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UPDATE: 2 kayakers rescued in West Seattle

(Added: SFD staged at Don Armeni, where rescued kayakers are being taken – photo by Peter Commons)

8:40 AM: Big Seattle Fire water-rescue response – they are reporting “a patient” off Beach Drive, and some units have responded to Don Armeni.

8:44 AM: SFD says the initial report was an overturned kayak. The patient is reported to be on a fireboat, headed to Don Armeni.

8:46 AM: Scanner indicates there are now two kayakers being taken by a fireboat to the medics ashore at Don Armeni.

8:53 AM: We don’t know the kayaker’ conditions yet – one is reported to be undergoing evaluation while the other was described as only having been in the water a short time.

(WSB photo)

9:05 AM: Our crew is at Don Armeni and just sent that photo showing rescuers arriving there. One kayaker, a man, will be taken to Harborview Medical Center by SFD medic unit; SFD also confirms at the scene that the rescue was off Beach Drive.

9:09 AM: The second kayaker will not need medical attention. We’re now told a Seattle Police crew got him and his kayak out of the water; the other kayak was brought in via the SFD fireboat. (Added) SFD says the kayaker taken to the hospital is “approximately” 64 years old and was transported in serious condition.

UPDATE: Admiral Way reopens after crash; 1 person taken to hospital

(Added: WSB photo)

8:53 AM: Thanks for the tips: Seattle Fire is arriving at another “rescue” callout for a crash, this time on SW Admiral Way, near the viewpoint [map]. Avoid the area. More to come.

9:02 AM: At least one person is being taken to the hospital, per scanner, and they’re looking into the possibility a medical problem might have preceded the crash. SPD is calling for more traffic-control help, so again, avoid Admiral Way south/east of the business district. We’ll be there shortly to find out more.

9:12 AM: SPD is calling out the Traffic Collision Investigation team, which usually means the crash scene will stay closed for hours.

9:22 AM: Two vehicles collided – we’ve just added a photo. Only one person had to be taken to the hospital. Admiral’s been taped off, and police really need drivers to stay away. Slow down on side streets, too (we’re parked on 36th and people are going by way too fast).

11:36 AM: JoAnne says in comments that Admiral is still closed both ways.

12:33 PM: Just went down the hill – reopened both ways.

7:13 PM: In a comment, Brad says this collision actually involved three vehicles, and also reports having heard that the driver who had to be taken to the hospital had experienced a health incident. SFD tells us tonight that the driver is an “adult female” who was transported in critical condition – we don’t know her current condition, but that was the assessment after the crash.

UPDATE: Rescue response for Harbor Avenue crash after van hits parked RV

6:03 AM: Thanks for the text – Seattle Fire has an “automobile rescue” response arriving at the scene of a crash at Harbor Avenue and Fauntleroy [map]. Harbor is blocked, per the texter.

6:07 AM: Per scanner, at least two people are hurt. The location is being described as the 2700 block of Harbor, which is south of the 7-11.

6:17 AM: All but two SFD units are being dismissed. A tow truck has been called.

6:36 AM: We have arrived in the area. NB Harbor remains closed, a block-plus south of the scene where there’s a turnsround gap in the median.

6:43 AM: Added a photo. The vehicle from which someone had to be extricated hit a parked RV. Officers expect to reopen the road in about half an hour.

8:12 AM: Via Twitter, @jetcityjen reports the scene is clear.

About the Seattle Fire response at California/Juneau

October 27, 2017 7:49 pm
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7:49 PM: Several people are asking about the SFD response in the 5600 block of California SW. It’s on the log as “natural gas leak.” We’re headed that way in hopes of finding out more.

8:07 PM: SFD closed the call shortly before we arrived, so whatever it was, it’s over.

UPDATE: Driver hits tree, flips car at 35th/Southern, taken to hospital

(Added: WSB photos by Patrick Sand)

9:47 PM: A Seattle Fire “heavy rescue” response is on the way to 35th/Southern in Gatewood, where a vehicle is reported to have flipped, with someone trapped inside. Per scanner, southbound 35th is blocked at the crash scene. More to come.

9:52 PM: We’re now hearing 35th is blocked both ways at the crash scene. Avoid the area [map].

9:54 PM: SFD has freed the person from the vehicle.

10:02 PM: Police tell us the car flipped after the driver hit a tree.

10:09 PM: The driver, described only as male, is being taken to Harborview Medical Center by SFD medic unit. 35th may be closed another hour or so at the crash scene.

10:22 PM: And to be clear, only one car involved, only one person in the car, we’re told. Adding more photos. We’ll update when the road’s open again.

11:42 PM: We haven’t heard an update on the road but SFD has fully closed out of the call.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash at Delridge/Andover

(Added: WSB photo)

4:34 PM: A day of crashes continues with one that briefly drew a Seattle Fire “rescue” response, at Delridge and Andover. The response was downgraded a few minutes ago because everyone was reported to have gotten out of the vehicle(s) OK, but the intersection is blocked northbound according to what we’re hearing via scanner.

4:50 PM: Our crew has just arrived and says this involves a car that was apparently headed downhill (westbound) on Andover and collided with a Metro bus. The bus is in the intersection, and its driver is being checked for possible shoulder injuries, we are told; the car came to a stop against the H&R Block building on the northeast corner (photo added – it actually stopped against the doorway):

Police are directing traffic, with northbound Delridge vehicles now using one of the southbound lanes.

UPDATE: Kitchen fire @ Lofts at The Junction, 1 treated for smoke inhalation

1:43 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a “full response” for a possible apartment fire at 44th/Oregon. The first unit on scene is seeing some “white smoke from a 5th floor window.”

1:50 PM: Our crew isn’t there yet but we’re hearing via the scanner that this is a kitchen fire. Just added photo above, courtesy of Eddie.

1:57 PM: Our crew on scene confirms that it’s indeed a kitchen fire. It’s now out. The photo above this line is from WSB’s Patrick Sand – we’ve also confirmed that it’s The Lofts at The Junction (4535 44th SW). No injuries reported.

2:15 PM: SFD says one person has been treated for smoke inhalation.

Driver hits service-station sign in Fauntleroy/Alaska collision

Checking the West Seattle traffic cameras a short time ago, we noticed this:

(SDOT camera framegrab)

That’s the Shell-station sign at Fauntleroy/Alaska. No injuries, apparently, because no Seattle Fire dispatch was logged, and no SDOT traffic alert. Then we received this ground-level photo from Brian Presser of TouchTech Systems:

Brian says a semitruck was involved in the collision too. As of right now, the live webcam shows the car is still there on the corner – so pedestrians beware, and north/east-bound drivers too, as eventually a tow truck will have to come take it away.

UPDATE: Suspect in custody after Admiral assault, short standoff

12:55 PM: If you’re wondering about the police response in Admiral – they are dealing with a woman reported to be in crisis, reported to have a knife, according to scanner traffic. This is happening near 41st SW and SW College [map]. An “assault with weapons” SFD response also has been dispatched. More as we get it.

1:01 PM: Still per scanner, they are trying to talk the woman into dropping the knife. We don’t know if anyone has been injured.

1:08 PM: Please avoid the area; the police presence is continuing to grow.

1:20 PM: We’ve spoken to a witness who lives near the scene. We’ve also learned that another woman was injured and has been taken to the hospital – she’s who the SFD response was for – and the woman with whom police are dealing is a suspect. The witness tells us that he first saw two women, one of them clearly having been injured and yelling for help, the one that police are now trying to take into custody. SWAT officers have arrived.

(Photo added – officers taking suspect into custody)

1:25 PM: Our crew confirms what we just heard via scanner – the suspect is in custody.

1:35 PM: Lieutenant at the scene tells our crew that the victim has “cuts,” not life-threatening injuries. The suspect will be booked into jail; she is described as having surrendered voluntarily (no force used, though police had a Taser-equipped officer standing by as well as SWAT). 41st SW has just reopened.

2:48 PM: Christopher Boffoli, one of two photojournalists who were at the scene for WSB, recorded this video of the suspect’s surrender and arrest:

We will follow the case through the system.

3:54 PM: Here’s what has just been posted on SPD Blotter. The only detail in it that we didn’t have is the suspect’s age, 26.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire response on Harbor Island for ‘overturned semi-truck,’ no injuries

October 2, 2017 1:53 pm
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1:53 PM: You might be seeing the engines and trucks and/or hearing the sirens – big Seattle Fire “heavy rescue” dispatch is headed to 16th SW/SW Lander on Harbor Island. Via scanner, the incident is described as an overturned semi-truck. Updates to come.

1:56 PM: Most of the units are being dismissed – no injuries. SDOT is being requested for cleanup of a fuel spill.

3:35 PM: We went over to Harbor Island within the past hour to see if the truck was still there. As you can see in our photo, added above, a tow truck had arrived to work on pulling the trailer upright. No traffic effects.

UPDATE: ‘Heavy rescue’ callout after truck driver hits house

(WSB photos)

2:06 AM: Seattle Fire is sending a “heavy rescue” response to 40th SW and SW Thistle [map] on the Gatewood/Fauntleroy line for a report of a box truck hitting a house. We’re on our way to find out more.

2:23 AM: SFD is working to free the driver from the truck.

2:36 AM: Firefighters have cut the driver, a man believed to be in his late 20s, out of the truck. Medic unit will take him to the hospital. SFD says he is in ‘stable’ condition. No one hurt in the house; a neighbor tells us the residents apparently weren’t home.

2:57 AM: Firefighters have patched a spot on the corner of the house where the truck stopped. Some of the SFD units are leaving.

3:15 AM: We just left too – but first, once we were able to get closer, saw more of what happened, a story told by torn-up shrubbery and fencing: The truck appears to have gone onto the wrong side of the road just east of 40th SW….

then westbound across 40th and into/through the side yard, behind shrubs and fencing, of the house east of the one that it finally hit, also crossing an alley in the process:

Via scanner, SFD has just cleared the scene, and when the truck is towed, the Department of Construction and Inspections will have to check the house to see if it’s safe to inhabit.

About the police response in Arbor Heights

Thanks to everyone who messaged us about a big police response in Arbor Heights that blocked off Marine View Drive for a while near SW 104th. We just got here a few minutes ago and the response is wrapping up; police tell us they were called to deal with what turned out to be a person in crisis, who was initially very combative, and that’s why they called in extra backup. The person has since been taken by ambulance for an evaluation, and the road has reopened, with most of the police departing.

P.S. Because Seattle Fire wasn’t called in for this, it never showed up on the SFD real-time 911 log, so e-mails were the first tips we got. The fastest way to reach us 24/7 is always text or voice at 206-293-6302 – consider adding us as a contact on your phone. Thank you!

UPDATE: Police investigation after SFD ‘full response’ in Gatewood

September 19, 2017 10:23 am
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10:23 AM: A Seattle Fire “full response” is on its way to a possible house fire in the 4100 block of SW Monroe in Gatewood.

10:27 AM: Most of the SFD units have been canceled, with the fire having been a small exterior fire, per scanner, but police are on scene, our crew reports upon arrival, and we’re hearing a medic unit being dispatched for someone believed to be ill/injured.

12:35 PM: Police investigators are still on scene, looking at both a vehicle that was up on the home’s lawn and at the area that’s possibly where the small fire started. We’ll be checking back with SPD later this afternoon to see if there’s an update.

UPDATE: Vehicle goes sideways after Admiral/Lander collision; no one hurt

(WSB photo by Christopher Boffoli)

5:26 PM: Seattle Fire is arriving at a “heavy rescue” call at Admiral and Lander [map] and is reporting that it’s an overturned vehicle. Avoid the area. More to come.

5:34 PM: Our crew has just arrived. Photo added.

5:38 PM: Our crew reports no one is hurt. Seattle Fire just left. A tow truck is awaited.

(Added: Photo by Dennis Rossignol)

5:46 PM: Our crew confirms what commenter Kristine reports, that a second vehicle is involved. That one was some distance down the hill, so it’s not in the photo, and does not appear seriously damaged, our crew says. Traffic is getting through.

UPDATE: Hit-run crash at 35th/Avalon

8:41 PM: Police investigating a crash have blocked northbound 35th SW between Avalon and Fauntleroy, so if you’re headed that way, plan on a detour. Tipster Barb says this is a hit-run, with a vehicle taking off after sideswiping a van (and reportedly leaving a plate behind). We’re headed that way to find out more.

8:56 PM: Our crew at the scene sent the photo we’ve added above. That’s the van the hit-run driver damaged. Everyone inside is OK. Police confirm they do indeed have that left-behind plate and are looking for the vehicle’s owner.

9:52 PM: The SDOT camera for the intersection shows the road’s open again.

UPDATE: Driver hits pole on Alki

11:15 PM: Thanks to the texter who sent that photo – it is from the 1300 block of Alki SW, where we heard the SFD dispatch after a driver hit a pole. The texter says other vehicles are damaged too. We are off to find out more.

12:15 AM: What’s left of the scene is only affecting the east/southbound lane. Tow truck here, and one police car.

Bicycle rider hit by driver in Junction, not seriously hurt

Thanks to everyone who messaged us about a collision at 42nd and Alaska a short time ago – a bicycle rider was hit by a driver, but not seriously hurt, and did not need to be taken to the hospital. Seattle Fire cleared the scene relatively quickly, shortly after we arrived, and police weren’t going to be there much longer either.

UPDATE: Crash on southbound Delridge at Trenton

August 27, 2017 5:37 pm
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5:37 PM: A three-vehicle crash is blocking southbound Delridge at Trenton, according to the initial dispatch and the first emergency crews on the scene. We’re off to check it out.

5:51 PM: We’re told no one is hurt – SFD was leaving. The three cars are in a row on the southbound side. Police are directing traffic around the scene, but we’d still advise avoiding the area for a while.

6:34 PM: Just went back to check. Traffic is flowing freely again. One police car remains, but it’s on the side, out of the travel lane.

UPDATE: House fire in North Delridge, no one hurt

4:18 AM: Seattle Fire has a “full response” arriving at a possible house fire in the 4700 block of 26th SW [map].

4:26 AM: The fire is described via radio communications as “well-involved” on at least one side of the house – mostly exterior but partly extended into the house’s kitchen.

4:38 AM: The fire also is reported to have extended into the attic. Two more engines have been requested. Our crew is just arriving.

4:51 AM: This is not yet under control, firefighters have radioed, and our crew verifies they’re continuing to haul more hoses toward the house; they’re also reporting roof collapse on a shed-type structure behind the main house. No injuries reported so far, and they’re dismissing a medic unit.

4:56 AM: Now it’s been declared under control.

5:07 AM: … now “tapped” in both structures, and they’re calling for the investigator to find out how this started.

5:29 AM: That official determination won’t come until later this morning, but SFD spokesperson Capt. Shata Stephenson just talked with us at the scene and says the fire appears to have started toward the back of the house, which actually has two non-residential structures behind it, and the one with the roof collapse is the one all the way at the rear of the lot. (added – video from his briefing)

Two people were home at the time, both checked out for possible smoke inhalation, but both found to be OK. We’ve also confirmed that the address is 4737 26th SW. Crews will be here at least another hour, so you’ll want to avoid 26th SW – which is an official greenway – in this area.

10:35 AM: SFD says the fire was accidental, started by a candle; damage totals $150,000 to the structure, $100,000 to contents.

UPDATE: Seattle Parks truck crashes into Roxhill Park restroom building; man, child hurt

(WSB photo)

3:59 PM: Police are investigating a bizarre crash right now – a Seattle Parks pickup truck into the side of the restroom building at Roxhill Park, with one person hurt before he could get out of the way. Police tell us they’re trying to find out whether the driver had fallen asleep in the truck or hit the accelerator without realizing it was in “drive,” but whatever the case, the truck hit a man who suffered an arm injury, and then hit the building’s brick wall before stopping. Along with that man, the Parks driver is being evaluated, as is a child, our photographer reports. The building damage does not appear major, but we’ll check with Parks tomorrow.

SUNDAY NIGHT: A commenter says her husband and 2-year-old child are the ones injured at Roxhill Park and that both are seriously hurt, with her child being transferred to Harborview with a skull fracture.

ADDED MONDAY AFTERNOON: SPD tells us the report isn’t available in its system yet; meantime, here’s the statement Parks sent us when we asked several questions about the incident, the driver’s status, and the building’s condition:

On Sunday, August 20, at approximately 3:20 pm, a Seattle Parks and Recreation vehicle, driven by an SPR staff member, unintentionally collided with the Roxhill Park restroom. In process, two citizens were injured.

The Seattle Fire Department and the Seattle Police Department responded to scene, and a 2-year old child and a 47-year old man were transported to the hospital in stable condition.

Currently, the Seattle Parks and Recreation safety staff are conducting an investigation.

At this time, we believe that the injured child has been transferred to Harborview and that the injured adult is still in recovery as well. We are wishing a speedy recovery to those injured in this incident.

The men’s-restroom side of the building, where this happened, was closed off when we went by to look earlier today.

About the ‘assault with weapons’ call at 37th/Cambridge

August 19, 2017 12:50 pm
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Seattle Police are at 37th and Cambridge, south of Fauntleroy Park, where they and SFD responded to an “assault with weapons” call – but they found no evidence that the purported victim who called it in had been assaulted at all, with or without weapons. He showed signs of intoxication and was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Motorcycle rider to hospital after Seaview collision

A motorcycle rider was taken to the hospital by private ambulance after a collision about half an hour ago in the Seaview area. Authorities cleared the scene quickly; a witness says the rider was headed southbound on 48th SW and hit by a driver headed east on Juneau. That’s all we could find out; private ambulance indicates the injuries weren’t life-threatening.

UPDATE: 1 person to hospital after 3-car crash in Fauntleroy, possibly connected to 35th/Barton hit-run

2:37 PM: A three-car crash at 44th/Director [map], north of the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse, is sending at least one person to the hospital, we’re told at the scene – the driver of the red vehicle, which hit a pole. Police are also looking into a report that vehicle may have been involved in an earlier hit/run crash at 35th and Barton; we’re heading off to check that scene.

2:49 PM: The photo above is from 35th/Barton; the white car visible between the fire engine and police cars is the one struck by a hit-run driver suspected of involvement in the aforementioned crash. No serious injuries, we’re told.

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