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HOLIDAY GIVING: Special shopping spree in West Seattle

A double-take this morning for some Westwood Village Target shoppers, as the store entrance filled with uniformed police around 9 am. No need to worry, they explained – Southwest Precinct police were there for one of the company’s annual Shop With a Cop events.

~20 West Seattle and South Park students were chosen for the program, with the help of local nonprofits, who also had volunteers there to help.

Target donated gift cards and there was one prerequisite – along with choosing items, kids were asked to include a present for a family member or friend.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gas-station rock-throwing; stolen Element found; neighborhood crime-rate comparisons

Four notes in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

GAS-STATION ROCK-THROWING: Ladder 11 was parked at the Fauntleroy/Alaska gas station early this evening not to fuel up, but because firefighters were helping with the aftermath of a rock-throwing attack. Police were there too and told us that a man, apparently under the influence, threw a large rock through the station mini-mart window, near the clerk. No one was hurt but firefighters were helping clean up the glass when we arrived. Police took the suspect into custody.

From the WSB inbox this weekend:


We believe two packages were stolen within 2 hours of their delivery from our house in Arbor Heights! Was curious if any other people in the area have mentioned anything. One of the packages had a dark purple raincoat in it that we were donating to the Pike Place giving tree. Unfortunate to have this sort of thing taken. We live in the 3700 block on SW 100th Street.

UPDATE: See Amanda‘s comment – misdelivered, not stolen!

STOLEN ELEMENT FOUND: Last Thursday, we published Kanti‘s report about a black 2004 Honda Element stolen from 30th/Henderson. It’s been found – just a few minutes east, Kanti reports, near 16th/Cambridge, with one person arrested.

Finally, if you don’t get City Councilmember Lisa Herbold‘s weekly newsletter (which she also publishes online in blog format), you might not have seen this:

NEIGHBORHOOD PER-CAPITA CRIME COMPARISONS: While it was included in Herbold’s followup about crime concerns in South Park, this per-capita crime comparison covered West Seattle neighborhoods too:

(Click here for full-size version on seattle.gov)
The first two pages of this slide deck also break down crime trends by SW Precinct neighborhoods. You’ll note that not all West Seattle neighborhoods are mentioned. That’s because they don’t all have “micro-community policing plans” which in turn lead to ongoing SPD neighborhood-by-neighborhood tracking. Those plans were initially developed a few years back in collaboration with the neighborhoods that had established community councils/groups. SPD still keeps overall precinct-wide info too. And you can look up trends/stats any time on the SPD website; even more links are part of Councilmember Herbold’s writeup.

UPDATE: Police search after robbery in South Delridge

9:25 PM: Thanks for the tips/questions about a police response in South Delridge. Police are investigating a report of an armed street robbery. We don’t know yet exactly where it happened – possibly near 9000 Delridge Way SW – but they’re seeking two suspects, described so far only as two Hispanic men 18-20 years old. Via scanner, we’ve heard police report finding a gun. There’s no medical dispatch, so – so far – it appears no one’s been hurt.

9:40 PM: A K-9 team is assisting with the search.

10:32 PM: Still searching. No new details – we will be seeking the report tomorrow.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Street robbery followup; stolen Accord found; recognize this package thief’s car?

Three West Seattle Crime Watch notes tonight:

STREET ROBBERY FOLLOWUP: Though the victim apparently still has not reported it directly, witnesses’ account of a street robbery in The Junction on Saturday afternoon resulted in a police report that we requested and obtained today. (Above is one witness’s photo of the three suspects running away, as originally published Saturday night.) It was classified as a “suspicious circumstance” since the victim was never found. Here’s our transcription of the report narrative by one of the first two officers dispatched at 4:38 pm, “called in by a third party”:

Upon our initial arrival in the area, no one (victim/witnesses) flagged us down in reference to the robbery. Multiple witnesses would continue to call 911 stating they observed three younger black males being chased by a female southbound from SW Edmunds St and California Av SW. (Six officers) did an extensive area check for the victim/suspects with negative results.

(The original two dispatched officers) were able to make contact with three witnesses on the corner of 44th Ave. SW and SW Edmunds St. (One witness) stated the following: She was in the parking lot on the southeast corner of 44 Av SW and SW Alaska St. She observed the three listed unidentified suspects loitering in the same parking lot. They appeared as if they were “plotting” something; possibly criminal. They then began to approach her. She had her child with her, and she stated to them “don’t even think about it.” The three suspects then turned around and walked toward the Metro bus stop on SW Alaska St. She then entered her vehicle and locked same. She then heard a woman screaming “They took my phone!” She looked up where the three suspects walked toward and observed the three suspects running southbound through the alleyway between California Av SW and 44 Av SW. She also observed a “Persian”-looking female wearing a white hooded sweatshirt and black framed glasses chasing them. She lost sight of all suspects where the alleyway meets SW Edmunds St.

(Another witness) stated the foI1owing: He observed three black male juveniles running eastbound on SW Edmunds St. from California Av SW. He then observed a male wearing an orange jacket chasing them. As the male wearing the orange jacket passed him, he stated to him “CaIl 911, they stole a purse!” He did not see a female chasing after them. He lost visual of the subjects running as they proceeded eastbound on SW Edmunds St.

(Third witness) stated the following: He observed three black male juveniles running southbound through the alleyway between California Av SW and 44 Av SW. He observed a female chasing after them. AlI subjects were running toward the intersection of SW Edmunds St and California Av SW. He lost visual of the subjects running after they cleared the alleyway and ran toward said intersection.

All witnesses described the three unidentified suspects as three black males, l2 to 13 years of dg€, and aI1 wearing black hooded sweatshirts. The female [victim] was described as olive skinned, has a foreign accent, wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, and black framed glasses. Officers could not locate either the suspects or the victim at this time. Nothing further.

The incident # is 17-454074.

STOLEN CAR FOUND: Five days ago, we published Linda‘s report about her niece’s Honda Accord getting stolen in mid-move. Early this morning, they got the call that police had found her car. Linda says it was in OK shape, with a flat tire, “only missing a backpack and a new little speaker. I say she got off lite! The gas tank was mostly still full! Maybe someone just needed a ride home :-). We are thankful and want to thank Seattle Police for finding her car so fast. Merry Christmas, everyone. Oh, by the way, we both have ‘the club’ on our steering wheels now.”

RECOGNIZE THIS PACKAGE THIEF’S CAR? Dee Dee shares a neighbor’s security video of a package stolen from her front porch last Wednesday afternoon:

The car has a distinctive look and sound so she wonders if you might recognize it. Dee Dee usually has packages delivered to her workplace “but I somehow missed this order.” The thief had a passenger, and yes, this has been reported to police. She adds, “The package was expensive but I’m sure they won’t be too interested in my candle-making supplies!”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Another stolen car recovered, with arrests

Thanks to the texter who tipped us to this: Police have recovered another stolen car, and arrested 2 suspects. This time, it ended in a Gatewood apartment parking area, on SW Orchard just east of California [map]; the silver Acura above is the stolen car. SPD tells us an officer spotted it being driven nearby and pulled the driver over after verifying the car was stolen. They were still on scene awaiting a tow truck to impound the car. We don’t know anything about the suspects yet but will be watching the jail register.

UPDATE: Police recover stolen car, arrest 2 in Fairmount Ravine area

(Added: Photo from Andrew, as shared in comments)

8:16 AM: Police have taken two people into custody after following a stolen car westbound over the bridge and into the Fairmount Ravine area. More information as we get it.

8:52 AM: The area where this all ended is a narrow hillside dead-end over the ravine and we can’t get there; the car will be towed and impounded. We still hope to obtain and add follow-up information later.

9:09 AM: Just talked with Det. Patrick Michaud in the SPD media office. He confirms that what we’ve reported above is what this came down to – a stolen car was spotted in the South Precinct, police followed it as the driver continued over the bridge, into the Admiral area, then into the dead-end hillside area over Fairmount Ravine, and took two into custody (on Brook SW). The car is a silver Honda Civic.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen Land Cruiser; found, dumped holiday star; seasonal crime-prevention advice

Two reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch, plus crime-prevention advice:

STOLEN LAND CRUISER: That’s Ketsy‘s Toyota LandCruiser, “stolen from in front of our house near 47th and Erskine sometime between 10 pm and 6 am last night/this morning. Keep an eye out. She’s easy to spot and identify with a black hood and roof.” Call 911 if you see it. (added) Plate # ASL1277 – police report # 17-438713.

Meantime, from the found-and-apparently-stolen file:


This beautiful star was found in opened packaging, with no shipping information, discarded along a street in WS. We want the owner to have their star.

If it might be yours – let us know.

PREVENTING HOLIDAY-SEASON CRIME: Just as we were getting ready to publish the two reports above – Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Burbridge sent her latest newsletter, with seasonal advice – read it here (PDF) or as embedded below:

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police search after street robbery

11:23 PM: Thanks for the tips about police activity in The Junction near 44th/Oregon. Officers are searching for at least one suspect in what was described via radio as a street robbery in which the victim, whose purse was stolen, was told the robbers had a gun. One suspect is reported to be in custody.

11:49 PM: Police are reported to be questioning two other possible suspects.

UPDATE: Body found on the Lincoln Park shore

11:24 AM: Thanks for all the tips about police on the south end of the Lincoln Park waterfront. They have taped off part of the beach where we are told a body was found. Our crew talked to a woman who says she found the body while out for a walk with her dog less than an hour ago. She said the person appeared to be male, gray-haired. Police apparently found ID on him, but had no comment on the situation except that they were awaiting the Medical Examiner.

11:44 AM: As noted by commenters, there was an extensive search two days ago to the south for a man in his 80s reported to have gone into the water in Des Moines, 10+ miles south of here. Coast Guard and King County crews had searched exhaustively for him without success.

12:35 PM: We checked with the King County Sheriff’s Office to see if they had heard whether this was the person they had been searching for. No notification so far, according to spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West.

1:44 PM: We also have talked with SPD spokesperson Det. Mark Jamieson. Final word on an ID and cause of death would have to come from the Medical Examiner, but he says it’s currently NOT being investigated as foul play (we had verified with the officers on scene that Homicide detectives had not been called out), and also says SPD is indeed looking into whether the discovery is connected to the Des Moines disappearance on Tuesday.

CLOSE CALL: Street blocked after utility pole’s mystery fall

FIRST REPORT, 5:02 PM: Police are blocking 24th SW just south of SW Webster [map], across from Home Depot’s south driveway, right now because a utility pole fell. It fell toward, but between, two of the multiplex residential buildings on the west side of 24th.

No one was hurt. The weather was calm at the time, so the cause of the fall is a mystery so far. (Thanks to the person who texted us about this!)

7:34 PM: Just went by to check; crews are still there working. Also, per the City Light outage map, 90 customers in the vicinity are without electricity.

About the police response at West Seattle Stadium

We’ve received several questions about a police response in the parking lot at West Seattle Stadium. SFD was originally dispatched on an “assault with weapons” call at 3:15 pm; a person was found dead inside a car, and SPD just told us at the scene that it’s a suspected case of suicide. They are awaiting the Medical Examiner.

If you or someone you know are having thoughts of self-harm, the Crisis Clinic’s 24-hour hotline is is 206-461-3222.

Don’t miss your chance to speak out about crime, safety, police

November 16, 2017 2:27 pm
|    Comments Off on Don’t miss your chance to speak out about crime, safety, police
 |   Crime | Safety | West Seattle news | West Seattle police

Two weeks left for this year’s Seattle Public Safety Survey – with a holiday right in the middle of those two weeks, so we’re reminding you today: If you haven’t answered the survey’s questions about crime, safety, and police, consider setting aside some time for it before the November 30th deadline. The survey is overseen by Seattle University, which will provide the results to SPD, and also works with the department on analyzing crime trends, via interns at local precincts. The survey starts here and is available in 11 languages.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police search in South Delridge

10:10 AM: Police are searching in the 17th and Barton vicinity right now for one or two people wanted in what’s been described via scanner as a robbery and hit-run in which someone was reportedly dragged by a stolen car. One suspect has been described as a “possible Hispanic man, 25, heavy set, brown or black wavy hair, small mustache, black hoodie, light T-shirt.” The car’s been found but no one was inside. We’ll update with anything more we find out.

10:31 AM: The search continues, and a K-9 team will be joining. The person who was hurt did not need to be taken to the hospital, we’re told. That part of the incident apparently happened near/at a 13th/Henderson-area construction site (photo added above).

10:37 AM: Added above, a photo of the abandoned stolen car, a blue Subaru with plates starting in AYT. (We don’t know whether it was stolen in West Seattle or elsewhere – it’s not one that we’ve received a reader report about. Police eventually plan to impound it.)

UPDATE: Police search for, find driver who crashed car onto corner at Fauntleroy/Edmunds

10:09 AM SUNDAY: Thanks to Brian and Allison for the tips on this: A short police search is over after a driver crashed that car up onto the corner of Fauntleroy and Edmunds on the south side of The Whittaker (WSB sponsor). The building itself wasn’t damaged – the car was stopped by a concrete planter/bench. When Brian called it in, he was told the driver had run from the scene, and was suspected of being under the influence of drugs, related to an earlier call near Fairmount Park. Police did confirm to us that the driver ran but is now in custody.

MONDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: According to jail and court online records, the 26-year-old man arrested in connection with this crash remains in jail, facing charges of hit-run and being under the influence.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police search; gunfire suspects arrested; recognize this red backpack?

Three West Seattle Crime Watch notes this afternoon:

POLICE SEARCH IN SOUTH DELRIDGE: If you’ve seen the officers, including a K-9 team, searching in the South Delridge area (17th/Barton and beyond) in the past hour or so – we’re told it’s related to a theft case that originated on the King County side of the line. That’s all we have so far.

SPEAKING OF CITY/COUNTY CASES: Via SPD Blotter this afternoon, the saga of something we heard a bit about on the scanner last night but couldn’t pursue because it ended downtown: It started with a robbery in White Center just before 11 pm, continued with gunfire in the 9000 block of Delridge Way SW – the robbery suspects allegedly firing at a witness who was pursuing them – and, as police shared information about the suspect vehicle – a Monte Carlo – across precinct lines, officers caught up with the suspects on I-5 near exit 168B. “Officers looked into the vehicle and saw cash and a purse on the floorboards. Officers booked the 19-year-old gunman, the 21-year-old driver, and the 19-year-old passenger into King County Jail for investigation of assault and drive-by shooting,” wrote Det. Patrick Michaud.

And a reader report:

STOLEN BACKPACK? If this backpack looks like something taken from you or someone you know…

Rich is wondering. He sent the photo (which we have cropped), explaining, “Saturday 10/22 around 3:30 pm, there was a suspicious looking young man emptying the contents of a red backpack into the bushes near California and Charlestown … he was very aggressive towards me when I questioned what he was doing. I don’t see on the blog any mention of a lost/stolen backpack, but perhaps you can post the query if this happened to anyone.” Let us know if you recognize it.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Assault investigation in Westwood

5:52 AM: 30th SW is closed for about a block north of Barton [map] right now by a big police response (thanks for the tip). Officers at the scene could only say that someone was assaulted and has been taken to Harborview Medical Center; the Seattle Fire log shows a medical response in the 9000 block of 30th SW just before 4 am. More information as we get it.

6:01 AM: Just talked to SPD spokesperson Det. Mark Jamieson. He is still working on getting details, including whether someone is in custody, but says this started as “some kind of disturbance or argument between two men, and one was assaulted by the other.” The victim has life-threatening injuries.

6:07 AM: SPD confirms a suspect is in custody.

8:10 AM: Police have just released more information via SPD Blotter:

Detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding an early morning assault incident in West Seattle. An adult male has been taken into custody and transported to police headquarters where he was interviewed, along with three other witnesses.

Just before 4:00 am two men, acquaintances, were in the 9000 block of 30th Avenue SW. One of the men jumped on the back of the other man attempting to take his cell phone. A struggle ensued, and the man who attempted to take the phone experienced a medical emergency. Officers arrived on scene within three minutes, located the victim, and rendered aid. Seattle Fire responded and transported the man to Harborview Medical Center, where he is in stable condition, expected to recover.

30th SW had reopened when we checked around an hour ago.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Cannabis shop hit 3 times in 1 week; 2 car prowls

In West Seattle Crime Watch this morning:

3 BURGLARIES IN 1 WEEK @ CANNABIS SHOP: Police are investigating early-morning burglaries today, Sunday, and last Monday at Canna West Seattle (5435 California SW). After hearing from neighbors about the break-ins in the past two days, we requested the reports from SPD, and one report mentions another break-in a week ago. This morning’s full report isn’t available yet but media relations Det. Mark Jamieson tells WSB, “It happened about 3:18 am and was reported by a neighbor. The caller stated that 3 black males in their 20s were observed running northbound from the business carrying bags. Officers arrived within minutes of the call along with a K9. The K9 team did a track, but it appears that the suspects got into a car.” As for the Sunday break-in, the report narrative says police got the call at 3:50 am, with a neighbor reporting “three males in front of the store breaking into the front glass door with axes.” K-9 tracking in this case also suggested that the burglars departed in a vehicle. And this report says police were met at the business Sunday morning by the owner, who told them the store had been broken into last Monday (October 16th) in the same way, by three people with axes. The report says there’s surveillance video and that, in the Sunday burglary, it shows that the burglars – who wore masks and gloves – were in the store for just two minutes, breaking the door at 3:37 am and fleeing with merchandise at 3:39 am.

Also, two reader reports about overnight car prowls:


We wanted to let everyone know that there are car prowlers in Arbor Heights. My husband was loading up his car this morning between 5 and 6 (making several trips), and someone took multiple items from his car. They stole his work computer and everything from his console. They also left a women’s purse and a trail of garbage from our house toward Fauntleroy Park. We live near 39th and 97th aves. [map] It is particularly upsetting because the car was parked at the end of our driveway (closest to the house) and was essentially right outside our back door. We were all inside (my husband, myself, our toddler and infant) about 20 feet away. The car is also parked under a security light and they had to walk down our driveway past my car to get to it. Given this, it was particularly bold, brazen and unsettling. We were wondering if people were watching and waiting, or if it was just dumb luck. Apparently leaving your car unlocked, in your driveway, outside your back door for about 30 minutes in the morning is just not safe any more.


Our older-model Highlander was prowled sometime last night (Sunday). Car was mistakenly left unlocked – no broken windows. Nothing of value taken but would love to have back the car records, etc. that were in a small zipper binder in the glove box if someone finds it randomly dumped. Car was parked in vicinity of 41st and Austin. Lock your car at all times and leave nothing inside.

P.S. Another reminder that the next local crime/safety-related meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday (October 24th), the West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network, with special guest Councilmember Lisa Herbold – 6:30 pm, Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster).

@ West Seattle Crime Prevention Council: Shoplifting crackdown; precinct’s fall events…

No special guest at last night’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting, so it was a shorter-than-usual meeting devoted to police updates and community concerns. Read More

UPDATE: Police arrest 3 teens in Upper Fauntleroy after gunfire on Puget Ridge

(UPDATED 10:09 AM THURSDAY with additional information from police)

9:43 PM: We’re working to find out more about a police search in the 39th SW/SW Cloverdale area. This is related to gunfire somewhere else – no injuries reported so far that we have heard. Police were following a vehicle with suspects in it and are reported to have two people in custody but are looking for others. More when we get it.

9:50 PM: The search is around a fairly wide area, including part of Westwood to the east, and a K-9 team is involved.

9:56 PM: Police tell us this started around 21st and Graham [map] on Puget Ridge.

10:11 PM: While our crew is off checking on that scene, we’ve just heard via scanner that another person has been taken into custody near 37th/Cloverdale, and “weapon recovered” (they had been looking for a gun but reportedly had not found it in the car).

10:16 PM: Part of 21st SW is closed at Graham, our crew reports, while Gang Unit members are investigating. (photo added above) The shell casings from the original gunfire incident are clearly marked on the street here. We’re told they expect to keep the street closed another half-hour or so. Meantime, back at the Upper Fauntleroy scene, officers have confirmed to dispatchers that they do not believe any other suspects are at large.

ADDED 10:19 AM THURSDAY: Just in via SPD Blotter, before we even checked in with SPD looking for additional details:

Three juvenile suspects, all 17 -year-old males, were arrested Wednesday evening following a drive-by shooting in West Seattle after they crashed the car they were driving. A handgun was recovered at the scene.

Just before 9:30 p.m. officers responded to reports of shots fired at a residence in the 6300 block of 21st Avenue SW. Witnesses provided officers with a suspect vehicle description and officers located a possible suspect vehicle nearby. The vehicle fled from officers but crashed a short distance away. Two of the three occupants were taken into custody at the vehicle, but the third suspect fled on foot. A few minutes later he was located and arrested after a K-9 track. That suspect had a 9mm handgun in his possession.

While investigating the incident, officers learned from the victim that the three suspects were known to the victim and had been in a long-standing disagreement with her boyfriend. The victim also informed officers that approximately ten minutes prior to the shooting incident, the same suspects shot out the back window of a car she and her boyfriend were driving in while on Delridge. That shooting was not reported to police at the time. The boyfriend had left the scene prior to the police arrival.

Officers examined the victim’s vehicle and discovered several apparent bullet holes and a damaged rear window. The scene was processed and the victim’s car was impounded. There were no reported injuries.
The three suspects were later booked into the Youth Services Center. Southwest Precinct detectives will handle the follow-up investigation.

SEATTLE PUBLIC SAFETY SURVEY: Now ready for your replies

Do we have enough police officers? What do you think of the police force? Have you been a victim of crime? Are people in your neighborhood likely to intervene if they see potential criminal activity? Those are the types of questions you’ll be asked when you reply to this year’s Seattle Public Safety Survey. It’s now open and available online in 11 languages. It’s managed by Seattle University, which continues to have graduate students interning as research analysts in SPD precincts. This is the third year for the citywide survey – you can see last year’s results here.

P.S. If you don’t have time to take the survey now, you can use the “Share This” link below to e-mail yourself (or anyone else!) the link to this story.

Police investigating possible gunfire

So far no word if any evidence has been found, but we’ve heard from multiple people (thank you!) about possible gunfire heard in the Delridge area, between the 8000 block and SW Thistle (8400 block). Those who have contacted us say yes, they’ve reported it to 911, and we’ve heard a dispatch for officers to check it out.

Police investigating two cases of possible gunfire

12:51 AM: Thanks for the messages. Police have investigated two reports of possible gunfire in the past two hours – 911 had multiple reports in both cases, no word of any victims, and so far we don’t know what evidence if any was found. Both were heard in North Delridge. We’ll check later this morning to see if police found shell casings or property damage in either case.

11:13 AM: So far this morning, the incident types listed in report logs do not suggest evidence of gunfire was found – which doesn’t necessarily mean it was something else; sometimes it doesn’t turn up until daylight.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Stolen West Seattle ATM found; where the forklift came from

(WSB photo from Sunday morning)

Continuing to pursue several West Seattle Crime Watch followups, we just got an update on Sunday morning’s ATM theft at the 44th/Edmunds Chase drive-up in The Junction: Seattle Police spokesperson Det. Mark Jamieson tells us the stolen ATM was “recovered (Monday) morning at a location in the South Precinct,” so that precinct is now handling the followup investigation. He also provided the narrative from Sunday morning’s original theft report. The report says that the ATM was already gone when police arrived, responding to the 911 call “that a forklift was being used to steal an ATM machine.” Police were told that the ATM was “loaded into a Penske moving truck which left in an unknown direction.” The report says the forklift – which, as we reported Sunday, was left behind – had been stolen from a construction site in the 4800 block of Fauntleroy Way SW (which would be about four blocks east of the theft location), and was eventually taken back to that site by private tow after it was checked for prints and other evidence. At the time the report was filed, police were working to get access to the camera that potentially had video of the theft. Meantime, as we added yesterday to Sunday’s report, Chase says replacement plans are already in progress and the ATM location should be back in business by the end of the month.

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