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YOU CAN HELP: Food drive at Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, with 2 special events Saturday

January 20, 2017 9:04 am
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In North Delridge, Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu of Seattle (WSB sponsor) is in the midst of its annual food drive, and hoping you can help. While the drive continues through January, two special events are planned tomorrow (Saturday, January 21st). Here are the updates from BJJ’s Sonia Sillan:


We are doing our annual food drive for the West Seattle Food Bank from now until the end of January. As an added bonus, for every ten nonperishables or ten dollars, you will receive one raffle ticket (for example, $30 or 30 nonperishables = 3 tickets). You can enter for a chance to pie your favorite coach in the face. The drawing will be at the end of the month.


In support of the food drive, we are putting on a community Brazilian Jiu-jitsu seminar by our founder and 5x-world champion, Miriam Cardoso. Entry for the seminar is a minimum of 25 nonperishable items or $25 for the WSFB. The seminar will take place January 21 from 2-4 pm. All levels, ages 10+, are welcome to attend. Please RSVP on the Facebook event by clicking “Going.”


Also in support of the food drive, we are sponsoring a Parents Night Out at the gym – Nerf Wars style. Children ages 5-13 are welcome to attend for fun, movies, and games. You provide the Nerf gun, we will provide the ammo! Entry fee is $30, payable through cash for the WSFB or through donations of nonperishable items. Each nonperishable item is worth $1 toward the fee (for example, 30 nonperishables = free entry). Please RSVP on the Facebook event by clicking “Going.”

THINK SUMMER: Help make Delridge Day 2017 a reality

January 18, 2017 9:17 pm
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(Dance Brazil performers – WSB photo from 2016 Delridge Day)

Do something different this year … delight your West Seattle neighbors by helping make a festival happen! The community members who have been making Delridge Day happen each summer are looking for a new planning coordinator:

2017 could be the twelfth Delridge Day celebration, but it needs you! Yes, YOU!

Do you have a passion for the neighborhoods along the Delridge corridor? Have you enjoyed the Delridge Day celebrations in the past? Can you step up to take on the leadership needed to help this growing festival continue?

It is expected that a new leader will bring their own vision of what Delridge Day can be … but there is help, too. For example, the music coordinator has committed to continuing this year. Past organizers have built a network of contacts and action item lists for organizing Delridge Day, so a blueprint is in place.

A new leader should have commitment; great organizational skills; time to contact and follow up with participants to organize music, food, booths, and equipment; and the ability to build a team of volunteers to assist with the event. You will work with Parks and the city for permitting. Planning begins in January for the August event.

We’ve been fortunate over the years to have dedicated people step up to make this fun and growing event happen. Community doesn’t happen by accident … it takes people willing to build. We are only as strong as our relationships to each other.

First step – contact Nancy, even if you just have a question. She’s at

YOU CAN HELP: Local stylist going to Cambodia to help fight trafficking

This isn’t a request for much – $10 each from 400 people will make it happen.

Ola Salon in Luna Park “is in the midst of a campaign to send one of our stylists to Cambodia to have a direct impact on changing the life of formerly sex-trafficked youth. Over the next 2 months, we need to raise $4000 to make this happen,” says Ola proprietor Rachel Karlin. They’re working with the organization Justice and Soul. Stylist Julia Durfee has been accepted into the J&S program to provide training to people at risk of trafficking and is planning to go to Cambodia in April. If you are interested in helping, you can do it through this GoFundMe page.

YOU CAN HELP: Benefit planned for crash survivor Britt Russell

HEAL BRITTsmallforinternet

Six weeks after a driver hit her in The Admiral District, Britt Russell is out of the hospital, with a lot of healing left to do. Mission Cantina, where she was going to work that evening, has announced a benefit for January 25th – two weeks from tonight – and looking for donations and partners for the fundraiser. From Mission’s co-owners:

Our employee and friend Britt Russell was struck by a car a month ago in the Admiral Junction. She was on her way into Mission to work her shift at 4:50 pm. As she walked across California Avenue, she was hit by a vehicle traveling about 30 miles per hour. She was severely injured and was at Harborview up until this week. She has a shattered pelvis, cracked neck vertebrate, broken leg, and traumatic brain injury.

Mission is holding a fundraiser on Wednesday, January 25th. We would greatly appreciate any donations to this cause. Mission will be donating 20% of all sales that evening. If your business would like to donate a portion of your sales at your establishment that night as well, please let me know. We will put your logo on a flyer that will go out on the West Seattle Blog and our website/ Instagram/ Facebook. If you would like to donate gift cards, hoodies, parties, tickets, etc. they will be auctioned off at Mission that night. All the proceeds will go directly to Britt. Georgetown Brewery has donated a keg to help with the fundraiser. All the proceeds from the sales of Manny’s Pale Ale that evening will go to Britt and her family.

Although she is improving greatly every day, she has a long recovery road ahead of her. She has been recently discharged and needs to begin paying rent at a new apartment that is wheelchair accessible. Not to mention the medical bills that have been piling up. Britt is from Australia and her mother has now moved to Seattle to take care of her. She is an amazing person, employee, and friend. Britt is an extremely hard worker. She was working three jobs at once and now has no form of income. She could really use the help.

Please feel free to contact Peter at any time with questions or donations. He can pick up donations anytime. On behalf of Britt’s employers, coworkers, friends, and family I would like to thank any and all donations. Hope to see you Wednesday, January 25th!

Peter Morse
Shawn Padilla
Tina Padilla

Best way to reach Peter is via e-mail –

P.S. The GoFundMe account for Britt is still open, too.

YOU CAN HELP! Camp Fire HQ in West Seattle collecting hats, socks, gloves

Camp Fire Central Puget Sound, headquartered in West Seattle, is inviting you to help with a donation drive to keep people warm. From Nicole Collin:

One of our Camp Fire groups is hosting a Hat, Sock and Glove Collection Drive to benefit the Seattle “Street Youth Ministries,” a local non-profit that assists homeless youth and young adults in the University District.

Our office is one of the drop-off locations for donations and we would love to get the word out. The drive ends February 17th.

More details are on the Camp Fire website, including the group’s wish list. The HQ here in West Seattle is in the office park at 2414 SW Andover in North Delridge (map), and you can drop off donations 10 am-4 pm weekdays (except next Monday, when they’ll be closed for MLK Day).

MLK Day of Service next Monday: 3 West Seattle events – any others?

January 9, 2017 9:29 pm
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9:29 PM MONDAY: Next Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day and many observe the holiday as a Day of Service, with volunteer work. So far we have three opportunities on the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar for that day – a 9 am-noon work party in the Fauntleroy/Juneau triangle and two 10 am-2 pm work parties – one on Longfellow Creek, and another in the West Duwamish Greenbelt. Each of those links will take you to info about the event and how to be part of it. If there are other opportunities in West Seattle on MLK Day, we’d like to add them to the calendar too – please send us the info ASAP, – thank you!

ADDED 1:03 PM TUESDAY: One more! From Lina:

Celebrate MLK Day with King County Parks staff and neighbors as we work to improve the health of White Center Heights Park. Event is 10 am-2 pm and we will be learning about the plants and animals of the park, digging out blackberry and planting native trees and shrubs. Please contact Lina Rose for more information –, 206.491.5014

YOU CAN HELP: Support outdoor education for Highland Park Elementary 5th graders

Outdoor education at IslandWood is a tradition for many local students – but some need help to get there. A Highland Park Elementary teacher asked us to share this request with you:

IslandWood is just around the corner for our fabulous fifth graders, but we are in real need of funding this year! I’ve created a GoFundMe to subsidize the cost for students, but we need help raising the money. Please consider donating and/or sending the link out to your networks. Every dollar matters!

Here’s the GoFundMe link you can use to help.

FOLLOWUP: 1,000 books donated to West Seattle Girl Scout’s library project

December 31, 2016 12:05 pm
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We told you earlier this month about West Seattle Girl Scout Alina Guyon‘s Gold Award project to build a library in a Ugandan refugee camp. She asked for donations, and the community responded! She sent this update:

A big Thank You to VAIN hair salon and the West Seattle community for bringing in over 1000 books! The books are all in amazing condition and will help make the library very diverse in topics. The refugees in the camp will be so thrilled to see what was donated. If you didn’t already donate books, the book drive will continue for a few more days at VAIN in the West Seattle Junction!

VAIN (WSB sponsor) is at 4513 California SW.

What you can do – personally – to help save Puget Sound’s resident orcas

(J46 [Star] and J34 [Doublestuf], photographed near West Seattle in October 2016 by Kersti Muul)

With the Southern Resident Killer Whale population down to 79 after the death of J34 in B.C. waters last week, many who love our orcas continue to wonder what can they personally do – if anything – to try to help keep the endangered whales from dwindling to extinction. Donna Sandstrom, the West Seattleite who founded and leads The Whale Trail, shares these thoughts, republished with permission from TWT’s website:

Let the untimely death of this young whale inspire us to address the issues that are impacting these orcas: lack of salmon, toxin accumulations, and noise and stress from boats. It is not one of these things, but all.

A well-meaning and concerned public has been led to focus exclusively on bringing down the Snake River dams, as if that was the only or even the best thing we can do to help these whales.

Bringing down dams is a complex challenge that will take decades to accomplish. Meanwhile, these pods are disappearing before our eyes. There are plenty of things each and all of us can do *right now* to help.

Watch from Shore. Noise and stress from boats makes it harder for hungry whales to catch the fewer salmon that *are* there. The next time J, K, or L pods are near, find a Whale Trail site near you and watch them from shore. Know that by reducing sound in their environment, you are giving them a better chance to make it.

Support a Whale Protection Zone. Orca Relief and others have petitioned NOAA Fisheries to establish a protected zone for orcas on the west side of San Juan Island. Sign the petition now, and encourage NOAA to give the whales acoustic space in a critical part of their range.

Reduce Toxins. Living on the edge of the Sound, the choices we make in our daily lives have an impact on whether these whales will survive. Orcas are at the top of the ocean food chain. Toxins like PCBs, PBDEs and DDT bioaccumulate in orcas, stored in lipid cells like blubber and mother’s milk. When the orcas are stressed, the toxins may be released into their bloodstream, and make them more susceptible to diseases. Any actions we take to reduce toxins from entering Puget Sound is a win for the whales.

A few simple suggestions:

*Don’t use pesticides on your lawns. Plant a rain garden, or a native plant, to filter toxins and prevent them from entering the Sound as runoff.

*Walk or take the bus instead of driving once a week, and reduce the oil that runs off pavement into the Sound.

Learning from Success:

Next year we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of Springer the orphaned orca going home. In 2002, she was rescued, rehabilitated and reunited with her pod on the north end of Vancouver Island. Three years ago, she had her first calf. It’s the only successful orca reunion in history.

Why does this story matter, and what bearing does it have on the survival of the southern residents?

To get the whale home, we had to learn how to work together, as individuals, and across organizations, agencies and nations.

Above all, we put the whales’ best interest first.

What hope there is for the whales begins with being honest about the issues that are impacting them. That means, putting their best interest ahead of our own, whether commercial, financial, or simply a desire to get closer that puts them further at risk.

We must encourage and embolden our governments to move urgently to protect this population. We must also understand that NOAA and DFO can’t do this alone—as with Springer, we each have a role to play.

As the days lengthen, let’s match the sadness we feel about J-34’s death with a strengthened resolve to protect his family. Their fate is in our hands — that is our challenge, and our hope. Together, we’ll find light in the dark for the whales.

While early necropsy results showed that “blunt-force trauma” killed J34, researchers have not yet conclusively identified the source. This was the third J-pod orca death announced in less than two months.

GIVE YOUR TIME: White Center Food Bank needs help next Friday

December 24, 2016 2:43 pm
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It’s a gift only you can give … your time. Here’s a request from the White Center Food Bank (which also serves south West Seattle):


Are you available to help weigh and count the inventory of the White Center Food Bank? We start at 9 am and go until it’s done (usually before 2 pm). We will need 5-10 people who can lift 40 pounds. Other tasks that morning include counting and recording. If you can help with this important yearly task, contact Audrey Zemke at or 206-762-2848.

HOLIDAY GIVING: West Seattle Food Bank says ‘thanks’ to Metropolitan Market and its customers

From the West Seattle Food Bank:

A very big thank you from all at the West Seattle Food Bank to the generous customers of Metropolitan Market.

Thanks to the enthusiastic appeals of the Metropolitan Market staff, pictured here, customers donated $26,836 with a $1000 match from Met Market for a total of $27,836 to help families in this community have a happier holiday and a good start to the New Year.

Other businesses are continuing holiday-season donation drives – see the GIVING OPPORTUNITIES section of the WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide.

You also can donate to the WS Food Bank online – go here.

YOU CAN HELP: Local Girl Scout building a library, needs more books

Alina Guyon just received approval for her Girl Scout Gold Award, and is hoping you can help with the project:

I’m building a library in a refugee camp in Uganda. It’s a big undertaking and requires planning, organization and the coordination of a team of people. My goal is to collect 3,000 books and create a library that many refugees have access to.

So far, Fauntleroy UCC and Hope Lutheran School have kindly donated many books, which add up to over 2,300 collected for the library. But, I would love your help so I can reach my goal of 3,000 books!

How can you help? Please bring any books and educational supplies, that you would like to donate, to VAIN (4513 California Ave SW). VAIN is open from 10 am-6 pm on weekends, 12-8 pm on Monday, and 10-8 pm Tuesday – Friday. The box for donated books will be at VAIN until December 28th.

Why Refugees? There are currently 65 million refugees in the world – more than in any time in our history since World War II. These are people who are forcibly removed from their homes and flee for their safety; half are children under the age of 18, according to the United Nations (UNHCR The average time a person spends in a refugee camp is over seven years, and the children lose access to schools and education. Without education, the opportunity to improve their situation is minimal. Refugee children without access to reading and an education represent a lost generation.

Why Uganda? While Syrian refugees have received attention in the news, there is also a huge refugee crisis in Africa. Uganda has the fastest-growing refugee population in Africa, accepting over 100,000 new refugees in 2016 alone.

Their neighboring countries of South Sudan, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are war-torn. While Uganda doesn’t have many resources, they are compassionate to the plight of their neighbors.

Uganda is home to many languages, but English is the common spoken language. So books in English are perfect! I am partnering with an organization in Uganda that serves refugees and has a small school. The organization is called Hope of Children and Women and they are very excited to receive the library.

Contact information:

HAPPENING NOW: Your holiday-photo op with Cocoa Cris Cringle @ Easy Street


Until 9 tonight, the café side of Easy Street Records is transformed into a holiday-photo studio that’s nothing like your standard red-velvet-throne Santa scene. Cocoa Cris Cringle is there for his annual fun-and-fundraising photo sessions.


You can borrow hots and other props for your photo op with Cocoa Cris Cringle – or, just be yourself(ves):


$15 with a food or toy donation, or $20 without, is good for three photos sent to you, plus a hard copy printed right then and there. If you’re new ’round here and don’t know yet … Easy Street is on the northwest corner of California and Alaska in the historic Hamm Building, in the heart of The Junction.


COMMUNITY GIVING: Gatewood’s neighborhood food drive

December 18, 2016 11:16 am
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Thanks to Megan K for the photo and report from Gatewood Hill, with encouragement for all their West Seattle neighbors to give to fight hunger:

A sincere thank you to all those who donated non-perishable food items to the West Seattle Food Bank last night! A big shoutout to our neighbor Patrick Shandy, for promoting the drive and collecting all the food. It’s never too late to donate; your contributions mean a lot :)

Many of the holiday events we have been spotlighting in our guide and daily previews have included food drives; the WSFB website also includes donation information.

YOU CAN HELP: Big change @ West Seattle Food Bank to add hours, transform ‘model’

The West Seattle Food Bank is planning a big change that will enable it to be open for more hours, among other things, and if you’re thinking about how to help others this holiday season, here’s a way. It’s part of WSFB’s announcement:

This February, the West Seattle Food Bank will change its method of food distribution from a “distribution line” to a “shopping model.” It will feel more like a grocery store [example at right] and offer several advantages for the 9,300 individuals that rely on our services.

“We want to change the stereotype of what a food bank is,” said Executive Director Fran Yeatts. The Food Bank will provide more flexible hours for the 9,300 clients and offer a more dignified experience for those that rely on our services.

While we currently are open eight hours per week over three days, when we change to the shopping model we will be open 20 hours over four days. Instead of having staff or volunteers “hand out” the food, families will come in, grab a shopping cart, shop at their own pace, and make their own choices. With this model, “shoppers” will have greater access to more choices, and each household can choose the food that is nutritionally and culturally relevant for their members, leading to a much better experience.

How Can You Help Make It Happen?

The Food Bank has a goal of $40,000 — for upgraded lighting ($10,000) to save on electricity for years to come, a commercial freezer ($20,000), and a commercial cooler ($10,000) to set up our new model. The freezer and cooler will allow us to offer the neighbors we serve more choices for dairy, meat and other products.

If you would like to help make a difference for our clients, you can make a tax-deductible donation – big or small – by sending a check made out to the West Seattle Food Bank at 3419 SW Morgan Street, Seattle, WA 98126 or going to

We are very excited about this change as it will provide more flexible “shopping time” and a much more empowering experience for the families we serve.

VIDEO: Seattle Fire Department’s Toys for Tots drive gets boost from Admiral preschoolers

Photos and video by Christopher Boffoli for West Seattle Blog


A cheery scene of holiday giving this morning, in the chilly sunshine: A large group of bundled-up students and teachers from the North Admiral preschool A Child Becomes marched the two blocks from the school to Seattle Fire Station 29, pulling seven wagons of toys:


The toys were for the SFD Toys for Tots drive:



After the students helped unload the toys into the bins at the station, school director Shelley Neal led everyone in song.



And to sum it all up in video:

You can drop off new, unwrapped toys at any Seattle Fire station by December 23rd, and Toys for Tots, via the US Marine Corps Reserve, will get them to local kids in need. FS 29 is at 2139 Ferry SW; also in West Seattle are FS 11 at 16th SW/SW Holden, FS 37 at 35th SW/SW Holden, temporary FS 32 on 40th SW between Edmunds and Alaska, and FS 36 at the north end of Delridge Way.

PHOTOS: 2016 St. Nicholas Faire, benefiting West Seattle Helpline & Food Bank

(UPDATED MONDAY with more photos)

(Photos by Leda Costa for WSB)

4:48 PM SUNDAY: It’s a silent auction, benefit, bake sale, wine tasting, and more, a highlight of the holidays, and it’s happening now. Until 7:30 pm on the lower level of First Lutheran Church of West Seattle – this year’s St. Nicholas Faire. As noted in our calendar listing, there’s an admission charge – discounted if you bring nonperishable-food donations for the West Seattle Food Bank – and it goes to help the WSFB and the West Seattle Helpline. Don’t miss the gift baskets that are hand-assembled and up for grabs via the silent auction – they all have a theme, such as a hobby, sports team, type of toy, favorite food, etc. Go have fun while providing holiday-season help to neighbors in need.

ADDED MONDAY: More photos! First – St. Nicholas Faire organizer Lorraine King and her daughter:

Lorraine King, who put this whole event together, posing with her daughter.

First Lutheran Church pastor Rev. Ron Marshall was all smiles as he called out raffle winners:
Pastor Ron Marshall calling out raffle winners.

Always a highlight – the ring toss. If your ring lands on a wine bottle, you win!

Ring toss game. If your ring lands on a wine bottle, you win a bottle.

Also featured: A dessert table:

Dessert table.

Gina and Lily Allen browsed the silent auction:

Gina and Lily Allen browsing the silent auction.

Here’s just part of what was up for grabs:


HOLIDAY GIVING: Toys for Tots at Northwest Insurance Group through Wednesday


Some holiday-giving deadlines are coming up fast – longtime WSB sponsor John Moore of Northwest Insurance Group (6055 California SW in Morgan Junction) sent the photo and a reminder that his office is collecting donations of new, unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots through tomorrow (December 7th). If you can pick up something extra – maybe you’ll be out shopping tonight – drop it by, until 4:30 pm today or between 8 am and 4:30 pm tomorrow.

HOLIDAY GIVING: Pancakes and holiday cheer with West Seattle Kiwanis Club

December 3, 2016 9:28 am
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Haven’t had breakfast/brunch yet? Still time to get to the Kiwanis Club of West Seattle‘s 70th annual holiday-season Pancake Breakfast, on until 11 am in The Junction. The flapjacks are flying as fast as the volunteer chefs can cook them up:


It’s happening at the Masonic Center (40th SW/SW Edmunds), festively decorated for the occasion, with Scout Troop 284, Key Club, and Venture Crew 760 members volunteering…


Also – US Marines are accepting new unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots, and Santa Claus standing by for photo ops:


$10/door, kids under 10 eat free (with a paid adult), and breakfast includes juice and Husky Deli ham. (WSB is among the event’s co-sponsors.)

HAPPENING NOW: ‘Campout for a Cause’ food drive in The Junction


You’ve probably never seen a holiday-season food drive like this one! It’s “Campout for a Cause,” happening right now in the courtyard outside Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (4410 California SW). The tent’s set up, a fire’s going, and they’re listening to the UW-Colorado football game. But the most important part is that bin you see in the foreground, to collect nonperishable food donations for the West Seattle Food Bank. Organizers, along with Hotwire, are Owen Wright from Wright Innovations & Design and Glenn Leimbacher of PromoShop. Stop by any time tonight or tomorrow and say hi! We’ll be checking back in the morning.

SATURDAY: Admiral Neighborhood Adopt-a-Street cleanup

Grab your umbrella, or pull up your rain hood, if needed and join in the last Admiral Neighborhood Association Adopt-a-Street Cleanup of the year tomorrow. ANA president Larry Wymer sends word that they’ll be out Saturday morning – meet at 9 am at Metropolitan Market (41st/42nd/Admiral; WSB sponsor) for treats and to get your (provided) tools/bags, then head on out. Afterward, you get a free sack lunch!

P.S. ANA’s next meeting is set for 7 pm Tuesday, December 13th, at The Sanctuary at Admiral (42nd SW/SW Lander). All welcome.

NEW HOLIDAY EVENT: Alternative Giving Fair coming up

November 30, 2016 9:25 am
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Though Giving Tuesday is over, you still have many ways to help others this holiday season, and beyond. A first-of-its-kind West Seattle holiday event is coming up with a one-stop chance to do it in a big way. Here’s the announcement, from Judy Pickens:

Maybe you’re thinking about including gift donations in your holiday observance. Mark your calendar for a unique “shopping” opportunity to do so at the West Seattle Alternative Giving Fair on Saturday, December 10, 10 am to 2 pm in Fellowship Hall at Fauntleroy Church (9140 California SW).

Co-sponsored by Fauntleroy, Admiral, and Alki United Church of Christ congregations, the fair promises to be a joy-filled place to use some of your gift dollars to keep on giving. Area nonprofit and charity representatives will outline what they do, provide a card for you to give to the loved one in whose name you make a donation, and even suggest volunteer opportunities.

In one room, you can learn about and give to nearly 20 proven programs that are feeding the hungry, supporting elders, caring for creation, strengthening communities, and building a kinder world for all. The list includes Reading with Rover, a children’s literacy program with dogs as the audience; Heifer International, which helps farm families around the world become self-reliant; and the White Center Food Bank, currently serving more than 4,300 people a month.

See the list of participating programs here.

Questions? 206-932-5600 or

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