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West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 more stolen vehicles to watch for

Two more stolen vehicles reported overnight – if you see either one, call 911.

STOLEN WORK TRUCK: From Mardi – “At 4:40 am, our 2016 Ford F-150 was stolen from our parking spot on our private road, Seola Lane. The quad-door truck is white with royal blue decals that say Multi-M Construction all over it. We live real close to Arbor Heights, White Center, and Burien. Please keep an eye out.”

STOLEN FROM OWNER’S WORKPLACE: Someone stole Robby‘s truck from in front of his workplace, West Seattle Produce (4722 Fauntleroy Way SW), sometime between 9 pm Sunday and 7 am today. It’s a 1994 white Jeep Cherokee (looks like this photo), plate 165-ZXN.

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West Seattle Crime Watch: Seen this stolen car?

SUNDAY NIGHT: Now that the Fauntleroy whale situation is mostly resolved, we’re getting back to other news, starting with a stolen car: Scott reports, “My 2000 Honda CRV was stolen from in front of my house on 49th SW between Hinds and Spokane Streets sometime after midnight last night. I notified the police and hopefully will get it back but really just perplexed that anyone would take my old (but beloved) Honda.”

ADDED MONDAY MORNING: A little more information from Scott: “Plate is ANJ0347. It’s a pretty unique silver CRV, slightly lifted with bigger than normal all terrain tires and a bike rack on back. Black carrier basket on roof rack.” If you see it, call 911 (and then let us know!).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen ashes; scam callers try again

ORIGINAL REPORT, 5:42 PM SATURDAY: Two more West Seattle Crime Watch notes as evening arrives:

STOLEN ASHES: Car prowlers might not have realized what they were stealing from Meghan: “Another car break in (in the 2100 block of) Fairmount Ave. This time they stole fishing gear and an urn with ashes in it. It’s a wood box about 12 by 12 and in a red velvet bag. We would really like the ashes back, could you post something about it, in case they ditched it on the side of the road somewhere around West Seattle?”

UPDATE, 3:25 PM SUNDAY: We heard this afternoon from Maureen, who said she found the ashes and took them back to the funeral home on the label, which said they’d contact the family; then she found this story. We sent a note to Meghan to be sure she’d heard; Maureen, meantime, re-contacted the funeral home, which said it had reached the family.

(Back to the original story)

FAKE ‘CITY LIGHT’ SCAM CALLERS, AGAIN: This has been going on now for years, but just in case you haven’t heard or forgotten – Jenny from The Bridge says she got the classic scam call today: “I received a call from a person claiming to be a technician with Seattle City Light and that he was going to disconnect me unless I called a number and paid my bill. I called the number, asked them to verify my account number, at which point they hung up.” That’s not the way City Light works, as the utility explains on its Scam Alert page; SCL says you can report suspected scams to them at 206-684-3000 and to the SPD non-emergency line at 206-625-5011.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Car theft, and what was left behind

One reader report so far today – a stolen car in south Admiral. From JW:

My car was stolen last night (2000 white Honda CR-V, license AQK1600, bike rack) from Hanford and California, parked on Hanford between California and 42nd Ave SW. There was at least one other neighbor who had a break-in to his vehicle parked right next to mine, and there was a first aid kit left on sidewalk that doesn’t belong to either of us if anyone had a break-in and is missing that. Heard a noise between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m., but it’s so loud in the neighborhood nowadays, didn’t think much of it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. If you missed the story late last night, the car-theft suspect arrested in Highland Park early Thursday has already been charged.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Charges filed against robbery, car-theft suspects

Two suspects whose arrests we reported earlier this week are now charged.

TRIPLE ROBBERY SUSPECT: Coleman E. Calloway is the 48-year-old man charged with one count of first-degree robbery and two counts of second-degree robbery for three holdups in three days. In charging documents, prosecutors describe him as “a career criminal with 13 felony convictions” who has spent “a large amount of his adult life in prison”; their request to raise his bail to $250,000 was granted. The narrative in the charging documents is the same as what we reported here last night after his bail hearing, detailing the robbery of the Capitol Hill QFC last Saturday morning, then West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) last Monday night, and the Washington Federal bank in Morgan Junction on Tuesday morning. No weapon was seen in any of the robberies, but Calloway is alleged to have told the QFC cashier he had one. Charging documents say he netted a total of almost $2,000 in the three holdups.

CAR-THEFT SUSPECT: Nicholas V. Renion is the 37-year-old man arrested in Highland Park early Thursday, as reported here. He is charged with one count of motor-vehicle theft, and prosecutors say he too is a career criminal – “arrested 44 times since 1997 … 59 warrants issued for his arrest in King County alone.” His convictions include multiple counts of theft, vehicle prowling, and assault. The charging documents have a few additional details beyond what was provided in the SPD Blotter report we quoted, including that the car was stolen in the 9400 block of 14th SW, blocks from where police spotted it on SW Roxbury. When police found Renion in a garage in the 1000 block of SW Portland, he claimed he lived there, but the homeowners told police that wasn’t true. Charging papers show his “last known address” was in Lakewood. They also show that prosecutors wanted Renion’s bail set at $25,000, but the King County Jail Register show it as only $5,000, and that he had just been released less than a week before this arrest, after serving more than a month in a theft case.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen, found bicycles; hit-and-run

ORIGINAL REPORT, 4:22 PM: This afternoon’s West Seattle Crime Watch roundup starts with three bicycle reports.

First, Pam found this bike, abandoned:
She explained, “Girls’ Specialized, found ditched in alley between 47th and 46th sound of Edmunds.”

Next, Julie reports two stolen bicycles: “They were taken from California ave and Genesee – (one is a) hot rock bike; (the other) is periwinkle color, a little bit of rust on the shocks. My daughter was just riding it Wednesday evening. The Trek is probably about a 1994-1995 year, has the side grips that come out from the handle bars. I can describe specifics and scratches on it. Just want them returned please, no questions asked. We have done long-distance bike rides and they are both very sentimental to the family.”

From Justin:

’95 Specialized Stumpjumper, black, stolen from in front of Admiral Bird Cafe.

And now the hit-and-run report, from Lily:

This morning at about 6:45 am on 8/5/16 (Incident # 16-281319): A white older Model F250 was seen sideswiping a green Ford Ranger on Alki Ave SW between 55th Ave SW and 56th Ave SW.

The White F250 was an older model with a white canopy and a Dark (possibly black) shell storage on the top.

The license plate was an Idaho plate, but although there were many witnesses on the scene, no one was able to get the license number as the driver sped off at a high rate of speed.

Any help in identifying this hit and run driver is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help!

9:27 PM UPDATE: In case you haven’t seen this in the comments – the found bike in the photo turned out to be one of two stolen bikes another reader subsequently mentioned. Owner and bike have been reunited, though the family’s second bike is still out there somewhere.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: $150,000 bail for man suspected of 3-robbery spree

Bail is set at $150,000 for the 48-year-old man accused of robbing three businesses in three days, two of them in Morgan Junction, eerily echoing the triple robbery case that sent him to prison a decade ago. We received documents this evening from his bail hearing. Here’s what they allege:

He’s accused of starting the robbery spree on Saturday morning, when, police say, he arrived at the Capitol Hill QFC in a cab, went into the store and robbed a clerk, claiming he had a gun, then hopping back into the cab three minutes later with $1,100 in stolen money.

The robbery and getaway were caught on surveillance video; police found out the cab had then taken the robber to West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor), where he bought cigarettes and beer. He was gone by the time they arrived but store employees recalled that the man had been recognized and greeted by a customer they knew as a resident of Cal-Mor Circle across the street. Police, meantime, took images from the Thriftway surveillance camera and circulated them. A Department of Corrections community officer subsequently recognized the man as someone with whom they had dealt. Records showed the man’s last known address was his mother’s apartment at Cal-Mor Circle.

Then on Monday night, Thriftway was robbed by what surveillance video showed to be the same man; he demanded money from a clerk and got away with $320. Twelve hours later, the Washington Federal bank across Fauntleroy Way was robbed, and surveillance video showed another match.

After that, police caught up with the suspect’s mother and asked her to contact them if her son returned to the building. Later in the afternoon, she reported he had just arrived; when police got there, she and her son were waiting outside, and he was taken into custody without incident. The police report says he confessed to all three robberies and also made a point of saying he had never had a weapon and didn’t hurt anyone.

His criminal history in online records dates back almost 30 years; his most recent felony convictions were for another three-business-robbery spree in West Seattle and Capitol Hill, in May 2005 – at the former Video Vault store in Morgan Junction, at the Staples store in Westwood Village, and at a Safeway on Capitol Hill. Court documents from that case also show a cab used as a getaway car. He already had an “extensive criminal history,” as prosecutors described it, when sentenced to 11 1/2 years in prison for those holdups.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Auto-theft suspect arrested; stolen car, found; stolen van, not (yet) found; bike, found…

ORIGINAL REPORT, 12:09 PM: In West Seattle Crime Watch today:

CAR THIEF, ARRESTED: We received a couple questions about police in Highland Park around 3 am. Just in from SPD Blotter, the details:

On August 4th, at approximately 2:00 am, Officer Bryan Grozav took a report of a stolen 2006 Subaru Legacy. As he was leaving the scene after taking the report, Grozav saw the stolen Subaru driving on South Roxbury Street. The officer attempted to follow the car, but it quickly drove off. About 10 minutes later, Sergeant Tamara Floyd saw the Subaru on Roxbury driving at a high rate of speed. The Subaru was emitting a strong odor, caused by the driver burning the clutch.

At about 2:40 am, Officer Sam Specht was in the area of 9th Avenue SW and SW Trenton Street when he noticed the strong odor of a vehicle’s burning clutch. The officer saw the stolen car drive into an alley near 11th Ave SW. The officer located the unoccupied stolen Subaru in the alley and requested a K9 team to respond and additional officers for containment.

K9 Officer Mark Wong and Police Dog Ziva responded and began to track from the stolen car. They tracked the suspect for several blocks until they reached a garage with an open door in the 1000 block of SW Portland Street. Officers entered the garage and found the suspect hiding behind the door. The suspect was arrested without incident.

The vehicle’s owner responded to the scene and took possession of his Subaru. The 37-year-old suspect was later booked into the King County Jail for investigation of auto theft.

(added) Just took a quick look at the suspect’s history; this is his fourth time in King County Jail in just under a year.

(back to original report) Our next report is also from Highland Park:

STOLEN CAR, FOUND: Trina shared photos of this Honda Accord, saying it “has clearly been stolen and dropped on my block”:
She continued, “The car looks like it’s been hotwired; the driver’s door has been cracked like they went for a joy ride and dropped and ran. The car is at the 7900 block of 5th Ave SW. It’s been there a couple days and no one on the block knows about it.” As soon as we saw the photos, we looked up the license plate via SPD’s @getyourcarback Twitter feed of Seattle stolen-car reports – and there it was, stolen July 31st. Whether stolen from West Seattle or elsewhere, we don’t know, as @getyourcarback still does not include any sort of location information (we’ve begged!), which is why reader reports are so important. Meantime, we asked Trina to let police know, if she hasn’t already … and if you know whose car this is, let them know it’s been found!

STOLEN VAN: Frank‘s 2000 gray/green Honda Odyssey van was stolen in The Junction last Sunday night/Monday morning. WA plate APT5575 – call 911 if you see it.

FOUND BIKE: Lori found this in her yard along an alley near 27th SW/SW Elmgrove:


Look familiar?

ADDED 1:22 PM – BURGLARY: Just in from Cynthia:

I am in the 7800 block of 39th Ave SW – Gatewood; break-in, back door – broke glass in door; white male, plaid shorts and tool belt. Happened around 11:45am…. took off out back down the alley.

Police have been notified.

West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Morgan Junction bank-robbery suspect also under investigation for two grocery-store holdups

As first reported here last night, police arrested a suspect hours after Tuesday morning’s bank robbery at Washington Federal in Morgan Junction – and we now have confirmation from police that he is also the suspect in Monday night’s holdup at West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) across the street from the bank, as well as an earlier robbery at a QFC on Capitol Hill. The 48-year-old suspect was booked into jail after midnight today, so his first bail hearing won’t be until tomorrow. We’ve been working to get even more information from police, but this is what we’ve been able to confirm so far through the Southwest Precinct. Online records show his criminal history in this state goes back almost 30 years.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Jessica Detrick charged in two burglaries


Repeat burglar Jessica Detrick – known for prowling with her dog in tow – is now charged in two West Seattle burglaries, including the one in which she was caught on a security camera, as shown above.

When we first published that photo on July 18th, after the victim of the burglary in Upper Fauntleroy sent it to us, readers quickly noted the resemblance to the prowler-and-dog video we had published in May, weeks before her arrest in connection with Highland Park/South Delridge cases in June.

Detrick, 36, had been charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass in connection with those June cases, and got out of jail after three days. Since then, as we noted in last month’s story, a warrant had been issued for her arrest due to failure to appear for “day reporting.”

While making a routine check of the jail register early today, we discovered that she had been booked on July 23rd; four days later, she was charged with two counts of residential burglary – for the July 18th Upper Fauntleroy burglary and for a break-in at a home in the 8800 block of 16th SW on June 19th. Her bail is set at $101,000 – $100,000 for the burglary cases, $1,000 for the earlier warrant. Prosecutors asked for the relatively high bail amount, saying that they believe “defendant is escalating her serial (residential) burglary conduct and poses a danger to the community.” The charging documents summarize Detrick’s history as “38 warrants in King County alone since 2000 … multi-state criminal history, including arrest history in Illinois and conviction and warrant history in Arizona.”

West Seattle Crime Watch update: Morgan Junction bank-robbery suspect arrested

(UPDATED 6:16 PM with word of arrest)


11:45 AM: Thanks for the tips about a major police presence in Morgan Junction – we’ve confirmed that the Washington Federal branch at California/Fauntleroy has been robbed. No other details right now – we’re waiting to talk with police to at least get a description. The bank is closed for now as police investigate, with a note on the door attributing the closure to an “emergency.” This is right across the street from West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor), which was robbed late last night, but we don’t know yet if there’s any connection. More to come.

12:19 PM: We’ve just talked to a sergeant on scene who told us they don’t know yet how much money the robber got away with, but they do have a description – heavyset black man, 6 feet tall, in his 40s. That is similar to the description of the man who robbed Thriftway last night, but police say it’s too soon to say whether this is the same person or not. No word if a photo will be circulated publicly as it was with last week’s Bank of America holdup.

6:15 PM: We’ve just confirmed with SW Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis that a suspect has been arrested – he says detectives “did a stellar job” in identifying the suspect. Expecting more information soon.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police search for Thriftway robber


10:59 PM: Police are searching in Morgan Junction for someone reported to have just robbed, or tried to rob, West Seattle Thriftway (California/Fauntleroy/Morgan; WSB sponsor). Early information from scanner has this description: Man in his 40s, dark skin, bald, 6′, heavyset, wearing a blue sleeveless sweater or vest and blue basketball shorts, last seen headed away from the store, northbound on California SW. He is reported to have demanded money from a cashier, though no weapon is reported to have been seen. Call 911 with any information.

11:45 PM: A K-9 team joined the search for a while, but no arrest reported so far.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Tire slashers hit two streets

We’ve had multiple reports of a tire-slashing rampage on at least two streets southwest of Admiral overnight:

Karen on 48th SW sent the photo and reports, “We woke to find several cars with punctured tires today on our street. Three in our section of the block and at least three to the north. Our neighbors and I are reporting to the police via online reporting. Some of us were lucky and only had one puncture others had two. AAA said there is a slash in the tire. Looks like they hit cars from Stevens to Hinds so far.” [map]

Then Emily reported: “The tires on my car and a few of my neighbors’ on my block were slashed last night. 47th Ave between Hinds and Spokane. Jerks.”

And Jennie reported seeing “numerous cars with flat tires as I was riding my bike on my way to work this morning. Along 48th Ave SW, they were all between Stevens and Hanford. Then on 47th between Hanford and Spokane. I’d say I saw at least a dozen flat/deflated tires and some cars even had two.”

If it happened to you too, be sure to file a police report. You can do it online by going here. And if you witnessed anything potentially related to this – call it in.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Sign torched; stolen, priceless bicycle; recognize these golf clubs?

In West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports tonight:

SIGN ARSON: Within the past half-hour, somebody set a political sign on fire in Gunner‘s yard in Highland Park (7500 block 12th SW). It was a sign for 7th District Congressional candidate Brady Piñero Walkinshaw. A neighbor saw it on fire and knocked on the door to sound the alert; no suspect description. Police have been called. Gunner says another yard sign (for Vision Zero) was untouched.

SHOTS OR FIREWORKS? Several people have e-mailed today about hearing possible gunfire from south Admiral to south of The Junction to Morgan Junction early this morning. The latter appeared to be fireworks, around 4:20 am, according to one person who says she saw the flashes. No confirmed gunfire reports on the SPD log so far, and we can definitively say no shooting victim(s) turned up.

STOLEN BICYCLE WITH EXTRA SENTIMENTAL VALUE: Have you seen this old, but priceless, bike stolen from Justin?

It was stolen out of a secured parking area on California near Morgan Junction Friday night. It’s a green, men’s, mountain-bike style bicycle with no name label. It was built at home with a kit. It does have a Marin County bicycle sticker on it (pink on the sticker). It’s heavy and has toe-clips (not for clip-in shoes). The black handle bars have extensions (also black). It has 26-inch wheels currently with Ritchie slick tires. It has (had) a red Canondale pouch under the seat. Still in good condition, but it’s over 20 years old. My late uncle built it and I’d really like it back.

FOUND, LIKELY STOLEN, GOLF CLUBS: Jessica sent the photo and report:

(Saturday) evening I found a set of golf clubs that had been dumped in an alley between 34th and 35th SW. They were apparently stolen, because the pockets of the bag were strewn about. They are in a blue Wilson Staff bag and one of the clubs is engraved for Travis.

P.S. – NIGHT OUT: Having a Night Out block party on Tuesday? Let us know, so we can potentially stop by for a photo! We’ll also welcome your photos and party updates –, texted to 206-293-6302, or tweeted/Instagrammed with a tag to us @westseattleblog – thanks!

West Seattle Crime Watch: Junction shoplifter; Highland Park car/mailbox break-ins; Triangle bike theft; CDs found in Gatewood..

4:57 PM: We have several West Seattle Crime Watch reports for this roundup, but first, something working right now:

JUNCTION SHOPLIFTER: Donna from City Mouse (4218 SW Alaska) in The Junction wants to warn of a shoplifter who just hit her store this past hour: “Hair in a bun with a flower garland headband. Light colored pants. Large white satchel. Tall. African American. Maybe 30?”

ADDED 5:04 PM – HIGHLAND PARK CAR/MAILBOX BREAK-INS ON CAMERA: From the 8th and Elmgrove area:

This happened while we were on vacation. It was at 12:28 am on Friday, July 22nd. We just got home. Two men in a black 4-door car broke into our car. Unfortunately it was unlocked, which we are still trying to figure out because we locked and armed both our vehicles before we left. They stole stereo equipment and a bunch of mechanic tools that were in the trunk. They were at our car for 6 minutes! Then when they were done cleaning out the car, they checked all the mail boxes and pried open our neighbors lock box. You can see two different men in the video. The first one’s face is not really clear, but the second one is. …

The car pulls into camera view at 12:28:46. The first man’s face is visible at 12:29:34. The second mans face is visible at 12:33:20. At the end of the video is where he breaks the lock box. … I am so done with stupid people getting away with stuff like this. We did file a police report. The police actually showed up 15 minutes after we called them!

BIKE STOLEN IN THE TRIANGLE: Nicole‘s new bicycle was stolen at her workplace on Thursday:

Around 6:45 pm 7/28/16 I was getting ready to close the shop, I’m a barista at Realfine Coffee, and while making a drink for a customer, this man in a newer white Infiniti came to use the bathroom. As he was leaving he jumped right on my bike – we have a garage door that was open where I keep it – and rode off as fast as he could while someone in the car drove off. My customer chased after him with all of his might for about 15 minutes but was unsuccessful.

I am really upset because I had worked so hard to buy that bike and have only had it for a week now. It is a vita sport disc. Matted black, it says Specialized in teal and has some pink as well, medium sized, and straight handlebars.


Crazy amount of thefts/car prowls happening in our neighborhood this month, west of Gatewood Elementary.

(A paper grocery) bag of CD’s with two cases, blue and purple, was found in front of the house next door. Perhaps they belong to someone in the neighborhood? They were most likely left by the same person(s) who got into our car and took two backpacks. We circulated the photos around to our neighbors, but no luck, perhaps you can post them on the blog and someone might be able to reclaim them? I have them at our house.

NORTH DELRIDGE CAR PROWL: From A – “Someone went through our truck and stole some tools – hammers, drill bits, etc – from one of the truck’s drawers on the 2800 block of SW Dakota St … sometime after 6 pm on 7/28 and (before) 7:30 am 7/29.”


(Thursday) around 10 am, this person trespassed into our backyard (Arbor Heights – Marine View Dr SW) and was seen by our babysitter, who took the picture.

Nothing appeared out of place or missing. He was in our backyard for around poking and looking around for about 2 minutes. If you have any information regarding this person, please call the Seattle Police Department at 206-733-9800 and reference Incident #16-272005.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Highland Park arrests; 2 reader reports

We start this West Seattle Crime Watch roundup with a report from SPD Blotter:

HIGHLAND PARK ARRESTS: Police arrested two men, ages 23 and 24, and got a stolen van back late last night. The SPD Blotter report says it started with “a report of a white van driving up and down the street in the area of 7th Avenue SW and SW Elmgrove Street. The call stated that the two males inside the van were yelling at people as they drove by. Officers found the van in an alley in the 700 block of SW Kenyon Street and discovered both the van and its license plates had been reported stolen. As officers were examining the vehicle, a man approached them and asked them if they were looking for a vehicle driving up and down the street. This is the point at which officers became aware that the purportedly helpful man was, in fact, the driver of the stolen van. After witnesses confirmed the man’s connection to the stolen van, officers began searching for his accomplice. They soon found a second suspect hiding in some bushes in a neighboring driveway. Police discovered the second man had several warrants for his arrest, and officers also found approximately 4 grams of methamphetamine and a collection of 18 unidentified pills in the van.

CAR THEFT AND VANDALISM: Via e-mail, “(4200 block of) Beach Dr SW, stolen car and second car vandalized.” We’ll add information on the car’s make/model/plate when we get it.


Just wanted to report a car prowl on the 3800 block of 33rd Ave SW sometime between 10 pm on 7/27 and 8:30 am on 7/28. Some women’s shoes were taken and middle console rifled through. This is the 2nd time in 8 months this has happened to my car. Although this time, they left this sweater behind.

West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Suspect in Junction bank-robbery attempt now out of jail

Tonight we know what police say happened inside the Junction Bank of America before they circulated a photo of, and arrested, a man they described as a bank-robbery suspect. That 61-year-old man has just been released from jail tonight on his own recognizance, as ordered at his bail hearing this afternoon, despite prosecutors’ request to set bail at $75,000. Here’s what the documents from that hearing say police were told happened just before 911 was called at 11:13 am Wednesday:

(A teller told police) the suspect entered the bank and approached his window. (The teller) noted the suspect’s appearance and the fact he was wearing a backpack which was placed in front of his chest, which caught his attention. He greeted the suspect and asked how he could assist. At this point the suspect reached in front of the backpack and handed a small bag and a note to the teller. The note handed to the teller read something to the effect, “Put large bills in the bag, quickly”.

(The teller) has been employed with Bank of America for approximately five years and has been a victim/witness in two prior bank robberies. Based on his knowledge and experience he quickly grabbed the bag and note. (The teller) stated he felt safety behind the bullet-proof teller window aka “Bandit Barrier.” (He) looked at the suspect and said, “Are you sure about this?” and the suspect replied, “Yes, put it in the bag”. At this point (the teller) activated the silent alarm and stepped away to inform co-workers of the situation.

(He) returned to the suspect to engage him in conversation to stall him leaving the bank. He felt the suspect caught on to his tactic and fled the bank without obtaining any money, also leaving the note and bag.

The documents have no mention of a weapon being shown or implied.

Responding officers quickly obtained the surveillance photo that SPD tweeted a short time later and circulated around SPD. Less than an hour after the robbery attempt, two Southwest Precinct officers who saw the photos spotted a man matching the description at Fauntleroy and Alaska, not far from the bank, and stopped him. The teller was brought to the scene and confirmed he recognized the man as the would-be robber. Police read him his Miranda rights and asked his name; he would not identify himself, the court documents say; officers took him to SPD headquarters downtown, fingerprinted him, and learned his name that way, just before 3 pm. The court documents do not mention any criminal record; we haven’t found one for the suspect in this state, just a Seattle traffic citation last year. He is due back in court Monday afternoon.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen car; stolen mail

In West Seattle Crime Watch:

STOLEN CAR & NEARBY PROWL: Lonnie just reported this in a comment – we confirmed it via @getyourcarback (which does not include car-theft locations, so we don’t know which ones are West Seattle cases unless you tell us): “Sometime after midnight Sunday night and by early Monday morning, my friend Todd had his black locked VW Passat (Lic. #ARG9180)stolen from in front of his residence at the s/w corner of 46th and Juneau St. and his neighbor had their car broken into also during the same time.”

STOLEN MAIL: Cary reports this happened in Arbor Heights last night:

We’re on 44th Ave SW just south of 100th and at 8:20ish (pm) a black (large) SUV pulled up and took a piece of outgoing mail from our mailbox (bill to PSE). The police have been called but please be on the lookout for this car – it might be a 4Runner/Pathfinder. The kid who got out to take the piece of mail was young (18-20s), caucasian or hispanic, and wearing a dark shirt. The car also left behind a diaper in the middle of the street!

Reminder that Night Out is next Tuesday, and it’s not too late to register your neighborhood party with SPD.

West Seattle Crime Watch update: Police arrest Junction bank-robbery suspect

11:47 AM: Just in from Seattle Police via Twitter:

The search is under way now; we’re on our way to find out more.

12:01 PM: SPD had said only “4000 block of SW Alaska,” where there are two banks; our crew has just confirmed it was the Bank of America branch, which has a note on the door saying it’s temporarily closed. No police visible in the area – bank-robber searches often fan out fast – so we haven’t yet obtained additional details.

1:11 PM: SPD has since tweeted that the suspect shown in the photo is in custody.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Racist, threatening hate note left on Pigeon Point family’s porch


By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

“When you have two beautiful mixed race babies and you find this on your front porch. I am just thankful they can’t read yet.”

That’s how Stephanie Endres began her message to social-media friends late Tuesday night, after returning to her Pigeon Point home and discovering a racist, threatening hate note on her porch.

You can see it here – too much profanity for us to publish it as is, but here’s a redacted transcription:


We don’t publish crime victims’ names without their permission; Endres granted hers, as well as permission to republish what she posted on Facebook. Multiple people contacted us after reading it, including her friend Brandy, who wrote, “She is a pillar in our community advocating to prevent homelessness. She has two beautiful bi-racial children and is now afraid for their safety. Please spread the word and inform our community.”

Stephanie’s advocacy, in fact, was featured here on WSB last fall, when she raised money to collect and distribute backpacks for kids in need. She is founder of Stephanie’s Lifeline/HOPE (Homeless Outreach Prevention and Education).

Last night, she concluded her post about the note: “This hate has got to stop. The coward who left this couldn’t even do it while we were home. Truly makes me uncomfortable to know people like this are in my neighborhood/community.”

When we reached her to follow up on others’ messages about her post, she told us, “We found the note around 930 pm and I have notified the police and filed a report. It will be treated as a hate crime and they will be investigating it.”

We will follow up on that later today.

ADDED 12:10 PM: SPD has just summarized this on SPD Blotter, including the answer to the question we’ve had out to them since this morning: “Police collected the letter and evidence and are now investigating the letter as a case of malicious harassment, Washington’s hate crime statute.”

West Seattle Crime Watch: After the car prowls…

In West Seattle Crime Watch … two unusual things that happened after car prowls:

CHANGE OF HEART: From Nicholas:

On Saturday night at 45th and Brandon someone went through my car and they stole my parking pass for work, some miscellaneous lottery tickets that were not winners, and unfortunately my work iPhone and charger which I had accidentally left in the console. (Monday) morning the strangest thing happened my work iPhone was sitting on my trunk of my car they apparently decided to return the phone but kept the OtterBox case. Thanks for getting my work phone back to me. I hope you find peace and happiness in whatever it is you’re looking for in this life.

POST-PROWL CASING? From Matt in Arbor Heights:

Strange situation occurred (Sunday) night. Someone knocked on our door around 7 pm and asked to speak with my wife, saying that they went to school together on the east-coast. He then wanted me to go get her and I told him absolutely not. He then asked to see a picture of her. After he left, I finally put two and two together. My wife’s purse was stolen about 3 weeks ago in the parking lot at Lincoln Park along with her ID, credit cards, etc. Someone broke into the car (smashed the window) while my wife was at the beach with our kids.

The police say they are likely casing our house and that similar incidents have occurred recently in West Seattle when property or identification has been stolen. Please be advised.

West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Assault charges filed in bridge beating

Charges are now filed against all three people arrested in High Point after last week’s incident at the east end of the West Seattle Bridge. As reported in our same-day coverage Wednesday and next-day followup Thursday, police say it began with a hit-and-run rear-end crash on Beacon Hill. The driver whose car was hit followed the other car onto the West Seattle Bridge in order, he said, to get its license plate, and ended up getting beaten up.

20-year-old Bona M. Adam and 18-year-old Jaime Trujillo-Lopez are both charged with second-degree assault, as is the third suspect, who is 17 and charged as a juvenile, so we are not identifying him.

The charging documents say Trujillo-Lopez was driving the car. The victim spotted it pulled over on the east end of the West Seattle Bridge and when he confronted Trujillo-Lopez, asking why he took off, Trujillo-Lopez punched him in the face. He allegedly yelled to his companions to “get the shotgun!” at which time prosecutors say Adam and the juvenile suspect did exactly that, getting a gun out of the car’s trunk, at which time Adam is alleged to have pointed it at the victim. He and the victim struggled for control of it, the charging documents say, and almost fell off the bridge in the process. The scuffle continued, also involving Trujillo-Lopez; Adam got control of the gun and reportedly tried to fire it, but that didn’t work, and after the juvenile suspect kicked the victim in the face, the documents say, the suspects all got in their car and took off. The victim drove into West Seattle and met police and medics near West Seattle Stadium; the suspects were traced to, and arrested at, the High Point address where the 17-year-old lives.

Prosecutors say Trujillo-Lopez has no criminal history; Adam has a conviction for burglary. Both are scheduled for arraignment August 8th, and their bail remains at $225,000. No convictions are on record for the 17-year-old.

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