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West Seattle Crime Watch: Pellet shooting; reader reports; SPD’s new Crime Data Dashboard

In West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon – police are investigating what they believe was a pellet-gun shooting along Alki Avenue SW. The victim was injured around quarter past 1 this afternoon in the 1500 block of Alki SW. Police have no victim or suspect description so far. We’re still checking for more info on this. (Update: We’ve heard from the victim in comments.)

This afternoon we also have reader reports from the WSB inbox, starting with something else in the Alki area:

DIAPER BAG FOUND WITH CAR PROWL LOOT: Althea reports, “A black Marc and Jacobs diaper bag was found this morning in an alley near my house. A bike and wallet were also found. The wallet was taken from my car and returned to me but we are still looking for the owner of the diaper bag. We live near Alki Elementary.”

CARS VANDALIZED: Tuesday night, acid was poured on cars near 47th and Charlestown, according to a neighbor who forwarded the report.

CAR PROWLS: Sara says 48th SW in Seaview was hit on Tuesday:

I saw the burglar at 2:45 am getting into my neighbor’s SUV. He had a silver sedan with curved or slanted back. I’m not a car person, but it looks a bit like either an older Pinto or a mid-’80s Ford Escort. It looked like a man, med build, tall, was wearing knit cap, leather jacket over sweater, and jeans. Couldn’t tell anything else. Had flashlight and was looking around inside my neighbor’s car while he left his own car running. Tapped on glass. He heard something and took off fast, heading south down 48th. Note: I should not have disturbed him. I should have called 911 while he was in car. Called police after and they were quick to respond, but we might have caught him in the act if I hadn’t disturbed him.

CRIME-TREND ‘DASHBOARD’: You might have heard about this in citywide news – announced yesterday, but we didn’t get a chance to mention it. The SPD “Crime Data Dashboard” is a new way to check crime trends and data. It’s explained in this SPD Blotter item; find the dashboard, filterable by neighborhood, here.

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UPDATE: Police response in Arbor Heights for person in crisis, resolved

(Added 6:21 pm: WSB photos)

4:50 PM: Police are dealing with a possibly armed person in crisis at a residence in Arbor Heights, and as a result, they’re blocking off traffic, including SW 106th – we’re not sure exactly how far west of 35th, but avoid the general area.

5 PM: Our crew checking on the nearby road closures reports helicopter activity. First it was Guardian One, then a TV helicopter.

5:13 PM: We still have a crew in the area watching for word of a resolution to this. They and others are being kept at a distance. Again, SW 106th is blocked off for several blocks from 35th west.

5:19 PM: The person is reported to have come out of the house and is in custody. An ambulance is going in. That doesn’t mean anyone’s been hurt – usually in situations like this it’s so the person in crisis can be evaluated.

5:30 PM: The person who came out of the house is being placed in the ambulance.

5:40 PM: Our crew at the scene just talked to SW Precinct Lt. Alan Williams, who says they’re still sorting out exactly what started all this, but they hope to have the area opened up again shortly. A relative has been allowed into the house to make sure three dogs in there are safe, and police have been dealing with parents arriving to get their kids at a nearby day care that was being “held in place” until everything was resolved. They also are reported to have retrieved what was described as an inoperable .22 from the house. Again, no injuries reported to anyone in the situation. Police deal with things like this more often than you might realize; we’re reminded of an incident in Gatewood we covered just nine days ago, also resolved without injury.

Reader report: Mom says thanks for stranger’s help in incident that turned out not to be what was feared

What turned out to be a misunderstanding on Thursday nonetheless has resulted in a local mom wanting to issue a public word of thanks, and the incident, though not what was feared, also is a good reminder of safety rules for kids.

Yesterday afternoon as my 10-year-old son was walking home from an after-school activity, he had an encounter at 42nd & Dakota with a stranger that “gave him a weird feeling.” He started running home and a passerby in a car asked him if that stranger was bothering him. He said yes and the driver called 911. My son was just about 8 houses from home. The police knocked on our door about an hour after the incident. They said the caller didn’t have our address but did give them the location and a description of the house, so the officer was able to follow up with us. They did locate the stranger and asked him about the incident. He told them he was just asking my son if he wanted to play catch. The officer praised my son for knowing not to talk to strangers and gave us the case number for the incident.

The mom wanted to thank the person who called 911, which enabled police to respond and investigate quickly: “We are so grateful this person was passing by when they did and that they took action, and we want to express our gratitude.” According to the police report, which we subsequently obtained, there was NO indication a crime was committed, and the man had no record – the man told them he had been walking back to his car from a nearby bank, when he saw the boy walk by holding a ball, and he asked the boy to kick the ball toward him. The police report says officers later found out the boy didn’t hear what the man said to him because he was wearing an earbud/earpiece. He headed home while the passerby was still talking with the man, who subsequently headed in a different direction; police caught up with him about a mile away. Though this incident turned out not to be what the passerby feared, it’s still a reminder to make sure your kids know how to stay safe; here’s advice from SPD.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Gatewood burglary; Admiral car prowl

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports:

GATEWOOD BURGLARY: For at least the third time this weekend, there was a burglary on California SW. We reported Saturday on two business break-ins, in The Junction and South Admiral; today, burglars hit in Gatewood, in the 8200 block of California SW. A neighbor reports seeing the burglars break in and carry out “duffel bags and TVs” while the victims were away on an errand; the neighbor called 911, but the burglars were gone before police arrived. The neighbor called 911 at 11 am; she says police arrived after the burglars left at 11:14. (We happened to see the first car pull up, as this is a couple blocks away from WSB HQ and we were passing by.) The neighbor says the 911 operator mentioned “shift change” as a complication; we don’t know what else was happening in the sector at the time, as we were away from the scanner, but we’ll be following up with SPD tomorrow.

CAR PROWL: Karen e-mailed today to say that “our car was broken into Friday night. It was in front of our house on Hanford St SW, near 36th Ave. They smashed the passenger side window but we didn’t have anything worth taking, luckily.”

UPDATE: Police respond to person in crisis in Gatewood

(Police blocking road near scene)

3:20 PM: Thanks for all the tips. Avoid California SW in Gatewood between Portland and Ida – there’s a big police response. Initial scanner traffic indicated police were trying to make contact with a possibly armed man in a house in the 7700 block of California.

Officers just knocked on the door and went inside.

3:39 PM: Our crew says police came back out without anyone, but there’s someone in a squad car. That doesn’t necessarily mean an arrest; we are waiting to talk to the sergeant on scene to find out more.

3:49 PM: Police tell us the person they have in custody is the person they were called about because of concern he was going to harm himself. They did not find anyone else in the house; no one is injured. They expect to be at the scene a while longer, and the road is still partly blocked. (Whenever we mention crisis situations like this, we also always mention the local 24-hour Crisis Clinic hotline – 206-461-3222.)

5:02 PM: Just got a chance to go back and check the area. The road is open again.

Seattle Police’s Real Time Crime Center goes public

October 7, 2015 11:59 am
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While saying it’s been in operation for two months, Seattle Police just officially unveiled what they’re calling the Real-Time Crime Center, as a key component of a strategy titled “Agile Policing.”

The RTCC is a room at SPD headquarters downtown where a commander, analysts, and others are monitoring, and responding to, trends detected in real time around the city, tracked on a big board showing how many calls are open at any given time, what types of calls (divided into three “priority” categories), and where, updated every six seconds. The screengrab above is from a demonstration by SPD chief operating officer Mike Wagers during the Seattle Channel‘s live webcast of the announcement; we’ll add or substitute the video clip when it’s available via SC later. Here’s the official news release via SPD Blotter; we have a few more notes from having monitored the announcement live:

It’s centralizing analysis and data-sorting functions rather than having, as SPD Chief Kathleen O’Toole called them, “islands of information” at precincts and other locations. SPD says it’s also enabling information to be sorted and interpreted more quickly in a way that can assist officers in the field. One example given was a “shots fired” call, in which 911 might receive more than a dozen calls from people, each offering a fragment of information that could be a puzzle piece usable for solving/tracing it – what was heard, what was seen, was there a car, part of a license plate – all to be put together and sent to officers rather than expecting them all to sort and decode the puzzle pieces while busy with everything else in the field.

Right now, SPD says, the RTCC is being staffed Mondays-Fridays 8 am-4 pm and Tuesday nights-Saturday nights 4 pm-2 am, but that could change if they determine different scheduling would be better. They were asked what live cameras are being used, if any; only SDOT cameras that are also visible to the public, SPD replied – not any current or future police cameras (dash cams, body cams, the never-activated surveillance cameras).

UPDATE: $1 million bail for woman suspected of killing toddler at Morgan Junction apartment; police say she admits kicking him

10:37 AM: That photo is from last Sunday night at an apartment building in the 6500 block of California SW in Morgan Junction. We went there twice that evening to ask about a police presence that lasted for several hours, and were told both times that it involved the death of a child but that it was not being investigated as a homicide. That has since changed. As first reported this morning by our regional partners at The Seattle Times, a 20-year-old woman is in jail, arrested on Thursday for investigation of homicide. The Times quotes the suspect’s boyfriend as saying he is the father of the 17-month-old boy who died. Seattle Police media relations Officer Lauren Lovanhill tells WSB that she has no further comment so far, but that they are gathering information. We’ll also find out more after the suspect appears before a judge at the downtown jail later today. So far, online records don’t show any felony criminal history for her. If this continues to be treated as a homicide case, it would be the first one in West Seattle since the still-unsolved shooting death of Stephen Jeffries Jr. on New Year’s Eve 2013.

10:53 AM: A short item has just been published on SPD Blotter, saying the toddler’s father called 911 on Sunday after finding his son “unresponsive in his crib” and that medics were unable to revive the child.

3:51 PM: The suspect waived her court appearance, according to the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, so the hearing was held without her. According to court documents made public in connection with the hearing, the suspect is not the victim’s biological mother; she and her 2-year-old son (by another man) had been living with the victim and his father at the apartment for the past half-year or so. The court documents say the victim was at Children’s Hospital for something unrelated one week earlier when a CPS referral was made because of “bruises and scratches,” but the father reportedly attributed it to “normal toddler activity,” the police report says, and the child was sent home with him. Last Sunday afternoon, he told police that he had left his son with his girlfriend while he went to the store. When he got back, he found his son dead in his crib and called 911. The Medical Examiner determined two days later that “abdominal trauma” was what had killed the toddler. Under questioning by detectives, court documents say, she admitted kicking him in the abdomen twice after getting mad at him and her son for fighting over a toy. The first kick, she told police, knocked him down, and she kicked him again; a short time later, she discovered he wasn’t breathing. The probable-cause documents also say a couple who stayed with the suspect and her boyfriend earlier in the month reported seeing the woman display unusual anger toward her boyfriend’s son whenever the toddler cried. Today’s hearing resulted in an order to set her bail at $1 million; prosecutors have until early next week to file charges.

Preventing package thefts: Seattle Police’s advice for what you can do, plus another local case

Earlier this week, one of our West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports featured video of a package thief, carrying the loot down the street. So what can you do to prevent, or at least deter, someone like him? The newest newsletter from the Southwest and South Precincts‘ Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Solomon answers that question (ADDED AT END – a new reader report of local package theft):

Package thefts are crimes of opportunity. Thieves will follow or watch for FedEx, UPS, US Mail and other delivery trucks and then target a home after a delivery is made. Often packages are simply left at the doorstep of the home and in plain view of the street. Package thefts from doorstops and front porches during the day usually increase between the months of October and January. There are steps you can take to be proactive in keeping your package safe from theft. To reduce the chances of being victimized by package delivery thieves, we offer the following advice:

Tracking and Delivery

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West Seattle Crime Watch: Diapers, toys, tote taken in car prowl. Also, see where else thieves struck this week

September 29, 2015 1:12 pm
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Maybe you’ve seen some of what car prowlers stole from Ashley last night?

My car was broken into last night on the corner of 48th Ave SW and Dawson St. My work badge from Seattle Children’s Hospital was stolen as well as a large pink beach tote with our last name on it full of beach toys, towels, and spare clothes and diapers, and my son’s school tote with his coat. I am certain that none of this is at all meaningful to the thieves but it is to me!! I wonder if they threw it out after looking through it. If anyone finds it, I would so appreciate getting it back!!

After receiving Ashley’s e-mail, we checked online SPD records for the past week.

Above is what the SPD Crime Reports map shows right now, dating back to last Tuesday – the car prowls on the map, north to south, are: Alki/61st, last Tuesday morning; 45th/Hinds, last Friday morning (reported here); 2900 block of Avalon, last Friday morning; 4000 block of 42nd SW, last Tuesday night; 5600 block of 35th SW, last Tuesday night; last Friday night, 2800 block of SW Barton; last Wednesday evening, 9400 block of 16th SW. To doublecheck the files, we also reviewed Tweets by Beat (which continually update on the WSB Crime Watch page), and found six others that hadn’t made the map yet, besides what Ashley reported above:

*4000 block of SW Brandon, reported this morning
*4000 block of Admiral Way, reported this morning
*3000 block of 38th SW, reported Monday morning
*1600 block of SW Roxbury, reported Monday morning
*4000 block of SW Concord, reported Sunday afternoon
*3000 block of SW Orleans, reported Friday night

(Also not listed, we noticed while checking the archives, the 8800 block of 40th SW car prowl reported here on Sunday.)

P.S. – PROWLED LATELY? Some “found item” listings turn up in the WSB Forums, like this one, so be sure to check there.

UPDATE: Police investigate ‘suspicious package’ in Riverside area

September 25, 2015 6:18 pm
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(WSB photo)

6:18 PM: Thanks for the tips – a “suspicious package” is what police say they’re investigating on West Marginal Place SW, south of the west end of the low bridge, in the Riverside area.

6:47 PM UPDATE: Just went back over to follow up. Whatever it was, it’s gone, and so are the police, bomb squad and all.

7:37 PM UPDATE: We’re told the Bomb Squad “took custody” of the item. No word so far on what it turned out to be.

UPDATE: Recognize this man? Police circulate photo after bank robbery in Admiral District

(Tweeted photo, added 3:24 pm)

2:56 PM: Police are rushing right now to a reported bank robbery in The Admiral District. The address that’s been broadcast is the Bank of America branch (4323 SW Admiral Way). The only description police have at this point is (updated) “black male in his 20s, 5’8″, wearing a baggy white shirt with red/blue lettering.”

3:05 PM: No weapon seen, officers are telling dispatchers (per scanner). If you’re seeing or have seen the Guardian One helicopter in the area, this is what they are/were helping with.

3:24 PM: We asked Seattle Public Schools if any of the nearby schools had gone into lockdown/shelter in place. Spokesperson Stacy Howard says Lafayette Elementary and West Seattle High School did, briefly, but that should be over now. Just added, meantime, photo of the robber, tweeted by SPD. Call 911 if you have seen him and/or know who he is.

(WSB photo, taken around 3:30 pm)

4:24 PM: No word of an arrest yet. Side note – this is the second bank robbery in West Seattle in a month and a half, after one at the Umpqua Bank in Admiral in early August. Before that, there hadn’t been one here since Washington Federal north of The Junction was held up in May 2014.

Crime stats, community concerns, & self-defense discussion @ West Seattle Crime Prevention Council

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Crime trends and self-protection were on the agenda as the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council returned from summer break.

Last night’s meeting started with Southwest Precinct Captain Pierre Davis briefing those in attendance. “The summer was … the summer. In West Seattle, it’s typical for us to have a riproaring summer, but it wasn’t out of control.” He talked about the importance of the recently developed “microcommunity” policing plans, and the importance of feedback on them.

It’s been five months since Capt. Davis returned to West Seattle as precinct commander; he noted that some categories of crime were spiking back then, but they’ve been “strateg(izing)” how to fight them, and have had success. For one, he said, they’ve put together what is in effect “a posse to go out and hunt our bad guys … (those responsible) for auto thefts, burglaries, other crimes that have plagued neighborhoods.”

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UPDATE: Guardian One helicopter in the area (twice)

11:43 PM: Don’t know yet what has brought Guardian One back to West Seattle tonight but it’s helping with a search in the Southwest Athletic Complex/Chief Sealth IHS vicinity. More as we figure it out.

12:00 AM: Guardian One left shortly after that update; scanner traffic indicated police had been searching for (at least) three suspects and found two.

12:30 AM: Tweets by Beat finally has the initial classification on the call – robbery. Notable considering there was a robbery about 24 hours earlier in Roxhill Park, as noted here; no helicopter for that one because it wasn’t reported until later, when the victim made it home a few miles away.

7:24 AM: Comments mention G-1 back in the area in the 2 am hour, this time further south. The helicopter crew subsequently tweeted: “Assisted KCSO Deputies on search for subject who ran from traffic stop and possible unreported stolen car.”

UPDATE: 35th SW reopened after police get man in crisis into custody and then into an ambulance

12:21 PM: Thanks to everyone who messaged us about police activity on 35th SW. Because of it, the road is basically closed right now between Roxbury and Barton. Our crew is arriving and we’re working to find out what this is about. Avoid the area. More to come …

(Added, WSB photos: Above, officers talking with the man near 35th/Roxbury)
12:24 PM: This apparently involved a person, apparently in crisis, in the middle of the street, yelling. Police have just taken him into custody and an ambulance is being sent in. Police tell us the road will be reopened shortly.

(Above, the man getting onto a gurney, to be placed in the ambulance)
12:40 PM: According to commenter Bradley and a witness who talked to our crew, among other things the man was shouting, he had been urging/daring police to shoot him. So far as we know, the incident ended without injury.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Possible church burglary/theft; Roxhill Park robbery report; Fauntleroy assault

Incidents we’ve been tracking tonight:

11:13 PM: Police are responding to the Westside Unitarian Universalists Congregation church in Gatewood (7141 California SW) right now after a report of a possible burglary/theft. The Guardian One helicopter is in the area and offered to help search for a possible suspect, so you might hear it shortly. No description at this point beyond “unknown race male” in a hoodie.

11:20 PM: The helicopter’s in the area now.

11:29 PM: And it’s moved on, while police continue investigating on the ground.


11:50 PM: **Separate incident** but while we have this Crime Watch report open, we’re adding it. Police are investigating a report of someone being robbed at Roxhill Park. No aerial search in this case – the trail was quite cold, as the victim did not report it until getting home about half an hour later. (We have no further info on this one but more often than not, street robberies have a reporting lag because the robber[s] take the victim’s phone.)


12:44 AM: **Separate incident** Police rushed to Fauntleroy after multiple calls about someone screaming for help. After trying to figure out where exactly it happened, they found a victim in the 8600 block of 46th SW, a 21-year-old woman who is reported to have been assaulted. SFD is en route to evaluate her injuries. Police are trying to sort out what happened.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Bus trouble; stolen car; scam call

Three West Seattle Crime Watch notes:

TROUBLE ON THE 120: Thanks to everybody who let us know about the big police/sheriff response on the southbound side of Delridge Way just north of Orchard within this past half-hour. We went over to ask and learned that Metro Transit Police (part of the King County Sheriff’s Office) were dealing with a report of a man causing trouble on board a Route 120 bus; his aggressive behavior led them to call for “fast backup” from Seattle Police, who subsequently rushed to the area (just a block from the precinct). The man was taken off the bus – which left shortly after we arrived (which is why it’s on the move in our photo) – and taken into custody. Officers told us no one was hurt.

STOLEN CAR: From Lyndsay:

My boyfriend’s car got stolen last night off Roxbury and 34th, 2000 Honda Civic four door; it’s green with noticeable hail dents all over and a huge dent on front passenger side. American flag tree-scented freshener on mirror.

Call 911 if you see it.


I received a phone call this morning exactly like the one Cheryl wrote to you about on May 1 this year:

“Bench warrants have been issued for your arrest for failure to respond to two jury duty summons.” My response was “Oh, and you need my credit card? Screw you, you $&@!” Has anyone else received this call from 206-639-3693?

Here’s the aforementioned May 1st report by Cheryl.

West Seattle Crime Watch followups: Puget Ridge assault charges; North Admiral incident details

Two followups on three incidents we’ve covered in West Seattle Crime Watch over the past week and a half:

CHARGES IN PUGET RIDGE DOMESTIC-VIOLENCE ASSAULTS: The 17-year-old arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend twice in five days is now charged in both incidents. Both led to high-visibility searches, on August 21st and on the 25th; the first one involved the Guardian One helicopter, and both involved K-9s. He is charged with first-degree domestic-violence assault and felony domestic-violence harassment (court documents say the two had lived together off and on at the victim’s home for the past six months). The harassment charge carries the special circumstance of firearm involvement – he was alleged to have been armed and threatening to shoot and kill her. In the first assault, he hit her and pushed her down, court documents say; the second time, he choked her until she lost consciousness. While police couldn’t find him the first day, they found and arrested him after the August 25th attack. Police found three guns he was believed to have discarded, one checking as having been stolen in Renton in 2009. The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office says he remains in custody, in juvenile detention; since he’s being prosecuted as a juvenile so far, we are not identifying him by name.

DETAILS OF NORTH ADMIRAL CONFRONTATION: The police report finally became available today in last Thursday’s North Admiral incident involving a man who got away from armed youths he believed were trying to carjack him. For one, the report puts the address as the 1600 block of Palm Avenue, not California as we were told Friday and therefore reported in our first brief story. Ahead, the full narrative, minus names:

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West Seattle Crime Watch: North Admiral search; Seaview car prowl

In West Seattle Crime Watch this morning:

NORTH ADMIRAL SEARCH: Thanks for the tips about a police search in North Admiral early this morning. We’ve just obtained some preliminary information from Officer Lauren Lovanhill in SPD’s media unit; it started in the 1600 block of California SW (map), when a resident reported a group of youths pointed a gun at him. She says he believed it was a carjacking attempt, but he managed to get away. One possible suspect was found and taken to the precinct for questioning, according to Officer Lovanhill, but the search ended without officers finding anyone else.

Side note: This is just two blocks south of Hamilton Viewpoint Park, which has been a trouble spot lately – in a comment on our report about charges in last week’s robbery/shooting case, David Whiting of the Admiral Neighborhood Association says SPD and Seattle Parks will be at ANA’s next meeting to hear and talk about it, 7 pm September 8th at The Sanctuary at Admiral (42nd/Lander).

SEAVIEW CAR PROWL: Tiffany says this happened Tuesday night:

My car was broken into last night in the Seaview neighborhood sometime after midnight, on the 5600 block of 45th Ave SW. They broke the back window and took a file tote that was in the back seat. Nothing else was taken as far as I know. I would love to get the bag back, or at least know that it was dumped someplace, as the files contained sensitive information. It looks like a purse, is beige linen on the outside, and has my business card and contact info in the front pocket. Thanks!

FOLLOWUP: Suspect arrested, charged in Hamilton Viewpoint Park robbery / North Delridge shooting

(August 18th WSB photo: Detectives examine robbery/shooting victim’s car)

After Seattle Police announced today that they’ve arrested a suspect in last week’s robbery/shooting incident that began in North Admiral and ended in North Delridge, we learned the suspect not only is in jail, he’s already charged – in this case and in an earlier robbery on Capitol Hill. 23-year-old Mau Joseph Satele-Tafia of North Burien is charged with two counts of first-degree robbery and one count of second-degree assault. In both robberies, court documents say, he was after Gucci belts worn by the victims.

First – outside the Rancho Bravo restaurant on Capitol Hill on August 15th, Satele-Tafia is accused of holding up a man and stealing his Gucci belt; three nights later, in West Seattle’s Hamilton Viewpoint Park on August 18th, police say he held up another man for his backpack and then demanded the victim’s Gucci belt. The victim told police he refused to hand over the belt, walked away, and was fired at. Then, he said, he left the park and tried to make his way to the bridge but that the robber pursued him and as the victim tried to lose his pursuer along back roads, they all eventually winding up in North Delridge. That’s where Satele-Tafia allegedly fired shots at the victim’s car, one hitting him in the leg. Shell casings were found at 25th and Puget; from there, the victim drove a few more blocks south to Delridge and Findlay, where they stopped to call 911. The next day, police heard from someone who had surveillance video of the shooting. And they heard from a witness who said they had found the shooter on Twitter, under an alias similar to one he used on Facebook that was a factor in identification in the Capitol Hill case.

Police say they are investigating Satele-Tafia in other robberies; in the meantime, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office says his bail was set at $750,000 and he remains in jail pending arraignment on September 3rd. His history, according to court documents, includes robbery and car-theft-related charges.

Reader report: Are you missing a bicycle like this?

Out of the WSB inbox, from Wolfe:

We found a bike at the old Denny School park this morning 30th and Cloverdale. It’s an older Peugeot. It can be claimed by calling 206-940-0696 and telling us what color it is.

We also advise that found bicycles be reported to police – bikes are often stolen, used to get from one crime scene to another, then abandoned.

UPDATE: Police/helicopter search on Puget Ridge

9:46 AM: Thanks for the tips that Guardian One is up over Puget Ridge, with police on the ground near 18th and Dawson. SPD media relations tells us they’re looking for an assault suspect in a suspected case of domestic violence.

10:02 AM: Our crew reports the helicopter is still up and while there’s a significant police presence in the area, including K-9, Dawson (which takes a much-used turn through that area, between Puget Ridge and North Delridge) remains open.

10:48 AM: Guardian One has moved on, but no arrest is reported yet.

11 AM: Commenters have been asking about whether the closest schools that have Kindergarten Jump Start this week – Pathfinder, Sanislo, and Arbor Heights at Boren are each about 1 mile away – were in lockdown or shelter-in-place; some say they received notice that Pathfinder was, but Seattle Public Schools spokesperson Stacy Howard tells WSB, “We’ve just told them to lock their front doors. No shelter-in-place.”

West Seattle Crime Watch: Roxhill-area police response; vehicle theft & attempted theft; stolen/found bikes…

In West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon:

POLICE INVESTIGATE GUNFIRE REPORTS: Thanks to those who texted us (206-293-6302, any time) about possible gunfire heard in the past hour in the Roxhill/Westwood area, and then the ensuing police response. We found officers investigating at 27th/Roxbury; they had not yet found any evidence of gunfire, such as shell casings or property damage, nor were any victims reported, so far. Witnesses reported a red car might have been involved, and police are investigating that. We’re continuing to check back on what if anything they’re finding.

From the WSB inbox:

STOLEN CAR: From Margaret in Highland Park:

Our car was stolen out of our driveway last night some time between 10 pm and 8 am on 13th Ave SW between Trenton and Henderson. It is a purple 2014 Honda CR-V AWD. South Carolina license plate KIR 919. Police report has been filed this morning.

Please call 911 if you see it.

ATTEMPTED CAR THEFT: From Todd and Amy in Seaview:

We know we are late to report but someone tried to steal our 2002 Dodge minivan last Wednesday night/Thursday morning. It was parked in the alley between 41st & 42nd Ave SW and Graham (just north of Morgan Junction). I came out Thursday morning 8/13 to find the car had been ransacked, the ignition switch lying on the floor and a hole in the steering column.

Looks like the anti-theft device did its job. Apparently they didn’t want our old cassette tapes, CDs or wetones. Why they wanted an old mom van is beyond me. This little incident is going to cost over $1500 bucks to repair. I suspect since they couldn’t get our car started they went and got Ray’s van instead (which sounds like it wasn’t too far away from ours). A police report was filed Thursday morning.

STOLEN BIKE, FOUND BIKES In addition to filing a police report if your bicycle is stolen, please let us know – lately we are receiving an increasing amount of reports of bicycles discovered, abandoned, and while we are advising the finders to report police know, you might be able to get it back sooner if there’s a match here. So far this weekend, we have a report of a bike theft at an apartment building in the 3000 block of 63rd SW in Alki, with another bicycle, a black Schwinn, abandoned nearby and tagging found on a railing; also a Schwinn bicycle (color unspecified) abandoned behind a building at Delridge/Andover; and a blue Trek bike found in an unspecified area of West Seattle.

ADDED 2:41 PM – FOLLOWUP: Thanks to a reader for finding Ray‘s stolen van, reported in Crime Watch on Thursday night. She called 911 last night after reading the report here and connecting it to the van that had turned up on her street near Morgan Junction – and Ray confirms today that police contacted him last night to say it had been found. (The other stolen van in that CW roundup also was found, as updated there.)

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