TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Rainy Wednesday; 35th SW ‘kickoff’ tonight

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
6:34 AM: Early trouble: Northbound I-5 is backed up to and through downtown because of a jack-knifed semi-truck near Mercer, currently blocking the two left lanes. And if for any reason you are headed this way from north of downtown, the southbound Battery Street Tunnel is closed with a stalled vehicle.

6:43 AM: WSDOT reports tow trucks have pulled the semi out of the way, so now it’s just “residual backup” on northbound I-5. We’ll take the chance to publish this morning’s transportation-news notes:

35TH SW SAFETY PROJECT KICKOFF MEETING TONIGHT: 6:30 pm at Neighborhood House’s High Point Center (6400 Sylvan Way SW), a meeting you could say has been years in the making. This isn’t the unveiling of a plan, according to SDOT, but an “issue identification/feedback session,” as explained a ways down the project’s home page.

7:07 AM: The southbound Battery Street Tunnel has reopened.

‘WHAT TIME DO YOU HIT THE BRIDGE?’: WSB Forums member “Beaglenut” is asking the question here as an informal poll. Come back for the link later and jump into the conversation!

7:47 AM: New truck trouble on NB I-5 into downtown – a stalled semi in the right lane before the Convention Center lid.

8:26 AM: Delridge has been worse than usual, per commenters. Nothing officially on the logs or otherwise mentioned, so we’re not sure if there’s a specific cause besides “terrible commuting morning overall.”

In cheerier news – If you ride ferries or maybe the Vashon Water Taxi, watch again for whales. We reported late-in-the-day sightings yesterday – and now an Orca Network commenter on Facebook has first word of one today, a few whales seen last hour from the Bainbridge ferry.

8:35 AM: Thanks to Dartanyon for the tip via Twitter, if you’re headed toward Beacon Hill: “Disabled Vehicle left lane, Spokane Street between 14th and 15th.”

9:15 AM: SPD tweets that there’s been a spinout in the NORTHBOUND Battery Street Tunnel, with one lane blocked.

9:45 AM: Now **all** northbound lanes of 99 at the tunnel are reported by SDOT to be blocked while tow crews clear everything out.

9:53 AM: All lanes open, per SPD.

3 PM: Various traffic challenges around West Seattle but biggest one is likely to last into the afternoon commute, at last report: 9th SW at Henderson, Barton, Trenton is closed because of a power-pole fire; the pole is going to be replaced, we were told.

West Seattle traffic alert: 3-car crash at 16th/Myrtle

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Nobody’s hurt, according to police, but a three-car crash at 16th/Myrtle is causing some traffic trouble – as you probably know, that’s on the road to/from South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) and not far from Sanislo Elementary. If you don’t absolutely HAVE to head that way, you might consider waiting a while. Tow crews are on the way.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday updates; ferry-dock alert

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Good morning! Time to keep watch for anything out of the ordinary on the roads/paths … One alert for today:

FAUNTLEROY FERRY DOCK ALERT: Today’s the day that the Barton Pump Station Upgrade north of the dock – close to complete! – will be affecting many dock users. As noted in the alert issued last week, from about 7 am-3:30 pm today, the north-side toll booth and lane will be closed. See the dock’s cameras and wait times here.

11:33 AM: Three-car crash said to be blocking part of the road at 16th/Myrtle.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Monday gets going

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
6:41 AM: So far, today’s traffic trouble is all far north of the city. After more rain overnight, it’s still a challenge elsewhere, though, so take care. So far for this week, no major traffic alerts, but we do have one note: This is the last week of the 7-day schedule on the West Seattle Water Taxi; one week from today, the weekday-only fall/winter schedule begins (preview it here).

8:58 AM UPDATE: If you are headed for southbound I-5, you might want to wait or find an alternative – a crash by Boeing Field has drawn a major emergency response.

Traffic-alert update: Alaskan Way Viaduct reopens early

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8:47 AM: We’ve confirmed by phone with a WSDOT spokesperson that the Alaskan Way Viaduct inspection work ended early, so they will NOT be closing Highway 99 between the West Seattle Bridge and Battery Street Tunnel again today after all. The closure from the tunnel north to Valley St. IS continuing, though, so if you’re using the NB Viaduct, you’ll have to exit at Western Avenue (if not sooner).

SUNDAY NIGHT NOTE: The northern closure ended early, too, so Highway 99 is fully open both ways.

West Seattle traffic alerts: Delridge ramp to bridge; Highland Park Way

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Two traffic alerts right now: First, according to scanner traffic, police are blocking off the Delridge Way onramps to the West Seattle Bridge because of a medic response on the bridge. That’s all we know so far. Also, @mjs1980 tweets that there’s a police car and tow truck with a vehicle on the uphill side of the Highland Park Way hill, so if you’re headed that way, be careful.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday updates; this weekend’s Highway 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct closures

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Happy Friday! This weekend’s big traffic news will be the Highway 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct closures, so we’ll get right to that reminder:

HIGHWAY 99/ALASKAN WAY CLOSURES THIS WEEKEND: The multi-part closure is explained here. The main parts you should know about: (1) From the Battery Street Tunnel north to Valley Street, Highway 99 will be closed all weekend, from late tonight until early Monday. (2) The stretch from the West Seattle Bridge to the BS Tunnel will be closed for its semiannual inspection, 6 am-6 pm Saturday and Sunday.

OTHER WEEKEND ALERTS: SDOT‘s citywide list is here, including another major closure this weekend – the 520 bridge.

TWO UPCOMING LOCAL ALERTS: Both published here Thursday – one for 26th SW in North Delridge, one for two FYI’s related to the Fauntleroy ferry dock.

10:42 AM: Julia tweets that the 35th/Roxbury signal is out. We’re heading out to check.

Use the Fauntleroy ferry dock? Two alerts, from WSF and KCWTD

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These two advisories are from different agencies but both are potentially of interest to Fauntleroy ferry-dock users.


Starting Saturday, Oct. 18 through Tuesday, Oct. 21, customers travelling on the Fauntleroy/Vashon/Southworth route are advised to prepare for longer than usual wait times due to a possible vessel downsizing and a two-boat schedule. The temporary downsizing and 2-boat schedule may be needed in order to maintain a full, system-wide sailing schedule while the Wenatchee is out of service for its annual mandatory U.S. Coast Guard safety inspection. Updates will occur as more information is known.

ONE-DAY REDUCTION IN BOOTH/LANE AVAILABILITY: This is from King County Wastewater Treatment, as its Barton Pump Station project continues north of the dock:

North ferry lane entrance and toll booth closed for electrical work
October 21, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

On Tuesday, October 21, a quiet generator will be brought on site to allow for Seattle City Light crews to perform electrical work at the Barton Pump Station. Work will begin around 7:00 a.m. and is expected to be complete by 3:30 p.m. During this time, the north ferry lane entrance and toll booth will be closed.

King County has been working closely with Washington State Ferries throughout the project to ensure minimal disruption to traffic along Fauntleroy Way SW and to keep ferry traffic moving.

While the north ferry lane is closed, commuters and neighbors can expect extra flaggers to assist pedestrian, bike, and vehicular traffic.

The upgraded pump station is expected to be in operation by year’s end, the county says, with restoration work, including Cove Park on the beach, planned early next year.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Updates for Thursday

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
No traffic trouble in, or outbound from, West Seattle so far. Today’s notes:

VIADUCT/99 CLOSURES THIS WEEKEND: Between the West Seattle Bridge and Battery Street Tunnel, Highway 99 will be closed 6 am-6 pm Saturday and Sunday for its semiannual inspection. But it’ll be closed all weekend, late Friday night until early Monday morning, from the BST to Valley Street. The multipart closure is explained here.

BRIDGE STOP FOR BICYCLE RIDERS: West Seattle Cyclery is under the West Seattle Bridge again this morning until 9 am “with hot coffee, drinks, and snacks. We will also have service equipment to help with any minor repairs.”

7:25 AM: Per SDOT tweet (remember, they have a separate account for bridge updates now), the low bridge is closed to traffic right now. (The camera that’s been showing it lately is offline, so it’s not in our highlight boxes above.)

7:38 AM: Open again. All’s still relatively quiet out there otherwise. By the way, last night’s Morgan Community Association meeting included an update on the overflow-tank project at Lowman Beach that’s been generating extra double-dump-truck trips lately – the dig is halfway down and is still on track for completion in early November.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Wednesday updates; NB 99 crash south of WS Bridge; 35th SW paving

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
7:05 AM: Good morning! Highway 99 is the trouble spot in our area right now, just north of the 1st Avenue S. Bridge, if you come in from south of the West Seattle Bridge. Lanes are blocked in both directions.

Today’s notes:

35TH SW PAVING: The city is scheduled to continue the work on 35th SW between Morgan and Juneau that started Tuesday, almost a week ahead of what was previously announced.

HIGHWAY 99 CLOSURE THIS WEEKEND 6 am-6 pm inspection closures for the Alaskan Way Viaduct and 99 north of the West Seattle Bridge both days this weekend, plus stretches to the north of that, in phases.

7:20 AM: The problem north of the 1st Avenue S. Bridge continues blocking most lanes (which is also backing up Highway 509), and if you’re contemplating East Marginal Way S., a crash is reported at 4th.

7:38 AM: From SDOT, an illustration of how this is affecting traffic south of downtown:

And it’s raining.

7:51 AM: The Traffic Collision Investigation Squad will be investigating this, per radio communications. They expect that to take a few hours.

7:59 AM: In West Seattle, a three-car collision – no one hurt – is reported at Delridge/Genesee, blocking the bus lane. And right after we added this – police have spotted a 3-car crash at 40th/Morgan.

8:34 AM: According to SPD, the problem north of the 1st Avenue S. Bridge originated as a car/motorcycle crash. Its surface location is East Marginal/Fidalgo, and again, investigators will be at work there for hours, so if you are heading in from the south, find an alternate route.

8:46 AM: Jennifer Knutson shares a photo from 8th/Roxbury, where traffic is backed up because of the northbound 99 crash/investigation we’ve been tracking – this is a look at eastbound Roxbury:

Again, the 99 (East Marginal/Fidalgo) situation will be a problem for at least a few hours. We’ll update here whenever it reopens; even after we move on to other news atop the main WSB page, you can find the daily traffic watch linked atop the “BIG STORIES” list on the right sidebar, every weekday.

10:40 AM: East Marginal, aka surface 99, is now clear at the crash scene, all lanes open again.

West Seattle road-work update: 35th SW paving, round 2

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(Added: Photo courtesy Deb)
The second round of 35th SW repaving has been accelerated – the Morgan-to-Juneau plan originally mentioned for next week – according to this update just in from SDOT:

Paving crews from the Seattle Department of Transportation are working on 35th Avenue Southwest between Southwest Morgan Street and Southwest Juneau today and tomorrow, weather permitting.

They had planned to close part of the street, leaving one lane open in each direction from 8:30 a.m. 5:30 p.m. each day. They have now decided to keep one southbound lane on 35th Avenue Southwest closed overnight for safety reasons. One southbound lane will remain open. If weather allows, they plan to complete paving the street tomorrow.

P.S. While we’re on the topic of 35th – next week is the meeting launching the safety project, 6:30 pm October 22nd @ Neighborhood House’s High Point Center (backstory here).

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday transportation watch

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Welcome to Tuesday! Notes as we start our traffic watch:

SIDEWALK ALERT IN THE JUNCTION: Last time we checked on Monday, it hadn’t started yet, but the contractor for the California/Alaska/42nd two-building project has warned that it will be putting up new covered walkways this week, and while the work is under way, sidewalks will be closed alongside its site on California and Alaska. The alert says the work should be done by week’s end.

WEST SEATTLE TRANSPORTATION COALITION: Monthly meeting tonight, 6:30 pm at Neighborhood House’s High Point Center, with a big decision to be made – endorse Seattle Transportation Benefit District Proposition 1 or not?

REMEMBER, THE VIADUCT … will be closed 6 am-6 pm both days this weekend, as part of an intricate Highway 99 closure scenario detailed here.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Monday updates, including Junction bus collision

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
The new week is here, and we’re watching the roads – the weather, too, since it might be a rainy commute heading back this way later today.

LOOKING AHEAD, 2 NOTES: Next weekend’s Highway 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct inspection closure has a few complications around the edges – here are the full details … Looking further ahead, just two more weeks left in the West Seattle Water Taxi‘s 7-day-a-week season; two weeks from today, on October 27th, the 5-day-a-week fall/winter schedule takes effect (preview it here).

7:36 AM: There’s a crash on the eastbound bridge at the ramp to northbound 99. Also, there is a medic response in The Junction at California/Alaska. Checking further on both.

7:47 AM: The incident in The Junction has closed Alaska both ways just west of California, according to SDOT. It’s delaying multiple routes, according to Metro. Also, per scanner, Traffic Collision Investigation Squad has been called, and that usually means the scene will be closed for some time.

7:54 AM: Clarification from the scanner: Eastbound Alaska is closed between California and 44th. Westbound is still open.

(Traffic camera showing Junction scene)
8:01 AM – JUNCTION INCIDENT UPDATE: There is a temporary stop set up on 44th if you need to catch an outbound bus. Meantime, we’re starting to get more information – a Metro bus is reported to have hit someone, who has been taken to the hospital.

8:15 AM – BRIDGE INCIDENT UPDATE: This has cleared, according to SDOT. No injuries reported.

(WSB photo)
8:17 AM – JUNCTION UPDATE: Metro says the buses that usually stop at the eastbound Alaska stops between 44th and California are using the stop on 44th north of Alaska instead.

8:36 AM: Still no details about exactly what happened in the Junction incident – police are still sorting out and can only confirm that a bus did hit someone. We’ll have a separate followup later when more info is available, likely within the hour. Meantime, Metro supervisor at the scene told us they would be advising people to use the outbound bus stop on Alaska east of 42nd.

8:43 AM: Seattle Fire says the person hit is a woman around 30 years old and describes her injuries as serious.

9:22 AM: We’ve just published our followup with more info, and will also update that when Alaska reopens.

Followup: New details of next weekend’s Highway 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct inspection closure

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Two days after our first report that the next Highway 99/Alaskan Way Viaduct inspection closures are happening next weekend, WSDOT has new details today. Here’s the schedule:

First, a section of 99 on the NORTH end of downtown will be closed all next weekend:

·10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 17 through 5 a.m. Monday, Oct. 20: SR 99 will be closed between the Battery Street Tunnel and Valley Street for utility and paving work.

Then, it’s the previously announced closure between the West Seattle Bridge and the BSTunnel, daytime only, both days next weekend:

·6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 18 and Sunday, Oct. 19: The SR 99 closure will be extended south to Spokane Street to allow WSDOT bridge inspectors to conduct their semiannual inspection of the viaduct. Preliminary inspection results will be released once they are available.

Two other notes:

*8 am-noon Saturday morning (October 18th) the closure will stretch to North 39th St. for a fundraising walk.

*And while all this is happening on Highway 99 – the 520 Bridge will be closed too (11 pm Friday night, Oct. 17th, until 5 am Monday, Oct. 20), which means I-5 and I-90 will be extra busy.

As always, traffic updates are a priority here, given the peninsula’s transportation challenges, so we’ll have extra weekend coverage during the closures.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Foggy Friday; road work; no school

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Happy Friday! Foggy again, and that’s helping keep things slow (also delaying Fauntleroy-Southworth-Vashon ferries up to 25 minutes). Note that Seattle Public Schools have no classes today.

35TH SW REPAVING: SDOT will continue repaving 35th SW between Cambridge and Roxbury (map) today.

WEEKEND ALERTS: Here’s the citywide alert list for this weekend.


TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Thursday updates, including 35th SW paving & motorcade alert(s)

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Good morning! We start with advisories:

35TH SW REPAVING: Today and tomorrow, SDOT will be repaving 35th SW between Cambridge and Roxbury (map). Sorry for the short notice – we hadn’t heard about it until checking with SDOT after spotting a portable sign on 35th yesterday afternoon; after our inquiry and initial report, they sent an advisory. (Though it says work hours are 8:30-5, the mobile sign said 7-7.)

VICE PRESIDENTIAL VISIT: VP Joe Biden arrived at Boeing Field Wednesday evening and is here until mid-afternoon. He is expected to travel from downtown to Renton for an 11 am event at Renton Technical College, then back downtown to the Convention Center for a Democratic fundraising lunch, then to Boeing Field for takeoff in the 2 pm hour. Until then, be on motorcade alert.

Meantime, on the (non-campaign) trail:

POP-UP STOP FOR BICYCLE RIDERS: As noted in our late-night biznotes, West Seattle Cyclery plans a trailside stop under the bridge 6-9 am-ish today with “coffee, snacks, and on-the-spot service.”

(ADDED: Photo courtesy of West Seattle Bike Connections president Don Brubeck, who reports, “Lots of people were stopping for juice, coffee, bananas, baked goods and bike advice. A flat was fixed while I was there, and Brad (left) tells me I need a new bottom bracket.”)

ADDED 9:51 AM: Regional media reports via Twitter that VP Biden is or is about to be on the move to Renton. This means temporary stops along southbound I-5 (including the West Seattle Bridge ramp to it).

ADDED 2:44 PM: The vice presidential visit is ending – right about now (or perhaps it’s happened already) the motorcade is heading back to Boeing Field, which means more temporary stops on and near I-5.

Road-work alert updates: 35th SW paving next two days; Alaskan Way Viaduct inspection closures October 18-19

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Two road-work alerts we’ve discovered since today’s traffic watch:

35TH SW: Big lighted signboard advises road work is scheduled for 35th SW between Cambridge and Roxbury tomorrow and Friday, 7 am-7 pm. No SDOT announcement otherwise, so we have a message out to find out more, and will add the details when we get them. 2:24 PM update: SDOT says it’s paving and is about to send out this announcement:

Paving crews from the Seattle Department of Transportation will work on 35th Avenue Southwest between Southwest Roxbury and Southwest Cambridge streets on Thursday and Friday, Oct. 9 and 10. They will grind and repave the asphalt part of the street. (The street is part concrete and part asphalt.) One lane will remain open in each direction. Work hours will be 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

SDOT tells us there is also a tentative plan, weather permitting, to pave 35th between Morgan and Juneau the week of October 21st.

(back to original report) ALASKAN WAY VIADUCT INSPECTION CLOSURES: Found in the fine print of the weekly Construction Lookahead, the next Alaskan Way Viaduct inspection closures are penciled in for 6 am-6 pm Saturday and Sunday, October 18-19.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Foggy (in spots) Wednesday; VP arrival tonight

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Foggy again in some spots, though the bridge/99 views look clearer today than they did at this time on Tuesday.

LANE CLOSURE REMINDER: Today’s the day SDOT plans to close the Spokane Street Viaduct‘s inside eastbound lane 10 am-2 pm, between 4th and 1st, for repairs.

VICE PRESIDENTIAL VISIT: Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to arrive this evening and stay through early tomorrow afternoon. The Boeing Field advisory indicates he’s arriving in the 6 pm hour tonight.

TRANSPORTATION NEWS: What’s happening with SDOT‘s proposal to change RapidRide C Line routing in the heart of The Junction? Here’s the latest

7:44 AM: Regular user of the low bridge? Just another reminder that SDOT now has a separate Twitter feed for bridge closures around the area (and tweeted just a few minutes ago that the low bridge is closed) at @SDOTbridges.

Traffic alert: Southbound Battery Street Tunnel reopens after crash

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6:24 PM: If you’re heading this way from north of downtown – note that a crash has closed the southbound Battery Street Tunnel. Traffic is being diverted off at Denny Way, just before the tunnel.

7:18 PM: SDOT says a tow truck has arrived and the scene should be cleared soon.

7:40 PM: The tunnel has reopened.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Foggy Tuesday; Olson/Myers crash

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Foggy as we head for the heart of the commute, and that’s the biggest challenge this morning, so far.

7:23 AM: For our Vashon Island friends – King County advises the Vashon Water Taxi is running up to 15 minutes late because of the fog. No advisories re: West Seattle, so far.

7:50 AM: If you’re headed toward Highway 509 via Roxbury and vicinity – note that police and fire are responding to a “heavy rescue” call at Olson and Myers. More when we get it.

7:55 AM: “Heavy rescue” means emergency responders might have to cut someone out of the wreckage – but scanner conversation says the people in the vehicle got out OK and won’t need that, so some SFD units are being canceled. A private ambulance is being called. Still likely to be affecting traffic.

8:50 AM – VICE PRESIDENTIAL VISIT WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: We’ll hit this again tomorrow, but note that Vice President Biden‘s visit will be Wednesday evening through Thursday afternoon, at least according to our interpretation of the Boeing Field advisory.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: October’s first Monday

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Welcome to a new week! Perhaps the biggest traffic note of the day, so far, would be expectations that the pm commute might ramp up a bit earlier tonight, with Seahawks fans trying to get to wherever they plan to watch tonight’s game (5:30 pm vs. Washington)

TRANSPORTATION NEWS OVER THE WEEKEND: Want to help look at the “big picture” in The Junction – what it would take to truly be a “transit community”? Join a tour and conversation Saturday … Speaking of The Junction, a signal-sequence change has drawn attention … Here are two alerts for later this week.

8:50 AM UPDATE: Northbound I-5 has a lane-blocking crash described as “south of I-90,” so that’s likely to be affecting the offramp from the east end of the bridge.

8:58 AM UPDATE: WSDOT says the crash has cleared.

Two traffic alerts for next week: SSV & VP

October 3, 2014 at 4:34 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle traffic alerts | 1 Comment

Looking ahead to next week, two traffic alerts that might give you cause to plan ahead:


Roadway Structures Crews from the Seattle Department of Transportation will close the left-hand, eastbound lane on the Spokane Street Viaduct from Fourth Avenue South to First Avenue South on October 8 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., weather permitting. The closure will allow crews to make pavement repairs on the viaduct.

VICE PRESIDENTIAL VISIT: VP Joe Biden’s still on for a visit to Seattle next week, on Thursday (October 9). The full schedule hasn’t been announced but we do know he’s expected at a noon fundraising event for U.S. Senate candidates at the Convention Center downtown.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday updates; weekend preview

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Happy Friday! Nothing out of the ordinary in the routes through/from West Seattle so far.

WEEKEND PREVIEW: Short and sweet – no major road work, as WSDOT says the Highway 99 work is done for now. The SDOT citywide weekend-alert list is short, too.

7:41 AM: SDOT reports a stall on the right shoulder of the eastbound bridge at the Delridge onramp. They’ve turned one of the cameras toward it – the one at top right of our four-camera display above – for now, anyway.

8:10 AM: Thanks for the sunrise photos this morning, after the beautiful sunset last night. This one is from Carolyn Newman:

Any time you need sunrise/sunset/moonrise/moonset times, forecasts, tides, the WSB West Seattle Weather page can help.

9:56 AM: Seen while driving through The Triangle a short time ago:

Here’s our Thursday report on that.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Thursday updates and road reminders

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
None of the trouble spots so far this morning are in our area. So while we keep watch on the commute ahead, here’s what else you should know:

SCHOOL-ZONE CAMERAS START TICKETING: After a month of issuing “warning” citations, the two new speed cameras on Roxbury start issuing “real” tickets today. Here’s our report from Monday.

OVERNIGHT HIGHWAY 99 CLOSURE: With the rain past, WSDOT is back on track with its overnight partial Highway 99 closures for road-surface work. Tonight, it’s scheduled to close northbound 99 between the West Seattle Bridge and the stadium zone, 10 pm-5 am, which means bus reroutes, as well as the closure of the exit from the eastbound bridge.

JUNCTION/TRIANGLE NOTE: As mentioned here Wednesday, the tower crane for Spruce (the former “Hole” site at Fauntleroy/Alaska/39th) is coming down today, which might have some effects – if only the lookie-loo factor – at that busy intersection.

TRANSPORTATION NEWS: Our partners at The Seattle Times take a closer look at the new monorail proposal you’ll see on the November ballot.

8:41 AM: Headed downtown again, for Day 3 of the development-appeal hearing we’ve been covering. (Our report on Day 2 goes live in a few minutes.) Two traffic notes as we head north: There’s a broken-down semi-truck on W. Marginal Way S. just before the exit to the northbound 1st Avenue S. Bridge. Could get dicey. Also, the low-hanging cables over Trenton at 25th – just east of Westwood Village – are still a hazard:

Neighbors say this was reported last night; police came out and put the streamers on, but the cable is still dangerously low. We’re going to try to find out if repairs are planned; this would seem like the kind of hazard that could and should be reported via 206-684-ROAD.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Wednesday updates

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
The commute is on – nothing out of the ordinary on routes through/from West Seattle so far.

DOWNTOWN WATERFRONT REMINDER: Seawall work resumes today and that means changes along the downtown waterfront, some involving transportation. Here’s the SDOT reminder.

8:42 AM: We’re commuting downtown again today (second day of the 3078 Avalon appeal hearing – here’s our report on day 1) and while the bridge was OK, 4th Avenue is more sluggish than we’ve experienced before, including several light cycles to get off the overpass and onto 4th.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday on the move

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Nothing unusual on routes through/from West Seattle right now.

ROAD WORK: If weather permits, the state plans to close northbound 99 tonight between the West Seattle Bridge and the stadium zone, 10 pm-5 am.

TRANSPORTATION NEWS: County Council members announced in dueling news releases Monday that they have taken action described as “sending back to committee” or “canceling” the February 2015 Metro bus cuts (which were to include killing Route 22), pending the outcome of the county budget process. Seattle Times (WSB partner) transportation reporter Mike Lindblom sorts it out, including possible implications for the transit-funding ballot measure you’ll be considering in a few weeks.

7:02 AM: Via Twitter, @cdawg2610 reports a possible stalled car on the eastbound bridge by the 99 overpass.

7:47 AM: The stalled vehicle is still there – in the left lane, per SDOT. You can also see it (as of this writing) on the WSDOT Spokane St. camera. The “low bridge” has just opened for marine traffic, so that’s not a good option right at the moment. The 1st Avenue S. bridge is showing its share of brake lights.

8:12 AM: SDOT just tweeted that the stalled vehicle has been cleared, but as always, “residual backups” remain.

8:42 AM: We’re headed downtown for a story this morning, so we’re trying the “back route.” After 25 minutes from Upper Fauntleroy, headed to the 1st Avenue S. Bridge via Highland Park and then 4th Avenue S., we are almost to 4th/Spokane.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: What’s in view for Monday

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(WS bridge and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Welcome to a brand-new week. The traffic watch is on. And so is the look ahead:

OVERNIGHT HIGHWAY 99 CLOSURE: If it’s not canceled for weather or another reason, work is scheduled overnight tonight on southbound 99, closing that side of the highway between our bridge and the stadium zone, 10 pm-5 am.

METRO REMINDER: The September service change took effect on Saturday. No West Seattle routes were among the cuts/reductions, but if you transfer to/from other routes, you might want to doublecheck the list.

TRANSPORTATION NEWS: The West Seattle Transportation Coalition is starting its second year with a list of 5 priorities it believes the city could and should address ASAP … ICYMI over the weekend – dog rescued on the bridge!

7:52 AM: Thanks to everyone in comments (also Lise and Maggie via Twitter) for word of the broken-down RapidRide bus on the eastbound bridge. Maggie also points out that WS buses have extra passengers this morning because the Vashon Water Taxi is out of service (mechanical trouble with Melissa Ann).

8:00 AM: SDOT says the stalled bus is cleared now (but as always, residual backups will take a while to clear).

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