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West Seattle weather: Longfellow Creek running high

11:14 AM: During the brief break in the rain – just ending, with more falling now – we went out for a look at the high water of Longfellow Creek. At the SW Yancy street end, just before Longfellow Creek goes back underground (by West Seattle Health Club), it’s been bubbling up through the utility covers, as you can see in our video above. We checked out the creek after Josh shared these photos via Twitter:

Thanks to those who also reported road puddling – mostly in recurring trouble spots, like Delridge at Myrtle (Amber posted a photo in a comment on the morning traffic watch). Forecast says the next round of rain could bring another inch. And after a dry start to January – we’re catching up – only half an inch behind the average as of midnight.

ADDED 12:15 PM: King County Wastewater Treatment says its Alki pump station had an overflow during the heavy rain. We’ll publish a separate story when we get details – but if you see warning signs at the beach sooner, that’s what’s up.

West Seattle weather: The big meltaway


Thanks to Scott Lipsky for the sunset view from Beach Drive tonight. After two weeks of the big chill, we’re on our way to the big meltaway – with temperatures high enough, and rain on the way, to get rid of the ice that’s been persisting on roadsides and in shallow ponds, among other spots. Rainfall so far this month is at only one inch – just a third of the normal almost-three inches.

West Seattle scene: Moonrise

20170112 175839 Seattle skyline - moonrise - 1024x1361

Before we get Friday coverage going – two views from Thursday night’s moonrise. Thanks to David Hutchinson for the closeup above, and Laura Winger for the wide view below:


Because of the full moon, we have “king tides” peaking this weekend – high tides of 12.9 feet are charted for 6:49 am Saturday and 7:27 am Sunday.

West Seattle scene: Wind-fueled waves


4:32 PM: Thanks to David Hutchinson for the photo – north wind and a 12-foot tide slapped the Alki promenade with big waves this afternoon. Can’t guarantee the north wind will return, but even-higher “king tides” are expected, peaking Saturday (6:49 am) and Sunday (7:27 am) mornings at 12.9 feet.

4:45 PM: Another photo arrived shortly after we published this – from Theresa, also near Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza:


ADDED 8:10 PM: More photos! This one’s from Robert Spears:


And from Aaron Whitmore:


MORE WEST SEATTLE SNOW? Winter Weather Advisory alert for 4 pm-6 am

11:07 AM: Some areas of West Seattle still have snow on the ground from last weekend – and we could see more tonight. The National Weather Service has a Winter Weather Advisory alert up for our area, officially starting t 4 pm and continuing through 6 am Sunday. From that alert:



So far, precipitation is running below normal – .43 of an inch at Sea-Tac Airport so far, less than half the normal 1.11.

7:56 AM SUNDAY: The alert has expired without snow materializing here.

PHOTOS: West Seattle views of 2017, day 2


So far, West Seattle is 2-for-2 in 2017 days with beautiful endings. Above, from Jim Clark, along Beach Dive; below, from Jonathan Shipley at Lincoln Park:


The moon and Venus were showing off high in the early-evening sky again tonight, Kanit Cottrell noticed from Gatewood:


The day began gorgeously, too:


Thanks to James Bratsanos for that early-morning view. And finally, a wildlife surprise:


Kersti Muul photographed the eagles by the California/Andover 76 station: “My boyfriend was pumping gas, I heard them and jumped out, such a strange place to hear an eagle. Perched on spruce, it looked me square in the eye.”

Thanks again for sharing photos – editor@westseattleblog.com or, if breaking news, text to 206-293-6302 – thank you!

PHOTOS: More views of snowy West Seattle New Year’s Day 2017


More snow photos to share from this frosty and frosted New Year’s Day in West Seattle. The first three, above and below, are from Gatewood photographer/pilot Long Bach Nguyen. If you don’t recognize the top photo, that’s Solstice Park (home to Alice Enevoldsen‘s solstice and equinox sunset watches) – not so much snow, but a unique aerial look at its patterns. Below, you see part of Gatewood and Sunrise Heights:


And next, a view over West Seattle, looking northeast toward downtown in the distance:


Now, ground-level views – here’s a view from the West Duwamish Greenbelt, shared by Elisa Zook:


David Williams photographed his yard southeast of Charlestown Hill:


From Sandra Braun:


And James Bratsanos caught the snowy Olympics early this morning:


First West Seattle sunset of 2017


4:59 PM: Spectacular sunset to start the first night of 2017! Thanks to Kendall Browne for the photo above. (Another sky sight: The crescent moon is visible right now.)

ADDED 7:38 PM: Two more New Year’s Day sunset views – first, from North Admiral, by Ryan O’Keven:


And from Chris Frankovich:


Thanks again for sharing photos, video news tips, reader reports … editor@westseattleblog.com is preferred when it’s not “breaking,” 206-293-6302 (text/voice) when it is … looking forward to another excellent year, our 10th year of serving West Seattle with 24/7/365 news.

UPDATE: West Seattle snow to start the new year

5:10 AM: In the past few hours, we’ve seen half an inch or so of snow here in Upper Fauntleroy, east of Lincoln Park. At least, that’s how much has stuck to cars, fence tops, and planting strips. More is falling, but it’s also melting in the street – audibly, by the storm drains – and driving down toward The Junction was no problem. It’s still snowing lightly, and the National Weather Service‘s 3 am “forecast discussion” says: “The Seattle metro will continue to see a threat of snow through the morning as the back edge of a band (currently over the San Juans and Skagit) pushes south. A trace to 1/2″ of snow is possible…with up to 1″ at the high end.” South of here, the NWS says, they’ve seen more.

5:17 AM: Buses are on snow routes around King County, including here, according to Metro’s website. West Seattle is in what Metro calls the South Seattle zone, so you can use that to sort the updates on this page.

6 AM: Sounds (and looks) from comments so far that eastern/southern West Seattle is snowiest.

(Added: Photo from Mike R. in Arbor Heights)

8:41 AM: From Metro:

8:51 AM: And now the C Line is back to its regular route too.

9:46 AM: Looks like little if any snow on Alki, at least as seen by our crew in photographing Polar Bear Swimmers on the way to the 10 am event (the lampshade caught our attention):


No more snow in the forecast so far, but it’s expected to be cold for the next few days, highs in the 30s, lows in the 20s.

West Seattle weather: Seeing some snow; new alert for tonight and tomorrow morning

(A few seconds of snowfall during one of the heavier showers)

12:37 PM: The newest forecast from the National Weather Service says, “A SLIGHT CHANCE OF RAIN AND SNOW IN THE AFTERNOON. SNOW LEVEL NEAR 500 FEET.” We’re at about 350′, uphill from and east of Lincoln Park, and seeing a snow shower for the past 10 minutes or so. How about you?

1:20 PM: Seems to be lightening up, at least here. Hasn’t yet reached the point of sticking, not even on car tops.

1:30 PM: Hasn’t stopped yet. Gets lighter, gets heavier, gets lighter. By the way, here’s Cliff Mass‘s most-recent update – in short, he says it’s still hard to predict exactly how this is going to play out over the next 12 hours or so.

(Just plain gray at Alki, but beautiful – WSB photo by Leda Costa)

2:13 PM: Minutes ago, the National Weather Service added our area to the Winter Weather Advisory alert for tonight and tomorrow morning – it’ll be in effect 10 pm until 10 am. “Up to 2 inches [of snow] with locally higher amounts possible,” says the NWS.

4:56 PM: As night arrives, it’s NOT snowing. So far. But wear (or take along) shoes/boots with traction, in case that changes later.

WEATHER ALERT: Lower temps on the way; possibly snow too

(The Olympics on Christmas Day, photographed by Long Bach Nguyen)

In the three weeks since we last saw notable snow, the forecast has hinted repeatedly at more, but it hasn’t materialized. Now there’s word of possible snow, as well as subnormal temperatures, starting New Year’s Eve. The National Weather Service sent out an alert tonight (thanks to @westseawx for the heads-up):

… Confidence is fairly high about the large-scale weather setup, which shows cold Canadian air spreading south on Saturday night, nipping at the heels of exiting showers later Saturday night and on Sunday morning. So the main forecast issues to resolve will be knowing where showers will focus and be heaviest, when a transition from rain to snow will occur, and how soon showers exit the area.

Depending on these timing and coverage details, it appears most of the interior lowlands will get a Trace to 3 inches of snow.

From the Seattle area on north to the Canadian border, there is a high likelihood of many places exceeding one inch of snow. The most likely time for snow near Bellingham is early Saturday evening, then later evening further south in the Seattle area. …

The New Year is set to start with at least a few days of highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s.

WEST SEATTLE CHRISTMAS 2016: Sky & skyline

More beautiful views to share while enjoying the holiday. The day began with an enormous canopy of pink-orange overhead – Jenny‘s photo is above; Sandra sent the one below:


A little later in the morning, Chris Frankovich photographed the Olympics:


And though it’s not from West Seattle – we can’t resist sharing this city view tweeted at us (and a few other news outlets) by Marcus:

Sunset tonight is 4:23 pm, per the WSB West Seattle Weather page.

West Seattle scene: Holiday sunset

December 24, 2016 4:50 pm
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Thanks to James Bratsanos for the sunset photo on this Christmas Eve/first night of Hanukkah! It’ll be chilly through tomorrow, forecasters say.

TRAFFIC, TRANSIT, WEATHER: First day of winter

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

7:11 AM: Good morning. Winter arrived four and a half hours ago, and the weather’s calmer than it’s been for a while – forecast to be mostly sunny and 40ish today. No trouble reported on the roads and paths in and from West Seattle right now.

TRAFFIC, TRANSIT, WEATHER: Windy Tuesday morning

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

7:06 AM: As forecast, it’s windy. The Seattle City Light outage map shows only one small spot of power trouble in West Seattle so far – nine homes out in Upper Fauntleroy, blamed on “tree.”

No traffic/transit trouble spots reported in our area, so far.

7:55 AM: Reader reported a crash “in the 99 lane” on the bridge. Couldn’t tell from the live video feed so we flagged SDOT on Twitter and they’re zooming in for a look – so far nothing.

Overall, for the region, WSDOT – which monitors the major highways – says travel times are below normal.

8:18 AM: We published the SDOT announcement late yesterday that the two-years-in-the-making 30 mph speed limit for Delridge Way would take effect today. Just got a text (thanks!) that the promised mobile-radar sign has appeared at Delridge/Oregon and crews appear to be moving on to other signage. We’re en route to check.

9:15 AM: Tweeted by Sean:

10:12 AM: The truck situation has blocked the ramp, we’re told.

West Seattle weather update: Tuesday alert now a ‘Wind Advisory’

December 19, 2016 1:30 pm
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1:30 PM: New weather alert – the National Weather Service has a “High Wind Watch” set to kick in very late tonight. The NWS says, “West to Southwest winds are expected to increase to 20 to 35 mph, with local gusts to around 50 mph, early Tuesday morning and then continue through most of Tuesday.”

6:01 PM: The alert has been reduced to a “Wind Advisory” for 4 am-6 pm Tuesday. The potential wind speeds are the same as above.

WEDNESDAY: Winter Solstice Sunset Watch 2016 with Alice

December 18, 2016 4:27 pm
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(December 2014 solstice-sunset-watch photo shared by Lori)

With a few days of below-freezing weather, you might forget that technically, winter hasn’t even started yet. It officially arrives at 2:44 am our time Wednesday (December 21st) – and hours later, Alice Enevoldsen will be at West Seattle’s Solstice Park for her quarterly sunset watch:

It’s time for the 31st seasonal sunset watch!

When: Wednesday, December 21 at 4:05 (so come at 3:45 pm)

Actual sunset is supposed to be at 4:20 pm, but we have noticed that the Sun sets about 10 minutes earlier than the USNO says, because of the horizon altitude.

Where: Solstice Park – all the way up the hill from the tennis courts (or, if you’re not in Seattle, wherever you have a view of the western horizon!)

Who: Everyone welcome, as usual. (Please do leash your dogs as we usually have a good number of people, kids, and other dogs around.)

Alice is a volunteer NASA Solar System Ambassador and has been hosting solstice and equinox sunset watches as part of her commitment to community involvement and education. (They’re fun, too!)

West Seattle scene: Wind and waves as 2016’s highest tide hits


Thanks to Jason Bell for the Friday morning photos from Alki, less than an hour after the highest tide of the month, 13.0 feet at 7:07 am. A brisk wind brought spray as well as seawall slopover.


Saturday morning’s tide will be almost as high, peaking at 12.9 feet just before 8 am. If you go out to watch, bundle up – the temperature (already into the mid-20s as we write this) will be even lower than it was this morning.


(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

6:48 AM: Good morning! No incidents in/from West Seattle so far. But it’s at or below freezing out there, so ice is possible here and there. The National Weather Service‘s “forecast discussion” says flurries are possible tonight but nothing major.

WEATHER, TRAFFIC, SCHOOLS: Post-snowfall Friday


(Click any view for a close-up; more cameras on the WSB Traffic page)

ORIGINAL REPORT 5:31 AM: Good morning! After a snowy night, schools are opening late today:

SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS: 2 hours late, buses on snow routes (full details here)
Explorer West Middle School 10 am start
Westside School 10 am start
Our Lady of Guadalupe 10:30 am start
Holy Rosary 10:25 am start
Hope Lutheran (see comment): Students should arrive 10:15-10:30
Holy Family: 10 am start

editor@westseattleblog.com with your school update – thanks!

TRANSIT: Metro says many routes are delayed. (See comments below for bus riders’ reports.)

ROADS: Side streets are the main challenge, but you might encounter slickness anywhere. It’s above freezing now, but not by much.

6:53 AM: We are continuing to update the school list. Also of note, the forecast: The “winter weather advisory” is set to expire at 8 am. Here’s the overnight “forecast discussion” (next one due around 9 am, same link).

7:11 AM: This is the kind of situation you might encounter on non-arterials:


Kevin Freitas tweeted that photo: “Truck stuck SW 36th Ave, Alaska/Edmunds. They service The Mount & have to back in to their loading dock. Not today.”

7:57 AM: Thanks to Nick for this note, also mentioned in comments: “There’s a jackknifed 56 bus in the middle of Admiral, just before Admiral and California, on the hill down by the green belt.”

9:04 AM: Remember, schools are running late this morning, so you’ll see school buses, walkers, riders in the next hour or so that you usually wouldn’t at this time of day. While the main roads are mostly bare, still snow off the roads. Here’s Junction Plaza Park:

Just in from the Seattle Public Library:

Branch locations of The Seattle Public Library regularly open today, Friday, Dec. 9, will have a delayed start of noon due to the snow. The Central Library, 1000 Fourth Ave., will open at its 10 a.m. regular time.


(Where has SDOT plowed/sanded/salted? Go here. Where is Metro re-routing? Go here.)

(Thanks to Brian Presser of TouchTech Systems for the Junction snow photo)

8:58 PM: While we’ve had reports of flakes here and there for more than an hour, only now is it starting to get a bit more serious, so we’re launching tonight’s snow coverage to see how long it lasts and what the forecasters have to say.

(Sunrise Heights snow photo by Jethro)

Photos appreciated – editor@westseattleblog.com – thanks! For now, the official alert level remains “Winter Weather Advisory,” in effect until 8 am Friday.

9:27 PM: Snowiest traffic camera so far is the one at the Fauntleroy ferry dock – the screengrab is from a few minutes ago. And Thomas Starks just sent this video from Alki:

WSB’s Christopher Boffoli caught the snowfall between Admiral and Alaska Junctions:


Here’s the newest National Weather Service “forecast discussion,” saying this is playing out pretty much as they had expected, and that it’s still due to change over to rain. Then a few days down the road – there’s the chance of more Sunday/Monday, per the NWS.

9:54 PM: From Twitter:

Generally SPS won’t make a decision until early morning – we will of course be keeping watch for that. In the meantime, you can watch snow in the streetlights on the bridges via the “live video” links from West Seattle at the lower right of the city’s travelers-info map. In The Junction, for example, snow’s sticking on the road – just grabbed this traffic-cam view:

10:25 PM: 911 log has a report of wires down at Fauntleroy/Trenton. You can see emergency lights in this screengrab from the nearest traffic cam:

Not far away, from Tamsen Spengler of the West Seattle Timebank, a pastoral scene northeast of Morgan Junction:


10:36 PM: Metro just announced it has some buses on snow routes, including some West Seattle/White Center-area routes.

10:55 PM: Be extra careful if you’re going out – sledding is under way on some hills:

That video was sent by Cynthia.

1:43 AM South Seattle College has announced a delayed opening today – 10 am.

5:30 AM: And Seattle Public Schools are running late too – 2-hour delay. We’re starting a morning weather/traffic/schools story next.

ADDED: A few more photos shared by WSB readers overnight. From David Williams, the “Nightmare on 45th” yard turned into a Snowmare:


From Donna @ 49th/Dawson:


WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Some snow still expected tonight

(The Olympics, photographed today by James Bratsanos)

10:59 AM: It’s midmorning and that means the National Weather Service is out with its newest “forecast discussion.” The outlook right now, the NWS says, is for snow tonight, but not for long: “A front will reach the area this evening. With cold air in place, the precipitation will be snow, then turning to rain by daybreak for most areas,” at least an inch before the switch. Read the full outlook here.

7:23 PM: We’re hearing reports of some flake sightings in West Seattle. If and when it starts to get significant, we’ll launch new coverage.

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