy singing hens, crooning raccoons, and prankster goats.

Meanwhile, at the farm down the road, Farmer Jacky and his minions plot to make sure Farmer Jacky’s beloved giant pumpkin will win the prize instead.

Will Holmes and Dachshund find an explanation for the mystery? Who will win the shiny new tractor?

Written by Laurie Utterback and directed by Melia Scranton, Laurie Utterback, and Joel Oltyan, The Barnyard Musical Mystery features an enthusiastic cast of 81 Lafayette students in grades 3 through 5. Admission is free, with a suggested donation of $1 per ticket to help cover production expenses.

Chief Sealth IHS is at 2600 SW Thistle.

Scenes from Chief Sealth International HS Multicultural Night

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From the seats to the stage, Chief Sealth International High School‘s Multicultural Night filled the campus Galleria with sights and sounds on Thursday night.

Dance, music, and costumes enthralled all who came to be part of it.

Even the tables were decorated.

Brightest sights of all … the smiles.

Along with student performances, the annual event offered free food and an open invitation to the entire community to attend, not just students and their families. It was part of Spring Spirit Week at Sealth, which concluded tonight with the Spring Fling dance.

You’re invited to Multicultural Night at Chief Sealth IHS

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One more big school event to which you’re invited this week – tomorrow (Thursday, April 30th), Chief Sealth International High School opens the door to the community for Multicultural Night. 6-8 pm at the Sealth Galleria, it’s “our annual celebration of diversity at Sealth and is a fun event with student performances, free food and a great chance to see what our clubs and programs have been working on this year,” according to CSIHS’s Sarah Martin (who also provided the photo above, from a previous Multicultural Night). No RSVP needed – just show up. The Galleria entrance is off the courtyard between the main building and gym, north of the parking lot, at 2600 SW Thistle.

West Seattle scene: Alki rocks! New sign catches attention

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(Photo courtesy Mark)
Have you seen the sign? ALKI, spelled out with 53 rocks in the 59th SW median south of Admiral Way. We noticed it in passing last week and tweeted a photo, but got caught up in other things and didn’t get around to mentioning it here. Since then, though several other people have called it to our attention, and wondered whose work it is – we don’t know either, so we’re publishing the photo to ask if YOU know!

VIDEO: The Sonics rock Record Store Day to its final moments @ Easy Street

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It was another chapter for Easy Street Records in The Junction in the rock ‘n’ roll history books: A raucous conclusion to Record Store Day 2015, with legendary, regrouped The Sonics performing a benefit show announced only a day and a half earlier:

If you don’t know their backstory – which spans half a century, and then some – this might help.

The benefit was for KEXP’s new HQ, with tickets at $100 each – and it was promised that surprise guests would make the price more than worth it. We couldn’t stay past the first few songs and are excruciatingly regretful to have missed said guests, who turned out to include Eddie Vedder (photo, photo) and Mike McCready from Pearl Jam, Chris Ballew (photo) from The Presidents, Matt Lukin (photo) from Mudhoney and The Melvins, Emily Nokes (photo) from Tacocat … and more. Video of the guest performances will certainly surface – KEXP was shooting, as were countless phone-hoisting showgoers. The Sonics, meantime, are touring to support their first record in half a century, “This Is The Sonics,” which brought them to ESR just last month for a signing party.

ADDED 11:34 AM: No one else had uploaded to YouTube by the time we went off duty this morning, but that’s changed since then. Thanks to those who pointed this out to us – the upload is by @marnankev2:

ADDED 1:48 PM: Another perspective – during the show, outside Easy Street. Artist Joshua Boulet says he was in The Junction to catch the Route 50 bus when he drew the crowd:

He also made a quick drawing of Junction-based Seattle Fire Engine 32, which was outside for a while (it left the same time we did) on safety patrol:

(You might recall his drawing of SFD firefighters at work in our coverage of a Beach Drive fire last fall.)

ADDED SUNDAY NIGHT: Charles R. Cross‘s review of the “magic night” is up at SeattleTimes.com.

HAPPENING NOW: Record Store Day 2015 rocks on into the night at Easy Street

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The biggest day of the year at Easy Street Records in The Junction started around sunrise, and it’s not over yet. It’s Record Store Day around the world, and that means specials and surprises at Easy Street, which is staying open well into the night for the occasion. Part of the fun – guest DJ’s, including one of West Seattle’s resident rock stars:

Chris Ballew of The Presidents of the United States of America and Caspar Babypants fame was the guest DJ at mid-afternoon. If you drop by between now and 8 pm, Troy Nelson of The Young Evils and KEXP is scheduled to be DJ’ing, followed by Kevin Cole (also of KEXP) until about 9. Then at 10 pm – a benefit for KEXP as announced on FridayThe Sonics, live (maybe you recognized them in the photo behind Chris B, above?). Online tickets have sold out, according to the KEXP website, which suggests calling ESR to see if there’s room. (Surprise guests are promised; ESR’s Facebook page says Mark Pickerel will be among them.)

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