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WEST SEATTLE TREE-CUTTING LAWSUITS: Two defendants seek delay; two seek dismissal

(WSB photo from last spring)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Almost two months after the city filed civil lawsuits over the illegal cutting of more than 100 trees on public land in East Admiral, we’re hearing from some of the defendants – via court documents.

Two defendants are asking that the suits be stayed because they expect criminal charges, saying that answering the lawsuits would violate their Fifth Amendment rights.

Two others are asking that the suits be dismissed.

First – a quick recap: Back in September, five months after the illegal tree-cutting came to light, on city-owned Duwamish Head Greenspace parcels, City Attorney Pete Holmes announced lawsuits seeking more than $1.6 million in damages. Those sued by the city included three couples who own nearby homes, two people alleged to have been involved in the cutting, and various unnamed “John/Jane Does.”

None commented after the lawsuits were announced, but some responses from defendants have been filed in recent weeks, we discovered during a routine check of the online Superior Court files. The responses vary and include motions to dismiss one suit and delay another – the latter, with a contention that criminal charges are expected (something the City Attorney said in September could be possible). Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: What car prowler(s) left behind

From Michael:

We live in the North Admiral area (5000 block of Waite) and last night our car seems to have been burgled. Glove box and center console were found open with items strewn about. Nothing of any value seems to have been taken. However, on the hood of the car we found a file folder containing hundreds of laminated cards with information about various wines.

I’ve attached photos of the file folder and a couple examples of the laminated cards. Hoping to get this back to the owner as it is apparent a lot of work went into making these. And I’m assuming they got robbed last night as well.

Are these yours – or do you recognize them, maybe from a local shop or winery? Please comment, or e-mail – thank you.

MISSING A BICYCLE? Take a look at these 4

If you have had a bicycle stolen, we hope you have reported it to police – online or otherwise – to increase the chances it will find its way back to you, if found. Meantime, we publish reports of found-and-likely-abandoned-after-being-stolen bikes; here are four more:

FROM TT: Abandoned bicycle in the Roxhill area:

“There has been an abandoned bike in my alley for the past few days. It’s at the alley entrance on Cambridge Street, between 34th and 35th Avenues.”

FROM TP: Three abandoned bicycles on Pigeon Point:

“The pink and purple bikes are off to the side of the Andover stairs between 21st & 22nd Aves SW. The green bike is at 19th & Andover.”

IF YOU FIND A BIKE: Please let police know, and then tell us so we can get the word out too. If SPD can’t trace a bicycle through its serial number and a theft report, the bicycle might turn up on its @getyourbikeback Twitter feed.

UPDATE: ‘Assault with weapons’ call in South Delridge

November 15, 2016 10:57 am
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10:57 AM: Big Seattle Fire response for an “assault with weapons” call in the 9200 block of 17th SW [map]. According to the scanner, the weapon in question was a knife and the victim has a hand injury. We’re on the way to find out more.

11:09 AM: Our crew has arrived. All but one of the SFD units have been dismissed – the victim did not require a medic unit. Police, including a K-9 team, are looking for a suspect who is described in part as wearing all red and toting suitcases, last seen southbound on 17th SW.

11:15 AM: All we know about the circumstances: “Domestic-violence incident,” per police.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Thieves steal from stroller; car-prowl reports

The latestWest Seattle Crime Watch reader reports:


Two people stole my wallet in front of my house at around 2:41 pm today, Monday November 14th at 23rd Ave SW.

I was getting ready to go out with my baby. I put the stroller out first and then went inside my house to get the baby since both baby and stroller were so heavy and I couldn’t carry them at the same time and climb the stairs up to the street. I was stupid to leave my bag on the stroller and went inside to get the baby. When I came out, I realized my wallet and a baby blanket were gone! I didn’t expect someone to steal my stuff within seconds. But I should have been more careful.

Thanks to my neighbor. I was able to get the footage of the thieves through their camera. The pictures show that a man and woman walked toward my stroller (out of range of the camera) and they took my blanket and the wallet and walked back. They probably used the blanket to cover the wallet. I’m so frustrated and sad that I can’t even feel safe in front of my house. I can’t believe someone would take my stuff in broad daylight when I went inside the house for a few seconds!!! I feel so frustrated, angry and helpless.

The video is not embeddable/downloadable so we can’t show it here but you can watch it on the Nest website by following this link – at the start, you see the two walking from screen right to left, then offcamera for a while, then just before the one-minute mark, they appear at screen left and walk back the other way, with the stolen blanket clearly in view. If you have any information about them, the Seattle Police case number is 16-412123.


My car was broken into (Sunday) night, in our driveway off California, near 42nd & Dakota. Luckily, I keep my car EMPTY so they only got some change and headphones in the center console. (Left the sunglasses but took the sunglasses case). Did not break window, (I may have left it unlocked when running out to car during the Hawks game and was in too much of a hurry to get it locked), but just really surprised at the desperation to break into a car with NOTHING in it. Just goes to show what they will do if they actually see something!

OTHER CAR PROWLS: Katie reports that “multiple cars were rummaged through Saturday night (near) 49th/Dakota. Not much was taken besides some sunglasses and headphones but a good reminder to keep porch lights on to light up the dark streets this timeof year … and don’t leave anything in your car that you’d be sad to lose.”

PUBLIC SAFETY SURVEY REMINDER: You have until month’s end to voice your thoughts about crime, safety, and policing – if you haven’t already, is where to do it.

FOLLOWUP: $10,000 bail set for burglary suspect arrested at Hiawatha

(WSB photo, Sunday night)

5:37 PM: New information today about how police tracked down the 29-year-old burglary suspect arrested at Hiawatha Playfield last night (WSB coverage here). He remains in jail, bail set at $10,000 during a hearing this afternoon. And probable-cause documents say an alert neighbor is to thank for helping track him down.

We reported last night that the burglary was in the Alki area; it actually happened near Me-Kwa-Mooks Park. The residents told police they were only away for about 20 minutes when someone broke in around 3 pm, stealing jewelry and two rifles. A neighbor gave police a description of the car, including its Oregon license plate, which was quickly traced to a rental company. Just after 5 pm, the neighbor called 911 to say the car was back at the house. While headed there, police saw it at Admiral and California, then in the Starbucks parking lot, where the driver jumped out and ran south.

As we reported last night, a wide-ranging containment/search operation ensued. Then around quarter past six, a resident called 911 to report someone was hiding in his yard. An officer spotted the suspect walking east on SW Lander shortly afterward; a foot chase ensued, and then the suspect “got into the prone position near the playfields,” at which time he was taken into custody.

His last known address was in Federal Way, according to the police report, but the narrative says he took police to “where he stored the stolen guns” – three guns were recovered at an address near 2nd SW and SW 122nd in North Burien. The suspect is due back in court Wednesday, by which time charges could be filed.

1:53 AM: The suspect is out of jail after posting bond.

UPDATE: Police arrest burglary suspect after wide-ranging Admiral search

(Added: WSB photos)

5:52 PM: Thanks for the calls and texts about a police response and search in Admiral, primarily toward the east side of the business district. We’ve just arrived to find out more.

5:56 PM UPDATE: This apparently is related to the burglary we reported in our previous story – a suspect being sought in relation to the Ford with OR plates, which is in an Admiral business parking lot. Police believe the suspect is on foot and might be armed.


6:13 PM UPDATE: The search continues, including a K-9 team. The car was found between the Admiral Starbucks and Baskin-Robbins, where there’s still a heavy police presence. You might be seeing police blocks away from here, too, in all directions – the containment and search are spanning a wide area. We don’t have a description of the suspect yet.

6:22 PM UPDATE: We now have a partial description – white man in his 30s/40s, dark jacket, blue jeans, white sneakers. The car – reportedly a rental – was found with some items in it, but police won’t elaborate on whether it’s loot from the burglary. A tow truck will be taking it to SPD’s evidence lot shortly.

6:38 PM UPDATE: And now, a suspect is in custody at Hiawatha Playfield. Police tell us they believe it’s the person they’ve been seeking in relation to the burglary.


7:25 PM UPDATE: Photo added, from the WSHS/Hiawatha driveway south of the playfield, just before police took the suspect to the precinct for booking. A soccer team was at the field when the suspect turned up there, by the way; they quickly moved to the sidelines and everyone was OK, if a little startled.

11:31 PM UPDATE: The suspect, 29 years old, has been booked into jail, held for investigation of burglary and firearms violations. He does not appear to have a felony record, at least not in this state. Since he was booked before midnight, he’s likely to have a bail hearing tomorrow, and we’ll find out more about the case then.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Alki burglary; card-fraud alert

Two reader reports:

ALKI BURGLARY: Phil reports his parents’ home in the Alki area was burglarized this afternoon, with the burglar(s) getting away with a lot of family jewelry “that had tremendous sentimental value.” They are believed to be in a silver Ford Escape, Oregon license starting with 179-G (police have the exact number). Call 911 if you see them.

CARD SKIMMING? MD wondered if a card skimmer was in action in the area this weekend – after somebody tried to charge something to his account at the Burien Walgreens, though his card is still in his possession. His previous use had been at a gas station on Roxbury. No proof that it’s where they got his number – he also had used it at a local restaurant the same day – but he wanted to get the word out to remind people to keep close watch on their accounts, and to see if anyone else had been hit by a similar fraud attempt. (The card is now, of course, canceled; he says his bank told him gas pumps and ATMs are the most frequent places numbers get stolen.)

West Seattle Crime Watch: Arrest; car theft; 2 found bicycles

We start with a situation that’s been unfolding over the past hour or so:


ARREST: A big police response in the PCC Natural Markets (WSB sponsor) parking lot was related to what police would only describe as “an altercation” somewhere else. A man involved in it left the original scene and turned up near the store, where he was taken into custody. If we get any further information, we’ll update.

Now, three reader reports:

STOLEN CAR: Jonathan says this happened in the 2600 block of 44th SW:

Our green 1996 Honda Accord LX wagon was stolen between Thursday night & Friday morning; license plate AGM6929.

The windows are tinted, except the front passenger’s side window which is untinted.

The paint is a little more worn than in this photo from a couple years ago.

FOUND BICYCLE #1: From Susan:

This bike was abandoned by our house in the Genesee Hill area. The police have come to pick it and it is now in their possession. Please contact the SW precinct if you are the owner or have questions about the bike.

FOUND BICYCLE #2: No photo, but: “We found an older red mountain bike on Fauntleroy near Morgan Junction. We’d like to get it back to the owner, please email us at l_c_turner (at) hotmail (dot) com with make and model if you’re missing a bike. We’re also going to try to find the serial number and report the find to the police.”

West Seattle Crime Watch: No holiday for car prowler(s)

The report and photo are from Sarah:

I just wanted to let you know that my car and the car parked next to me had our windows smashed and items taken in the Admiral Safeway parking lot. It was between 5:30-6:15 am. They do not seem to have rifled thru anything – just broke through 1 window and grabbed whatever was close. Good reminder to keep your car clean and empty :(

West Seattle Crime Watch: Did you see this business burglary? Plus, 2 car prowls

We start West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon with a business burglary caught on video:

Those are the two clearest short clips of what happened at The Guenther Group‘s HQ overnight. From proprietor Kelly Guenther:

Guenther Group was broken into at 10:44 last night — someone lobbed a paving stone through a huge plate glass window. If anyone heard or saw anything, it would be great to know.

Address is 3444 California Ave. SW. Break-in occurred at 10:44 last night and was fully recorded by security camera footage. Only the doors are armed to the alarm system, so the alarm apparently did not go off. But the thief was brazen. He returned to steal even more stuff a 2nd time and then was on the scene again a minute before police arrived at 12:12 am. Thief was in a hoodie — still determining if he wore gloves.

Given the earlier time of the break-in and the Seahawks win last night — and my proximity to apartments and live-work townhomes, I”m amazed no one heard this or called the police earlier. You can actually see people walking by during this. Some good Samaritans finally called it in about midnight.

If anyone has any information, it would be great to know about. I’d like to catch this guy if possible and witnesses will be key to this. He kept returning to the scene — and was pretty obvious with a hoodie parka pulled over his head on a warmer night.

Also today, two car-prowl reports:

CAR PROWLER(S) STEAL DIAPER BAG: From Darci: “Last night my car was broken into in the High Point neighborhood and all they took was my diaper bag. There’s nothing of value in it so I’m hoping they just ditch it. If they do ditch it I would love for someone to be able to get it back to me.” It’s a black Fawn Design-brand diaper bag.

FAUNTLEROY CAR PROWL: From 45th SW/SW Director, Matt reports, “I had managed to avoid it for my six years of living here, but am sad to announce that I have now joined the not-so-exclusive car prowl club. Our Prius was accessed and the center console was rummaged through sometime between 1AM – 7AM today (Election Day). It doesn’t appear that anything beyond spare change was taken, and no damage was done to the car, so that’s some silver lining. This happened in our open carport that is equipped with motion sensing lights (which hopefully were part of the reason not more was taken).”

West Seattle Crime Watch: Robbery suspect out of jail; three reader reports

Three reader reports to share – but first, a followup:

ROBBERY SUSPECT OUT OF JAIL: A week and a half after his arrest, 19-year-old robbery suspect Ayub M. Rage is out of jail. He was the lone adult arrested after a chase and crash two and a half weeks ago, and then was charged with robbing the Admiral 7-11 and trying to rob the 41st/Admiral Chevron. He got out of jail Monday night, hours after pleading not guilty to the charges, and being granted his request for bail reduction. Rage had been held in lieu of $75,000 bail; a judge allowed his release on condition he participate in the CCAP program, described online as a program that “holds participants accountable to a weekly itinerary directed at involving the participant in a continuum of structured programs and classes.” His next court appearance is set for November 17th.

BALLOT THEFT: Luke messaged us via Twitter on Monday night: “Ballot got stolen from mailbox at Holden/35th between 6 pm and 8 pm while I was home!” We’ve heard secondhand of at least one other case of ballot theft. With mail thieves still on the loose, our advice is to use the free dropbox or take your ballot directly to a Post Office. If you do lose yours, you can print a replacement.

PACKAGE THIEF: The video and report are from Abraham in Highland Park:

Just wanted to get the word out on this guy … he stole packages from my doorstep Thursday, November 3, at 2:52 pm. He got a light gray ski jacket from me …. might be wearing it now.

The unusual thing is that after pinching the packages, the thief sat on the steps to check them out, as you’ll see on the video. It’s been reported to police.

BURGLARY REPORT: It’s a few weeks delayed but thank you to the Arbor Heights resident who thought we should alert people about this:

I wanted to share with you a recent burglary that took place in our Arbor Heights neighborhood. During the last crazy windstorm in October, our neighbor whose wife is quite ill had to call for help and the Fire department and an Aid Car came and took her to the hospital. While they were gone the home was broken into and (burglarized). This recap is from our other neighbor so its secondhand but the point being is that these criminals are organized and listening to the scanner for when families are called away on an emergency and taking an opportunity to strike.

FOLLOWUP: Kent Police say leaving stolen-car owner stuck with others’ stuff was ‘unfortunate’


By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

“It is unfortunate what took place …”

That’s what a Kent Police Department commander tells WSB in response to our inquiries about what happened after that agency found a vehicle stolen in West Seattle and turned over to its owner.


We first reported two Fridays ago about that vehicle, stolen from local restaurateur Dan Austin (owner of WSB sponsor Peel & Press). Then last Thursday, Austin let us know that his car had been found by Kent Police (outside the Des Moines Goodwill, which is in Kent city limits) – but, as he put it in the report we published Thursday night, “Here is the weird thing, I have stolen mail and property in the car but the police wouldn’t take it. They said it was mine to deal with. I find this insane!!! I have a stolen bike and several pairs of glasses, electronics, stolen mail from all over and gym bags. What am I going to do with these??? I refuse to toss them because, as someone who just had my car stolen, I want to help people get their things back!”


Trying to deal with those things added insult to the injury of his car theft, which left him with a damaged vehicle and trashed interior that reeked of a variety of substances.


The items he most hoped to get back – the car seats for his young children – were gone. And there he was, stuck with piles of stuff, from the personal documents shown in the top photo – belonging to a variety of people including one person who, that paperwork said, had recently gotten out of jail after an arrest for suspected forgery – to mail, to eyeglasses:


At one point after Austin talked with the Southwest Precinct, Seattle Police were going to take possession of the items – an officer was there when we stopped by Austin’s house on Friday afternoon to take the photos you see in the story; we rushed over because at the time he thought they were about to be taken away.

Kent Police, however, were still in the loop, and according to the SPD officer, were arguing about what to do, so the Seattle officer left. And there was Austin, still in possession of other people’s stuff. Finally, he told us, a Kent officer was sent on Saturday and the items were taken away. “The whole situation still seems really messed up, and I wonder how many people never get their items returned because cops don’t want to take the time to inventory or retrieve it.”


We tried calling Kent PD on Friday afternoon, but were unable to reach spokesperson Commander Jarod Kasner. Today, we e-mailed him to ask about the situation, and he replied, calling it “unfortunate circumstances … Mr. Austin should not have beared the responsibility of re-contacting us in this situation; however, once we were re-contacted a Kent Officer responded to his location and collected the items that Mr. Austin had in his possession. We are reaching out to other police agencies in an attempt to locate the identified owners of the property that was collected.”


Commander Kasner also addressed Austin’s concern about being told that the two people found in his car wouldn’t face prosecution: “In this type of case we have to establish ‘knowledge’ that the vehicle was stolen. Arresting the suspect on his confirmed warrant allows us to investigate further and establish the required ‘knowledge/ aspect of the crime. The case was referred to the Detective Unit and it is anticipated that criminal charges surrounding the stolen vehicle will be filed.”

Overall, Kasner said, “It is unfortunate what took place and although I have not had an opportunity to obtain all the information, it appears that in this incident we did not provide the service that is expected or normally given. I would like to express that we take all crimes serious and we will be investigating why the situation was handled in the fashion in which it was. The information that will be obtained from our investigation, good or bad, will allow us to correct and change what is needed to maintain a high level of service, which is expected.”

Meantime, Austin tells WSB, “I am glad to hear that they acknowledge that this was not the way it should have happened. I am relieved to have the items under the control of the proper authorities. I would still like to know why the call was made to leave this stolen property with me … I still have a lot of respect for law enforcement but right now I have a lot of questions as well.”

SIDE NOTE: The oddest item we noticed, from everything Austin found in the car, next to somebody’s empty pill container:

CRIME WATCH: Package thief makes off with medicine

One reader report to share tonight in West Seattle Crime Watch, from Susan in Admiral:

Just wanted to email in that a package was stolen off my porch this morning between 9:36 am (when FedEx driver says he dropped it off) and 9:45 am when I looked for the package at my front door.

I live (in the 2300 block of) 47th Ave SW. I called FedEx and the driver says he did drop it off so I guess someone must have been following the truck. The package contained rather expensive refrigerated medicine that had to be mail-ordered from AZ.

Still hoping someone finds it and brings it back!

The latest SPD package/mail-theft info is in this newsletter.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Bleeding burglar; stolen bike; pilfered packages

Three reader reports tonight, including stolen items you’re asked to watch for:

CASE OF THE BLEEDING BURGLAR: Mary wonders if a wound might help identify whoever broke into her house:

Our house was broken into while my family and I were trick or treating. They broke our dining room window, used a lawn chair from outside to get in.

They cut themselves pretty bad because we have big blood drops all over our house. They stole a Dell Inspiron laptop, model # i15RV-3763BLK, a backup hard drive, 3 iPod touches (all locked), 2 iPhones (locked), all of our down coats, a black backpack with the only set of keys to a truck we own, and much more. Most things can be replaced, but not all the photos on the computer and backup hard drive of when my daughter was little; this breaks my heart. If found please contact – Our neighbors had 3 suspicious young men all dressed in black hoodies wearing backpacks forward. When he answered the door, they didn’t say a word, seemed odd. If you know someone dressed in a black hoodie with a very deep cut, report it?? This was near 30th and Trenton.

STOLEN BICYCLE: Taken last night from Fauntleroy/Dawson, Kristin reports:

Bike was stolen between 8 pm and 11:30 pm 11/3/16. Bike was chained to rod iron railing of front porch. Chain had been cut.


Yesterday, 11/3, I had three packages stolen from my front porch in the 9200 block of 13th Ave SW. One was a personalized coffee mug from my 80-year-old great-uncle. The other two were women’s clothing I ordered online (bralettes from Victoria’s Secret and long-sleeve tees from Gap). My gate was left wide open, too. They must have seen three packages piled up and grabbed them. I’m contacting USPS, FedEx, and the companies. Just wanted neighbors to know, as well. Plus, maybe someone will find the items thrown out since they are more personal than valuable?

We hope crime never happens to you. If it does – report it to the police – and then consider letting us know so you can alert your neighbors peninsula-wide via West Seattle Crime Watch on WSB., or 206-293-6302, text or voice, for breaking news – thank you!

FOLLOWUP: 19-year-old Trevor Muna charged in West Marginal Way crash

Prosecutors now say the 19-year-old driver who lost control on West Marginal Way Tuesday night and smashed into an oncoming car “appeared to be racing” – but not with the driver he hit, who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


The driver of the Audi pictured above, Trevor Muna of Top Hat, is now charged with two counts of vehicular assault. His 20-year-old passenger was seriously hurt and firefighters had to cut him out of the smashed-up car. The charging documents say his injuries include a collapsed lung, broken bones, and broken teeth; we just checked, and he is still at Harborview Medical Center, but was moved out of intensive care today, now in satisfactory condition.


The 33-year-old woman driving the Scion IQ pictured above, hit by Muna, suffered neck fractures, prosecutors say, and is recovering at home. The charging documents say her husband was driving in front of her, and that, “With horror, he watched the defendant’s car slam into his wife’s car behind him.” Prosecutors say that another driver…

… saw (Muna’s) car and “a black sports car” speeding an estimated 100 mph and weaving around traffic and appeared to be jockeying for position. The defendant appears to have lost control of his car in a gentle left curve of the road. The car slid counter-clockwise and skidded broadside across the lanes into oncoming traffic.

Documents also say “scene evidence appeared to confirm” the high speeds, including “pre-impact tire marks.” People at the scene, including a nurse, told investigators that Muna appeared to be under the influence. As noted in our followup last night, a Seattle Police DUI Squad member called to evaluate Muna noted what seemed to be signs of alcohol and marijuana use, and said Muna admitted to both. Our Thursday report also noted that he is out of jail after posting bond on $50,000 bail; the documents say prosecutors had asked for double that. Muna, who has no criminal record, is due back in court in two weeks to answer the charges.

CRIME WATCH: Stolen car found, full of somebody else’s stuff, + 3 reader reports

We start tonight’s Crime Watch with a followup to a recently reported vehicle theft. The vehicle’s been found – and its owner finds himself with items he would like to return to THEIR owners:

That’s one of the photos Dan Austin (proprietor of WSB sponsor Peel & Press in Morgan Junction) sent tonight with this followup to his vehicle theft reported here last Friday:

My car was recovered in Des Moines this afternoon. It has body damage, possible engine damage and multiple items were smoked in there (I can tell from the implements left in there). They had two suspects in the vehicle but will not charge them because they claimed they borrowed the vehicle from a friend and didn’t know it was stolen. One had a warrant so they got arrested the other totally walked. Here is the weird thing, I have stolen mail and property in the car but the police wouldn’t take it. They said it was mine to deal with. I find this insane!!!

I have a stolen bike and several pairs of glasses, electronics, stolen mail from all over and gym bags. What am I going to do with these??? I refuse to toss them because, as someone who just had my car stolen, I want to help people get their things back! I have a few photos of the bags and the bike tossed in the car. … The bike was spray painted to hide its identity (spray paint was in the car as well).

Recognize anything? Comment here and/or contact us. Could have been stolen anywhere, as thieves don’t necessarily stick within jurisdictions. By the way, he says it was Kent Police who found his car and told him the stuff was his to deal with (not Des Moines PD which is served by the King County Sheriff’s Office).

Meantime, three other reader reports:

5TH CAR PROWL IN 3 MONTHS: From Laura in Seaview: “Just wanted to report that my locked minivan was prowled for the fifth time since August. We live at 46th and Juneau. This last time, both side sliding doors were left open. They took nothing, as there is nothing valuable in there, but it’s sure a violating and frustrating experience.”

AND ANOTHER CAR PROWL:Sarah in Fairmount Springs says prowler(s) hit her neighbor’s car, apparently accidentally left unlocked:

My neighbor’s car was broken into … issing along with her new Seahawks jersey. She called her husband and he mentioned seeing a dark car in the alley when he was leaving (Wednesday) morning. The car was parked alongside the fence in the alley; he stopped to get a closer look and the car peeled out and sped away. I left shortly after at 6:15 am and didn’t see anything. We live (in the 6000 block of) Fauntleroy Way SW; our entry to our apartment is in the alley. Our parking is also in the alley. I’m not sure if there were other reports of theft in the area but wanted other readers to be on the lookout and remember to lock your cars and take valuables out.

HIT-AND-RUN: From Jill: “My car was completely sideswiped while parked at Cloverdale and Delridge Way SW. Based on the paint left behind, it was a yellow vehicle with no witnesses. If a message could go out to look for a yellow vehicle with extensive side damage and likely blue paint scratches on the car, that would be greatly appreciated.”

FOLLOWUP: $50,000 bail for driver in West Marginal Way crash


6:03 PM: A judge set bail at $50,000 today for the 19-year-old driver arrested after Tuesday night’s crash on West Marginal Way SW. He is under investigation for vehicular assault, suspected of being under the influence when his Audi (at right, above) hit another car and both crashed on the west side of the roadway. The probable-cause documents from this afternoon’s hearing clarify some of what happened. They say the seriously injured person who firefighters had to cut out of a vehicle was the suspect’s passenger in the Audi, not in the other car (whose driver also was hurt).


The documents say the suspect, a Top Hat resident, told police he was headed northbound and speeding – up to 55 mph, he said, in a 40-mph zone – when he lost control and veered into the opposite lanes, hitting the other car, which was headed southbound. The DUI squad officer who wrote the report said he detected the smell of alcohol and marijuana on the driver’s breath, and that the driver said he had had “a shot” and “a joint” earlier. He refused to take a breath test, so police obtained a search warrant to get a blood sample at the hospital. The driver was treated at and released from Harborview before being booked into jail less than seven hours after the crash. He’s due back in court tomorrow, when we’ll find out about charges.

1:53 AM: The suspect is out of jail after posting bond.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Warrant suspect arrested

(WSB photo)

5:56 PM: If you saw the big police response outside the Westwood Village McDonald’s around 5:15 pm – here’s what it was about: Officers spotted someone they knew had a warrant out for his arrest, related to an armed-robbery case, called for backup, moved in, and arrested him. We don’t have name/case information yet but will be watching the jail register.

THURSDAY AFTERNOON: Online records show the suspect arrested is 20-year-old Christian Demuth-Hebert. He also was cited for resisting arrest and obstructing police. He is jailed in lieu of $101,000 bail – the $100,000 is for the robbery warrant, which we traced to a case involving shoplifting turned violent at a store in Bellevue, which is also the city listed for his most recent residence. We haven’t found any West Seattle ties so far. The charging documents in that case say his record stretches back to at least 14: “Assault Third Degree and Theft Third Degree (2016, reduced from Robbery 2); Theft Third Degree (2015, reduced from Robbery 2); Vehicle Prowl 2 (2015); Theft Third Degree (2014), Escape Third Degree (2011) and Criminal Trespass (2011, 2010).”

West Seattle Crime Watch: Brazen burglary


Big police response this morning to a house northeast of The Junction where a burglar broke in while someone was home. It happened near 38th and Genesee. A quick 911 call led to an extensive search, including a K-9 team, but so far, they haven’t found the burglar. The partial description we heard via scanner was that it was a white man believed to be in his mid-30s, about 5-8, unkempt brown hair, light clothing, possibly barefoot when he fled. No harm to the person or people inside the house, police told us.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglary; bike theft; car prowl

Three reader reports:

HALLOWEEN ‘DIRTY TRICK’: That’s how Rebecca describes what happened to a neighbor on the 3900 block of SW Elmgrove [map] in Gatewood:

The neighbor came home Halloween evening to find the back door partially open, and glass shattered by a rock. Drawers in all rooms in the house rifled through with contents strewn about. The only things identified as missing so far are some pieces of jewelry and a few sentimental keepsakes. The pet in the house was shaken, but okay. This occurred sometime during the day. between 8:30 and 4:30. A couple of the neighbors on the street were home, but did not see or hear anything unusual. Police came to investigate within 10 minutes (!) and a report was filed. They said with the majority of recent break-ins, perpetrators are doing a lot of damage to the house, taking very little, if anything at all.


Last night I discovered that my bike was stolen from my back porch (in the 1700 block of Alki Avenue SW; map).

It is a 2010 GET Apache 3.0 – and in really good condition (pristine). Please have anyone who knows anything about this, or has seen it, contact me at 206-898-3415 or phippyj84 (at) gmail (dot) com.

The bike is scheduled on my renter’s insurance, but I would like to find it (hopefully) before I submit a claim!

CAR PROWL: From Haley: “North Admiral on 45th SW, car window bashed in Thursday night while parked on the street. From the glove compartment, took a 10-year-old Garmin and car registration/insurance card. Nothing else was inside the car to steal.”

Hope you NEVER have a crime to report … but if you do, after you’ve reported it to police, let us know so we can alert your neighbors around West Seattle – – thank you.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Have you seen this stolen truck?


The photo is from G, who says his dark red 2014 F-150 pickup truck was stolen early this morning, between 1 am and 6 am, from the 7100 block of 47th SW. License plate C27527B. Call 911 if you see it.

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