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UPDATE: Big response, small fire in High Point

8:55 PM: Seattle Fire has sent a “full response” to Bridge Park at 3204 SW Morgan in High Point. First units on scene report it’s a laundry-room fire on the first floor.

9 PM: To be precise, per scanner, it’s a dryer fire, and it’s out. No injuries reported. Most units are being dismissed. The ones staying behind will be clearing smoke from the first floor, but report that’s the only floor affected.

UPDATE: Fire response in Arbor Heights

(WSB photo)

4:57 PM: A sizable Seattle Fire Department response is arriving in the 10200 block of 38th SW [map] in Arbor Heights for a possible house fire. First crews are not seeing anything, though. We’re on our way and will be updating.

5 PM: SFD crews have radioed that this was a kitchen fire and is now out, so many of the units are being canceled.

5:06 PM: Our crew on scene confirms this. Firefighters say it was a grease fire and the resident(s) extinguished it. No significant damage, no injuries.

‘Full response’ dispatch in Fauntleroy, quickly scaled back

January 21, 2017 2:53 pm
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Just mentioning in case you saw the Seattle Fire units and/or heard the sirens: What was briefly a “full response” dispatch to the 4500 block of SW Director in Fauntleroy has been scaled back to one engine. Instead of a house fire, it turned out to be a problem with a food smoker.

UPDATE: Chimney fire at Alki Beach building

January 8, 2017 7:17 pm
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7:17 PM: If you’re wondering about the Seattle Fire crews across from the Bathhouse – the call at 2700 Alki Avenue SW is for a chimney fire. Not a major call – one engine and one ladder truck on scene – but it’s a high-profile location, in the business district, so we’ve received a few texts wondering about it.

8:12 PM: SFD has left and the call is closed.

UPDATE: Firefighters rescue dog, cat from South Admiral house fire

(UPDATED WEDNESDAY with suspected cause, damage estimate)

(WSB photos by Christopher Boffoli)

1:30 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a “full response” to a possible house fire in the 3600 block of 42nd SW [map].

1:35 PM: SFD units have arrived and are assessing. They’re reporting “heavy smoke.”

1:44 PM: Our crew has just arrived. Also, per scanner, firefighters have rescued a dog from the house.


And if you see/hear a helicopter, it’s just a TV crew checking this out.


1:50 PM: SFD has declared the fire to be under control. Our crew at the scene tells us a cat also was rescued – photo added.


1:55 PM: SFD’s investigator has arrived to look into how this started. The people who live there were not home at the time but they have now arrived too, and SFD is starting to dismiss some of its units.

4:18 PM: No word yet on the cause.

WEDNESDAY, 11:29 AM: Here’s what SFD believes happened:

Fire Investigation Unit concluded that the fire was most likely caused by a natural gas-powered stove. The fire ignited surrounding combustibles and adjacent cabinets in the kitchen. The estimated damage and loss is $200,000.

UPDATE: House fire on Alki Avenue SW


12:33 PM: Seattle Fire has sent a sizable response to a single-family house in the 1700 block of Alki Avenue [map].

12:38 PM: Arriving crews report “moderate smoke” coming from the house.

12:45 PM: As Sharon points out in comments, the SFD response has blocked Alki Avenue both ways, so steer clear of the area until further notice. Meantime, via scanner (our crew is still en route), crews are reporting that the fire has extended into the house’s attic, but they’ve “knocked down” that part of the fire from inside.

1:04 PM: Photo added (and we confirmed that the house number on the SFD log, 1728 Alki, is the house where the fire happened). People were home when this started, but everyone got out OK and no injuries are reported. SFD tells us that early information indicates this is woodstove-related. A sizable section of Alki SW remains blocked because at least one hydrant line is running more than a block.


1:16 PM: Above, that’s a photo of the aforementioned line to a hydrant (now being rolled up). SFD is still assessing the extent of the damage, as they’re checking the walls and attic.

2:18 PM: The online incident report indicates the last few crews on scene were finally dismissed about 10 minutes ago, so the road should be back open now. And thanks to Steve Quant for this photo of what firefighters were dealing with at the peak of the fire:


We’re not likely to get a final report on the cause/damage before tomorrow.

UPDATE: Bit of a scare at West Seattle’s brightest light display

December 24, 2016 1:40 am
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1:40 AM: The photo is from Sofia, who explains a Seattle Fire call to the Menashe Family Lights on Beach Drive Friday night – trouble in the Nativity scene: “We were just looking at lights as usual, and noticed white fog coming from behind the Virgin Mary. I thought it was a fog machine, but then we realized it was a fire. Several of us called 911, someone knocked on the Menashes’ door and let them know, the neighbors got water. I guess the straw that was part of the stable scene caught fire.” We’ll be checking with the family later this morning to follow up.

12:06 PM: We just followed up with Jack Menashe. He says it was apparently a problem with old wiring in the manger display, and it’s being fixed, but tonight, the manger will instead be illuminated with a spotlight. Everything else is OK, so if you’re going for Christmas Eve, don’t worry, it’ll all be bright as ever.

UPDATE: ‘Vault fire’ response in The Junction; thousands of customers lose power

(First two photos by Orla Casey)

ORIGINAL REPORT, 1:25 PM: Seattle Fire is responding to a call characterized as a “minor explosion” near Fauntleroy and Alaska. At least one witness say it’s blown off a “manhole cover” near Spruce/LA Fitness. Power is out to more than 3,200 homes and businesses in West Seattle as a result, according to the City Light outage map. More to come.

1:32 PM: This has escalated to a “vault fire” callout.


1:38 PM: Adding a photo. Lots of emergency vehicles and big traffic backups, so avoid the Fauntleroy/Alaska area TFN.

1:49 PM: City Light says they hope to restore power “within a few hours.” SFD has canceled some of the units responding to the vault fire (for the commenter who asked what that means – it’s an underground vault that’s part of the electrical system). No word of any injuries so far.

1:55 PM: Now up to more than 3,900 homes and businesses out – this is on the City Light map as two separate outages, 3,200+ and 600+. Adding a screengrab momentarily for the record:


1:59 PM: And then … some got their power back, so the outage has returned to 3,200+. Thanks for the updates in comments – that’s usually first word of power restoration!


2:12 PM: Commenter Matt shared the photo you see above – the smoke coming from underground right in front of Spruce/LA Fitness just after explosions were heard. Meantime, the number of homes/businesses without power is down to 1,820.

2:33 PM: Seattle Fire has completely cleared the scene, meaning the fire is out. In addition to those still without power – an outage also affecting some traffic lights in the area – we also have several mentions that Comcast service is out.

2:52 PM: Just added above, our upload of Matt’s video (linked in comments) of the vault smoke from earlier. Meantime, more comments are saying power’s back, even in the immediate vicinity. Thanks for the updates!

3:55 PM: Down to 136 out, per SCL map.

9 PM: Five hours after that note – they’re still out. Meantime, a Spruce resident has published video from the aftermath of what happened this afternoon:

9:22 PM: Minutes before the estimated time of restoration, the power’s back for all, according to the City Light map. (Call SCL if yours is NOT back yet!)

UPDATE: Big North Admiral fire response, but no fire

5:09 PM: Seattle Fire has just dispatched a “full response” for a possible fire in a multifamily building at 2115 California SW in North Admiral. Updates to come.

5:13 PM: First unit on scene reports it’s a “smoking bathroom fan.” Most units have been dismissed.

UPDATE: Fire call in Highland Park


7:02 AM: A big Seattle Fire response is on the way to a house near 12th SW and SW Cloverdale. The first unit arriving says it’s a “small kitchen fire.”

7:08 AM: SFD confirms it’s a kitchen fire, put out quickly, and is downgrading the call, though you’ll still see several fire units there for a while.

7:18 AM: Our crew is there and has talked to SFD, which says no one was hurt. Units are continuing to wrap up and depart. We’ve added a photo, above.

HOW TO HELP: Online donations set up for Lam-Bow Apartments fire victims

11:41 AM: Eight days after the 3-alarm Lam-Bow Apartments fire on Delridge, the 40+ people who lost their residences are putting their lives back together. Some have asked about an online fund to donate money to the fire victims, and that’s finally been set up. We noticed it on the Seattle Housing Authority home page late last night. It goes to the same fund to which you can send checks, as announced last week. Here’s how to donate:

-Online (see the PayPal link here)

-Via check (here’s how)

As for material items, we haven’t heard of any current needs, after the outpouring last week left community liaisons most in need of volunteer help to get the donations sorted, especially at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.

ADDED 1:23 PM: SHA reiterates in an update that no material items are needed right now but check back to see if rehoused residents have furniture needs in the future. This information also was sent:

SHA has had contact with all 19 households affected by the fire to assess their housing and other needs. Some families are already moved into new apartments with SHA, some are in the process and others are considering options. All families will have received offers of, or be moved into, replacement subsidized housing by the end of this week. Out of the 19 households:

5 households have moved into apartments

4 households have accepted apartments and are in the process of leasing

1 elderly household has decided to live with family members permanently

1 household has decided to permanently move out of SHA housing

All other households have had their needs assessed and are in the process of being provided with housing options.

All families with children are able to keep their children in the same school. School transportation is currently being provided to all children housed at the shelter.

SHA included this update on the burned building (one of two buildings that comprise the Lam-Bow complex):

The Seattle Fire Department has concluded its investigation of the fire and has determined the fire started on the building’s exterior but were unable to determine a specific cause. The building has been assessed by a structural engineer and it has been deemed unsafe to enter. SHA has secured the perimeter of the building and is providing 24-hour security.

Andersen Construction is providing pro-bono work on the building, removing damaged materials from the roof and third floor and shoring up the building for safety. It is unknown if the building is salvageable or if it will be completely rebuilt. Further structural investigation is required before anyone can enter for further assessment. It is not known at this time if or when it will be deemed safe for residents to enter to possibly retrieve any salvageable belongings.

Another way to help Lam-Bow Apartments fire victims: Benefit basketball clinic

October 4, 2016 1:02 pm
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One week after the 3-alarm fire at the Lam-Bow Apartments on Delridge, we’ve just received word of a benefit event next week, on October 14th, when classes are out for Seattle Public Schools and the independent schools that follow its calendar. Just out of the WSB inbox:

Watts Basketball is passionate about helping the community making a difference in kids and families lives. As some of you know, there was a fire in West Seattle last week that affected the lives of many families in our community. To help those families in need, we are having a school’s-out clinic at Delridge Community Center on Friday, October 14th from 9 am-3 pm for grades 3rd-8th. There is a $65 registration/donation fee and the profits will be donated to the “Lam-Bow Fire Relief Fund”. Here are ways that you can donate:

· Register for the school’s-out camp: Go here
· Come in person and make a donation “Check payable to the Lam Bow Fire Relief”

We would also appreciate any high-school kids coming in and volunteering to help out with the camp as well.

Let’s make a difference in our community!

The fire on September 27th did $3.3 million damage to more than 20 apartments in the Seattle Housing Authority-owned building and the belongings of the 44 people who lived in those apartments. SHA’s website has a page with donation information, where checks can be sent to the aforementioned fund; the community groups that have been collecting material donations say that volunteer sorting help is what they still need most (check in with Youngstown Cultural Arts Center).

Deron Woods

Watts Basketball
901 Occidental Ave S. Suite 206, Seattle, WA 98101
Personal 425-606-1665 | Office 206-467-1383

FIRE VICTIMS UPDATE: No more items needed TFN, but here’s how to donate $


5:10 PM: That’s just one of multiple piles of donated items at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, which has been collecting donations for the Lam-Bow Apartments fire victims, many of whom have been sheltered by the Red Cross at nearby Delridge Community Center. Youngstown is so swamped, in fact, that director David Bestock sends the request: NO MORE FOR NOW, PLEASE – “I think at least until displaced folks find a place to live, we’ve got more than they can handle.”

He just told us as we were about to publish this that Youngstown DOES have enough helping hands for now, but: “Folks who want to help volunteer can contact the WS Helpline volunteer desk at operations@wshelpline.org for ongoing support over the next couple weeks.”

Meantime, we haven’t heard yet from the Seattle Housing Authority (which owns the Lam-Bow) about other ways to help, but keep in mind, for those families, there’ll be long-term needs, so we’ll continue to follow up, next week and beyond.


ADDED 7:43 PM: Some good news from SHA’s Kerry Coughlin: “Our staff have met individually with families to assess their needs and have identified all vacancy options in our portfolio. We believe we will have everyone rehoused in suitable SHA housing by next week.”

As for donating $, she says they haven’t yet figured out an online option yet BUT if you would like to send a check – there is now a Fire Relief Fund, and the details are here.

UPDATED – HOW TO HELP: Donation drives for people displaced by Lam-Bow Apartments fire

(OCTOBER 4TH UPDATE: You can now donate $ online – scroll down for updates)

(WSB photo, Tuesday afternoon)

12:44 PM: We finally have additional information on how to help the dozens of people who lost their homes and belongings in Tuesday’s 3-alarm fire at the Lam Bow Apartments.

Many are continuing to be sheltered, with the help of the American Red Cross, at the Delridge Community Center. However, we learned during a visit there on Wednesday, they cannot directly accept donations, so they ask that you please do NOT go there.

Good news is, there are bins right across the street at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (4408 Delridge Way SW), thanks to the teamwork of Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (which owns and operates Youngstown) and the West Seattle Helpline, which has offered some assistance directly to the fire victims, including bus tickets – the type of emergency help that the Helpline is known for.

When we talked with DCC and Red Cross workers helping with the shelter, they stressed that adult items were most needed, but there are some needs for kids and babies too. Here is the list we were given as of late yesterday:

Sweats, shirts 16 XL woman
sweats shirts XXL/ size 40 man
baby clothing 3 months, diapers size 1

(the above is for a family of 3)

shoes blouse pants, women’s size 8, medium, medium
shoes blouse pants for 15 year old girl, size 8
blanket that is NOT wool for someone who is allergic

boys clothing sizes 6+, 8+, 10

underwear for boys, size 4

girls’ underwear sizes 7, 10

socks/underwear for men, sizes M, L, XL
socks, underwear for women, sizes M, L, XL

diapers sizes 1 and 5

blankets and pillows

LONG dresses and skirts for females sizes S, M, L, XL
shirts for women (long sleeves) S, M, L, XL

hygiene products for males and females

pants men’s sizes 32/32 and 34/32

men’s shirts, coats M, L, XL

ADDED: size 28 women’s pants

Note that the 5-week-old baby is a boy

Please donate new, or if gently used, clean items, and again, long sleeved tops and long pants for women.

Youngstown asks that you drop off donations between 10 am and 6:30 pm weekdays.

(One of the donation bins at Youngstown – find them inside the west and north entrances)

Also – as mentioned in comments on our Wednesday followup, there is a collection drive at 24-Hour Fitness in Westwood Village, and Sanislo Elementary is collecting some items from its school community during its Multicultural Potluck event tonight.

And you can support the ongoing American Red Cross sheltering service – which they provide to many victims in all types of disasters large and small.

Meantime, SFD has not yet announced the results of its investigation into how the fire started.

ADDED 1:15 PM: Just as we were publishing this update, SFD announced:

The investigation showed the fire started on the exterior of the building. Fire Investigators were unable to determine a specific cause. The damage was estimated at 3.3 million dollars.

ADDED THURSDAY NIGHT: Thanks to the person who texted that West Seattle High School is collecting items for at least one family. They shared this image of a message from a school-community communication list with the requests and how to drop them off.

We expect to have an updated list sometime Friday with more information on how to help, so please check back.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Youngstown Arts Center’s David Bestock says in a comment that what they REALLY need is volunteer help to sort through what’s been dropped off. 4408 Delridge Way SW, until 6 pm today.

FRIDAY EVENING: And a new update – NO MORE DONATIONS, please, as explained here. We’ll continue to follow this so that when there’s word of other needs, we can update.

OCTOBER 4TH: Two ways to donate money now:
-Online (see the PayPal link here)
-Via check (here’s how)

FIRE FOLLOWUP: Today’s developments in aftermath of Lam Bow Apartments fire, including how to help

1:28 PM: Here’s what’s happening so far today in the aftermath of the 3-alarm fire that displaced almost 50 people at the Lam Bow Apartments at 6955 Delridge Way SW (our Tuesday afternoon-through-evening coverage is here):


*Seattle Fire remains on “fire watch” at the site, in case of hotspots. We stopped by the scene this morning and that’s when the photos in this update were taken.

*No cause announced yet, but SFD spokesperson Lt. Harold Webb tells WSB the information should be available before day’s end.


For everyone asking how to help the 47 people who are unable to return to their apartments:

*The Red Cross will have a shelter again tonight for residents who need it, at the Delridge Community Center. But a spokesperson tells us, “In terms of tangible needs, we have not heard any reports of unmet needs in the shelter.”

*They and the Seattle Housing Authority, which owns the Lam Bow, have not heard yet of organized donation drives, nor of a specific request for specific items.

*A commenter says Sanislo Elementary is organizing a food drive for two families. We’re awaiting details on that. (Today was a 2-hour-early dismissal day for Seattle Public Schools, so don’t go to the school now.) 6:24 PM UPDATE: They’re collecting items during tomorrow night’s Multicultural Potluck, as explained here.

*This afternoon at City Hall, the mayor, police chief, and SHA director will “formally recognize the heroic efforts of Seattle Police Department and Seattle Housing Authority personnel in responding to yesterday’s apartment fire.” We will be covering that separately.

More updates as we get information. For everyone who wants to help, please keep in mind that those who lost their homes and belongings will be affected for a long time, and it might take a while for “how best to help” to emerge, so be patient and keep that good energy going until we hear where best to apply it.

2:18 PM: We’re at City Hall for the aforementioned recognition event and have talked to the Seattle Housing Authority rep, Kerry Coughlin, who’s here. She said the Fire Department has just turned the damaged building – one of two that comprise the Lam Bow – to them, and they’re boarding it up; a long list of inspections and assessments is ahead. They’re also continuing to work, she confirms, on organizing a list of needs and who can coordinate donations.

3:02 PM: SHA director Andrew Lofton elaborated on that during Q&A after the ceremony. He said that they are working to identify a fiscal agent for donations, among other things, and hope to have some news on that “within 48 hours.”

6:25 PM: There’s lots of coordination going on between people who are trying to organize ways to help and we’re expecting to have a clearer picture tomorrow (Thursday).

UPDATE: 3-alarm fire damages 20+ apartments in Delridge building, displacing 40+ people

(9:41 PM TOPLINE: SFD on “fire watch” all night at scene of 3-alarm fire. 47 people displaced; Red Cross helping. No one was hurt. No word yet on cause)

(Added: Video contributed by next-door neighbor Seth – read his story below in 5:10 pm update – that’s the back, west-facing side of building)

FIRST REPORT, 2:42 PM: A Seattle Fire “full response” is headed to the 6900 block of Delridge Way SW [map]. The first units arriving are seeing “heavy smoke.”

(WSB photo)

2:45 PM: SFD is calling out a second alarm. This is just north of the busy Delridge/Orchard/Sylvan intersection so avoid that area TFN.

(This photo and next are courtesy Jennifer)

2:53 PM: Via scanner, one person is reported injured, and this is described as a “significant exterior fire on several units.” Our crew is arriving in the area and confirms “serious smoke.”


3:01 PM: The fire also is reported to be in the attic.

(Photo courtesy @tantruong)

3:05 PM: For those asking about the helicopters, they are just TV. SFD does not have helicopters.

(WSB Instagram video – mouse over image to find and click play button)

3:15 PM: SFD is continuing to search the building. They also have called for more units.


3:27 PM: Via scanner, we hear they are calling for the Red Cross, which assists victims in situations like this – the number of units affected could be in the double digits. And we’ve confirmed this fire has now gone to 3 alarms (each “full response” group of units is one alarm, so this is roughly triple what would usually respond to a building fire).


3:43 PM: Firefighters are focusing now on “hot spots.” Meantime, as mentioned in comment discussion, this is a Seattle Housing Authority complex. The SHA website says the complex has 51 units; we’re expecting an official briefing at the scene momentarily, to find out among other things how many units are affected.


4:05 PM: More than three dozen SFD units remain on the scene – see the list here.

Just heard from our crew at the scene, after the briefing by SFD spokesperson Lt. Harold Webb. He says they have no information yet on how this started. (Added: Video of Lt. Webb’s entire briefing)

Contrary to an early report, no one has been hurt – it appears at this point that everyone got out OK. At least 20 units are damaged or destroyed – see the photo we added above, showing how much of the roof is gone in the building – so this is affecting a lot of families, and as mentioned, the Red Cross disaster response team is coming out to figure out how to help.

4:17 PM: Metro buses are being brought into the scene so that residents have someplace to go in the short run. And we’ve heard back from SHA communications director Kerry Coughlin, who says, “SHA has numerous senior property management and communications staff on the scene. We absolutely will make sure all affected residents will have housing until their units are safe and restored. We will work with the Red Cross and other community partners as needed and use emergency hotel vouchers or other resources as needed.”

5:10 PM: Some of the units are being dismissed. Please continue to avoid Delridge/Orchard TFN; Metro says Route 120 is still being rerouted. Meantime, we have added video at the top of this report, taken even before SFD arrived, shared by next-door neighbor Seth, who says, “I live next door. I saw smoke, ran around the side and saw flame and smoke and didn’t hear any alarms. I saw one cop run in the south entrance and up the stairs so I ran in the downstairs hallway to activate an alarm, which thankfully worked. I took the video right after. Pretty scary stuff. I went up the driveway to our house and grabbed our cat and car and headed out. I’m soooo grateful for SFD right now. I’m convinced they saved our house.” We are also adding, inline above, several more photos by WSB’s Patrick Sand taken during the peak of the firefight. He’ll be going back to the scene later this evening to follow up.

7:50 PM: Delridge Way has reopened.

8:14 PM: From our return to the scene – the Red Cross is there:


47 people were displaced; 35 are accepting help from the Red Cross, according to spokesperson Jennifer Blackwood, who says a temporary shelter is set up at Delridge Community Center for tonight and maybe tomorrow night. Cots were being set up there and dinner was waiting for the residents, who were getting a Metro bus ride to DCC. It was stressed again, if you want to help, please do it via the Red Cross. (Commenter McBride made that point eloquently earlier.)

We also talked with Seattle Housing Authority reps at the scene. More on that shortly.

9:41 PM: SFD remains on “fire watch” all night, meaning at least one crew will be on scene in case there’s a flareup – this is fairly standard with major fires. No word yet on the cause; the investigation continues tomorrow.

SHA told us at the scene that they also have private security to help SFD keep the scene secure. They in the meantime are working with building managers on the next step. They’ll go in to assess the damage once SFD gives them the go-ahead, possibly as soon as tomorrow. That’s also when they will start working to find SHA housing for those who don’t have family or friends to stay with; they stress that they will do their best to keep families close to the schools their children attend and to ensure people are still able to get to their jobs.

They also wanted to thank their on-site managers, SFD, and the SW Precinct police for their quick response and getting everyone out safely after the fire broke out.

UPDATE: Fireworks lead to SFD callout in 8800 block 13th SW

7:02 PM: Big SFD call for a possible house fire on 13th SW near Trenton [map]. We are on the way.


7:20 PM: SFD’s call closed before we got there but here’s what we learned from neighbors and police on the scene: Some people drove up and set off a box of fireworks that went off, with sparks and smoke, in multiple directions. That’s what led to the fire call. Multiple small fires were sparked but put out quickly by neighbors.

7:34 PM: Added above – our photo of the fireworks tossed from a car. The neighbors say the cap was left behind too.

UPDATE: Brush fire in Gatewood, out fast

3:50 PM: What started as a house-fire response has now switched to a “rubbish fire that spread to brush” in the 7300 block of California SW in Gatewood [map]. We’re on the way to check it out.

4:01 PM: The last SFD unit was pulling away as we got there. So, it’s out, and wasn’t major.

UPDATE: ‘Spontaneous combustion’ blamed for 2-alarm container fire on Alaska Marine Lines barge

(Photos by WSB’s Patrick Sand unless otherwise credited)

3:57 PM: A second major fire call is working right now, this one in the 5600 block of West Marginal Way SW [map]. In this one, we’re hearing by scanner, there is some concern about propane tanks – stay away from the area.

4:04 PM: Per scanner, this fire is reported to involve containers on a barge. The response includes at least one SFD fireboat.

4:13 PM: The response has been upgraded to include “hazmat” so you will see and hear even more units heading to it. We have just arrived in the area. West Marginal Way is NOT blocked off – the fire units are all on the east side.

4:24 PM: The additional responders are arriving now and West Marginal is filling up – not sure how long it is going to remain open. We’ve added a photo of firefighters getting water on the burning container(s).

4:28 PM: Media crews are being kept back a ways for obvious reasons. Via scanner, it’s reported that the fire is believed to have started in garbage inside the container(s).

IMG_5344 (1)

4:40 PM: Still an active firefight. We haven’t heard of any injuries but no one is providing official information to us or other gathered media yet, either. Meantime, the Coast Guard is helping keep vessels away from the fire zone; one of our crews is going to go see if any of this is visible from anywhere else along the river.

image1 (53)
(Photo courtesy Aaron)

4:51 PM: Just got a briefing from SFD’s Lt. Harold Webb (video added below), who says basically half the city’s firefighting force is here.

…including Chief Harold Scoggins.

(Photo added: Chief Scoggins and Lt. Webb)

Even more units are arriving now. No injuries, we’ve confirmed. What they’re doing now, Lt. Webb says, is trying to cool off the burning containers so they can get a chance at taking them apart and figuring out what caught fire.


He mentioned the same thing we had heard via scanner – they’re not entirely sure what’s in the containers but garbage is believed to be at least part of it.


5:21 PM: Thanks to Andrea for the photo above – looking toward the fire scene from Highland Park – and Stacy for the tip that boat traffic is being kept out of the area, so if you’re looking to head south on the Duwamish River from the West Seattle Bridge vicinity, you won’t be able to, TFN. Looking toward the fire scene from the east shore of the river, Patrick Kelly shared this photo via Twitter:


Lots of firefighting foam in the water.

5:43 PM: Some units are being dismissed as this winds down. Scanner discussion also indicates the exclusion zone on the river will be reduced.

6:53 PM: We just went over to check on how the wrapup is going. More SFD units left, including the last one (Engine 29) that was still parked along West Marginal Way. Lt. Webb, currently serving as public-information officer, was about to leave too, and told us they would still have a presence on site for a few hours. Forklifts are continuing to pull containers off the barge where the fire started:


8:29 PM: SFD says “spontaneous combustion of garbage” is what sparked the fire.

UPDATE: House-fire call in High Point


3:51 PM: Firefighters are at a house near 34th SW and SW Findlay, with investigating unit Marshal 5 on the way to investigate a fire there.

4:12 PM: We stopped here briefly on our way to the big call on West Marginal Way (separate story). Toplines: Small fire on a deck, now out; house was undergoing remodeling; no one home when it happened; no one hurt.

UPDATE: Car burns under West Seattle Bridge

(Reader photo taken while car was burning)

2:31 PM: Seattle Fire is responding to a car-fire call listed as Delridge/West Marginal. We’re getting multiple reports that it’s generating a big column of smoke. We’re on the way to check it out.

2:45 PM: Almost at the scene. A reader photo just in shows this is under the high-level bridge, just east of where West Marginal turns into Spokane.

(WSB photo – what’s left of the car)

2:57 PM UPDATE: A BMW is what caught fire and burned. Both people inside got out OK. (Photo added above.) SFD says the occupants thought it might have been an electrical fire.

UPDATE: Fire response in 8600 block 20th SW


5:15 PM: A Seattle Fire Department “full response” has been sent to a house in the 8600 block of 20th SW [map]. Checking on it.

5:17 PM: Per scanner – as our crew heads that way – we’re hearing that it’s a small fire, now tapped, and the response is being scaled back.

5:30 PM: Firefighters at the scene tell our crew that this was a kitchen fire – but no one was home, so they’re waiting for a resident to return so they can talk to someone about what happened. No major damage; the house is being ventilated with fans right now.

UPDATE: Fire response in North Admiral

10:37 PM: Seattle Fire dispatched a full response to a possible house fire in the 2100 block of 47th SW (map). Checking on it.

10:57 PM: Finally got here. Nothing on the scanner in the interim so clearly not anything major, but Ladder 11 is still here.

11:04 PM: Finally got to talk with the crew, which is leaving. Smoke in the house was determined to be from an electrical circuit. No fire.

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