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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 3x-stolen CR-V; musical equipment stolen; talk with police at WSCPC Tuesday night

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight – two reader reports, plus a reminder:

CR-V STOLEN FOR THE THIRD TIME: We’ve shown you Joe‘s 2001 red Honda CR-V twice before – it was stolen, spotted by a WSB reader, then stolen again the day it was picked up from the repair shop, found again, this time in the county. Now, Joe’s mom Linda e-mails to say it’s been taken for the third time in three weeks from outside his residence near 16th SW/SW Thistle. When last found, it was drivable, but with “trash strewn inside,” Linda says, including “a female’s ID card and a letter from the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office addressed to a guy with a record.” Then on Saturday night, the car was stolen again. He has since purchased a used car and she’s given him a “Club” for that one. But if you see the red CR-V – call 911.


I would like to report that in the early hours of Sunday morning February 18th, I was victim of a car prowl. The back window of my van was broken and musical equipment stolen from the vehicle. The incident occurred near 48th Ave. SW and Andover. Items taken were:

-15 inch Bag End speaker Model S15-N, Serial # K10678. Purple colored exterior.
-Peavey 112M Wedge floor monitor speaker w/volume control
-2 black duffel bags with small items such as pedals, mike cords, speaker cables, stand lights, power cords, direct box and a SM58 Beta microphone.

A police report was filed. If anyone has any info, the case number is 18-61429. Thanks!

WEST SEATTLE CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL: Concerns/questions for police? Want to hear about local crime trends firsthand? The monthly WSCPC meeting at the Southwest Precinct is tomorrow night (Tuesday, February 20th), 7 pm. Along with the community update and Q&A, there’s a special guest this month, SPD Bias Crimes Unit Detective Elizabeth Wareing. All welcome – the precinct is at 2300 SW Webster, and the meeting room is right off the public parking lot.

WEST SEATTLE RESTAURANTS: Giannoni’s Pizzeria has closed after 10+ years

Giannoni’s Pizzeria in Westwood Village has closed permanently, confirms proprietor Donna Burns. Earlier this month, they had planned to close for renovation, long overdue after 10 1/2 years in business, but the plan has changed, she told WSB, and they will not be reopening:

Giannoni’s would like to thank all of our wonderful and very loyal customers over the last 10+ years. You have been the best part of our days!

After being faced with many challenges while attempting to update and renovate the space, we ultimately decided that there were other opportunities we would like to pursue.

Westwood management will get pizza back in the mall very soon and we hope that the area continues to grow and be a great place for West Seattle to shop!

We inquired after someone sent us a photo of a notice that mall management had taped to the restaurant’s papered-over windows. Burns says they have been in contact with them. This is the third WWV closure so far this year, following Fresh Vitamins and Carter’s.

About the police response on 42nd SW

7:10 PM: Thanks for the tips about multiple police cars on 42nd SW between Junction 47 and Jefferson Square. Couldn’t tell from scanner traffic what was happening so we went over in hopes of asking. All the cars were empty and the officers were somewhere out of view. Next stop: The precinct, where we were able to find out that it was a “person in crisis” call. No related medical call so far, although this category of calls sometimes results in a direct call for a private ambulance.

7:53 PM: And one has indeed arrived to take the person for evaluation.

FOLLOWUP: 16-year-old South Park shooting victim has died; vigil planned tonight

(WSB photo, February 7th)

The 16-year-old boy shot in South Park almost two weeks ago has died. While police have yet to publicly announce that it’s now a murder investigation, community advocates are getting the word out. And a candlelight vigil to remember him is planned at 6 pm tonight near the shooting scene by the Chevron station at 8819 14th Avenue South, same place where more than 100 gathered after a silent march two nights after the shooting. Community advocates also have set up an online fundraiser for the family of the young man to help with funeral costs and hospital bills. Meantime, police have not disclosed any additional details of the investigation, and no arrests have been reported.

Question for your state representatives? Telephone Town Hall on Tuesday

Got a question or request for your 34th District representatives in the State House, Rep. Eileen Cody and Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon? They’re holding a “telephone town hall” tomorrow night (Tuesday, February 20th), 6-7 pm:

Calls will go out to thousands of homes throughout the 34th Legislative District. Residents will be able to listen live and speak directly with their lawmakers. Those who do not receive a call can participate by dialing 877-229-8493 and using ID Code 116287

Alternatively, the telephone town hall can be live-streamed:


Both 34th District representatives are committee chairs – Cody, who works as a nurse, chairs the House Health Care and Wellness Committee; Fitzgibbon chairs the House Environment Committee.

STORM SCENES: Alki aftermath; windblown waves; birds in the breeze – and snow!

The storm’s gone – but not forgotten. Some scenes to share:

That photo is from today at Alki Beach, by David Hutchinson, who explains:

Lots of Alki Beach sand in motion yesterday. The wind blew a bunch off the surface to the south – including across Alki Ave, while the wave action removed about 2-3 feet beginning at the high-tide line. Assume that this will reinforce the offshore sandbars that are visible at low tides.

If you missed the north-wind-fueled wave action that caused it, here are reader videos showing what happened, starting with this one at sunset by Marie:

A little earlier, Bridget also caught the wind and waves:

Hours before that, Rachael recorded gulls in windsurfing mode:

And as wild as things got on Sunday, you might have forgotten that the morning weather was all about snow showers. Along Beach Drive, Lura recorded a great blue heron standing strong in the windblown snow – for a bit:

Thanks again to everyone sharing photos and videos; e-mail is always best – editor@westseattleblog.com – but if it’s easier, you can text to our hotline, too – 206-293-6302 – thank you!

UPDATE: DUI investigation after driver hits pedestrian at 26th/Genesee

10:50 AM: Thanks for the tips and the texted photo. SW Genesee is blocked by police just west of Delridge. The 911 log shows a medical call there just after 9 am; we’re on the way to find out more.

11:10 AM: The police here are from the Traffic Collision Investigation Squad. The medical call was from the incident – a female pedestrian hit by a driver on Genesee at 26th and taken to Harborview.

11:20 AM: Police here also tell us it’s a DUI investigation.

A ReachNow car still on the scene has visible driver-side windshield damage.

11:56 AM: SFD says the victim is an “adult female with serious injuries.”

1:04 PM: Still blocked off with investigators working.

2:19 PM: SDOT has since tweeted that the street is open again.

PRESIDENTS DAY: Info for the rest of your holiday Monday

Our regular morning transit/traffic coverage has the info about changes in getting around today – so here’s what else you might need to know:

LIBRARIES CLOSED: Both Seattle and King County.

CITY-RUN PARKS FACILITIES: Here’s the list of what’s closed and what’s open.

POSTAL HOLIDAY: USPS facilities are closed; no delivery.

PARKING HOLIDAY … if you’re going to a neighborhood that has street parking with city pay stations, there’s no charge today.

WEST SEATTLE YMCA IS OPEN, AND … as listed on the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar, you can check out today’s 4 pm Meatless Monday cooking demo at the Y (3622 SW Snoqualmie; WSB sponsor).

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Monday watch, with bridge crashes and Presidents Day info

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

6:12 AM: Thanks for the tips. Per scanner, there is trouble in both directions on the West Seattle Bridge – a motorcycle crash with one person (update: 48-year-old man) being taken to the hospital, near the Delridge exit on the westbound side, and an incident reported to involve two vehicles on the eastbound side. Tow trucks are reported to have been called for all. SDOT says “the EB left lane and the WB 2 right lanes” are blocked right now.

6:19 AM: Other notes – no major power outages remain but there are a few small pockets; doesn’t look like any that would affect traffic.

TRANSIT CHANGES: For the Presidents Day holiday:
-Water Taxi out of service
-Metro on “reduced weekday” service

6:22 AM: Heard via scanner, trouble with a railroad-crossing arm at 1st and Spokane, and it might not be fixed for at least an hour.

7:04 AM: Per scanner, police say the westbound West Seattle Bridge is clear, an hour-plus after the motorcycle crash that sent a man to the hospital (see above).

7:05 AM: SDOT says both directions are clear.

WEST SEATTLE WIND: Sunday pm trouble updates

(SCROLL DOWN for updates)

(Wind-whipped whitecaps on Puget Sound, photographed by Peter Commons)

4:16 PM: Though the “wind advisory” expired hours ago, big gusts are causing big trouble right now.

We’ve been covering:

Two power outages (the bigger one just ended)
A wires-sparked brush fire east of Lincoln Park

And now we’re getting word of other problems, including:

-Tree down on California north of Hamilton Viewpoint
Signal Light pole down on 35th at Brandon

Updates to come. And if something is happening where you are and we’re not on it yet, tips/photos appreciated (as always!) at 206-293-6302 – thank you! And stay safe.

4:27 PM: This appears to be the light pole a texter mentioned, down on the west side of 35th SW just north of Brandon:

No traffic effects (but be careful in general because branches are down on some streets).

4:44 PM: And here’s a really BIG blockage:

That’s on California just uphill from Harbor. If you are turning uphill, you can see the problem AND you can detour to Ferry, but if you are coming downhill, right now there’s no warning until you are almost all the way to the blockage – hopefully there will be police and/or signage soon by Hamilton Viewpoint. No crew on scene yet working to clear the trees, either. We tagged SDOT when tweeting this photo in case they hadn’t heard, and they say they’re alerting their Safety Response Team.

4:57 PM: Just in via text, a tree down in North Delridge.

The texter says the tree came down on private property, from the 4th hole of West Seattle Golf Course, and damaged “decks, fences, and a hot tub.”

5:49 PM: Thanks to Colby for the tip that there’s another outage, a little over an hour old, along part of Roxbury near 28th/26th – that’s affecting Roxbury Safeway. We’ll check there in a bit. Not far from there – not wind-related but in case you wondered – 15th SW in White Center is blocked just north of SW 100th because of a driver-vs.-pedestrian incident.

6:34 PM: Roxbury Safeway has some power but exterior lighting is off and cold cases are draped over. Meantime, the outage affecting our HQ and other areas east of Lincoln Park – in Gatewood and Upper Fauntleroy – is now up to 371 customers, per the City Light map. And yet more tree trouble:

Marc near 46th SW/SW Hanford tweeted the photo and reported, “Half the neighbors’ big leaf maple just fell in our yard!”

8:33 PM: Yet more tree trouble. Eileen reports this scene along Glenn Way:

She says, “Not blocking the road – just the sidewalk. Partially covering a couple of parked cars.”

9:52 PM: 8th hour without power. But there’s progress – we saw City Light crews nearby. Also saw crews at the California blockage just up from Harbor Avenue. The tree trouble isn’t over, though – we’ve also heard of one down near 44th and Admiral, and another one in Sunrise Heights. (Added Monday morning – reader photo of the 44th/Admiral tree)

No reports of injuries so far. Meantime, just checked the real-time 911 log and a transformer fire is reported in the 3200 block of Walnut.

10:07 PM: … and the transformer-fire call is already closed. The forecast, meantime, is now for the wind to diminish after midnight. And the next three nights are still projected to have lows in the 20s.

10:16 PM: SDOT says the trees blocking California just up from Harbor are now cleared and the road is open again.

10:53 PM: Tree trouble on Pigeon Point – N. James says this one fell along 22nd SW north of Andover:

N. James sent that – they called 911, but it was determined that the road is not blocked and while some wires are hanging over the street, they’re “high enough for a normal-height vehicle to pass, but trucks may not.”

6:29 AM: We updated the power-outages report overnight but just to note here as well, no major outages remain – a couple small pockets. (The biggest outage was in our area, Upper Fauntleroy/west Gatewood/east of Lincoln Park, 371 customers, restored after 11 hours, around 1:30 am.)

VIDEO: Brush fire sparked by downed wires in west Gatewood

3:50 PM: We’re checking out a Seattle Fire call logged as “brush fire” in west Gatewood – the address is the 4400 block of SW Kenyon but we’ve found the SFD crews at Portland/44th. More to come.

3:53 PM: This fire call involves downed wires, firefighters tell us. They’ve called for City Light. The fire itself is out. This is in the Gatewood/Upper Fauntleroy 150+-customer power-outage zone but we don’t know if this is what’s to blame.

4:03 PM: SFD also has a crew down the slope at one of 45th SW’s dead ends east of Lincoln Park. On this side, the fire’s still smoldering – there’s a tree down on wires right next to a house.

5:18 PM: The downslope SFD crew has left; we went to that area and a City Light crew was just leaving too. SFD is still up at the SW Portland end, though. We also have heard from a few people not far away who are seeing brown water from their taps; could be related to the hydrant usage, but rather than guess, we’re advising people to call SPU at 206-386-1800.

6:41 PM: Thanks to the neighbor who sent this video from earlier:

We went back to the scene a little while ago and SFD said they expected to be leaving soon, though the Real-Time 911 log shows they haven’t closed the call yet. Seattle City Light was still also working in the area, working carefully to be able to deal with the line that went down.

POWER OUTAGE UPDATES: 370+ customers in Gatewood, Upper Fauntleroy; 4,100+ restored in Shorewood, WC; new outage along part of Roxbury

2:59 PM: First significant power outage in West Seattle since the weather got blustery on Friday – more than 150 customers in Gatewood and Upper Fauntleroy, including WSB HQ, per the City Light outage map. More to come.

3:09 PM: The cause isn’t listed yet but the restoration guesstimate is 9 pm – as always, we caution that it can be fixed a lot sooner (like that recent 1 1/2-hour outage) or much later. Meantime, a much-bigger outage has just happened in the White Center/Shorewood/north Burien area – 4,100+ customers:

4:04 PM: SCL blames the White Center-and-beyond fire on a tree. Meanwhile, we’re checking out a brush-fire call in west Gatewood that’s blamed on downed wires – we don’t know if it’s related to the outage but it’s not far. Separate coverage here.

4:23 PM: As noted in comments, the big outage to the south has been resolved, as verified by the SCL map. The outage east of Lincoln Park, not yet.

5:53 PM: New outage as of a little over an hour ago – two pockets on SW Roxbury in the 26th/28th area, and we’re told that is affecting Roxbury Safeway. We’ll be checking there in a bit.

6:46 PM: Roxbury Safeway has some power inside but cold cases are covered and there’s no external lighting. Meantime, the outage in our HQ area, east of and uphill from Lincoln Park, is now listed as 371 customers. Still a 9 pm restoration guesstimate, but no cause – the wires-down fire is likely related.

9:34 PM: Still in the outage zone but we did see a couple City Light trucks a few blocks away while we were on our way back here a short time ago. The restoration guesstimate has been pushed back to ~1:29 am but please remember, it’s not based on anything scientific, as City Light itself will tell you, so it’s just a guess. Some important things to remember:

-It’s cold but in trying to stay warm, you need to follow carbon-monoxide-safety rules.

-Wondering about the safety of food in your refrigerator? Read the FDA advice and guidelines.

2 AM: Our power came back on around 1:30. Now there’s a new 90-customer outage along Walnut.

West Seattle’s Girl Scout Cookies have arrived!

The photo is from Kari, volunteer service-unit manager, announcing it’s the time of year that fans of Girl Scout Cookies have been waiting for:

Cookies have arrived in West Seattle. Service Unit 550 of West Seattle and Vashon were loading the cookies into the neighborhood cookie cupboard and along came Officer R. Erwin 8368 of the Southwest Precinct, who stopped by to help. Thank you so much!!

This followed the annual cookie-pickup event at the Alaska Marine Lines facilities on West Marginal Way SW. The “cookie booths” – mostly tables outside local businesses – will be up and running March 2nd-18th (you can search here for locations/times/days). But if you’re looking for cookies sooner, Girl Scouts will be selling to family, friends, and neighbors.

REUNION! West Seattle High School Class of 1978 sets the date

Continuing our mentions of upcoming high-school reunions: It’s the 40th reunion this year for the West Seattle High School Class of 1978. Plenty of time to plan – the event is on Saturday, September 15th, at Rainier Golf and Country Club, 5 pm-12:30 am, with music by Pro DJs. $60/person – if you’re not already signed up, contact Denise to get on the list, denisem49 (at) comcast (dot) net – and if you have a reunion to announce, please let us know!

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Seeing some snow

(Snow-shower video recorded just after 12:30 pm)

8:26 AM: Thanks for the texts! We’ve heard from Highland Park, The Junction, and Jacobsen Road so far, as very light snow falls around West Seattle – seeing it here in Upper Fauntleroy too. As noted in weather updates earlier in the weekend, forecasters don’t expect much accumulation. But SDOT was out treating roads last night just in case – lots of salt on our hill, which is at 300′. No current alerts for our area; the forecast mentions “scattered snow showers (this) morning.”

9:21 AM: Over for now, and some sunshine has emerged.

12:02 PM: Now another shower – more ice pellet/graupel-like than snowflakes.

12:37 PM: The National Weather Service now thinks the snow showers won’t go past 4 pm.

West Seattle Sunday: From oysters to drama

(Song sparrow, photographed in Lincoln Park by Robin Sinner, shared via WSB Flickr group)

From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: 10 am-2 pm in the street in the heart of The Junction. (California SW between SW Oregon and SW Alaska)

ALKI OYSTER FEST: 11 am-6 pm, oysters, wine, beer, and music at West Seattle Brewing‘s Alki location and nearby Ampersand Café. Proceeds support Puget Sound Restoration Fund. More info in our calendar listing. (Alki SW/58th SW)

JAMTIME: Bluegrass and old-timey music, 1-4 pm at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), with Jamtime. (5612 California SW)

‘NEXT TO NORMAL’: First matinée for Twelfth Night Productions’ new play. 3 pm at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. Tickets available online as well as at the venue before the performance. (4408 Delridge Way SW)

PING-PONG TOURNAMENT: Play ping-pong with the West Seattle Supper Club at Whisky West, 5-9 pm. Prizes! 21+. (6451 California SW)

CONGRATULATIONS! West Seattle High School girls repeat as district champions

(Added: Postgame photo with trophy)

FIRST REPORT, 10:05 PM: We’re at Bellevue College, where the West Seattle High School girls have just repeated as SeaKing district champions, defeating Cleveland 56-51. Next stop – head coach Darnell Taylor and team head to the regional/state tournament at the Tacoma Dome. Photos and details to come later tonight after we’re back at HQ.

(Video: First basket of the game, by WSHS #32 Meghan Fiso)

ADDED 11:55 PM: The clip above shows the first two of the 21 points with which #32, sophomore Meghan Fiso, led the Wildcats tonight. They were out to a 9-0 lead halfway through the first quarter before the Eagles even got onto the scoreboard – that also included a three-pointer by #20, junior Grace Sarver, who had a 12-point night:

West Seattle owned most of the first quarter, with ironclad defense that kept Cleveland from driving in close, and fast-footed response that meant Wildcats were always in the way even when an Eagle did make her way through. But then they got a bit sloppy, and Cleveland recovered from a double-digit deficit to be down only three points going into the second quarter, 15-12.

That momentum continued for a few minutes, and they got within one point, before West Seattle regained their surefootedness. #34 Anissa Babitu helped the Wildcats scrap back.

Then a three-pointer by Fiso mid-quarter gave WSHS a bit of breathing room, 21-16. Two battles for the ball followed, and while Cleveland closed the gap to one point again, 23-22, six unanswered WSHS points sent the Wildcats into halftime ahead 29-22.

The second half began with two scoreless minutes, until Cleveland got a basket at 5:53. #11, junior Jasmine Gayles, tirelessly puncturing the Eagles’ defense yet again, answered shortly thereafter.

Toward the end of the third quarter, Cleveland started gaining ground and seemed re-energized, tying the game at 36-36 with 1:10 to go, then taking the lead on two foul shots. That’s when a three-pointer by Gayles got the lead back and brought the Eagles back down.

#4, junior Kelsey Lenzie (9-point game), added a three right after that, putting WSHS ahead 42-38 going into the final quarter, which turned into even more of a nerve-wracker.

Cleveland went ahead, 45-42, but #21, freshman Julianna Horne, erased that lead with a three-pointer.

The Wildcats weren’t back in their groove yet, though. Cleveland went on a six-point run that could have been their turning point – but wasn’t – and with just under two minutes left in the game, a clutch three-pointer by Fiso gave WSHS the lead back, 52-51. Fans were on their feet. Lenzie followed with another three. And then Cleveland had no choice but to foul, which they did, without gaining any ground. The clock ticked down, the Wildcats added one point from a foul shot, and that was it – 56 to 51, they were the district champs for the second year in a row.

WHAT’S NEXT: It’s on to the regional/state tournament, with their next game no sooner than Friday; the brackets will be posted here.

ADDED SUNDAY: The WSHS girls are now slated to play Garfield at 6 pm next Saturday (February 24th) at Bellevue College.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Coastal Flood Advisory for early Sunday morning, and maybe a bit of snow

7:01 PM: The wind alert is an hour away from expiring – but it’ll still be breezy, and that’s brought another weather alert: A Coastal Flood Advisory for 4 am-8 am. From the alert:

Minor flooding along the beaches is possible early Sunday morning–mostly because of the action of wind waves around the time of high tide which is around daybreak on Sunday.

High tide will be about one foot below the typical highest tide but windy weather and waves could cause some minor flooding along the beaches because of the waves.

High tide in this area will be 12 feet at 6:46 am Sunday. Meantime, you might have heard some talk of snow. In Seattle, it’s possible after midnight, according to the newest forecast, but not expected to total more than an inch.

11:11 PM: Just back from basketball coverage in Bellevue, and noticed the streets have been salted up here at 300 feet. It’s 10 degrees above freezing, still, so quite a ways to go before we are anywhere near snow mode. But whenever you see some, please let us know – text/call our hotline, 206-293-6302, 24/7 – thank you!

8:15 AM: Thanks for the texts! Light flurry here in Upper Fauntleroy, and texters are seeing a bit in The Junction and Highland Park too. If it goes on for a bit longer we’ll start a separate story.

BASKETBALL: West Seattle High School boys’ season ends with district-playoffs loss to Garfield

(WSHS huddle in game’s final minute)

FIRST REPORT, 7:02 PM: An intense game just ended at Bellevue College with a season-ending loss for the West Seattle High School boys – Garfield got this district’s final spot in the regional/state tournament, 60-53 over the Wildcats. Details and photos after we get back to HQ.

ADDED 7:45 PM: Star of the game for the Wildcats was #23, senior Anthony Giomi, whose point total matched the number on his jersey.

First on the scoreboard for the Wildcats, though, was the day’s second-leading WSHS scorer, #5, junior Abdullahi Mohamed (9 points):

Garfield’s shooting was cold for much of the first quarter. WSHS held the lead until Garfield tied it 6-6 with 1:17 left in the quarter and then tacked on five more points before that first buzzer; it was 11-6 Bulldogs going into the second quarter.

That period saw the Wildcats as the ones with trouble getting the ball and net to connect. Garfield was out to a twelve-point lead before Giomi broke the drought. Garfield kept the lead but WSHS didn’t let them pull away, and with 2:50 to go in the half, they got back to within single digits. There was a trade of three-pointers, including one by WSHS #10, junior Roman Barnet (6 points total on the day):

By halftime, WSHS was only three points back, 28-25. And the second half was off to a roaring start for the Wildcats, with a Mohamed basket within :15 and then a Giomi three-pointer putting West Seattle ahead at 7:07, 30-28. #24 Simon Harris helped with some clutch rebounding:

#2 senior Elijah Nnanabu (7 points) added to the lead and WSHS was up by four:

Garfield didn’t get its first second-half points until 4:53. Shortly afterward, a big three by WSHS #1, sophomore Marcus Collins, widened the Wildcats’ lead to 35-30.

Though Garfield was battling back, WSHS still had a one-point lead going into the fourth quarter, 37-36.
They built it out to six points in the first minute – but then Garfield caught fire, took the lead, and started expanding it. Emotions were running high when a Garfield player got two technical fouls called on him; Mohamed and Giomi each got two foul shots, and each made one. Shortly afterward, another foul by the Bulldogs sent #22, junior Nuh’Kosi Roberson, to the line, and when he was done, West Seattle was only one point back, 47-46. But things didn’t go their way in the final two minutes, and time just ran out before head coach Keffrey Fazio‘s team could get another good run going.

VIDEO: Songs and stories @ Arbor Heights Elementary’s Black History Month celebration

(Starr W., Simone S., Zoe P., Tevia & Taytum C., Denise K. singing ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’)

“We’re here to remember, honor, and celebrate Black history and Black culture, which is American culture.”

With that mission, Arbor Heights Elementary students and staff presented songs and stories in an hour-long assembly this past Thursday afternoon. They were each other’s audiences – joined by many parents, too. A big ovation greeted AH staffer Rosslyn Shea, who emceed the assembly (and kindly invited us to cover it).

She explained the backstory of Black History Month – which became a monthlong celebration in 1976, half a century after it began – “a time to remember the struggle, while remembering the accomplishments …” The program, directed and produced by Laura Drake, then began, with the anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (top video). Ms. McAlpin‘s class sang “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around”; then Reyana H. portrayed Sojourner Truth, telling her story of slavery, and marriage with five children.

She was 30 when slavery ended in NY State in 1827. “I began to work with other abolitionists … I was also a strong believer in women’s rights.” Student Artise B., portrayed Frederick Douglass. “It was against the law for slaves to learn to read and write,” but he secretly taught himself.

“Once I learned how to read, I taught other slaves.” He was an adviser to President Lincoln. “A white man’s happiness cannot be purchased by a black man’s misery.”

Ms. Irish‘s class sang “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.” A poem by Langston Hughes was performed by students Simone D. and Naimo M. Then pilot Bessie Coleman‘s story was told by Mariah R., speaking of achievement despite discrimination.

“I opened the possibility for women of color to become pilots,” though her life was cut short by an airshow-rehearsal accident.

Booker T. Washington, the influential educator, was portrayed by Joaquin L.. “Once I saw white children inside a schoolhouse reading books, that was what I wanted to do.” He ran a school “that is still going strong today.” He closed by reading this quote spiritedly: “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else!” Then Ms. Ciocca‘s class sang “Woke Up This Morning with My Mind Set on Freedom,” and Ms. Amble‘s first-grade class performed to Ella Fitzgerald‘s version of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”


That was followed by Ms. Wilson‘s class with “If You Miss Me at the Back of the Bus.” Then, from even-more-recent history, more historic character portrayals – two trailblazing Black candidates for President, U.S. Rep. Shirley Chisholm (by Phalestine W.) and Rev. Jesse Jackson (by Zinneddine A.). “What is the American Dream? The American Dream is one big tent.”

Two third-grade classes sang along with Sly and the Family Stone‘s “Everyday People” – “Sometimes I’m right, I can be wrong …” they raise their index fingers on the chorus.

“Love’s in Need of Love Today” by Stevie Wonder was the afterschool program’s presentation, and then “We Shall Overcome” as a closing song, with everyone in the auditorium invited to join in. And on the way out, we stopped to notice student work on the walls:

AH and other Seattle Public Schools are now out for a week of mid-winter break, with classes resuming Monday, February 26th.

YOUTH SPORTS: Big sign-up season for West Seattle Baseball – now seeking coaching help!

(Photo courtesy West Seattle Baseball)

As youth-sports signup season starts, West Seattle Baseball registration has closed, and it went so well, the league is looking for coaching help. From Karen Rains:

Registration closed this week for West Seattle Baseball and interest and sign-up has exceeded all expectations! We are looking for another Pony coach! Know any former players (college or above) who would like to lead a team? Any potential lead is a good one. As always, the league is willing to support any volunteer as much as possible with practice plans and other coaches to help lead a few practices if necessary. We don’t want to turn any players away!

Please reach out to the Pony Commish, Nathan Thomasuglycousin@yahoo.com – if you are interested or have an idea for us!

Better Metro bus service for Admiral/Alki? Councilmember Herbold’s request to SDOT

It’s been a hot discussion topic in WSB transit/transportation coverage for a long time – north West Seattle’s relative lack of Metro service compared to other areas. In her newest weekly update, Councilmember Lisa Herbold announced she is asking SDOT – via the letter embedded above – to find out what it would cost to fix that. (Though Metro is a county service, city dollars pay for some of the service.) If you haven’t seen it via e-mail or web, here’s her update:

As District 1 Councilmember, I regularly hear from residents of the Admiral and Alki neighborhoods about the lack of daytime and evening bus service to and from Downtown. Non-rush hour service on Bus Route 56, which connects Alki and Admiral to Downtown, was eliminated in 2012.

As a result, Admiral is the only Urban Village in Seattle without off-peak transit service to Downtown. It is also the only Urban Village not served by the Frequent Transit Network included in the Seattle Transit Master Plan. Urban Villages were adopted by Seattle in the 1994 Comprehensive Plan to direct growth to areas with enhanced services, so the lack of service is noteworthy, and unique. The lack of off-peak service to Downtown for an urban village also does not seem consistent with our approach to managing growth.

I have written a letter to SDOT Director Goran Sparrman, requesting that SDOT assess the costs associated with improving off-peak transit service on Route 56, and inform me of the City’s funding capacity to meet this need with Seattle Transportation Benefit District funds passed by Seattle voters in Proposition 1 in late 2014, which directly funds bus service in Seattle. You can see the letter here. While King County Metro operates bus service, since 2015, with the passage by Seattle voters of Proposition 1, Seattle funds additional bus service.

Background information is included below about how the Admiral Urban Village fits into the city’s transportation and growth plans.

After the State Legislature passed the Growth Management Act in 1990, to stop regional sprawl and direct growth into designated areas. The City of Seattle adopted the Urban Village Strategy in its passage of the 1994 Comprehensive Plan. By 1999, the City had completed passage of neighborhood plans throughout Seattle, to implement the state Growth Management Act, and to direct growth into areas with enhanced services to match the growth.

Seattle has six Urban Centers, six Hub Urban Villages and eighteen Residential Urban Villages. Of those 30 areas targeted for growth in the 2035 Comprehensive Plan, only Admiral lacks off-peak transit service to Downtown.

Figures from the Seattle Transit Master Plan illustrate the unique status of the Admiral Urban Village. Figure 3-1 shows the City Capacity Transit Vision for High Capacity Transit Corridors. Figure 1-2 shows how these current and planned corridors align with the Urban Centers, Hub Urban Villages, and Residential Urban Villages adopted in Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan.

All of Seattle’s six Urban Centers and six Hub Urban Villages are included in a corridor—nearly all of which go to Downtown. In addition, 16 of Seattle’s 18 Residential Urban Villages are included in a corridor. The only ones that aren’t included in one of the transit corridors for RapidRide, Light Rail, Priority Bus Corridors, and the Streetcar are 1) Admiral and 2) South Park.

Figure 4-1 shows the status of the Frequent Transit Network as of March 2016; it notes a few areas on the map for “Priority Upgrade to Frequent,” including the Admiral Urban Village.

The Frequent Transit network included in the Transit Master Plan is designed to provide service every 15 minutes or better, 18-24 hours a day, seven days a week. This document shows bus routes that meet the frequent transit service level for land use purposes (SMC 23.84A.038), i.e. 15 minutes or less for at least 12 hours per day, 6 days a week, and transit headways of 30 minutes or less for at least 18 hours every day.

The current Frequent Transit Network using land use standards serves 29 of the 30 areas targeted for growth, but not Admiral.

Transportation Figure 5, from the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan, shows the Planned Frequent Transit Network, which includes SW Admiral Way through the Urban Village.

It appears that among Seattle’s 30 Urban Centers and Urban Villages, the Admiral Urban Village is one of only two not included the High Capacity Transit Network, and uniquely 1) is not served by the current Frequent Transit Network, and 2) has no off-peak bus service to Downtown. In addition, it saw a decrease in bus service to Downtown, with the 2012 elimination of off-peak service to Downtown on bus route 56. No buses leave for Downtown after 9 a.m., and return buses from Downtown operate only during evening rush hour.

Given the geographic distribution of jobs and work patterns, direct access to Downtown is important. Unless we are able to provide sufficient bus service to the Admiral Urban Village, it is less likely it will be able to accommodate its share of growth.

Metro Service prioritizes crowding, schedule reliability and service frequency. Proposition 1 noted that revenues would be used for these purposes, consistent with the Seattle Transit Master Plan and Metro’s Service Guidelines.

However, I believe we are missing an important element of equity in not considering how we can increase ridership in areas with low ridership and minimal options available to improve ridership. The lack of off-peak service to Downtown for an Urban Village also does not seem consistent with our approach to managing growth.

While King County Metro’s Service Guidelines target a minimum service level of at least every 60 minutes, even an exception for less frequent off-peak service would be an improvement.

If you would like to talk with Councilmember Herbold about this or anything else, her next “in-district office hours” event is Friday (February 23rd), 2-7 pm at South Park Community Center (8319 8th Ave. S.).

West Seattle Saturday: Something for everyone!

(Anna’s Hummingbird, photographed during a recent sunbreak by Mark Wangerin)

Eclectic list, both in venues and activities, for today/tonight – see for yourself!

EARTHQUAKE EDUCATION: Not in West Seattle, but at least one well-known local is participating – it’s the public day at the Living with Earth Hazards in Western Washington – 2018 Geohazards Symposium at McCaw Hall @ Seattle Center. WS-residing reporter/author Sandi Doughton, who wrote ” Full Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest,” is keynote speaker at 9 am and 1:30 pm. Full list of the day’s speakers – all free and open to the public – is here. More info here. (321 Mercer St.)

HIAWATHA COMMUNITY CENTER CLOSURE: Starting today and continuing through next weekend, the center is closed for floor-refinishing work.

SEWING GUILD: The American Sewing Guild‘s monthly neighborhood meeting is 10 am-noon at The Kenney; all welcome. (7125 Fauntleroy Way SW)

MEET THE MAHONIAS: It’s not just a work party, it’s a citizen science project! 10 am-noon at South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) – more info in our calendar listing. (6000 16th SW)

WSHS BASKETBALL PLAYOFF GAMES: The district playoffs continue with games today for both West Seattle High School teams, both at Bellevue College. At 3 pm the boys play Garfield in a must-win game to determine who gets the final spot in regionals. At 8:15 pm, the girls play Cleveland in the district title game. (3000 Landerholm Circle SE)

TALK WITH YOUR SCHOOL-BOARD REP: 3-5 pm at High Point Library, drop in for this month’s community conversation with West Seattle/South Park’s rep on the Seattle School Board, Leslie Harris, who is also the president of the board. (35th SW/SW Raymond)

ROLLER DERBY: The Rainier Roller Girls’ second bout of the season is tonight, 5:45-8:30 pm at Southgate Roller Rink – full details here. The theme is a flashback to the ’80s, and you can be part of it too. (9646 17th SW)

MUSICAL LOVEFEST & DONATION DRIVE: 7 pm-midnight at South Park Hall, with a simple price of admission – a box of tampons (you’ve heard about this, right?) or pads, or socks, for people experiencing homelessness. (1253 S. Cloverdale)

BRANDI CARLILE: 7 pm in-store at Easy Street Records – “to celebrate her new album, By The Way, I Forgive You, which drops today! Buy Brandi’s new album at our store … and we’ll give you a wristband that will get you into the in-store & signing.” Online sales don’t qualify you for this – so get down to the store, and then to the show. (California/Alaska)

MALLET HEAD: 7:30 pm at Kenyon Hall – “Cool jazz fills the hall once again, courtesy of Seattle’s vibes wizard, Tom Collier” and friends. (7904 35th SW)

‘NEXT TO NORMAL’: Second performance of Twelfth Night Productions‘ new play, 7:30 pm at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. Tickets available online as well as at the venue. (4408 Delridge Way SW)

THE ABBAGRAPHS: ’70s nostalgia with The ABBAgraphs and DJ Vodka Twist, 8 pm at Parliament Tavern. “’70s attire encouraged; contests and prizes for best ’70s threads!” $8 cover. 21+. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

THERE’S EVEN MORE … on our complete-calendar page.

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