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Above are Fauntleroy Community Association president Mike Dey and Irene Stewart, one of two people honored last night at FCA’s annual Fauntleroy Food Fest membership meeting. Until recently, Irene was volunteer website and social-media manager for FCA. Also honored: outgoing FCA board member and Ferry Advisory Committee liaison Gary Dawson:

We mentioned Gary’s departure announcement in our coverage of last week’s FCA board meeting. He’s been on the board for more than 20 years. The honors were a reminder that community groups run entirely on volunteer power – countless hours given by people including Judy Pickens:

Judy is editor of the FCA newsletter, which we’re fairly sure is the last printed-and-mailed community council news publication in West Seattle. She was at the FFF on behalf of the Fauntleroy Watershed Council and its new stewardship fund. Other volunteers there, talking with community members, included Cindi Barker and FCA’s Gordon Wiehler on behalf of the Emergency Communication Hubs:

As for who put the “food” into the Fauntleroy Food Fest – local purveyors included Lonjina from Wildwood Market:

And from Endolyne Joe’s (WSB sponsor), Annette and Kelsey:

The turnout:

And, the FCA board elected last night:

If you live/work in Fauntleroy but didn’t get to the FFF to renew (or start) your membership, you can do it online here.

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FOLLOWUP: Early response to Fauntleroy Creek Stewardship Fund ‘encouraging’ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/03/followup-early-response-to-fauntleroy-creek-stewardship-fund-encouraging/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/03/followup-early-response-to-fauntleroy-creek-stewardship-fund-encouraging/#respond Mon, 19 Mar 2018 23:48:23 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=911797

Our area’s precious green spaces can’t be taken for granted. In realization of that, the Fauntleroy Watershed Stewardship Fund was announced earlier this month, and we have an update from creek steward Judy Pickens:

The fund to enable ongoing stewardship of Fauntleroy Creek and Fauntleroy Park now has $3,600 toward its initial goal of $30,000.

The Fauntleroy Watershed Council announced the fund on March 1 in the wake of ever-decreasing grant funding for restoring and maintaining Seattle’s natural areas. EarthCorps, an international conservation training program, is accepting tax-deductible donations on behalf of the council and its trainees will do the lion’s share of the work that’s funded.

“This early response is greatly encouraging,” said Peggy Cummings, a member of the council’s executive committee. “Our main concern is being able to maintain restoration already done at public expense so those investments aren’t lost.”

Ensuring that the creek is safe for students is a particular focus for donations. Volunteers will be hosting 19 salmon releases starting April 27, which will bring an estimated 750 students to the watershed.

Find out more about the fund at the council’s table at Tuesday night’s Fauntleroy Food Fest, 6 pm in the Hall at Fauntleroy, or at www.fauntleroywatershed.org.

The FFF is the Fauntleroy Community Association‘s annual membership meeting – community members are invited to enjoy tastings from local restaurants, to find out more about what’s going on in the community – with a multitude of groups (like the Watershed Council) and agencies participating – and to renew FCA membership. (The Hall is at 9131 California SW.)

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WORSHIP WITHOUT WALLS: 2nd annual service day for Fauntleroy Church http://westseattleblog.com/2018/03/worship-without-walls-2nd-annual-service-day-for-fauntleroy-church/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/03/worship-without-walls-2nd-annual-service-day-for-fauntleroy-church/#respond Mon, 19 Mar 2018 01:39:42 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=911733 (All ages made blankets to comfort sick children through Project Linus. Photo by Monika Lidman)

Thanks to Judy Pickens for sending the photos and sharing the report:

Today the second annual Worship Without Walls at Fauntleroy Church drew 120 adults and children to a morning of service, volunteering an estimated 200 hours to Food Lifeline, Friends of Lincoln Park, West Seattle Elementary, Project Linus, and refugee support through the International Rescue Committee.

(Church volunteers repackaged sufficient food for 2,133 meals; here they ready portions of pasta for area food banks. Photo by Bill Zoellner)

The first-ever WWW last year saw volunteers involved with four projects that day.

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FAUNTLEROY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: From Food Fest to farewell http://westseattleblog.com/2018/03/fauntleroy-community-association-from-food-fest-to-farewell/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/03/fauntleroy-community-association-from-food-fest-to-farewell/#comments Thu, 15 Mar 2018 05:37:14 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=911268 By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

The Fauntleroy Community Association‘s always-popular annual membership meeting – known as the Food Fest – is days away. And that was one of several major discussion items at last night’s FCA board meeting – as well as an unexpected announcement.

FAUNTLEROY FOOD FEST: The annual FCA membership meeting is set for 6 pm Tuesday, March 20th, at The Hall at Fauntleroy. So far, eight confirmed food vendors and a multitude of community groups. The bites are free but the big point of this gathering is for Fauntleroy residents, businesses, etc., to renew their annual memberships, and to vote for officers. FCA will also be collecting non-perishable food donations, so bring something for the White Center Food Bank (which serves West Seattle from SW Myrtle southward). The Seattle Police Mobile Precinct is scheduled to be there too for visitors to tour. And Gary Dawson, Fauntleroy’s longtime liaison with Washington State Ferries, says Jon Vezina from WSF will be the first WSF rep at the Food Fest in years. Stop by, ask questions about the forthcoming dock replacement, or anything else. They’re also considering having a HALA upzoning info table too.

JOSLIN BUILDING UPDATE: FCA continues to closely monitor the potential redevelopment of the 9250 45th SW site in the Endolyne business district (first reported here last October).

Board member Alexis Zolner provided a briefing on the newest documents made publicly available – including minutes of a meeting between the city and project reps. (Find the latest docs here.)

(WSB photo from November 2017)

She honed in on details such as City Light saying poles need to be 14 feet from the building, and the need for an on-site vault if the number of units hits a certain level. SDOT was there too and said they might accept extending curbs – narrowing 45th SW – which could take care of the pole-spacing issue. Curb extensions and parking changes might be considered for SW Brace Point Drive too. Zolner said they have a land-use expert involved in helping them review the proposal, which is likely to be a “contract rezone,” and with HALA upzoning, could eventually wind up as NC3-65, double the current height (and more). NC3 would mean big enough to have space for multiple retailers “to allow for comparison shopping,” which seems to outstrip the current status/size of the commercial district there.

It was reiterated that this proposal remains early-stage – no formal application yet. Zolner and several others went to the Southwest Design Review Board‘s most-recent meeting just to see how it works. They got to see the Early Design Guidance review of an Alki project that, she reported, did not go well and resulted in a decision that the project needs another EDG review. FCA will work to mobilize the community when it’s time for the Joslin Building site project to go to the board. (No date yet.) One attendee says it seems unlikely a rezone would be granted for two more stories on top of the one additional floor that HALA would enable.

A major FCA concern regarding the potential project includes the fact that it would not be required to have residential parking (since RapidRide provides what the city considers “frequent transit”). So they’re asking merchants in the area to survey their customers about what kind of transportation people use to get to the businesses. Zolner also said that she’s talked to people in the area who aren’t aware of this proposal but should be.

Ensuing discussion made it clear that FCA is not opposing redevelopment of the site – it’s the potentially massive increase in size that is of concern. “We don’t have to be shy about the fact we care about our neighborhood … when it’s this out of scale, I don’t think it’s a NIMBY thing,” said one attendee.

CRIME/SAFETY: Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Ron Smith had the year-to-date crime stats for Fauntleroy, compared to year-to-date last year: one incident of lewd conduct compared to a year earlier – property crime is down 19 percent overall, 5 burglaries, same as this time last year, theft/larceny is double last year at this time, car prowls are down 41 percent (11 fewer), auto theft double last year.

One recent arson incident, he mentioned – the vehicle set afire by Southwest Athletic Complex (new detail – an accelerant was used). Shots-fired incidents in all of the precinct (West Seattle/South Park), eight so far this year, West has 9, South has 11. “We’re starting to get some funding for quality-of-life issues, trying to increase staffing but struggling to maintain it – this is the generation where people are starting to retire. We still have a large list of officers that want to come to Southwest Precinct but the other precincts aren’t willing to let them leave.” FCA board member Vicki Schmitz Block asked about the woman who sleeps outdoors in The Junction; Lt. Smith said she continues to refuse services, and of course cannot be forced to accept them. A brief discussion of unauthorized camping in general ensued. Lt. Smith noted that when it comes to finding help for people struggling with substance abuse, for example, the city of Spokane has more beds than Seattle.

FCA WEBSITE: Semi-new board member Bill Wellington took this over a few months back and has made some updates and changes but wants the FCA overall, when it can, to determine “what (we) want the website to be,” and also whether other online forms of communication, such as Twitter, can play a role. His questions include, who’s the audience for the website – certainly it’s a place to concentrate information when there are hot topics like the Joslin Building rezone/redevelopment, but in quieter times, what’s its role? The consensus right now is to have a deeper discussion in a few months.

SURVEY: If you live/work in Fauntleroy, have you answered the FCA survey yet? 411 responses so far, reports FCA board member Shannon Ninburg, running ahead of last year already, but they would still love to have more – it’s a meaty survey with questions about hot issues including crime/safety and development, among other things. You have until the end of the month – go here.

PLANTERS: Watch the planters around the Endolyne Triangle area for spring flowers!

FAUNTLEROY/ROSE SIGNAL: FCA is focusing on advocating for this to be funded in the Your Voice, Your Choice process; the nearest project-review meeting is coming up on March 26th (5:30-7:30 pm, Southwest Library, 9010 35th SW). FCA board member Marty Westerman says 20,000 crossings happen there each year.

TRIANGLE ROUTE TASK FORCE: Gary Dawson noted that the group is now meeting every other month. He says Monday was the first day of changed procedures and task-force members were asked to observe (we’re following up with WSF about this). Their next meeting is 4:30-7 pm March 29th at Fauntleroy Church.

LEAVING THE BOARD: Dawson had a personal announcement – he said not only is he is completing his fourth term on the Ferry Advisory Committee for Fauntleroy and is not seeking a fifth, but he also will be leaving the FCA board after more than 20 years. He lauded the talent of new board members as well as veterans and said it’s time to make room for others. “We will miss your contributions immensely,” FCA president Mike Dey told him, and others echoed the warm words.

The Fauntleroy Community Association board meets most months, second Tuesdays, 7 pm, at the schoolhouse (9131 California SW), all welcome, but especially invites you to the aforementioned Food Fest next week. And you can check in between meetings at fauntleroy.net.

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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: South Delridge search; stolen Dodge Ram Megacab truck http://westseattleblog.com/2018/03/west-seattle-crime-watch-south-delridge-search-stolen-pickup-truck/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/03/west-seattle-crime-watch-south-delridge-search-stolen-pickup-truck/#comments Wed, 14 Mar 2018 22:11:15 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=911389 Two items in West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon:

SOUTH DELRIDGE POLICE SEARCH: A man was stabbed in the hand in the 8800 block of Delridge Way SW this past hour and police say they know who they are looking for. The victim originally declined medical assistance, so what was briefly dispatched as an “assault with weapons” response quickly closed, while the search proceeded. No description info.

STOLEN PICKUP TRUCK: Barbara reports, “Our 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Megacab was stolen out of our driveway in upper Fauntleroy probably early this morning. Think we heard it drive away at 5:00 a.m.” Here’s an image of it as shown on Google Maps:

If you see it, call 911. (added Sunday) The owner is “also offering a reward in the amount of $250 for information leading to the recovery of our truck.”

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‘In danger of losing these gains,’ Fauntleroy Watershed Stewardship Fund created http://westseattleblog.com/2018/03/in-danger-of-losing-these-gains-fauntleroy-watershed-stewardship-fund-created/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/03/in-danger-of-losing-these-gains-fauntleroy-watershed-stewardship-fund-created/#respond Fri, 02 Mar 2018 23:01:12 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=910372 (Photos courtesy Fauntleroy Watershed Council)

By Dennis Hinton
Special to West Seattle Blog

If you value natural areas in West Seattle and want to keep them healthy and safe, you may now make a tax-deductible donation toward ongoing stewardship of two of them: Fauntleroy Creek and Fauntleroy Park.

Initial goal for the new Fauntleroy Watershed Stewardship Fund is $30,000.

The Fauntleroy Watershed Council has arranged for EarthCorps, a 501(c)3 international environmental training program headquartered in Seattle, to receive one-time and monthly donations to the fund. Gifts will help pay for work along the creek and in the park that otherwise would not be funded.

“We’ve made a lot of progress since 1989 in restoring natural features of the neighborhood, primarily
with $2 million in public and foundation funding,” said Judy Pickens, a member of the council’s executive committee. “In recent years, grants have become so scarce that we’re in danger of losing these gains.”

Of particular concern is maintaining the safety of areas used as both classroom and lab by the nearly
11,000 students who have visited the creek and park since 1995 to learn about clean water, a healthy
environment, and salmon-friendly habitat.

Pickens noted that governmental priorities have shifted just when the effects of climate change are becoming evident. Peak flows in the creek are now seven times what they were in 2007, putting pressure on weirs designed decades ago for milder conditions. Also, summer droughts have become the norm, threatening vegetation that holds soil and cools the water for salmon and other aquatic life.

The $30,000 would fund permits, design, supplies, and EarthCorps labor to upgrade weirs and vegetation in the lower creek to withstand heavy flows and improve bank stability, spawner access, and student safety over the long term.

“The work that’s now needed is often too hazardous for volunteers or it requires the expertise and equipment of contractors,” explained Peggy Cummings, one of two volunteer forest stewards for the watershed. “This fund gives residents a tangible way to continue to be involved.”

You can donate:

-Online. Go to the donation page at earthcorps.org, select “This gift is in honor or memory of someone,” and write “Fauntleroy Watershed Stewardship”

-By postal mail. Write “Fauntleroy Watershed Stewardship” on the memo line of your check and mail to Development Office, EarthCorps, 6310 NE 74th St., #201E, Seattle, WA 98115.

-In person. Give your check to any member of the council’s executive committee: Judy Pickens
(judy_pickens@msn.com; 206-938-4203), Peggy Cummings (peggyc@seanet.com; 206-369-4830), or Dennis Hinton (denhinton@msn.com; 206-937-1410).

For a full prospectus, stop by the council’s table at the March 20 Fauntleroy Food Fest or visit www.fauntleroywatershed.org/donate.html, where you’ll also find the 2017 watershed annual report.

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TICKET TIME! Ready to serve up your spot at Taste of West Seattle 2018 http://westseattleblog.com/2018/03/ticket-time-ready-to-serve-up-your-spot-at-taste-of-west-seattle-2018/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/03/ticket-time-ready-to-serve-up-your-spot-at-taste-of-west-seattle-2018/#respond Thu, 01 Mar 2018 21:03:05 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=910258
(WSB photo from Taste of West Seattle 2017)

It’s the most delicious nonprofit-benefiting event of the year, and an enjoyably efficient way to sample dozens of local food and beverage purveyors – the Taste of West Seattle, presented by and benefiting West Seattle Helpline. As of today, tickets are on sale for this year’s ToWS, which is happening May 24th at The Hall at Fauntleroy. And Helpline is still signing up vendors and sponsors, too. The announcement!

The West Seattle Helpline is THRILLED to announce that Metropolitan Market is back as our presenting sponsor for Taste 2018! Metropolitan Market has been a supporter of the West Seattle Helpline since our organization was founded and we are so thankful for their steadfast support.

This local, community-based food fair is the largest event of its kind in West Seattle. This year’s Taste will feature food and drink from more than 50 different restaurants, breweries, wineries, coffee shops, bakeries, chocolatiers, and more – all from right here in West Seattle!

All proceeds from the event go directly to the West Seattle Helpline’s emergency assistance programs. These services stabilize and support low-income individuals and families in West Seattle and White Center who are recovering from a crisis or unexpected hardship.

The Taste has drawn a sell-out crowd of more than 500 people for the past seven years. Make sure to get your tickets before they sell out!


Sign up to participate as a West Seattle food/drink vendor – go here

Become a sponsor of the Taste of West Seattle 2018 – go here

The event runs from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm (VIP entry at 6:00 pm; General Admission at 6:30 pm). See our coverage from last year’s Taste of West Seattle here.

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POWER OUTAGE UPDATES: 370+ customers in Gatewood, Upper Fauntleroy; 4,100+ restored in Shorewood, WC; new outage along part of Roxbury http://westseattleblog.com/2018/02/west-seattle-power-outage-150-customers-in-gatewood-upper-fauntleroy/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/02/west-seattle-power-outage-150-customers-in-gatewood-upper-fauntleroy/#comments Sun, 18 Feb 2018 22:59:09 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=909345

2:59 PM: First significant power outage in West Seattle since the weather got blustery on Friday – more than 150 customers in Gatewood and Upper Fauntleroy, including WSB HQ, per the City Light outage map. More to come.

3:09 PM: The cause isn’t listed yet but the restoration guesstimate is 9 pm – as always, we caution that it can be fixed a lot sooner (like that recent 1 1/2-hour outage) or much later. Meantime, a much-bigger outage has just happened in the White Center/Shorewood/north Burien area – 4,100+ customers:

4:04 PM: SCL blames the White Center-and-beyond fire on a tree. Meanwhile, we’re checking out a brush-fire call in west Gatewood that’s blamed on downed wires – we don’t know if it’s related to the outage but it’s not far. Separate coverage here.

4:23 PM: As noted in comments, the big outage to the south has been resolved, as verified by the SCL map. The outage east of Lincoln Park, not yet.

5:53 PM: New outage as of a little over an hour ago – two pockets on SW Roxbury in the 26th/28th area, and we’re told that is affecting Roxbury Safeway. We’ll be checking there in a bit.

6:46 PM: Roxbury Safeway has some power inside but cold cases are covered and there’s no external lighting. Meantime, the outage in our HQ area, east of and uphill from Lincoln Park, is now listed as 371 customers. Still a 9 pm restoration guesstimate, but no cause – the wires-down fire is likely related.

9:34 PM: Still in the outage zone but we did see a couple City Light trucks a few blocks away while we were on our way back here a short time ago. The restoration guesstimate has been pushed back to ~1:29 am but please remember, it’s not based on anything scientific, as City Light itself will tell you, so it’s just a guess. Some important things to remember:

-It’s cold but in trying to stay warm, you need to follow carbon-monoxide-safety rules.

-Wondering about the safety of food in your refrigerator? Read the FDA advice and guidelines.

2 AM: Our power came back on around 1:30. Now there’s a new 90-customer outage along Walnut.

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UPDATE: Fire call in Fauntleroy, dog rescued http://westseattleblog.com/2018/02/fire-call-in-fauntleroy-9100-block-45th-sw/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/02/fire-call-in-fauntleroy-9100-block-45th-sw/#comments Tue, 13 Feb 2018 20:27:27 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=908823

12:27 PM: Seattle Fire has a big response on the way to the 9100 block of 45th SW in Fauntleroy. More to come.

12:32 PM: We’re just arriving – smoke is visible. It’s a three-story condo building with fire in one unit, per SFD radio, with one firefighter noting they’ve rescued a dog. (Photo added)

And if you’re hearing a helicopter, it’s a TV chopper taking a look.

12:39 PM: SFD tells us this was an electrical problem in a wall and while it generated a lot of smoke, it was confined to the wall. Nobody hurt.

12:44 PM: Note that 45th SW is blocked between Wildwood and Director (just north of the Endolyne mini-business district) until more of the SFD units leave.

4:47 PM: Update from SFD on fire’s cause: “Fire investigators ruled the fire as accidental. Fire was caused by ignition of combustible materials placed too close to an electric wall heater. Estimated loss is $55,000.”

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DONE EARLY: Fauntleroy/Wildwood intersection has reopened http://westseattleblog.com/2018/02/done-early-fauntleroy-wildwood-intersection-has-reopened/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/02/done-early-fauntleroy-wildwood-intersection-has-reopened/#comments Fri, 09 Feb 2018 22:23:13 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=908490

2:23 PM: The project that was supposed to close the Fauntleroy/Wildwood intersection for two weeks is done in less than one. The intersection is open again, and crews are removing the no-parking signs on the SW Trenton detour route. No official alert updates yet; we’ll update when that happens. The work involved replacing concrete road panels, plus a curb ramp.

4:48 PM: Metro has since sent a rider alert via text and tweet that it has resumed its regular route in the area.

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TRAFFIC/TRANSIT REMINDER: Fauntleroy/Wildwood closure set to start Monday http://westseattleblog.com/2018/02/traffic-transit-reminder-fauntleroy-wildwood-closure-set-to-start-monday/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/02/traffic-transit-reminder-fauntleroy-wildwood-closure-set-to-start-monday/#comments Mon, 05 Feb 2018 02:34:20 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=908008

Another reminder that tomorrow is the scheduled start of the SDOT project that will close the intersection of Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Wildwood [map], just south of the ferry terminal, for up to two weeks, for replacement of concrete road panels and construction of a curb ramp. That means a traffic detour, bus reroutes, and parking restrictions nearby, including along the temporary bus route, which includes SW Trenton.

-The original SDOT announcement with detour info is here
-The detailed Metro reroute announcement for RapidRide C Line and Route 116 is here

SDOT says the closure starts at 7 am Monday; Metro says the reroutes begin at the “start of service” for the affected routes. We will be checking the area for our regular weekday traffic/transit coverage. You can check traffic cameras in the vicinity via this page on the Washington State Ferries website.

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FOLLOWUP: How Metro plans to reroute C Line, Route 116 buses during road closure south of Fauntleroy ferry dock http://westseattleblog.com/2018/01/followup-how-metro-plans-to-reroute-c-line-route-116-buses-during-road-closure-south-of-fauntleroy-ferry-dock/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/01/followup-how-metro-plans-to-reroute-c-line-route-116-buses-during-road-closure-south-of-fauntleroy-ferry-dock/#comments Thu, 01 Feb 2018 03:52:15 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=907676

That sign is on the corner of Fauntleroy and Trenton, which is now confirmed as part of the reroute for buses once SDOT starts its two weeks of work – announced Monday – closing the intersection of Fauntleroy/Wildwood, just south of the ferry terminal. Metro has now finalized the reroute plan for the C Line and Route 116 buses, and has published it here (PDF). The project replacing some of the road panels and adding a curb ramp is scheduled to start next Monday, lasting up to two weeks.

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STAIRWAY WORK: Fauntleroy/Director closed for SDOT project; see which West Seattle stairways are next http://westseattleblog.com/2018/01/stairway-closed-sdot-work-at-fauntleroy-director/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/01/stairway-closed-sdot-work-at-fauntleroy-director/#comments Tue, 30 Jan 2018 20:24:47 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=907570

12:24 PM: Discovered this morning that the stairway at SW Director Street/upper Fauntleroy Way, between the Fauntleroy fish-ladder viewpoint and northbound RapidRide C Line stop, is closed for SDOT work. Further research turned up this map, which reveals it’s one of four city-owned stairways on the list scheduled for work this year, along with:

-SW Hill St between 42nd Ave SW & California Ave SW
-SW Holly St & Beveridge Pl SW to 46th Ave SW
-California Ave SW & SW Willow St

We’re checking with SDOT to see how long the work is expected to last, and which West Seattle stairway project will be next up.

3:33 PM: SDOT’s Greg Funk has replied with the info:

-SW Director “just started” and could reopen February 19th if all goes well
-California/Willow is expected to start February 26th, “substantial completion” March 16th
-Hill/42nd is expected to start April 30th, “substantial completion” June 8th
-Holly/46th is expected to start June 11th, “substantial completion August 17th

“Substantial completion” means “stairway will have temporary handrail and (will be) opened to the public until our rail fabricators finish the install of new rail.”

Two other stairway projects will be in “design options” mode this year – SW Thistle (east of Lincoln Park) and Bonair SW.

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QUESTIONS FOR YOU: Fauntleroy Community Association launches 2018 survey http://westseattleblog.com/2018/01/questions-for-you-fauntleroy-community-association-launches-2018-survey/ Tue, 30 Jan 2018 17:04:00 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=907550 Live and/or work in Fauntleroy? It’s survey time, as just announced by the Fauntleroy Community Association:

Every two years, the Fauntleroy Community Association (FCA) conducts a community survey to help us determine what topics, issues, and concerns are important to the residents of Fauntleroy. It helps the FCA prioritize and strategize, and gives us direct feedback about what matters to the community.

We want to hear what Fauntleroy residents currently think are the most important issues for the area. If you live in the Fauntleroy area, please take the survey (by going here).

It will only take a few minutes, and will help guide FCA’s efforts in the coming years.

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ROAD-WORK ALERT: 2-week closure ahead, south of Fauntleroy ferry dock http://westseattleblog.com/2018/01/road-work-alert-2-week-closure-ahead-south-of-fauntleroy-ferry-dock/ http://westseattleblog.com/2018/01/road-work-alert-2-week-closure-ahead-south-of-fauntleroy-ferry-dock/#comments Mon, 29 Jan 2018 23:23:34 +0000 http://westseattleblog.com/?p=907507 A big road-work project near the Fauntleroy ferry dock will detour traffic – including buses – starting one week from today. The announcement just in:

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) advises travelers that contractors will close the intersection of Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Wildwood Place, just south of the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal, beginning Monday morning, February 5, through Monday, February 19.

Crews will replace concrete road panels at the intersection, and install a curb ramp on the northeast corner.

Between 7 a.m. on Monday, February 5 and 5 p.m. on Monday, February 19, travelers can expect:

The intersection of Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Wildwood Place to be closed in all directions.

Signed detours will be in place:

Motorists exiting the ferry terminal wanting to head southbound will be directed to go northbound on Fauntleroy Way, turn right on SW Morgan St, and right onto 35th Ave SW to head southbound to their destination.

King County Metro’s Rapid Ride C Line will be detoured along SW Trenton St and 45th Ave SW.

There will be No Parking on either side of SW Trenton St between Fauntleroy Way SW and 45th Ave SW.

There will be No Parking on the west side of 45th Ave SW for 100 feet in both directions of SW Director St.

Temporary parking restrictions are necessary for the detour bus route.

Check Metro’s Alerts & Updates page for additional bus route information.

Construction will occur Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. Saturday construction may be required to finish within the scheduled timeframe.

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