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UPDATE: Water-rescue response in West Seattle

6:18 PM: You might be hearing the sirens or seeing the SFD units headed for the Seacrest vicinity after a report of someone in trouble offshore. So far they’re not seeing anyone, according to the scanner; we’re headed there to see what we can find out. Updates to come.

6:24 PM: The original report, per scanner, was that a paddleboarder was possibly in trouble. They’ve been scanning from land and sea and still not seeing anything.

6:30 PM: The call has closed.

6:43 PM: Our crew found an SFD unit still in the area, and they confirmed what we reported above, also confirming that they tried, but were unable, to get back in touch with the person who originally called in the report.

UPDATE: Rescue response for crash at 42nd/Bradford

2:05 PM A Seattle Fire automobile-rescue response is on the way to what is reported to be an on-its-side vehicle at 42nd/Bradford.

2:24 PM: Photo added. Police say the pickup went sideways after colliding with another vehicle. No serious injuries.

UPDATE: Driver hits multiple vehicles on Delridge Way, jailed for suspected DUI

11:45 PM: Thanks for the photo and tips about that crash in the 4800 block of Delridge Way. It’s blocking both ways. We are on the way to find out more.

12:05 AM: Here’s what we found out at the scene: The driver was headed north on Delridge and lost control, hitting at least six other vehicles (parked, as far as we know) before ending up at Delridge and Alaska. The driver and passenger are expected to be taken to the hospital by private ambulance – no major injuries.

12:55 AM: Went past the scene again a few minutes ago; the road is still blocked both ways. Meantime, thanks to Patrick O’Connor for more photos, including some of the other cars that were hit:

1:12 AM: SDOT says the road has reopened. Meantime, Patrick O’Connor also sent security-cam video in which you can hear – and somewhat see – the collision:

ADDED THURSDAY AFTERNOON: The 19-year-old driver was booked into King County Jail for suspected DUI, according to police, jail, and court records.

UPDATE: Water break brings Seattle FD to Arrowhead Gardens

5:21 PM: Just checked out the big Seattle Fire response at senior-housing complex Arrowhead Gardens in southeast West Seattle. No fire; the call is logged as a “water job/major.” On scene, a building manager told us some kind of pipe break flooded the parking garage with about an inch of water. They’re there to pump it out and help sleuth the source.

5:59 PM: SFD says via Twitter that eight housing units at the complex have been evacuated because of this.

UPDATE: Water rescue response off West Seattle shores; no one to rescue

9:26 PM: First there was a small response looking for something or someone off Beach Drive – now, Seattle Fire is sending a full water-rescue response to the Seacrest vicinity. A fireboat is headed south off Alki Point, according to We’re headed over to find out more.

9:40 PM: We caught up with SFD just as they were leaving a spot across from Me-Kwa-Mooks, with a fireboat still offshore.

The item they were looking for turned out to be an inflatable that apparently fell off someone’s boat. No one in distress, no one to rescue, everything’s winding down.

10:06 PM: Photos added now that we’re back at HQ.

UPDATE: Driver flips car in front of Fire Station 36 in North Delridge

8:50 PM: A rescue response is headed to Fire Station 36 on the north end of Delridge for a rollover. Everyone is reported to be out of the vehicle.

9:14 PM: Adding a photo. The flipped car really is right in front of Station 36. One person in the car suffered non-life-threatening injuries and will be taken to the hospital by private ambulance. A tow truck and SDOT cleanup crew are already on scene.

UPDATE: ‘Heavy rescue’ callout in North Admiral for collision of Amazon Fresh truck and SUV

6:26 PM: Most of the units sent on what was originally a “heavy rescue” callout at 44th and Massachusetts have been canceled, but we’re still on our way to find out about the crash, which is reported to involve a delivery truck.

6:44 PM: The driver has been taken to the hospital by private ambulance, indicating non-life-threatening injuries. We’ve added a photo of the damaged truck.

7:46 PM: Two more photos added, from WSB’s Christopher Boffoli, including one showing the SUV that was the other vehicle involved in the crash. The “heavy rescue” callout was made initially because the driver’s-side damage on the Amazon Fresh truck had led to concern the driver might be trapped.

UPDATE: Rescue response for construction-site injury in The Junction

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand)

11:46 AM: Seattle Fire has just increased the size of its response to an incident at 41st and Oregon. It’s described as an injured person on the 2nd floor of an under-construction building. We have a crew on the way.

11:53 AM: SFD says the person they’ll be rescuing from the project – which is the under-construction Quail Park (WSB sponsor) at 4515 41st SW [map] – is a man about 40 years old with a leg injury.

11:56 AM: SW Oregon is blocked between California and 41st because of the emergency response. Our crew has just arrived; we’ve added a photo showing the blocked street. SFD is using a ladder truck to bring down the patient so he can be taken to the hospital.

12:10 PM: Our crew reports the man is safely down and in the medic unit.

12:26 PM: He’s in stable condition, according to SFD, which told us that there were early indications the injury happened when something fell on him. The state usually investigates work-site injuries and we will be checking with them. Meantime, our crew says SW Oregon just reopened.

UPDATE: Emergency response on low bridge

8:09 PM: Avoid the low bridge – there’s a big police and fire response, and the eastbound direction is closed. We’re on our way to find out more.

8:33 PM: Officers tell us they are talking with a person in crisis.

9:20 PM: Still ongoing, and the eastbound side of the low bridge remains closed.

9:44 PM: Via scanner traffic, we’re hearing that the situation is wrapping up, without injury, so the SFD units that had been standing by are demobilizing, after almost two hours.

UPDATE: Van fire at 27th/Roxbury

May 27, 2017 3:51 pm
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3:51 PM: If you’ve heard the sirens or seen the smoke (one texter said it was visible from Westwood Village) – Seattle Fire is arriving at a van fire at 27th and Roxbury. The dispatch started fairly sizably because there was concern about “exposure” – possibly to a nearby structure – but per scanner, that didn’t turn out to be the case, and the response is being downsized. We’re still on the way to check it out.

3:59 PM: Fire’s out.

4:05 PM: Talked to firefighters. No one hurt. The possible “exposure” – concern about the fire spreading – turned out to be the tree under which the van was parked, as you can see in the photo we added above.

UPDATE: Fire call at former Schmitz Park Elementary building turns out to be boiler problem

(WSB photo by Christopher Boffoli)

9:17 AM: Big SFD response to the former Schmitz Park Elementary School building, 5000 SW Spokane. Crews on scene are finding smoke but not its source.

9:19 AM: What crews are seeing is now described as a “large volume of steam,” but no related fire, so far.

9:35 AM: WSB’s Christopher Boffoli reports that the response is winding down. The building, by the way, is currently used primarily for child care outside school hours, though the district is taking another look at its future (separate story later). Christopher says he’s told that the students who would be brought to the SP building after school today will stay at Genesee Hill instead.

9:43 AM: Christopher also has just found out that this indeed was a steam issue in the boiler room. Seattle Public Schools engineers are on scene. No one was hurt.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash response in Fauntleroy

4:32 PM: Thanks to the texter who reports a crash involving a motorcycle rider in Fauntleroy. Seattle Fire units are logged as responding to a crash in the 4300 block of Brace Point Drive. We’re told they’re in the westbound lane. A witness tells us the rider is sitting up, alert, and talking with medics. But avoid the area if you can.

4:37 PM: All SFD units have now cleared the scene.

Bicyclist to hospital after collision on SW Bradford

The last Seattle Fire unit has just left the scene of a collision between a bicyclist and driver on SW Bradford east of California SW (map). We’re told the bicyclist, about 18 years old, did not have life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital by private ambulance; the collision happened as he was emerging onto Bradford from an alley.

UPDATE: Police search after hit-run crash in Fairmount Springs

11:08 PM: Thanks to those who just called/texted about a crash near Fauntleroy/Juneau that has led to a police search. After crashing his vehicle into the construction site at that intersection, we’re told, the driver got out and ran – neighbors asked if he was OK but he apparently just kept running. One witness tells us he appeared to be in his 20s, about 5-10, possibly “Latino or Asian,” with a distinctive clothing detail – wearing a white #23 Nelson Cruz Mariners jersey.

11:37 PM: Just went over for a photo of the crash scene. The driver hasn’t been caught yet, an officer at the scene told us, also saying the car, which went through the fence along Fauntleroy, is not reported as stolen (a semi-common reason for abandoning it after a crash). He confirmed the Nelson Cruz jersey detail, too.

UPDATE: Police response north of The Junction

(Photo added: Some of the police response in the area when our photographer first arrived)

8:23 PM: Thanks for the tips – we’re headed to the reports of police and a helicopter in The Junction. More when we get there.

8:34 PM: It was the King Co. Sheriff’s Office helicopter Guardian One, and they’ve tweeted that the call was a “possible robbery” at the 76 gas station north of The Junction.

8:39 PM: Police tell our photographer that they are questioning two people right now in connection with what started as a “disturbance.” It was reported as a “verbal disturbance” with the clerk at the gas station. NOT a robbery. No injuries. Guardian One was not called out specifically for this, police tell us – they just happened to be in the area and offered to help search if/as needed.

ADDED 10:28 AM FRIDAY: We requested the police-report narrative and have transcribed it below. (The names were redacted by SPD before releasing the narrative, which is standard procedure for both victim and suspect names in reports.)

Officers responded to the AD Food Mart/76 Station at 4001 California SW, for a report of a strong-arm robbery that had just occurred. The caller reported several suspects in a physical fight with the clerk. Radio also advised there was an open one and they heard what sounded like a slap and the RP cursing and “sounding scared.” The call was updated by Radio that 5 suspects were seen running in the area of California and Dakota. Arriving officers located a group of subjects running in the area of California and Dakota and were able to detain three of them. They reported that the other two suspects fled NB and WB from California/Dakota.

While officers continued to check the area and set up containment for a K9 track, the three detained suspects advised that they had not stolen anything and that the clerk had come at them with a bat. Additional responding officers were directed to the original scene to interview the clerk.

They later advised that there was a substantial language barrier, but they were able to determine that the clerk had recognized the suspects from a previous incident, where items were stolen and a rock was thrown at a store window, causing damage. He reported that the boys had come in the store and became hostile with him when he told them to leave. He said they began yelling and cursing at him. He further reported that one of the suspects had spit on him and that one of them also hit a rock against the window after leaving and then pulled his hand back as if he was going to throw the rock at him through the window.

The victim (name redacted) was transported to the location of the detained suspects for a show-up. He positively identified one of the males (name redacted) as the suspect who spat on him. He also positively identified one of the males (name redacted) as the suspect who had hit the rock against the window and threatened to throw it at the victim. The third male suspect (name redacted) was positively identified by the victim as having been in the store and cursing at the victim, but that was all.

When advised that the victim had identified him as the suspect who had spit on him, (redacted) denied the incident and said the victim might have mistaken him for one of the at-large suspects, who he said looks just like him. (redacted) stated he knew the suspect by the name (redacted) and that he knew him from the Hiawatha Community Center. (redacted) stated they look similar and have the same hairstyle. (redacted) identified the other at-large suspect as a boy he knows as (redacted), also from the Hiawatha Community Center.

After it was determined that a robbery had not occurred, a K-9 track was not conducted. The outstanding suspects were not located.

The report concludes by saying that all three of the juveniles who were detained were turned over to the father of two of them (the mother of the third asked him to bring her son home), and that a sergeant “screened the incident and arrests at the scene.”

UPDATE: Rescue response for crash at Olson/Cambridge

3:49 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a sizable “rescue” response to a crash reported at Olson Place/Cambridge Place [map]. More to come.

4:05 PM: Just arriving in the area. Police have Olson blocked at Roxbury.

4:14 PM: Added a photo of one of the two cars involved – the other is on the road itself. We are told one person is being taken to the hospital. While the east/northbound lanes remain closed, one lane is open coming uphill (south/westbound).

UPDATE: Crash at Fauntleroy/Oregon

10:58 PM: Though the original callout was at 10:10 pm, we’ve just received multiple tips that a crash is still blocking Fauntleroy/Oregon. We’re off to look.

11:26 PM: SFD was gone – we’ll have to ask tomorrow about injuries (from the incident log, doesn’t look like anyone was taken to the hospital by medic unit) – and two vehicles had been moved to the sides of the road, both in the process of being towed, so the scene should be clearing.

UPDATE: 35th/Morgan reopens after 4-hour crash investigation

1:38 PM: Thanks for the tip: A sizable “heavy rescue” Seattle Fire response has been sent to 35th and Morgan. Details to come.

1:45 PM: Per scanner, at least one person from this crash is being transported by medic unit. There might be a second victim.

1:50 PM: Adding a photo. Police tell us at the scene that the driver apparently hit a bus – which is pulled over further north on 35th, by the car wash. Avoid the area. A second medic unit was dispatched, so we’re trying to find out more about the second reported victim.

2:03 PM: The Housing Authority van above also is reported to have been hit by the driver of the car shown above. In all, fire/police at the scene tell us that 4 people are hurt – 2 are going/have gone to Harborview by SFD medic unit, one is going to a hospital via private ambulance (AMR), and the fourth person is refusing medical assistance so far. Police say the Traffic Collision Investigation Squad is coming out, and that means the intersection is likely to be closed for a few hours – they’re taping it off right now.

3:16 PM: Photo above shows TCI investigators just after they arrived at the scene. We’ll be checking back in about half an hour to see if it’s still closed. Metro has finally sent an alert for the Route 21 reroute – “Use stops south of SW Holden or north of SW Alaska.” (Added: Here are some additional 21 details.)

3:41 PM: And Metro has just sent Route 128 reroute information: “Use stops on SW Orchard east of Delridge Way or on California SW north of SW Holden.”

4:12 PM: Intersection still closed, wrecked vehicle still there. We will check back in another half-hour.

5:10 PM: We are back at 35th/Morgan. Tow trucks are hooking up to the car and van.

Should be clear before too long. Meantime, SFD tells us a man and woman were taken to the hospital, both in stable condition.

5:47 PM: Just checked again – 35th/Morgan has reopened.

UPDATE: Two crashes in Arbor Heights

(35th/108th crash – photo by Brent Lindblom)

3:32 PM: Big Seattle Fire “heavy rescue” response is on the way to 35th SW/SW 108th in Arbor Heights. More to come.

3:36 PM: Per scanner, the person in the vehicle is OK and the response is being downsized.

3:48 PM: SFD is also at the scene of another Arbor Heights crash, 39th/98th, and we’ll have our crew check on that one too.

4 PM: Thanks to Brent Lindblom for sending a photo from 35th/108th, added above. (He talked to the driver before authorities arrived and says, “He apparently had a dizzy spell and hit the light post.”) Our crew also has briefly stopped there and verified that the driver was not hurt; the road will be clear once the truck is towed. We’re on the way now to the other crash scene.

4:10 PM: Two cars collided at 39th/98th, and a woman had to be extricated from the Toyota in the photo above, we’ve been told at the scene. She was taken to a hospital by private ambulance.

Driver crashes through Beach Drive fence

(WSB photo)

Emergency responders have been busy with crashes today – this is the third one we’ve covered, more than we cover in an entire week much of the time. This is Beach Drive SW just south of Jacobsen Road; police/fire at the scene told us the driver who went through a fence and into a yard said he lost control after feeling “lightheaded,” and wasn’t sure what happened. He’s being taken to the hospital by private ambulance. (Thanks to the person who called to let us know about this.)

UPDATE: Driver hits pedestrian at Fauntleroy and Edmunds

(Added: WSB photo)

1:35 PM: Thanks for the texts – we are on our way to check on an emergency response at Fauntleroy and Edmunds, possibly involving a pedestrian. Avoid the area.

1:50 PM: This is described to us at the scene as a “low-speed” incident. The driver hit the pedestrian as he was crossing Fauntleroy westbound on the north side of the intersection. The pedestrian was not seriously hurt but is being taken to a hospital by private ambulance to be checked out. SFD is clearing the scene and it should reopen to traffic shortly.

UPDATE: ‘Heavy rescue’ response for 20th/Holden crash

(Added: WSB photo)

8:06 AM: Thanks for the texts/calls. Seattle Fire has sent a big “heavy rescue” response to 20th/Holden [map]. More to come.

8:10 AM: Most of the units have been canceled. Caller says a vehicle went into someone’s yard. Our crew will be there shortly to find out.

8:24 AM: Added a photo. We’re told the driver kept going west at 20th/Holden where the road itself stops for a slope, just north of the stairway, and landed in a parking area by some residences downslope. He was taken to a hospital by private ambulance.

UPDATE: Motorcyclist injured by hit-run driver in Highland Park

8:12 PM: Seattle Fire and Police are on their way to a crash reported to have injured a motorcycle rider in the 900 block of SW Holden, west of Highland Park Way [map]. Dispatch radio indicates this was reported as a hit-run with a driver having left the scene. More as we get it.

8:17 PM: The crash is now described as closer to 11th SW/Holden, blocking eastbound Holden in that area, and a private ambulance is being dispatched, suggesting non-life-threatening injuries.

8:29 PM: Police at the scene confirm that the rider, described only as male, is being taken to the hospital by an AMR ambulance, and that they are looking for a hit-run driver in connection with the crash. No description so far.

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