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West Seattle Grand Parade 2014, report #5: People & wheels

(SPD motorcycles in The Junction)
Before this very busy weekend concludes, one last round of photos from the 2014 West Seattle Grand Parade – hundreds of community members, on foot and on wheels …

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West Seattle Grand Parade 2014, report #4: Hi-Yu royalty

It’s West Seattle Hi-Yu‘s 80th anniversary – so here’s a separate look at their West Seattle Grand Parade appearance:

This year’s contingent included the first male Hi-Yu royalty to appear in a West Seattle parade, Senior Court Prince Hang:

Last year’s Senior Court queen, April Davis, is on the left below, riding with other participants in the Seafair Scholarship Program for Women – that coronation at next Saturday’s Torchlight Parade downtown:

After their time on the parade route was done, this year’s royalty gathered to watch the rest of the parade:

They’re scheduled to be in the Torchlight Parade too. And if you know a young lady or gentleman who might want to be part of Hi-Yu next year … watch westseattlehiyu.com for information on how to apply.

PARADE COVERAGE: One more photo gallery ahead, later Sunday – with the people and sights not already shown here or in these previous reports:

#3: The winners
#2: The Kiddie Parade
#1: First quick clips

(Also, a separate report on the Float Dodger 5K)

All our Grand Parade coverage over the years is archived here.

West Seattle Grand Parade 2014, report #3: The winners!

Shortly after today’s West Seattle Grand Parade concluded, the award winners were announced, and our video above shows parade-presenting Rotary Club of West Seattle president Shane Carew making the announcements. Here’s the list, followed by information on how trophies can be claimed if your organization/group/etc. won but wasn’t there to accept the award:


1st Place – Seattle Schools All-City Marching Band (above)

2nd Place – Sumner High School Marching Band (above)
3rd Place – The Dolls & Gents Drill Team & Drumline

1st Place – Kennedy Catholic High School Marching Band


1st Place – Seattle Seafair Clowns (above)
2nd Place – Lake City Vigilantes
3rd Place – Keystone Kops


1st Place – Pathfinder K-8 School Unicycle Team

2nd Place – Joyas Mestizas – Seattle Mexican Folk Dance Youth (photo above)

3rd Place – Seafair Pirates (photo above)


1st Place – Luna Park Cafe (above)

2nd Place – The Little Gym of West Seattle (above)
3rd Place – Ronald McDonald


1st Place – King County Metro Transit (above)

2nd Place – 1942 American LaFrance Fire Truck (above)

3rd Place – Hope Lutheran School (above)


1st Place – The Princesses of Elegance Drill Team (video above)

2nd Place – Washington Diamonds Drill Team (photo above)
3rd Place – Anointed to Praise Drill Team

1st Place – The Ladies of Elegance Drill Team

2nd Place – Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team

3rd Place – Diva Upgrades Drill Team


1st Place – Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish & School

2nd Place – Seattle Lutheran High School Robotics

3rd Place – Southside Revolution – Jr. Roller Derby


1st – WS Rotary Foundation Trophy: Marysville Strawberry Festival Float

We have at least one more parade report to come – but in the meantime, a message for the winners from parade co-coordinator Dave Vague: “The trophies are set out at the Legion Hall, which will be open 9 – 4 Monday through Friday next week, and the phone number is 932-9696.”

West Seattle Grand Parade 2014, report #2: Kiddie Parade-rs

July 19, 2014 5:47 pm
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(MORE PARADE COVERAGE: Scroll through this archive)

(Photo by Steve Fuller; others by WSB’s Patrick Sand)
If you watch the West Seattle Grand Parade from somewhere along the final three blocks, between Genesee and Edmunds, you get to see the Kiddie Parade, which the Rotary Club of West Seattle presented for years before taking over production of the Grand Parade itself starting this year. It’s open to all kids (and their chaperones). Here are some of the participants – starting with one young lady who brought a float!

She was one of more than a few in costume:

Pre-parade, here’s the Junior All-City Band getting ready – coached by All-City Band members:

For more of our 2014 parade-day coverage, scroll through our coverage archive here.

West Seattle Grand Parade 2014, report #1: Quick clips

This year’s West Seattle Grand Parade is over in The Admiral District as of about 10 minutes ago. Our first report features some quick clips, mostly via Instagram (which has a :15 maximum). Top – the WestSide Baby Daddy Drill Team – as always, WS Baby is looking ahead to the day-after-parade Stuff the Bus Diaper Drive, tomorrow 10 am-2 pm outside HomeStreet Bank (WSB sponsor) at 41st/Alaska (with other dropoff locations). Next – the new Southside Revolution Junior Roller Derby Team:

Toward the start of the parade, the Vancouver (BC) Motorcycle Drill Team, which doesn’t perform in any other Seattle-area parades.

A parade surprise from the Seafair Pirates – they had a cannon, but no warning siren because no Moby Duck.

Someone hollered, “Where’s the boat?” One pirate replied, “In drydock – as of about 10 o’clock last night.” More parade stories to come with lots of photos and video … congratulations to organizers and participants for another great time..

West Seattle Grand Parade 2014 previews: Hours away!

On the eve of the West Seattle Grand Parade (Saturday morning from California/Lander south to California/Edmunds, 10:30 am motorcycle drill teams’ start, 11 am full parade, preceded by the Float Dodger 5K at 9:30):

A NIGHT FOR PARADE PREPS: Potter Construction (WSB sponsor) shared the photo above as they worked on their entry in tomorrow’s parade. Potter is a parade sponsor, as are we (though we’ll be on the sidelines covering it).

ORVILLE RUMMEL WINNER FILL-IN: The parade-presenting Rotary Club of West Seattle says that Orville Rummel Trophy for Outstanding Community Service winner Earl Cruzen is too sick to ride in the parade, so his wife Adah Cruzen will be filling in, riding in a 1957 Cadillac convertible that’ll be the second car in the parade. Earl will be honored one more way – a proclamation from King County Executive Dow Constantine that Saturday will be Earl Cruzen Day in the county (click image to see full-size PDF):

As the proclamation notes, Earl Cruzen received a similar city honor in 2008.

TRAFFIC NOTES: We are asked every year, how early will the Float Dodger 5K/Parade route be closed on California? The true answer is, it varies, but don’t push it. Parade co-coordinator Jim Edwards says the Admiral to Hanford section of California closes when the first float shows up – could be as early as 7:30. From Hanford south to Edmunds, that closes when SPD enforcement assistance shows up, likely around 9 am. Side-street parking on 42nd, 44th, and 45th will have restrictions starting early in the morning. And as Jim warns, “Stay away from Walnut and Lander” because not only is it close to the parade staging zone, that side of Hiawatha Community Center will have loading under way for the Mediterranean Fantasy Festival.

PARADE OVERVIEW: More than 75 entries, with hundreds of people when you count the drill teams, community/school/church groups, etc. They include Seattle summertime-parade season’s most popular and award-winning entries such as the Chinese Community Girls’ Drill Team, All-City Band, and Seafair Pirates, as well as floats including West Seattle Hi-Yu and Marysville Strawberry Festival. New entries we haven’t mentioned yet include the Southside Revolution Junior Roller Derby, which is still recruiting for its debut season.

(2013 WSB photo)
And late additions include Tracy Dart and her cancer-fighting Team Tracy (above), sponsored by Alki Party Treasures (WSB sponsor).

Go stake out a spot and have fun – and remember, the Kiddie Parade welcomes all kids, gathering at California/Genesee around 10:30 and heading south from there at 11, ahead of the rest of the parade. We’ll have traffic/bus-reroute reminders in our first morning preview, and parade coverage as it happens.

West Seattle Grand Parade 2014 countdown: 36 hours away!

July 17, 2014 10:47 pm
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Saturday’s getting closer! The West Seattle Grand Parade runs from California/Lander southbound to California/Edmunds starting ~10:30 am Saturday (motorcycle drill teams, then the official parade start is at 11 am). We’re continuing the countdown with more parade-preview tidbits:

(Pathfinder K-8 Unicycle Team in 2012 West Seattle Grand Parade)
SCHOOLS YOU’LL SEE: This year they include Pathfinder K-8 (represented by the Unicycle Team), Seattle Lutheran High School (represented by the Robotics Team), Explorer West Middle School (WSB sponsor). Two more schools are in the next preview category:

MARCHING BANDS: You’ll see three in Saturday’s parade – All-City Band (directed by West Seattle’s own Marcus Pimpleton, Sealth/Denny music director), Kennedy Catholic High School, and, from Pierce County, Sumner High School.

MARCH WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS: Last night, we mentioned the West Seattle Neighborhood Councils group that will be walking in the parade for the first time; Cindi Barker from Morgan Community Association offered in this comment to connect you with your nearest community group if you’d like to be part of it. (We can attest to how much fun it is to walk the parade route – even if you just try it once and then go back to being a spectator.)

CHEER FOR THE HAMS: The West Seattle Amateur Radio Club – recently featured here on Field Day – will be in the parade; you might not be aware that ham-radio operators assist with logistics and communication along the parade route. So cheer them when you see them!

NEW PLACE TO WATCH: Even if you always watch from the same spot – take note, every year there’s something new happening along the route. At today’s West Seattle Chamber of Commerce lunch meeting, Laura Schneider of Meeples Games – which just opened this spring at California/Charlestown – reminded those in attendance that her second-floor business has a deck, and sells food and drink, so it just might be a fun place to watch – or, if you’re in that area, at least to get refreshments.

SPEAKING OF CALIFORNIA/CHARLESTOWN: The northwest corner also is home to West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor), presenter of the Float Dodger 5K pre-parade run, which will start from that intersection just after 9:30 am. If you’re not signed up yet, online registration is closed but last-minute signups start Saturday morning at 8.

MORE PARADE PREVIEWS TOMORROW … including full details on road-closure times, etc. – so if there’s anything you want to let people know in advance about YOUR parade entry/business along the route/etc., please send us a note ASAP … editor@westseattleblog.com. Thanks!

West Seattle Grand Parade countdown: More of who you’ll see

(WSB file photo: West Seattle Grand Parade spectators)
Continuing our countdown to Saturday’s West Seattle Grand Parade, presented by the Rotary Club of West Seattle – a few more notes:

NEIGHBORHOODS ON THE MARCH: For the first time we can remember, an organized group of reps from community councils will be marching in the parade. At tonight’s Morgan Community Association meeting, MoCA’s Cindi Barker showed off the bright safety-yellow/green T-shirts at least some of them will be wearing, so you can’t miss them.

(WSB file photo: VPD motorcycle drill team)
REMEMBER, THE MOTORCYCLES START EARLY: While the official parade start time is 11 am at California/Lander, the motorcycle drill teams – Seattle Police and then Vancouver (BC) Police – launch up to half an hour earlier, so stake out your parade-route spot in plenty of time.

NEW THIS YEAR: ‘VEGAS’ MOST WANTED’ DRILL TEAM: Among the parade entries making their debut, a drill team/drum squad called Vegas’ Most Wanted. (As far as we can tell, they really are from Las Vegas!)

MAYOR JOINING THE PARADE: Last year, he walked with the 34th District Democrats as a candidate; this year, former West Seattleite Ed Murray will be in the Grand Parade as mayor.

If you missed our previous reports – retired Col. Bruce Crandall, Medal of Honor recipient, is this year’s Grand Marshal; Earl Cruzen, longtime community advocate/volunteer, is the Orville Rummel Trophy recipient; and West Seattle-residing personality Marty Riemer will emcee the parade for the first time – to hear him, stake out a spot near California/Alaska.

That’s also a good place to watch the Kiddie Parade, which starts from California/Genesee at 11 am while the southern part of the parade zone is awaiting everything else. And the Float Dodger 5K run kicks off the entire morning, leaving California/Charlestown at about 9:30. The countdown continues tomorrow …

West Seattle Grand Parade countdown: 3 convertibles needed!

July 15, 2014 11:40 am
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(WSB photo from staging zone of 2010 Grand Parade)
We’re continuing to count down to the West Seattle Grand Parade this Saturday, 11 am, California/Lander southward to California/Edmunds. This morning – a request for convertibles! Keith Hughes, parade chair for the Rotary Club of West Seattle, says three convertibles/open vehicles are needed – for Grand Marshal Col. Bruce Crandall, for Orville Rummel Trophy winner Earl Cruzen, and for the Rotary’s new District Governor, West Seattleite John Enger. Classic convertibles would be awesome, but any would be welcome. If you can help, please contact Keith ASAP – keith@westseattlenaturalenergy.com or 206-941-6654.

West Seattle Grand Parade countdown: Earl Cruzen to receive Orville Rummel Award; Marty Riemer to announce

The West Seattle Grand Parade is just five days away – this Saturday, from California/Lander in The Admiral District to California/Edmunds in The Junction. 11 am is the official starting time, but the motorcycle drill teams – Seattle Police and Vancouver (BC) Police will both be back – start a bit earlier, so make sure you’ve staked out your spot by 10:30 am. And at California/Genesee, the Kiddie Parade starts at 10 am – all kids welcome to join.

For years, the Kiddie Parade has been presented by the Rotary Club of West Seattle, and starting this year, the Rotary is presenting the entire Grand Parade, taking over from longtime parade presenter American Legion Post 160. But Post 160 headquarters – now home to Pershing Hall and the West Seattle Veterans’ Center – is still where parade-coordination-team members Jim Edwards, Dave Vague, Doreen Vague, and Michelle Edwards met tonight to draft the parade running order. Two bits of news we wanted to share:

(2009 WSB photo)
*Earl Cruzen, whose decades of community service include shepherding the Murals of West Seattle and Walking on Logs into existence, will be honored with the Orville Rummel Trophy for Outstanding Service to the Community, named after the man who was Post 160 Commander when the parade began. We’ll take a closer look at his community service in a separate story later this week.

*Marty Riemer, one of West Seattle’s most famous voices, will be heard at California/Alaska, announcing the parade entries. Marty’s current endeavors include a weekly podcast/webcast and the Tech Timeout Academic Challenge.

Stay tuned for more parade news as we count down all week – and then be there to stake out your spot somewhere along the route Saturday morning; the parade will be preceded by the third annual Float Dodger 5K (still time to sign up if you want to be part of that, pre-parade).

West Seattle Grand Parade 2014: Medal of Honor recipient Col. (ret.) Bruce Crandall announced as Grand Marshal

The Rotary Club of West Seattle, which this year for the first time is presenting the West Seattle Grand Parade, has announced this year’s Grand Marshal:

Medal of Honor recipient Col. Bruce Crandall (retired) will be the Grand Marshal of the 82nd annual West Seattle Grand Parade on July 19, 2014. Crandall was born in Olympia and resides in Kitsap County; his son, Steve, lives in West Seattle.

Crandall is a Master Army Aviator, qualified in both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, and a veteran of 900 combat missions in Vietnam. In addition to the Medal of Honor, he is also the recipient of the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Distinguished Flying Cross with one oak leaf cluster and many other awards. In 2004 he was inducted into the Army Aviation Hall of Fame.

In a battle in November, 1965, Crandall, flying a series of three unarmed helicopters through the day and into the night, supplied a surrounded force of 450 US soldiers and evacuated 70 wounded. The battle is depicted in the Mel Gibson film “We Were Soldiers,” where Crandall is portrayed by actor Greg Kinnear.

In January, 1966, in the dark and under intense enemy fire, Crandall twice dropped his helicopter through dense jungle canopy to evacuate 12 wounded solders.

In January, 1968, his helicopter was shot down during another rescue attempt, and Crandall was hospitalized for five months with serious injuries.

Crandall is active in the Medal of Honor Character Development Program, a middle school and high school curriculum designed to build character and promote responsible citizenship.

He travels the country addressing school assemblies about developing a moral compass and having the courage to do the right thing even when it is not popular.

The West Seattle Grand Parade is sponsored by the Rotary Club of West Seattle.

The medal was presented to Col. Crandall by President Bush in 2007; he retired from the Army with the rank of Lt. Col. but was promoted to Colonel (retired) in 2010.

The parade on Saturday, July 19th, will travel down California SW from The Admiral District to The Junction, usually starting around 11 am. More details as we count down to this year’s parade in the almost-three-weeks ahead!

Rotary Club of West Seattle taking over WS Grand Parade

(WSB file photo)
Big announcement at today’s Rotary Club of West Seattle breakfast event – the summertime Grand Parade will be presented by the Rotary starting with this year’s July 19th parade, picking up the baton from American Legion Post 160.

Josh Sutton – at right in our photo above, with incoming president Shane Carew – introduced Legion reps as well as longtime parade coordinators Jim Edwards and Dave Vague, who will continue in their roles. Sutton said he was pleased to announce that the Rotary was stepping up as the Legion was stepping back; he said the parade is a vital part of the community, and that the Rotary has big shoes to fill. At left in our photo is Josh Menashe of Menashe and Sons Jewelers (WSB sponsor), which is donating $1,000 to help with parade costs. He said the parade has always been part of his life, and he’s been going to it since childhood, so his family is pleased to be able to help with an event that is so central to the community. Sutton said the Rotary Kiddie Parade that traditionally precedes the main parade will continue too …

(WSB photo from 2012 Rotary Kiddie Parade)
… as will the Float Dodger 5K, the new Rotary-co-sponsored event that is going into its third year this parade season. More later on the Rotary breakfast itself, which featured a Medal of Honor winner as special guest; meantime, ahead, the official Rotary news release we received while finishing up this story:
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WestSide Baby ‘Stuff the Bus’ diaper drive: Today’s the day

They marched and rolled and chanted in the West Seattle Grand Parade on Saturday; today, it’s your turn to take action – to answer WestSide Baby‘s call to “Stuff the Bus” in their biggest diaper drive of the year on behalf of thousands of King County babies and toddlers in need. It’s a really simple action to take, too; buy diapers and bring them to either the major West Seattle dropoff spot, the one where you’ll find the big yellow bus 10 am-2 pm, in the parking lot of AmericanWest Bank on the northeast corner of 40th/Alaska, or to one of these grocery stores where you’ll find WS Baby volunteers those same hours:

*West Seattle QFC on SW Alaska St & 42nd Ave SW (Alaska Junction)
*West Seattle Safeway on SW Admiral Way & California Ave SW (Admiral Junction)
*West Seattle Safeway on SW Alaska St & 42nd Ave SW (Jefferson Square)
*White Center Safeway on SW Roxbury St & 28th Ave SW

Sizes 4, 5, and 6 are most needed, according to WS Baby’s website. Speaking of which: If you can’t bring a donation of diapers anywhere in person today – you can donate money online and WS Baby will buy the diapers. “Help us help more kids than ever before,” is their request – as you’ll see in this WS Baby-provided video, also featuring their parade appearance:

So whatever you’re doing at midday today, detour for a few minutes for a gift to help our littlest local neighbors.

West Seattle Grand Parade 2013, report #4: The people

July 20, 2013 9:40 pm
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Yet more highlights from today’s West Seattle Grand Parade. Big cheers for the first-time appearance by a group for whom the parade route was like a walk in the park – Team Tracy, the breast-cancer-fighting 3-Day Walk team led by survivor and superstar fundraiser Tracy Dart. Some walkers sported bras they had decorated at a parade-prep party earlier in the week; the group was accompanied by a motorcycle:

Elsewhere on 2 wheels, Sustainable West Seattle and West Seattle Bike Connections were among the sustainable-transportation advocates who rallied young bicyclists for the first “Kidical Mass” parade ride:

1-wheelers represented, too- the Pathfinder K-8 unicyclists:

Back on 4 wheels, the West Seattle Lions Club had a multiple-vehicle presence, with the lead vehicle, if you look closely, sporting a sign noting that parade day was recently retired service-station proprietor Dick Barnecut‘s birthday (87!):

Some of the most-memorable people were cheering on the sidelines:

At California/Alaska, current West Seattle Hi-Yu royalty cheered past royalty who are competing in the Miss Seafair program this year – Kayli Schulz, representing Hi-Yu, and Victoria Ferrulli, representing the Admiral Neighborhood Association:

Speaking of competing – there were of course politicians – in alphabetical order, we start with King County Executive Dow Constantine, running for re-election but with no opponent actually campaigning:

Running for Seattle mayor, four candidates were in or at the parade – here’s City Councilmember Bruce Harrell:

Incumbent Mayor Mike McGinn wasn’t “in” the parade but was sighted on the sidelines – we didn’t see him but his Twitter account included photos:

State Senator Ed Murray started out marching with the 34th District Democrats and had broken out by the parade’s final section:

And former City Councilmember Peter Steinbrueck campaigned his way down California (we heard him asking spectators “Are you undecided?”):

We should also note that current Councilmembers Richard Conlin and Sally Bagshaw, running for re-election, were here too, as were local legislators accompanying with the 34th.

Our other Grand Parade coverage for this year, and past years, is archived here.

Seen in the 2013 West Seattle Rotary Kiddie Parade

July 20, 2013 7:12 pm
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(WSB photos by Katie Meyer)
Every year before the West Seattle Grand Parade, kids get a parade of their own courtesy of the Rotary Club of West Seattle, the Rotary Kiddie Parade. Above, the Junior All-City Band (which trailed the rest of the paraders by a bit today); below, Charlotte led the main group:

Some paraded in costume:

Some in mini-vehicles, too:

Rotarians provided balloons for kids who signed up:

And the Kiddie Parade even drew “royalty”:

This parade travels a shorter route than the Grand Parade – down California from the north end of The Junction (SW Genesee) to the south end (SW Edmunds).

West Seattle Grand Parade, report #3: The winners!

July 20, 2013 3:44 pm
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(EDITOR’S NOTE: More Grand Parade reports to be published Saturday night-Sunday morning)

(Thanks to Frank for that photo of part of the Luna Park Café entry, #1 in Commercial)
The list is just in from West Seattle Grand Parade coordinators and judges:

Overall Grand Prize Winners

1st​ – Marysville Strawberry Festival Float

2nd ​- Seattle Schools All-City Marching Band

3rd​ – Calgary Round-Up Band

(From the Seafair Clowns, West Seattle’s own “Officer Lumpy”)
1st​ – Seattle Seafair Clowns
2nd ​- Lake City Western Vigilantes
3rd​ – Keystone Kops

1st ​- Seafair Pirates

(Photo by Rachel Chaimson)
2nd​ – Joyas Mestizas – Mexican Folk Dance
3rd​ – Pathfinder K-8 School Unicycle Team
1st​ – Luna Park Café (see top photo)
2nd​ – Hotwire Coffee
3rd​ – Seattle Public Utilities
1st​ – Last Resort Fire Department
2nd​ – Hope Lutheran School
3rd​ – 1942 LaFrance Fire Truck
1st ​- Electronette Butterflies

2nd ​- The Princesses of Elegance
3rd​ – Anointed to Praise Drill Team
1st​ – Electronette High Steppers & Drum Corp

2nd​ – Seattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team
3rd​ – The Ladies of Elegance Drill Team (see them with Princesses of Elegance in clip above)

1st​ – Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish & School

2nd​ – Cub Scout Pack 793
3rd​ – WestSide Baby – Stuff the Bus (see video here)
1st​ – Marysville Strawberry Festival (see video earlier in this story)

1st​ – Seattle Police Pipe and Drum Corp

2nd ​- Kennedy Catholic High School Marching Band

We’ll continue adding photos and video to this over the course of the weekend, since we have video and/or photos of everyone in the parade! Meantime, our other Grand Parade coverage – from today and from previous years – is archived here.

West Seattle Grand Parade 2013, report #2: The end & the beginning

(Find all our parade coverage in this archive – newest to oldest)

12:49 PM: After almost two hours, the West Seattle Grand Parade is over in the Admiral District, where it begins, and the north part of California SW has reopened to traffic as of a few minutes ago. Final entry is Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (WSB sponsor), with a live band, The Afterthoughts, on board a flatbed tow truck. Lots of great moments before that, too, and we’ll be rolling out highlights for hours to come. (P.S. Hotwire is alongside the courtyard where we hope to see you tonight for the first West Seattle Outdoor Movies presentation of the season!)

1:30 PM: Our crew on the south end of the route reports that the parade has concluded there too.

Meantime, in advance of later reports focusing on parade angles such as the trophy winners, we’re expanding this one to include not only the end of the parade but a few sights from the start!

Above, the West Seattle Hi-Yu float in action (you can also see it in tomorrow afternoon’s White Center Jubilee Days parade and the Seafair Torchlight Parade a week from tonight). Below, a quick maneuver by the Vancouver, B.C., Police Motorcycle Drill Team – in the only Seattle-area parade in which they participate!

Video: 2nd annual West Seattle Float Dodger 5K, and its special dedication

10:16 AM: In its second year, the West Seattle Float Dodger 5K is an unquestionable hit – West Seattle Runner (Float Dodger and WSB sponsor) told us that as of earlier this week, registration already had eclipsed the first year’s total turnout, and having just watched the entire crowd pass here at California/Lander, we can verify a bigger crowd.

Our video (top of this story) includes some of the runners around the middle of the pack; we had a crew at the starting line too, and will add much more later – but for now, we’re getting close to West Seattle Grand Parade time!

ADDED 1:49 PM: The results are now available online. Brett Winegar, #720, finished in 16:11, followed by Jeffrey Bigham, #698, in 16:35. First female finisher was Caitlin Latimer, #690, in 19:19; second was Katherine Urbanski, #668, in 20:30. The official results show almost 300 runners!

We’ll be checking with organizers for other winners – best costume, etc.

ADDED 7:51 PM: A very special aspect of today’s Float Dodger 5K was the dedication. As explained on the official website:

This year’s race is dedicated to Andrea Boag, a dear friend of Tim and Lori, owners of West Seattle Runner. On June 10th, she passed away, ending a long battle with cancer. Andrea lives forever in our hearts and this race is in honor of her.

Below, with a poster honoring Andrea, are from left, West Seattle Runner co-proprietor Lori McConnell, Andrea’s sister Sara, her nephew Ethan, and her mom Kristin:

The race’s emcee – leading a moment of silence and the countdown – was KIRO TV’s Michelle Millman, herself a cancer survivor:

Here’s that countdown, and the start of the race:

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is a major beneficiary of the Float Dodger 5K, and Tim and Lori also invite donations in honor of Andrea – go here.

West Seattle Grand Parade 2013, report #1: Getting ready

8:48 AM: The hundreds of people who’ll be part of the 70-plus entries in today’s West Seattle Grand Parade are getting ready – including West Seattle Hi-Yu volunteers accompanying this year’s float, themed “Alki Deep,” photographed a few minutes ago in the staging area. More parade-prep coverage to come; the parade starts at 11 am, heading south on California from Lander to Edmunds (see the route here; see traffic/bus changes here).
9:22 AM: At the Float Dodger 5K starting line (9:45 am, California/Charlestown), signs of the times:

Note that we’ll be sharing photos via Instagram before, during, and after – see our feed here. Another one – back at the parade’s starting line, co-coordinator Jim Edwards:

A bit of drizzle amid the fog a few minutes ago – but that seems to have stopped (no, wait, there it is again). Think sun – but bring a jacket to start off with!

ADDED 5:35 PM: A few more pre-parade scenes – featuring the Seafair Pirates, who once again came to Merrill Gardens-Admiral Heights (WSB sponsor) for breakfast:

This year’s Captain Kidd – West Seattleite Rusty Harper – shared a table with Hi-Yu royalty:

But before the parade – Moby Duck needed a fill-up, and they went over to Admiral (formerly Barnecut’s) Shell:

Our parade coverage, from today and earlier, is all archived here.

West Seattle Grand Parade & Kiddie Parade: Final previews

July 19, 2013 11:34 pm
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Less than 12 hours to go until the West Seattle Grand Parade, presented by American Legion Post 160, and the Rotary Club of West Seattle‘s Kiddie Parade. (Both follow the Float Dodger 5K, starting at 9:45 am at California/Charlestown, which we previewed last night.) Here are a few more preview notes:

JUNIOR ALL-CITY BAND IN KIDDIE PARADE: Don’t miss the Junior All-City Band in the Kiddie Parade! First we got this reminder from Jeff Clark, principal of Denny International Middle School, which has many ties to Junior ACB:

One of the beautiful things about our school and campus is the creation of cross-age learning opportunities — when kids of different ages have shared experiences, benefitting from cross-age mentoring. Mr. Pimpleton, Band Director for Denny International Middle School, Chief Sealth International High School, and the Seattle Public Schools All-City Band, continues to provide fantastic musical learning opportunities through-out the summer. The Junior All-City Band consists of students from all of our feeder elementary schools and current Denny students performing together — with mentoring from high school and college-age musicians. Thank you to Mr. Pimpleton and all of the volunteers who make Jr. All-City Band possible. I look forward to celebrating their success at upcoming parades! Go current and future Dolphins!

Then, from Marcus Pimpleton himself:

I would really like to highlight the work that John Aguilar has been doing. John is an alumnus of both Denny and Sealth and has participated as a volunteer in all of our Spring and Summer camps. This year he has more or less been running the Junior All-City program and deserves the lion share of the credit for what the students have accomplished this week. He has been assisted by a great group of high school students from a number of different high schools. It has been great kind of taking a back seat and watching these kids work and show what they have learned after all of these years of participating in these programs.

That’s John Aguilar in the photo above. Cheer him and the young musicians on, during the parade!

TEAM TRACY IN GRAND PARADE: Every year they walk for three days to fight breast cancer; in the West Seattle Grand Parade, West Seattleite Tracy Dart and her team will be on their feet for a few hours to encourage you to join the fight.

STUFF THE BUS: WestSide Baby‘s big contingent will be back to remind you that Sunday is the annual mega-diaper drive – although they’ll be doing some advance collecting Saturday afternoon, too, at West Seattle, White Center, and Burien supermarkets – watch our Saturday morning preview for details on that.

HOTWIRE ON THE ROUTE AND IN THE PARADE: Lora Swift from Hotline Online Coffeehouse (WSB sponsor) says, “We are in the parade too – using a GT towing truck for an ‘all American rock n’ roll band’ – The After Thoughts. They will be on the parade route playing on the flatbed of the truck then will loop around and play in the courtyard for a set. We’ll be handing out coupons at Hotwire plus free (while supplies last) organic juice pops for the kids.”

JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD HONOR GUARD: Parade coordinators told us they’re especially glad to have this honor guard back to lead the parade, since with the “sequester” removing so many military groups from community appearances (think Blue Angels and Navy Seafair Fleet), they weren’t sure whether it would affect this too.

DELRIDGE GROCERY: Organizers and volunteers from the store that’s gearing up to open next year in the under-construction DESC building will be walking in the parade.

POLITICIANS: At least two candidates for mayor will be in the parade, as of this past Monday, when we sat in on part of the parade lineup meeting. In all, as of that meeting, there were five political entries.

And many more (including faves like the cannon-firing Seafair Pirates). Review our previous preview coverage, and previous years, by scrolling through this WSB archive. Better yet, just line the parade route at 11 am and cheer for your neighbors and friends.

West Seattle Grand Parade countdown: 2 chances to participate

July 18, 2013 4:16 pm
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(Sustainable West Seattle in 2012 Grand Parade; both WSB photos in this story are by Nick Adams)
We’re counting down to West Seattle Grand Parade day on Saturday, and there are two chances for kids to participate if they’re not already part of an entry.

NEW – KIDICAL MASS: Just announced:

Kids on bikes are invited to ride in the West Seattle Grand Parade July 20th as part of the Kidical Mass this Saturday. Riders of all ages are welcome and kids and families are encouraged to join in the fun.

Kidical Mass is a grass-roots movement to get more kids and families excited about bike riding. Escort your child on their decorated bike as you join Sustainable West Seattle, West Seattle Spokespeople and West Seattle Bike Connections in the parade for this family-friendly ride.

Meet at Alki Bike and Board, 2606 California Ave. SW, to ride in the parade. For more details, contact alkistu@hotmail.com.

The parade starts at 11 am, south on California from Lander, and stages along side streets in advance – so we’d advise meeting at AB&B with plenty of time to spare. Meantime – one more reminder about the other opportunity for kids to participate:

WEST SEATTLE ROTARY KIDDIE PARADE: On foot or on wheels, kids are invited to parade down part of the route, from SW Genesee to SW Edmunds, right before the big parade, with the Rotary Club of West Seattle. Details (and contact info if you have questions) here.

West Seattle Grand Parade countdown: All-City Band at Seacrest

What a sight at Seacrest tonight – Toni shares photos of the All-City Band‘s practice/photo session, with what amounted to a front-row seat. You’ll get to see and hear the All-City Band marching down California SW during Saturday’s West Seattle Grand Parade. The band features musicians from schools around the city, directed by West Seattle’s own Marcus Pimpleton, music leader at Chief Sealth International High School and Denny International Middle School. This summer, as noted here previously, ACB has been practicing right across the street from those two schools, at Southwest Athletic Complex. But tonight, they were at Seacrest:

Their first metro-area parades were last weekend, according to the Friends of ACB Facebook page. And along with upcoming parades, you can also catch the All-City Band and other groups Friday, July 26th, performing at 7 pm at SWAC – free! – in the Band Jam tune-up for the next night’s Seafair Torchlight Parade.

Now back to the West Seattle Grand Parade: It starts at 11 am Saturday, proceeding southbound on California from Lander (north end of Hiawatha) to Edmunds in The Junction; remember that the route, and some side streets used for staging, will be a no-parking zone starting earlier that morning (we noticed the signs are now out), even before the street closure kicks in. The ACB isn’t the only marching band you’ll see – the John F. Kennedy Catholic High School Band from nearby Burien is in the lineup too.

West Seattle Grand Parade 2013 countdown: Visitors from afar

We’re counting down all week to Saturday’s West Seattle American Legion Post 160 Grand Parade (preceded again this year by two events in which you’re welcome to participate BEFORE watching the big parade – the Float Dodger 5K [registration info here] and the Rotary Club of West Seattle Kiddie Parade [participation info here]).

Tonight, parade coordinators – all volunteers – met at Post 160 to rough out the parade lineup. We observed for a while to pick up some tidbits about this year’s parade. For starters: Three far-flung participating groups are among the 70-plus entries. From 700 miles away, the Calgary Roundup Band, which won “Best Marching Band” in this parade two years ago, is returning.

(2011 Sequim float in Grand Parade, framegrab from WSB video)
From 70 miles away, the Sequim Irrigation Festival float will roll down California SW during the Grand Parade for the first time in a few years.

And once again this year, from 140 miles away, the Vancouver (B.C.) Police Motorcycle Drill Team will roar along the parade route, right after SPD’s own drill team.

The parade starts at 11 am Saturday; here’s the route. More previews as the countdown continues all week! And a reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday) night, one of this year’s community honorees, Orville Rummel Community Service Award winner Judy Pickens, will be formally feted during the West Seattle Hi-Yu Concert in the Park, a free event featuring the West Seattle Big Band, 7 pm Tuesday on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center/Park.

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