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DELRIDGE GROCERY CO-OP: What’s next? Town-hall meeting August 30th

It’s been a long road for the Delridge Grocery Co-op. Is their food store getting close to reality? The “professional market study” mentioned in our update last September is in, and DGC says “the results are favorable” but – “there is a lot to think about.” They hope you can help with that by showing up for their next step: A town-hall meeting 6:30 pm Wednesday, August 30th, at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (4408 Delridge Way SW).

WEST SEATTLE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: 3 weeks away, 3 ways to help

A new parents’ group, Wildcats Touchdown Club, is rallying community support for the West Seattle High School football team, under its new head coach, as the new season approaches. Here’s what they want you to know – and how they hope you can help:

Are you ready for some West Seattle High School football? The coaches, players, and parents at WSHS are. The student athletes and the community are excited for the reveal of the 2017 Wildcats … and there is a lot to be excited about.

The players have been working hard since June to get ready for this season under new head Coach Marcis Fennell. Coach Fennell is developing a culture within the WSHS Football program that prepares young people for the rigors of life through education, technically develops athletes to excel in the sport of football, instills values that will assist in producing men and women of character, gets the team involved with the West Seattle community and continues to cultivate the long tradition of Westside Pride!

As the new coaching staff enters its first season, one of their driving initiatives is to provide a positive and safe experience for all students. To facilitate this, we are asking our community, friends and families, to donate to our program. Please understand that all proceeds will directly benefit the student athletes and their experience in the Wildcats Football program.

Right now, the team is in immediate need of the following:

*Equipment (girdles, thigh pads, knee pads, etc.)  for student athletes

*Operational equipment (agility bags, hand shields, pop-up bags)

*Team meals (pre-game team meals, halftime snacks, and fall ball double day snacks)

*Giant Tents for team halftime at SWAC (there are no locker rooms for the team at half-time)

*Funds for transportation to and from games

The West Seattle Football team currently has three ways that you can help with our immediate and long-term goals:

Donate directly to the Football Booster club at our Booster Club for Cats Football GoFundMe page.

Our awesome 2017 WS Football Kick-off t-shirt (you can get one with a blank back as well) for $25 each.

Our cool Elite West Seattle Wildcat socks for $24 a pair.

**To pre-order your T-shirt and socks, contact with cash or checks payable to the WS Booster Club.

Thanks, all supporters of the Wildcats football program! Every cent donated will assist the coaches and staff in pouring love and education into our young people through the sport of football!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday nights in the Fall!

Don’t forget to put on your calendars that the first game is September 1, 2017 @ 7:00 pm at SWAC!

The full season schedule can be seen here; if you missed our interview with Coach Fennell after the March announcement that he was joining WSHS, see it here.

YOU’RE INVITED: Hate-Free Delridge plans to ‘stand for peace’ Wednesday

If you’re ready to rally after the ugliness of this past week – from Charlottesville to DC-vs-Pyongyang – Hate-Free Delridge has an invitation for you. Received this morning:

Hate-Free Delridge will be standing for peace on Wednesday, August 16, from 4:30 to 6:00 PM.

Come join us on the Delridge pedestrian overpass at Oregon Street.

Bring a sign — for example:

No War
No Nukes
Make Love, Not War
Negotiate, Don’t Escalate
A peace symbol

Tell your friends. We need to be heard. We need to speak out. See you there.

It’s been almost exactly a year since we first reported on the birth of Hate-Free Delridge in the wake of a racist attack on a local family.

GATEWOOD STABBING FOLLOWUPS: Fund set up for victim’s family; suspect refuses to appear at hearing

(Tuesday night photo by WSB’s Christopher Boffoli)

Two days after the Gatewood attack that left a 40-year-old West Seattle man in the hospital with serious injuries, two new developments, including the first hearing for the suspect. First, for everyone who asked how they could help the victim and his family – this crowdfunding page has been set up, identifying the victim as Court Heeter. From the page:

As many of you have heard, Court was the victim of a violent knife attack on Tuesday, Aug. 8, near his home in West Seattle. He sustained many life-threatening stab wounds and was fortunate to have Good Samaritans and first responders get there in time to save his life. He is now recovering in the hospital with his wife and family at his side.

Court is a strong man and is expected to recover from his physical wounds beautifully. He is indeed also a very lucky man to have survived an attack of this magnitude – we are so thankful he is here with us.

People are asking how to help. Meals are always thoughtful but in some cases can be disruptive to a household with small children that is already experiencing stress. In addition, a steady stream of visitors is overwhelming for this private family.

Obviously, there will be medical bills and other costs associated with this tragedy. As friends of the Heeter Family we are concerned about what lies ahead as he starts to work through what has happened.

Let’s come together and raise some money to ease any extra burdens we can for this family. Whether it be for a family vacation, medical bills, groceries, house cleaner – Whatever the Heeter Family needs money for let’s help provide it. Thank you for any donation amount or positive thoughts and prayers you can provide.

Again, the link is here.

Next – the hearing information, just in: As we first reported yesterday morning, police identified the suspect as 39-year-old Ryan J. Cox, who has been in and out of the criminal-justice and mental-health systems, as detailed in this followup yesterday afternoon. After police first took Cox into custody at the scene of Tuesday night’s attack, he was taken to the hospital for what investigators said were self-inflicted stab wounds; last night, he was medically cleared to be booked into King County Jail, and this afternoon, he had what was scheduled to be a bail/probable-cause hearing. According to King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office spokesperson Dan Donohoe, Cox “refused to appear in court”; the judge ruled there was probable cause to continue holding him, and set a bail hearing for tomorrow afternoon. The document provided for the hearing has the same narrative information that we included in yesterday afternoon’s followup, with the addition of Cox’s claim that he stabbed Heeter – who police say was unarmed – in self-defense, claiming he had clashed with the victim the night before. The probable-cause document also notes that law enforcement does not want to see Cox released, because he is “very aggressive” and because the incident involved “assault with a deadly weapon.”

We will update again tomorrow after the second hearing.

NEXT SATURDAY: You can train to be a new volunteer for Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network

(“Tootsie” the seal pup, photographed by Seal Sitters’ Robin Lindsey)

Want to volunteer on behalf of the wildlife who share our waters and shores? Next Saturday (August 12th), 10 am-12:30 pm, Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network has room for you in their next new-volunteer-training session.

Help protect wildlife! Volunteer with Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network. Seal Sitters MMSN responds to reports of all marine mammals, dead and alive, along West Seattle’s shore from Brace Point through the Duwamish River.

Harbor seal pupping season is now underway in Puget Sound. September and October are typically the busiest months for responses in our area, when newly weaned (and often struggling) pups strike out on their own and often end up alone on crowded urban beaches. This will be the final training for the 2017 Season.

On Saturday morning, August 12th, we will be holding a special training for those wanting to help protect marine mammals in West Seattle. Unlike most marine mammal stranding networks, we encourage children to participate in Seal Sitters – supervised at all times, of course, by a parent or guardian. We are proud of our dedicated volunteers who are on duty rain or shine – we hope you will join us!

A multi-media presentation will illustrate Seal Sitters MMSN’s educational work in the community and the unique challenges of protecting seals and other marine mammals in an urban environment. Included in the training is an overview of NOAA’s West Coast Marine Mammal Stranding Network and biology and behavior of seals and other common pinnipeds.

For more information about the training and to RSVP, please visit Seal Sitters’ blubberblog.

The training session is at Alki UCC (6115 SW Hinds), and RSVP’d participants are asked to arrive early – registration starts at 9:30 am.

YOU CAN HELP: Junction friends banding together to get help for two-time breast-cancer-battling Jeannie Scarpello

If you’ve shopped and/or worked in The Junction, you might know Jeannie. Even if you don’t – those who do are hoping you can help her. We were asked to share the announcement:

We at Jan’s Beauty Supply in West Seattle are starting this GoFundMe page for our dear friend and business associate Jeannie Scarpello. She has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the second time.

Thirteen years ago, she survived her first terrible battle against this awful disease with chemo and surgery. This time it is much more serious, requiring a double mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy. She lost her beloved sister, Betty, to this insidious disease a few years ago. You can imagine how emotionally distraught she is.

Jeannie has worked in the Junction for many years and is one of our brightest lights! Always caring for others, she lifts spirits with her contagious smile and genuine concern. She is truly loved by many.

It is extremely humbling to be in a position where you cannot provide for yourself. It is our hope to ease her stress of daily living without an income. Jeannie needs to focus all her energy and her strength on this fight for her life.

Please donate and help us be her light during her darkest days. Anything and everything helps! Thank you in advance for your generosity and support!

Again, the donation page is here.

UPDATE: West Seattle girls’ 5th annual bake sale/donation drive to help animals

11:34 AM: Until 3 pm, you’ll find Gwen and Muriel at 36th SW and SW Dakota [map], selling treats and collecting donations for the Seattle Humane Society for the fifth year in a row. You have three ways to help – buy some of their baked goods; donate items for the animals (dog/cat food, wet or dry; toys; new scratching posts); donate money for the Humane Society (cash or checks). The girls have done this every year since they were Schmitz Park 4th-graders; this fall, they’ll be Madison Middle School 8th-graders. (Thanks to Gwen’s mom Andrea for the photo taken as today’s event got under way.)

8 PM: Andrea sent this update on the results:

Heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful people who came out to support the bake sale today, and to the West Seattle Blog for promoting it.

Through the sale, these wonderful young women raised over $532 for Seattle Humane Society, as well as over 100 pounds of dry food, dozens of cans of wet food, and many many animal toys.

Thanks so much for everyone’s support!

Congratulations to Muriel, Gwen, and the beneficiaries of their hard work!

FOLLOWUP: Here’s how to help lifelong West Seattleite and local school employee who lost home to fire

(WSB photo from Sunday)

Last Sunday afternoon, we reported on a house fire in Highland Park, in the 8100 block of 14th SW. No one was hurt, but it turns out the damage was greater than first assessed, and the longtime West Seattle resident and Denny International Middle School employee who lived there has lost most of his belongings, as well as a place to live, so a family friend has organized a crowdfunding page for community members to help. Michelle Whelan explains:

Lifelong West Seattleite Roger Baker, or “Mr. Baker” as he’s known to students at Denny Middle School, recently lost his house and most of his belongings to an electrical fire. The home had been in the Baker family for about 40 years and … is essentially a total loss due to internal damage and the prohibitively expensive cost to rebuild.

This is the same home Roger returned to 20 years ago help care for his ailing parents. In 2009 he obtained his current position as custodian at Denny MS. In the intervening years, while also working full time, Roger helped provide elder care for his parents — driving them to and from appointments, family events, and taking care of the home. His mother passed away several years ago, followed by his father more recently.

The Baker family, tribal members of the Turtle Mountain band of Chippewa, has deep, longstanding roots in West Seattle. Multi-generational graduates of West Seattle schools, the Bakers are a strong and close-knit family…which makes Roger’s loss all the more upsetting as he no longer has a place to live.

There’s even more to the story, which you can read on the GoFundMe page, which also has post-fire photos of the house’s interior. (SFD says the fire was accidental, sparked by a battery charger.) The GFM page also has details on non-monetary donations that would be helpful as well.

FOLLOWUP: Friends of Roxhill Elementary ‘incredibly grateful’ for pledges so far. Here’s what you can do now

A collaborative art project like that mosaic is part of what Friends of Roxhill Elementary hope to include in their playground project for the school’s move to EC Hughes – and “a pledge of time from an artist or two” is just one of many more ways the community can help the project. Tonight, we have an update from group spokesperson Jenny Rose Ryan, two weeks after an initial round of requests:

West Seattle Community, we thought you’d like to hear some good news.

Friends of Roxhill Elementary has received – in pledge form — about half of the amount needed to meet our $20K match for our playground grant application. Remember, we are going after a $100,000 City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fund grant to help build a new playground when we move to E.C. Hughes next year.

This means you – yes, you! – have found resources and pulled together to help us. This is huge and we’re incredible grateful.

We’re so close – we can almost taste it, but it’s time for another push.

We’re looking for in-kind donations of food when we hold events (local restaurants?), volunteer support to paint a mural next summer (high school kids? EC Hughes neighbors?), donations of plants and materials to beautify the space – these pledges all add up now, but don’t even need to happen until next year. Oh, and yes, we’ll take cash, too.

How to Help

Email to make a pledge. We won’t collect anything now – we need the pledges for the application (due in September) to demonstrate our community’s commitment and then determine the details of the work plan.

You can also give to a Roxhill parent’s Seattle Marathon GoFundMe, here. We also have a Seattle Marathon team you can join when you sign up to run the full marathon.

Thank you for your help! We are deeply grateful and incredibly humbled by our community’s support so far. We can do this. Together.

Are you ready? Emergency Communication Hubs earthquake-aftermath drill Saturday – and you can help

You’ve heard it many times – The Big One is a matter of when, not if. So, are you ready in case of a major earthquake? Part of the preparedness is knowing where your nearest Emergency Communication Hub is:

The hubs are gathering places where you’ll be able to get and share information if the regular means of communication become inoperable/inaccessible in the wake of a quake (or other major disaster). The Hubs are run by volunteers, and they welcome your help during a drill this Saturday (July 29th) that will include the activation of hubs around the city, including three in West Seattle. Here’s the official announcement, which explains the scenario:

The exercise imagines that a catastrophic earthquake hit the Puget Sound area mid-day on Monday, July 24th, causing major damage to infrastructure and widespread casualties. For the Hubs and Spokes drill, it is now the morning of July 29th — day 6 of the disaster. Despite several aftershocks, many of the major infrastructural problems have received initial treatment from City departments, so attention is now being directed to neighborhood needs.

In this type of disaster, the neighborhood Hubs would mobilize immediately to assist with the immediate needs of residents, especially those not reached by regular emergency services. However, as the days after the event go by, as simulated in this exercise, resources may run low and volunteer availability and energy will flag.

The three hubs participating in West Seattle on Saturday are:

Alaska Junction – Hope Lutheran Church: 4456 42nd Ave SW
High Point – Neighborhood House: 6400 Sylvan Way SW
E.C. Hughes Playground – 29th Ave SW & SW Holden

You are welcome to show up (starting at 8 am) to be part of the drill as a “citizen actor” – you’ll be assigned a role to play. You’re also welcome to stop by at any point during the 8 am-1 pm exercise to observe, and to learn.

KIDS HELPING KIDS: WestSide Baby gets diapers from Bright Horizons students

They’re just a few years out of diapers themselves … and today, 4- and 5-year-olds at Bright Horizons West Seattle in The Triangle helped make sure littler kids who need them will have them.

About 7,000 diapers in all were collected for WestSide Baby‘s monthlong “Stuff the Bus” diaper-donation campaign, and today – one day after the big bash at HQ – the bus came to BH for the pickup.

Afterwards, the young donors got some help disembarking:

Still time for you to do a good deed too … here are all the ways you can help.

HAPPENING NOW: Diaper-donation celebration at WestSide Baby HQ

July 23, 2017 1:09 pm
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Not only can you drop off diapers to help “Stuff the Bus” at WestSide Baby‘s headquarters (10002 14th SW) until 3 pm – you can also stop and join the party. Barbecue, ice cream, kids’ activities! We had just arrived and caught a few early photos before we had to leave for the 14th SW fire – but donations and partygoers were starting to arrive.

If you can’t stay but want to drop off diapers, you can do that via northbound 14th just south of 100th – follow the signs. The party entrance is on the eastbound side of 100th. If you are picking up diapers along the way – “Our most-needed sizes are 4, 5, 6, and pull-ups in 3T-4T and 4T-5T,” WS Baby tells WSB.

TOMORROW: ‘Stuff the Bus’ party – don’t forget the diapers!

July 22, 2017 1:54 pm
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If you just watched the West Seattle Grand Parade, you saw WestSide Baby‘s famous bus – so we’re reminding you that they’re going about “stuffing” it with diapers a different way this year. Instead of parking the bus at a spot where you can drop off donations, they’re throwing a big party Sunday, noon-3 pm, where you can come have fun AND drop off diaper donations. From WS Baby:

The outdoor family-friendly event runs from 12 pm-3 pm at WestSide Baby’s offices in White Center (10002 14th Ave SW). The entry fee is a package of diapers (sizes 4,5,6 and pull-ups in 3T-4T and 4T-5T are most needed). The Bash is the culmination of July’s Stuff the Bus Diaper Drive, which aims to collect 300,000 diapers to distribute to kids in need across Western King County.

Diapers aren’t covered by food stamps, and one in three US families have struggled to afford diapers for their babies. Last year WestSide Baby distributed 1.4 million diapers to families through 114 social service agencies.

There are going to be plenty of fun activities, including a free BBQ, Full Tilt Ice Cream, an Art Tent and games, trike races, and a diaper dash. So bring the family and a pack of diapers to help keep kids in our community dry and happy.

Before or after, you can wander a few blocks west to the Jubilee Days festival.

BRING DIAPERS! WestSide Baby’s big ‘Stuff the Bus’ week, and 2 chances to help

July 18, 2017 4:02 pm
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Thousands of local kids need help staying dry. WestSide Baby offers that help – with YOUR help. And this is the biggest week of the year for donating – WS Baby’s annual “Stuff the Bus” week. It’s gone far beyond just filling a school bus with diapers. For one thing, tomorrow (Wednesday night), Phil Tavel‘s popular trivia night at Talarico’s (4718 California SW) is doubling as a diaper drive:

This Wednesday, my trivia is hosting a Stuff the Bus event for WestSide Baby and everyone is asked to bring in diapers (of any size – for children) instead of $2 per person. We are giving away some nice prizes for the teams that bring the most diapers.

Trivia is at 8:30 pm.

Then next Sunday, bring diapers to this megaparty at WestSide Baby HQ in White Center. From Jessica at WS Baby:

This Sunday is our Stuff the Bus Bash. We’re going to be kicking festivities off at 12 pm and going until 3 pm at our offices in White Center (10002 14th Ave SW). The fun will include:

Free BBQ
Full Tilt Ice Cream
Lemonade Stand
Art/Games Tent
Lil’ Bug Studio open house
Trike Races at 1 pm (trikes & helmets provided)
Baby Diaper Dash at 1:30 pm
Raffle Prizes – the more diapers you bring, the better your chance of winning!
Facility tours

The entry fee is a pack of diapers to donate to families in need in our community – the more diapers you bring, the more chances you have of winning a prize! Our most needed sizes are 4,5,6 and pull-ups in 3T-4T and 4T-5T.

SUMMER FEST COUNTDOWN: West Seattle Quilters raffling quilt for Senior Center

July 12, 2017 2:23 pm
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Two days to West Seattle Summer Fest in The Junction, this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Our countdown continues with this announcement of an annual highlight courtesy of the group West Seattle Quilters:

One dollar could buy you the winning ticket for this year’s raffle quilt to benefit the West Seattle Senior Center. This year’s quilt has it all: a traditional blue-and-white color scheme, with a contemporary sparkling ombre effect. The result is “Delta Blues,” a queen-sized quilt. West Seattle Quilters worked together on the quilt beginning with pattern selection in February and working through June to complete it. Last year’s raffle quilt raised $2,100 for the West Seattle Senior Center.

Raffle tickets for the quilt are $1 each, and all the money goes directly to the West Seattle Senior Center. Purchase tickets at the Senior Center reception desk, or look for us at West Seattle Summer Fest (July 14 – 16) outside the Stop ‘n Shop. The drawing will be held September 29, during Rainbow Bingo at the Senior Center.

West Seattle Quilters meet at the Senior Center on the first and third Mondays of the month at 7pm to share quilting ideas and projects. Quilters of all ages, abilities, and quilting styles are welcome to join us!

Stop ‘n Shop is on the center’s ground floor, east side of California SW just south of SW Oregon.

YOU CAN HELP: Urgent call for blood donors, especially Type O

July 11, 2017 3:10 pm
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If you can donate blood, especially if you’re Type O, your help is urgently needed. Here’s the announcement we received:

Bloodworks Northwest issued an urgent appeal for donors after the community supply for Type O blood — the most common blood type among people in the Northwest — plunged by 37% since the beginning of July, and now stands at 1,000 units below normal operating levels.

“Sadly, more people needed lifesaving trauma care recently, reminding us that the need for blood doesn’t take summer vacation,” said James P. AuBuchon, MD, president and CEO of Bloodworks, “In the past 10 days we’ve had high patient needs, but 550 fewer donors than during the same period a year ago. Inventories of the most-needed blood types and platelets are between critical and emergency levels – only a one or two day supply.”

The need for blood is continuous for patients having surgeries, trauma care, organ transplants and cancer treatment. About 45% of people in the Northwest have Type O blood.

Bloodworks welcomes donors at 12 centers and conducts up to 100 mobile drives per week across the Northwest. It takes about 800 donors a day to maintain a sufficient supply for more than 90 hospitals served in Washington, Oregon and Alaska.

Noting that “good things come in pints,” Snoqualmie Ice Cream has teamed up with Bloodworks
to offer 5,000 pints of ice cream to donors to help address the summer shortage. People who
register at any Bloodworks donor center to give July 10-16 will receive a free voucher for a pint
of ice cream. To learn more and register visit:

Donors can schedule an appointment at any donor center by going online at or by calling 800-398-7888. People can also can check online at to find dates and times of mobile drives close to where they live or work.

We often list local drives in the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar, which shows two next Monday (July 17th) – one at Alki Masonic Lodge in The Junction, the other at Our Lady of Guadalupe.

YOU CAN HELP! Here’s what Friends of Roxhill Elementary needs for playground push

(WSB photo: Playground at EC Hughes, mid-June)

While EC Hughes Elementary in Sunrise Heights is getting some renovation work before Roxhill Elementary is moved there in fall of 2018, the project doesn’t include the playground … so, as we reported a month ago, the new support group Friends of Roxhill Elementary is launching a community campaign. Today, from Jenny Rose Ryan, an announcement of the next phase, focusing on ways you can help – with money, materials, and/or volunteer time:

You can also find out more at the upcoming Friends of Roxhill Elementary meeting – 6 pm Thursday, July 20th, at White Center Library (1409 SW 107th) – everyone’s welcome.

RESTORING THE ADMIRAL’S MURALS: Next benefit brings ‘Silent Film Music Guru’ Timothy Brock home to West Seattle

July 9, 2017 7:28 pm
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(Images courtesy Southwest Seattle Historical Society)

Two weeks from Tuesday, it’s your second chance to enjoy a one-of-a-kind evening of entertainment and help raise money to restore the 75-year-old murals at The Admiral. Here’s the announcement from the Southwest Seattle Historical Society:

Restoration of the art-deco underwater murals of West Seattle’s Historic Admiral Theater will get another boost this summer with a one-night presentation by a West Seattle native whose orchestral scores for classic movies of the pre-sound era have earned him the title of the “Silent Film Music Guru.”

The event is called “Timothy Brock Returns to West Seattle with Music of the Silent Giants.”

It will take place at 6:45 p.m. Tuesday, July 25, 2017, at the Historic Admiral Theater, 2343 California Ave. SW, sponsored by the Southwest Seattle Historical Society.

This exciting evening – to last more than three hours, with an intermission – will start with Timothy Brock being interviewed by his childhood friend, West Seattle’s Dave Beck, a host at KING-FM and longtime former KUOW-FM host. Brock will reminisce with Beck about their West Seattle upbringing and discuss the fascinating process of scoring silent classics. (Brock earned the label of “Silent-Film Music Guru” from Vogue magazine in May 2016.)

Interspersed will be stills and clips from silent films that Brock has scored. Following an intermission, Brock will introduce the screening of the Charlie Chaplin feature “Modern Times,” for which Brock has restored and re-recorded the original 1936 Chaplin score.

Tickets are $20, and proceeds will go to the Historic Admiral Theater mural restoration led by the historical society. A VIP opportunity, to attend the presentation and visit one-on-one with Brock and Beck beforehand, will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the theater. VIP tickets are $100.

You can purchase tickets online here, or at the door. Advance ticket purchases are encouraged, as the event may sell out.

Timothy Brock, who has long lived in Bologna, Italy, is internationally renowned for his orchestral scores for the movies of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton and many other silent film classics. Over 30 years, he has composed 27 original scores for silent films, and he has served as the film restorer for the Chaplin estate since 1998. Brock also conducts symphonies in live performances of his scores to accompany presentations of silent films all over the world.

This month Brock is making a rare return to his boyhood community, where, as a 10-year-old in the early 1970s, he watched organ-accompanied silent films at West Seattle’s beloved Granada Theater south of The Junction and drew the initial inspiration for his career, which he labels a “lifelong dream.” (The Granada was razed in 1977.)

To see Brock discuss this West Seattle-based inspiration, go here (or view below – time code 1:20-1:50):

Brock’s mother is Berlena Brock, former board member of the Southwest Seattle Historical Society.

This unique presentation on July 25 will be the second event this summer to benefit the historical society’s fund to restore the auditorium murals of the Historic Admiral Theater. The first event, a screening of the local documentary “Legends of the Road,” drew 200 people to the theater and raised more than $5,000 for the fund.

The murals date to 1942, when the Portola Theater was converted and expanded to the Admiral Theater. They were covered by curtains when the theater was twinned in 1973 and uncovered as part of the theater’s recent renovation to four screens.

The Historic Admiral Theater became an official Seattle landmark in 1989, following a campaign led by the Southwest Seattle Historical Society.

More information about Brock is available at his website,

CAN YOU HELP? WestSide Baby needs extra volunteers tonight, tomorrow

July 5, 2017 2:02 pm
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The photo is from WestSide Baby – which is thrilled by lots of recent donations, and now in need of some help to organize them:

WestSide Baby needs extra hands tonight and tomorrow (July 5th and 6th) so if you’re looking for a volunteer opportunity to help keep kids in our community safe, warm and dry, this could be it! WestSide Baby’s main offices in White Center will be open tonight and tomorrow from 6-9 pm for volunteer opportunities because we are inundated with donations (hooray!) Grab a friend or family member (8 years and up) and come volunteer. Email Shana Allen at to let her know you are coming, or visit for more information.

STARS AND STRIPES: Can you help with Junction flags tomorrow?

(WSB photo from flag placement on Memorial Day 2017 in The Junction)

Just out of the WSB inbox:

American Legion Post 160 of West Seattle will be putting up United States Flags in the Alaska Junction in celebration of July 4th.

Community members of all ages are welcome to help put up (9:00 AM) and take down the flags (5:00 PM).

Community members who would like to participate can meet at the northeast corner of California & Alaska 5 minutes prior to the start times.

That’s the corner by the city-landmark Campbell Building.

FOLLOWUP: Crowdfunding progress toward saving Reading Partners @ Highland Park Elementary School

July 1, 2017 7:16 pm
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Here’s something heroic you can do right here, right now: Help save the reading-tutor program at Highland Park Elementary. Here’s the latest from Dina Johnson, the volunteer leading the effort:

Update for Save Highland Park Reading Partners. We are at $8,462 of $30k goal!

Donations have been steadily accumulating, many $50 or $100. I update on the Facebook page daily. Someone named Wendy Rush just donated $500 today! I don’t know her, but MANY THANKS to Wendy!

I’m feeling very heartened. Was disappointed by last week’s Summer Book Swap – LOTS of book donations, but almost no one came by to browse. Was it the 95-degree heat that day? Many people missed a chance to get wonderful free books for their kids. Luckily, a 9-year-old girl did grab a complete boxed set of the Little House books. But the complete boxed set of Narnia books was unclaimed…

Thank you to the book donors, though – credit at the used bookstore means RP can add to the student library for all the schools.

If we make $10,000 or more I will be so gratified that people care, although it wouldn’t be enough to save Reading Partners this year. (A hard-working Volunteer Coordinator needs to be hired to make everything run smoothly for the volunteer program.)

In that case, the donations will be refunded. THANKS to 99 generous donors so far!! I’m sure someone will be eager to claim the 100th spot of honor!

You can do that – or maybe even be the 101st or 102nd or beyond, if you don’t see this until later tonight, or Sunday, or … – just go here.

RUNNERS! Want to be a mentor?

If you’re a runner with some time to spare to help others in your community – Jim McCue has an offer for you. We’ve featured him on WSB recently in his role as head coach of the Chief Sealth International High School cross-country team, but he’s also a program manager with the Somali Family Safety Task Force, which has a youth mentorship program coming up titled Run For Change. Jim explains that it “combines long-distance running, health education, and civic engagement” to assist immigrant and refugee youth, many of whom attend Chief Sealth or Denny International Middle School: “Our plan is to align our program with the start and end of each academic year (approx. August to June), culminating in the running of the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. We’re currently in the process of recruiting potential running mentors that would be paired with each student to guide them through both (a) the highs-and-lows of pursuing a dedicated training schedule and (b) a discussion of ways for each student to better approach their personal lives through making healthier decisions for greater behavior change!” Further details:

Mentor Ages: Anyone 20 years and older, preferably in or graduated from college

Gender: all welcome

Skill Levels: all welcome. We’re hoping for a range from technology professionals to artists to engineers, and everyone in between!

Commitment: Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm and Saturdays from 8:00 am-10:00 am. We start August 19 and end with a Turkey Trot during Thanksgiving weekend. We’re hoping to continue the program until the June Rock ‘n Roll Marathon, but that depends on securing additional funding.

An information session is coming up on July 10th at the task force HQ in NewHolly – you can RSVP and get more info here. You’re also welcome to e-mail Jim at with questions.

SUNDAY: Highland Park book swap to help turn the pages for campaign to save tutoring program

That short video by Dina Johnson tells the story of how supporters are hoping to save the Reading Partners one-on-one-tutoring program at Highland Park Elementary. We first mentioned it here last weekend; their next event is a book swap tomorrow (Sunday, June 25th) afternoon at Highland Park Improvement Club (1116 SW Holden). It’s free – bring books, for kids and/or adults! – and also a chance to find out more about the program and how volunteers are trying to save it. Their main fundraiser is a GoFundMe page that has now passed $6,000 but has a long way to go to the $30,000 needed by July 15th to keep the program from being dropped at HPES.

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