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TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday updates, alerts; 14th/Henderson crash

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6:55 AM: Happy Friday! No incidents in or from West Seattle so far. One alert, for tomorrow:

CRANE REMOVAL AT 35TH/AVALON: Here’s the alert we published Thursday. The contractor says four lanes adjacent to the Aura mixed-use project on 35th south of Avalon will be closed for most of Saturday as they remove the tower crane. Avoid the area. No bus rerouting announced.

7:24 AM: SDOT reports a crash blocking the left lane of the eastbound bridge at 4th Avenue South.

7:56 AM: SDOT says that’s cleared.

8:16 AM: Crash reported at 14th/Henderson is not affecting traffic. SPD tells us a drowsy driver hit a parked car; 2 people hurt.


8:59 AM: Added a photo from 14th/Henderson scene. SPD says the truck at left was headed west on Henderson when the driver veered out of his lane and into the parked pickup.

1:10 PM: Added – another weekend traffic advisory, this one for the south side of downtown, but you might be interested:

The Seattle Department of Transportation advises travelers of weekend closure of 4th Avenue South (northbound one-way) between South Jackson and South Main streets. 4th Avenue South will be closed from Saturday February 6th at 1 a.m. to Sunday, February 7th at 11:59 p.m. for removal of a tower crane by a private construction company. Metro transit will be able to pass thru on the west side of the bus island, not general traffic.

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UPDATE: 1 hurt in crash at 36th and Morgan

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2:18 AM: If you heard the sirens: A Seattle Fire “heavy rescue” response went out a few minutes ago for a crash at 36th and Morgan. It’s already been scaled back to some degree; we’re on our way to find out more.

2:40 AM: One woman has been taken to the hospital, police tell us. A car is on its side in the planting strip on the east side of 36th south of Morgan; what appears to have been a parked pickup (now pointed uphill, southbound) has major rear-end damage.

2:52 AM: Morgan is open again after more SFD units left. Tow truck is arriving.

35th SW lane closures Saturday as crane for Aura comes down; Avalon work to follow


11:59 AM: Just announced: The tower crane for the mixed-use project Aura on 35th SW just south of SW Avalon is coming down on Saturday, and that means lane closures on 35th. Also note work on Avalon to follow next week. From contractor Compass:

This Saturday (February 6th, 2016) we will be closing down the 4 lanes on 35th Ave SW adjacent our site to dismantle our tower crane (all of which has been approved by the City of Seattle). The road will be signed accordingly and a police officer will be present to direct traffic (see attached traffic control plan for reference). The plan is to roll on site at 5:00 am Saturday with a mobile crane so we can start work by 7:00 am.

Weather permitting, we’ll have the crane completely dismantled and hauled off by 9:00pm. Though we are permitted to work until 10 PM with the lane closures, we are confident (weather permitting) we will be out of there before then. However, if we run into complications, we will wrap up Sunday morning. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause to your weekend commutes.

Lastly, we will begin work an Avalon St. next week as we connect our underground utilities. This work will take almost 2 weeks, and will be performed between 8:00am and 4:00pm. The lanes will be modified as we trench across the street, however, they will be signed accordingly and hopefully will not impede the daily commuters significantly.

Aura’s crane went up 14 months ago. When it’s down, two will remain in West Seattle for now, both at The Whittaker‘s site (4755 Fauntleroy Way SW).

1:10 PM: We’ve added a photo and corrected the project’s name – it’s Aura, as previously reported here.


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6:56 AM: Good morning. So far, no incidents reported in/from West Seattle.

7:43 AM: A crash is reported at 24th/Holden.

7:52 AM: Via Twitter, Michael reports lower Spokane backed up @ Alaskan, possibly by signal issues.

UPDATE: Emergency response at 35th and Barton


11:24 AM: If you’re headed southbound on 35th SW, you’ll want to divert before you get to SW Barton. Police and Fire crews are on scene right now and the southbound lanes are blocked. Texters said someone appeared to be “lying in the road.” We’re here now and checking but wanted to get the alert out for starters.

11:28 AM: A lane is open again so southbound traffic can get around the scene. We talked to police, who say it does not appear anyone struck the man – this isn’t a crash investigation – but SFD is evaluating him to try to find out what’s wrong.

11:42 AM: A private ambulance was headed that way, indicating non-life-threatening injury/illness.


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6:55 AM: No incidents of note on routes in/from West Seattle so far this morning.

7:16 AM: In case you missed our mention last nightMetro is circulating another reminder of its systemwide changes next month. Biggest one for West Seattle is the RapidRide C Line/D Line separation, which will include the C Line going to and ending in South Lake Union.

8:16 AM: Still incident-free this morning.

11:04 AM: As Kara points out in comments, northbound 4th Ave. S. has police activity; it’s because of a shooting on board a Metro bus. NB Route 132 (which originates in Burien), we’ve confirmed with King County DOT. One person is in custody and another sought; a 22-year-old man has been taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound.


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6:58 AM: Good morning – no incidents in/from West Seattle reported so far.

7:36 AM: If you take NB 509, note there’s a stalled semitruck blocking a lane at Cloverdale.

8:43 AM: That’s finally clear.

8:58 AM: The overnight work that’s scheduled to close SW Alaska at Fauntleroy again nightly in the 8 pm-6 am vicinity for a week or so has been delayed, we just found out; it was expected to start last night. We’ll update when we get word it’s going to begin.

TRAFFIC ALERTS: SB 35th SW at Graham; SB 4th Ave. S.; Highland Park Way and Holden

(WSB photo, 35th SW between Graham and Morgan)

5:03 PM: Two traffic alerts as the heart of the evening commute approaches – one, a crash reported at 35th and Morgan; second (thanks to Roxy for the tip), police activity has closed 4th Avenue South by the I-90 ramp. More as we get it.

5:24 PM: The crash on 35th is blocking southbound lanes just south of Graham, which is where police are diverting traffic westbound on Graham – 36th SW, south of Graham, southbound, is jammed as a result. No serious injuries in the crash, SPD tells us. Meantime, the 4th Ave. S. situation continues – not a crash, but some kind of police activity – and is backing up alternate routes including 2nd, says SDOT.

5:47 PM: And here’s what SPD says the 4th Avenue S. situation is about:

SPD says they’re 13, 16, and 17 years old.

5:49 PM: And now there’s a crash at Highland Park Way and Holden. (added) Reported to be “3 or 4 vehicles.”

6:04 PM: Texter says the crash is stopping traffic headed uphill; SPD says Holden is subject to closure until it’s cleared.

6:22 PM: We are at the HP scene.


(photo added) 2 people have been taken to the hospital, police tell us. Uphill traffic has to go right onto westbound Holden.

6:48 PM: On our way back from HP Way, we doublechecked 35th/Graham; that scene is clear, and SDOT says two lanes have reopened on 4th Avenue S. at the earlier arrest scene. As for the current West Seattle incident – please let us know if you go through HP Way/Holden and it’s clear, as we won’t be able to get back there to check any time soon – thank you.

7:28 AM: Thanks to Sage K. for reporting in comments that HP Way is now clear too.


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6:25 AM: Welcome to February! We start with a road-work note looking ahead to tonight:

NIGHTTIME CLOSURE IN THE JUNCTION: If you’re driving in The Junction tonight or any night this week, approximately 8 pm to 6 am, be aware that road work related to the new crossing coming in with The Whittaker will close a block of SW Alaska west of Fauntleroy Way, same thing that happened multiple nights last month.

8:01 AM: WSDOT says a shortlived stall that was backing things up on the ramp to NB I-5 has cleared.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Westbound bridge crash

The westbound bridge is backed up to I-5 from a crash around 1st Avenue before 9:30 pm, almost an hour ago but the good news is, according to a texter who just sent a photo (added above), tow crews appear to be finishing up at the scene. The residual backup might take a while to clear.

TRAFFIC ALERT UPDATE: Crash cleared on NB I-5 by bridge

1:28 PM: If you’re heading out of West Seattle shortly, be aware that a big Seattle Fire response is arriving at a “heavy rescue” call that’s now reported to be on northbound I-5 just north of the West Seattle Bridge. More as we get it.

1:31 PM: Now that’s changed again to just south of the WS Bridge, and everyone is reported to be out of the crashed vehicle, so the “heavy rescue” response is being downsized.

1:54 PM: The crash is now reported to be blocking three lanes. So this is more an alert if you’re headed this way on NB I-5 toward the bridge.

2:22 PM: The crash and resulting backup have cleared.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Nighttime closures in The Junction next week

Every night next week, you’ll see another round of overnight closures on SW Alaska between 40th SW and Fauntleroy Way, like the ones earlier this month. That’s the word from the project team for The Whittaker (the 4755 Fauntleroy mixed-use development), as work on the new Alaska/39th/Fauntleroy crossing continues. The work, generally to be done between 8 pm and 6 am, will include temporary road repairs that they hope to finish the night of the 8th (one week from Monday).


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6:43 AM: Good morning. No incidents in/from West Seattle so far, but some notes/alerts to share:

WATER TAXI: Doc Maynard has returned to the West Seattle run this morning, now that Sally Fox is fixed and back for Vashon.


Contractor crews working for the Washington State Department of Transportation continue building sign foundations along a one-mile stretch of SR 99/Aurora Avenue North, intermittently closing two lanes in each direction. This Friday night through Saturday morning, two lanes will be closed between Highland Drive, just north of Mercer Street and the Aurora Bridge. The closure starts at 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29 and will end by 11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 30.

A reminder to drivers that one median lane will remain closed around the clock until this first phase of work is complete.

8:12 AM: Trouble on northbound I-5 – crash blocking a lane near the James/Madison exits.

8:25 AM: SDOT reports a crash at 35th/Avalon. The SFD response is already closed, so no serious injuries.

8:30 AM: … and now a new dispatch to the same incident. If you’re on the bus or at the stop and can see it, let us know – 206-293-6302 text or voice – scanner info can be cursory.

8:52 AM: Thanks to the texters who’ve sent details on 35th/Avalon – it’s blocking the middle lane northbound but vehicles including buses are able to get around.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash at 8th/Roxbury

4:09 PM: Just in case you’re about to head back this way – an afternoon traffic alert on a major arterial: A crash reported at 9th and Roxbury. No Seattle Fire dispatch so far, so injuries, if any, apparently are not major. We’re on our way for a look.

4:15 PM: Our crew reports that the vehicles are on 8th, not 9th, on the north side of the intersection, and off to the side. A tow truck’s there already. So, no notable traffic effects.


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6:21 AM: We start off with continued heavy rain and a commute more fit for a boat than anything else. Speaking of boats, the Spirit of Kingston continues filling in on the West Seattle Water Taxi run while Doc Maynard is on the Vashon run; King County DOT isn’t sure yet how long Sally Fox will be in for repairs.

7:23 AM: Thanks to the texter who reports a Metro bus is stuck at 39th SW and SW 106th in Arbor Heights: “Trying ot turn the corner, traffic can’t get through.”

8:39 AM – REMINDER FOR TONIGHT: If you’re interested in seeing light rail to West Seattle, don’t miss tonight’s West Seattle Transportation Committee meeting – their “call to action” before Sound Transit decides what it will include in this year’s ballot measure. The meeting is at 6:30 pm at a new location for the group – The Kenney (WSB sponsor), 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW. Full details here.

9:59 AM: The Issaquah will be taken off the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth ferry run for repairs in a few hours, and here are the effects WSF sees so far:

The Issaquah will be temporarily pulled out of service at 12:00 noon today for necessary repairs. The following departures will be cancelled: 12:00 pm Vashon, 12:20 pm Southworth, 12:40 pm Vashon, 1:20pm Fauntleroy, and 1:50 pm Vashon. All other sailings will depart as regularly scheduled until Issaquah returns to service.

10:04 AM: If you’re heading this way via southbound Highway 99, beware of a crash on the Viaduct:

10:07 AM: Good news – SDOT says it’s cleared.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday updates; bridge crashes

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6:29 AM: No incidents in or from West Seattle so far this morning. Rainy, though.

7:48 AM: Texter reports a crash on the eastbound bridge near Nucor. No fire callout on the 911 log, so apparently no major injuries.

8 AM: Just had the dispatch for that. Right lane blocked; no injuries reported but “one vehicle is not drivable” so it’s not going to clear quickly.

8:25 AM: Now another dispatch for a crash on the eastbound bridge, this one described as closer to the 99 exit. So if you’re headed toward the bridge – beware. Consider waiting a while if you can.

8:31 AM: That one has cleared, but the other one is still blocking, further west, as SDOT tweeted:

8:42 AM: SDOT says that crash is now clear too – so the bridge should be getting back to something resembling normal.

10:05 AM: … but not for long. Now, yet another crash on the eastbound bridge, this time reported to be under the 99 overpass.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: January’s final Monday

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6:07 AM: Welcome to the new week – and the last Monday in January. Notes to begin with:

FERRIES BACK TO FULL STRENGTH: As of last night, the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth run is back to full capacity, with M/V Issaquah replacing M/V Tillikum.

HIGHWAY 99 LANE CLOSURES CONTINUE: Today starts the second week of closures north of downtown. So far, they haven’t affected the northbound commute from here.

21ST AVENUE SW: Delridge-Highland Park Greenway work continues between 22nd and Dawson, according to the newest update.

RESTORATION WORK AT CONSTELLATION PARK: The emergency sewer-pipe-repair work wrapped up on Saturday but crews are expected back, possibly soon as today, to wrap up work where they were digging at 63rd SW/Beach Drive SW.

SOUND TRANSIT FARE INCREASE: We’ve already mentioned the Water Taxi‘s fare increase coming up March 1st. Also raising fares on that date: Sound Transit, including Express buses like 560, which serves our area and will see a 25-cent increase. A special new fare for low-income adults will take effect March 1st. See all the new fares here.

8:34 AM: Seattle Fire medical response has been taking up one lane at 21st and Roxbury, near Holy Family, but not for much longer, and eastbound traffic has been getting around by using the center lane. We went over to check; they were helping a person with a medical issue – no crash involved.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday on the move

6:35 AM: Good morning! No incidents so far in our area but as SDOT points out, congestion is “building.”

WEEKEND REMINDERS: The Highway 99 lane closures north of downtown continue; we’re mentioning them in case you’re heading that way this weekend but hadn’t done so during the week. Also, there’s weekend work on westbound I-90.

7:54 AM: As currently shown in the fourth camera in our view above, a car has spun out in the westbound lanes of the Fauntleroy end of the bridge near Walking on Logs.

8:22 AM: The eastbound bridge was closed briefly for barrier repair related to that crash. SDOT says it’s open again.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Rainy Thursday updates

6:21 AM: Good morning! Give yourself extra time today – no incidents so far but the rain’s been heavy at times.

3 ROAD-WORK ALERTS: Here’s new information about the Delridge-Highland Park Greenway work … ongoing nighttime work on SW Alaska west of Fauntleroy … and the lane closures on Highway 99 north of downtown continue.

7:04 AM: Northbound 99 is slowing because of what SDOT says is a stall south of the Seneca exit.

7:14 AM: SDOT says that stall has now cleared, but “residual backups” remain a factor.

7:47 AM: SDOT now reports a crash at W. Marginal and Highland Park Way.

8:10 AM: Now, bridge trouble: SPD has just been dispatched to a stalled vehicle on the eastbound West Seattle Bridge, “at the high rise.”

8:29 AM: Mike says via Twitter that things are “backed up to The Junction.” MJR in comments says police are with the stalled vehicle and the bridge is “wide open” once you pass it.

9:31 AM: That stall, by the way, cleared before 9 am, per SDOT. As noted in comments, though, the bridge is still very slow going. And now a commenter reports a new stall.

ROAD WORK UPDATES: What’s next along Delridge-Highland Park Greenway

(WSB photo from Tuesday)

Just in from the team working on the Delridge-Highland Park Greenway, updates on what they’re doing now and plan to do next:

21st Ave SW between 22nd Ave SW and SW Dawson St

Crews recently completed drainage improvements just south of where 22nd Ave SW merges with 21st Ave SW. Crews will return next week to repair the curb on the west side of the merge and pave the remaining gravel areas north and south of the landing on the east side of 21st Ave SW.

Installation of the sidewalk on the west side of 21st Ave SW between 22nd Ave SW and SW Dawson St is currently underway and, weather permitting, should be complete by January 29.

17th Ave SW cul-de-sac between SW Myrtle and SW Webster streets

Once work on 21st Ave SW is complete, construction will continue on a pedestrian and bicycle pathway at the cul-de-sac on 17th Ave SW between SW Myrtle and SW Webster streets. This work will require water shut-offs while crews install steel casing to create the pathway. Seattle Public Utilities will provide advance notification of these shut-offs.

For information regarding water shut-offs, please call the SPU Residential Customer Service hotline at (206) 684-3000.

Click here to view the construction notice

15th Ave SW and SW Holden St

The south side of the intersection at SW Holden St and 15th Ave SW will be closed until Friday, January 22, while crews complete installation of curb ramps and sidewalk. Those needing local access to 15th Ave SW are encouraged to use SW Kenyon St to the south.

Click here to view construction notice

The Delridge-Highland Park Neighborhood Greenway will connect West Seattle to White Center, running generally along 21st Ave SW in the north and 17th Ave SW in the south. Construction started in late August 2015 and will take approximately 6 months to complete, weather permitting.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Wednesday updates

6:38 AM: Good morning! No incidents in/from our area in the early going. Road-work notes:

*Lane closures on Highway 99 north of downtown continue. During the first full day, on Tuesday, most of the reported effects were in the southbound direction.

*Delridge/Highland Park Greenway work continues on multiple streets.

*If you’ve happened onto the nighttime closure of one block of Alaska west of Fauntleroy, here’s what it’s about.

8:12 AM: If you ride Sound Transit 560 – ST has just sent an alert that riders “should anticipate delays” on the route because of trouble on SB I-405.

TRAFFIC ALERT FOR TONIGHT: Southbound I-5 work near West Seattle Bridge exit

WSDOT wants to be sure you know about emergency road work tonight on southbound I-5 right before the West Seattle Bridge exit. From 9 pm to 5 am tonight (Tuesday night into Wednesday morning), they’ll close up to three left lanes for expansion-joint-repair work. The exit lane for the bridge and one through lane will remain open, but you could find unexpected backups, so WSDOT is sounding the alarm.

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