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City’s pursuit of South Park-area annexation on hold, pending one big demand

(Map from agenda for January 18th City Council committee meeting)

When last the City Council was briefed on the status of the city’s two potential annexation areas, back in January, there was talk that the smaller one – the Duwamish Annexation Area in the South Park vicinity – might go to the area’s 87 voters this summer.

That didn’t happen. And now we’re learning that the proposed Duwamish Annexation is on hold because of a costly issue the city wants the county to address first. That’s according to new information procured by, and provided to WSB by, City Councilmember Lisa Herbold‘s staff.

According to a memo to City Councilmembers from city staff, here’s what the mayor’s office wants to see happen before going any further:

With potential sewer-related costs in the range of $14–$50 million, the Executive has taken a position that the County must address and fund the installation of a sewer system prior to the City pursuing annexation.

According to another memo, this time from the longtime mayoral point person on annexation issues, Kenny Pittman, those issues are primarily in the “Sliver” section of the potential annexation area, where some have septic systems instead of sewer access. Pittman also wrote that King County was told of this two months ago and has not responded. (We’re following up with King County to ask about that.) But Pittman told the council that, independent of the sewer issue, the city was prepared to address public-safety needs in the “Sliver” with SFD responses and SPD patrols, as part of the departments’ work “in the overall South Park neighborhood.”

All this led Councilmember Herbold also to ask about the status of the much-larger proposed annexation of White Center and vicinity (the North Highline area on the map at the top of this story). Her staff was told that whether it moves forward at all will depend on “the position of the new administration” – whoever is elected mayor to succeed Ed Murray. We asked the 14 candidates who were at last Saturday’s Sustainable West Seattle forum at Summer Fest whether they supported annexation; the prevailing answer was, if the residents want to be annexed. That still would require sending a proposal to the area’s 8,600+ voters; the city memo lays out a possible timeline in which City Councilmembers could decide in August 2018 whether to take annexation to North Highline voters in November 2018.

PHOTOS: Duwamish Rowing Club’s second annual regatta

July 17, 2017 1:00 am
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Photos by Leda Costa for WSB

It’s our area’s only river, and it remains a heavily industrialized waterway. It’s also where the Duwamish Rowing Club is continuing to grow. Part of that growth – its second annual regatta this past Saturday.

That brought supporters and rowers to the shore at Duwamish Waterway Park in South Park and the river’s waters beyond.

While we were there, Ria Delora and Molly McDonald (above and below) rowed for DRC in a youth race against Lake Stevens. Read More

SATURDAY: Duwamish Rowing Club’s 2nd annual regatta

July 13, 2017 2:22 pm
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(July 2016 photo by WSB’s Christopher Boffoli)

Last year the Duwamish Rowing Club made history with its first regatta on the Duwamish River, and this Saturday the club’s doing it again – the second annual Dieter Hotz Cup Regatta, 8 am-noon, from Duwamish Waterway Park [map] in South Park. Free community breakfast, too! We’re mentioning it today in case you hadn’t already seen it in the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar. The Duwamish Rowing Club is the only rowing club in this area (SP, West Seattle, White Center, vicinity) and all are welcome to come watch as well as to find out more about the all-ages Learn to Row program that’s starting next month.

FOLLOWUP: South Park trouble spot ‘abated,’ again

June 21, 2017 10:59 pm
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Six months ago, we covered a walking tour in South Park led by neighbor Jeff Hayes, showing ongoing trouble spots to a city delegation including Councilmember Lisa Herbold and representatives of various departments. It was illustrative not just for people in or interested in South Park, but anywhere in the city, West Seattle included, where there are trouble spots for which neighbors are trying to get city help. In Hayes’ neighborhood, some situations have improved – we reported in January about the new ownership for vacant commercial spaces – and some are still problems, like the one the city “abated” again today.

This house is next to Hayes, at 1037 South Cloverdale, and he says this is the third time in six months that crews have been sent in to clean up. Much of the work had been done before we got there this afternoon, but they were impounding a vehicle (top photo) and a pickup truck bed that had been turned into a trailer (photo above this paragraph)Southwest Precinct Community Police Team Officer Todd Wiebke told us at the scene that it had stolen tabs. He also told us two more houses in the area have abatement set for later this week.

We asked one of the agencies involved in the cleanup today, the city Department of Construction and Inspections, for details, and spokesperson Wendy Shark replied, before the cleanup: “We have an abatement order to remove outdoor junk and other miscellaneous items from this property … The conservation corps will be assisting us with the clean-up, Bio-Clean will assist us with the removal of any hazardous waste on the property and SPD will be there as well.” The line item on the SDCI website traces back to a complaint originally made in January, one of many involving this address over the years. (The backstory of the house and its owner was told in this radio report last year.)

WEST SEATTLE POWER OUTAGE: 2,000+ customers affected in WS, South Park, White Center

11:28 AM: Thanks for the tips – we heard from two people in Highland Park/Riverview before this big power outage even appeared on the Seattle City Light map. More than 2,000 customers (homes/businesses) are out.

11:37 AM: As the map shows, the outage also stretches into parts of White Center and South Park. The SCL map now has a restoration-time “guesstimate” of 2:31 pm – but keep in mind, could be sooner, could be later. We haven’t yet heard what caused it – if you’re seeing SCL trucks, please let us know, since that’s usually a clue. // And remember that dark traffic signals = all-way stops. Someone just messaged us to say there’s already been a crash at 8th/Roxbury.

12:07 PM: West Marginal/Highland Park Way is another major intersection with the lights out, and people “driving recklessly” as a dispatcher relayed a little while ago (monitored via scanner). SCL says a crash is what caused this and they’re still hopeful of having the power back on by 2:30ish.

12:38 PM: Added two photos from 8th/Roxbury – above, SPD is helping with traffic there (there’s a crash and a stalled vehicle); below, SDOT working with the signal box (and a generator).

12:43 PM: At least part of the area has the power back, per comment and texts, after about an hour and a half.

12:54 PM: The SCL map has updated and says the outage is about two-thirds of its original size – now 1,300+ customers, mostly south/east of West Seattle.

1:08 PM: Now down to 560+ customers out.

1:35 PM: And now just a handful.

GETTING MARRIED? South Park Rainbow Bingo has an invitation for you

Our neighbors at the South Park Senior Center have Rainbow Bingo fundraisers, as does the West Seattle Senior Center, and SP has a special search under way – they want to make sure West Seattleites hear about it too:

If you can’t read the flyer – in short, they’re looking for a couple who would be interested in having their wedding as part of South Park Rainbow Bingo on June 10th: “There will be guests and dinner and drinks, a beautiful wedding cake just for you … all legally officiated by Aunt Betty Malone.” In less than 100 words, explain why you and your fiancé/fiancee are THE couple for this wedding – e-mail to and by May 20th.

YOU CAN HELP: Enjoy dinner Saturday with ‘very small PTA’ supporting school with big needs

Concord International School is in South Park, but serves part of West Seattle too. And you can stay right here in WS next Saturday night to be part of its benefit dinner/auction supporting what Lesley, who e-mailed us about it, describes as a “very small PTA who supports an incredibly diverse, predominantly low-income population.” She adds that besides reaching out to help Concord’s students and teachers, reasons for you to go include “some awesome stuff to bid on and a delicious dinner.” The party’s at Highland Park Improvement Club (12th SW/SW Holden), 7 pm Saturday. You can buy a ticket right now by going here – only $20/person, $35 couple.

FOLLOWUP: New owners for empty, neglected South Park commercial buildings


Story & photos by Tracy Record and Patrick Sand
West Seattle Blog co-publishers

Last month, we brought you the story of a walking tour in South Park, organized by community advocate Jeff Hayes, who has been relentlessly working to get the city to help with SP trouble spots. Toward the start of the tour, he gathered those in attendance, including City Councilmember Lisa Herbold, outside a prime cluster of commercial buildings on the southwest corner of the busiest intersection in South Park – 14th Avenue South/South Cloverdale [map] – to point out that the storefronts were mostly empty and under ownership that wasn’t doing much to change things.

Turns out, that ownership was in the process of changing. And we have since heard from one of the new owners, a West Seattleite who already has bought and renovated property in two neighborhoods – Luna Park and Georgetown. John Bennett bought the South Park corner buildings in partnership with Scott Horrell, proprietor of nearby Loretta’s Northwesterner, and Hank Dufour, a construction-company proprietor.

Bennett invited us to come tour the buildings, which they have been cleaning out, and are seeking tenants for. Read More

What can and can’t the city do about junk, dumping, recurring problems? South Park resident organizes tour to illuminate

Story by Tracy Record
Photos by Patrick Sand
West Seattle Blog co-publishers

The mural along the alley exhorted, “Love where you live.”


We saw it during a walking tour of the section of South Park where Jeff Hayes has lived for going on two decades. He organized the tour out of love for his community – but promised it would not be a pre-planned, pre-sanitized, city-sanctioned walk. Indeed, other sights along the same alley fulfilled his promise.


About a third of the two dozen or so walkers were from the city, including Councilmember Lisa Herbold and representatives from her staff and those of Councilmember Lorena González, Mayor Ed Murray, and the Department of Construction and Inspections. An hour before Monday night’s sunset, participants gathered at a South Park food store/eatery, Phoralé, for introductions, before heading out.


Important preface: This isn’t a story about how bad things are in South Park. There are all too many neighborhoods in Seattle where this kind of tour could be organized. It reminded us, in fact, of one we covered in North Delridge – also organized by a neighbor/community advocate, also with councilmembers and other city reps in attendance – almost eight years ago. Read More

UPDATE: Smoky smell spreads far from South Transfer Station fire


6:30 AM: We’ve received several questions about a strong smell of smoke in West Seattle. No fire calls here but for the past couple hours, SFD has been battling what’s described as a trash fire inside the South Transfer Station on the west edge of South Park (several miles away), and that’s generated a lot of smoke, so we’re thinking that must be what people are noticing. Seattle Public Utilities operates the station and says it will be closed today because of the fire, so if you were planning a dump/recycling run, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

7:45 AM: Update from SFD via Twitter – this is the view INSIDE the transfer station:

This has been a stubborn fire – the SFD log shows the first response goes back to 12:36 am.

9:23 AM: More details on the fire and the closure, from SPU:

Seattle Public Utilities’ South Transfer Station is closed today, while firefighters and utility workers deal with the aftermath of a fire on the station’s tipping floor.

The fire at the three-year-old station, in South Park, started around 12:45 this morning. The cause is unknown at this time. Transfer station fires are often caused by materials — such as marine flares or chemicals — that have been improperly disposed of.

For information on where to dispose of household hazardous waste, including station locations and hours, contact or (206) 296-4692.

At 8:10 this morning, the fire was 70 percent contained.

While the station is closed, SPU is asking self-haul customers to take their garbage to the utilities’ old transfer station, at 8100 2nd Ave. S., which is adjacent to the new station. Compost and recycling cannot be accepted at the old station today.

Director of Solid Waste Ken Snipes said fires occasionally occur at garbage transfer stations, and the new station is built to withstand them. Damage to the station—if any—has not yet been assessed.

Driver cited in school-bus crash near South Transfer Station

(Seattle Fire Department photo)

We’ve learned that this crash near the South Transfer Station between West Seattle and South Park today resulted in a citation for the school-bus driver involved. Seattle Public Schools, which contracts with the bus company, didn’t have information on what the citation was for, but did confirm to WSB that the driver was cited. Seattle Fire reported that no one was hurt in the midday crash at West Marginal Way South and South Holden; the bus was carrying two preschoolers, and one child’s dad tells WSB they were being transported from a preschool program at Fairmount Park Elementary.

PHOTO GALLERY: Fiestas Patrias parade and celebration in South Park

Photos by Leda Costa for West Seattle Blog


Saturday’s Fiestas Patrias parade and festival in South Park were a show of pride – pride in community, pride in heritage, pride in spirit. Hundreds lined SP streets to watch and cheer, as parade participants marched, danced, and rode toward the South Park Community Center.


Tradition melded with modern reality for some:


Jessica Ramos and Yesenia Gonzalez of the South Park Women’s Group wore handmade dresses that promote recycling. But before we get to more of the festival – photos of the parade! Read More

ALSO TONIGHT: Community meeting for proposed Seattle City Light facility along Duwamish River

(Planned site of Technical Training Center)

Along with what we’ve already previewed, here’s one more event for tonight. While it is happening in South Park, Duwamish River advocates tell us this event is potentially of interest to everyone concerned about the river and its watershed. It’s a Seattle City Light community meeting tonight to talk about its planned Technical Training Center. The center, with classrooms and an outdoor training yard, would be on Hamm Creek, on the north side of SCL’s Duwamish Substation. The plan would include “wetland mitigation … with approximately 4 acres of habitats similar to historic conditions on the Lower Duwamish River,” as well as a walking trail. Tonight’s meeting is scheduled for 6:15-7:45 pm at the South Park Community Center (8319 8th Avenue S.).

If you can’t get to the meeting but are interested in commenting on the plan, SCL is taking comments through next Tuesday (September 20th) as part of its State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)-related review. Those comments can be sent to Margaret Duncan, SEPA Coordinator, at or by postal mail at 700 5th Avenue, Suite 3200, Seattle 98104.

Community centers’ future: Mayoral announcement in South Park includes added staff for 2 CCs in West Seattle


9:21 AM: We’re at South Park Community Center, where Mayor Ed Murray and Seattle Parks Superintendent Jesús Aguirre are about to announce what’s billed as “new investments to reduce barriers and increase access for residents to the City’s community center system … part of Mayor Murray’s proposed 2017 budget.”

It’s been five years now since Murray’s predecessor, Mike McGinn, came to High Point Community Center (WSB coverage here) to deliver news of big cuts and changes that left the community-center system reeling. Then in March 2014, Murray visited Hiawatha Community Center (WSB coverage here) to announce the Park District proposal, subsequently passed by voters. It included promises of funding for “Community Center rehabilitation and development.”

He begins, “I’m here to announce a series of proposals and changes that we will send to the City Council (as part of the budget process),” with funding from the Park District levy, “stabilizing our ability to fund our park system.” He says the proposals will add staff and/or hours to nine community centers, focused on “underserved” areas. Free programs and elimination of drop-in fees at certain centers will be part of the proposals. Here at South Park CC, “we propose to expand operating hour and explore innovative partnerships with the community … to develop culturally relevant programming … In the long term, Parks and Recreation will undertake a long-term planning process in 2017-2018 for the (entire system)” to find out how to “better serve” the people in the city. He also mentions performance measurement “so people can go online and be sure we are meeting the goals in the process.”

9:27 AM: The mayor then goes on to attack the “divisive rhetoric” heard from presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday and says that Trump’s proposals “would bring our state’s economy to a halt,” among other things, “if we turn away immigrants.” He then turns the podium over to Parks Superintendent Aguirre, who mentions that he himself is an immigrant. He says he has seen the need for what the mayor is proposing. And he has warm words for the 100+ employees who work in the community centers around the city each day. “This plan at its core is about equity,” Aguirre adds. He says the elimination of fees for some drop-in programs may not seem big to some, but for many families, it will be a huge improvement in accessibility. He talks about scholarships provided for the first time this year for adults as well as children, and about the importance of partnerships. “We know that every community in Seattle is going to be excited when they see this plan.” (We’re still awaiting the document with details.) He next introduces South Park community advocate Paulina Lopez, who expresses gratitude about what a difference this will make for the community.

In media Q/A, we asked about what this means in the context of the cuts made five years ago. The mayor’s reply: “Our hope is to get back to a level of service that we saw prior to the Great Recession – but that doesn’t mean the exact same programs – the question is what are the programs that this (fast-changing city) needs? We’re seeing two things that are different from a generation ago – an increasein children, and in people who are choosing to retire her. So given that we have stabilized funding, what is the best place to invest that funding? Superintendent Aguirre has spent a year evaluating how we need to reorganize our department and is now going to evaluate how we spend this additional new money.”

Superintendent Aguirre, asked what this change means for South Park CC, said “standardizing hours … (which will become) 10-8 daily Monday-Fridays, representing an increase from 40 to 65 hours that the center will be open weekly. “We’re also adding more staff – making some that’s part time, full time, and we’ve added an additional staff member.” And he said that staff will be working more closely with community members to be tuned in to their needs.

9:43 AM: The event has wrapped up. Though citywide media is here too, there’s no hard-copy news release so far, and the full list but we’ve obtained the full document to see which West Seattle-area centers are involved. No West Seattle centers are proposed for increased hours, but both Alki and Delridge are proposed for increased staffing. We’ll have a few more details as we go through the document.

10:14 AM: Here’s the full document titled “Community Center Strategic Plan.” We’re searching it for other references to West Seattle’s community centers. For one, it explains that while High Point CC might have been eligible for the equity pilot program that is proposed for South Park and four other (non-WS) centers, it wasn’t chosen because HPCC “is currently piloting other promising equity-focused initiatives, with partners such as the Seattle Housing Authority and the UW School of Public Health.” Another mention of note is Hiawatha Community Center, proposed for $1.2 million in maintenance/renovation work, following its previously announced evaluation (along with seven other centers around the city).

VIDEO: Duwamish River Festival 2016

August 20, 2016 1:41 pm
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Looking for a waterside spot to stay cool today? The Duwamish River Festival is on until 6 pm at South Park’s waterside Duwamish Waterway Park. Full slate of performances, as mentioned in our list of highlights for today/tonight – above, Folklore Guatemala; below, a Somali youth group that was a late addition to the schedule:

They were followed by this Khmer group:

khmerkids1 (1)

Performances continue through the lively Banda Vagos (we’ve seen them in West Seattle before) at 5 pm. You can browse a variety of booths representing nonprofits as well as government agencies. At the RainWise booth, you can meet up for a 3 pm tour of local raingardens:


At the King County Wastewater Treatment booth, find out about the big project in Georgetown, near the entrance to the 1st Avenue South Bridge – meant to help the Duwamish River be cleaner. Not far away, Metro is ready to answer your questions:


Kids’ activities are folded into informational booths:

deptecology (1)

And free boat and kayak tours are promised on the Duwamish River itself, in part thanks to West Seattle-based Alki Kayak Tours – none in sight during our stop, but the view of the river is cooling:


To talk about the Duwamish River itself, you can check in with Duwamish Alive! among others – and we even saw the West Seattle-based The Whale Trail. Duwamish Waterway Park is just over the hill from West Seattle, 7900 10th Avenue S.

PHOTOS: Lucha Libre Volcánica returns to Duwamish Waterway Park

(WSB photos)

One more weekend spectacle to show you – it’s become an annual tradition next door in South Park, the luchadores (masked, aerobatic Mexican-style wrestlers) of Lucha Libre Volcánica facing off in an outdoor ring.


After hours of parade coverage, and a stop at the Alki Art Fair, we got to Duwamish Waterway Park just in time for Saturday afternoon’s final match.


The luchadores are students; Lucha Libre Volcánica has the only local school of lucha libre.


And as fierce as they all look in the ring, outside it, the wrestlers clearly love meeting their fans.


The show was sponsored by ECOSS – the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle. As it was wrapping up, the announcer mentioned that you can see the luchadores monthly at eVOLV Fitness (1317 Republican on Capitol Hill). Next event is next Saturday (July 30th), 8:30 pm.

Happy 100th, Boeing! Learn about its West Seattle roots on Sunday

9:20 PM: If you didn’t know Peder Nelson already, you might have met him at West Seattle Summer Fest last weekend – he’s vice president of the Southwest Seattle Historical Society board, and he was taking the 360-degree We Love The Junction photos (among other things, including conducting walking tours). In the SWSHS video clip above, he invites you to SWSHS’s next SouthWest Stories presentation – in honor of The Boeing Company‘s centennial (today!), you can find out about Boeing’s West Seattle roots. Be at the South Park Library (8604 8th Ave. S.) for his presentation at 2 pm Sunday (July 17th).

ADDED 12:30 AM: Unlike the aforementioned event, most of the official Boeing Centennial celebration is private. But here’s an iconic image captured along the way by West Seattle pilot/photographer Long Bach Nguyen:


Those nine jets spanned Boeing models from the 707 to 787.

PHOTOS: Duwamish Rowing Club’s first regatta


History this morning for the Duwamish Rowing Club – its first regatta, as previewed here earlier in the week. WSB’S Christopher Boffoli caught some of the racing this morning in South Park.


The Duwamish rowers took on rowers from clubs in Lake Stevens and Renton.


Christopher was on the river for the second half of the four-hour racing session – a beautiful morning overall.


Find out more about the Duwamish Rowing Club here.

Duwamish Rowing Club plans its first regatta on the river Saturday

Rowing fans! You’re invited to watch and cheer as the Duwamish Rowing Club hosts its first-ever regatta on the Duwamish River, 8 am-noon on Saturday (July 9th). Mike Merta from DRC says:

The DRC Ospreys Youth and Adult crews will be competing against Lake Stevens Rowing Club and Renton Rowing Club. Bring a blanket and some snacks and plan for a morning picnic while watching the races. We will have some music playing in the park and there will be someone calling the races.

16 match-style races are planned. Best vantage points are along the shore in South Park, where DRC is based – Duwamish Waterway Park (7900 10th Ave. S.; map) or the finish line at the street-end park at 12th S. and Elmgrove (map).

P.S. See this comment for the course map.

West Seattle weather: Summer’s first thunderstorm; South Park outage; Westwood collision

(Photo by Brandon Sparks, via Twitter)

10:36 PM: Did you see and/or hear that burst of thunder/lightning? At least it held off until after Alice’s summer-solstice sunless-sunset watch!

lightning 06-20-16
(Added: Photo by Chris Frankovich)

The National Weather Service’s short-term-forecast alert says “isolated thunderstorms” are possible until midnight.

(Added: Photo by Raynea Crittenden, shared via WSB Facebook page)

10:47 PM: Checking the City Light outage map, we see 106 customers in South Park are without electricity, and that it’s blamed on a lightning strike.

11:27 PM: Police and medics are headed for 26th and Barton, where a driver is reported to have hit a pedestrian.

11:32 PM: Emergency crews on scene are calling for a private ambulance, indicating the injuries are not major.

11:41 PM: That’s changed – now scanner traffic indicates the man has a fracture and will be taken to Harborview to be checked out.

11:55 PM: Westbound Barton had been closed but, per scanner, will be reopened shortly. Meantime, in case you’re reading this later and sleeping through the storm, it’s still raining fairly hard after more than an hour.

12:37 AM: And now … the rain has tapered off, at least here, east of Lincoln Park.

4:21 AM Texter says a tree is down across Fairmount Avenue in the 2200 block.

VIDEO: Food Lifeline’s new South Park center ready to ‘stamp out hunger’

June 17, 2016 8:50 am
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Hopes and dreams for Food Lifeline‘s new Hunger Solution Center in South Park (815 S. 96th) were written on a blackboard during last night’s celebration. The party of course included a ribboncutting, with FL CEO Linda Nageotte deploying the oversized scissors:

More after the jump: Read More

West Seattle schools: 1 more chance to talk about international education

June 13, 2016 12:46 pm
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 |   South Park | West Seattle news | West Seattle schools

With three of Seattle Public Schools‘ “international schools” in this area, the program’s future is of great interest. The district has a task force studying it right now; its recent community meeting at Chief Sealth International High School wasn’t widely publicized, but another one has been scheduled, this time at Concord International (Elementary) in South Park, 6-7 pm June 20th (one week from tonight). This flyer has full details. The district says Mandarin, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese interpretation will be provided.

High Point, South Park libraries to soon be open Fridays, too

High Point and South Park are two of four neighborhoods whose Seattle Public Library branches will get Friday hours back as of July 1st. Here’s the SPL announcement:

Thanks to funds from the seven-year, 2012 voter-approved Library levy, The Seattle Public Library will restore Friday operating hours to four neighborhood branch libraries whose hours were reduced during recession-related budget cuts.

The High Point, International District/Chinatown, South Park, and University branches will all have restored Friday hours as of July 1.

“We are so glad to be able to restore hours at these four branches,” City Librarian Marcellus Turner said. “Expanding Library hours in neighborhoods that currently have limited access continues to be a priority.”

When the levy passed in August 2012, 15 of the Library’s 27 locations were closed on Fridays and Sundays. In 2013 the levy funded the restoration of Sunday hours at all locations and the expansion of the Columbia and Northgate branches into branches operating seven days a week, but patrons often tell the Library they wish more branches were open on Fridays.

Last year, the Library Board prioritized adding open hours at several branches when a limited amount of funds became available from inflation savings from the levy. The $378,000 in levy funds to restore Friday hours at the four branches were approved as part of the Library’s 2016 Operations Plan.

The branches were selected after an administrative review of traditional Library statistics, community demographics, income distribution, transportation links, key partnerships, internet and Wi-Fi sessions, and review by a Library staff team involved in the city’s Race and Social Justice Initiative and more.

The new open hours at the four branches will be: 1 pm-8 pm Monday and Tuesday, 11 am-6 pm Wednesday through Saturday, and 1 pm-5 pm Sunday. The HP and SP branches’ Friday closures started six years ago, this archived WSB story reminds us.

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