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(2013 photo by Robin Lindsey)
If you’ve ever considered volunteering with Seal Sitters, there’s one more chance this season:

Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network’s final training for the 2014 seal pupping season will take place on August 9th. There will be no further trainings until late fall due to time constraints on volunteers.

Last year’s record-breaking pupping season stats in West Seattle (from late July’s first response to a newborn seal pup to the end of the year’s weaned pups) included 163 responses to marine mammals, including 66 positively identified seal pups. This 2014 season has begun unusually early in West Seattle with responses in June to one full lanugo seal pup “Luigi,” a second premature pup, and full-term “Junebug” who is now in rehab at PAWS Wildlife Center.

Saturday morning, August 9, 2014
10 am – 12 pm (doors open at 9:30 am; plan to arrive early to register and receive paperwork – training begins promptly at 10)
Alki UCC Church 6115 SW Hinds, Seattle
Please RSVP on blubberblog for the training to assure seating.

*Note to parents: All children accompanying adults must be able to sit quietly through an almost-two-hour presentation (with break).

Unlike most marine mammal stranding networks, we encourage children to participate in Seal Sitters – supervised at all times, of course, by a parent or guardian. We are so proud of our amazing and dedicated volunteers who are on duty rain or shine – we hope you will join us!

A multi-media presentation will illustrate our educational work in the community and the unique challenges of protecting seals and other marine mammals in an urban environment. Included in the training is an overview of NOAA’s West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Network and biology and behavior of seals and other pinnipeds (due to time frame, supplementary off-season sessions will include more marine mammals of Puget Sound). For additional questions and info or to be placed on a contact list for future training opportunities, please e-mail us.

Contact info is here.

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Always Brothers 100-mile run to pass through West Seattle again http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/always-brothers-100-mile-run-to-pass-through-west-seattle-again/ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/always-brothers-100-mile-run-to-pass-through-west-seattle-again/#comments Wed, 23 Jul 2014 19:33:16 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=280314

(2013 Always Brothers runners near WS Bridge – photo used with permission)
Again this year, eastern West Seattle is on the final stretch of the Always Brothers 100-mile run to raise money for the children of fallen servicemembers. As detailed in this story – which includes the timetable and route – they’ll start at 6 am Saturday in Leschi, heading south through Renton and to Pierce County before heading back north; they will run along the Duwamish to the West Seattle low bridge around 7 am Sunday. They appreciate support along the route, and of course, donations too – you can donate online here, and you can track the run’s progress via the AB Facebook page. (We noted the 2013 Always Brothers run here last August.)

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Fauntleroy Schoolhouse’s future: See what’s next, as nonprofit opens arms to community investment http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/fauntleroy-schoolhouses-future-see-whats-next-as-nonprofit-opens-arms-to-community-investment/ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/fauntleroy-schoolhouses-future-see-whats-next-as-nonprofit-opens-arms-to-community-investment/#comments Tue, 22 Jul 2014 16:00:43 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=280202 Since becoming a community-owned facility four years ago, the historic Fauntleroy Schoolhouse has made major progress toward taking care of necessary repairs and other upgrades. Now there’s one more hurdle to cross – and the schoolhouse’s managers are doing it via crowd-loaning, which will cost less, and enrich community connections more, than the traditional method of money-borrowing. You are invited to come find out about it tomorrow night (Wednesday, July 23rd) in The Emerald Room at The Hall at Fauntleroy on the south side of the schoolhouse:

The Fauntleroy Community Service Agency invites you to hear about a groundbreaking, socially minded investment opportunity while learning about plans for updates to our Schoolhouse.

We have partnered with Semble, a Washington-based business that is helping non-profits significantly lower the cost of capital projects by calling on their own communities to become investors, rather than using more traditional financing
sources. Come learn how you can become an investor in the future of the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse and preserve its rich heritage. (This is not a donation but rather an investment that will earn you a rate of return.) We hope to see you!

For a preview, browse the schoolhouse project’s Semble page. That’s 7 pm tomorrow, with light refreshments, at 9131 California SW.

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West Seattle community rep sought for Boeing Field’s ‘Roundtable’ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/west-seattle-community-rep-sought-for-boeing-fields-roundtable/ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/west-seattle-community-rep-sought-for-boeing-fields-roundtable/#comments Mon, 21 Jul 2014 18:02:40 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=280118 Just noticed while checking the Boeing Field (officially, King County International Airport) website that its advisory group, the Roundtable, has an opening for a West Seattle representative. It is described as:

The Roundtable includes representatives of aviation-related businesses and communities interested in airport issues. It was set up as an advisory board to make recommendations to the airport’s administrators, the King County Executive, and the King County Council.

The group meets monthly, though it’s taking July and August off, per the website. Its current members are listed here. Interested in the West Seattle rep opening? E-mail leslie.barstow@kingcounty.gov for application/info. (Photo from kingcounty.gov)

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Update: Helping WestSide Baby ‘Stuff the Bus’ to help kids http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/happening-now-help-westside-baby-stuff-the-bus-to-help-kids/ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/happening-now-help-westside-baby-stuff-the-bus-to-help-kids/#comments Sun, 20 Jul 2014 18:50:59 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=280013

ORIGINAL 11:50 AM “HAPPENING NOW” REPORT: Since 10 am this morning, WestSide Baby volunteers have been greeting community members donating diapers at Stuff the Bus headquarters in the HomeStreet Bank (WSB sponsor) parking lot (northeast corner of 41st/Alaska) – and lots of other satellite locations. As the sign in the lower-right corner of the photo points out, food stamps don’t buy diapers. And babies/toddlers without diapers cannot be taken to day care so that their parent(s) can go to work. Your donations help families get on their feet and get to a point where they don’t need help any more. Here’s the list of donation locations – one might be near you even if you’re not in WS today! P.S. WS Baby reports that as of about 11:35 am, today’s donations have totaled about 28,000 diapers.

7:35 PM UPDATE: As of the 2 pm end of the major part of today’s drive, 41,450 diapers had been collected at the West Seattle location alone, with a drive-wide total of 260,713 diapers, per WS Baby. Fourth from left below is Krista, the donor who put them past today’s local goal:

While today’s drive was vital for myriad reasons including matching donations, you can donate to WS Baby throughout the year – check this page any time for current needs and where/how to donate.

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Help shape North Delridge’s future: New committee needs you http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/shaping-north-delridges-future-advisory-committee-members-sought/ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/shaping-north-delridges-future-advisory-committee-members-sought/#comments Thu, 17 Jul 2014 16:09:24 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=279647 What does your community need to thrive, to be a great place to live, work, visit? Right now, the city is getting ready to draw up a North Delridge Action Plan for that section of eastern West Seattle – as explained here – and looking for people to be part of an advisory committee. Your participation would include not only making suggestions and offering opinions, but also reviewing what other community members are saying as part of the process. Creating the plan is expected to take a year or so, during which there will be monthly meetings and three community events. You have two weeks to apply – August 1st is the deadline – contact Jake Hellenkamp (jake.hellenkamp@seattle.gov) for an application, and if you have questions about the plan itself, you can contact David Goldberg at DavidW.Goldberg@seattle.gov. The city’s also planning to have a booth at the Delridge Day festival on Saturday, August 9th, to share info about the planning process. Don’t find yourself five or ten years down the line wondering “whose idea was THIS?” – jump in now.

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WestSide Baby expands, adding Capitol Hill agency in merger http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/westside-baby-expands-adding-capitol-hill-agency-in-merger/ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/westside-baby-expands-adding-capitol-hill-agency-in-merger/#comments Mon, 14 Jul 2014 19:35:37 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=279369

(Photo added: WestSide Baby and St. Joseph’s board members)
Days before one of its biggest donation events of the year – the Stuff the Bus diaper drive, coming up next Sunday (July 20th) – WestSide Baby has big news: It’s expanding, merging with a similar Capitol Hill-based agency. Here’s the announcement:

Thousands of children living in King County will benefit from a new collaboration between WestSide Baby and St. Joseph’s Baby Corner, located on Capitol Hill. The Boards of Directors from both agencies unanimously voted to merge the organizations, effective July 11, 2014. This exciting development comes as WestSide Baby is preparing for its largest ever outreach event: the 14th annual Stuff the Bus Diaper Drive July 20th.

(WSB file photo from past WestSide Baby ‘Stuff the Bus’ event)
WestSide Baby will continue to operate from its headquarters in White Center, and St. Joseph’s Baby Corner facility in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood will remain open under the leadership of WestSide Baby. Baby Corner will operate under the WestSide Baby name while continuing to honor the Baby Corner legacy.

The merger of St. Joseph’s Baby Corner, established in 1988, and WestSide Baby, established in 2001, capitalizes on the strengths of each organization: the St. Joseph’s Baby Corner community’s longevity and loyalty, and WestSide Baby’s operating systems and deep-rooted support. The organizations have very compatible missions serving local children in need by collecting and distributing diapers, clothing and safety equipment, such as car seats and cribs. Both agencies have operated in partnership with established social service agencies, such as public health and food banks. Combining operations will immediately improve the service delivery to families. More diapers, clothing and safety equipment will reach more local families in need.

The announcement continues ahead, along with more information on how you can help with Sunday’s Stuff the Bus event:

“WestSide Baby serves children all over King County, but we realized two years ago that we were failing many of the struggling children in areas of central Seattle,” WestSide Baby Executive Director Nancy Woodland said. “We began laying the groundwork to improve our systems so we could accelerate growth. While doing this we remained committed to honoring our West Seattle roots and serving the thousands of children living right in this neighborhood and in South King County with critical items such as diapers and car seats. When approached by the Baby Corner Board of Directors, we knew this partnership was exactly the right step to achieve that goal.”

The resulting Board of Directors will include current WestSide Baby directors and add directors from the Baby Corner Board.

The Stuff the Bus diaper drive, which originated in West Seattle, has grown into a regional event, as WestSide Baby will have major donation sites in West Seattle, Burien and, for the first time ever, in Ballard. School buses will be on hand at each major location from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. July 20 to collect donations, and supporters are encouraged to donate new or opened packages of diapers as well as hygiene items, such as wipes and diaper cream. The most need sizes newborn, 5 and 6, and on-line giving is available at www.westsidebaby.org.

WestSide Baby hopes to collect 290,000 diapers for children in need on July 20th. More than 70 individuals and businesses are hosting diaper drives to help fill the buses. More than a dozen HomeStreet Bank and AmericanWest Bank branches are collecting diapers, and 24 King County Safeway stores are offering significant savings while collecting right in their stores throughout the weekend. Several participating drivers are located in eastern King County, and WestSide Baby will partner with Issaquah’s Eastside Baby Corner to collect and distribute diapers collected on the east side.

There are more than 10,000 children under the age of three living in poverty in King County. Many families are forced to choose between buying diapers and paying bills, as diapers are not covered by any government aid programs, including food stamps or Women, Infant and Children (WIC) programs. Babies who sit in dirty diapers are more likely to suffer infection, illness and abuse. These children will need at least 22 million diapers per year.

Learn more about the event and see a full list of drive locations at http://www.westsidebaby.org/news-and-events/stuff-bus-diaper-drive-2014.

Stuff the Bus locations:

-West Seattle: HomeStreet Bank, 4022 SW Alaska St.
-Burien: Burien Toyota Scion, 15025 1st Ave. S.
-Ballard: AmericanWest Bank, 2237 NW 57th St.

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Another weekly produce stand launching in West Seattle: Delridge Grocery’s Friday Farmstand http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/another-weekly-produce-stand-launching-in-west-seattle-delridge-grocerys-friday-farmstand/ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/another-weekly-produce-stand-launching-in-west-seattle-delridge-grocerys-friday-farmstand/#comments Sun, 13 Jul 2014 03:01:03 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=279159 Starting next Friday, another farmstand plans weekly sales of fresh produce in West Seattle – this one, announced today by the future Delridge Grocery:

Exciting news! Our Friday Farmstand launches this week! Finally – fresh, local, sustainable fruits and vegetables in Delridge!

Come by every Friday all summer:
5435 Delridge Way SW
Two doors south of the library, across the street from our future full-service grocery location

Celebrate our launch this Friday, July 18th, with free lemonade at the farmstand, and a fun comedy event afterward from 8-12 at the Skylark!

Want to be more involved?

Volunteer and take home free produce! Help run the produce stand and take home some leftovers! It’s easy and fun, and we’ll provide training. Sign up for volunteer shifts online.

Join the Canning Club!
Do you like canning pickles and jams to save for the winter? Join Friday Farmstand Canning Club and get first crack and discount prices on bulk quantities of leftover produce! To sign up, e-mail Farmstand Manager Ariana at taylorstanley@gmail.com with your name and phone number. You must be available to pickup produce after the farmstand, at 7:30 on Fridays.

Delridge Grocery, which has its roots in the Delridge Produce Cooperative effort launched five years ago, is working toward opening a co-op grocery store in the commercial space of the Cottage Grove Commons building at 5444 Delridge Way SW.

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Your next fundraising car-wash chance: West Seattle High School softball team, this Sunday http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/your-next-fundraising-car-wash-chance-west-seattle-high-school-softball-team-this-sunday/ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/your-next-fundraising-car-wash-chance-west-seattle-high-school-softball-team-this-sunday/#comments Thu, 10 Jul 2014 17:50:06 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=278871

We’re often asked, “When’s the next benefit car wash?” This weekend’s answer – Sunday (July 13th)! 10 am-2 pm at West Seattle Autoworks (WSB sponsor), the West Seattle High School softball team will wash cars, by donation, to help pay for a trip next year to play in France, according to WSHS athletic director Trevor Leopold (who shared the photo – and who was honored as All-Metro Softball Coach of the Year this past spring). WS Autoworks is at 35th/Webster.

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Do you recognize this dog? Just caught after apparently wandering Lincoln Park for days http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/do-you-recognize-this-dog-just-caught-after-wandering-lincoln-park-for-days/ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/07/do-you-recognize-this-dog-just-caught-after-wandering-lincoln-park-for-days/#comments Thu, 10 Jul 2014 05:15:13 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=278815

After multiple reports of this dog wandering Lincoln Park, possibly for days, we mentioned it on the WSB Lost/Found Pets page, and after no owners stepped forward, animal rescuers got involved. The dog has just been humanely trapped and is in rescuers’ care, and we’re helping cast a wide net to see if anyone has any idea who it belongs to. Here’s who to contact: Jim at Useless Bay Sanctuary, 206-552-0304 or uselessbaysanctuary@gmail.com, who says so far it’s believed to be female, about 55 pounds, no chip detected yet. For more of the backstory, see the Pets page item and its comment section. Thanks!

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Happening now: Cancer-fighting all-nighter West Seattle Relay for Life 2014 http://westseattleblog.com/2014/06/happening-now-cancer-fighting-all-nighter-west-seattle-relay-for-life-2014/ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/06/happening-now-cancer-fighting-all-nighter-west-seattle-relay-for-life-2014/#comments Sat, 28 Jun 2014 02:24:29 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=277708

It began with a lap around the West Seattle Stadium track featuring the participants hailed as heroes – cancer survivors and their caregivers. And with that, this year’s West Seattle Relay for Life was underway as of about an hour ago. More than 20 teams are there for the all-night relay-style walkathon/campout.

They’re raising money for the American Cancer Society, with a goal of $50,000. Some teams and participants have been raising money all year, like tonight’s greeters, the mother-and-daughter team of Gerry and Lauri Cunningham:

Again this year, they made and sold spaghetti dinners to go, and told us tonight that they raised more than a thousand dollars. Just before the kickoff lap by survivors and caregivers, participants heard from organizers including Sarah, who identified herself as a survivor – diagnosed with kidney cancer at age 3, now cancer-free 20 years later: “The money you raise is saving someone’s life,” she said. “It saved mine.” As the night goes on, a long list of activities awaits participants – from the reflective luminaria ceremony at 10 pm (you are welcome to go make your own luminaria in honor of someone fighting cancer or someone who has passed) …

… to lighthearted activities like balloon ping-pong, hula-hooping, and midnight bowling, plus music by “DJ Gary.” It’s participants only from 11 pm to 5 am (some will walk, some will sleep, some will even watch movies) but visitors are welcome the rest of the time. At the heart of it is the walking, whether you’re in costume (like team Answers for Cancers, below) or not:

Tomorrow morning’s schedule includes 8 am yoga and stretches, a fire truck visit at 9 am, the kids’ parade at 10 am, and closing ceremony at 11:30 am. It’s not too soon to start thinking about getting involved next year, either by organizing a team or volunteering to help behind the scenes – more info (and donation links) can be found on the official WSR4L page.

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Another West Seattle business anniversary: Massage Envy http://westseattleblog.com/2014/06/another-west-seattle-business-anniversary-massage-envy/ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/06/another-west-seattle-business-anniversary-massage-envy/#comments Fri, 27 Jun 2014 03:32:41 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=277625

It’s been a year since Massage Envy of West Seattle (WSB sponsor) opened at Westwood Village, and the anniversary celebration included tonight’s WS Chamber of Commerce After Hours event (in a tent just outside ME, to enjoy the summer night without disrupting the massages inside). Every month, a different local business hosts Chamber members for mingling and refreshments. At right below is Massage Envy proprietor Jennifer McCollum with Chamber CEO Lynn Dennis:

As part of the festivities, ME has a food drive all week – just come in and drop off donations in the barrel for the West Seattle Food Bank, whose Judy Yazzolino was there during tonight’s event:

Massage Envy also will be at the cancer-fighting West Seattle Relay for Life during its first few hours tomorrow night at West Seattle Stadium, 7:30-9:30 pm.

P.S. One more big benefit drive mentioned tonight – Stuff the Bus, the summertime diaper drive for WestSide Baby, whose executive director Nancy Woodland is president of the West Seattle Chamber Board. July 20th is the big day, in the parking lot of the Junction branch of HomeStreet Bank (WSB sponsor) at 41st and Alaska, but as mentioned here previously, you can start bringing in diaper donations now!

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West Seattle’s 4th of July Kids’ Parade days away: Can you help? http://westseattleblog.com/2014/06/west-seattles-4th-of-july-kids-parade-days-away-can-you-help/ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/06/west-seattles-4th-of-july-kids-parade-days-away-can-you-help/#comments Wed, 25 Jun 2014 19:33:55 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=277445

Nine days until West Seattle’s 4th of July Kids’ Parade … 20th annual parade, this time! And it’s the second year for current coordinators Jackie Clough and Allyson Schreck; Jackie shares the new flyer with everything you need to know, embedded atop this story (if you don’t see it there, please click here), and says they have a very specific volunteer request for parade day (one week from Friday):

We could use 4-6 adults to help us at the beginning of the parade, helping us get started.

Can you help? Once the parade gets going, Jackie promises, you’ll be able to move on and join in with the morning’s events. E-mail her at jackie@alkipartytreasures.com. Meantime, for the pre-parade ceremonies, she adds: “We have a fantastic National Anthem singer this year: Leilani Nitkey, a 6th grader at Madison Middle School this fall.” Haven’t been to the parade before and wondering what it’s like? Here’s our coverage from last year.

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You can help! Girls on the Run expanding to Highland Park Elementary http://westseattleblog.com/2014/06/you-can-help-girls-on-the-run-expanding-to-highland-park-elementary/ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/06/you-can-help-girls-on-the-run-expanding-to-highland-park-elementary/#comments Thu, 19 Jun 2014 21:01:51 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=276925 Even as the school year ends today, planning is under way for the next one starting in September – and that’s what this call for volunteers is all about: Girls on the Run is on its way to Highland Park Elementary for 2014-2015.

HPE is starting Girls on the Run at our school starting in the fall. Girls on the Run is an after-school program that uses the power of running to give girls the tools to celebrate their bodies, honor their voices, recognize their gifts, and activate their power!

The program is open to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade girls. Both girls from HPE and from the surrounding community who do not have GOTR at their home school are encouraged to join. We are looking for volunteers to coach our girls. The commitment would be one or two times a week Starting September 29th and running through December 8th. Minimum age is 16. If interested please contact Holly Briscoe, the site liaison for HPE. hollybriscoe@hotmail.com

http://westseattleblog.com/2014/06/you-can-help-girls-on-the-run-expanding-to-highland-park-elementary/feed/ 3
You can help! Order now, get dinner-to-go tomorrow, fight cancer via Relay for Life http://westseattleblog.com/2014/06/you-can-help-order-now-get-dinner-to-go-tomorrow-fight-cancer-via-relay-for-life/ http://westseattleblog.com/2014/06/you-can-help-order-now-get-dinner-to-go-tomorrow-fight-cancer-via-relay-for-life/#comments Tue, 17 Jun 2014 22:56:08 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=276760 A week and a half until West Seattle Relay for Life – and teams continue fundraising, including this one:

Help us support a great cause!

Fauntleroy Children’s Center – West Seattle Relay for Life!

‘Dinner to Go’ Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser – all funds go to The American Cancer Society – Relay for Life.

Taking orders for dinner (Wednesday, 6/18) fauntleroychildrenscenter@yahoo.com

Dinners can be picked up between 5-6 pm

The dinner includes; Spaghetti (with meat sauce or marinara), Caesar Salad, Corn, & Garlic Bread. $10 Adult & $5 Child

FCC is in the old schoolhouse at 9131 California SW. R4LWS, meantime, is June 27-28 at West Seattle Stadium.

http://westseattleblog.com/2014/06/you-can-help-order-now-get-dinner-to-go-tomorrow-fight-cancer-via-relay-for-life/feed/ 1