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VIDEO: Duwamish River Festival 2016

Looking for a waterside spot to stay cool today? The Duwamish River Festival is on until 6 pm at South Park’s waterside Duwamish Waterway Park. Full slate of performances, as mentioned in our list of highlights for today/tonight – above, Folklore Guatemala; below, a Somali youth group that was a late addition to the schedule:

They were followed by this Khmer group:

khmerkids1 (1)

Performances continue through the lively Banda Vagos (we’ve seen them in West Seattle before) at 5 pm. You can browse a variety of booths representing nonprofits as well as government agencies. At the RainWise booth, you can meet up for a 3 pm tour of local raingardens:


At the King County Wastewater Treatment booth, find out about the big project in Georgetown, near the entrance to the 1st Avenue South Bridge – meant to help the Duwamish River be cleaner. Not far away, Metro is ready to answer your questions:


Kids’ activities are folded into informational booths:

deptecology (1)

And free boat and kayak tours are promised on the Duwamish River itself, in part thanks to West Seattle-based Alki Kayak Tours – none in sight during our stop, but the view of the river is cooling:


To talk about the Duwamish River itself, you can check in with Duwamish Alive! among others – and we even saw the West Seattle-based The Whale Trail. Duwamish Waterway Park is just over the hill from West Seattle, 7900 10th Avenue S.

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PHOTOS: Lucha Libre Volcánica returns to Duwamish Waterway Park

(WSB photos)

One more weekend spectacle to show you – it’s become an annual tradition next door in South Park, the luchadores (masked, aerobatic Mexican-style wrestlers) of Lucha Libre Volcánica facing off in an outdoor ring.


After hours of parade coverage, and a stop at the Alki Art Fair, we got to Duwamish Waterway Park just in time for Saturday afternoon’s final match.


The luchadores are students; Lucha Libre Volcánica has the only local school of lucha libre.


And as fierce as they all look in the ring, outside it, the wrestlers clearly love meeting their fans.


The show was sponsored by ECOSS – the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle. As it was wrapping up, the announcer mentioned that you can see the luchadores monthly at eVOLV Fitness (1317 Republican on Capitol Hill). Next event is next Saturday (July 30th), 8:30 pm.

Happy 100th, Boeing! Learn about its West Seattle roots on Sunday

9:20 PM: If you didn’t know Peder Nelson already, you might have met him at West Seattle Summer Fest last weekend – he’s vice president of the Southwest Seattle Historical Society board, and he was taking the 360-degree We Love The Junction photos (among other things, including conducting walking tours). In the SWSHS video clip above, he invites you to SWSHS’s next SouthWest Stories presentation – in honor of The Boeing Company‘s centennial (today!), you can find out about Boeing’s West Seattle roots. Be at the South Park Library (8604 8th Ave. S.) for his presentation at 2 pm Sunday (July 17th).

ADDED 12:30 AM: Unlike the aforementioned event, most of the official Boeing Centennial celebration is private. But here’s an iconic image captured along the way by West Seattle pilot/photographer Long Bach Nguyen:


Those nine jets spanned Boeing models from the 707 to 787.

PHOTOS: Duwamish Rowing Club’s first regatta


History this morning for the Duwamish Rowing Club – its first regatta, as previewed here earlier in the week. WSB’S Christopher Boffoli caught some of the racing this morning in South Park.


The Duwamish rowers took on rowers from clubs in Lake Stevens and Renton.


Christopher was on the river for the second half of the four-hour racing session – a beautiful morning overall.


Find out more about the Duwamish Rowing Club here.

Duwamish Rowing Club plans its first regatta on the river Saturday

Rowing fans! You’re invited to watch and cheer as the Duwamish Rowing Club hosts its first-ever regatta on the Duwamish River, 8 am-noon on Saturday (July 9th). Mike Merta from DRC says:

The DRC Ospreys Youth and Adult crews will be competing against Lake Stevens Rowing Club and Renton Rowing Club. Bring a blanket and some snacks and plan for a morning picnic while watching the races. We will have some music playing in the park and there will be someone calling the races.

16 match-style races are planned. Best vantage points are along the shore in South Park, where DRC is based – Duwamish Waterway Park (7900 10th Ave. S.; map) or the finish line at the street-end park at 12th S. and Elmgrove (map).

P.S. See this comment for the course map.

West Seattle weather: Summer’s first thunderstorm; South Park outage; Westwood collision

(Photo by Brandon Sparks, via Twitter)

10:36 PM: Did you see and/or hear that burst of thunder/lightning? At least it held off until after Alice’s summer-solstice sunless-sunset watch!

lightning 06-20-16
(Added: Photo by Chris Frankovich)

The National Weather Service’s short-term-forecast alert says “isolated thunderstorms” are possible until midnight.

(Added: Photo by Raynea Crittenden, shared via WSB Facebook page)

10:47 PM: Checking the City Light outage map, we see 106 customers in South Park are without electricity, and that it’s blamed on a lightning strike.

11:27 PM: Police and medics are headed for 26th and Barton, where a driver is reported to have hit a pedestrian.

11:32 PM: Emergency crews on scene are calling for a private ambulance, indicating the injuries are not major.

11:41 PM: That’s changed – now scanner traffic indicates the man has a fracture and will be taken to Harborview to be checked out.

11:55 PM: Westbound Barton had been closed but, per scanner, will be reopened shortly. Meantime, in case you’re reading this later and sleeping through the storm, it’s still raining fairly hard after more than an hour.

12:37 AM: And now … the rain has tapered off, at least here, east of Lincoln Park.

4:21 AM Texter says a tree is down across Fairmount Avenue in the 2200 block.

VIDEO: Food Lifeline’s new South Park center ready to ‘stamp out hunger’

June 17, 2016 8:50 am
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Hopes and dreams for Food Lifeline‘s new Hunger Solution Center in South Park (815 S. 96th) were written on a blackboard during last night’s celebration. The party of course included a ribboncutting, with FL CEO Linda Nageotte deploying the oversized scissors:

More after the jump: Read More

West Seattle schools: 1 more chance to talk about international education

June 13, 2016 12:46 pm
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 |   South Park | West Seattle news | West Seattle schools

With three of Seattle Public Schools‘ “international schools” in this area, the program’s future is of great interest. The district has a task force studying it right now; its recent community meeting at Chief Sealth International High School wasn’t widely publicized, but another one has been scheduled, this time at Concord International (Elementary) in South Park, 6-7 pm June 20th (one week from tonight). This flyer has full details. The district says Mandarin, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese interpretation will be provided.

High Point, South Park libraries to soon be open Fridays, too

High Point and South Park are two of four neighborhoods whose Seattle Public Library branches will get Friday hours back as of July 1st. Here’s the SPL announcement:

Thanks to funds from the seven-year, 2012 voter-approved Library levy, The Seattle Public Library will restore Friday operating hours to four neighborhood branch libraries whose hours were reduced during recession-related budget cuts.

The High Point, International District/Chinatown, South Park, and University branches will all have restored Friday hours as of July 1.

“We are so glad to be able to restore hours at these four branches,” City Librarian Marcellus Turner said. “Expanding Library hours in neighborhoods that currently have limited access continues to be a priority.”

When the levy passed in August 2012, 15 of the Library’s 27 locations were closed on Fridays and Sundays. In 2013 the levy funded the restoration of Sunday hours at all locations and the expansion of the Columbia and Northgate branches into branches operating seven days a week, but patrons often tell the Library they wish more branches were open on Fridays.

Last year, the Library Board prioritized adding open hours at several branches when a limited amount of funds became available from inflation savings from the levy. The $378,000 in levy funds to restore Friday hours at the four branches were approved as part of the Library’s 2016 Operations Plan.

The branches were selected after an administrative review of traditional Library statistics, community demographics, income distribution, transportation links, key partnerships, internet and Wi-Fi sessions, and review by a Library staff team involved in the city’s Race and Social Justice Initiative and more.

The new open hours at the four branches will be: 1 pm-8 pm Monday and Tuesday, 11 am-6 pm Wednesday through Saturday, and 1 pm-5 pm Sunday. The HP and SP branches’ Friday closures started six years ago, this archived WSB story reminds us.

Interested in rowing? Duwamish Rowing Club wants to see you Saturday

April 28, 2016 8:58 am
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DRC Youth Rowers
(Photo courtesy Duwamish Rowing Club)

Our area’s only rowing club, based in nearby South Park, has an invitation for you this Saturday (April 30th):

Duwamish Rowing Club continues to grow. Last season we added 3 “new” racing shells. They are new to us but not totally brand new, although they are all very fine raceable boats. The funding for the new boats came through the Duwamish River Opportunity Fund grant. None of the new boats came with names and so it’s time to name them and have a dedication party.

We will be honoring several of our donors and supporters including Bob and Dagmar Cronn, and Pacific Medical Centers. The dedication ceremony will be held at the 12th and Elmgrove Park across from the DRC boathouse at 4 pm on Saturday, April 30th. Refreshment to follow.

We hope that you all can make it and help celebrate the new rowing season and DRC’s success, as well as help us thank some of the folks who have supported us. For additional information about the DRC, check our website, find us on Facebook or Instagram, or email us at

P.S. While the photo above features some of the DRC youth rowers, the club is for all ages.

See the permanent ballot-dropbox locations just proposed for West Seattle, White Center, South Park


Tonight we know the locations where King County Elections is proposing to add more than three dozen fixed ballot dropboxes, including West Seattle (where the last one was removed more than five years ago), White Center, and South Park. Each would get one dropbox before primary voting starts in mid-July, if this plan is approved. Read the full news release here.

Toplines for our area:

In West Seattle, the location would be High Point Library (35th/Raymond); in White Center, it would be the White Center Library (the address listed in the county report is for the current one on 16th, though the new one on SW 107th is scheduled to open soon, so we’ll be doublechecking on that tomorrow). The South Park Library is proposed for a dropbox by the November general election. A 132-page report including how and why these locations (and the others around the county) were chosen – and why some other locations were not chosen – can be seen here.

The county says it will spend $239,695 to have the boxes made, wrapped, and installed. Assuming approval is received from the King County Council and all property owners, this would put 91.5% of the county’s population within three miles of a dropbox, the county says. A public hearing is planned before the County Council’s Government Accountability and Oversight Committee at 9:30 am Tuesday, April 26th, in the council chambers downtown.

Reader rave: ‘Employee who went above and beyond’

We would usually suggest something like this be posted as a “rave” in the WSB Forum‘s Rants and Raves section, but it’s nice to end the weekend here on the main page with a story of kindness, so here’s the one we received via e-mail tonight from a reader who didn’t want to be identified. Yes, it happened just over the WS line, but close enough to qualify:

I was at the South Transfer Station this afternoon and I saw an employee who went above and beyond and deserves to be recognized. I pulled in and saw another patron hung over the side of one of the metal bins. I thought it was a bit strange, but when I climbed up the small ladder, I noticed an employee digging around in the bottom.

I continued about my business and a while later I heard the guy who was hung over the edge give a huge sigh of relief. The employee (I think I heard say his name was “Alfonso”) dug in the bottom of that stinky dumpster for the guy’s wedding ring and found it! When he climbed out, I told him I thought that what he did was awesome, and he humbly replied, “I was at the end of my shift anyways, so I said a little prayer for him and hoped for the best.”

City suing Monsanto over Duwamish River contamination

(Recent nightscape at the industrial mouth of the Duwamish, by Don Brubeck)

This story was breaking just before other news of the day took precedence, but we did want to make note of it in case you didn’t hear elsewhere – a lawsuit over pollution in the Duwamish River. Announced by the office of City Attorney Pete Holmes this morning:

The City of Seattle is suing three “Monsanto” corporations to make them pay to remove cancer-causing chemical compounds known as PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) from the City’s drainage system and the Duwamish River. Monsanto was the sole producer of PCBs in the United States from 1935 to 1979.

PCBs — found globally in bays, oceans, rivers, streams, oil and air – are an equal opportunity toxic that destroys populations of fish, birds and other animal life as well as harming human immune, reproductive, nervous and endocrine systems.

At issue in the complaint filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Seattle is PCB contamination in 20,000 acres that drain to the Lower Duwamish, a federal Superfund site, and in areas that drain to the East Waterway adjacent to Harbor Island, a separate federal Superfund site. PCBs were detected in “82 percent of samples of sediment in drainage pipes” and in “73 percent of samples collected from catch basins in street right-of-ways” in Lower Duwamish drainage basins.

Here’s the full lawsuit document, provided by the CAO:

The news release continues:
Read More

Holiday giving: Sun shines on Lunches With Love volunteers

Chalk signs pointed the way when we stopped by to see how the pre-Thanksgiving “Lunches With Love” volunteers were doing this afternoon in South Park. Steps from that sign, a garage was already filling with an estimated 400 sack lunches:

Upstairs, in organizer Lashanna Williams‘s sun-splashed kitchen, the all-ages volunteer crew continued making sandwiches and filling bags to deliver around the Sound tonight:

This is the third year for this day and night of pre-holiday giving:

You can still help – lunch-making was scheduled to continue until 6 pm, and then delivery starts around 9 – see our preview for location and other info.

PHOTOS: Denny, Concord International in Fiestas Patrias parade

September 19, 2015 7:35 pm
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Thanks to Denny International Middle School principal Jeff Clark for sharing photos from today’s Fiestas Patrias parade in South Park – during which the Denny contingent celebrated a special anniversary for the academic-support program Proyecto Saber:

I am proud to share that the Denny Dolphins had a great time celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Proyecto Saber as we marched in our favorite parade, Fiestas Patrias in South Park!

A special thank you to our superstar Proyecto staff, Liz Olsen, Herman Garcia, and Diana Burga! Our Dolphin Scholars did an excellent job representing their school as a part of the special neighborhood celebration.

A big shout out to our friends at Concord International Elementary School, Ms. Nestor, Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Bautista from El Centro de la Raza, and Ms. Clausen, who danced in her Salvadorean attire.

Go Dolphins! Viva Proyecto!

The parade featured hundreds of participants – also including custom cars and horseback riders!

As explained online, the Fiestas Patrias parade and subsequent festival in South Park – along with a festival continuing downtown at Seattel Center tomorrow – celebrate “the Latin American countries that celebrate their independence throughout the month of September. Belizeans, Brazilians, Chileans, Costa Ricans, Salvadoreans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, Mexicans, and Nicaraguans from all over the Pacific Northwest come to enjoy their beautiful cultures with great food, dance, music, and more.”

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Monday updates & alerts; 14th Ave. S. in South Park reopens after fire response

(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Good morning! No West Seattle incidents right now, but if you use 14th Avenue S. in the South Park area, note that a house-fire response coverage here is blocking at least part of the road, just south of the SP Bridge, between Cloverdale and Director.

ROAD WORK ALERTS FOR TODAY: As announced last week, the Seattle Public Utilities project near Westwood has repaving work scheduled starting today, to “pave 22nd Avenue SW between SW Barton Place and SW Barton Street on August 17-18, from 7:30 am until as late as 6 pm. This work will require intermittent lane restrictions on SW Barton Place where it intersects 22nd Avenue SW, and on SW Barton Street between 21st Avenue SW and 23rd Avenue SW.” SPU’s paving work on Orchard east of Delridge also is scheduled to continue today, with “closure of the westbound lane on SW Orchard Street (east of Delridge Way SW) between 7:30 am and 4 pm.”

6:45 AM: The closure zone in South Park has extended south to Concord to give vehicles more room to turn around, per scanner traffic.

LOOKING AHEAD – TWO CLOSURES TO REMEMBER: Highway 99 will be closed both ways from the Battery Street Tunnel north to Valley St. in lower Queen Anne next weekend, Friday night (August 21) to early Monday (August 24) – details and maps here. Also, Alki/Harbor Avenues will be closed for a few hours next Sunday morning (August 23) for the Alki Beach 5K.

7:27 AM: 14th Avenue S. has reopened in South Park. SFD is still at the fire scene but has moved off the arterial.

8:32 AM: Quiet commute so far, otherwise. We continue to monitor via a variety of sources – your tips are much appreciated (if on the road, of course, wait until you get where you’re going, unless you’re a passenger) – that’s how we first heard about this morning’s South Park fire, for example: 206-293-6302 is our 24/7 hotline, text or voice, for whatever’s happening *now*. Thank you!

From the ‘in case you wondered too’ file: Another ‘Duwamish Revealed’ installation

(WSB photos)
A midday call today sent us over for a look at the South Park Bridge, where someone wondered what was being hung off its west side. The photos show what we found – another installation for the Duwamish Revealed art project we’ve been covering recently. This is “Cultivate: A River Tapestry,” described as follows on the DR website: “A colorful installation made of recycled materials, Cultivate represents the river’s rebirth and has been created with assistance by community volunteers.”

The artist is Catherine Grisez; the installation even has its own Facebook page. We published an overview of Duwamish Revealed last weekend, after checking out one installation at West Seattle’s Jack Block Park, and also stopped by the Friday night opening at and around its biggest creation, the “Estuary” arrangement of cargo containers. You can explore the locations and creations all summer; they stretch from West Seattle to Tukwila, as shown on this clickable map with pop-up descriptions.

Election 2015: Your next 2 chances to see/hear City Council District 1 candidates

May 25, 2015 9:19 pm
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 |   Pigeon Point | South Park | West Seattle news | West Seattle politics

Made a decision yet on who you’re voting for in the first-ever City Council District 1 race? Still lots of time to decide, with primary ballots due August 4th, and your next two chances to see and hear the candidates are coming up within the next two weeks:

MAY 27 (THIS WEDNESDAY): “South Park Shows Up!” is not your standard candidate forum, South Park community members promise. They are planning a pop quiz on South Park facts, in fact. But West Seattleites are invited too – and kids’ activities are promised as well as food. 7 pm Wednesday at the SP Neighborhood Center, 8201 10th Avenue S.

JUNE 8 (2 WEEKS FROM TONIGHT): Most local neighborhood councils have had visits from several City Council candidates. The Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council is planning a full-fledged forum, 7 pm June 8th at Pathfinder K-8 (1901 SW Genesee), all welcome.

Any other D-1 forum dates locked in? Please let us know – editor@ – thanks!

City Council District 1 race: Next candidates’ forum announced for May 27, first one to be held in South Park

April 30, 2015 10:32 am
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 |   South Park | West Seattle news | West Seattle politics

checkbox.jpgThe next candidates’ forum for City Council District 1 will be the first one in South Park. Just announced on the SP community mailing list, a 7 pm forum on Wednesday, May 27th, at the South Park Neighborhood Center (8201 10th Ave. S.). Organizers promise an “exciting and interactive event” with unique features including Spanish-language interpretation, voter registration, on-site child care, pizza, and a visit from a fire engine. It’s being organized by a committee of South Park community volunteers. This will be a week and a half after the filing deadline, so the final slate of candidates for the August 4th primary will be set.

P.S. Anyone else have a forum coming up in West Seattle/South Park? This is the only one we’ve heard of, but if others are set/planned, we want to get them into the calendar ASAP! – thanks.

P.P.S. WSB coverage links from the three forums held so far, all in West Seattle (all of which we recorded on video):

–April 8th, presented by the 34th District Democrats @ The Hall at Fauntleroy
–March 14th, presented by VIEWS @ Senior Center of West Seattle
–February 5th, presented by WSB @ Highland Park Improvement Club

Plan ahead! South Park Bridge overnight closures ahead; plus, details of upcoming Alaskan Way Viaduct inspection closure

March 12, 2015 1:47 pm
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From SDOT‘s weekly “lookahead,” just out:

SOUTH PARK BRIDGE OVERNIGHT SURFACE-TRAFFIC CLOSURES: Thanks to the tipster who let us know this morning that a mobile sign had gone up on the South Park Bridge with news of upcoming overnight closures. That put us on the lookout for the details that are in the “lookahead” – Monday through Friday nights (technically Tuesday-Saturday mornings, March 17-21) next week, the bridge will be closed to surface traffic 12:01 am-5 am. The closures are scheduled to repeat a week later, same times, March 24-28. (added) As explained by the county: “The closure will be confined to the overnight hours and will allow the contractor to complete bridge painting and finishing work in areas accessible only when the bridge is partially open. While work is underway, the waterway will remain open to recreational vessels that don’t require full openings to clear the bridge. Because the work will be performed overnight, traffic impacts should be minimal.”

ALASKAN WAY VIADUCT INSPECTION CLOSURE: When first word of the March 28-29 closure emerged last Monday, WSDOT wasn’t able to tell us whether it would be a full weekend closure or “all day Saturday plus all day Sunday.” Looks like it’s the latter; the “lookahead” lists the closure as 6 am-6 pm each day, Saturday 3/28 and Sunday 3/29, at least for the stretch between the West Seattle Bridge and the south end of the Battery Street Tunnel. However, it also mentions that both directions of 99 will be closed between the north end of the tunnel and Valley Street from 10 pm Friday 3/27 to 5 am Monday 3/30 for utility work.

Crime Watch: Safety alert after student approached; car prowl

Two Crime Watch notes this afternoon:

STUDENT APPROACHED: This happened in South Park, but the student attends Pathfinder K-8 in West Seattle, and the alert is being circulated among parents in both communities, so we were asked to share it:

My 14 year old daughter was approached by a man on Trenton Street while she walked to her school bus stop this morning. This guy obviously had no good intentions! My daughter describes him as Hispanic, thin with dark hair. His car was a gray 4-door sedan of an older (1990s) model. She believes that he was using or on some sort of substance.

His intent was to get her into his car!!! She avoided his questions, got to her bus stop and called the police. She has since given a statement to police (at her school) and her school has been made aware of what happened this morning.

I want to be clear: My daughter felt threatened by this man and that he was very intent on getting her alone. Please help keep an eye out for this person and help keep our kids safe!!!

Via Twitter, the police log indicates this was near 10th Avenue S./S. Trenton (here’s a map).

CAR PROWL: Two car prowls are on the police log so far this morning. One was reported in the 7300 block of Delridge Way, and we learned of the other one in this reader report from David:

My car was broken into in the Gatewood area just west of 35th sometime between 1100 PM and 0700 AM. A window was broken and some items removed. It has been reported to the police.

SPD shared car-prowl-prevention/deterrence advice a month ago; we published it then but it bears sharing again:

South Park Bridge update: Back in service as of very early Sunday – for now

(What’s shown above is the newest image from the SDOT camera in South Park – refresh this page for an update)
10:57 AM: The South Park Bridge remains “stuck in the open position,” according to both SDOT via Twitter and a check of the 14th Ave. S/Cloverdale traffic cameras (including the one above). No ETA for repairs so far. So if you have to get across the Duwamish River, use the West Seattle bridges or 1st Avenue South Bridge. We’ll update when it’s fixed.

(P.S. Refresh this story/page for the newest image – what you see above is pulled directly from what’s on the SDOT site.)

1:52 PM UPDATE: SDOT now says the bridge might be closed “until Tuesday.” As you can see in the image above, there are now barricades to keep surface traffic entirely off the bridge.

3:47 PM UPDATE: From King County Roads, which operates the bridge:

6:23 PM: Another update from KC Roads:

King County has determined that the cause of this morning’s South Park Bridge mechanical malfunction was a faulty transmission pump that will need to be rebuilt or replaced under warranty. Replacement parts are expected to arrive Tuesday. In the meantime, the county is evaluating whether the bridge spans can be safely lowered to allow for vehicle traffic.

Until the bridge reopens, motorists should use the 1st Avenue South Bridge as a detour. The county understands how important the bridge is to the community and motorists – every effort is being made to get the bridge reopened to both vehicle and marine traffic as quickly as possible.

The new bridge has been in use for eight months.

2:38 AM SUNDAY: Now King County reports the bridge is back in service, and KING 5 confirms it, though the repairs haven’t made yet, so we’ll keep close watch on this.

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