Westwood – West Seattle Blog… http://westseattleblog.com West Seattle news, 24/7 Sun, 18 Feb 2018 17:40:38 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.4 WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen white Ford Edge http://westseattleblog.com/2018/02/west-seattle-crime-watch-stolen-white-ford-edge/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/02/west-seattle-crime-watch-stolen-white-ford-edge/#comments Fri, 16 Feb 2018 20:57:06 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=909184 Another stolen vehicle you might be able to help find – Adam reports his fiancée’s car was stolen this morning in the Westwood area:

The car is a 2010 White Ford Edge. On the back right there is an obvious spot where there used to be a Detroit ‘D’ magnet. There is also another Michigan sticker on the back window. The front windshield is cracked.

Unfortunately we do not have the license plate number. We moved from Michigan not too long ago and do not have the new Washington plates memorized or written down.

They have filed a police report. If you think you see it, call 911.

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FOLLOWUP: 2 Neighborhood Street Fund projects going out to bid http://westseattleblog.com/2018/02/followup-2-neighborhood-street-fund-projects-going-out-to-bid/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/02/followup-2-neighborhood-street-fund-projects-going-out-to-bid/#comments Mon, 12 Feb 2018 09:02:44 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=908726 Almost a year and a half after they were chosen for funding, two Neighborhood Street Fund projects proposed by West Seattleites are going out to bid. A notice in today’s Daily Journal of Commerce announces that the city is seeking bids on a package of five NSF projects meant to improve walking and biking safety, two of which are in West Seattle – the Chief Sealth Walkway Improvements and the Harbor Ave. SW/SW Spokane St. Intersection Improvements Project. The notice says bids will be opened March 7th; we’ll be checking with SDOT on the anticipated construction schedule.

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Crime drop, bog progress, park future @ Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Coalition http://westseattleblog.com/2018/02/crime-drop-bog-progress-park-future-westwood-roxhill-arbor-heights-community-coalition/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/02/crime-drop-bog-progress-park-future-westwood-roxhill-arbor-heights-community-coalition/#comments Thu, 08 Feb 2018 23:24:54 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=908215 By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Some promising news emerged on multiple fronts at this month’s Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Coalition meeting.

CRIME DROP: WWRHAH was briefed by Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Ron Smith. The area covered by this community group, he said, has had 56 incidents in tracked categories compared to 119 a year earlier. That includes one fewer robbery, one more aggravated assault, 7 crimes against persons compared to 5 – but property crime is down dramatically – one more burglary, one more commercial burglary (3 compared to 2), but larceny (much of it shoplifting) is down dramatically, about a fourth of what it was. Also: 15 car prowls compared to 17, 8 car thefts compared to 13. 49 property crimes in all – less than half it was at this point last year. Police continue working harder to get repeat offenders kept in jail – including for example making sure the “(law enforcement) objects to release” box is checked on reports.

The subject of the arrest of officer-assault suspect Jorge Cruz-Benitez two nights earlier came up; he was allegedly first spotted doing graffiti vandalism in the area (Delridge/Henderson). Lt. Smith echoed what we noted in a previous discussion, that not all tagging is gang-related. (This meeting was on Tuesday night; one night later, on Wednesday night, Cruz-Benitez was released from jail, according to the KC Jail Register.)

(Southwestern side of Roxhill Bog – WSB photo from 2014)

ROXHILL PARK AND BOG: WWRHAH has been pushing forever to get the bog water-flow fixed –
here’s an extensive report we published in 2014 – and is making progress. Your involvement can accelerate things. First:

Rory Denovan recapped a wetland tour on a rainy day a week and a half ago that included city reps from Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Parks, plus Duwamish Alive!, Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association, and Councilmember Lisa Herbold. He said they took a look at areas of settlement and other problems such as camping and drug use. “We didn’t really get the chance to start talking about solutions,” he said, but a project plan has been drafted and the next steps are to apply for grants, so some proposals will be written for that. The city is pursuing green stormwater infrastructure on 29th SW just west of the park, but he feels that there needs to be a bigger-picture plan for the area first – more of the diverted stormwater could be channeled into the bog, for example.

More advocacy is needed to solve the bog’s woes – and WWRHAH needs another point person to advocate and communicate as a liaison between the various agencies. Get involved and help make sure the progress continues! Contact WWRHAH if that resonates with you.

9201 DELRIDGE DESIGN REVIEW: As we’ve reported here, a storage building is proposed to replace the automotive business at 9201 Delridge Way SW, and its first Design Review Board meeting is coming up next week (see the design packet here). “Something’s wrong in orienting the building the way they have, where they don’t have eyes on Delridge,” WWRHAH co-chair Kim Barnes said. She plans to be at the hearing to share her concerns. Eyes on the street are vital in “a developing neighborhood,” she said. In ensuing discussion, it was noted that this area of Delridge is supposed to become pedestrian-friendly, with walkable businesses, as it densifies, and it’s unfortunate that this project – while allowed by current zoning – isn’t going to enhance that. The meeting is at 6:30 pm February 15th; more info here.

HALA APPEAL: WWRHAH is among the community groups involved in the appeal of the Final Environmental Impact Statement for HALA Mandatory Housing Affordability, so Barnes updated the group on what was going on. “We have a really good case,” she believes, while saying she can’t elaborate. She also noted that, as has been discussed at other community meetings recently, the appeal hearing is expected to be delayed until June, because preparations will take longer. She also noted that the appeal coalition is continuing to raise money. WWRHAH and other participating groups want the city to address neighborhood-specific concerns in the Environmental Impact Statement, which has been alleged to have been published as a “one size fits all urban villages” type of plan instead.

ROXHILL PARK COMMONS: WWRHAH continues to be involved with the concept of getting Roxhill Park involved with the Parks Commons Program, “to help increase park usage and enrich the life of the neighborhood.” A kickoff meeting is planned 6:30 pm February 27th at Southwest Library – all welcome.

SOUTH DELRIDGE COMMUNITY GROUP: Home Depot to Roxbury, three blocks on either side, is the area for South Delridge Community Group, which is relaunching meetings – they will meet on second Tuesdays at 7 pm at Two Fingers Social (9211 Delridge Way SW), starting February 13th.

Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Coalition meets first Tuesdays most months, 6 pm, at Southwest Library. Watch wwrhah.org for updates.

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UPDATE: SFD response at Westwood Village, electrical problem cited http://westseattleblog.com/2018/01/sfd-response-at-westwood-village/ Tue, 16 Jan 2018 00:57:43 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=906382 4:57 PM: A texter told us about a “smell of smoke” at Westwood Village Barnes and Noble just as SFD was dispatching four units that way. They’ve arrived and so far have NOT found a fire but are checking it out as an electrical problem, so they’re calling for City Light (whose map shows some power trouble in the area).

5:16 PM: SFD cited a “widespread” electrical problem, which we’re also hearing about from some in the area, so we’re headed to WWV shortly to check.

5:43 PM: Just spun around WWV. B&N was the only store clearly dark & closed.

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YOUR COMMUNITY: Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights CC won’t meet tonight but invites you to 2 special events http://westseattleblog.com/2018/01/your-community-westwood-roxhill-arbor-heights-cc-wont-meet-tonight-but-invites-you-to-2-special-events/ Tue, 02 Jan 2018 21:47:54 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=905263 The Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Coalition usually meets on first Tuesdays – but not tonight, given the proximity to the holidays. However, WWRHAH is helping coordinate these two special upcoming community discussions that you’re encouraged to be part of. First – imagine more events in Roxhill Park!

learntodance(2016 WSB photo from ‘Blood Wedding’ performance in the park)

On Tuesday, January 9, from 6:30 to 7:30 at Southwest Library, we’ll join Parks Commons and Arts in Parks Coordinator Randy Wigner to discuss ways Roxhill Park could be a good location for this program. The goal of the Parks Commons Program is to develop community capacity and civic engagement in event production, and the program is assigned to parks that experience long-term public safety issues and where those issues would be improved by increased community use of these parks. We’ll discuss park needs and if the program is a good fit.

Next – looking ahead to the RapidRide H Line, but not about the buses or routing:

On Thursday, January 18, community members and kids are invited to join artists from Oakland’s WowHaus studio for a discovery walk to help inform art projects coming to our neighborhood as part of the redevelopment of the 120 into the Metro Rapid Ride H line. Around 2:30 pm, we’ll meet at Roxhill Elementary under the main entry awning, then walk over to the 26th and Roxbury stop and hop on the 120 bus to the stop at Trenton and Delridge (so bring your bus fare). Members of the public can also meet at between 3:30 and 4 at the corner of Delridge and Henderson (where the largest concrete triangle is located in the right-of-way), and join the walk from there. What ideas do you have? Join us and share! Learn more about our selected artists here.

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WEST SEATTLE CHRISTMAS SNOW: Do you know who helped this family? http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/west-seattle-christmas-snow-do-you-know-who-helped-this-family/ http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/west-seattle-christmas-snow-do-you-know-who-helped-this-family/#comments Mon, 25 Dec 2017 13:14:49 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=904610 Hannah hopes someone does, so she can thank him for helping them Christmas Eve in Westwood:

We were involved in a car accident and this kind man gave us hand warmers and a warm blanket for our baby. We would love to send this man dinner to thank him for what he did for our family.

We were coming down SW Barton St and about 23rd and there were two cars in the middle of the road. In order to avoid hitting them, and we were sliding down the street we hit a pole. Baby was in the car and we are all okay. But I am hoping to thank the kind neighbor who gave us hand warmers and gave our baby a big red blanket to keep him warm. Everything was so crazy so we didn’t get a chance to thank him and I would love to bring him dinner or something. I know I probably won’t find him but it’s worth a shot.

He was wearing a light-up Seahawks Santa hat, a Seahawks jersey and had a beard. I’m assuming he lives near Barton and 23rd. if anyone hears about someone helping a family in a crash, please let me know!

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BIZNOTE: Westwood Village Carter’s store closing in January http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/biznote-westwood-village-carters-store-closing-in-january/ http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/biznote-westwood-village-carters-store-closing-in-january/#comments Tue, 19 Dec 2017 19:38:52 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=904157

If you’re looking for babies/children’s clothing at big discounts, a closing sale is on at the Westwood Village Carter’s store, which tells us it’s closing January 8th or when it’s out of inventory, whichever comes first. The impending shutdown isn’t entirely a surprise – back in October, when we reported on two businesses opening at WWV, a commenter noted that it appeared the Carter’s store space was for lease. We weren’t able to confirm closing plans at the time, and it fell off our followup list, but today, after Jon forwarded us an e-mail newsletter containing the one-line alert “Your Carter’s at Westwood Village is closing soon!”, we renewed our efforts and got the confirmation. Management says they have already stopped receiving new items, so it’s a clearance sale of what’s on hand. The store opened in April 2014. No word yet on what’s next for the space, which has been offered either alone or as a potential combination with the two empty spaces north of it.

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TONIGHT’S LIGHTS: 30th SW in Westwood http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/tonights-lights-30th-sw-in-westwood/ http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/tonights-lights-30th-sw-in-westwood/#comments Tue, 19 Dec 2017 03:30:30 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=904114 (WSB photo)

Tonight’s featured Christmas lights are in Westwood, on the east side of 30th SW, south of Barton – one recent night we noted multiple festive displays on 30th between there and SW Roxbury, and made a note to go back for a photo when we could. This particular house is notable for multiple trees of lights in the yard – hard for the photo to do justice; we had to angle the camera a bit to get everything in. Thanks again to everyone who’s been suggesting displays (editor@westseattleblog.com); more tomorrow, and if you haven’t seen the big displays yet, you can find them any time in the WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide.

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HOLIDAY GIVING: Special shopping spree in West Seattle http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/holiday-giving-special-shopping-spree-in-west-seattle/ http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/holiday-giving-special-shopping-spree-in-west-seattle/#comments Mon, 18 Dec 2017 19:16:56 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=904081

A double-take this morning for some Westwood Village Target shoppers, as the store entrance filled with uniformed police around 9 am. No need to worry, they explained – Southwest Precinct police were there for one of the company’s annual Shop With a Cop events.

~20 West Seattle and South Park students were chosen for the program, with the help of local nonprofits, who also had volunteers there to help.

Target donated gift cards and there was one prerequisite – along with choosing items, kids were asked to include a present for a family member or friend.

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FOLLOWUP: Westwood Village drive-up/ride-up mailbox removed http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/followup-westwood-village-drive-up-ride-up-mailbox-removed/ http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/followup-westwood-village-drive-up-ride-up-mailbox-removed/#comments Sat, 16 Dec 2017 23:38:25 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=903936

For the first several days after the Westwood Village Post Office‘s drive-up/ride-up mailbox was taped off a week-plus ago, with a warning that it was “broken,” we went by daily in hopes of seeing it open again. We didn’t check the past few days, and then Mark sent a note this afternoon reporting that it’s been removed. This could mean a long time before repair or replacement – damage two years ago took four months to fix. Meantime, the in-lobby mail slot at Westwood is open around the clock, and if you need a drive-up/ride-up box, there’s one in The Junction (4412 California SW).

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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen black Element; car break-in during school concert http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/west-seattle-crime-watch-stolen-black-element-car-break-in-during-school-concert/ http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/west-seattle-crime-watch-stolen-black-element-car-break-in-during-school-concert/#comments Thu, 14 Dec 2017 05:41:01 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=903711 Two reader reports received this past hour, both of which include items big and small you might be able to help find:

STOLEN ELEMENT: The photo and report are from Kanti:

Stolen 2004 Black Honda Element WA AWN9996 from our home at 30th and Henderson. Vehicle has rocket box that carried supplies to Standing Rock, homemade Bernie 2016 sticker for WA delegate to the DNC in Philly and many many other heroic events. May we find her soon and continue our journey in sacred activism.

SPD incident number: 17-458428.

(DECEMBER 17 UPDATE: The Element’s been found, with one arrest. Waiting to hear where.)


Tonight while we were attending our son’s 6th grade band concert at the Chief Sealth auditorium, someone broke the back window of our car and stole several items inside. Most notable are a blue & white striped 150 ft arborist rope in a blue canvas bag, a battery-powered lantern, and two brand new pairs of Nike cleats we purchased today to give our son for Christmas. I’m hoping maybe these things will be discarded by the thieves and end up somewhere else in West Seattle – especially the cleats. They are size 5 and 5.5, one indoor pair (black/white) and one outdoor (gray/pink). This happened between 6 8:30 pm on the side of the school and we have reported it to Seattle Police. If anyone finds the items, I’d be happy to come pick them up!

We’ll add the incident # when we get it.

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READER REPORT: Westwood Village mailbox out of service http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/reader-report-westwood-village-mailbox-out-of-service/ http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/reader-report-westwood-village-mailbox-out-of-service/#comments Sat, 09 Dec 2017 04:45:56 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=903231

In the continuing saga of West Seattle’s drive-up/ride-up mailboxes … Carey sent the photo tonight with word that the Westwood Village Post Office‘s outdoor mailbox is out of service. So you’ll either need to walk your mail into the lobby, or use the box outside the West Seattle Junction Post Office (4412 California SW).

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Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Coalition toplines, from SPD to HALA http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/westwood-roxhill-arbor-heights-community-coalition-toplines-from-spd-to-hala/ http://westseattleblog.com/2017/12/westwood-roxhill-arbor-heights-community-coalition-toplines-from-spd-to-hala/#comments Thu, 07 Dec 2017 20:19:45 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=903085 Quick toplines from this past Tuesday night’s Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Coalition meeting at Southwest Library:

CRIME TRENDS: Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Ron Smith said a major problem in the area – shoplifting at Westwood Village – is down significantly, after months of emphasis patrols. (More on that in our upcoming Southwest District Council report.) SPD’s work at Westwood will soon be enhanced by an observation station.

SAFETY: WWRHAH member Earl Lee reported that the long-awaited lighting of the bus stop across Barton from WW Village is up and working:

(WSB photo, added Thursday night)

HALA UPZONING APPEAL: As reported previously, WWRHAH is participating in the citywide coalition that is appealing the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed upzoning in the city’s HALA Mandatory Housing Affordability plan. The coalition is now awaiting hearing dates, planning to go door to door to talk with neighbors, and raising money for legal help.

NO GENERAL MEETING IN JANUARY, BUT … Since the first Tuesday is the day after New Year’s, no general WWRHAH meeting until February. But watch wwrhah.org for TBA details of a January 9th meeting about Roxhill Park.

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Chronic crime/safety problems? Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Coalition gets resource rundown http://westseattleblog.com/2017/11/westwood-roxhill-arbor-heights-community-coalition-gets-primer-on-safety-resources/ http://westseattleblog.com/2017/11/westwood-roxhill-arbor-heights-community-coalition-gets-primer-on-safety-resources/#comments Thu, 09 Nov 2017 07:57:49 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=900152 By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Outside of 911 calls when there’s trouble – what resources can police offer you to address chronic crime/safety problems?

A primer of sorts was presented at Tuesday night’s Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Coalition meeting, led by co-chair Kim Barnes.

The discussion started with Joe Everett, who is the (relatively) new City Attorney’s Office liaison to the Southwest Precinct. He explained that the position is meant to “address chronic problems as they are emerging … before they turn into really big incidents.”

The precinct liaison program was founded in 1995 and at the time, the attorneys were based downtown, but “over time, thanks to some federal grants, we moved out to the precincts,” and now the program is fully funded by city funds – with one liaison for each of the five precincts, which is also new; for a while South and Southwest Precincts shared a liaison, but as of last week, each precinct has its own liaison.

When there’s a problem, they work to “bring everyone to the table.” Day to day, he provides “proactive advice” to SPD as needed; he mentioned a recent case of a disturbance where a tow-truck operator hired to repossess a car “came into contact with a car owner who didn’t want to give up their car” and so he helped sort out “who needed to back down.” He also gets other agencies involved “when appropriate”; he also litigates code violations if a property turns into a nuisance and the city has to go to court. “And it’s my job to facilitate communications … if you have a problem in the community and you’re not sure who to call …” call him and he’ll do his best to put you in touch with who you need to contact.

On a larger sale, he mentioned some problem properties in South Park, a situation in which SPD and the Department of Construction and Inspections worked together, with the City Attorney’s Office; the property ended up getting boarded up and sold, and it will be torn down and replaced with multifamily units in the next year or so, Everett said. A specific ordinance covers nuisance properties, he explained, and a particular frequency of violations has to be documented before, for example, SPD can declare it to be such. That “triggers a duty for the property owner to work with the city to do something about it.”

What about foreclosed properties? Community Police Team Officer John O’Neil said that requires a little more of a process. They made contact with the bank that owned a nuisance property, for example, “and we were successful.” The process, he explained, is that first they get a complaint – maybe a house with squatters – and they have to contact the owner, which can be difficult. “Officers cannot just go in and remove them without legal authority … once we get a hold of the owner, we try to get them signed up for the trespass program.”

Operations Lt. Ron Smith picked up, “Especially if it’s a nuisance property and someone’s residing there, it can take a long, long time” – it took three years in one case. “Just because you’ve identified a nuisance property and can articulate (the violations), doesn’t mean it’s going to happen overnight. It frustrates the community and also frustrates us, but that’s the rules … we can’t go beyond the scope of our authority in clearing it up.”

An attendee noted that when it comes to rental properties that are nuisances, it seems to give the landlord impetus to get the problem tenant out and get the property fixed up, maybe even sold.

Another attendee mentioned a problem property and said, so if he calls it in, is that something they can look into? (Turned out that the house he was asking about is already on SPD’s radar.) Some neighbors are concerned about retaliation in cases like this, if they report something, it was acknowledged.

Everett noted that in most cases, you can find out via the SDCI website if there’s already a complaint/enforcement action in process. He also warned that a call to him doesn’t guarantee he can “go out and make it all better,” but he’ll do what he can. He also recommended the Find It, Fix It app (everyone at the meeting was familiar with it already).

Next, SW Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Burbridge spoke, saying her job involved safety/security assessments and serving as “a civilian liaison between the community and the police.” She also helps facilitate and maintain Block Watches – and they all work differently, she noted, some with online groups where they are in constant communication, some with handwritten notes and postal mail that might arrive monthly. Contact her if you have questions – jennifer.burbridge@seattle.gov.

She mentioned Block Watch signage – the city doesn’t buy or install them, though, that’s up to you, but they’re usually relatively inexpensive. “If anyone doesn’t have a Block Watch program, I highly recommend it,” said Barnes. She also said she wished the non-emergency SPD number had more resources. Burbridge explained that there are several ways around that – for example (as we’ve often reported is said during community meetings) just call 911 and let them decide how to prioritize your call, since the call-takers are all the same. Or, maybe what you’re reporting can be reported online (for example, an overnight car prowl with little to nothing taken).

Lt. Smith noted that officers are not dispatched from the precinct, so don’t call there to get an officer – call 911!

If you have a chronic problem to discuss, you can contact the Community Police Team, Officer O’Neil said, but ultimately they have to determine the best way to deal with it; Lt. Smith said they’ll discuss a situation before figuring out how to “triage what our response should be.”

CRIME STATS AND WESTWOOD VILLAGE EMPHASIS: All crime in West Seattle is down 6 percent – property crime down 5 percent – in the past month, Lt. Smith said. In the neighborhoods covered by WWRHAH, it’s down about 2 percent. One big drop – residential burglary is down by 41 percent, 46 incidents this past month compared to 78 in the same time a month earlier. Car prowls are down 34 percent, and motor-vehicle theft is down 18 percent. There was one street robbery, same as a year earlier. Commercial robbery was up 42 percent – often “shoplifting gone bad” (turned violent), he explained. Larceny/theft is up even more, but mostly because of a doubling of the shoplifting rate.

They’re continuing to focus on Westwood Village because what happens there has so much effect on the surrounding neighborhoods. CPT Officer O’Neil explained that he had met with the property manager and the new head of security at the shopping center, talked about their in-house security, their action plans. They also met with stores’ management, with nearby schools, and they are dealing with nearby RVs, coming up with a plan so that each individual business can address and help “bring down these numbers here.” The new “no panhandling” signs have helped too, he said. There’s a new WWV parking space for the Mobile Precinct, “and that’s a visible deterrent, especially in the holiday season. … Our command staff is committed, that we’re going to attack these issues.” The mobile precinct is there most days.

Everett said Rite-Aid is getting around to installing locked liquor cabinets, which should dramatically deter shoplifting.

Lt. Smith said they’re also talking with the county about dealing with Metro fare evasion – to cut down on people traveling over here that might be up to no good once they “get to the end of the route (and are) dumped out … without any money … what are they gonna do?”

The Larceny Action Plan also features “emphasis patrols,” and Lt. Smith said that downtown has given the SW Precinct a little bit of overtime to deal with Westwood/Roxhill problems. They’ve also made at least three auto-theft arrests at Westwood. And with the population growing, “we’re hoping to get more officers,” he said, but every precinct is making the same request, and it still takes a long time to get an officer hired, trained, and ready to hit the street – 9 1/2 months, generally.

The precinct also got funding for 50 warning signs in vulnerable-to-car-prowl areas; Burbridge said about 18 of them have been distributed so far.

About RVs – they tow more cars than RVs, police noted. And they don’t just show up and tow – “we offer (the vehicles’ residents) services … lots of options, lots of warning.” That’s city policy. “We’re not just kicking the door and yanking them out of their home on wheels.”

O’Neil mentioned the commercial, industrial, residential zone differentiations – and “we learned recently that there’s a large area of residential where they’re not supposed to be parked between midnight and 6 am if they’re over 80 inches … we’re trying to enforce the best we can with what we have.” Officer Todd Wiebke remains the main precinct point person on homelessness-related issues.

Also regarding RVs, we’re supposed to put a 24-hour sticker on them, said Lt. Smith, “but no one’s ever seen a 24-hour sticker … it’s just one of these things that was on the books. It’s a learning curve for us .. we’re trying to catch up with them.”

Regarding needles, Burbridge mentioned the recently announced city program – which we wrote about here.

About child-luring cases, Officer O’Neil said, please call in if there’s “even a perceived threat.” He mentioned recently reported cases of students being followed off buses – we reported one two weeks ago when local schools sent a letter to families.

What about suspicious people just standing around watching the playground? asked one attendee. Yes, police say, they can make a “social contact,” but if there’s no crime being committed, they can’t go beyond that. “Often times, though, just by doing that … if they’re thinking about doing bad things, they’re probably just going to move on.”

Burbridge added that if you call something in, “be very explicit about what you’re reporting … I often say ‘a person’s not suspicious, behavior is’.”

Don’t be afraid to call, ever, said Lt. Smith. And keep in mind that only a small percentage of what police deal with turns out to be criminal.

He also went over the latest stats on shots-fired incidents. West Seattle has 59 so far this year, “a little less than last year.” That number includes both non-injury incidents and two murders – the unsolved-to-date May shooting at Alki and the September Westwood shooting (in which two people have been charged). “A lot of the shots-fired right now involved Rainier Valley vs. West Seattle groups, (or) South King County gangs vs. South Park or parts of West Seattle.”

(For full shots-fired stats citywide, see page 3 of this recent SeaStat slide deck.)

The action plan for shots-fired incidents was shown as including “dedicated aggressive directed emphasis patrols, heavily patroling the areas where incidents occur, additional violence prevention emphasis patrols primarily on weekends and adjusted to meet the shots-fired events, assistance from gang unit/SWAT, directed patrol emphasis car working in the area of the shots-fired incidents, emphasis on collecting evidence, and suspect identification. ”

Every Monday and Thursday, Lt. Smith is on a Skype call sharing regional information about such calls.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The meeting was running out of time – its site, Southwest Library, requires the meeting room to clear out at 7:45, since the library closes at 8 – so Barnes recapped some quick notes:
-Transit hub lighting still on the way (as reported here)
-Stormwater and Roxhill Bog – Rory Denovan said that Willard Brown of DNDA is working to set up a meeting with SPU about stormwater issues and Roxhill Bog; he mentioned the peat fire four weeks ago and the digging that had to be done – “we need to expedite efforts to get the bog fully restored.”
-Walkway project restored, as announced by SDOT that afternoon
-New website, to be configured more toward resources and information, which will be built out “more robustly” – wwrhah.org

The Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Coalition meets first Tuesdays most months, 6:15 pm, upstairs at Southwest Library (9010 35th SW).

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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Little red wagon stolen from porch http://westseattleblog.com/2017/11/west-seattle-crime-watch-little-red-wagon-stolen-from-porch/ http://westseattleblog.com/2017/11/west-seattle-crime-watch-little-red-wagon-stolen-from-porch/#comments Wed, 08 Nov 2017 22:05:36 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=900257

That’s Riky‘s daughter. Riky sent the photo with this Crime Watch report:

I know a wagon isn’t the same as a car or something more significant but my daughter’s Radio Flyer Wagon was stolen from our porch yesterday and I’m so upset over it. She loves it and we use it constantly. Any tips on its location are greatly appreciated.

(As we replied, yes, a wagon IS significant!) This happened near 28th SW and SW Roxbury, and a police report has been filed; meantime, if you see a wagon like this abandoned somewhere in that area, let us know.

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