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UPDATE: Flipped-car crash south of The Junction

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10:14 PM: Thanks for the texts – including the photo, from Hugh: What happened in the 5000 block of 42nd SW, just south of The Junction, is only logged as a “motor vehicle incident” but it involves an overturned car.


10:32 PM: SFD left quickly – no one is hurt. Police say one parked car is damaged, in addition to the flipped car, for which they’re awaiting a tow truck. The driver is being given a field-sobriety test.

Crash on West Marginal Way SW

4:28 AM: If you heard all the sirens – a crash in the 5600 block of West Marginal Way SW [map] briefly got a big “heavy rescue” response, but the first units arriving say no one is trapped, so they’re canceling most of it.

4:35 AM: Police are directing traffic to get semitrucks through the area.

UPDATE: Heavy-rescue response in 9400 block 37th SW


11:32 AM: A sizable Seattle Fire “heavy rescue” response is headed to the 9400 block of 37th SW [map]. It’s a report of a car crashing into a garage.

11:46 AM: Our crew is at the scene and has been told no one is hurt. All SFD units are leaving except Engine 11. We’re waiting to talk with SPD to get details.


12:03 PM: Here’s what happened, according to police: The driver came down the Roxbury dead-end at 37th and veered off through the trees, onto residential property, clipping one structure and coming to a stop after crashing into a freestanding garage. They’re talking with the driver, who is unhurt.

UPDATE: Diver pulled from water in Seattle Fire, Police, Coast Guard rescue response near Seacrest


12:32 PM: Thanks for the tips – a Seattle Fire “salt water rescue” response is arriving in the Seacrest vicinity. Via scanner, we’re hearing a report of a diver in distress. More to come.

12:40 PM: Divers have been called in to search for the person who is reported to be missing. An SFD fireboat is on the scene too.

12:49 PM: We’ve just arrived in the area – lots of SFD and SPD vehicles on Harbor between Seacrest and Salty’s, so please avoid the area.


A Coast Guard helicopter has just arrived, flying low, to help.


1 PM: Via scanner, there is a report the victim has been recovered. No word on her condition.


No word on her condition. She is being taken to Medic 32.


1:08 PM: A tweet from SFD describes her as in “critical condition.” We have a photographer on the shore who says that SFD’s public-information officer will be briefing media shortly.

1:22 PM: SFD spokesperson Capt. Shata Stephenson says the diver is in her 20s. She was part of a class when she became disoriented and was lost in about 40 feet of water. She had been missing for about half an hour before SFD divers found her and brought her up. Another diver who was apparently helping is being evaluated by medics.

3:15 PM: No new information since the diver was rushed to Harborview Medical Center by Medic 32. Here’s our video of what Capt. Stephenson said in the aforementioned short briefing onshore:

We’re also adding a few more photos from the search/rescue operation earlier.

MONDAY MORNING NOTE: We just checked with Harborview Medical Center’s media-relations department to see if there is any update on the diver’s condition. A hospital spokesperson says her family has chosen to keep that information private, so HMC cannot comment.

ADDED 11:48 AM: The SPD report on the incident says the diver did not survive. Separate update to come.

UPDATE: 1 to hospital after 2-car crash on 35th SW in Gatewood

IMG_5262 (1)
(WSB photos)

11:17 AM: Seattle Fire has sent an “automobile rescue” response to a crash scene reported at 35th and Southern [map] in Gatewood. Per scanner, southbound 35th SW will be closed at Elmgrove. More to come.

11:27 AM: Our crew just arrived. Two cars involved – a VW Bug and Ford Escort.


SFD had to cut into the latter to get to a patient. No word yet on injuries.

11:37 AM: Neither driver is seriously hurt, so this will not be a long-running investigation situation; the Escort’s driver will be taken to a hospital via private ambulance to be checked out.


11:50 AM: KM mentioned the southbound Route 21 reroute in comments – and now there’s an official alert from Metro:

12:!5 PM: Reroute’s over, meaning the road’s open again, per Metro alert. Also, we’ve added two more photos from the SFD response earlier.

UPDATE: West Seattle YMCA contractors hit gas line in The Triangle


8:36 AM: Thanks for the tips. En route to check this out – a big Seattle Fire response to a report of a natural-gas leak in the 4500 block of 37th SW in The Triangle.

8:41 AM: The West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor) tells us via e-mail, “Contractors working on the Y street improvements on SW Oregon hit a gas line about 8 am today. Gas company and fire department were contacted and we evacuated members from the building as a precaution.” Per scanner, 36th SW has been closed to traffic in the area, and according to the Y, SFD is “evacuating businesses on north side of Oregon (Tom’s, West Seattle Brake, City Dog).”


8:51 AM: Per the Y, “the leak is secured and off – waiting to hear if we are letting members back in yet.”

8:56 AM: Alaska is blocked too but this should be winding down soon, our crew has learned at the scene. The Y says it’s been given clearance to reopen. SFD tells us an engine will remain in the area for a while.

9:08 AM: Here’s the spot where the crew hit the line:


The nearby businesses are all open again too. No injuries.


10:35 AM: Added two more photos above. And just received this one from one of the briefly evacuated businesses nearby, Dog City:


They report that they “felt super safe during (the situation) with our local fire department! Needless to say the firefighter had a grin from ear to ear with all the attention. This is why we also donate to our local fire department because these guys rock!”

And Joleen Post, ace tipster from the Y, sent this photo of “Tish‘s dance class” temporarily switching locations during the evacuation:


Again, everything is OK in the area now, and SFD has long since cleared out.

About the emergency response on Myers Way


Thanks for the text about the police/fire response along Myers Way south of 1st (map). We just talked to police at the scene – right after SFD left – and here’s what they told us: They got a report of shots fired somewhere on the slope east of the road. They have searched – and Guardian One was out here searching too – but cannot find a victim; they’ve been talking to a person who claims to have seen someone with a gunshot wound, but he is described as seeming to be under the influence of something.

UPDATE: Driver hits pedestrian, parked car in The Junction


10:37 AM: Thanks for the tip – 42nd SW is blocked in The Junction just south of SW Oregon because of a crash. We just checked out the scene; police say a driver hit a pedestrian and a parked car – the pedestrian was taken to a hospital by private ambulance. Police and fire are still on scene so the road likely will be blocked a while.

11:05 AM: SPD just tweeted that Traffic Collision Investigation detectives have been called out – the woman who was hit has serious, but not life-threatening, injuries – so that likely means the closure will be longer than first thought. We’ll check back around noon.

11:40 AM: SDOT has the 42nd/Alaska traffic camera (see it here) focused on the scene, still blocked as of right now.

1:13 PM: The investigation scene has cleared and 42nd SW is open again.

UPDATE: Big response, small fire at 6901 W. Marginal Way SW

(WSB photos)

FIRST REPORT, 2:38 AM: Big Seattle Fire response to a commercial building in the 6900 block of West Marginal Way SW [map]. What we’ve heard via scanner so far is that it “came in as an automatic fire alarm” and then some kind of heat/fire was found inside. We’re on our way.

2:45 AM: Still en route, but hearing via scanner that what firefighters are describing as a “small fire” is “under control.”

2:52 AM: We’ve just arrived in the area. West Marginal is completely blocked by fire equipment and police just south of the bottom of the Highland Park Way hill. We’ve parked as close as we can get and our photographer is heading to the scene on foot from here.


3:08 AM: Some of the units are being dismissed; SFD’s investigator is on the way. Some of the discussion has mentioned marijuana growing inside the building, and city and state records indicate that it was remodeled earlier this year to be a licensed “urban farm.”


(The building is the former HQ of United States Seafoods, which moved to Lake Union more than a year ago, though its signage is still on this building, as you can see in the photo above.)

3:33 AM: We’ve talked with the SFD public-information officer battalion chief on scene. (Added: video of the quick briefing.)

The fire was in a small room, contained, and extinguished.


SFD crews will stay here for a while on fire watch; the cause remains under investigation. No injuries.

4:06 AM: West Marginal is reopening both ways.

1:33 PM: SFD says an “overheated electrical installation” was to blame for the fire.

UPDATE: Driver hits teen at Delridge/Genesee

FIRST REPORT, 5:22 PM: Fire and police are at a crash reported at Delridge/Genesee. Avoid the area for a while if you can; we are on the way to check.

5:36 PM: Delridge is blocked between Oregon and Genesee. Buses are being rerouted – 50, 120, 125.


5:42 PM: Police tell us at the scene that a pedestrian has been taken to the hospital. And they say four vehicles are involved.

5:54 PM: Update: One driver hit the pedestrian; the other 3 vehicles belong to witnesses. The victim is a 15-year-old boy; his injuries are not life-threatening. Possible broken arm. Delridge should reopen soon.

5:59 PM: Delridge is now open again.

UPDATE: Crash leaves car atop jersey barrier on West Seattle Bridge


9:20 PM: Thanks for the tips, and thanks to BW for the photo- a crash has left a car atop the jersey barrier on the West Seattle Bridge near the Luna Park curve.

9:25 PM: No word on injuries so far, but scanner reports indicate multiple parts of the jersey barrier have been pushed into the westbound lanes.

9:40 PM: SDOT says this is blocking the eastbound bridge completely near its westbound end – right now the live video on the “West Seattle Bridge @ Delridge view” (find link from lower right of that page) is verifying that. One westbound lane is getting by (this is west of the Admiral exit, so you can get off there and avoid it entirely). Looks like a tow truck has arrived.

10:36 PM: The eastbound side has reopened at the crash scene on the curve over Avalon. Looks like one lane each way.

Driver rear-ends RapidRide bus north of Morgan Junction


1:46 PM: That’s the scene on northbound California SW just north of SW Findlay north of Morgan Junction, where a driver rear-ended a RapidRide bus a short time ago. No injuries reported. Police say the car’s driver, who was also northbound on California, told them she doesn’t know how her car wound up on the sidewalk, hitting the bus. Northbound traffic is getting around via the center turn lane; passengers on the bus have already transferred to another northbound C-Line. A tow truck has been called, as has a Metro supervisor, so the scene might not be clear for a while.

IMG_4966 (1)

1:57 PM: Above, we’ve added another view of the scene. You might recall the hydrant in that photo also had a close call in a 2-car (no bus involved) crash at the same spot last November.

UPDATE: Police take woman into custody on boat off Weather Watch Park


1:27 PM: Thanks to Chana for the photo and Brenda for the tip: In the area of Weather Watch Park (4100 block of Beach Drive SW) SPD and SFD crews on the water and onshore have been dealing with a person, believed to be in crisis, who turned up on a boat anchored offshore. We have a crew en route to find out more.

1:34 PM: From the shore, police can be seen talking with the person, who is atop a powerboat. (Thanks to Brenda for the photo below.)

FullSizeRender (28)

1:43 PM: We’ve confirmed that SPD Crisis Intervention Team members are involved. They tell us this has been going on for about an hour.

1:54 PM: SPD reports that they have a woman in custody. Police, fire, and Coast Guard boats all have been at the scene – here’s a photo our crew just sent back:


2 PM: The woman – who used a flare and an airhorn during the standoff, witnesses tell us – is being taken to shore; an ambulance will be waiting at Don Armeni.

(Added: WSB photo)

Police tell us she’ll then be taken to Harborview for a mental-health evaluation. Witnesses say she stole someone’s dinghy to get out to the powerboat.

4:46 PM UPDATE: A few more details have just been posted to SPD Blotter – mostly that the woman is 28 years old and stole the dinghy from a nearby beach; police aren’t aware of any connection between her and the owner of the 24-foot powerboat she boarded after rowing out to it.

UPDATE: Pickup goes sideways after colliding with car at Delridge and Trenton

July 20, 2016 11:05 am
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(WSB photo)

11:05 AM: Seattle Fire is sending a “heavy rescue” response to Delridge and Trenton [map], for a reported two-car crash, one on its side. More to come.

11:10 AM: First crews on scene report that “all occupants are out,” which means they won’t need the full “heavy-rescue” response to remove anyone, and many of the responding units are being turned back. Avoid the area, though, for a while. They’re calling for a private ambulance.

(Reader photo, courtesy Rene)

11:18 AM: Our crew says the two vehicles in the photo are the only two involved. Two people are being checked out by medics. (added) The woman driving the black car will be taken to the hospital but her injuries aren’t believed to be major; the man driving the pickup was not hurt. Police are directing traffic through the intersection one direction at a time.

12:06 PM: Just verified that the scene is now clear. Police told us that they were investigating the possibility the crash happened because one of the drivers was having “a medical issue.”

UPDATE: Man stabbed near Roxhill Park

(WSB photo)

10:34 PM: An “assault with weapons” response is headed to the 9400 block of 27th SW [map], which is east of south Roxhill Park. Scanner traffic says a 25-year-old man is reported to have been “stabbed in the arm.”

10:40 PM: Updated information in another radio transmission says the victim is 50 years old and suffered a deep stab wound to a bicep. No word yet on the circumstances; our crew is on the way.

10:59 PM: Police tell us at the scene that the victim is believed to have been stabbed during a fight in a parking lot. No word of anyone in custody so far.

UPDATE: Rescue call off Alki for what turned out to be ‘inanimate object’

IMG_3013 (1)
(WSB photos by Christopher Boffoli)

6:33 PM: Seattle Fire is responding to a “saltwater rescue” call off the 2400 block of Alki Avenue SW [map]. Scanner traffic indicates a paddleboarder might be in trouble.

6:39 PM: According to radio discussion between responders, someone called 911 to say they thought they saw a paddleboarder “disappear” offshore. First units on shore are still looking, but also checking out an object offshore that might be driftwood.


6:47 PM: And it’s just been confirmed, according to the scanner – “inanimate object.” All units are being canceled.

UPDATE: Rollover crash in High Point

(WSB photos)

2:11 AM: If you’ve heard yet another round of sirens – this time it’s a “heavy rescue” response sent to a reported rollover crash in High Point, near 30th and Graham. Scanner indicates the response is already being scaled down.


2:26 AM: The car is upside down on a block of Graham lined with townhouses. It damaged at least two parked cars, according to one car’s owner, who says two people were in the car that flipped. One person can be heard loudly sobbing that they were going home and trying to get away from someone. No life-threatening injuries apparent.

About the ‘assault with weapons’ call on Avalon

In case you were wondering about what was initially a sizable “assault with weapons” Seattle Fire response to the 2900 block of SW Avalon Way this past half-hour: It’s down to one unit; we just went over to find out what happened. We’re told two people got into a fight; one had a “small kitchen knife,” and both wound up with cuts. No serious injuries.

UPDATE: 2 rescued after kayak mishap off Beach Drive

(Added 2:29 pm: Rescue boat after arrival at Seacrest)

1:42 PM: A big Seattle Fire response to the 4800 block of Beach Drive, south of Emma Schmitz Viewpoint, has just been scaled back, but several fire units are in the area and two SFD boats are still on the way. We’re en route to find out what happened.

1:48 PM: The call has just been described (as monitored via scanner) as “two people resting on an overturned kayak.”

1:53 PM: Both people are reported to be OK, “just cold.” A rescue boat will be taking them to Seacrest to catch up with medics on shore.

1:56 PM: Our crew just arrived at the Beach Drive scene and has been told that two men were rescued and are being checked out for possible hypothermia while being taken to Don Armeni/Seacrest vicinity. Meantime, from the scanner, it sounds like boats including one from the Coast Guard are still out at midchannel between Fauntleroy and Vashon, looking for the kayak that was involved.

2:04 PM: That kayak has now been recovered and also is being taken to Seacrest/Don Armeni.

UPDATE: About the Seattle Fire response at 35th/Morgan

5:30 PM: Thanks for the text about the Seattle Fire response – four units sent – at or near Walgreens at 35th/Morgan in High Point. According to the SFD 911 log, the response is for a “natural gas leak.” We’re en route to find out more.


5:45 PM: Here’s what we’ve found out: Store employees called SFD because of a strong odor of natural gas. Responding firefighters used detectors (special equipment from the technical rescue apparatus in our photo, we’re told) to try to find a source, but couldn’t trace it. It’s reported to have dissipated and people have been allowed back in the store.

UPDATE: Scooter rider hurt at 63rd and Beach Drive SW

(WSB photo)

10:30 PM: A medical response is arriving at a reported collision between a driver and a scooter rider at 63rd and Beach Drive. We’re on the way to find out more.

10:33 PM: The first SFD units on scene now say there’s no other vehicle involved – just the scooter.

10:46 PM: Just arrived in the area. As noted in comments, 63rd/Beach Drive is blocked by police. Seattle Fire Engines 29 and 32 are leaving.

10:51 PM: Police tell us the injured rider is a 51-year-old woman who hit either a pothole or a bump that caused her to lose control and take a spill. Medic 32 is taking her to Harborview. The scooter’s been moved out of the intersection, which police expect to reopen shortly.

UPDATE: Police searching for possibly armed men who crashed stolen car into wall at The Mount

(WSB photos unless otherwise attributed)

4:03 PM: SPD units are converging on 35th/Hudson [map], near Providence Mount St. Vincent, where two men are reported to have run from a crashed car. One, according to scanner traffic, might have a gun. The car was reported to have been speeding up to 80 mph before crashing; Seattle Fire is now being sent to the crash scene. More to come.

4:06 PM: Per scanner, the vehicle is believed to have been stolen in a robbery, “with the gun.” 35th might be closed, at least partially, because of the search.

4:15 PM: No word of arrest(s) yet – if you are in that area and see/hear anything/anyone suspicious, call 911.

4:25 PM: Our crew has arrived in the area and we’ve added photos, including the crashed car, which went into the wall on the east side of The Mount’s campus. Police and fire are talking with/checking on someone who might be a third person who was in the car and did not flee.


Part of southbound 35th is taped off at the crime scene – again, avoid 35th in that area.

4:32 PM: Police confirm the third person from the vehicle, a woman, didn’t flee. Our crew says she seemed extremely dazed. (Added) They also say she was clearly injured, and was taken to the hospital by private ambulance:


Police also tell us the vehicle first came to an officer’s attention because its driver was driving “erratically”; when an attempt was made to pull the driver over, he sped up, then crashed. (We heard this via scanner as it started to unfold, and the officer pursued on foot before backup arrived. The suspects were reported to have split up, one heading east toward Rotary Viewpoint Park at 35th/Alaska, one west toward The Mount’s campus.)

(Reader photo, texted – thank you!)

5:04 PM: Still searching, off both sides of 35th. We still don’t know where the robbery/carjacking happened.

6:05 PM: Just a note since it’s been an hour … no additional information yet. The crashed car was being taken to the SPD evidence facility in SODO. Meantime, police at the scene said they couldn’t comment but that media relations would at some point tonight have an update.

6:17 PM: Our photographer brought back a photo that clearly shows the car’s make and plate.


That enabled us to discover via SPD’s @getyourcarback stolen-car tweets that it was reported stolen two days ago. From where, we don’t know (the tweets don’t include locations or incident numbers), but that will enable a little more sleuthing.

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