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UPDATE: Police response in Fairmount Park area

(Photo tweeted by @kcline)

8:48 PM: Thanks for the tips – we are told Fauntleroy Way SW is blocked at Dawson because of a police response. It is reported to be a “person in crisis” situation involving a juvenile. We are on our way to find out more. Avoid the area in the meantime.

9:04 PM: Our crew says this is ending and the juvenile is safe. Police tell us the road should reopen within 15 minutes or so.

UPDATE: Early-morning police activity

12:28 AM: Two things:

*If you heard “gunshots or fireworks?” noise around midnight, according to police radio communication, it was fireworks, 24th/Holden vicinity.

*Thanks for all the tips about a search in northeast Arbor Heights. We know it involves both KCSO and SPD but we’re not sure yet what started it, so we’re heading over to see what we can find out.

1 AM UPDATE: We have found multiple officers on 28th and 30th south of Roxbury. Two said the search was related to a convenience-store robbery but wouldn’t/couldn’t say where. We have gone by several stores, no obvious signs of trouble. A K9 team was out on 28th when we went through. That’s all we have – no descriptions of who’s being sought.

2:50 AM: Unrelated incident, so far as we know, but it’s still early-morning police activity, so we’re adding … the sirens in south West Seattle this time are because police are now looking for a burglary suspect in South Delridge. We missed the exact address but one of the containment points is 18th/Henderson. The description of the suspect so far is black, male, 6’2″, 220 pounds, no shirt, no shoes, possibly bleeding from broken window glass.

3:29 AM: Still searching.

5:34 PM UPDATE: KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Ryan Abbott tells us this started as a shoplifting attempt by three juveniles at the 28th/Roxbury 76 station minimart. They tried to steal some candy; “When they were stopped by the clerk, one of them produced a handgun and threatened to shoot the clerk.” The search never did turn them up.

UPDATE: Why police are searching a West Seattle house

9:33 AM: Thanks for the tip about police searching a house near 36th SW and SW Manning. They tell us it’s a warrant search, but that’s all they can say while it’s happening. We’ll be following up.

12:03 PM: Talked to precinct Operations Lt. Ron Smith at the Morgan Junction Community Festival. He says it was a drug-case warrant.

UPDATE: Suspect found dead, police say, after gunfire, search on Puget Ridge

(WSB photos)

10:25 AM: Police are searching for a suspect in what they call a case of domestic-violence gunfire. It happened a short time ago in the 6500 block of 16th SW. They’re asking that everyone avoid the area. Per scanner, the suspect was described as a white man with a shaved head and red beard, possibly in a white Jeep Cherokee.

10:35 AM: Our crew reports 16th is closed to traffic in the 7000 block on the south side of this investigation. And just tweeted by SPD:

10:49 AM: Now per scanner police are headed for a nearby greenbelt to investigate a report of a possible body and gun – we don’t know for certain whether it’s related but there’s a fire call too. Also, South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) has sent a text alert that it’s on lockdown. And Metro has sent a text that it’s not serving the campus right now.

10:59 AM: Police confirm via Twitter that they believe the body is that of the suspect they were seeking and that he appears to have died by suicide, in the West Duwamish Greenbelt.

11:16 AM: As a commenter noticed, the location of the SFD response related to the body discovery keeps changing (most recently 13th/Holly). That’s because it’s taken a while for SFD to find the best path into the greenbelt.

Meantime, Metro continue to route transit out of the area, including Routes 125 and 128. We’ll update whenever that gets back to normal.

11:40 AM: We talked to police at the scene; they say this started with a confrontation between the suspect and an ex-girlfriend; he started firing shots into her house. No one was hit, according to police, but other people were home too and some, police say, even jumped out of a window to get away.

11:54 AM: SSC is back to normal operations and so is transit in the area, which means 16th has reopened.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Stolen fish recovered, as bycatch

Early this morning, police were back at the Puget Ridge home of repeat offender Gregory Thompson in the 7100 block of 18th SW. We’ve reported on him previously in connection with previous arrests including this case in February in which guns and drugs were recovered. This morning, police confirm to WSB that while they were at his house in connection with an unrelated case, they recovered most if not all of the fish stolen from Seattle Fish Company, in the Thursday morning heist reported here last night. The King County Jail Register shows Thompson was booked this morning for investigation of tampering. We don’t have details yet on that case but will add anything more we find out.

‘Robust traffic component’ added to police’s Alki summer plan, residents told

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Key Southwest Precinct leadership outlined the “Alki summer-emphasis plan” to a roomful of residents last night.

Along with precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis and Lt. Steve Strand (soon to be the precinct’s second-in-command), Community Police Team officers were there, as were the precinct’s crime prevention coordinator Jennifer Danner and City Attorney’s Office precinct liaison Joe Everett.

This was held outside the usual schedule of community meetings, both at the precinct and in neighborhoods where SPD reps often are in attendance to provide crime-trend briefings; City Councilmember Lisa Herbold noted the meeting in her update last weekend on new efforts to facilitate cracking down on vehicle noise, which passed a council vote today (more on that later in this report).

Capt. Davis said the precinct has a comprehensive plan with a “couple components” added this year. “We’ve heard loud and clear from a lot of our community members” about problems including noise and other “quality-of-life issues.”

He said the Alki “summer-emphasis plan” has two main components:

Read More

FOLLOWUP: 35th/Avalon collision survivor still in hospital

(WSB photo from last Friday night(

Many have asked if there’s any update on the man who suffered life-threatening injuries when hit by a driver on 35th north of Avalon last Friday night. We asked Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Ron Smith at last night’s Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council meeting (separate meeting report to come), and he checked for us this morning. He says the 35-year-old victim remains at Harborview Medical Center, listed in serious condition. The man was trying to cross at mid-block when the driver, northbound, hit him, per SPD’s online update later that night, after the road was reopened following 3-plus hours of investigation. Witnesses rushed in to do CPR even before authorities arrived.

FOLLOWUP: Councilmember Herbold announces new steps toward vehicle-noise crackdown on Alki (and elsewhere)

(SPD mobile precinct and Alki traffic, May 2017 WSB photo)

For almost two years, we’ve been chronicling a new focus on the chronic vehicle-noise issues in the Alki/Admiral area, and Councilmember Lisa Herbold‘s work to address it. In her weekly update, she announced she’s introducing new legislation this week to help police crack down – and an SPD community meeting next Tuesday:

As a beachside neighborhood and a regional destination, the Alki neighborhood and nearby areas face unique public safety and health challenges, especially during the warm-weather months. Residents, community groups, and visitors from elsewhere have expressed concern about public safety, and the growing impact of motor vehicle-related noise issues.

During the last two warm weather seasons, I’ve asked SPD to add additional officers; SPD recently announced they’ll be doing enhanced patrols this summer as well. I thank them for doing this.

I’ve also been working with community members to address vehicle noise in the Alki neighborhood since last year, when together we developed the Alki Public Safety and Health Survey. The survey showed noise from modified vehicle exhaust systems as the #1 community concern.

On Monday I’ll be introducing legislation to address vehicle exhaust system noise in the Alki neighborhood.

The legislation, if passed, will simplify enforcement by allowing officers to issue citations for muffler and engine noise that “can be clearly heard by a person of normal hearing at a distance of 75 feet or more from the vehicle.” This is the standard used for the City’s motor vehicle stereo noise law (SMC 25.08.515 (A)(2), in effect since 1989.

The current City law that covers motor vehicle exhaust noise requires use of sound meters, which are time-consuming and require calibration, and are thus very difficult to use for enforcement. This was underscored as a problem by SPD in their report to Council re: enforcement of vehicle noise on Alki. While there are muffler laws on the books, they are specific to whether the muffler is modified, rather than the amount of noise being made, and since it is difficult to determine whether mufflers have been modified, are consequently also difficult for police officers to enforce.

The legislation will be heard at the June 13th meeting of the Gender Equity, Safe Communities, New Americans and Education Committee chaired by Councilmember González. This meeting starts at 9:30 a.m., with public comment at the beginning.

In addition to muffler noise, my office also closely examined City laws for motor vehicle stereo noise and screeching tire noise. Both rated high as community concerns in the survey.

Working with the City Attorney’s Office and SPD, we’ve been able to clarify that the current City motor vehicle noise laws for stereo noise and screeching tire noise can be enforced as written. My office also worked to clarify that noise meters are not needed to enforce these motor vehicle noise laws, and it is not required to have a complaint from someone separate from the officer. Some sections of the noise code do require meters, and a constituent complaint.

This legislation will apply citywide, on city streets. Although the legislation mentions “highways,” in the Seattle Municipal Code section for noise enforcement, this just means any City road.

Also, the SW Precinct (2300 SW Webster St) will be hosting a community meeting the evening of June 12th at 6:30 p.m. to hear Southwest Precinct Captain Pierre Davis’ plans to address noise and speeding in Alki. SPD has committed to emphasis patrols (i.e. extra officers) in Alki during the warm weather months. I thank them for their commitment, and for reaching out to Alki residents early in the warm weather season.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Masked confetti-gun-wielding attacker injures woman, and 3 other reports

In West Seattle Crime Watch:

WOMAN INJURED BY MASKED ATTACKER WITH CONFETTI GUN: Thanks to Kim for the tip on this and the photo. We didn’t make it to Westwood Village while this was unfolding but obtained the police report today. A 35-year-old man is in King County Jail today after being arrested Tuesday afternoon for investigation of assault. Police say he was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and “soccer shin plate armor (plastic), with other various plastic armor plating underneath everyday clothing,” while walking on the east side of Westwood Village shooting people with a confetti gun. Seattle Fire checked one woman for minor injuries after she reported being hit in the eye. This was the suspect’s fourth booking in less than a year.

SIGNATURE SQUABBLE: Sorry to say, SPD tells us no report resulted from another Tuesday afternoon incident we briefly, and popularly, mentioned on Twitter, after hearing about it on the scanner:

The few lines in the SPD system say that a “petitioner” – it was not specified which campaign they were gathering for – was arguing with people, and the manager called police, who said the person could be “trespassed” (required to leave, and stay off the premises) if the situation persisted. Officers left and a while later, there was another call, but the manager called back and canceled before they arrived.

Two reader reports:

PLAGUED BY PACKAGE THEFTS: Kelli at Zippy Dogs in north Morgan Junction writes:

We are located over in the 6000 block on California Ave between Graham and Raymond streets. Our townhomes and businesses are having packages stolen on a very regular basis. The pictures show their faces, body type, build. White male, 20’s, heavy tattoos, he wears beanies and cap, sometimes has backpack. White female, 20’s, longish brown hair, she seems to be the lookout and he grabs packages. She helps carry the loot.

(Monday) they were carrying 3 bags stuff full of packages and a Rite Aid rolling basket loaded with their packages. These two yahoos have been caught stealing packages on our security cameras and (Monday) we followed them down California Ave while they walked to McDonald’s; unfortunately, the cops were shorthanded and busy and never made it to the scene for an hour and a half. They were long gone. They hang out at the Juneau Market (California and Juneau) and McDonald’s (California and Holly). They are very active, and walk up California Ave and nearby alleys, side streets and through a lot of townhome complexes that are easy targets especially if they have access to alleyways.

They have provided all their photos and videos to police, whose report number from Monday is 18-202147.

VANDALISM: Received via text:

My name is D and I was getting ready to work when I found my car, a Honda Fit, vandalized on my carport behind Pagliacci Pizza.

The gas door and lid were torn off, heavy scratches on the rear quarter panel and flattened tire.

There’s blood spots around the tire; the person might be hurt.

UPDATE: 35th/Thistle crash, followed by search and arrest

(Added: Photo sent by Jason)

2:04 PM: Southbound 35th SW is blocked right now at SW Thistle after a crash reported to involve two cars, and police are looking for two people reported to have run/walked away from one of them. They were last seen westbound on Thistle, “possibly bleeding.”

2:07 PM: Now police are saying one person – all we’ve heard are that both were believed to be male – might have left NB on 35th, and the other might have been subsequently seen near 37th/Cloverdale.

2:15 PM: A K-9 officer is in the area and might be joining the search.

2:25 PM: Police have one person in custody a few blocks south of the crash scene. He was reported to have been hiding in a Honey Bucket.

2:57 PM: Crash scene is clear. Here’s where police found the man:

SFD was called to check on him for possible crash injuries.

10:53 PM: The suspect, 30, is in King County Jail, booked for investigation of hit-and-run. The jail register shows it’s his fourth booking in just under a year.

FOLLOWUP: No arrest yet in Alki Avenue murder

(Saturday night photo by WSB’s Christopher Boffoli)

On the second day after the murder along Alki Avenue SW, near Luna/Anchor Park [map], no arrest yet – and no new (public) information from Seattle Police. The victim was stabbed around 10 pm Saturday night and died at the scene. Along the Alki Trail, where his body remained for hours while investigators worked the scene, a memorial that started with a few flowers by Sunday evening grew today – including extensive tagging on the trail/sidewalk.

Police won’t say anything more than describing the investigation as “active and ongoing”; as noted in our Saturday night coverage, they don’t believe it was a random killing. It’s the second murder in West Seattle in less than a month, after the deadly shooting of 44-year-old Lorenzo Marr at West Seattle Stadium on May 8th, also still unsolved. The Alki victim’s name has yet to be released; police described him as in his mid-20s. If you have any information, you can call the SPD tip line at 206-233-5000 – or 911.

UPDATE: Emergency response in The Junction

6:53 PM: Just in case you’re in the area and wondering: Though a response happening right now at 42nd/Alaska was dispatched as “scenes of violence” (formerly “assault with weapons”), scanner traffic indicates the incident did not involve any injury after all. However, police are looking for a suspect, and so we’re on the way to find out what the call is about.

7:02 PM: A sergeant at the scene would only say that this started as some kind of argument and they’re trying to sort out the details.

UPDATE: Man stabbed to death along Alki Avenue SW

(WSB photos by Christopher Boffoli)

10:12 PM: Police and fire are headed to Alki/Harbor for a report of a possible stabbing. More to come.

10:16 PM: Per scanner, police are closing Harbor to traffic NB where it turns into Alki.

10:19 PM: Victim has life-threatening wounds, also per scanner. Other routes to Alki might be closed because of the search – such as California Way and Bonair – so avoid the area.

10:40 PM: WSB’s Christopher Boffoli is at the scene and says the victim has died. This is the second homicide case in West Seattle in less than four weeks, since the deadly shooting at West Seattle Stadium on May 8th. Last year, there was one murder at Alki – we noted that May 23rd marked one year since 23-year-old Jordan D. Thomas was shot and killed at 62nd/Alki; that case remains unsolved.

10:53 PM: No arrest(s) reported so far. No clear description of the killer(s), either, but police are reported to be canvassing for surveillance video in the area as well as potential witnesses.

11:44 PM: After resolving a communications problem, we’re receiving images and information again from our crew at the scene. If you are having trouble placing where this happened, the victim is on the Alki Trail, just to the right of the right edge of the photo above; Christopher says it’s directly across the street from 1140 Alki SW. Also note, roads into the area remain closed.

12:05 AM: Christopher reports that homicide and CSI personnel continue arriving. He meantime is expecting a briefing soon from an SPD public-information officer who has arrived and is getting briefed.

12:35 AM: Christopher has just talked with SPD spokesperson Det. Patrick Michaud, who says the victim was in his mid-20s. Police do not believe this was a random attack. Nor do they have a description of suspect(s) or vehicle. Det. Michaud also confirms there is an additional crime scene at which they recovered a glove, and says police are interviewing witnesses and friends of the victim as well as reviewing surveillance and dash-cam footage from the area. If you have any information, you’re asked to call SPD’s homicide/assault tip line at 206-233-5000.

1:35 AM: Added above this line, Christopher’s video of what Det. Michaud told him at the scene.

SUNDAY NIGHT NOTE: No new information today. Sometime between this morning and evening, someone left a few flowers at the scene, the only hint of what happened last night:

We will be following up with police again tomorrow.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Victim taken to hospital after street robbery near Fairmount Park

A woman was taken to the hospital by private ambulance after she was attacked and robbed near 40th/Findlay [map] less than an hour ago, police confirm. According to the initial report, she told them the attacker grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down, then got away with her wallet. When we went to the scene to follow up, they confirmed the robber was reported to have been last seen headed westbound on Findlay. He was described only as a white man, late teens or early 20s, white shirt, blue jeans, and police were searching in the area. If you have any information, call 911.

Death investigation on Alki

A texter asked about police and the Medical Examiner on Alki early this morning; we just went over to check and were told it’s a suicide investigation. The SFD log says the call originated as a “scenes of violence” (formerly “assault with weapons”) dispatch to 55th SW/Alki SW at 5 am. When we arrived, the ME had left; the last police on scene had no other details and were about to leave.

As always when we mention suicide, we want to remind you that the Crisis Clinic hotline is available 24/7 for anyone contemplating self-harm … 206-461-3222.

UPDATE: Missing woman found

Seattle Police are asking for the public’s help in finding Jackie Dupras.

Though their tweet – the only announcement of the search – says the 74-year-old woman was last seen near Seattle Center, she is a West Seattle resident.

If you see her, please call 911.

SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE: She has been found safe.

3 out-of-state finalists announced for Seattle Police Chief

Three finalists have been announced for Seattle Police Chief, and acting Chief Carmen Best isn’t on the list. All three are from outside the Northwest:

After extensive community outreach and a thorough review of many highly qualified applicants, the Police Search Committee … forwarded to Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan three candidates who best meet the community’s requirements for Seattle’s next Chief of Police. Mayor Durkan received the list of finalists for the next Chief of the Seattle Police Department this afternoon. In the coming weeks, she will interview each finalist and then nominate one for the position. The three finalists are: Eddie Frizell, Inspector, Minneapolis Police Department; Cameron S. McLay, Former Chief of Police, City of Pittsburgh; and Ely Reyes, Assistant Chief, Austin Police Department.

(Photos added by WSB – L to R, Frizell [Minneapolis city photo], McLay [Twitter photo], Reyes [Austin city photo])

“Our Police Search Committee, who has deep experience in criminal justice reform and policing, has worked relentlessly to ensure the voice of the community is a vital and powerful part of this selection process. The strong national interest in this position has led to several great candidates but tough decisions about how the City can best move forward to continue reform and accountability. As I begin the interview process, our next chief must be committed to public safety while continuing to build an accountable, diverse police department focused on meaningful and lasting reforms,” said Mayor Durkan. “I’m incredibly grateful for the work that Interim Chief Carmen Best has done and will continue to do as part of the Seattle Police Department. I have known Chief Best for years and her work has been invaluable to me as Mayor – she has been a strong leader as Interim Chief.”

The City of Seattle and the Police Search Committee conducted a robust community engagement process, hosting 14 community meetings and events and partnering with 50 community organizations. More than 2,600 community members completed the Community Input Survey, up from 191 in 2014. The survey and workshops were open to all Seattle community members and businesses and provided opportunities for people to share their thoughts about the characteristics and experience necessary for the next police chief.

The results of the survey show that Seattle residents want a Chief of Police who understands the importance of community, and is committed to developing lasting relationships and trust, particularly with communities of color. A majority of responders agreed that the next police chief should be a courageous leader dedicated to reform, especially in improving relationships with the public and training officers more rigorously in de-escalation and cultural sensitivity. The survey indicated that the next police chief should demonstrate an ability to set high standards within the department, understand the history of policing in the United States, build confidence with diverse communities, and make all Seattle neighborhoods safer. You can read the full Community Input Survey and Engagement Report here.

“As a member of the Police Search Committee, I’m proud of the work we did to find three superb candidates that have a vision for and commitment to ongoing reform and culture change within our police department. These candidates also understand the need to empower our neighborhoods through community policing and by delivering excellent public safety services,” said Councilmember M. Lorena González (Position 9, Citywide). “These candidates were identified by our diverse committee through a nationwide search after engaging over 2,000 people through an online survey and a series of community meetings. With the identification of the three finalists, I encourage our community to actively engage in getting to know each candidate.”

The 25 members of the Police Search Committee, many of whom have extensive experience in criminal justice reform, collaborated with a national search firm to attract many qualified applicants from across the country. At the end of the community input process in late March, the Committee worked together to narrow the field of applicants.

“Our next Chief of Police will shoulder the incredible responsibility of protecting all Seattle communities and building trust among those who have the greatest distrust of police and the criminal justice system, and who face the bias and institutional racism of our current system,” said Co-Chair Colleen Echohawk, Executive Director of the Chief Seattle Club. “Over the past several months, a diverse range of community members who are invested in criminal justice, police reform, and public safety have made their voices heard. I believe that any of our finalists could lead Seattle to a safer and more just future.”

“From dozens of applications, over many weeks, we carefully focused our efforts on three outstanding finalists. Each of the three remaining individuals understand – and can actualize – a critical truth: The Chief of Police must be both a steward of public safety and a champion for racial justice,” said Co-Chair Jeffery Robinson. “I look forward to Mayor Durkan’s decision and the next chapter in the Seattle Police Department’s continued reform.”

“As a former King County Sheriff, I believe that the three individuals announced today as finalists are people of deep experience, integrity, and seasoned leadership,” said Co-Chair Sue Rahr, Director of Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission and former King County Sheriff. “Each one would be a strong, effective steward of public safety, hold the trust of the rank-and-file and communities, and be a leader committed to lasting reform.”

The three finalists are:

Eddie Frizell, Inspector, Minneapolis Police Department. Eddie Frizell is an Inspector with the Minneapolis Police Department, which he has served for 25 years. Inspector Frizell also holds the rank of Colonel in the Minnesota Army National Guard, which he served for 28 years, including a deployment to Iraq.

Cameron S. McLay, Former Chief of Police, City of Pittsburgh. Cameron S. McLay is the former Chief of Police for the City of Pittsburgh. Prior to his service to Pittsburgh, Chief McLay spent 29 years at the City of Madison Police Department.

Ely Reyes, Assistant Chief, Austin Police Department. Ely Reyes is an Assistant Chief with the Austin
Police Department, which he has served for 22 years. He also served in the United States Army and performed six years of overseas service. He is a recipient of the Purple Heart, Lifesaving Medal, and three Meritorious Service Medals.

“The Mayor’s assignment to the Search Committee and the co-chairs was based on very clear principles. First, the next Chief must continue to build an accountable, diverse, and effective police department, focused on meaningful and lasting reforms. Second, the search process had to be based on input and leadership from the people of Seattle, especially those communities that face bias and institutional racism in our current criminal justice system,” said Co-Chair Tim Burgess, former Mayor of Seattle. “I believe our work met these principles and found finalists who are experienced leaders, seasoned law enforcement officials, and individuals committed to building trust in the communities they serve.”

The Mayor will review the qualifications of the three finalists, interview each, and nominate one individual for the position of Chief of Police in the coming weeks.

As mentioned above, the city has compiled a report on input during the search process. One of the community meetings was held in West Seattle in early March.

From repeat offenders to RVs, at West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

A wide-ranging discussion at this month’s West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting. Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Ron Smith presented SPD information in place of precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis, who was unable to be there. He had an announcement, too. But first:

CRIME STATS: Crimes against persons have “calmed down drastically,” down 9 percent from a year earlier – that category includes violent incidents from assault to robbery to homicide. Crimes against property are up 1 percent but some categories are spiking:

Read More

UPDATE: Police check out reports of possible shots south of West Seattle Junction; fireworks suspected

10:30 PM: We’ve received multiple texts about possible gunfire south of The Junction, heard at points including 5000 block of California SW and 5000 block of Fauntleroy Way. Police have been dispatched to check it out.

10:47 PM: No further word on this so far. If police don’t find evidence of gunfire – a victim, casing(s), damage, or somebody who saw something, it generally gets chalked up as a mystery “noise disturbance.”

11:03 PM: As noted in comments, after two more booms were heard a few minutes ago, one texter called 911 and was told that police have determined someone is shooting off fireworks in the Morgan Junction area.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Why police are at Chief Sealth IHS

May 7, 2018 9:15 am
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If you are in the Westwood area and noticing police at Chief Sealth International High School: They’re questioning three students in connection with what was first reported as an assault – another student hit and knocked down near 26th and Thistle – and then changed to a report of “strong-arm robbery” (no weapon). Police spotted someone described as a possible suspect and two companions walking into the school. We went down to find out more; police say they’re still talking to everyone involved to sort it out, and principal Aida Fraser-Hammer tells us school is proceeding normally. We’ll check back with SPD later.

UPDATE: Shots? Backfires? Police investigating multiple reports

10:57 PM WEDNESDAY: Two areas of West Seattle have been the source of multiple 911 calls about possible gunshots in the past 15 minutes or so. First, Avalon Way, where police in the area subsequently told dispatch that a loudly backfiring motorcycle had gone through the area. Shortly thereafter, we heard a couple of booms as did multiple others here in the area uphill/east from Lincoln Park. Police are checking around but so far no reported evidence of gunfire (no victims, casings, damage).

THURSDAY AFTERNOON: No confirmed gunfire cases ended up in the SPD Twitter log that we aggregate on our Crime Watch page. We are checking with SPD media relations to see if they can turn anything up.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police searching for assault suspect

5:20 PM: In case you’re wondering about the police search in central Delridge, with a K-9 team joining officers in the Delridge/Myrtle vicinity, as well as points east and uphill toward Puget Ridge, here’s what we have found out so far: This started with one man punching another in the face near Home Depot. The victim was taken to the hospital by private ambulance. The suspect is known to the victim. No luck finding him yet.

5:50 PM: Still on the loose.

About the ‘assault with weapons’ call on Avalon

May 1, 2018 2:56 pm
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Thanks for the tip about the response in the 3200 block of SW Avalon Way this past hour – we missed the initial dispatch because the scanner has been jumping with May Day preparations. Went to check it out, and police were leaving, with SFD about to leave too, and only able to tell us that a woman was being transported to the hospital by private ambulance. Next stop, the precinct, where the only note in the system was that it turned out to be a “person in crisis” situation.

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