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About the ‘assault with weapons’ call on Avalon

In case you were wondering about what was initially a sizable “assault with weapons” Seattle Fire response to the 2900 block of SW Avalon Way this past half-hour: It’s down to one unit; we just went over to find out what happened. We’re told two people got into a fight; one had a “small kitchen knife,” and both wound up with cuts. No serious injuries.

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UPDATE: 2 rescued after kayak mishap off Beach Drive

(Added 2:29 pm: Rescue boat after arrival at Seacrest)

1:42 PM: A big Seattle Fire response to the 4800 block of Beach Drive, south of Emma Schmitz Viewpoint, has just been scaled back, but several fire units are in the area and two SFD boats are still on the way. We’re en route to find out what happened.

1:48 PM: The call has just been described (as monitored via scanner) as “two people resting on an overturned kayak.”

1:53 PM: Both people are reported to be OK, “just cold.” A rescue boat will be taking them to Seacrest to catch up with medics on shore.

1:56 PM: Our crew just arrived at the Beach Drive scene and has been told that two men were rescued and are being checked out for possible hypothermia while being taken to Don Armeni/Seacrest vicinity. Meantime, from the scanner, it sounds like boats including one from the Coast Guard are still out at midchannel between Fauntleroy and Vashon, looking for the kayak that was involved.

2:04 PM: That kayak has now been recovered and also is being taken to Seacrest/Don Armeni.

UPDATE: About the Seattle Fire response at 35th/Morgan

5:30 PM: Thanks for the text about the Seattle Fire response – four units sent – at or near Walgreens at 35th/Morgan in High Point. According to the SFD 911 log, the response is for a “natural gas leak.” We’re en route to find out more.


5:45 PM: Here’s what we’ve found out: Store employees called SFD because of a strong odor of natural gas. Responding firefighters used detectors (special equipment from the technical rescue apparatus in our photo, we’re told) to try to find a source, but couldn’t trace it. It’s reported to have dissipated and people have been allowed back in the store.

UPDATE: Scooter rider hurt at 63rd and Beach Drive SW

(WSB photo)

10:30 PM: A medical response is arriving at a reported collision between a driver and a scooter rider at 63rd and Beach Drive. We’re on the way to find out more.

10:33 PM: The first SFD units on scene now say there’s no other vehicle involved – just the scooter.

10:46 PM: Just arrived in the area. As noted in comments, 63rd/Beach Drive is blocked by police. Seattle Fire Engines 29 and 32 are leaving.

10:51 PM: Police tell us the injured rider is a 51-year-old woman who hit either a pothole or a bump that caused her to lose control and take a spill. Medic 32 is taking her to Harborview. The scooter’s been moved out of the intersection, which police expect to reopen shortly.

UPDATE: Police searching for possibly armed men who crashed stolen car into wall at The Mount

(WSB photos unless otherwise attributed)

4:03 PM: SPD units are converging on 35th/Hudson [map], near Providence Mount St. Vincent, where two men are reported to have run from a crashed car. One, according to scanner traffic, might have a gun. The car was reported to have been speeding up to 80 mph before crashing; Seattle Fire is now being sent to the crash scene. More to come.

4:06 PM: Per scanner, the vehicle is believed to have been stolen in a robbery, “with the gun.” 35th might be closed, at least partially, because of the search.

4:15 PM: No word of arrest(s) yet – if you are in that area and see/hear anything/anyone suspicious, call 911.

4:25 PM: Our crew has arrived in the area and we’ve added photos, including the crashed car, which went into the wall on the east side of The Mount’s campus. Police and fire are talking with/checking on someone who might be a third person who was in the car and did not flee.


Part of southbound 35th is taped off at the crime scene – again, avoid 35th in that area.

4:32 PM: Police confirm the third person from the vehicle, a woman, didn’t flee. Our crew says she seemed extremely dazed. (Added) They also say she was clearly injured, and was taken to the hospital by private ambulance:


Police also tell us the vehicle first came to an officer’s attention because its driver was driving “erratically”; when an attempt was made to pull the driver over, he sped up, then crashed. (We heard this via scanner as it started to unfold, and the officer pursued on foot before backup arrived. The suspects were reported to have split up, one heading east toward Rotary Viewpoint Park at 35th/Alaska, one west toward The Mount’s campus.)

(Reader photo, texted – thank you!)

5:04 PM: Still searching, off both sides of 35th. We still don’t know where the robbery/carjacking happened.

6:05 PM: Just a note since it’s been an hour … no additional information yet. The crashed car was being taken to the SPD evidence facility in SODO. Meantime, police at the scene said they couldn’t comment but that media relations would at some point tonight have an update.

6:17 PM: Our photographer brought back a photo that clearly shows the car’s make and plate.


That enabled us to discover via SPD’s @getyourcarback stolen-car tweets that it was reported stolen two days ago. From where, we don’t know (the tweets don’t include locations or incident numbers), but that will enable a little more sleuthing.

UPDATE: May Day protesters, police under east end of West Seattle Bridge

8:24 PM: Thanks for the tips – the May Day protest downtown has made its way toward SODO and police are reported to be taking action to keep protesters off the West Seattle Bridge. We headed toward the bridge to try to see what’s up and we are seeing Guardian One and media helicopters over 4th and Spokane, lots of police beneath it.


There may be some effects on access to the bridge – we are seeing police at intersections on lower Spokane beneath it. More to come.

8:29 PM: We’re in Beacon Hill at the east end of the bridge and turning around to head back westbound from Columbian. We have one texted report that access might be, or was, blocked from I-5. (update) We’re on the westbound bridge now and it looks like all the regular onramps are open now. Still a police presence under the bridge in the 4th/6th Avenue vicinity:


This appears to have been the tail end of what police described as a violent protest downtown. Here’s the latest SPD tweet, as the stragglers made it further south on 4th Avenue S:

8:41 PM: SPD just tweeted that the seventh arrest of this protest was made in the Costco parking lot. Also, an update from WSDOT confirms the ramp to the bridge from southbound I-5 is open again. The protest had been unfolding downtown/Capitol Hill and vicinity so we hadn’t been covering it but suddenly texts and tweets started telling us about restricted bridge access as protesters approached SODO, and that’s why we jumped in.

8:48 PM: SPD tweets that the protesters were “contained” outside Costco and are dispersing in small groups.

10:03 PM: Final tally for the pm protest that ended in SODO, nine arrests, five officers hurt. Here’s a statement just issued by the mayor and police chief.

UPDATE: Kayaker rescued near Fauntleroy ferry dock

(Added: WSB photos of rescue response @ Cove Park – first three photos)

6:07 PM: Big “saltwater rescue” response headed for the Fauntleroy Ferry terminal right now. According to the scanner, the report is a possible kayaker in trouble about 200 yards offshore. More to come.


6:12 PM: Per the scanner, the person is OK – “just needs help coming to shore.”


6:15 PM: “Patient is out of the water.” Another kayaker is being towed to shore.

(Added: Reader photo, texted – thank you)

A rescue boat from a state ferry helped in the rescue.

(Added: Reader video, texted – thank you)

6:25 PM: Shore-side rescuers are at Cove Park north of the ferry dock. They tell our crew at the scene that the kayaker who got into trouble was a man in his 20s, out kayaking with a friend when his kayak took on water. He’s indeed on shore and doing OK, alert and conscious.

6:40 PM: Medics are taking the rescued kayaker to Harborview. According to their communication with the hospital, the kayaker was not underwater at any point, but had been hanging onto the kayak until rescued, so much of what they’re doing right now is getting him warmed up.

UPDATE: Gunfire on Alki, man shot in the hand

(WSB photos)

ORIGINAL REPORT, 9:29 PM: Big response heading to 57th and Alki for a reported shooting – a man is reported to have been shot in the hand. More to come.

9:35 PM: Crews arriving on scene confirm that the injury is not major. A silver vehicle might have been associated with the shooting.


9:53 PM: We’ve arrived in the area. Searching is centered by the Alki Playfield tennis courts/Whale Tail Park (Lander/59th SW). Heard on the scanner while en route, the victim was to go to the hospital via private ambulance, but was described as “uncooperative.”

9:59 PM: Police tell us at the scene that the victim is in his 20s.


They’re still looking for shell casings in the search area we mentioned above. We’re adding photos.

10:54 PM: Nothing additional from SPD so far. About 45 minutes after our first report, they tweeted
“(Officers) responded to shots fired call on Alki, found one man with non life-threatening injury to hand. Investigation ongoing” and that’s the only info they’ve published. See the comments below for multiple reports of what people in the area heard and saw.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Gunfire investigation

11:02 PM: Thanks for the texted tips about gunfire heard in eastern West Seattle. This time there was a scanner report too, reportedly a bullet through a window in the 4700 block of 21st SW. No report of injuries. We’re headed out to find out more.

pigeon1 (1)

11:24 PM UPDATE: We found officers searching right where 21st and 22nd SW meet [map]. They confirm one gunshot hit a house there; they haven’t yet found casings from the other shots multiple 911 callers reported hearing.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: Finally obtained the report narrative from police. Here’s the full transcription of what an officer wrote and filed:

I responded to shots fired (in the 4700 block of) 21 Av Sw. The call read as follows, “CALLER JUST HEARD 7 SHOTS, SOUNDED LIKE THEY WERE MOVING FROM SOUTH TO NORTH, NO VEH(ICLE) HEARD, THOUGH.”

I made contact with (victim), advised (victim) he was being audio recorded. (He) stated he was sitting in his office, which was on the south side of the house on the second story. (He) stated while he was on the
computer he heard several gunshots outside of his residence. (He) stated one bullet hit his window, and missed his head by a couple of inches.

(He) led me inside his residence, where I saw a bullet hole in the plastic framing on the wíndow. (He) stated he was sitting in the chair right next to where the bullet went throuqh. I observed a bullet hole in the closet, through the closet wall, and in the room behind the office, the bullet was located. The bullet was located in a small bedroom, behind the door. The bullet was taken into evidence.

Officers photographed the scene and the photos were uploaded … Three bullet casings were located outside of (the) residence, in the roadway, and near trees. There was a bullet hole in a nearby tree as well. The bullet casings were 9mm. (The victim) stated he did not see a vehicle, and did not see the gunman. We were unable to get any description or direction of travel.

SPD Gang Unit responded to the scene. SGT. Unger responded to the scene. The bulÌets were packaged and submitted into evidence.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Bus-car collision in The Junction

(WSB photo)

11:33 AM: A Metro RapidRide bus and car have collided, blocking northbound westbound SW Alaska at 40th SW in The Junction [map]. No serious injuries, so no one will have to be taken to the hospital, we’re told at the scene, and it should be cleared before too long, but if you’re headed this way, avoid that side of Alaska for a while. Southbound is not affected.

NOON UPDATE: Just went by again. The bus and the car are still in the right lanes, but with SPD assistance, traffic is getting by both ways to the south of the crash scene.

UPDATE: Fire call in 3200 block 31st SW

2:44 PM: Thanks for the text. Seattle Fire has sent a big dispatch to a possible house fire in High Point, in the 3200 block of 31st SW.

2:49 PM: Before we arrived, the call’s been closed, meaning the SFD units have all been sent back. So, nothing major.

4:47 PM: WSB’s Christopher Boffoli reports having caught the description via scanner before this call’s quick closeout: A small fire related to a bird’s nest in or around a chimney/heater outlet.

UPDATE: 3 to hospital after car hits pillar along W. Marginal Way SW

(First WSB photo)

9:17 PM: Big emergency response for a crash, possibly three people with serious injuries, at West Marginal Way and Spokane Street. We’re en route. Avoid the area.

9:35 PM: West Marginal Way SW is partly blocked off just east of the five-point intersection, just under the west end of the low bridge. We’ve just arrived near the scene and have also heard part of the medical reports on the victims. Three people are hurt – two with major injuries, one somewhat less serious. Two are described as men in their 20s; we missed the third description. All three were in the backseat of what’s described as a vehicle that hit a concrete bridge pillar “at a high rate of speed.” Two others were reported to be in the car.

(This photo and next three below, by Christopher Boffoli)

9:51 PM: SPD tells us at the scene that this is on Port of Seattle property, so Port police will take over the investigation. We’ve added a photo of the car atop this report. As for the two other people reported to have been in the car – where they are, apparently no one knows.

_B8A7882enc625px (1)

10 PM: Traffic is now being allowed past the scene in both directions, and a tow truck has arrived.


10:49 PM: Added photos from WSB’s Christopher Boffoli with a wider look at the scene and closer look at the car, as the tow crew prepared to remove it.


UPDATE: Jet skiers rescued off Alki

(Texted photo)

5:35 PM: Thanks for the tips. We are en route to Alki and Bonair to check out a rescue response, reportedly involving jet skiers.


5:52 PM UPDATE: Two people on a jet ski went into the water. One was in a state of reduced consciousness when rescued, we were told by emergency personnel at the scene; both are being taken to Harborview.

UPDATE: Man shot in South Delridge

(UPDATED TUESDAY AFTERNOON with a few more details from SPD)

10:33 PM: Police and fire are just arriving at an “assault with weapons” callout reported to be a shooting in the 9400 block of 16th SW.

10:39 PM: Two suspects are reported to have run away from the scene and a K-9 team will be helping search for them. No word yet on the victim.


10:44 PM: We’re arriving at the scene and it’s more like 15th/Roxbury – there’s tape up on the east side of the Walgreens parking lot. Via radio, we’re hearing that the shooting victim is a 53-year-old man shot once in the lower left leg.


A week and a half ago, a man was shot in the leg directly across Roxbury from here; two suspects are in jail in connection with that shooting.

10:58 PM: All we know about the suspects so far is that they were last seen fleeing north on 15th SW from the Walgreens vicinity on the north side of Roxbury, and searchers are headed that way.


11:07 PM: Police say the victim was inside the Walgreens when they arrived; the shooting, however, was outside, and investigators found the shell casing.


They say the victim told them he has no idea who shot him or why. He’s on the way to the hospital via SFD Medic 32.

11:57 PM: More photos added. No word of any arrests so far – tracking from the scene did not pick up a trail; we’ll follow up.

ADDED 3:40 PM TUESDAY: A few more details via SPD Blotter, published a few minutes ago:

… (The victim) said he was walking around the back of the building when he was approached by two teen boys. He described the suspects as Latino with one wearing a baseball hat. One of the boys fired a gun striking the victim in the left leg. The victim last saw the two suspects running away on 15th Ave. SW.

Officers followed a trail of blood to the back of the store and found one .32 caliber shell casing. Medics took the victim to Harborview Medical Center where he is recovering from his injuries. If you have any information in this case, please call (206)233-5000.

UPDATE: Driver hits man on Admiral Way

(WSB photo by Christopher Boffoli)

12:37 PM: Thanks to those who tipped us to a collision reported to be blocking most of SW Admiral Way by Metropolitan Market (WSB sponsor), between 41st and 42nd. We don’t know the circumstances yet – one man was reported to be down.

12:45 PM: WSB’s Christopher Boffoli has just been at the scene and says it was an 89-year-old man crossing the street with groceries, hit by a car. Witnesses told Christopher the man was briefly unconscious but a registered nurse who was nearby stayed with him until medics arrived. The lanes have reopened but police are still there investigating, he says. The man was taken to Harborview Medical Center.

UPDATE: Crash kills 2, closes Highland Park Way hill for 6+ hours

(LATE THURSDAY AFTERNOON: We’ve published a followup here)


2:21 AM: Now another big Seattle Fire response – this time for a crash in the 6800 block of Highland Park Way, at least one person reported to be trapped, and at least one person is reported to be undergoing CPR.

2:26 AM: Per scanner, two people are dead – “one in each car.” Original report suggested this might have started as pursuit of a stolen car. We’re headed to the scene.

2:54 AM: The crash is on “the hill” – which is blocked off at both ends, near Holden at the top, West Marginal Way SW on the bottom; the vehicles are closer to the latter, which is where we and the other media crews are being “staged,” out of camera range but our photographer reports it appears the vehicles are on the uphill side, past Pioneer Industries, one in the road and one in the shrubbery off the road. The Traffic Collision Investigation team is on the way, which means the closure will be for hours.

4:08 AM: Police have confirmed that two people were killed, and that they were trying to stop one of the vehicles before the crash, but they are not going into details of whether it was a “pursuit.” They also tell us the investigation is likely to keep the Highland Park Way hill between Holden and W. Marginal closed for at least three hours.

5:17 AM: Metro has just sent an alert about Route 131 being routed off this section of Highland Park Way. This is the third major crash on the hill in a little over one month – on March 14th, two cars collided close to the same spot as this morning’s incident, and one flipped; that was just 10 days after the flipped-car crash that broke a natural-gas line and forced 150 nearby residents to evacuate.

5:53 AM: The Medical Examiner has arrived.

No information so far on the victims’ identities, not even ages/genders. Police have continued to keep media at the bottom of the hill. Also, no update on an estimated road-reopening time, but we’re still at the scene so we’ll be able to get the information directly as soon as there’s an update.

6:08 AM: Route 131 is using Highland Park Way again. We talked with the Metro rep on scene who says the buses are using the outside downhill lane, but otherwise the hill is NOT yet open to regular traffic. Seattle Fire Ladder 11 has been summoned, likely for scene cleanup before the road’s fully reopened. And if you’re in this area and seeing/hearing a helicopter, it’s TV (which otherwise has a full complement of ground crews).

6:25 AM: Buses are being rerouted again for a while; Ladder 11 has arrived.

Still no new information about the crash itself, not even which way the vehicles were traveling when they collided (they are both on the uphill/southwestbound side, but that doesn’t mean they started there).

7:49 AM: The Medical Examiner, Traffic Collision Investigation team, and Ladder 11 are all gone. We and other media have been allowed up the hill to photograph the wrecked cars.

But we’re told it still might be another hour-plus before the road reopens, because the vehicles must be towed and debris swept up.

8:26 AM: We finally had to leave the scene so this is via scanner: Eastbound (downhill) HP Way reopening. Westbound still awaiting some final cleanup.

8:39 AM: And it’s just been announced that the sweeper’s done and the road will be open both ways. Again, we have very little information about the crash itself and will be working to get more from police as the day goes on.

ADDED 10:15 AM: Published on SPD Blotter:

Traffic Collision detectives are investigating after a man in a carjacked vehicle fled from police early Thursday and crashed into another vehicle in the (Highland Park) neighborhood, killing both drivers.

The incident began with an armed carjacking shortly before 11 PM Wednesday in the 1500 block of South State Street, where three suspects stole a man’s 2002 Honda Accord at gunpoint and fled.

Around 2 AM, an officer on patrol in West Seattle saw the Honda, occupied by one man, near the Southwest Precinct and began following behind while radioing for additional units. When additional officers arrived, the officer activated her emergency lights in an attempt to pull over the Honda.

The suspect fled from police at high speed and collided with another vehicle in the 6800 block of Highland Park Way SW. The other car was driven by an adult male. The officers attempted to provide life-saving aid to both drivers of the two vehicles and called for Seattle Fire Department medics.

Unfortunately, both drivers died at the scene.

Detectives from SPD’s Traffic Collision Investigation Squad are processing the collision scene and have recovered a handgun from the carjacked vehicle. Robbery Unit detectives are also investigating the initial carjacking incident.

The department’s Pursuit Review Board will conduct a review of the incident following the completion of the investigation.

4:43 PM: We have just published a followup with dashcam video SPD has released from the pursuit that preceded the crash (ending as the officer arrives at the crash scene) and other new information. See it here.

UPDATE: Crash at 35th/Kenyon

3:12 PM: Seattle Police and Fire are headed to a reported crash at 35th and Kenyon. According to scanner traffic, a motorcycle rider is involved. That’s all we know so far; avoid the area for a while.

3:31 PM: No traffic effects; Seattle Fire has already left the scene. The motorcycle is on Kenyon just east of 35th; the only police left at the scene were talking with what appeared to be the rider, and another person.

UPDATE: Crash on Alki Avenue


6:14 PM: Thanks to the texter who sent word (and photo) of a crash in the 1700 block of Alki Avenue [map]. Seattle Fire has sent a medic response; the texter says it appears a vehicle almost hit a house. We’re en route to try to find out more.

6:41 PM: Just arriving at the crash scene. Does indeed appear to be a close call. Police are still here. General traffic alert: Alki Avenue is jammed both ways – looks like a summer night down here.

6:45 PM: Police tell us the driver apparently had a medical problem that sent the car off the road. No one was seriously hurt otherwise. SFD is gone and the remaining SPD cars are not in the traffic lane, so the jam down here is not related.

UPDATE: Emergency response for boat in trouble

March 31, 2016 8:23 am
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 |   West Seattle news | WS breaking news

(ADDED: WSB photo)

8:23 AM: Big emergency response for a boat reported to be in trouble off the 10400 block of Maplewood Place SW [map], which is in southwesternmost West Seattle.

8:28 AM: From the scanner, 50-foot boat, “foot of water in the bilge,” three people on board, no injuries, “the boat is secured but not to shore yet.”

8:43 AM: Our crew has arrived. It’s a fishing boat, and this is all taking place on private shoreline. The Coast Guard is helping Seattle Fire.

(ADDED: Photo texted by Kathleen)

8:50 AM: More information from SFD – the boat lost power, ran aground, and sprang a leak. Two of the three people on board were taken to an SFD boat by a small USCG craft, while the third worked to fix the problem and get the boat under way again.


9:04 AM: Added photos. The incident commander tells us the boat will head back toward the Duwamish River, and that a fireboat is following just in case there’s any more trouble.

UPDATE: Crash causes water woes in Fairmount Springs


7:35 PM: Thanks for the tips and photos – neighbors near 39th and Raymond [map] report a semi-truck took out a fire hydrant, sending water into the street, and reducing water pressure in nearby homes.
Seattle Fire Department is there. No report of injuries – the call is classified as “investigate, out of service.”

7:42 PM: Another texter just sent word of brown water at a home nearby. Having just toured the city drinking-water control center today (story tomorrow) – we can confirm the hydrant problem would definitely cause something like that, though we would still advise making sure Seattle Public Utilities knows – 206-386-1800.

9:36 PM: Commenters in the affected area say SPU’s telling them water could be out until about 4 am.

UPDATE: ‘Automobile rescue’ crash call at 15th/Henderson

March 29, 2016 7:27 pm
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(ADDED: WSB photo)

7:27 PM: If you are hearing the sirens – a sizable emergency response is en route to a crash at 15th and Henderson.

7:41 PM: Eastbound Henderson is blocked at 16th. An ambulance has been summoned for one person.

8:07 PM: Two vehicles collided; they have since cleared to the side, SFD has left the scene, and a passenger from one vehicle has been taken to the hospital. The road was reopening after some debris cleanup.

UPDATE: Emergency response at Don Armeni Boat Ramp ends without injury; person ‘in crisis’ taken to hospital

March 19, 2016 11:25 am
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 |   West Seattle news | WS breaking news

(Roadblock at Harbor/California, photo courtesy Christine)

11:25 AM: We’re getting word of a police/fire response at Don Armeni Boat Ramp, and one tipster says it’s affecting traffic on Harbor Avenue SW. It reportedly involves a person in crisis in the area. Avoid the area for now. We’ll update when we find out more.

11:38 AM: Police tell us the first call on this came in about an hour ago. They have crisis-trained officers on scene and “are doing everything they can to resolve it peacefully.” Harbor is blocked near Seacrest on the east side.

11:41 AM: Per scanner, the situation is now under control and police are reopening Harbor and the boat ramp shortly. The person had been reported to be threatening suicide and police had been told the person was believed to have been armed. (Reminder, as we always note when we mention situations involving self-harm or threats of it, the Crisis Clinic‘s 24-hour hotline is 206-461-3222.)

11:50 AM: Now that this is being resolved, we’re adding photos sent to us (thank you) showing the response:

(Photo courtesy Carolyn)

11:56 AM: Our crew arriving in the area says Harbor is still blocked at California.

(ADDED: WSB photo)

12:01 PM: And NOW it’s reopened. The person in crisis is being taken to a hospital. And police/fire are clearing out of the park.

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