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UPDATE: Motorcycle rider injured near Morgan Junction

(Added: WSB photo)

3:41 PM: A motorcycle rider is reported to be hurt in an incident at Fauntleroy and Raymond [map]. We don’t know anything about the circumstances yet but are on our way to check.

3:50 PM: Our crew just arrived. Traffic is getting through. SFD has left; a private ambulance is on scene.

3:59 PM: We talked with police at the scene (on the south/westbound side). They don’t believe there was a collision – the rider apparently was trying to get around a driver who had edged into the intersection, and took a fall. AMR is taking him to the hospital to be checked out.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Driver hits utility pole on Admiral Way

8:21 PM: Avoid Admiral Way west of Schmitz Park – there’s a significant emergency response after a driver hit a utility pole on the uphill (eastbound) side of the road. We just happened onto the scene after leaving a meeting nearby; it appears there’s other damage further west on the same side of the road, before the pole – which looks to be leaning – stopped the car. We don’t know the status of the driver, but the SFD response does not include a medic unit, which suggests no major injuries.

8:23 PM: The last SFD units have just left; City Light and Seattle Police are handling it from here on out.

9:23 PM: Thanks to Don Brubeck for the update that Admiral is now closed both ways at the crash scene.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response in West Seattle

4:49 PM: Emergency responders are in the 10200 block of 47th SW and at Don Armeni after a report of someone in trouble in the water south of Fauntleroy. More to come.

4:53 PM UPDATE: The person is described as a “boarder” and has been picked up by a rescue boat, per scanner and what we can see from the road over the 47th SW location (the West Beach Condos).

4:57 PM UPDATE: The rescued person is now described by SFD as an “exhausted, non-injured windsurfer.”

5:30 PM UPDATE: The windsurfer was getting a ride home from police to a nearby address – did not need treatment – and responding units were being dismissed

UPDATE: Passenger cut out of truck, taken to hospital after crash on Delridge

(Added: WSB photo)

10:01 PM: Delridge Way SW is reported to be blocked by a crash (updated) at Hudson [map], and a rescue response is on the way.

10:06 PM: One person is reported to be trapped in one of two vehicles that collided, per SFD.

10:13 PM: SFD says that person’s been extricated; their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

10:23 PM: Added a photo. The person who was extricated, a man in his 40s, was in the utility truck, and is being taken to Harborview. (added) Police were looking for someone else who went running from the truck. Delridge remains closed north of Brandon.

11:07 PM: The photo added above shows where firefighters cut the man out of the truck. The next one shows a parked car that was hit:

We’ll be going back to check on the road’s status.

VIDEO: 1 hurt in car-on-side crash at Walnut/Lander

(Added: WSB photo and video by Christopher Boffoli)

7:07 AM: We first mentioned this in morning traffic but are now publishing this separate story. One person has just been cut out of a car that crashed and went onto its side in the 2600 block of Walnut SW by West Seattle High School and Hiawatha.

(Longer clip substituted for short one originally published)

More to come.

7:10 AM: SFD describes the injured person as an “adult female.” Her injuries are not major – she’ll be taken to the hospital by private ambulance. Also, though the logged address is Walnut, the crash scene is more at the corner of Lander and Walnut. Traffic is now getting through but we’d advise avoiding the area for a while anyway.

7:56 AM: Also, we doublechecked and responders at the scene told us no other vehicles were involved/damaged. WSB’s Christopher Boffoli says the vehicle hit a tree, which had some damage. He adds, “There was a stop sign on the ground behind the car but no one could figure out where it came from.”

UPDATE: Flipped-car crash in Morgan Junction

(WSB photo)

1:03 AM: Thanks for the tips. California SW is blocked north of Fauntleroy right now because of a flipped-car crash. Everyone is reported to be out of the vehicle. More to come.

1:20 AM: The car is flipped on California between Fauntleroy and Graham, per our crew. Police say one person was inside, a woman, who is being taken to the hospital by private ambulance.

1:37 AM: Photo added. At least one parked car was damaged.

UPDATE: Crash at Olson and Cambridge

(Photo courtesy Aaron Wells Photography)

2:06 AM: If you’re hearing the sirens: An initially sizable “rescue” response for a crash at Olson Place and SW Cambridge [map] is being downsized. Per scanner and SFD tweet, a driver hit a tree and wall, but isn’t trapped in the vehicle as originally feared.

2:14 AM: No major injuries – the medic unit has been dismissed too.

ADDED SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Photo from the scene added above, courtesy of Aaron Wells Photography.

VIDEO: 2-alarm SFD response for 2-house West Seattle fire east of Fairmount Park

(Photo tweeted by @apollo18 – part of the SFD response, and smoke in the air)

10:13 PM: A “full response” from Seattle Fire is headed to the 5200 block of 36th SW for a house fire east of Fairmount Park [map]. The first crews arriving are seeing flames. More to come.

10:17 PM: A second alarm is being called as SFD says two houses are involved. They’re also calling for utilities – one house is reported to have wires down in the back yard.

10:26 PM: Per scanner, “the fire is under control in both buildings.” No word of any injuries so far.

(WSB photo)

10:40 PM: Some of the units are being dismissed.

10:58 PM: The fire has been called as “tapped.” Lt. Sue Stangl spoke to us at the scene; she says they believe the fire started in the house to the south, spread apparently via utility wire(s) to the one next door. (Added – video of her briefing)

If two houses are on fire, it’s an automatic 2-alarm, she explained; fast response also got this under control fairly fast, though they’re still assessing to see if the residents – all of whom got out OK – can go back inside.

ADDED FRIDAY MORNING: As noted in comments, SFD has posted an update on the fire’s cause and extent of damage:

Fire damage to the original house was too substantial to reoccupy. The neighboring house’s damage was limited to the exterior but due to air quality inside, the occupants were rehoused temporarily.

Fire investigators determined that discarded smoking materials on the back porch started the fire. The cumulative loss to both houses is estimated to be $300,000.

UPDATE: Fire call in Fauntleroy, dog rescued

12:27 PM: Seattle Fire has a big response on the way to the 9100 block of 45th SW in Fauntleroy. More to come.

12:32 PM: We’re just arriving – smoke is visible. It’s a three-story condo building with fire in one unit, per SFD radio, with one firefighter noting they’ve rescued a dog. (Photo added)

And if you’re hearing a helicopter, it’s a TV chopper taking a look.

12:39 PM: SFD tells us this was an electrical problem in a wall and while it generated a lot of smoke, it was confined to the wall. Nobody hurt.

12:44 PM: Note that 45th SW is blocked between Wildwood and Director (just north of the Endolyne mini-business district) until more of the SFD units leave.

4:47 PM: Update from SFD on fire’s cause: “Fire investigators ruled the fire as accidental. Fire was caused by ignition of combustible materials placed too close to an electric wall heater. Estimated loss is $55,000.”

UPDATE: West Seattle rescue response at Seacrest

(WSB photo of fireboat that was part of the big but short-lived response)

3:57 PM: A Seattle Fire Department rescue response is on the way to Seacrest Park, where there’s a report that a diver “did not surface.” More to come.

4:06 PM: Scanner traffic indicates rescuers believe the diver reported missing is actually OK after having surfaced separately from the rest of his group.

4:19 PM: Our crew at Seacrest has confirmed that all is well and responding crews are being dismissed.

UPDATE: Fire response at 59th/Admiral

January 29, 2018 10:06 am
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10:06 AM: In case you’re wondering about the SFD response at 5900 SW Admiral Way – they’re checking out a report of smoke in the building’s laundry room. First units on scene weren’t seeing anything from outside the building and now they’re going in.

10:09 AM: No fire. They’ve found an “overheated” spot that caused the problem, and all but one unit will be dismissed.

UPDATE: US Coast Guard says response off Beach Drive was ‘false alarm’

(Photo courtesy Doug B)

We are at Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook, after numerous reports of a US Coast Guard vessel and helicopter off Beach Drive. Big wind and waves, but the USCG was gone when we arrived, and there has been no SFD rescue dispatch of any kind.

(Texted photo)

We reached the USCG after-hours media number and they tell us they got a report of a paddleboarder in distress and sent crews to check it out but it “was a false alarm.”

(Photo courtesy Doug B)

ADDED 1:16 PM: Multiple readers tell us they tracked the paddleboarder in question and that he made it safely around the point to Alki (photo above), where the water is decidedly calmer.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire callout near Westcrest Park

(Photo tweeted by SFD)

12:42 PM: A big Seattle Fire callout is in the 8400 block of 5th SW [map], near Westcrest Park, where SFD says what started as a vehicle fire has “extended to a structure.”

12:48 PM: According to radio communications, the fire has not extended to the residence at that address. Many of the responding units have been dismissed. Adding an SFD photo from before the vehicle fire was extinguished.

(WSB photo)

1:08 PM: Our crew at the scene confirms that the fire is out. How it started remains under investigation; we’re told no one was home at the time, and there are no injuries.

(WSB photo)

1:16 PM: Firefighters on the scene also confirm that damage is limited to the vehicle and garage. (Photo of the other side of the house, added above)

6:08 PM: SFD tells us they have not yet determined how the fire started, “pending further investigation.” Damage estimate: “$20,000 loss to structure and $20,000 loss vehicle.”

UPDATE: Water-rescue callout on Alki, apparent false alarm

(WSB photo)

10:53 AM: Big Seattle Fire response sent for a possible water-rescue situation off Alki. The dispatch says someone has spotted an overturned kayak “a quarter-mile north of 61st/Alki.” Units also are being sent to the Seacrest/Don Armeni area because if a victim is found, that’s where they would be taken.

11:04 AM: Rescuers are still trying to pinpoint the exact location of the kayak – no word yet of anyone being spotted with it.

11:08 AM: Added photo of Engine 32, at 61st SW/Alki SW, trying to spot the possible kayak. Via scanner, we’ve heard them report that “a local” saw a log floating offshore earlier that might have “fit the description.” Fireboat crews say the log looks orange, and the possible overturned kayak was reported to be that color.

11:19 AM: After searching from sea and shore, SFD hasn’t found anything or anyone beyond the aforementioned debris, and is demobilizing.

UPDATE: ‘Assault with weapons’ response at California/Juneau

January 20, 2018 11:14 am
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11:14 AM: Seattle Fire and Police are headed to the 5900 block of California SW [map] for an “assault with weapons” callout. Updates to come.

11:25 AM: Awaiting an update from our crew arriving at the scene. Via scanner and online log, we know all but one SFD unit has been dismissed already and a private ambulance is being called, so injuries are not major.

11:34 AM: The injured man is alert and conscious and has a bandage on his arm. Police/fire at the scene aren’t commenting on why this came in as an “assault with weapons” call (which is the larger response sent when the initial report indicates anything from gun to knife to a sharp piece of glass).

12:12 PM: We’ve since learned this was a “person in crisis” situation and the wound was believed to be self-inflicted.

If you – or someone you know – is considering self-harm, the Crisis Clinic hotline is available 24/7, 206-461-3222.

UPDATE: Car-on-side crash at Delridge/Trenton

em>(WSB photo by Patrick Sand)

9:09 AM: As mentioned a short time ago in our daily morning-traffic coverage, there’s a crash at Delridge and Trenton. Turns out (thanks for the tips!) a car is on its side, so this might not clear quickly, and we’re breaking it out into a separate report. No major injuries reported – the SFD dispatch does not include a medic unit.

(Photo courtesy Melanie)

9:16 AM: Our crew has talked to police at the scene and reports two vehicles are involved; no one is hurt. Delridge is completely blocked at the scene just north of SW Trenton, and tow trucks have been called.

10:21 AM: Just went back to look – scene is now clear, road fully open again.

UPDATE: Car flips after collision in The Junction, driver hurt

7:43 PM: All those sirens are Seattle Fire units headed to a “heavy rescue” response at 42nd and Alaska. SFD says a car is flipped and they’re working to free two people. More to come.

7:46 PM: Thanks to Ashley for the first photo, added above. SFD says one person has been extricated from the wrecked car already – and now they don’t believe there is a second, after all.

7:55 PM: Added photo by WSB’s Katie Meyer. Avoid the area – 42nd/Alaska is completely closed by response to this right now. Per scanner, driver, reported to be a man in his late 60s, does NOT have major injuries, but is being taken to Harborview Medical Center.

8 PM: Our crew has checked with authorities at the scene. Despite how busy an area that is – no other vehicles damaged, no one else hurt, they verify.

8:11 PM: Update – a second vehicle WAS involved, we’re told, and it’s the one you see in the photo above by WSB’s Christopher Boffoli, next to the flipped car. Police are talking with its driver.

8:28 PM: The photo above from WSB’s Patrick Sand shows the view across the intersection looking to the southwest – the car landed right at the Kizuki Ramen corner of Junction 47‘s east building. A tow truck has arrived for the other vehicle; we’re working to find out how much longer the intersection will be closed.

8:36 PM: SPD confirms that Traffic Collision Investigation Squad investigators are *not* being called, so the intersection should reopen once the vehicles are cleared.

9:40 PM: In comments, Jason reports that the intersection has reopened.

Motorcycle rider to hospital after West Seattle Junction collision

A man reported to be in his 60s is being taken to Harborview Medical Center after his motorcycle collided with a car in The Junction. The crash blocked the northbound lanes of California SW at SW Oregon but the scene is likely to be clear shortly, as a tow truck is there now (see image above from SDOT camera). So far the man’s injuries are not reported to be life-threatening.

UPDATE: ‘Assault with weapons’ call in 4000 block of California SW

8:53 PM: Seattle Fire is sending an “assault with weapons” medical response to the 4000 block of California SW [map], north of The Junction. Police are on the way too. No other details yet. More to come.

9:01 PM: Our crew is still on the way to find out more, but in the meantime, the SFD log shows all but one unit (Engine 32) has been canceled.

9:11 PM: Here’s what police tell us happened: A woman showed up at the California/Andover mini-mart/gas station with a cut to her head. She told them she was injured in Burien. A private ambulance crew is checking her out; a King County Sheriff’s unit (they handle Burien) has arrived to pick up the investigation. They’re not commenting.

UPDATE: ‘Heavy rescue’ callout for crash at 30th/Genesee

10:09 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a “heavy rescue” response to 30th SW/SW Genesee [map], which would be on the hill along the north side of West Seattle Golf Course. It’s reported to be a two-car crash, with one vehicle gone sideways.

10:15 PM: Everyone is reported to be out of the vehicles – no “heavy rescue” extrication required. Per scanner, westbound traffic on Genesee will be blocked off at 26th.

10:34 PM: Thanks to the texter who sent the photo we’ve added above. No major injuries – the entire SFD response has been closed out.

Man injured aboard vessel at Terminal 5

In case you’ve heard the sirens and/or seen the emergency vehicles headed to Terminal 5 – a man is reported to have been injured in a fall on board “the blue vessel” that’s been docked there a while. So far, as described in radio transmissions, his injuries are not reported to be major.

UPDATE: ‘Assault with weapons’ call in Alki area = false alarm

8:26 AM: A sizable Seattle Fire response in the 3000 block of 61st SW for an “assault with weapons” call. More as we get it.

8:43 AM: The last SFD and SPD units were leaving as our crew arrived. Police tell us this turned out to be an argument that got out of hand but no one was injured or otherwise in need of treatment.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response off West Seattle

December 3, 2017 4:21 pm
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(Thanks to Carolyn Newman for the photo of SFD units standing by in Seacrest area)

4:21 PM: A big Seattle Fire response is on the way via land and sea to check out a report of an overturned boat of some kind with two people in the water. SFD units are going both to an area off the 5900 block of Beach Drive SW, and to the Seacrest area. So far, per scanner, they’re not seeing anyone in distress.

4:27 PM: They’re still checking out possible objects off shore. So far, two were described as “logs with birds on (them).”

(WSB photo by Patrick Sand – fireboat seen from Lowman Beach)

4:39 PM: Still nothing/no one found, though police/fire boats continue searching just to be certain, and SFD units are still standing by at Don Armeni/Seacrest in case anyone is found. They’re dismissing most of the units.

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