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TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash on SW Barton

5:31 PM: Thanks to Annie for the photos/tip: Traffic is alternating on one lane along SW Barton at 40th because of that crash. We just went by; SPD and SFD are there now.

5:40 PM: There’s no place on that side of the street to stop safely, so we weren’t able to ask anyone about injuries. But SFD has closed its part of the call now, and no medic unit was dispatched, which indicates that if anyone was hurt, it wasn’t serious.

8:21 PM: We weren’t able to check back but Annie tells us the scene is clear now, as of about an hour ago.

UPDATE: Waste Management truck gets stuck in sinkhole in Westwood

FIRST REPORT, 1:48 PM: Thanks for the tip! After a call (206-293-6302 any time!) about a Waste Management truck “stuck in a sinkhole” at 24th SW/SW Kenyon – a short distance east of Denny International Middle School – we went over to look, and that’s indeed what happened.

The front end, as our photos show, is almost wheel-deep, and the truck driver was working to get absorbent material into the hole to sop up any fluid spills – this is not far from Longfellow Creek, which runs along the east side of the Denny/Sealth campus. More help was being summoned, and we’ll check back later. Side note: This is the second Monday in a row that a WM truck got into trouble in West Seattle – you’ll recall Ann Anderson‘s reader report from Admiral last week.

2:20 PM UPDATE: Via the scanner, we’re hearing that SPD is now blocking off the area – 24th SW southbound from Holden and eastbound from Kenyon. (Here’s a map of the scene, which shows why.)

3:06 PM: We just went over to check on how things are going. In the upper left of the photo above is a tow truck that has arrived on scene. Other logistics are still being worked out.

5:20 PM: The truck has been pulled out of the hole and was towed away a short time ago. We arrived back at the scene in time for a look at it – the damage doesn’t look as bad as you might expect.

We talked briefly with an SPU rep at the scene. They have used video equipment to look under the street; water and sewer lines are not affected. They are using a vactor truck to clear water out of storm drainage just east of the sinkhole. (Added: Closer look at the hole, after the truck was pulled out.)

We’ll be checking with SDOT tomorrow about repair plans.

UPDATE: Rescue response on 54th SW

(WSB photos)

4:08 PM: Big Seattle Fire “rescue” response is arriving in the 4000 block of 54th SW between Charlestown and Genesee Hills. We’re on the way to find out more.

4:17 PM: Via scanner, this is a special operation to get someone in need of medical assistance out of a house described as a possible “hoarder situation.” They are planning to evacuate the person from an upper floor of the house.

4:39 PM: The woman has been removed from the house. Some of the units at the scene are being dismissed.

4:43 PM: Our crew has talked with an SFD supervisor on scene. The patient is a 65-year-old woman with “various medical issues,” and they confirm she’s been successfully taken out of the house, via a window and ladder, sliding a special gurney down the ladder.

They also confirm that a “hoarding situation” inside the house made the passageways too narrow to bring her out any other way. She’ll be taken to Harborview Medical Center.

UPDATE: 2 hurt, rescued from SUV on side near Hamilton Viewpoint Park

IMG_1405 (1)
(Photos by Christopher Boffoli for WSB)

10:46 PM: A big Seattle Fire “heavy rescue” response is going to a crash scene reported near Hamilton Viewpoint Park [map]. Two people are trapped, according to scanner discussion, which also indicates that California is blocked from the park to Harbor Avenue SW.

10:53 PM: SFD crews are working to get the two people out of the vehicle. The vehicle is reported to have hit a pole, bringing down power lines, and taking out a hydrant.


11:03 PM: First patient has been extricated. Adding a photo from WSB’s Christopher Boffoli at the scene.


He reports, “It is right at the curve. Literally at the intersection of California ave SW and California lane SW. One silver SUV on its side.”


11:20 PM: Christopher reports that the second person has been extricated. Both will be taken to Harborview; one has serious injuries, the other a little less serious.

11:27 PM: Christopher’s now being told at the scene that both people in the vehicle are female and neither has life-threatening injuries.

11:50 PM: Police say California Lane – the hillside road between Hamilton Viewpoint and Harbor Ave – will be closed until City Light can take care of the damaged pole.

8:49 AM: According to the SPD Twitter log, the incident is classified as a DUI investigation.

UPDATE: Heavy-rescue response for crash on Puget Ridge

(Photo sent by Jeanine)

9:21 PM: A big Seattle Fire response is on the way to the 6700 block of 18th SW [map] on Puget Ridge. According to scanner traffic, an SUV has hit a tree and is on its side, with one person reported trapped. More to come.

9:25 PM: The person is now out of the vehicle, after reportedly claiming to be unhurt. Most of the SFD response is being canceled.

(WSB photo)

10:08 PM: Photos added. This one wrapped up fast. The last SFD crew (Engine 11) passed us while we were still a few blocks away. Only one police car was left keeping watch on the vehicle until the tow truck arrived – and we passed it as we left. 18th, narrow as it is, wasn’t even blocked by the wreck.

ADDED TUESDAY MORNING: Neighbors say the driver appeared impaired, and overnight, the call was officially logged as DUI.

UPDATE: ‘Assault with weapons’ call at Uptown Espresso in The Junction; no assault after all

9:20 PM: Police and fire have responded. More to come.


9:30 PM: We have just talked to police. A woman showed up in the coffee shop claiming she was stabbed, but turned out not to be injured at all. She is “in crisis,” however, and is being taken to the hospital by private ambulance for an evaluation.

UPDATE: Driver hurt in Roxbury/9th crash


8:38 PM: SW Roxbury is blocked right now at 9th SW because of a one-car crash. The driver is reported to have hit a pole; the car was in the middle of the westbound lanes by the time we arrived. The driver walked away, possibly dazed from a head injury, but turned up a block away, and medics were called. The scene should be clear before too long – a sergeant at the scene told us a tow truck was on the way.

10:20 PM: We finally were able to go back to verify that the road’s clear – it is.

UPDATE: 2 vehicles collide on Fauntleroy Way, 1 goes sideways

(Added: WSB photo)

5:54 PM: Thanks to the texter who tipped us even before Seattle Fire‘s “heavy rescue” dispatch went out – they report a car is on its side in the middle of eastbound Fauntleroy Way in The Triangle. The SFD dispatch has SW Oregon as the cross-street. We’re on our way to find out more.

5:58 PM: Per scanner, all but three of the SFD units are being dismissed – the person feared trapped in the vehicle is out.

6:08 PM: No injuries, our crew has been told at the scene. Two vehicles involved; police are talking to the drivers, and awaiting tow trucks. Eastbound Fauntleroy is blocked between 38th SW and the YMCA annex at SW Oregon.

6:23 PM: It’s blurry, but this camera should show when eastbound Fauntleroy reopens, if SDOT doesn’t move it – you can see the closed stretch in the right foreground.

Emergency response in Morgan Junction


Thanks for the texts about the emergency response at the intersection of California and Fauntleroy in Morgan Junction. Here’s what we’ve found out: A woman suffered a heart attack and collapsed at the northeast corner. She has been taken to Harborview Medical Center; traffic was directed around the emergency vehicles, but they will be clearing shortly.

UPDATE: Crash at 16th and Thistle sends 1 to hospital

(WSB photo by Christopher Boffoli)

1:51 PM: Big “automobile rescue” response for a crash at 16th and Thistle in Highland Park. Avoid the area. More to come.

1:59 PM: More units are on the way – the call has been escalated to “heavy rescue.”

2:11 PM: Via scanner, SFD is treating a 24-year-old man who will be taken to Harborview Medical Center. Injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. Meantime, the crash is affecting Metro Routes 125 and 128.

2:56 PM: Photo added. Police told us this is being investigated as a hit-and-run; this comment includes what a witness reported seeing. The medical exchange we heard via scanner described the victim as having been hit “at high speed.”

UPDATE: West Seattle shooting investigation after victim brought to Fire Station 37

7:01 PM: Avoid 35th/Holden – SPD and SFD are dealing with an “assault with weapons” response right now. More to come.

(WSB photos by Christopher Boffoli)

7:11 PM: Awaiting word from our crew headed to the scene, but so far we’re hearing this is reported to be a case of someone shot elsewhere and taken to Fire Station 37 (which is what’s at the address on the real-time 911 log, 7700 35th SW).

7:27 PM: At Station 37, SFD tells WSB’s Christopher Boffoli that an 18-year-old man showed up there with a gunshot wound and has been taken to Harborview. No information on his condition. Police have left FS 37 and Christopher is off to the second scene, reported to be at or near the small commercial center on the northeast corner of 35th/Roxbury.


7:52 PM: Police there were leaving but Christopher did find out they suspect the victim was NOT shot near A Pizza Mart as reported; the store’s owner told Christopher he’s been there since 11 am and there have been no disturbances, let alone shootings, nearby. Meantime, SPD tweeted that the victim’s wound is not life-threatening.

UPDATE: Heavy-rescue response for crash east of ‘low bridge’

(SFD photo)

11:28 AM: One person is reported hurt in a crash just east of the low bridge, at 11th and Spokane, and Seattle Fire has sent a “heavy-rescue” response. Avoid the area; updates to come.

(WSB photo)

11:57 AM UPDATE: At the scene. A woman in her mid-thirties has non-life-threatening injuries after her car went beneath a heavy-equipment trailer. Avoid the area east of the low bridge – EB traffic is being routed onto Harbor Island, while the off-island ramp has a big backlog of trucks.

12:12 PM: The scene is starting to clear – the damaged car has been towed and more SFD vehicles are leaving.

UPDATE: Motorcycle rider seriously injured at 12th/Thistle


10:49 PM: Seattle Police and Fire are on the scene of an incident involving a motorcycle rider at 12th SW and SW Thistle in Highland Park [map]. The rider will be taken to the hospital via Seattle Fire medic unit and is reported to have “significant trauma.”

11:34 PM: Just back from the scene. Photo added. The motorcyclist crashed on the north (westbound) side of SW Thistle between 12th SW and 13th SW. SFD medics were still working to stabilize him before leaving for Harborview. We weren’t able to talk with police but have learned more via the scanner – according to medics, the rider is reported to be around 50 years old, and believed to have crashed at high speed and been thrown at least 50 feet.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash at 35th/Othello


That two-car crash is currently blocking the northbound side of 35th SW by SW Othello [map], near the former Fire Station 37. Traffic is getting by both ways via other lanes. No one appears to be seriously injured, but Seattle Fire is checking out one driver.

UPDATE: Pedestrian hit by driver at California/Walker

(Added: WSB photos by Christopher Boffoli)

4:49 PM: If you’re wondering about the Seattle Fire/Police response at California/Walker [map] in North Admiral – it’s reported to be an incident involving a pedestrian. We have a crew on the way to find out more.

4:53 PM: Via scanner, initial medical assessment says the victim is a 29-year-old woman hit by a driver going about 30 mph, with injuries including a possible skull fracture.


5:18 PM: The street is reopening, as police have decided not to bring out the Traffic Collision Investigation Squad. Firefighters told WSB’s Christopher Boffoli that the victim was believed to be crossing at mid-block when hit.

6:37 PM: As discussed in comments, there also are witness reports that the victim was crossing at a corner. We won’t be able to find out more about the investigation, nor about the victim’s condition, before tomorrow.

10:46 PM: We did hear tonight from an Admiral business owner who says the victim is an employee and was on her way to work. A commenter says she was still in surgery a little while ago.

UPDATE: ‘Heavy rescue’ call in Fauntlee Hills

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand)

9:39 PM: A big Seattle Fire “heavy rescue” is headed to the 8800 block of 41st SW in Fauntlee Hills (map), for a report of a “car on its side with people trapped.” More shortly.

9:58 PM: Photo added. Most SFD units were canceled shortly after dispatch but others remain, with police.


10:07 PM: 41st SW is blocked by the crash scene, which is on a residential street. We are told the man driving the car was the only person in it; he will be going to a hospital by private ambulance to be checked out. He hit a parked car, police tell us.

UPDATE: Fauntleroy reopens south of Alaska after gas-leak response at construction site

9:46 AM: We’re on the way to check out a Seattle Fire response at Fauntleroy/Alaska that’s closed some traffic lanes, according to what we’ve heard on the scanner (real-time 911 is down, so the nature of the call isn’t visible). Avoid the area for now; updates to come.

9:52 AM: The traffic camera we’ve added above shows Fauntleroy fully closed right now south of Alaska. Scanner discussion indicates this is a gas-leak situation and Puget Sound Energy is on the way.


10:03 AM: Our crew has arrived and talked with SFD; they confirm it’s a gas leak at The Whittaker construction site. PSE has arrived. SW Alaska remains open; (added) SW Edmunds is, too.

10:38 AM: The camera view above shows that traffic is being allowed on Fauntleroy again.

UPDATE: Police search at Olson/Myers

4:54 PM: We’re now en route to another police response people have been texting us about, a search near Olson/Myers. We know a K-9 team is part of it but don’t know yet who they’re searching for or why.

5:11 PM: This is no longer affecting traffic. Two police cars are on the shoulder by the exit from W. Marginal Way S. A damaged car was being towed from Cloverdale over 509.

5:39 PM: A neighbor tells us a suspect was taken into custody on 3rd SW on the other side of the steep, wooded hillside where we saw police cars, and that police say the case involved a stolen car and hit-run.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Delridge/Andover crash

November 6, 2016 9:58 am
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9:58 AM: Thanks for the texts reporting a crash at Delridge/Andover, one saying a car has gone sideways. On our way to find out more.


10:14 AM: Just arrived in the area. A Route 125 bus is stopped on the northbound side on Delridge north of Andover; a fire engine is on the same side, just south of the intersection, and the crashed car is east of it (perpendicular to traffic – see photo added above). Traffic is getting by both ways on Delridge, westbound on Andover, but if you have to come this way, take it slow. Police say no one was hurt. They’re still talking to drivers and witnesses to see what happened.

10:24 AM: The injury situation may have changed. An AMR ambulance just pulled up near the crashed car.

Another crash on Olson Place SW


Thanks to Collin for the photo and tip – yet another crash on Olson Place SW [map], at the east end of the Roxbury corridor. Part of the road is blocked, as you can see in the photo, but apparently no serious injuries, as the dispatch does not include a medic unit.

UPDATE: 3 hurt in 2-car crash on West Marginal Way; 1 driver arrested

(WSB photo)

9:01 PM: Seattle Fire and Police have a big emergency response right now in the 4900 block of West Marginal Way SW [map]. Two cars have collided and someone believed to be seriously hurt will have to be cut out of one of them, according to what we’re hearing on the scanner. Part of the road is blocked; we’re on our way to find out more.

9:21 PM: We’ve just arrived in the area. Big emergency response still across most of the road. Three people are reported to be hurt.

(Seattle Fire Department photo, via Twitter)

9:34 PM: One person with major injuries – the one who had to be cut out of the car that hit a pole – was taken to Harborview by SFD medic unit, two others by private ambulance. The Traffic Collision Investigation Squad is on the way, which means the road will be blocked for hours – all lanes are now blocked. Power lines are down on the roadway, too.

(WSB photo)

9:48 PM: No comment from police so far on what might have led to the collision. City Light is here to deal with the utility pole and downed lines.

5:37 AM: No formal all-clear was ever issued for this but it’s no longer on SDOT’s incident map; if you go through the area and find it’s not clear, please let us know.

11:08 AM: We have just confirmed with police that this crash resulted in an arrest. The 19-year-old driver of the Audi was released from the hospital early this morning and booked into King County Jail for investigation of vehicular assault. His bail hearing is not likely to be held until tomorrow; we will follow the case.

UPDATE: King County deputy hits pedestrian at Roxbury/8th

5:37 PM: A crash has Roxbury blocked at 8th SW. We’re on our way to find out more.


5:51 PM: Photo added. Deputies at the scene aren’t commenting except to say that one person has been taken to the hospital. Their major crash-investigation unit is responding, so Roxbury is likely to be blocked here for a few hours. Some southbound traffic on 8th SW is getting through, though, our crew says.

6:01 PM: Sgt. Cindi West from KCSO confirms that this is a crash involving a deputy hitting a pedestrian. The pedestrian – male, adult – has been taken to Harborview but Sgt. West says his injuries are not believed to be serious; the transport is precautionary, and the crash investigators are coming to the scene because of the deputy involvement. Also, a traffic update from our crew: Westbound traffic on Roxbury is being diverted; the outside eastbound lane is open.

9:27 PM: We weren’t able to go back to check until now, but we’ve confirmed the intersection is completely clear.

TUESDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: Sgt. West says the 65-year-old man who was hit was released from the hospital last night. Here’s how KCSO says it happened: “The deputy was northbound on 8 Ave SW and was stopped at the red light at Roxbury. When the light turned green he waited for traffic to clear so he could make a left turn to go westbound on Roxbury. The pedestrian was in the cross walk on the west side of the intersection crossing from south to north. The man had just reached the first westbound lane when he was hit by the bumper of the police vehicle making the left turn. The northbound light was green and the status of the pedestrian crossing light is unknown.”

She says the deputy was in an unmarked SUV, estimated to have been going 10 mph or less when he hit the pedestrian.

UPDATE: Bicycle rider hurt in collision at 35th and Barton


4:09 PM: Thanks for the tips. Another traffic incident – this time at 35th and Barton. Texters say a bicyclist is hurt. A reader photo (above) shows the incident on the southeast corner. We’re on the way to check.

4:24 PM: Medical discussion monitored via scanner indicates the bicycle rider, hit by a driver, is a 40-year-old man with leg and shoulder injuries. SFD tells our crew at the scene the injuries are not life-threatening. He’s being taken to Harborview Medical Center. No one in the car was hurt.

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