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West Seattle Crime Watch: Another stolen Prius

For the second day in a row, we’ve received a Crime Watch reader report of a Toyota Prius stolen in West Seattle. First Arbor Heights, now Fairmount Springs (Fauntleroy and Graham): “Charcoal gray Toyota Prius, Chico State sticker on rear window. WA license 474-YNG.” 2008 model, per @getyourcarback. Owner says usage of card(s) that also were stolen might suggest it is or has been in the Westwood Village vicinity. Call 911 if you see it.

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West Seattle Crime Watch: Another storage-unit break-in

1:38 PM: Burglars are still targeting local storage units in the Luna Park area. Most recently, we’ve had multiple reports of break-ins at Public Storage on SW Avalon Way; today, we have word of a break-in at nearby Stor-More (WSB sponsor) on SW Yancy. The victim says it happened late Friday night:

They broke into only our unit, apparently. We had a really good lock on the door but they cut the hasp — so essentially, they cut *around* the lock. They went through almost every box and threw stuff around and took jewelry and a few antique silver ornate serving platters. Mostly stuff they could sell easily.

Searching Tweets by Beat for the incident number (2016-320931), we noticed another burglary report this weekend (different incident #) for an “unoccupied structure on residential property” in the same block.

6:08 PM: As noted in comments, there are reports now of multiple break-ins at Stor-More this weekend. We’ll be following up on these and the PS break-ins, with police and with company reps, to see if we can find out about plans for increased security.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen Prius

An Arbor Heights resident hopes you can help find her stolen car:

My newly bought 2012 Prius v – my dream car – was stolen from in front of my house last night (Sept. 3rd). It is silverish blue. I live on 40th St. SW. Reward for anyone who provides information leading to the recovery of this vehicle.

Plate # is AZE2410, according to SPD’s @getyourcarback Twitter feed, which includes the reminder to call 911 if you see a stolen car, rather than checking it out closeup.

UPDATE: ‘Stolen’ plants found

2:22 PM: Another report of plant theft, and this one adds insult to injury for Harris, who already was going through a tough time:

I just moved out of my rental house (Arbor Heights area) on the 1st. We were suddenly asked to move out so the house could be sold. The move has been difficult and stress filled.

There were large plants in containers that had to be temporarily left at the house so placement could be arranged. When I returned to the house to get them on the 2nd, the plants were gone. The house was vacant for one day. In that time someone stole the only plants I had intended on keeping. Some have extreme sentimental value to me. The retail value of the plants and containers is over 300$, but it’s not about the money. “They are just plants,” people say. To me, it’s like someone stole my pets. I’ve cared for them for many years and had intended on keeping them in my life. It’s so upsetting. It would be wonderful to have them back but I’m not keeping my hopes up.

Losing more and more faith in humanity everyday. Karma is going to come back around and get this person. Who steals plants? Seriously despicable!

The noticeable plants would be: 2 tall glossy black cylindrical pots. Overflowing with sedums/succulents, one has a weeping Alaska Cedar, the other has Black Bamboo. If they or any other plants in black pots are found discarded anywhere, please contact me, I would be very grateful!!!

Harris can be reached at harrisblakestarr (at) gmail (dot) com.

3:47 PM: Good news just in from Harris: Plants found several houses away. “Misunderstanding,” not theft.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Arrest after police search; security video shows would-be burglar

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes tonight:

GREENBELT SEARCH: A few people asked about a police search late today in the greenbelt along the east end of the SW Roxbury corridor. We monitored it via scanner; tonight the suspect they sought is listed on the King County Jail register, including a citation for resisting arrest, which means he is charged and therefore we’re identifying him: 32-year-old Dillon Ruffcorn, also listed as having two “failure to appear” warrants in South King County, one in another resisting-arrest case, one for alleged car prowling. His bail is set at $18,000.

VIDEO SHOWS WOULD-BE BURGLAR: Back on Tuesday, we published Richard‘s report about an attempted break-in at his home in the 7100 block of Sylvan Lane. He has since sent five short security-video clips showing the would-be burglar. This is the clearest:

The other clips, all brief, are here, here, here, and here.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Grabbed while running

Reader report, just received this afternoon:

I was out for a run early this morning and at around 6:15 AM a man ran up behind me really fast and grabbed my butt with both his hands. When I started to turn around he ran away in the opposite direction. I never saw his face but he was about 5’9 to 5’10 and was wearing a dark blue hoodie with the hood up and black jeans. This happened as I was running north on 44th Ave SW right before the Charlestown Ave SW intersection. I just want to get the word out to other women who may be out running or walking in the early morning.

This is the first incident of this type we recall hearing about in some time.

SIDE NOTES: First, before you ask: Yes, the man convicted in similar attacks (and more) early this decade is still in prison.

Second: The description, scant as it is, is reminiscent of this 2013 incident south of The Junction which, to our knowledge, has never been solved.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Marine View Drive gunfire; South Admiral burglary attempt

August 31, 2016 11:04 pm
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Two incidents to report in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

GUNFIRE CONFIRMED: Police confirm that what sounded like gunshots along Marine View Drive early this morning *were* gunshots, even though the incident was only logged as a “disturbance.” Casings – we don’t yet know how many or what type – were recovered in the 10600 block of Marine View Drive (map), SPD confirmed to WSB, adding that no injuries or damage were reported.


I just wanted to get the word out of an attempted burglary in the 46th Ave & Spokane St area. [map] My wife and I weren’t home at the time and it happened sometime between this past Saturday and yesterday morning. They tried getting into the back door of the house by prying the locks and then tried the same thing on the garage door and did a lot of damage to those locks. Luckily, they weren’t successful.

Thanks again for the Crime Watch reports – 206-293-6302 text or voice if it’s urgent (after you’ve called 911), if it’s not.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglary attempt; CR-V stolen/found; car-prowl loot to watch for; found bicycle, motorcycle helmet…

Four reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

EARLY MORNING BURGLARY ATTEMPT: From Richard, who lives near Gatewood Elementary:

Someone attempted to break in our house last night at approximately 12:23 AM. We captured the attempted break-in on our video surveillance system.

We called 911 after we realized this was not a false alarm from our video surveillance system.

Based on our video, he appeared to first climb over our patio railing (not an easy feat), then attempted to open our patio door (which leads to our kitchen). He then walked to our front door and attempted to open it. He then sat on our front yard for a minute and left just before the police arrived.

Seattle police arrived promptly, asked us a few questions, and looked around our yard and surrounding area. Very pleased with their response and handling of the situation.

If and when we get images from Richard’s surveillance video, we’ll add them.


On Sunday 8/28, my 2000 Honda CR-V was stolen on SW Holden St / Delridge Way SW. I’ve also had my license plate taken twice in the past 6 months. Appears to be a commonly stolen vehicle in the area.

Vehicle was recovered yesterday, 8/29, in an apartment complex’s parking lot a block away from the theft location. The inside was coated by the thief with what appears to be WD-40. SPD officer said this is to prevent leaving fingerprints behind.

They took the few emergency supplies kept in the vehicle (fire extinguisher, cables, etc) and left behind a large tool box. Turns out the tool box belonged to my neighbor who had his work van broken into on 8/28 (also on SW Holden St).

Another car prowl victim is asking you to keep watch for some of the items she lost –

SEEN THESE STOLEN DOCUMENTS? Sarah M is hoping a few not-worth-anything-to-anyone-else items might turn up:

My 2004 Corolla was prowled sometime between Saturday night and Monday morning. It was parked in my lot, just SE of Fauntleroy Way SW & SW Edmunds.

I’m hoping someone will find some of the documents that were taken – mostly car-related info of no value to anyone but me. Including a red vinyl Toyota car care manual. I’ve already looked all over the nearby blocks, dumpsters, etc. Also taken, as you may notice this item and then the docs – the prowler carried everything away in a black bag with a bright “Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious” (from Sound of Music) printed on it in bright letters.

I don’t expect to get the “valuable” items (Bluetooth, etc.), but I’m asking if anyone finds docs with my name on it to let me know. Thanks!

FOUND BICYCLE, MOTORCYCLE HELMET: A Roxhill-area resident has found both of these items in recent weeks and think they were both stolen and dumped:

Please comment if you think either might be yours.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Assault outside Alki home; twice-stolen car now twice found; seen this scooter?

5:17 PM: In West Seattle Crime Watch:

MAN ASSAULTED OUTSIDE ALKI HOME: This happened last Wednesday night, but we didn’t hear about it until today. An Alki Beach resident was seriously hurt in an attack outside his home. His family, who has asked not to be identified, says the victim had discovered someone trespassing in their yard and urinating on the house. After suggesting that the person clean up after himself, the family said, the victim was knocked down, kicked, and beaten by the trespasser and two accomplices. The attackers got away; the victim went to the hospital. No descriptions available so far.

STOLEN CAR RECOVERED: Robin, who reported last Friday that her Honda Civic had been stolen for the second time, says it’s been found, outside West Seattle:

In case neighborhood readers are interested in the likelihood of their stolen cars turning up, I’m happy to report that mine was recovered by SPD the next day on the 2600 block of King Street. The thief made a clean slice through my steering wheel with some kind of portable saw, I presume, and was able to remove the club and drive away. It doesn’t look like any other damage was inflicted and nothing was stolen, though it’s being checked out and repaired at my garage (hopefully they can find a steering column for a ’94 Honda!).

ANYONE MISSING THIS CAR? (Removed, as noted in comments)

6:52 PM: Just out of the WSB inbox – we’re adding this scooter-theft report:

Red Scooter, last seen Sunday night 8/28/16 on 30th and Cloverdale. If you see it please contact Terry at 206-355-2211. Seattle Police incident #16-313023.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Package-theft evidence? Plus – bicycle found

August 28, 2016 9:16 pm
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Tonight’s West Seattle Crime Watch notes are from finders.
< strong>First – Steph found what seems to be package-theft evidence:

I found some opened packages from ebay and Amazon in a parking garage in the Jefferson Square building. Just in case above reported their stuff stolen.

Seems to be addressed to a Spencer (last name starts with S.) on Fauntleroy in an apartment. And a Janessa (different last name starting with S.) also on Fauntleroy in an apartment … And one to a Mike (last name starting with V), on Fauntleroy.

Unfortunately they’re all empty minus packing slips – which I picked up to try to find email/ phone numbers to these people and have a few.

Second – missing a bicycle? If it’s a Raleigh mountain bike, it might be the one found by a reader, “hidden in the bushes.” Send the description to ctcalderon (at) comcast (dot) net to see if it’s yours.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Home, storage burglaries

Reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

STORAGE FACILITY HIT AGAIN: Two customers of the Public Storage facility in the 2900 block of SW Avalon Way have e-mailed to let us know burglar(s) have struck there again. One reports, “My unit along with about 15 others were hit overnight or sometime this morning.” She’s on a floor with “secure elevators” but was told that entry was made via emergency-exit stairwells. She says she’s moving her belongings somewhere else. The other victim who contacted us also reported being told that multiple units were broken into. We also reported last Sunday on multiple break-ins at the same facility.

MARINE VIEW DRIVE BURGLARY: Also via e-mail: “Today, around 12:30, my parent’s house in the area of 112th & Marine View Dr SW was broken into. The (burglars), possibly two of them, neighbors think were white males wearing construction vests & driving a dark SUV. Made entry through window & took the stolen items out the garage. Of the stolen items, the biggie was a safe. About 2×2.”

Thanks again for the Crime Watch reports – 206-293-6302 text or voice if it’s urgent (after you’ve called 911), if it’s not.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Twice-stolen car; break-in attempt

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports this morning – first, Robin‘s car has been stolen again:

Wanted to post this on the WSB because the last time this happened I found it because of the blog.

I looked out my window this morning around 5:30 and saw my car sitting where I had parked it on Monday in front of my building (south block of Alaska between 45th and 44th – Central Park Condominiums). I looked out again at 6:15 and there was a big empty space where it had been. The police have been notified.

It’s a black 1994 Honda Civic DX (2-door), license plate WA State AHH 9052. I had it “secured” with a yellow club. Hoping I can recover again like last time; it had been dumped in front of Holy Rosary on 42nd.

If you see it – as the @getyourcarback tweet says, call 911.

Second, Jenny reports someone tried to break into her car in Gatewood:

There was an attempted car prowl on my Subaru Outback parked on the street at SW Austin St. and 37th Ave SW. They were unable to get in, but the window trim was ripped up and pulled back and you could see two places where they slipped in a slim Jim. There was nothing of value in the car. It is upsetting that they damaged my vehicle. I hope that in writing this, others will keep an eye out and deter further prowls.

Thanks again for the Crime Watch reports – if urgent/breaking, text/call 206-293-6302 (but not until you’ve called 911)) – if not,

West Seattle Crime Watch, car-prowl edition, plus the case of the abandoned pants

Tonight in West Seattle Crime Watch, four reader reports – three car prowls, plus the case of the abandoned pants:

CAR PROWL #1: From RC:

I woke up this morning to see my car door open. When I went out and looked, it was obvious someone had gone through the glovebox and center console. A few dollars and a Leatherman multi-tool were the only items missing. Just sucks that someone went through our car. We live on 37th between Alaska and Edmunds. Thought we should share in case others had a similar experience last night.

CAR PROWL #2: From Meghan:

Just wanted to contact you guys to let you know our car was broken into (window shattered and appears that a crow bar was used to pry at the window) and they went through our glove compartment. Stole a phone charger and car adaptor. We believe it happened yesterday or early this morning on SW Edmunds/ California Ave.

CAR PROWL #3: From Judah:

This morning at 8am I discovered that my car had been broken into. The driver side door was wide open and the contents tossed about. The fusebox cover was also opened up so they may have been trying to steal it or disable the alarm. I filed an online report with SPD. The only thing of value taken was a small coin purse with less than $3 in it. I think that the incident must have taken place between midnight and 6 am, based on when we are active in the house. Our house is on 32nd Avenue SW, between Andover and Genesee. The car was parked in the driveway off the alley that runs between 32nd Avenue SW and Avalon Way.

CASE OF THE ABANDONED PANTS: FB sent the report and photo:

Found a pair of worn pants, guys flip flops, a spoon and the top of a medicine wrapper in my front yard this morning — doesn’t look like they fell out of a bag. On Alaska St between 45th and 46th.

Very creepy — so some guy (probably thin, judging by the size of the pants) was walking around with no pants and shoes in the neighborhood sometime this morning.

Thanks again to everyone sharing Crime Watch information – if not urgent, 206-293-6302 if it is (after you’ve called 911, of course).

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Car-prowl suspect Jared Barden released from jail

The car-prowl arrested at Lincoln Park after a helicopter-assisted police search on Tuesday just got out of jail tonight.

Suspect caught in Lincoln Park
(Tuesday photo via Steve Shelton Images)

He’s at left in the photo above, 31-year-old Jared M. Barden. We are identifying him because he is already charged; while felony cases take a few days to get to that point, Barden was charged in this case with misdemeanors, and has already been arraigned in Seattle Municipal Court. Online files show he pleaded not guilty to vehicle prowling and property destruction. We don’t yet have the details of exactly what happened before he is reported to have bolted from the 7000 block of California Avenue SW yesterday to north Lincoln Park, but we know a Municipal Court judge allowed him to go free on personal recognizance, despite his record and the fact he has a new felony case pending in a different incident.

The King County Jail Register shows this is the third time Barden has been in jail in the past four weeks – one day each time. He was charged less than two weeks ago in connection with a case in Burien in which he is accused of breaking into a house and trying to steal a car. The charging documents in that case note that while prosecutors requested Barden’s bail be set at $25,000, the judge let him go free on his own recognizance. Those documents also listed his “last known address” as a house near Lincoln Park. It’s several blocks away from the scene of the crime involved in his most recent felony conviction, an August 2014 burglary in the 8600 block of 46th SW. In June of last year, he was sentenced to 22 months in prison, with credit for time served. Charging documents in that case said he had had 30 arrest warrants since 2003, and convictions on charges including robbery, stolen property, and drug crimes. At the time of the 2014 arrest, his last known address was in Bremerton.

Back to the case from yesterday – Barden is due back in Municipal Court on October 3rd.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Attempted child luring; prowlers on video; package thief takes wedding items

Three reports tonight:


Man in black SUV on Findlay/33rd tried to lure our kids into his car at about 8 pm tonight. Asian, 50-something, freckles, glasses. He had a clipboard with multiple addresses recorded on it. Seattle PD initiated a suspicious person report and searched the neighborhood for any sign of him.

We have a followup question out for any further details on what the man said/did.

PROWLERS: Jeff sent three videos, with the explanation you see under this first clip:

We had what looks like a “team” of prowlers on our alley last night. It is the alley between 38th and 39 Ave SW, 6500 block. The attached videos show both a man and a women probing our driveway and carport. We had no loss but others in the area may not have been so lucky. The images of the woman are pretty good but the man seems to have been a little shy when the lights came on, maybe because his pants were about to fall off!

See the other clips here and here.

STOLEN WEDDING ITEMS: From S & B, package-theft heartbreak:

A UPS package left at our door @~4:15pm was stolen from our porch before we arrived home ~4:50pm. It contained customized wedding items for our wedding on the 1st. Completely useless items for anyone else.

Ribbon, signs, napkins are all little things we can replace or do without. (All with our names and wedding date on them). However, there was also a customized memorial glass cylinder (vase?) for my partner’s mother who passed last Xmas. Her name is inscribed on the cylinder, and it will be missed.

A neighbor found the box–open and empty–only a few napkins left nearby. He brought the box back to us.

We’d just like the items back before our wedding on Sept. 1st. They can put them in the mailbox. No questions asked.

This happened near 32nd SW and SW Barton.

UPDATE: Police arrest car-prowl suspect after helicopter-assisted search

1:57 PM: Sorry it took a while to find out why the helicopter was over Morgan Junction, but Guardian One itself just solved the mystery, tweeting – after leaving the area – that it was helping SPD with a car-prowl suspect who has since been “detained in Lincoln Park.” We’re now seeing police along Fauntleroy toward the park’s north end and hope to ask them for a little more information. (P.S. Thanks for all the texts and calls.)


2:10 PM: Just talked with police by the park. They tell us it was reported as a car prowl in the 7000 block of California SW and they tracked the suspect to the park. (Our photo was taken as they placed him in a police vehicle.) Guardian One wasn’t called out specifically for this – but happened to be in the area and asked if they’d like some help. Police are still looking for possible car-prowl loot the alleged prowler might have ditched in the area.

What brought all those King County Transit Police to The Junction

August 22, 2016 9:27 pm
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Just back from checking out that big King County (Sheriff) Transit Police response in The Junction – thanks for the tips about it. Four cars were at California and Alaska, lights flashing. They told us they were called because of a combative person causing trouble on a bus; the person was removed and was in one of the Transit Police cars, shouting, while we were there.


No injuries reported.

BICYCLE FOUND: Stolen? Lost? Take a look

Missing a bicycle? Dora says this one has been in the backyard of a foreclosed house next to hers in east Gatewood for a few days:


She also sent a photo of the serial number – e-mail us if you think it might be yours and we can crosscheck. (And she has reported it to police.)

P.S. Separate from this case, a stolen bicycle has been reunited with its owner – a local business – thanks to a WSB Forums lost-and-found post by Gina this morning; go here to see how it played out.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen car found, but personal items missing.

image1 (47)

If you see either of those plates, you might be able to help find some of Sarah‘s stolen stuff.

She serves in the U.S. Coast Guard and thought her car was safe in a gated garage in North Delridge while she was on leave. It wasn’t. It was stolen a week ago; it was found two days ago in Burien, but what was inside it is still missing.

Trying to spread word about my car being stolen from my gated garage of my apartment on August 15. They have now recovered the vehicle but everything stolen from inside. Only thing I wanted back was I had boxes of personal files and my military medical record. They also stole uniforms, camping stuff and other personal items.

I live in Youngstown Flats [4040 26th SW] and the week it happened the management office said they reported a suspicious white Ford Explorer to the police and then a few days later broke into another Ford Explorer in my building and stole my Ford Explorer. Seems like they were targeting this kind of vehicle. The plates that were recovered on my vehicle are registered to a white Ford Explorer so very possible they put my plates on another Ford Explorer.

Would like to pass to everyone to look at plates on all Ford Explorers and if it is AXF2314 to please call the police. Also my old Hawaii plates (2CHIVE) might been in a side compartment and could be used by the criminals but would draw attention, being Hawaii vanity plates.

… Other items missing are: Coast Guard uniform items (light blue top, dark blue pants, white shirt, black belt with gold buckle, combo cover (hat with name inside), hat bag, large blue medical file, Bill Murray Pillow, tan sleeping bag, tent in black bag, cooler with wheels and expanding handle, 2 Tommy Bahama chairs (red & blue), queen-sized air mattress, air pump, lantern and random camping stuff, Garmin GPS, red Hawaiian seat covers, solar powered Hulu girl, New Zealand Starbucks cup, blue VS water bottle, grey Santa Cruz hoodie, grey zip hoodie with Kauai on the left arm, Black “Hunter” boots, 2 slip on airwalk shoes(black with white dots and one with white skulls), hard hat (with YN2 on the back), black steel toe boots, gold color basket with clothes inside, white comforter, tan fleece blanket, 2 black crates with files, black box with papers, and box of Coast Guard papers.

If you find any of the above: The car theft is incident 2016-294604, with Seattle Police; the recovery is C16042085 with King County Sheriff’s Office.

West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 break-ins while residents slept – then, a neighbor’s kindness

Another reader report of burglars breaking in while people were home – in this case, asleep. From RA at West Ridge Apartments (7900 block of Delridge Way SW):

Last night, sometime between 2-830 am, two homes were broken into. In my unit, the burglars entered through the kitchen window, over the kitchen sink and into our home, where they stole my 11 year old son’s PlayStation.

Two buildings down, our neighbors lost much more. Laptops, phones, tablets, car keys, and wallets. The burglars were brazen enough to enter my neighbor’s bedrooms, as well as their 16 year old daughter’s bedroom, while they were asleep, and take things right off the nightstand.

Police responded this morning and reports were filed for both incidents. They also obtained several fingerprints from our window. A big thank you to SPD for making this a priority among the chaos this weekend

THE GOOD NEWS: My next-door neighbor, whom I have only known for three months, stopped my house with a NEW PS4 for my son!! He stated, “I knew you were under a lot of stress today, and wanted you to have one less worry.” In all of the ugliness in this world, we are reminded of the abundance of generosity and kindness out there.

West Seattle Crime Watch: From bullets to burglars

Three West Seattle Crime Watch notes today:

CASINGS FOUND: Police reported finding shell casings in the 6500 block of Sylvan Way early today after a caller reported people “shooting (in their) yard.” No injuries reported. This is the same block where 14 casings were found after reports of gunfire one Saturday night in May. We’ll be seeking the report on last night’s incident tomorrow.

WALK-IN PURSE THIEF: Marie points out that the most brazen thing about the theft of her purse is that the thief – a burglar, really, under the definition of that crime – just walked right into her house across from Lincoln Park while her husband was home. She says it happened Saturday, after she left to walk their dog, and her husband, who had been sitting on the porch, briefly went in the house to use the bathroom. When he went back to the porch, he saw the thief/burglar at the end of their driveway but didn’t immediately realize what had happened – he said the man, described as “a large Caucasian man wearing a white shirt and dark pants, with long dark hair, approximately mid-20s,” had a strap hanging from under his shirt but then didn’t, after going into some nearby bushes. Later, Marie found her purse in those bushes – “with cash, cell phone, and ORCA card missing.” They believe the man walked in through an open garage door.

STORAGE UNIT BREAK-INS: Jasmine says her storage unit in the 2900 block of SW Avalon Way has been broken into twice in the past month and that she’s heard of others. Checking police-report records, we see two reports for the address this week and a report from late July involving six units. She wanted to warn storage-unit users “to take photos, have a good inventory, and check it often. The insurance company requires proof of interest via photos or receipts in order to file a claim.”

West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 victims show up at hospital after Alki gunfire

We have had a request out to Seattle Police all morning for information on possible gunfire in the Alki area early this morning. It just arrived via SPD Blotter, including word that while no one was reported injured at the scene, two victims showed up at the hospital later:

Gang Unit detectives are investigating after two people were shot in West Seattle early Friday morning.

Witnesses called 911 at 2:15 am when a group of 40 people began fighting near 59 Ave. SW and Alki Ave. SW.

Another caller said that two or three people now had guns and shots were being fired.

Officers arrived shortly after the shots but were unable to locate any victims. One caller found what he believed to be bullet damage to his home, but it was later determined to have been caused by a rock.

Two men drove up Harborview Medical Center at 2:30 am and checked themselves in for gunshot wounds. One suffered a gunshot wound to the lower back, while the other was shot in the arm. Gang Unit detectives spoke with both men and determined they were shot during the fight along Alki. Detectives do not believe this was a random shooting and that the victims may have known their attackers. Detectives continue to investigate and will provide updates when available.

If you have any information in this case please call the violent crime tip line at (206)233-5000.

This is the first case of anyone being injured by gunfire in the Alki area since last April, when gunfire in the same vicinity left one man with a hand injury.

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