West Seattle scene: Double rainbow before sunset

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Thanks to everyone who’s shared views of the double rainbow that appeared before sunset! We’re building a gallery and adding more. For starters – this one’s from Max.

In some cases, the view wasn’t double so much as just, big. This view looking toward Fairmount is from Maris:

Next – from Debbie Bukoski:

From Eric Renn:

And Melissa sent her perspective via video, panning across the double rainbow from the shore of the bay:

Might add a few more – meantime, thanks to EVERYONE who shared!

Go see for yourself! Beautiful moon over West Seattle

April 1, 2014 at 9:32 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 3 Comments

Seldom will you hear us say “get away from the keyboard! now!” but this is one such time. If you have any view of the western sky, go see this beautiful moon for yourself. In case you can’t – or even if you can – Jason Gift Enevoldsen has shared a photo.

(P.S. You can always check the moon phases, moonset/moonrise/sunset/sunrise times, tides, and more, on the WSB West Seattle Weather page.)

West Seattle weather: Right there, over the rainbow

March 25, 2014 at 5:46 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 5 Comments

Must have been some rainbow! Thanks to everybody who has shared photos. We start with three – above, from Babs, who says her friendly neighborhood crow Buddy didn’t mind posing. Next, from Buzz Shaw:

From 15-year-old Samantha:

And via the WSB Facebook page, from Debbie:

Now … back to the rain. And wind.

ADDED 9:24 PM: Thanks for sharing more rainbow photos! From David Hutchinson:

A few more to come.

Watching the first sunset of spring at West Seattle’s Solstice Park with Alice (and Vera)

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The seasons have officially changed – West Seattle’s NASA Solar System Ambassador Alice Enevoldsen has carried off yet another successful sunset watch, something she’s been doing for 20 equinoxes and solstices – that’s 5 years of season changes. At Solstice Park, she showed young attendees how to practice telescope/microscope techniques on tissue tubes. And when it was time to demonstrate what the equinox means to our planet, she had an even younger helper:

That’s Alice’s almost-3-year-old daughter Vera, who made a few orbits of the globe that Alice uses as a prop. The sunset, meantime, cooperated, and put on its own show:

Those, Alice explained, are crepuscular rays. The ~20 people who showed up tonight just got lucky with the sunset show.

In addition to her own website Alice’s Astro Info – where the summer-solstice sunset-viewing event is already scheduled for June 21st! – Alice is also our Skies Over West Seattle correspondent, with periodic updates on what to watch for, from comets to eclipses and more.

Spring arrives Thursday! Join Alice Enevoldsen at Solstice Park

March 15, 2014 at 2:04 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 1 Comment

Yes, we know, that’s a SUNRISE (photo courtesy of Karen, this past Thursday) and Alice Enevoldsen‘s events are SUNSET gatherings. But we didn’t want the attention-getting beauty to go to waste. Get ready to celebrate spring, which arrives a few hours after sunrise on Thursday (March 20th) – just before 10 am. Then you’ll want to come to Solstice Park east of Lincoln Park for sunset, which is a few minutes past 7, but you’re advised to arrive around 6:45. Alice has just published the official invitation on her Alice’s Astro Info website; it’s an all-ages event, fun and educational. (Alice will also be happy to talk with you about the new discoveries out in space.)

West Seattle scenes: See what you can do with sun and mirrors!

March 14, 2014 at 8:50 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 1 Comment

Two photos from Perry, who explains: “It was sunny out (Thursday), so we decided to have a little fun with some mirrors and the side of the OutWest bar.” That’s Perry’s friend and her ferret, above, and here’s Perry:

Perry adds, “A few strangers stopped by and helped, too. It was really fun!”

West Seattle scenes: First real sunset of Daylight Saving Time ’14

March 10, 2014 at 10:05 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 1 Comment

Since the first sunset of Daylight Saving Time 2014 last night was out of sight behind thick clouds, tonight was the first REAL sunset since we set the clocks ahead for the spring and summer. And we have two beautiful views – from James Bratsanos, above, and Will Pro, below:

P.S. Check the sunset time – or sunrise, or moonrise, or moonset, or high/low tides, among other things – any time, via the WSB West Seattle Weather page.

West Seattle weather: Flood watch, landslide risk as rain continues

March 8, 2014 at 6:05 pm | In Environment, West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 11 Comments

How rainy is it? In the late afternoon, West Seattle-based environmental advocate “Diver Laura” James – whose specialties include stormwater-runoff education – caught these maxed-out sewer covers at the east dead-end of Yancy between West Seattle Athletic Club and Longfellow Creek (map).

The National Weather Service has two alerts out for our area – a Special Weather Statement that warns the rain “has led to an increased threat of landslides in Western Washington … The threat will increase tonight into midday Sunday as heavy rain affects the area. Several inches of rain over the past several days has increased soil moisture to high levels across Western Washington,” and a Flood Watch that speaks for itself. Here, by the way, is the runoff’s outfall to Longfellow, as noted by Laura:

To find out how to minimize the toxicity of what’s in runoff water, check out tox-ick.org. You can also check this real-time map to see which marked outfalls have combined-sewer overflows happening right now, the same kind of overflows that city and county projects under way now are aiming to reduce.

P.S. The NWS says the official gauge at Sea-Tac has collected almost four inches of rain in the first week of March – ending yesterday.

West Seattle scenes: Sneak preview of spring

March 7, 2014 at 10:57 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 3 Comments

(Photo courtesy Jaydee)
Though some clouds were around at sunset, as our Skies Over West Seattle correspondent Alice Enevoldsen tweeted a little while ago, it’s a great night for stargazing. And for walking, which Laddie and Polly did, from Alki to Anchor Park:

(Photo courtesy Christine)
Earlier – even for wading:

(Photo by John Hinkey)
Thanks to everyone who shared photos! P.S. Remember Daylight Saving Time arrives tomorrow night – 2 am Sunday; spring is less than two weeks away – March 20th.

West Seattle weather: Another alert for possible snow chance

February 27, 2014 at 6:25 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 1 Comment

Last one didn’t pan out – the one before that did – so hey, who knows what’ll happen this time! The National Weather Service has another Special Weather Statement in effect; see the entire alert here. The scenario is similar to last weekend, when the North Sound got a big blast of snow (and we didn’t), but there’s also a chance the cold air and moisture could push this far south. Stay tuned.

SIDE NOTE: Only one more week until we “spring forward” into Daylight Saving Time – Saturday night/Sunday morning, March 8-9.

West Seattle scene: Even more snow frosts the Olympics

February 19, 2014 at 8:18 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 5 Comments

(Click image for larger view – close enough to see the snow-covered trees!)
Down to the final four weeks of winter, and the Olympic Mountains finally have a truly wintry amount of snow! Thanks to Chris Frankovich for capturing this morning’s fully frosted view!

West Seattle scene: Storm clouds show off at sunset

February 18, 2014 at 8:45 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 1 Comment

Before we get on with the rest of the night’s news – quite a sight at sunset. Thanks to Wayne McFarland for the photo above from Fauntleroy, and JayDee for the photo below from Upper Alki, both showing the storm clouds that rose over the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas, as well as further south, before and at sunset.

The forecast suggests it’ll be breezy and rainy off and on at least through Thursday night.

West Seattle weather: New wind alert in effect until midnight

February 16, 2014 at 1:04 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 6 Comments

Thanks to Tanya in North Delridge for the photo of a storm-related close call – a tree limb as big as an entire tree, at least 50 feet long, came off a neighbor’s tree in the Saturday wind and rain, landing in her yard and theirs. She says it “landed perfectly to miss our house and our beloved maple trees.” They’re putting together a neighborhood work party in hopes of clearing it away this afternoon. This might not be the last weather-related tree trouble in the area, since the National Weather Service has a new Wind Advisory in effect (see it here) until midnight tonight, warning of strong winds out of the south, with gusts up to 55 mph.

ADDED LATE SUNDAY NIGHT: The wind advisory expired at midnight as scheduled. And we have an update from Tanya:

Wow. With the help of 6 neighbors, we had the whole cedar limb cleared in 1.5 hours. We filled 7 yard waste bins, gave a neighbor a ton of firewood, and had fun doing it. It was an amazing effort! Without our neighbors, we faced a daunting task. But with their help, we remained light-hearted about the whole incident, and were left feeling deeply supported.

West Seattle weather: Rainbow over Puget Sound

February 16, 2014 at 12:31 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | Comments Off

Thanks for sharing rainbow photos! Above, Mark Dale‘s view of a state ferry (rather than the rumored pot of gold) at the “end of the rainbow”; next, Joe Szilagyi photographed almost the entirety of the rainbow’s arc, seen from Alki:

And Greg caught it between Fauntleroy and Vashon, with two state ferries in view:

Next up for the weather – a new Wind Advisory from the National Weather Service is in effect through midnight (more on that shortly.)

ADDED 4:46 PM: Thanks to Creighton (welcome back!) for sharing a northeast view:

What a day!

West Seattle weather: New alert warns of windiness

February 15, 2014 at 1:03 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 5 Comments

1:03 PM: A new Special Weather Statement is up for our area – this time, warning of two rounds of wind on the way, possibly with gusts up to 50 mph. First one is expected tonight; second one, Sunday afternoon. Keep everything charged!

6:29 PM: The alert has been upgraded to a wind advisory through 4 am Sunday. Same basic points – winds could gust up to 50 mph. Sounds like they’re kicking up right now.

West Seattle scene: Valentine’s Day sunset at Alki

February 14, 2014 at 6:17 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 2 Comments

Thanks to Todd Vandemark for sharing that photo from tonight’s Valentine’s Day sunset – we’re sharing it while working on a couple other distinctly non-Valentiney stories. Enjoy the evening – more rain and wind is said to be on the way, but not right away.

Video: Stormwater ‘going the wrong way’ in West Seattle

February 12, 2014 at 12:08 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 4 Comments

Thanks to “Diver Laura” James doing some above-ground photography tonight after she spotted stormwater “going the wrong way” from a drain cover under the West Seattle Bridge (above) and along Harbor Avenue:

As you’ll see on this King County webpage, the rain is also overwhelming the system in a few spots – as we write this, four red triangles mark four combined-sewer overflows on the Duwamish, and if you look at the yellow spots, those mark earlier overflows. No CSOs are shown right now on the Puget Sound side of the system, though.

West Seattle Weather Watch: New alert – windier, rainier

February 10, 2014 at 6:05 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 1 Comment

Another Monday, another weather alert. One week ago, we reported the National Weather Service suggesting a chance of snow the following weekend – and look what happened. Tonight, a new Special Weather Statement looks ahead to tomorrow night and early Wednesday, anticipating wind gusts of at least 40 mph and up to an inch of rain. Stay tuned!

West Seattle snow-aftermath update: Metro back on regular routes

February 9, 2014 at 5:30 pm | In Transportation, West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | Comments Off

5:30 PM: Metro just announced it’s mostly returning to regular routes, with a few exceptions, which might change in the hours ahead, so we won’t list them here – check the list online. Doesn’t look like we’re in danger of the melting snow refreezing overnight, since the forecast calls for rain.

8:15 PM: And now, Metro says it’s returned to normal on all routes.

West Seattle snow aftermath: Afternoon notes

February 9, 2014 at 2:57 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 3 Comments

If you still haven’t been out since the record (for a February 8th) snowfall – by all accounts, including our own, major roads are clear, side streets slushy. Metro is still on snow routes. We’ll update if/when there’s something to report.

MORE PHOTOS/VIDEO: West Seattle Sunday snow scenes

February 9, 2014 at 1:30 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 8 Comments

(Second batch of photos added early evening; scroll down!)

1:30 PM: An aerial view begins this collection of snow scenes shared today from around West Seattle, in addition to what’s already been featured in our coverage:

West Seattle Snowy Day – February, 2014 from Jamie Kinney on Vimeo.

Thanks to Jamie Kinney for sharing the quad-copter production. On to the photo files – some are making snowpeople, some are making mega-snowballs, like Lola near Ercolini Park:

And this mega-snowball, texted to us from Riverview Playfield:

Also from Riverview, Kristin explains, “Here’s a close-up of our Snow Girl named Hur. She’s wearing the trimmings of our Saturday gardening efforts.”

Texted from Morgan Junction – after all the cars we’ve shown, finally a pic of a snow-capped bicycle:

Of course, the Seahawks’ Super Bowl spirit continues with a 12th Snowman – built by 7-year-old Reese Pedersen:

Husky spirit, too! From Al in Arbor Heights:

More photos from WSB readers – from Yma:

From “Smokeycretin9“:

And from Patricia – “Gus the Snow Zombie.” She says, “Our boys had fun and needed a little help lifting the body parts. :-) He is 7 feet tall in North Admiral.”

Quiet beauty along Harbor Avenue, from David Hutchinson:

We expect to add at least a few more to this gallery later this afternoon- thanks to everyone who’s sent photos! (Including the ones shared on the WSB Facebook page – go have a look, including the “posts by others” section – and in a comment, the other side of the “Snow Lombardi Trophy” shown in our earlier coverage here!)

ADDED 5:53 PM: More photos! From Laura at Dragonfly Pavilion in North Delridge:

From Leighellen, sledding with a view at Hamilton Viewpoint:

Doug B shows us sledding in Seaview – here’s Andy, with leftover Seahawks hair:

Jason spotted dogsledding happening in Gatewood …

while at Myrtle’s place, Ashfur the cat was NOT sledding:

Zack‘s snowpeople were hanging out on the deck with … a cold one. Or two:

Richard Snowman” is the creation of Gail’s son Alex, not only in honor of #25 but also, he’s celebrating his 25th birthday (and visiting from L.A.):

This next 12th Snowman (with friends) is courtesy of Brad:

And here we have Jon, Riley, Kelsey, and SuperSnowMan (photo shared by Katie):

We’re still going through the mailbox – will add more or create a different group, depending on how the night goes. Thanks again!

West Seattle snow: Sunday morning updates and photos

February 9, 2014 at 7:17 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 33 Comments

(SCROLL DOWN for updates including lists of what’s on/off, plus infolinks. Photos? editor@westseattleblog.com – thanks!)

(Live West Seattle Bridge view via SDOT)
Launching Sunday morning coverage. For starters –

*Metro buses remain on snow routes
*See where the city’s plowed/salted/de-iced recently on this map
*See West Seattle/vicinity traffic cams here
*See King County’s White Center traffic cams here
*See Saturday night coverage here; added photo gallery here

*Hiawatha Pancake Breakfast, 8 am-noon – details here (see photo below!)
*West Seattle Ultimate Family Frisbee, per FB
*WestSide Baby Tea (2 pm at SeaTac Hilton; co-sponsored by WSB)
*West Seattle Farmers’ Market (10 am-2 pm; Jason reports setup is under way as of 8:24 am)
*Little Pilgrim School open house (11 am-1:30 pm)
*Quadrato open 11-8, Pizzeria 22 open at 4, as usual, per note from proprietor Cary

CLOSED/CANCELED (we’ll update this list as we get reports)
*West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor) group run
*Salty’s on Alki (WSB sponsor) is closed for brunch but expects to be open by 4 pm happy hour, 4:30 dinner
*Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation service/morning events are canceled
*Peace Lutheran Church morning worship/education canceled
*Center for Movement & Healing has canceled 10 am Nia, 11:30 am Feldenkrais

We are checking on status of today’s events – PLEASE let us know, if you’re involved with one, whether it’s on OR off – editor@westseattleblog.com is the best way to reach us. More to come.

7:51 AM: In Highland Park, SW Kenyon is blocked on the hill between 9th and 5th – we are hearing that on the scanner AND just received this photo:

8:05 AM: Hiawatha Pancake Breakfast is *on*, per comments. (added) So is the WestSide Baby Tea. Keep checking the lists atop this story for other notes on what is ON, or off – we’ll be continuing to update as we get info.

8:50 AM: Subtle signs of melting snow … clumps falling off branches; drips heard in storm drains and downspouts. Clear your nearest storm drain if you can. Forecast says we MIGHT see flurries, but otherwise the warming will continue and the temperature could get into the low 40s. Monitoring the scanner, we hear police dealing with the aftermath of last night – cars blocking side streets where they slid, etc. Some hills remain closed – like SW Thistle between 35th and 37th, reports Pastor Erik Kindem from Peace Lutheran Church at 39th/Thistle in his note announcing they’re canceling morning worship/education today.

9:24 AM: From Christopher Boffoli, checking out the Hiawatha Community Center pancake breakfast for WSB:

It’s on until noon – so you have plenty of time to go have good food and good times for a good cause. Christopher also has a road report: “Some arterials are clear to wet pavement. But long stretches of California are unplowed and slushy. Some side streets are either slush or packed snow. Very slick. Hills like Oregon from Cali to the Junction are open but untreated. People are driving too fast and not leaving enough room.” (Minutes later …) And if you have to go to the airport, @nancybooks tweeted this:

10:08 AM: Of course, it’s not all about roads. Take time to have fun, too. As is the main order of business for Joe‘s son JJ in Arbor Heights:

And this family in Admiral:

That’s one of several more photos just in from Christopher Boffoli, out and about for WSB – he noted this alternate mode of transportation:

Also from Christopher – the Farmers’ Market is indeed open for business at 44th/Alaska, until 2 pm:

And here’s his view of California SW in south Admiral:

10:46 AM: Seeing people walking along our street with sleds in tow – any safe sledding hills to recommend? Shari wonders on the WSB Facebook page. Meantime, Super Bowl memories live on in the snow at Alki – Erika sent this photo of the “Snow Lombardi Trophy”:

And an epic snowperson from T-Bone:

11:25 AM: The meltdown continues. Side streets are slushy, main roads bare and wet, clumps of wet snow keep falling off the trees/shrubs. Major event update – If you’re going to the WestSide Baby Tea (we are, and this year WSB is a co-sponsor), should be no problem getting there, says WS Baby’s Nancy Woodland:

WestSide Baby’s Annual Benefit Tea is still happening this afternoon. We are looking forward to seeing everyone! All of our staff and volunteers have made it here without incident as arterials are just fine and side streets are melting. A little snow should not keep us from helping local families in need and it will not likely be fun snow play time when the rain hits shortly as predicted.

Today 2-4:30 Hilton Seattle Airport and Conference Center 17620 International Blvd. [map]

We ARE opening up tickets for 30 extra seats for those who want to walk in! We’d love to have you and share a bit of WestSide Baby with you this afternoon. Just come and we’ll get you all signed up here. Tickets are $40.

We hope to see you this afternoon!!

Next up – a few other stories, a new gallery, then a p.m. post-snow update at some point.

MORE PHOTOS: West Seattle’s snowiest February 8th ever

February 9, 2014 at 2:42 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 7 Comments

Our Saturday-night coverage of road conditions, crashes, stuck buses is all here – and we’ll get back to road updates, etc., pre-dawn – but first, more shared snow photos (THANK YOU!):

Lynda shared the photo above from the Madison Middle School field, dubbing it “Frosty” … while Jana shared the next one from North Admiral:

Texted from Alki – another snow creation:

Ever look at a snowflake REALLY close up? Trileigh Tucker did:

Back to the snow creations – Mike shared the photo of Alki Elementary kindergartener Chloe‘s work:

Lauren, Tyler, and Alyssa sent this montage from SW Southern:

From the Junction area, Mike‘s “Sno-Hawk”:

From Admiral, Patricia‘s pastoral scene:

And from the early going – Paul shared the photo of “Jack-da-dog” in Belvidere:

As we noted in earlier coverage – the National Weather Service says this was the snowiest February 8th on record, 2.9″ at Sea-Tac. Sunday updates to come!

West Seattle Weather Watch: Saturday night snow updates

February 8, 2014 at 6:04 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 120 Comments

(INFOLINKS: Traffic cams here … SDOT plowed/salted map here … Metro on snow routes … Photo to share? editor@westseattleblog.com)

(First photo of tonight’s snow, from Trileigh Tucker, Lincoln Park area)
6:04 PM: Snowing here in Upper Fauntleroy – are you seeing it too? The National Weather Service’s alerts don’t stretch this far, so far – see the current ones here – its updated “forecast discussion” doesn’t think this will get past an inch. We’ll be updating.

6:34 PM: From the WSB Traffic page – where you’ll find many more cameras – that’s the camera pointing at the northbound Alaskan Way Viaduct. But we hope you don’t have to go out; slippery out there already.

6:54 PM: Sticking on the road up here – the view is from a moment ago, looking east on Thistle from California. (added) From the westward view on the high bridge – note the snowy Harbor Island ramp below, on the right side:

7:20 PM: Wondering if SDOT will be out, since it’s sticking on streets? Here’s Joe‘s view from Arbor Heights

On Twitter a few minutes ago, the department said plows are standing by:

7:35 PM: Apparently some city equipment IS out and about. Cheryl reports, also via Twitter: “SDOT ice/plow trucks going both directions on the Bridge just now.”

8:01 PM: Two hours now, still hasn’t stopped. An Alki view via Twitter:

Road conditions are increasingly dominating the discussions on the scanner; dispatchers say SDOT is definitely out and hitting arterials around the city. (Few minutes later …) checked outside, about 1″ of snow so far.

8:16 PM: Seattle Fire dispatched to a crash reported at California/Frontenac, western bottom of Gatewood Hill. Reported on scanner to be car vs. tree. And just off Delridge, two crashes reported at Orchard/Dumar. If you really, REALLY have to go out, here’s the SDOT map of where they’ve plowed recently – added to the resource links at the top of this story.

8:44 PM: Metro now says its buses are all on snow routes; find yours here. More crashes – via scanner, SPD says it’s blocking 36th/Thistle after a crash.

9 PM: David sent the clip above from California near Andover. We just did the car-hood check again – about an inch and a half here. Couple miles south of David, here’s our latest pan:

Via Twitter, KFT reports a RapidRide C Line bus got stuck downtown.

9:18 PM: The photo above was texted (206-293-6302, any time!) from south Admiral, where they’re reporting more than two inches of snow. A few blocks east, Crystal just e-mailed (editor@westseattleblog.com, any time!) this photo from Hiawatha:

As MetPatrick tweeted a while ago, this does seem to have an end – check out the KING5.com radar.

9:31 PM: Heavy-rescue call on the SW Genesee hill between Avalon and Delridge, at 30th SW. (Added – photo by Christopher Boffoli:)

(A few minutes later …) also 14th/Holden, car vs. street sign. And police are still trying to keep people off Orchard/Dumar/Delridge intersection & its attendant hills. Overall advice: Avoid ANY hill, arterial or side street. **UPDATE ON FLIPPED CAR** No injuries, Christopher was told at the scene.

10:24 PM: From David:

Also now a blocking crash at 9th/Roxbury. (UPDATE: 3 people hurt, per scanner.) Screengrab from SDOT map shows Roxbury hasn’t been plowed between 9th and 35th.

As for the forecast, seems the NWS finally issued a Winter Weather Advisory at 8:44 pm for this area, almost 3 hours after it started snowing, and it’s in effect until 4 am.

10:53 PM: Bonair, between North Admiral and Alki, is “blocked at the top … Car in ditch, another car in road. Police tape is up at the top of the road,” David reports via e-mail. Back to that 30th/Genesee heavy rescue on the hill east of Avalon, here’s another view from WSB’s Christopher Boffoli:

Again, the driver wasn’t hurt. Heading back from the scene, Christopher noted RapidRide buses having difficulty at 35th/Avalon:

He says neither had chains. Meantime, snow looks to be about 3″ by now.

11:08 PM: And via scanner, we hear SPD asking Metro to just stop sending buses southbound on Avalon, saying four articulated buses are stuck in that area now. Meantime, near Westwood Village, Khang tweeted about a car that got stuck and just kept getting hit – until help was rounded up. Note to those who’ve sent fun snow photos – we’re building a separate gallery and will link it here when available.

12:01 AM: The snow is now very light, and that matches the radar view.

1:34 AM: Still hearing from people re: bus woes – RapidRide in particular. No new info from Metro.

2:07 AM: National Weather Service measured 2.9″ of snow at Sea-Tac – new record for February 8th (more than 2″ over the old record, 0.4″ in 1957).

West Seattle Weather Watch: Maybe some weekend snow?

February 3, 2014 at 12:18 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 2 Comments

(Photographed this morning by WSB’s Patrick Sand)
Right now, the only snow you’ll see around here is atop the mountains – the Olympics have been peeking out today, with more frosting than they’ve had for most of this (mostly mild) winter. But that MIGHT change next weekend. WSB commenter MetPatrick mentioned over the weekend via Twitter that lowland snow is a possibility then – and now it’s mentioned in the National Weather Service‘s newest forecast discussion, too. No watches/warnings yet – but there is no question it’s getting colder, snow or no snow, as noted in the latest version of the NWS’s Special Weather Statement. Stay tuned!

West Seattle Weather Watch: Cooldown on the way, maybe some snow

February 1, 2014 at 9:03 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 1 Comment

This winter hasn’t been all that wintry. But just you wait. The National Weather Service has us covered with a Special Weather Statement about temperatures dropping up to 15 degrees below normal – lows around 20 by Wednesday/Thursday – and maybe a bit of snow. See the alert here. Meantime, frequent weather commenter MetPatrick says via Twitter that the longer-range forecasts suggest a chance of real snow NEXT weekend. Still early, so don’t get too excited/concerned YET, but we’ll be tracking weather more closely in the days ahead.

West Seattle weather: Should you be worried about your trees?

January 12, 2014 at 5:16 pm | In Safety, West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 7 Comments

Our stormy weekend hasn’t been kind to trees. The one in Benjamin Hutchinson‘s photo, above, toppled onto an Alki sidewalk overnight. Our Saturday coverage showed several cases of sizable trees or branches falling in the wind – bringing down wires in The Junction, mashing a car on 40th SW in Morgan Junction. Trees are a big part of what makes our city so beautiful – Seattle has seven times as many trees as people! – but you might wonder sometimes which one(s) are at risk in the next 45+-mph gust. We took the tree-safety question to arborist Mark Harman from longtime WSB sponsor Stonehedge Tree Experts, who is also a certified tree-risk assessor. Here’s his reply:

With these strong winds recently and the accompanying damage that may result from trees or their parts flying off or falling on your car or home, it makes one take a second look at the large trees around us. Should we be worried about the trees in our yards or the neighbors’ yard? Here is my opinion from a guy who has been working with trees for the last 30 years from Washington to Idaho.

Around here in the Seattle area, it is very unusual for a healthy tree to totally blow over. Of those trees that do blow over or those trees that lose the top part of the tree, almost all of those episodes could have been predicted if an experienced Arborist had looked closely at the tree prior to it falling apart. There are almost always signs on the tree that show its problems. Trees have “body language” – they can tell us if they are sick, hollow, rotten, twisting, failing, or tipping over. We just have to be educated to read those signs.

Every tree species has its own problems:

Click to read the rest of West Seattle weather: Should you be worried about your trees?…

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