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Lincoln Park now part of Seattle Audubon’s Neighborhood Bird Project

(NBP volunteers; photo provided by Kersti Muul, who’s in the front row, third from left)

Even if you’re not a full-fledged birder, you know West Seattle is a great place for bird-watching. And now it’s drawn a special designation related to that: Kersti Muul tells us that Lincoln Park is now part of Seattle Audubon‘s Neighborhood Bird Project:

The NBP started in 1995 and Lincoln Park is the first new addition in over a decade!

Basically, the NBP utilizes citizen science to monitor species diversity throughout the city of Seattle.

Audubon volunteers, under the guidance of a group leader for each park (I am the leader for Lincoln Park), conduct bird surveys once a month on a set date and time. The data we gather is then entered into a master database. The data are used to monitor urban bird abundance, assess the effectiveness of restoration projects, and to educate volunteers regarding their neighborhood habitat, phenology, etc.

Audubon encourages volunteers to pick a park that is in their neighborhood for this reason, as it makes them a stronger and better educated advocate for their locale. Anyone interested can contact Toby Ross, science manager at Seattle Audubon (tobyr@seattleaudubon.org).

You can find out more about the NBP here.

Seattle Audubon, by the way, is the source for the BirdWeb infopages we link to species names in the captions of the bird photos featured atop many morning previews on WSB (thanks to the wonderful local photographers who share them, some of whom are involved in the NBP) – BirdWeb provides a wealth of information about each species found in Washington, including what the birds look like, what they sound like, and where their habitats and ranges are.

COUNTDOWN: Register by Thursday for West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2017

Thanks to everyone who’s already signed up their sales for the 13th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, coming up Saturday, May 13th … less than three weeks away! Registration has been open for 2 1/2 weeks now and has four more days to go — the deadline is 9 pm Thursday (April 27th).

Browsing the 220+ sales signed up so far, we see addresses all around the peninsula – Admiral, Alki, Arbor Heights, Brace Point, Delridge, Fauntleroy, Gatewood, Genesee Hill, Highland Park, High Point, Morgan Junction, Pigeon Point, Puget Ridge, Seaview, Sunrise Heights, The Junction, Westwood, and a few just south of the official West Seattle border, in North Shorewood and White Center – plus many points inbetween (not everyone’s in a named sub-neighborhood!). Lots of great-sounding sales in yards and garages and courtyards, plus benefit sales, block sales, business sales, nonprofit sales, even a P-Patch sale … We end registration semi-early so that we can get the maps and listings out a week in advance, so shoppers can plot their stops, neighbors can find out what’s happening on nearby blocks, etc.

If you’re selling and not signed up yet, go here (be ready to include your up-to-20-word attention-grabbing listing text). If you’re shopping – keep watching WSB for updates and previews!

West Seattle weekend scene: Another film crew

Friday, a commercial in Sunrise Heights; this weekend, a short film along Beach Drive. We saw the trucks and equipment late today outside a waterfront complex south of Constellation Park and stopped by to inquire; they just said the shoot is for a “short film” and they will be done this evening. Subsequently combing various corners of the internet, we turned up a production-help-wanted listing mentioning a West Seattle shoot this weekend for an independent short film called “Victory“; cross-referencing that to an audition call, the plot summary is: “Our film catapults the viewer into the last fifteen minutes of the story of a mysterious insurgency group trying to do something about a chain-reaction holocaust.” We’ll make a note to watch for it when it’s done.

BIZNOTES: Barre3 coming to Springline space

Another business on the way: Sarah Heitman e-mailed to say she’s opening a barre3 – “an exercise studio that offers barre classes in a beautiful space WITH child care” – in one of the ground-floor commercial spaces at Springline (WSB sponsor). But while barre3 is a chain with locations in 28 states, Heitman notes that she is a West Seattle resident and is “keeping it local” even more with the help of a real-estate agent, lawyer, and architect from West Seattle. She’s expecting to open sometime this summer.

UPDATE: Rescue response for crash at Olson/Cambridge

3:49 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a sizable “rescue” response to a crash reported at Olson Place/Cambridge Place [map]. More to come.

4:05 PM: Just arriving in the area. Police have Olson blocked at Roxbury.

4:14 PM: Added a photo of one of the two cars involved – the other is on the road itself. We are told one person is being taken to the hospital. While the east/northbound lanes remain closed, one lane is open coming uphill (south/westbound).

PLEA FROM A PARENT: Enrolling in Seattle Public Schools this fall? Here’s why sooner is better than later

Last week, we reported on the waitlists for some local schools, for those who want to attend Seattle Public Schools outside the ones to which they’re geographically assigned. Even if you’re interested in a school that doesn’t have a waitlist, it’s important to get enrolled ASAP – especially if your child is an incoming kindergartener and isn’t signed up in the SPS system yet. The reminder was e-mailed to us by Erika Rasmussen, a Genesee Hill Elementary parent and PTA member who e-mailed us this week asking if we would share it with you. While the plea applies in particular to new kindergarteners and transfer students headed for that school – West Seattle’s most populous – it applies to all others as well, so that planning can be done without worrying about big last-minute changes. Here’s how Erika explains it:

At our PTA meeting (this week), we learned through the most recent enrollment projections that Genesee Hill Elementary School is currently projected to have approximately 760 students for the 2017-2018 school year (this projection also includes 149 Kindergarten students). The principal and staff are currently trying to budget and plan for staffing, resource, and even classroom space for next year (we are already busting at the seams in our new building and will be over capacity next year if this projection number remains or grows).

As you may know, Genesee Hill and many other local West Seattle schools have struggled in the past to correctly plan and budget for class sizes, staffing, and resources. Having more accurate numbers from actual enrollments will help schools plan.

What would greatly help these schools is for families who have youth at home that are ready to start Kindergarten in the fall to get them registered ASAP with the school district. I am a parent of an incoming Kindergartner and have heard from families new to the system that they find the enrollment process a bit challenging, especially with all the additional supplemental paperwork that is required to enroll students. I would love to encourage families to go ahead and complete the application form ASAP and submit it to the district. Some families have had challenges in obtaining the required State Immunization Forms and have said that this may be what is holding them back from registering their soon to be kindergartners. They do not have to have this form to begin the enrollment process [noted here].

We would also like to let the community know that even though the district states that enrollment is open and ongoing, local schools really want to encourage families to enroll ASAP (preferably before mid-May, when principals will have to make tough decisions regarding staff and classroom sizes). We would also like to encourage families who may have recently moved to new neighborhoods within West Seattle (which would put them in a new school zone for next year), or students who will be leaving private schools and joining their neighborhood public schools, to also enroll their students ASAP. This will help with planning across all grades (some schools are facing more split classes among multiple grades due to current enrollment numbers).

Any of this apply to your family? You can start the registration process right now by going here. That page includes information and links to forms, as well as a minute-long video that notes you can turn in your forms in person, by fax, or by e-mail.

ALSO TODAY: University of Washington beach volleyball @ Alki

11:11 AM: Remember that brilliantly sunny day last April when the University of Washington Huskies played their first-ever home beach-volleyball match – at Alki? (If not, here’s our coverage.) We just noticed via Twitter that they’re doing it again today. Might be the last time, since they’ve just built beach-volleyball courts on the UW campus, and that’s where they won 5-0 on Saturday vs. the University of Idaho, same team they’re playing at Alki today (scheduled to have just started, at 11). This is also the last game of the regular season.

12:45 PM: Stopped by for a couple quick pix. Fans are undaunted by the rain. Play-by-play continues on the team’s Twitter account.

3:45 PM: Huskies report another 5-0 win.

HAPPENING NOW: Spring 2017 Recycle Roundup until 3 pm

(WSB photo)

Outside Fauntleroy Church (9140 California SW), the spring Recycle Roundup is in its second hour, with a steady stream of people dropping off items to be recycled through nonprofit 1 Green Planet. You’re invited to do the same – no charge – until 3 pm today. The friendly folks at the church Green Committee, who coordinate this twice a year, are hoping you can go sooner rather than later, so everyone can be processed as quickly as possible and there’s no last-hour backup.

P.S. Here again is the list of what you can and can’t recycle there today.

West Seattle Sunday: Recycle Roundup; Earth Day storytelling; seed swap; music; more…

(“Dunlin are moving through, headed for the High Arctic,” reports photographer Mark Wangerin)

Ways to spend your Sunday, from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

RECYCLE ROUNDUP: Don’t need it? Can’t sell it? Recycle it! 9 am-3 pm today at Fauntleroy Church, it’s the spring Recycle Roundup. Here’s the list of what will and won’t be accepted. Free, but the Green Committee – which organizes this popular event – gratefully accepts contributions. If you’re coming to drop some stuff off, don’t wait till the last minute – things move faster earlier! (9140 California SW)

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: 10 am-2 pm, year-round, in the street, in The Junction. Returning for the season today – Langley Fine Gardens from Vashon Island, which says they’re bringing “tomato, cold-weather veggie and herb starts, as well as our usual unusual flower starts”! (California between Oregon and Alaska)

VILLAGE GREEN NURSERY REOPENS – ART & SEED SWAP TODAY: 10 am-6 pm, second day of reopening weekend at Village Green Nursery. We stopped in on Saturday for this photo of new proprietors Noah and Sarah:

Today they are again hosting Peggy Johnson‘s oil-painting show “Nature.” Also today, a seed swap at 1 pm. (10223 26th SW)

RECYCLE YOUR VASES/CONTAINERS AT FLEURT: Earth Day weekend again brings the vase/container recycling event at Fleurt in The Junction, which is celebrating its 8th anniversary this month. Bring yours in and “receive a little gift from Fleurt.” Open today 11 am-4 pm. (4536 California SW)

EARTH DAY STORYTELLING: 2-4 pm at the Duwamish Tribe Longhouse and Cultural Center – see the lineup of storytellers and musicians here. Free. (4705 W. Marginal Way SW)

FRANK ZUVELA @ SOUTHWEST STORIES: 2 pm at South Park Library, the Southwest Seattle Historical Society and the Seattle Public Library present this month’s “SouthWest Stories,” featuring Frank Zuvela talking about “Riverside Lives! Little-Known Stories of a Croatian Fishing Community.” Here’s his video invitation:

Learn about a historic West Seattle community you might never have heard about. Free! (8604 8th Ave. S.)

CAM BRADFORD: Singer-songwriter at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 3-5 pm. (5612 California SW)

MUSIC NORTHWEST PRESENTS ‘CELLOS!’ 3 pm at Olympic Recital Hall on the south end of the South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) campus – musician and program details here. (6000 16th SW)

WEST SEATTLE COMMUNITY ORCHESTRAS’ ENSEMBLE: 6:30 pm, special performance at Providence Mount St. Vincent Chapel. Free – all welcome. (4831 35th SW)

LUCKY BROWN & THE SGs: Music-release party at Parliament Tavern, 8 pm. No cover. 21+. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

PREVIEW THE WEEK AHEAD …on our complete-calendar page.

HALA REZONING: Morgan Community Association strategizes, 2 weeks before next city meeting

Two weeks from today – on Saturday, May 6th – the proposed Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) rezoning for Mandatory Housing Affordability will be spotlighted at another city “open house” in West Seattle.

This time, unlike the one back in December, it’s a big venue – Westside School (WSB sponsor) in Arbor Heights.

More on the open house later. First: Community groups are continuing to discuss HALA, too, particularly as they await the draft Environmental Impact Statement. If you need a refresher – Mandatory Housing Affordability is supposed to add more development capacity in exchange for requiring developers to either include “affordable” units in their projects, or pay a fee into a city fund that will be used to build it somewhere else. (If you haven’t already checked what might change near you, here’s the interactive citywide map showing that.)

At the Morgan Community Association‘s quarterly meeting this past Wednesday night, MoCA president Deb Barker said the EIS is expected to be out in mid-May, which would open a public-comment period through June – which happens to be what the city had listed at previous meetings (including the Morgan “Community Design Workshop” last month) as the expected drop-dead comments-closed period. Read More

Duwamish Alive, report #2: Music, mulch, more at Pigeon Point Park

Most recent years, Pigeon Point Park near Pathfinder K-8 School has had the biggest volunteer turnout for the multi-site twice-annual Duwamish Alive! events, and so far as we’ve heard, today kept that tradition going. Another tradition – music:

We found Jimmy Knodle on the northwest edge of the work zone – he had just stopped playing his trumpet when we pulled over, but posed for a photo. Elsewhere, Ricky Gene Powell was singing and playing:

That video is courtesy of Michael Oxman, a local arborist and Seattle Green Spaces Coalition board member who was there today. He also shared this photo of Seattle Parks volunteers:

Delridge-headquartered Nature Consortium, which was at the site along with EarthCorps, has long included music and art at its worksites, as part of its mission. But unintended art can be found, too – as in this arrangement of tools:

If you weren’t out at a site volunteering today, watch for word of the fall Duwamish Alive! event – and for work parties many other weekends inbetween; the Nature Consortium’s site will point you to frequent opportunities in West Seattle’s West Duwamish Greenbelt.

West Seattle weekend scene: Canada goose and gosling

It’s not really spring until one of our area’s wonderful wildlife photographers shares a photo of a Canada goose with at least one downy yellow gosling … this is the first one we’ve received this year. Mark Wangerin photographed them along Harbor Avenue SW – drive/ride carefully in that area, as they’ve been known to cross the road.

Rachel Austin at Click! Design That Fits

You might know artist Rachel Austin for her map-based paintings … right now, she’s at Click! Design That Fits (4540 California SW; WSB sponsor) in The Junction for a preview of her new Shadow series, “born out of her love of plants, color, and shape.” Click! tells us this is her only visit this year – and your first chance to see work from her upcoming show, debuting during the May West Seattle Art Walk (May 11th). Go drop by Click! and hop up to the loft to see her.

THURSDAY: 5 local restaurants participating in Dining Out For Life 2017

Next Thursday will bring this year’s Dining Out For Life fundraiser, with five West Seattle and White Center restaurants participating. Heather Logue from Lifelong explains that you’ll be helping neighbors:

Lifelong AND Dining Out For Life are closely connected to West Seattle, because on a weekly basis Chicken Soup Brigade (the food program of Lifelong) delivers crucial food and nutrition services to 91 homebound people living with serious illness in your neighborhood! And over the last year we have delivered to over 200 West Seattleites. Many of these folks are just out of the hospital and going home alone to an empty refrigerator, so we began the “Welcome Home Program,” which provides the healthy meals and social support to keep them on the path back to health.

She adds that, “Much of our management team at Chicken Soup Brigade lives in West Seattle! This means that not only do we love our neighborhood, but we’re also often privileged to make deliveries on the way home from work.” So here’s where to go on Thursday:

Buddha Ruksa

Locöl Barley & Vine

Mission Cantina

El Chupacabra Alki (for lunch only)

Noble Barton (White Center)

Here’s the full citywide list of participants, including what percentage they’re donating, and which meal(s) on Thursday.

HAPPENING NOW: Book bargains @ Tibbetts UMC

If the return of the rain has you feeling like you’d prefer to stay home and read a book … you have until 2 pm to go find one (or more!) at the Tibbetts United Methodist Church (3940 41st SW; WSB sponsor) Earth Day used-book sale. Books for all ages – $1 hardcovers, 50-cent paperbacks.

P.S. We noticed this work party outside the church:

It’s Boy Scout Troop 282, working this weekend next to build some retaining walls for Tibbetts.

Duwamish Alive! report #1: Kickoff ceremony celebrates progress, warns of setbacks

FIRST REPORT, 11:30 AM: Duwamish Alive! – two days a year with a long list of work parties along the river and in its watershed – is all about volunteers. At the T-107 Park opening ceremony that concluded a short time ago, four volunteers were honored in the name of another – left to right in our top photo, Liana Beal, daughter of the late Hamm Creek hero John Beal, presented the stewardship awards given annually in his name, to Brenda Sullivan, Tom Reese, and Lisa Parsons (plus Scott Newcombe, who couldn’t be there). The dozens of volunteers who gathered to watch and listen before starting work also heard from Cecile Hansen, chair of the Duwamish Tribe, whose longhouse is across West Marginal Way SW from the park:

She thanked the volunteers, and the environmental-organization leaders who were there, for their work. Other speakers included U.S. Rep Pramila Jayapal, who hailed the years of progress in cleanup and restoration, and warned of what is in danger of being undone:

Other speakers sounded a similar note. We’re off to a few other sites – if you’re part of Duwamish Alive! today, we also welcome photos – editor@westseattleblog.com – thank you! More coverage to come.

ADDED SATURDAY EVENING: Rep. Jayapal with some of the T-107 volunteers:

We also recorded more of her speech, which included a shoutout to some of West Seattle’s natural wonders:

(As reported in our coverage of this month’s 34th District Democrats meeting, Rep. Jayapal says she is expecting to move to West Seattle, from Columbia City, later this year.) The morning ceremony was emceed by Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition coordinator James Rasmussen, who concluded it by leading volunteers in a rousing round of shouting that they won’t and can’t stop what they’re doing.

They also heard from Puget Soundkeeper‘s Chris Wilke, who said he’s going to Washington, D.C., next week, to see what he can do about the proposals that would ravage federal funding for the environment:

He noted that the most important cleanup that could happen along and in the river would be to get every piece of plastic, whatever its size, adding that a microplastics study was to be done during today’s event. Also speaking during the ceremony: Port of Seattle Commissioner Stephanie Bowman and Mindy Roberts of the Washington Environmental Council. And stretching into the distance behind them all … the river itself:

West Seattle Saturday: Earth Day, Record Store Day, music, books, neighborliness, more…

(Photo by Peter Mangolds – sea lions leaping @ Jack Block Park)

From morning’s first light until late into the night, many options for your Earth Day Saturday! From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

RECORD STORE DAY AT EASY STREET RECORDS: Biggest day of the year at West Seattle’s own record store and café. Easy Street opens at 7 am, and three live musical performances are planned in the afternoon/evening – see the lineup in our calendar listing. (California/Alaska)

TAI CHI AT THE BEACH: 9 am at Alki Beach, by the Statue of Liberty, it’s the return of free Tai Chi at the Beach, with Lao-Shi Caylen Storm. Details in our calendar listing. (61st SW/Alki SW)

LAFAYETTE ELEMENTARY CLEANUP: 9 am-noon, volunteers are cleaning up at and around Lafayette Elementary in honor of Earth Day, as previewed here. (California/Lander)

WESTSIDE NEIGHBORS NETWORK FORUM: 9:30-11:30 am at West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor) in The Triangle, come talk and learn about this newly organized network aimed at coalescing community support for aging in place and other ways to thrive. (36th/Snoqualmie)

BOOK SALE: 10 am-2 pm, celebrate Earth Day at Tibbetts United Methodist Church (WSB sponsor) by shopping the annual used-book sale! Details in our calendar listing. (3840 41st SW)

DUWAMISH ALIVE! 10 am-2 pm, multiple sites on the Duwamish River and in its watershed where you can volunteer, as previewed here. The official opening ceremony is at T-107 Park on the river. (4700 W. Marginal Way SW)

WYATT’S JEWELERS CELEBRATES 12 YEARS: 10 am-4 pm, anniversary celebration at Wyatt’s Jewelers (WSB sponsor) in Westwood Village. Drinks, desserts, giveaways … and the anniversary sale. (2600 SW Barton)

VILLAGE GREEN REOPENS: Under new ownership, Village Green Nursery is reopening as of today, 10 am-6 pm. Peggy Johnson‘s art show is part of reopening weekend. (10223 26th SW)

GET TO KNOW THE WEST SEATTLE TIMEBANK: 1-3 pm at Neighborhood House High Point Family Resource Center, special event where you can find out about and sign up to be part of the West Seattle Timebank. (6400 Sylvan Way SW)

‘THE MAGIC FLUTE’ PREVIEW CONCERT: Professional singers and accompanist perform a preview concert at 2 pm at Neighborhood House High Point. (6400 Sylvan Way SW)

EARTH DAY CONCERT WITH PAUL GERARD: 7 pm at Fauntleroy UCC: “Join us for an evening of creation-centered music featuring original songs by Paul Gerard, celebrating our endlessly fascinating planet and its myriad creatures and environs.” More info in our calendar listing. (9140 California SW)

‘FROZEN’: 7:30 pm curtain tonight for the new ArtsWest production, a Tony-nominated play about a serial killer and the two women who track him down. (4711 California SW)

LIVE MUSIC AT PARLIAMENT TAVERN: Legendary Tiny Giants, led by Ricky Gene Powell, performs starting at 9 pm at Parliament Tavern in The Admiral District. $5 cover. 21+. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

LIVE MUSIC AT THE SKYLARK: Rambis, Alluvion, Kylmyys, Your City Sleeps, starting at 9 pm at The Skylark in North Delridge. $7 cover. 21+. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

MORE! See our complete-calendar page.

DOUBLE COUNTDOWN: 3 weeks to West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day; 5 days left to get on the map

Happy Saturday! It’s just three weeks until the 13th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day (tenth year that we at WSB have coordinated WSCGSD) on Saturday, May 13, ****and**** it’s five days until the deadline for signing up if you are having a sale – Thursday, April 27th, is the last day you can register and make it onto The Map.

If you plan to shop on WSCGSD – set aside 9 am-3 pm on sale day. Some sellers start early and/or continue later – if they do, you’ll see that in the listings that accompany the map, which will be available here and at westseattlegaragesale.com, one week before sale day.

If you plan to sell on WSCGSD and yours is not one of the 180+ sales signed up so far – got your memorable up-to-20-words listing ready? If so, go here to register! We can’t wait to hear about your sale.

FERRY FIXES: Getting ready for future ‘quick wins,’ during a backed-up Friday in Fauntleroy

Another Friday afternoon/evening backup for drivers headed to the Fauntleroy ferry terminal. (One texter told us the line was past the Lincoln Park gas station by quarter past 3.) This time, though, it had official observers:

Washington State Ferries sent this explanatory announcement earlier in the afternoon:

Beginning at 3:00 pm (today), a team of WSF staff members will be at Fauntleroy terminal to observe traffic conditions and collect baseline data. Today’s traffic and data observation is the beginning of WSF’s internal process to help implement a series of “quick win” recommendations created by the Triangle Improvement Task Force citizen advisory group. The task force’s recommendations aim to speed up vehicle processing through the tollbooth. WSF and the task force aim to launch a pilot program this spring and roll out final changes in time for start of the summer schedule (June 25, 2017).

We’ve been reporting on that process, most recently last month, when the advisory group wrapped up the first phase of its meetings (background from WSF is here).

Since the meeting we covered, WSF has published the official report on how it plans to make the “quick wins” happen – see it here (PDF) and embedded below:

None of those changes have been made yet – today’s “observation” was a preparatory step, so the hours-long backup this afternoon/evening was the result of current procedures that have yet to be changed. We’ll continue to cover this, including updates when WSF decides how and when to start the “pilot” program.

Metro bus stop in West Seattle to be shared by Microsoft shuttle starting Monday

(Click to see full-size PDF map)

Just found out about this via a Metro transit alert today: A citywide “pilot project” to have private shuttle buses share some Metro stops will include one stop in West Seattle, at California/Spokane (see the map above), starting next Monday. Here’s what the city says about it on the webpage linked in the text alert:

The City of Seattle and King County Metro are collaborating with Seattle Children’s Hospital and Microsoft to conduct a six-month pilot that will allow these participating organizations’ employer-provided shuttles to temporarily share a select set of public transit stops with King County Metro buses.

This pilot was carefully developed over the last two years. The pilot project will test the feasibility of allowing employer-provided shuttles to use public transit stops while minimizing impacts to public transit operations.

This pilot will be evaluated by Seattle Department of Transportation and King County Metro representatives using a set of agreed-upon performance metrics and evaluation criteria. Should the pilot be deemed successful, it may be expanded to include additional local employers with workforce shuttle systems as well as more public transit stops.

The pilot will launch April 24. The map on this page shows the 11 public transit stops designated by King County Metro and approved by SDOT where employer-provided shuttles will be allowed to stop. Participating employers will pay a permit fee to use the stops. Special signage will designate each stop as a shuttle location. We will monitor and assess operational issues, which will help determine the potential long-term viability of a permanent program.

Please feel free to contact us to share your thoughts: 206-256-5100 or sharedstoppilot@seattle.gov

Microsoft’s Connector bus service already has at least three stops in West Seattle, according to online schedules and maps, but apparently none are also Metro stops. We noted the service’s West Seattle debut way back in 2008.

REMINDER: Recycle Roundup this Sunday

Are you ready for the Recycle Roundup? The twice-yearly free dropoff event presented by Fauntleroy Church‘s Green Committee is this Sunday (April 23rd), 9 am-3 pm. So we’re reminding you again, in case you still have sorting to do. Here’s the list of what they will and won’t be accepting this time; here’s a map to the dropoff spot (9140 California SW).

BIZNOTE: Experimac now open in north Morgan Junction

Experimac is now open at 6040 California SW (just north of longtime WSB sponsor West Seattle Office Junction). Proprietor Travis Weaver is the local franchisee of this nationwide chain of stores that sell used Apple computer/phone equipment as well as doing repairs. After a tip from Rick, we noted the “coming soon” signs a while back, never made contact with anyone but then noticed while passing that the shop was open today, so we stopped in – they just opened the doors yesterday, Weaver said. His shop is open 10 am-7 pm Mondays-Fridays, 10 am-5 pm Saturdays, closed Sundays.

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