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West Seattle scene: Flamingo-flocking fundraiser

“D in West Seattle” sent that photo this week after the flamingo flock turned up outside a neighbor’s house. It’s been a few years since the peak of the flamingo-flocking fad, and D wondered what we might have heard about who’s doing this right now (and why). The sign in the photo was a big hint – we found contact info online for the West Seattle branch of Young Life, a faith-based organization, and area director Alison Bray answered our inquiry: They’re flocking through July as a fundraiser, $50, West Seattle/White Center area only: “All donations help local middle-school and high-school students attend camp this summer.” If you’re interested, you can contact Alison –

West Seattle weekend scene: Another film crew

Friday, a commercial in Sunrise Heights; this weekend, a short film along Beach Drive. We saw the trucks and equipment late today outside a waterfront complex south of Constellation Park and stopped by to inquire; they just said the shoot is for a “short film” and they will be done this evening. Subsequently combing various corners of the internet, we turned up a production-help-wanted listing mentioning a West Seattle shoot this weekend for an independent short film called “Victory“; cross-referencing that to an audition call, the plot summary is: “Our film catapults the viewer into the last fifteen minutes of the story of a mysterious insurgency group trying to do something about a chain-reaction holocaust.” We’ll make a note to watch for it when it’s done.

EASTER SUNDAY SCENES: Giving, worshiping, shining

Three Easter Sunday scenes from around our area:

GIVING: Courtney e-mailed to let us how her brother, sister-in-law, and their children (photo above) spent their Easter morning – traveling around the area to give food and other life necessities to unsheltered people on the street. “I was so very touched by his heartwarming idea he just woke up with this morning,” she said.

WORSHIPING: Ann Anderson shared the photo above from the annual Alki Beach sunrise service coordinated by Admiral UCC, Alki UCC, and Fauntleroy UCC, one of West Seattle’s two annual Easter Sunday sunrise services.

SHINING: Ann also shared that photo of the sunrise itself, from Duwamish Head.

UPDATE: About the aircraft noise = Mariners’ home-opener flyover

1:32 PM: We’re getting a flurry of questions about loud jets. Checked the flight tracker – they’re all commercial jets, to/from Sea-Tac Airport. So we’ll be checking with the airport next to see if anything unusual’s happening – might just be an abrupt weather change – we’ll update if we find out more.

1:36 PM: A caller points out there are military jets in the area too. Still checking.

1:40 PM: Sorry we hadn’t heard about this in advance: Military flyover for the Mariners‘ home opener (which has the odd start time of 2:10 pm, as we noted in today’s morning traffic report). That would tend to divert commercial traffic for a while, as when the Blue Angels are flying, for example.

2:27 PM: Mariners spokesperson Rebecca Hale replies, “We did inform media this morning of the possibility of the fly-over. As it was weather dependent, we weren’t sure it was going to happen until the last minute.” Of the many media lists WSB is on, somehow we weren’t on the M’s list, but we’re fixing that.

FRIDAY: The story behind the signs

Back on March 22nd, Mary Gorjance sent us that photo of an SDOT crew installing the new “Duwamish Waterway” sign at the crest of the high bridge. We later noticed an identical sign newly installed on the low bridge. We hadn’t gotten around to asking SDOT about the new signs … but tomorrow morning we’ll get the backstory, as a media briefing is planned near the one on the low bridge. The announcement from the city says that representatives of the Duwamish Tribe and Southwest Seattle Historical Society will be there along with City Councilmember Lisa Herbold, to “discuss the significance of the Duwamish River to the City of Seattle and the importance of the ‘Duwamish Waterway’ signage.”

West Seattle scene: SFD training in North Delridge

March 22, 2017 2:31 pm
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From the “in case you wondered too” file – that wasn’t a fire call on 26th SW at the west end of SW Alaska in North Delridge, just Seattle Fire Department crews training. In fire situations, “ventilation” through the roof is often required, and as with most things, practice really helps, and doomed houses are excellent training grounds. We went over for a look, but they were gone, so we weren’t able to get additional details, but the neighbor who texted the photo says they were told other crews will be by in the days ahead.

West Seattle scene: Indonesian campaign rally at Don Armeni

Thanks for the texted tip, wondering about people with flags at Don Armeni. We were nearby and diverted to find out. We learned this was a long-distance campaign rally supporting the incumbent governor of the Indonesian province of Jakarta, who’s in a runoff vote next month – the people in our photo (and others who were leaving as we pulled up) were taking photos to send to show international support. The big issue, they told us: Corruption, and incumbent governor Basuki’s stand against it.

West Seattle scene: ‘Ashes to Go’ on Ash Wednesday

The Christian observance of Lent began today with Ash Wednesday. That meant special services – and they weren’t all within the walls of churches. This morning, Katy Lloyd photographed Admiral Congregational Church pastor Rev. Andrew Conley-Holcom in The Junction this morning, where, she explained, he was offering “ashes to go.” Online research before we published the photo revealed that this is a worldwide movement involving clergy taking the Ash Wednesday tradition to the streets.

Street story: West Seattle double-pickup day ends with one truck’s rescue

The West Seattle neighborhoods that didn’t get their regular Monday solid-waste pickup because of last week’s snow day were invited to put out double this week to make up for it. That made for a longer day, according to some WSB commenters who mentioned late-arriving trucks. And one of those trucks ended the day with a breakdown. Ann Anderson sent photos and the story of how it was rescued:

I always find the behind the scenes of city works to be really interesting. Don’t know how many others do, but on my way home tonight about 8:30 pm, the neighborhood was all lit up by what I thought were fire engines. Turns out all the oncoming glare and flashing lights were due to Garbage Truck No. S297S, disabled on SW Atlantic St. in North Admiral.

So I wondered – when a fully loaded, 20-ton truck breaks down, who ya gonna call?

Michael, the tow truck driver, answered my questions while finishing a fairly involved procedure needed to prep the garbage truck for towing. This required him to lie down beneath 200 tons of steel-encrusted garbage hoisted several feet off the ground directly above him. He said that when the garbage trucks break down on the road, they call the City’s towing contractor, Quality Towing, for whom Michael works.

Lifting and hauling away behemoths like garbage trucks is quite a production and takes some time. The tow rig is 40 feet long and is so big that it makes a hulking garbage truck actually look small.

The rig is equipped with a whopping 550 hp that can yield 100,000 lbs. of lift, so hoisting 40,000 lbs. of garbage truck is only a moderate workout.

I asked Michael how often garbage trucks break down. He said that it happens almost every day. He then added, “there are a LOT of trucks out there”.

It seems it takes going without, even for a short time due to inclement weather, for us to appreciate city services (like curbside garbage pickup) as well as the wide range of service workers who consistently ensure they happen for us – often at all hours of the day and night.

West Seattle scenes: From the WSB inbox

January 14, 2017 6:22 pm
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Thanks again for sharing photos your fellow West Seattleites might enjoy! First we have two more of the moon showing off – above, from Kersti Muul, as it approached the Olympic Mountains’ iconic peaks The Brothers early today; below, two from Marc, first, moonrise beauty from earlier this week:

Moonrise 2

And a little whimsy:

Driving Dog-1

Just waiting patiently for its person, but from a certain angle, it looked like that dog was about to drive away, Marc says.

(Photo to share? If breaking news – text to 206-293-6302 if you can; if not breaking, – thank you!)

VIDEO: Yes, those two military jets are doing a Seahawks flyby

We just noticed two military jets circling over Puget Sound west of here – multiple circles – and confirmed via the game preview on the Seahawks website, “Immediately following the anthem, U.S. Navy VAQ-132 Squadron will conduct a flyover with two EA Growlers (F-18s).” According to Boeing’s website, they’re a variant of the planes flown by the Blue Angels. VAQ-132 is based at Whidbey Island.

What you saw in the sky: Amazon jet on photo shoot

(Added: Photo by WSB’s Christopher Boffoli)

Thanks to Woody’s Aeroimages for the heads-up via TwitterAmazon‘s first-ever Prime Air jet is doing a photo shoot over the city, and we hear it’s been spotted over West Seattle. The 767-300 flew during Seafair; here’s more about it from GeekWire.

Also in Admiral tonight: West Seattle Motorcycle Club


Thanks to Karen Derby for the photo from another event in The Admiral District tonight – the West Seattle Motorcycle Club‘s monthly ride-in at Pizzeria 22. She reports “a good turnout,” adding, “Hopefully next month will bring even more folks and more variety of bikes.” If you’re an interested rider, next month’s ride-in is Tuesday, August 9th. (It’s a standing listing in the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar, as are meetings of other clubs that are open to new participants/members – e-mail us at if you’re interested in adding yours.)

West Seattle 4th of July scene: GoodYear Blimp flyby

12:57 PM: One surprise so far today: A GoodYear Blimp flyby:

(Photo by Scott Borton)

Thanks to everybody who texted and sent photos! We were at Hamilton Viewpoint Park, covering post-West Seattle 4th of July Kids’ Parade festivities, when someone texted that the blimp had flown over Burien and was headed this way; minutes later, we spotted it over Elliott Bay. While the GoodYear Blimp website includes a comprehensive schedule, it doesn’t mention a Seattle stop during its current Northwest visit – via Twitter, we see it was in Chehalis last night.

(Photo by Don Brubeck)

GoodYear actually has more than one blimp – this one is the semi-recently-moved-to-California Spirit of Innovation, 10 years old and due to be retired next year.

P.S. If you want to check on its whereabouts, use your favorite flight tracker and look for N4A. We’re seeing it near Whidbey Island right now.

ADDED 1:51 PM: One more photo – while reviewing our photographer’s images from the Colman Pool 75th-anniversary party, we noticed the blimp was overhead while members of the Sears family – longtime pool operators – were at centerstage:

(WSB photo by Torin Record-Sand)

(A separate story about the pool celebration is coming up.)

West Seattle scenes: ‘Peace to Orlando’; banner plan; Luna Park Street Market

‘PEACE TO ORLANDO AND EVERYWHERE’: On a fence in West Seattle, photographed by a reader:


BANNER PLANNED: In a comment on our earlier report of the mayor’s statement about the Orlando massacre, Sam announced plans for a support banner at Alki Statue of Liberty around 3:30 pm this afternoon.

STREET MARKET BENEFITING PRIDEFEST: Today’s Luna Park Street Market was long planned as a benefit for Seattle PrideFest – we stopped by for a photo as a reminder it’s happening now:


Artists, music, barbecue, and drinks, outside Ola and Duos in the 2900 block of SW Avalon Way, until 4 pm.

ADDED 3:15 PM: A card and flowers are outside OutWest Bar (California/Brandon).

UPDATE: About those two planes flying together

(Photo added 5:16 pm)

5:04 PM: We’ve been getting questions about an Alaska Airlines jet flying over West Seattle, accompanied by a smaller plane. It’s a “photo flight,” we’re told via Twitter.

5:16 PM: Added a photo texted by James Tilley, atop this story – thank you!



5:36 PM: And one more photo from James, above – plus, below, Woody’s Aeroimages gave us permission to republish its tweeted photo of the two planes’ takeoff:

Alaska Airlines unveiled its updated look two months ago.

West Seattle weekend scene: Peeps creations


“Give Peeps a chance!” Thanks to Sandy for the photos of Peeps creations on display in Fairmount. Not sure if they’re still out in all their glory now that the rain’s back, but they were delighting passersby on Saturday, including Sacha‘s “Peep-a-pult”:


P.S. If you are a Peeps fan, don’t miss the Peeps-enhanced seasonal beverages at Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (4410 California SW; WSB sponsor).

From the ‘in case you wondered files’: Saturday photo shoot on Duwamish Head

IMG_2089 (2)

We spotted that row of “No Parking” signs, from Luna Park eastward to Duwamish Head, this afternoon, and took a closer look. Any time you see a series of signs like that, some of them are supposed to have explanatory information attached, and once we found those infosheets, we discovered that 10 am-7 pm on Saturday, the spaces are saved for a “production shoot” by Sean Cope Pictures. We sent and left messages, and received a reply saying it will be “just plate shots for a car/lifestyle photo shoot. Very small shoot. Nobody famous, just a local shoot.” So if you see the crew on Saturday, now you know.

West Seattle scene: ‘Snow Moon’ rising


Thanks to Alki photographer David Hutchinson for the view of tonight’s “Snow Moon” full-moonrise, looking east to downtown, from Duwamish Head in West Seattle. Might be a nice morning moonset, a few minutes before ~7 am sunrise, per the chart you can find any time on the WSB West Seattle Weather page.

West Seattle Valentine scenes, at the market and beyond

It’s a misty Valentine’s Day, but don’t let that get in the way:

(WSB photo)

FARMERS’ MARKET POETRY: That’s Douglas from Jet City Improv. Yes, he’s at the West Seattle Farmers’ Market. But no, he said, he’s not performing Shakespearean love sonnets as promoted – he’s improvising poems, just for you. With flowers.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR, AND ON THE DOOR: Two photos from Ann Anderson – first, crows at Hamilton Viewpoint:


Ann says the couple are residents there, and that crows, in general, are “courting January – March and trying to secure nesting sites by February. That means they will also begin defending them more so it’ll get noisier in the mornings soon. I love how tender they are with each other.”

Also from Ann:


She spotted the decorations on the door of a family she says is new to her neighborhood.

LOVE ON THE TRAIL: From Kim P, a sighting on the bluff trail at Lincoln Park:

We appreciate your photos! is the best way to share them – or via the WSB Flickr group.

West Seattle scene: Easy Street’s tribute to David Bowie

January 11, 2016 10:22 am
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(WSB photo from this morning)
10:22 AM: The window display at Easy Street Records in The Junction actually preceded music superstar David Bowie‘s death – as did many such displays in honor of his album release and birthday last week, with his four-decade-plus career celebrated while fans had no idea he was on the brink of death. News of his passing emerged around 11:30 last night. Early today, Easy Street proprietor Matt Vaughan mused on Instagram:

“Crushing. Having a tough time w this one. There hasn’t been a day this last week that I hadn’t listened to his new record. I’ve been in a Bowie world this week and so proud of the record he just delivered. I’ve said to people in the store, staff, and my fellow Bowie heads…that I’ve never heard a record like this before, music like this before. He tested us to the very end. In listening to it, many of the lyrics seem to question his mortality, it’s a comforting record, yet other times as if he’s isolated…out on his own lil space capsule. I’ve never been a fan of one artist for this long. …”

Vaughan also mentioned meeting David Bowie at one of his Seattle performances; online tour-date histories show concerts in Seattle including 1972, 1976, 1997, and 2004, two years before his last live performance.

1:46 PM: And now there’s a marquee tribute too:

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