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Water woes bring Seattle Fire response in Admiral

(WSB photo)

7:17 PM: No, it’s not a fire that brought several SFD units to the 2600 block of 42nd SW, across from Safeway. We just talked with firefighters at the scene. A water-pipe break on the top floor of an apartment building sent water down through the building; firefighters are helping with cleanup. No fire, no injuries.

7:36 PM: In the few minutes since we left, the call has closed on the SFD 911 log, which means the units have all departed.

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Emergency response in 2400 block SW Holden

8 PM: Police and fire converged on the 2400 block of SW Holden a short time ago, not far from the Southwest Precinct, where we’ve been covering the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting and heard the sirens. What we’ve found out so far is that one woman has gone to the hospital after falling from an apartment window. Whether it was an accident or deliberate, police are trying to sort out.

8:56 PM P.S. We’re not likely to be able to find out more about this until morning, because of this incident which was unfolding in South Seattle at the same time.

UPDATE: West Seattle worker killed, state’s first trenching fatality since 2008

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10:52 AM: A big Seattle Fire response is headed to a “trench rescue” call in the 3000 block of 36th SW (map). More to come.

(Added 1:08 pm, WSB photos by Christopher Boffoli, unless otherwise credited)

10:56 AM: From the scanner – first crews on scene say this is a person “buried up to his head” in an 8-foot deep, 3-foot wide hole. They’re working to dig him out. We won’t know until our crew arrives if it is related, but city files show a side-sewer repair permit for the address listed on the 911 log.

(WSB photo by Patrick Sand)

11:09 AM: If you’re in the area, you’ll see specialized SFD vehicles heading that way – technical rescue equipment. (The heavy-rescue vehicle, shown above, is already on scene.) We’re awaiting an update from our crew.

11:16 AM: They’ve confirmed this happened during sewer-repair work. SFD’s public-information officer is on scene and gathering information from the SFD crews, more of which are still arriving. There’s also at least one TV helicopter in the area.


11:21 AM: Just announced via radio communications – “this is now a recovery operation, not a rescue operation.”

11:52 AM: Also just announced – state Labor and Industries, which investigates workplace incidents, is on the way. Seattle Police will investigate the incident for starters, according to SFD, whose spokesperson Corey Orvold has just briefed us and other media at the scene (update: here’s the video):

They say the soil was too dense for them to get to the victim in time – there was no real way to make a path for air.

vacuum detail 1024px

They’re still using vacuum equipment to try to clear it. 36th SW remains closed between Hanford and Stevens and likely will be for a while.

chaplain 1024px

2:21 PM: Some crews remain at the scene. We’ll be checking back there within the hour. No additional investigation information so far. A few lines above, we’ve added the video of the early briefing SFD gave media at the scene.

4:25 PM: Only TV crews left at the scene. Meantime, we just talked with Elaine Fischer at Labor and Industries. She says this was the first trenching fatality in our state since 2008. And she confirms what our search of online records indicated – there was no history of safety investigations for the company doing the work, Alki Construction LLC of Burien. L&I doesn’t have any information about the person who was killed – that would come from the Medical Examiner, likely no sooner than tomorrow. No additional information from SPD, who SFD had indicated would be doing some investigation too.

ADDED WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON: The King County Medical Examiner has identified the victim as 36-year-old Harold Felton. We have a message out to L&I to find out if there’s anything new in the investigation.

UPDATE: Driver hits parked car, goes sideways on 8th SW north of SW Roxbury

1:23 AM: Big response for a crash at 8th SW and SW Roxbury, reported to involve two vehicles, one on its side. The initial “heavy rescue” response has been scaled back because everyone’s reported to be safely out.

1:47 AM: The crash is actually on 8th north of Roxbury; 8th is blocked both ways until it’s cleared. Both vehicles are on the east (northbound) side of the street. No serious injuries – no medic unit or ambulance summoned so far.

2:02 AM: Added photos.


11:23 PM: A crash is blocking Beach Drive both ways in the 5300 block (map)- and as you know if you’ve driven it, the stretch south of Jacobsen has few outlets. No other details about the crash so far.

11:56 PM: Thanks to Christine for the photo, added above. She says two cars were involved, one apparently speeding, and that one person was taken from the scene by ambulance.

12:08 AM: Scanner traffic indicates Beach Driver either has reopened or will shortly.

Delridge crash sends 1 to hospital

(WSB photo)
Police are still on both sides of Delridge at Willow as they investigate the crash that sent a driver to the hospital and left his classic Cadillac up on the sidewalk. He was transported by private ambulance, so his injuries aren’t life-threatening. No tow truck on scene yet but traffic is getting through, except for pedestrians on the east side of Delridge. (Thanks to the person who texted about this – our hotline is 206-293-6302, text or voice, any time.)

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash at California/Fauntleroy

4:19 PM: If you’re headed to or from Morgan Junction, the California/Fauntleroy intersection has trouble in just about every direction because of a crash. No word yet on injuries. More to come.

4:27 PM UPDATE: We’ve added a photo of one of the two cars involved – it’s still facing the wrong way in the northbound lanes and police tell us a tow truck might still be half an hour away. The other car is north of the bus stop. Vehicles are getting through in part by using the center lane.

UPDATE: Evacuation over after natural-gas leak in The Triangle

(WSB photos)

12:49 PM: Thanks for the tips – a natural-gas leak in The Triangle is reported to have led to the evacuation of the West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor) – early word is that it’s not believed to be at the Y itself, but Seattle Fire is at the scene and making sure everybody’s safe. We’re en route and will have an update.
FullSizeRender (2)

12:58 PM: Fire and police vehicles are blocking eastbound Avalon just west of 35th, so avoid the area.


1:11 PM: Seattle Fire is leaving. They tell us they’ve done some safety checks, and Puget Sound Energy is on the scene, and it’s been determined it’s safe for those evacuated to go back in. Per comments, Alki Lumber was among those evacuated, and firefighters tell us the Luna construction site was too – we saw hard-hat workers standing on the north side of Avalon. Josh Sutton from the Y says it’s reopening at 1:30 pm.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Man hurt in assault on board Metro bus

If you’ve noticed the police, fire, and ambulance activity on SW Alaska west of California – police are looking for a suspect in an assault reported on a Metro bus. The victim has been taken to the hospital. No other details yet.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Standoff north of The Junction resolved without injury

January 9, 2016 7:52 pm
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(Added: WSB photos)

7:52 PM: Thanks for the texts about a big police response north of The Junction. We’re just arriving in the area where police have converged, near California/Dakota. We know they’re focused on an apartment building with a possible suspect inside but we don’t yet know why. Updates to come.

7:58 PM: More police vehicles in the northbound lane of California just south of Dakota, and through traffic is having to go through the center lane to get around it. Avoid this area if you can. Police at the scene aren’t saying what the suspect is wanted for.

8:09 PM: From the scanner – the man on whom police are focused is believed to have a gun.

8:18 PM: California/Andover and vicinity is blocked off by police, so if you have to get to/through this area, take the side streets to the west – this is all happening east of California. It does appear from our vantage point, though, that diverted traffic is traveling along 42nd, including a Metro bus.

8:33 PM: We’ve finally been able to obtain information on what started this. “Person in crisis” situation – armed person threatening self-harm, according to Det. Patrick Michaud with the media-relations unit, reached by phone.

9:05 PM: SWAT officers are arriving to assist. The new “mobile precinct” vehicle (photo above) has been in the area for a while, too.

9:43 PM: Officers are in contact with the man now. Awaiting word that he’s in custody. We have a crew at the scene as well and asking them to confirm. All indications from radio traffic is that the situation is now under control. An ambulance is being brought in and police are going in to “clear the residence.”

9:51 PM: Our crew confirms that the man is out of the apartment and this has been resolved peacefully. California is going to stay closed for a while, per scanner, but Andover will be reopened soon.

10:15 PM: Our crew has just talked with a sergeant at the scene. The man was in the apartment by himself all along. California SW is likely to reopen within half an hour – right now they’re waiting for the SWAT officers to pack up and clear out.

ADDED MONDAY MORNING: As a commenter points out, when stories involve suicide or threats of self-harm, we usually include info about the Crisis Clinic, which is always there to help, including a 24-hour hotline at 206-461-3222.

BREAKING NEWS: 3 to hospital after SW Graham ‘heavy rescue’ crash

January 8, 2016 9:48 pm
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9:48 PM: Seattle Fire has a big “heavy rescue” response at California/Graham. More to come.

9:58 PM UPDATE: We’re almost there. Texter says rescuers are cutting people out of a van on its side on the sidewalk and Graham is blocked west of California.

(Photo tweeted by Dan Brown, @kapitolphoto)
10:03 PM: Per scanner, one person is being taken to the hospital.

10:09 PM: The rest of the SFD responders are being dismissed. Police remain at the scene.

(WSB photos – this and next – by Christopher Boffoli)
10:18 PM: More info we’ve learned at the scene – 3 people in all went to the hospital, one via medic unit, two via private ambulance.

(updated Saturday morning) The vehicles collided when one was headed northbound from an alley onto Graham, where the other was headed eastbound.

TRAFFIC ALERT UPDATE: Eastbound West Seattle Bridge ramp to NB 99 reopens after hour-plus closure

4:01 PM: If you’re heading eastbound toward downtown – the offramp to northbound Highway 99 will be closed for a bit. Smoke was coming from a stalled car, and Seattle Fire says the ramp will be blocked while they checked it out, with police on the way too, and a tow company being called.

5:19 PM UPDATE: SDOT just announced it’s open again:

UPDATE: Driver hits door at North Delridge Subway

(Added: Thanks to Angelina for the photo taken right after it happened)

12:11 PM: Thanks for the tips reporting a vehicle crash at the North Delridge Subway (Delridge/Andover). The 911 log shows a heavy-rescue call that canceled quickly. We’re en route for a look.

(WSB photo)
12:26 PM: Police at the scene say no one was hurt. Store management says the shop IS open – this damaged one of their two doors, but the other one – on the north end of the facade – is usable, and they will be finishing cleanup shortly. Police say the crash was caused by the driver hitting the gas pedal instead of the brake.

What’s happening on the new year’s first West Seattle Sunday

That’s Parker, who asked her mom to send us the photo in honor of the Seahawks’ last regular-season game, 1:25 pm today at Arizona. Besides watching the game, what’s happening around West Seattle for the rest of today? A few options:

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: First WSFM of the year! See what’s fresh in the heart of winter. 10 am-2 pm in The Junction. (California SW between SW Edmunds and SW Oregon)

FLING YOUR FRISBEE: 10 am at Walt Hundley Playfield, pickup game with West Seattle Ultimate Family Frisbee. (34th SW & SW Myrtle)

SWIM AT SOUTHWEST POOL: Four public swim sessions today (and all Sundays this winter), between 11 am and 6 pm – see the schedule here. (2801 SW Thistle)

GO BACK IN TIME … at the Southwest Seattle Historical Society‘s Log House Museum, a perfect side trip if you’re going to Alki to walk, dine, enjoy the view – or a destination all its own. Noon-4 pm, now featuring items from the Nordic Heritage Museum’s exhibit about West Seattle’s own Ivar Haglund. Noon-4 pm.

LIVE MUSIC: Acoustic-based singer/songwriter Hayden Eller performs at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 3-5 pm. (5612 California SW)

BE THE FIRST TO KNOW … what’s happening tomorrow, next week, next month, by browsing the advance listings in the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar.

UPDATE: Police/fire response in Fairmount Springs

December 31, 2015 10:00 pm
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Police and fire units are at a home in the 5900 block of Fauntleroy Way SW. While the 911 log labels it an “assault with weapons,” there’s no confirmation so far of a victim. Information monitored via scanner suggested someone had called 911 to report a possible stabbing attempt. (One minute after publishing) We’ve just heard police tell the dispatcher, “nobody was stabbed.” So the SFD units will be dismissed.

UPDATE: ‘Assault with weapons’ response in south Morgan Junction

9:05 PM: Sizable Seattle Fire response in the 4300 block of SW Frontenac in south Morgan Junction for a response on the log as “assault with weapons.” We’re en route to see what we can find out.

9:11 PM: This is reported to be a 70-year-old man with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He is being rushed to Harborview.

9:16 PM: Our crew at the scene has confirmed the report of the circumstances. Medic 32 is taking the man to HMC, and other SFD units will clear the scene.

As we always note when suicide or attempted suicide comes up: The 24-hour Crisis Clinic hotline is there for anyone who is considering self-harm – 206-461-3222.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash at Highland Park Way & Holden

No injuries reported, but traffic is slow at Highland Park Way and Holden while a multi-vehicle crash is cleared, so if you’re heading out any time soon and have to go through that busy intersection, you might consider an alternative, or waiting a bit. (Thanks for the tip texted to our hotline, 206-293-6302.)

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash closes West Marginal Way SW

6:51 PM: Thanks for the tips that a crash response is blocking West Marginal Way SW near the Duwamish Longhouse (4700 block). We don’t have details of the crash but we’d suggest avoiding the area for now.

7:50 PM: SDOT update via Twitter:

7:14 AM: As you can see from the comments, the road apparently remains closed – we’re off to see if we can find out why.

7:37 AM: City Light is still working right at the Duwamish Longhouse (4700 block W. Marginal Way SW) and we’ve verified, the road is indeed still closed at that point, both directions.

8:01 AM: Please see our daily traffic watch for continuing coverage of the closure, as repair work continues.

UPDATE: Pedestrian hit at Delridge/Kenyon, taken to hospital

December 13, 2015 7:52 pm
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7:52 PM: The original call is for a medic response at Delridge and Kenyon; via Twitter, a tipster says it’s blocking the road, so we’re off to check.

8:10 PM: Seattle Fire had cleared the scene before we got there; two SPD units remained, in the pullout by the bus stop on the northbound side, so traffic had resumed flowing both ways. The officers told us a driver hit a pedestrian – injuries not life-threatening; the pedestrian was taken to the hospital by private ambulance.

UPDATE: Boat rescue call near Alki Point

10:47 AM: Big Seattle Fire response is en route to the 3200 block of Alki SW for a report of a boat fire. Updates shortly.

(Added: Photo by Gary Jones)
10:59 AM: This is wrapping up. SFD tells us at the scene that a 12-foot boat got loose and flipped, but no one was on board.

TRAFFIC ALERT: 4-car crash on Admiral Way west of California SW

3:16 PM: Thanks to the person who texted us with the tip that a crash reported on Admiral Way just west of California SW involves several cars. So far we’ve heard that no one is hurt but eastbound traffic on Admiral is affected. We’re en route to find out more.

3:36 PM: Our crew sent the photo added above and reports that four cars are involved, right in front of the Bank of America. Eastbound lanes are blocked there while tow trucks are awaited.

Fire response at Junction condo building: False alarm

November 28, 2015 4:12 pm
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Just mentioning this in case you saw/heard the big initial response: The “fire in building” call at a condo building in the 4400 block of 44th SW was basically a false alarm, triggered by a problem accidentally setting off a sprinkler in the garage. The units that haven’t already been dismissed will be wrapping up shortly, we were told at the scene.

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