West Seattle weather: Slide blocks part of Fairmount Avenue; water woes on West Marginal

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8:36 PM: Thanks to Ramona (who also sent the photo) and Matt for the tip – a slide is covering part of Fairmount Avenue, near SW Hill (toward the north end of Fairmount; here’s a map). We’re hearing Seattle Fire crews heading to check out a slide report in that area right now – not sure if it’s the same one, since as you can tell from the photo, this slide happened before nightfall.

9:22 PM: The SFD response closed fairly quickly. Slides are causing trouble elsewhere in the region, too, blocking rail travel between Seattle and Everett, and also blocking part of a road in the Southworth area, on the other side of the ferry route from Fauntleroy. The rain is expected to ease overnight.

10:59 PM: New problem (via scanner): Vehicles reported to be stalled in water across West Marginal Way at Highland Park Way – frequent trouble spot in heavy rain, with runoff down the HP Way hill and from the West Duwamish Greenbelt. Police are on the way.

11:07 PM: Police are also at another flooded section of West Marginal, 6300 block (map), and closing it in both directions.

West Seattle weekend scenes: February’s final sunset & moonrise

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Sights tonight, shared by community contributors – above, Danny McMillin caught sunset colors over Mount Washington toward the south end of the Olympics; below, the rising moon, photographed by Chris Frankovich:

By the way, Daylight Saving Time returns one week from tonight – 2 am Sunday, March 8th, we’ll spring forward to 3 am.

West Seattle Sunday sky scenes, from the jets to the sunset

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Thanks to everyone sharing photos! First one’s from a flyover this afternoon:

John Bartell sent that photo tonight, showing the military jets that flew over northeastern West Seattle around 2:15 pm. We happened to see them from North Delridge. In the hours since, we’ve looked around and asked around and haven’t found any specific reason for the flyover. (Please comment if YOU know – thanks!) John also photographed tonight’s beautiful sunset, which many might have missed since the Oscars were on by then:

That’s from the Brace Point area. Meantime, near High Point, Yma photographed the sunset through bubbles.

No major chance of rain in the forecast until Thursday.

West Seattle sunsets: Fine end to Fat Tuesday

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Thanks for tonight’s sunset views – the one above is courtesy of MM, and we’ll add a few more – as Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) concludes colorfully.

(Added above – photo by Lynn Hall.) Forecast now suggests the rain won’t return until Thursday.

West Seattle sunsets: Vivid end to a springlike holiday

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(Photo by Chris Frankovich)
6:19 PM: Today’s temperature set a record (59 at Sea-Tac) – and as we hope you got to see firsthand, was followed by sunset beauty. We’ll be adding a few more photos soon – thanks for sharing!

ADDED 7:19 PM: Thanks to Megan Jasper for this one:

And from JayDee:

One more sunny day tomorrow, and even warmer, says the forecast.

West Seattle sunset scenes: Foggy Friday’s finale

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Sunset splendor tonight, with the fog. Thanks for sharing photos! This one’s from Jeff:

From Cam:

From Mike, looking toward West Seattle from downtown:

And from Clay:

More fog in the forecast for tomorrow – but it’s expected to accompany clouds, no sun sightings, with rain to follow on Super Bowl Sunday.

West Seattle weekend scenes: Spring-y Sunday, near-historic high

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The National Weather Service says today was the second-warmest January day in Seattle history – high of 63 (warmest on record, 64 on January 20, 1981). If you were anywhere near Alki Beach today, you too might have observed that it looked and felt a lot like spring. Above, JayDee caught the beach scene – including volleyball! Below, a sunset scene from the west-facing shore:

Tomorrow’s forecast suggests a sunny afternoon and high near 60.

West Seattle windstorm update: Power back on to all but a handful as of midafternoon

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(SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWEST INFO! And in case you need these, City Light outage hotline 206-684-3000 **** Click for mobile version of SCL outage map)

(Updated City Light map screengrab, as of 2:10 am)
1:40 AM: After midnight, the wind kicked up, as the National Weather Service had warned it was likely to do. There’s word of a tree down at a house in the 1300 block of Alki SW and possibly a slide too. (Added: Photo from Suzanne, showing one of the firefighters who were working on the downed trees in that area:)

And power’s starting to go out around the city – including the first West Seattle power outage report, in the Fauntleroy/Lincoln Park area. We’re watching the map. (added) Just got texts from Arbor Heights and north White Center about power woes there too. Let us know in comments or via text (206-293-6302) what’s up where you are.

1:45 AM: The southwest-end outages are now on the City Light map. We’ll add a screengrab – or, wait, maybe not yet; just got a text from Admiral.

1:56 AM: The Admiral outage is on the map as a small pocket, 9 customers; from Gatewood through Fauntleroy and into Arbor Heights/Arroyos, more than 4,700 customers (homes/businesses) are out.

2:07 AM: Map has now added a pocket of 100+ customers out in The Junction, and the Admiral pocket has grown to about that same number. We’ll change the screengrab. Note we have added the City Light outage hotline AND link to mobile version of the outage map, atop this story.

2:26 AM: The National Weather Service upgraded the alert to a “high wind warning” (see it here) as of about 20 minutes ago, in effect through 8 am. Our area’s holding at about 5,000 customers without power, just under half the SCL total. The “estimated time” for restoration is 8 am but keep in mind, that’s always just a guesstimate, could be earlier or later.

3:17 AM: SCL now blames a tree, somewhere, for the biggest West Seattle outage, the 4,700-customer outage in Morgan/Gatewood/Fauntleroy/Arbor Heights/beyond. The wind’s been much calmer the past hour or so, at least from our listening spot.

3:37 AM: About a quarter of those in the biggest outage zone apparently have their power back – the count has dropped from 4,700 to 3,600. By the way, no reports of any injuries so far into all this.

5:57 AM: Checking on SCL’s progress – the big West Seattle outage (now attributed to equipment failure) has halved again, now fewer than 2,000 (looks like the latest chunk of restored customers happened around 5 am). The Admiral and Junction pockets (~100 each, now blamed on trees) are still out. If you are out and don’t see your area included on the map, be sure to notify SCL at 206-684-3000 to make sure they know.

7:24 AM: Looks like no additional West Seattle restoration in the past hour and a half – still just over 2,000 customers out, and the estimate is now “pending.” Via Twitter, SCL says the main problem with which they’re dealing now, here and elsewhere in the city, is downed lines, including one near 44th/Roxbury.

8:32 AM: In terms of businesses affected, looking at the current outage map, it doesn’t look like many are still out BUT the Endolyne/Fauntleroy mini-business district appears to be in the outage zone. We are off to check and will add whatever we find. Meantime, Ocean View has lost power again, according to a text. And we’re sticking this story to the top of the site, but if you scroll BENEATH it, you’ll see our list of “what’s up today” including game-related changes and places to watch – or, click here.

8:37 AM: In all, 5,000 **more** homes/businesses just lost power, so we have 7,000 total in West Seattle. ***UPDATE*** Within minutes, that area (southeast West Seattle, White Center) got it back, though the SCL map doesn’t reflect yet.

9:17 AM: Now out and about. Went to Fauntleroy/Endolyne first, spotted City Light crews:

Power in that area JUST came back on but Endolyne Joe’s (WSB sponsor) tells us they won’t be ready for customers until about 11. Next door, The Original Bakery is closed because of the outage – they can’t simply reopen now because as the sign says, they lost their early-morning baking time:

9:49 AM: Spotted City Light at the Junction outage scene too, on SW Oregon:

According to commenters, both the Junction and Admiral outage pockets (less than 200 customers each) were caused by trees taking out wires/lines in alleys. (Added below: Photo from Gina, showing the Admiral scene. Thanks also to Sarah for sending one.)

10:42 AM: The entire southwest area is now back on, according to the map, texters, and commenters. Now it’s down to the 300 or so residences in the Junction and Admiral pockets, neither of which appears to be affecting businesses.

12:04 PM: Game time, and the number of West Seattle customers still out after 11+ hours is down to 114, per City Light.

3:36 PM: Just a handful still out, per SCL. The weather is continuing to calm, according to the forecast, but there was a bit of thunder about half an hour ago. (No, it was NOT from the stadium, but might as well have been, given what was happening in the game right about then!)

West Seattle Weather Watch: Wind advisory, tonight into tomorrow

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Right now, it’s drippy and foggy – but wind is scheduled to sweep in late tonight. The National Weather Service has a wind advisory taking effect for our area 10 pm tonight until noon Sunday (yes, right before game time) – see the advisory here. The NWS expects winds 25-35 mph out of the south/southwest, with gusts up to 50 mph. Charge everything!

West Seattle Weather Watch: Heavy rain could bring slide risk

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Though right now it just looks like nothing-out-of-the-ordinary rain, the National Weather Service has a “special weather statement” in effect for our area and much of the region, warning that this could bring two to four inches of rain to the lowlands today and tomorrow. Despite the recent dry spell, the NWS warns, “the predicted rainfall by itself will be enough to raise the landslide risk to ‘moderate’.”

P.S. Think you’re totally slide-savvy? Check this city info-sheet, which includes maps of the 8.4 percent of Seattle that is slide-prone, as well as factoids (January is the month with the highest slide risk). The image at left is taken from that map – the dots show the locations of past slides, while the salmon-shaded areas show what are considered to be “potential slide areas.”

West Seattle Weather Watch: Short-lived snow sightings

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12:20 PM: Thanks for the reports – we’re hearing of snow flurries, at least in north West Seattle. The National Weather Service says it’s getting reports from around Western Washington but is *not* expecting accumulation.

1:47 PM: No further flurry reports. Looks like even the chance of rain is diminishing – until sometime late tomorrow.

West Seattle weather: What happened last year; what’s up now

January 1, 2015 at 8:55 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 2 Comments

(Click image for larger view)
There’s your view over West Seattle on the first day of 2015, southward toward Mount Rainier, courtesy of Long Bach Nguyen. If the forecast bears out, it’s our last chance at that view for a while. If you’re in the mood for one more look back, here’s the National Weather Service‘s 2014 Western Washington Year In Review (with one update, the recent cold weather has dropped the year’s average high to 55.1, according to an NWS tweet earlier today). If you’re looking for what’s happening now and in the hours/days ahead, check out the WSB West Seattle Weather page – available any time, with more than just weather information; it includes sunrise/set, moonrise/set, tides, even the UV index (by request).

ADDED 10:53 PM: Bonus photo just in from David Hutchinson:

That was the view from Seacrest (and from nearby Don Armeni, where we were, about that same time) during the first sunset of 2015.

West Seattle weather: Victory sunset; snow showers possible overnight, early Monday

December 28, 2014 at 5:22 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 5 Comments

Thanks to Chris Frankovich for the photo – his caption: “Great sunset for a great Seahawks win!” (20-6 over St. Louis, last regular-season game, in case you missed it.) Meantime, the forecast has changed a bit – while cold weather is still on the way, clouds are lingering, and the National Weather Service sees a chance of snow showers after midnight and into the morning, before the clouds clear Monday afternoon and stay away all the way until New Year’s Day (Thursday) pm.

West Seattle scene: Christmas Eve sunset

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6:51 PM: Thanks to JayDee for the photo of tonight’s beautiful sunset, as seen from Upper Alki.

7:55 PM P.S. – If you have a view of the southwestern sky, check out the crescent moon before it sets.

West Seattle storm aftermath: C & P lost a tree

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9:52 AM: So far we haven’t heard of any major damage in West Seattle resulting from last night’s wind, but we did find out this morning about another tree that came down – this one behind C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor). Barista George tells us it fell around closing time last night; no one was hurt. We’ll be checking back later on their removal plans; C & P has an arts-and-crafts fair scheduled both days this weekend – indoors, but take note you might only be able to enter from the front door.

11:28 AM UPDATE: Just checked back – cleanup is actually proceeding quickly. Proprietors Cameron and Pete have chainsaw-and-pickup-equipped friends helping:

They’re feeling lucky the tree fell northward, missing nearby structures, including the classic Craftsman that houses their shop.

West Seattle Weather Watch: Tracking tonight’s wind

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(RESOURCES: Outage? Call City Light: 206-684-30007:36 PM: Tree/debris on road/sidewalk? Call SDOT: 206-684-ROAD)

(Added: Big branch down on SW Cloverdale in Westwood outage area, south of ex-Denny site)
7:36 PM: The wind’s been steadily strengthening for a while, so we’re officially opening storm coverage. Here’s what well-known weather analyst Cliff Mass is saying in his “nowcast,” for starters: Likely peaking 10 pm-ish. We hope the wind will pass through without power outages, downed trees, or other trouble, but if something does happen in your neighborhood, please let us know (after you’ve notified authorities, etc.) – comment here, or use our voice/text hotline 206-293-6302, or e-mail editor@westseattleblog.com.

8:05 PM: Checking the City Light outage map, looks like we have our first power-less pocket of note – 88 customers east of 35th, centered mostly around SW Trenton. SCL says a tree is to blame.

8:44 PM: Back from checking the outage zone. Added photo of a tree-size branch down on SW Cloverdale just east of 30th SW. The gusts are intermittent, no really strong sustained wind while we were out.

9:13 PM: No new reports of trouble around here. North Seattle seems to be getting hit harder – but this hasn’t peaked around here just yet, the weather experts say. Still, it’s not exactly a mild breeze – the top-of-hour numbers, for example, show Alki Point with sustained winds at 38, gusting to 52 (look for K91S here).

9:46 PM: No new outages in West Seattle/White Center, and the one north of Westwood is down to 57 customers. In the rest of the city, 12,000 homes/businesses are out, and tens of thousands more around the region. Note – our Lost/Found Pets page is busier than usual tonight; if you have lost or found a pet, send info, and photo if available, to editor@westseattleblog.com and we’ll post it. Just added a dog found in North Admiral, and about to add a dog lost in Highland Park.

10:48 PM: Still on watch – but for West Seattle, tonight, so far, no news is good news.

1:16 AM: One more small West Seattle pocket without power – shown on the SCL map as seven residences, at 35th/Marine View Drive and just southeast in Seola. The wind hasn’t entirely quieted yet – at the top of the hour, Alki Point clocked 33 mph sustained, 51 mph gusts.

2:57 AM: The wind warning is no longer in effect. Only weather alert that IS, is a “special weather statement” warning of increased landslide risk today, with all the rain we’ve had.

West Seattle Weather Watch update: Now a ‘high wind warning’

December 11, 2014 at 10:11 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 2 Comments

(Added: Photo from Alki this morning, by Brian Youngstrom)
Minutes ago, the National Weather Service upgraded the weather alert for this afternoon/evening to a “high wind warning.” It’ll officially be in effect 4 pm-4 am, but the wind isn’t expected to hit our area until after 6 pm. The NWS says the wind is expected to rise to south/southwest 25-40 mph, with gusts possible to 60. Read the full alert here.

West Seattle Weather Watch update: Windy Thursday night?

December 10, 2014 at 10:06 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | Comments Off

The wind that forecasters have been warning about isn’t expected to get here before Thursday evening, so the newest version of the National Weather Service‘s “high wind watch” for our area will be in effect 4 pm Thursday to 4 am Friday. South/southwest wind at 30-40 mph is possible, gusting to 65 mph, so charge everything just in case and keep flashlights nearby. A “coastal flood advisory” is up for waterfront areas tomorrow morning, too, with a 13.5-foot tide expected 9-10 am (lower than today).

Reader report: Windblown holiday ‘duck-oration’ rescued

December 10, 2014 at 1:51 pm | In Holidays, West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 21 Comments

The big blast of wind isn’t expected until tomorrow. But we got a preview late this morning – strong gusts that among other things caused a “duck” to fly the coop. Patricia shares the story and photos:

My wife and I have a large rubber-duck collection and recently discovered an inflatable for Christmas – a rubber duck with a Santa cap. Only thing was that there was only 1 in Washington, in Puyallup. I drove down the next day to adopt it and proudly display in our yard.

Today, with the high winds, I heard a loud noise and discovered the duck was gone!!!! Had someone stolen it???

After a quick search I saw yellow through the houses. The duck had flown the coop, over our house and into the trees on our slope!! I couldn’t reach it and it was tangled in the trees. Then I noticed it… a utility truck with a cherry picker was just up the street. I scooted over to the nice gentleman and asked him the strangest question.. “Can you help me get my duck out of the trees?”

The nice man was Sean, and he turned his truck around and lined it up to the swinging duck.

In moments he had plucked it from the tangled branches and returned it to the safety of the ground. I made repeated attempts at a tip, but he wouldn’t take it, saying it was his pleasure to help.

Sean, thank you for your help in saving our runaway duck!

Patricia Throop and Angela Bennett

Be sure to get YOUR ducks in a row, to be ready for tomorrow, when the High Wind Watch will be in effect, with possible gusts to 65 mph.

West Seattle Weather Watch: Alerts for possible flooding, wind

December 9, 2014 at 4:12 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 2 Comments

The newest round of weather alerts is out, and they start with another “coastal flooding advisory” for tomorrow morning, upgrading to a “coastal flood watch” Wednesday night/Thursday morning. This time, the tide is expected to be about a half-foot higher than today, which means more than half a foot past the level where “minor flooding” can happen. This morning, it was about 13.6 feet, but in the absence of strong wind, Alki and vicinity didn’t look anything like a week and a half ago. Tomorrow, though, it’s projected at about 14 feet around 8 am, and then on Thursday around 9 am, 14.5 feet, possibly with a “storm surge.”

Even if you’re not right on the water, take note of a “high wind watch” announced for Thursday, 4 am to 10 pm, with south-to-southwest winds of 30 to 40 mph, possibly gusting to 65 mph. More rain is on the way, too, according to the forecast.

West Seattle Weather Watch: Lots of rain ahead; wind possible too

December 8, 2014 at 5:14 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 2 Comments

5:14 PM: The National Weather Service has just published a “special weather statement” alert that warns of major rain in the next few days – leading to a landslide threat if you’re on a slope/bluff – and possibly strong wind on Thursday. See the alert’s full text here.

7:59 PM: Lura points out that people near the water will want to take note of the “coastal-flooding advisory” for Tuesday morning, too. The stormy weather will compound the already-high high tide forecast for 7:22 am (12.2 feet) to 13.6 feet, which is just above the “minor coastal overflow” threshold, as noted in the text of the alert.

West Seattle Weather Watch: Bridge, roads treated as temp drops

November 29, 2014 at 6:12 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 5 Comments

Wondering about the weather and roads tonight? No more snow/rain expected – just a clear, cold night, into the 20s. SDOT has been treating the West Seattle Bridge with salt and magnesium chloride, according to information shared by City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen. This city map shows de-icer’s been used on some other routes, too.

West Seattle Weather Watch: Saturday morning snow & surf!

November 29, 2014 at 5:02 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 27 Comments

(SCROLL DOWN for updates)

(Car hood, 5:10 am)
5:02 AM: What’s falling right now – at least where we are, on the hill east of Lincoln Park – started around 4:45 as something more like sleet, and now it’s intensified to wet snow. Until now, the snow reports had all been from points north, but commenters spotted renegade flakes in the last few hours, and the temperature’s been falling, now 34 at Sea-Tac.

5:31 AM: It’s all but stopped. The “winter weather advisory” remains in effect until 11 am.

7:25 AM: More snow since then, and everything is covered. Photo above this line is from Tiana at Youngstown Flats (WSB sponsor) in North Delridge. And from Jason in Admiral:

What’s it like where you are? More pics welcome at editor@westseattleblog.com – thanks!

7:47 AM: Above, looking north at California from Thistle. SDOT tweets, “… Road temps still high so no accumulations yet. Crews will check and treat roads as needed.” The forecast still says the snow chances should end in a few hours.

9 AM: Some blue sky out there! Breezy too. Beware slick roads – there’s a multi-car crash on the eastbound bridge right now, which our tipster says is VERY slick. Thanks to everyone who’s sent photos – Linda shares this view of Lincoln Park’s frosted forest:

From Puget Park on Pigeon Point, Ben shares this photo of a snow fan:

Ben observes, “Not enough to sled but sure is pretty.” Meantime, Alki has wind-and-high-tide-fueled waves again this morning:

Thanks to Cheney for the photo. Now, our first snowperson photo:

Reagan in Fauntleroy shared that with a hearty “Go, Dawgs!”

9:29 AM: The SFD response for the bridge crash closed quickly, indicating no serious injuries.

2:11 PM NOTE: Thanks to everyone who’s been sharing photos, particularly of the spectacular surf and spray at Alki – we’re putting together a separate galley – and we’ll start a pm weather story, including information on SDOT’s plans for the roads, given the below-freezing temps. (We did travel some of the main routes earlier and noted that aside for a few shady spots, they’re mostly dry.)

West Seattle Weather Watch: Snow? Not likely tonight, but …

November 28, 2014 at 9:13 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 9 Comments

9:13 PM: Just a quick weather note in case you are wondering: While the regional “winter weather advisory” mentioned in our earlier storm coverage is now in effect, the Arctic air that was headed south is reported to have slowed down. So the temperature has held steady in the upper 30s since mid-afternoon, and even the convergence zone north of the city isn’t likely to see any snow before morning. Bottom line, if you’re worried about getting around in the city late tonight/in the wee hours, it does NOT look like you’ll find icy roads, let alone snow.

4:16 AM: The temperature has finally started drifting downward, and so has a bit of snow – our friends in Ballard and Queen Anne have seen a bit, though the somewhat-serious stuff has remained toward the Snohomish/King line and points north. The latest “forecast discussion” envisions the potential for snow continuing to drift this way, with the advisory in effect through 11 am. Regardless of whether we get snow, we have wintriness – the temps are not expected to get any higher during the day – bundle up.

West Seattle Weather Watch: High tide swamps Alki; Delridge ramp flooded; possible snow

November 28, 2014 at 10:14 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | 29 Comments

(SCROLL DOWN for newest photos, info)

10:14 AM: We’ve been mentioning water woes on local roads in our ongoing traffic/weather report – and now, check this out! Thanks to Mike Mulligan for sharing the views from Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza and Alki Bathhouse as wind and rain combined with a 12.3-foot high tide this morning.

Reminds us of the big surge back in December 2012. This morning’s tide peaked at 9:41 am, and the rain is letting up a bit, but we’re off to check on some of this morning’s other reported swamped spots.

11:56 AM UPDATE: Just back.

(WSB photos/video from here on)
Even an hour and a half after high tide, the Alki Bathhouse/promenade was still getting deluged, as our Instagram clip shows:

To the east at Seacrest, very high water – the floating dock for the water taxi is almost up to the level of the fishing pier:

Perhaps lucky the Water Taxi’s not running today (extra holiday) – that would be a wild ride. You’ll also notice if you’re in that area, Elliott Bay has a taupe tinge to it today with so much stormwater rushing in. Meantime, back on the roads/paths, the Delridge onramp to the bridge is still flooded and closed:

If you veer to the left, you’ll find another spot of high water on that side of the road, too. And while traveling the peninsula’s periphery, we noticed numerous flooded spots – thanks to the texter who pointed us to this one, Fauntleroy Way between Raymond and Findlay:

Wherever you’re going – be careful, as some of the deep-water spots aren’t visible until you get right up to their edge. We’ll continue to update throughout the day; let us know if you’re seeing new troublespots (text/voice 206-293-6302 – thank you!).

1:50 PM: Just back from a journey through eastern West Seattle. A firefighter (we didn’t see which engine, and it’s not on the 911 list) was wading into the Delridge onramp mess – a WSB Facebook commenter says cars are now getting around the water and onto the bridge (we’ll check back before dusk). Along Delridge itself, deep water at intersections including Holden and Myrtle, on the northbound side; also the usual big puddle on southbound West Marginal Way just north of the Highland Park Way hill.

4:07 PM: Commenter Chuck says the ramp is open now. Meantime, the newest weather alert is out, and it’s a “winter weather advisory” for 9 pm tonight until 11 am tomorrow, still suggesting some snow – though it sounds far more likely north of Seattle, than here, but be ready anyway!

Post-Thanksgiving Friday morning: Traffic/transit & weather

November 28, 2014 at 7:50 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle traffic alerts, West Seattle weather | 3 Comments

(SCROLL DOWN for updates on weather-related trouble)

7:50 AM: Good morning! 4-day holiday weekend for so many people, the bridges are relatively clear:

Notes for getting around, plus the latest on the weather:

TRANSIT: Reduced weekday/no UW schedule today for MetroNo Water Taxi service today … Regular schedule for Sound Transit, and regular schedule for Washington State Ferries.

CITYWIDE ALERTS, INCLUDING DOWNTOWN PARADE: The SDOT holiday-weekend roundup includes road-closure info for downtown’s two big events today, the Macy’s Parade this morning and the Star Lighting tonight. (If you’re going to the parade, keep an eye out for local participants! We haven’t found the full lineup yet.)

WEATHER UPDATE: Rainy/breezy this morning, and temperatures are continuing to fall from yesterday’s unseasonable peak near 60. The National Weather Service‘s updated “special weather statement” says the possible snow you’ve heard about is more likely to the north tonight, maybe some over Seattle on Saturday morning. Here’s the newest forecast.

9 AM NOTE: Texter says the Delridge onramp to the bridge is flooded and all but unusable. We’ll be checking on it shortly.

9:22 AM NOTE: Another deep-water alert via text: “Large puddle, nearly reservoir, on Admiral Way eastbound at Schmitz Park.” (Thanks again for the alerts – text or call 206-293-6302 with urgent info any time.)

9:56 AM: Thanks to another texted tip – a semi-truck is on its side on the railroad-track overpass bridge at East Marginal Way S., just south of the West Seattle Bridge.

10:18 AM: Seattle Fire says the overturned tractor-trailer is “stable” but they have been working to free the driver’s arm, which is reported to be trapped under a seat.

10:52 AM: Major water over NB Fauntleroy south of Findlay.

West Seattle Weather Watch: ‘Warm’ now, snow by Saturday?

November 27, 2014 at 12:42 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle weather | Comments Off

12:42 PM: Thanks to John for the rainbow photo, looking toward the Fauntleroy ferry during one of today’s sunbreaks. This Thanksgiving Day is already making history – as of two hours ago, the National Weather Service tweeted, Sea-Tac Airport had already tied the record high for this date, 58 degrees. We don’t know if it went any higher, but right now, it’s a few degrees lower, and it’s going to keep sliding, with temps in the 30s expected by Friday night, along with a chance of snow – a chance that remains in the forecast up until about mid-morning Saturday. See the newest outlook here.

ADDED 3:06 PM: Thanks to Janna for sharing the new rainbow photo – taken at Alki!

ADDED 5:13 PM: Now there’s a special weather statement about the possible snow. So far, NWS says it’s more likely to the north on Friday night but might be more widespread Saturday morning.

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