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CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Charge filed against man accused of breaking into sleeping family’s home

November 22, 2017 7:16 pm
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One count of residential burglary was filed today against 20-year-old Jorge Cruz-Benitez, arrested after a burglary in Highland Park on Saturday morning. As reported here on Monday, one of the home’s residents, David, widely shared his story of being awakened by his niece screaming after one of her three young children told her about the intruder. He then confronted the man, ordered him to leave, finally pushed him out of the house, and then led police to him after driving around and finding the suspect near South Seattle College. Court documents say Cruz-Benitez told police after his arrest that he thought he had entered a friend’s house, though he also said he hadn’t been to that friend’s house before; the victims told police that they later noticed things had been taken out of closets in the house, and that their garage had been gone through. The charging documents say Cruz-Benitez has a criminal history including second-degree robbery as a juvenile, and domestic-violence assault earlier this year. He remains in King County Jail in lieu of $30,000 bail, and is scheduled for arraignment December 6th.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Three reports, plus, how to avoid getting scammed

In West Seattle (and vicinity) Crime Watch:

HIT-AND-RUN DRIVER SOUGHT: In case you missed this in morning traffic coverage, a hit-run driver killed a bicyclist on northbound 1st Avenue South just south of the West Seattle Bridge early today, and SPD’s most recent update has a description of the vehicle:

Detectives are looking for a white or silver colored 4 door compact hatchback, very similar to a Toyota Prius. The vehicle will have obvious right front headlight area damage. Anyone with information on this vehicle is urged to contact SPD’s Traffic Collision Investigation Squad at (206) 684-8923 and ask for Det. Sanders.

SPD says the man who was hit and killed was 61 years old.

Reader reports:

PACKAGE THEFT: Latest one we’ve heard about was reported by Michelle – an Amazon package stolen from her porch near 47th SW and SW Holgate between 3:45 and 5:30 pm on Monday.

WHEELS STOLEN? OR? Shelley sent this photo:

She says the car, a blue Subaru with Alaska plates, has been on 41st SW just south of SW Edmunds since Sunday, “just sitting there on the rims.” She has been a victim of auto theft herself and in case this is a missing car or something else not yet reported, she thought someone out there might like to know.

HOLIDAY SCAM/FRAUD ALERT: Just in from Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Burbridge:

Around this time of year, around the Holiday season, we often see an increase in scam and fraud incidents. Crooks use clever schemes to defraud millions of people each year- for money and/or personal information. These crooks often combine new technology with old tricks to get what they are looking for. Subsets of the population are more vulnerable to these types of scams- but everyone can help protect themselves by keeping the following ten practical suggestions in mind, provided by the Federal Trade Commission:

Spot imposters – scammers will often try to disguise themselves as someone you trust (such as a government official, family member or charitable organization). Never send money or give our personal information in response to an unexpected request.

Do online searches – try typing in the company or product name into a search engine with key words like ‘review’, ‘complaint’ or ‘scam’. You can also look up phone numbers to check on their validity.

Do not believe caller ID – technology makes it simple for scammers to fake a caller ID. If you receive a call asking for personal information or money, hang up. If you feel the caller is legitimate- try calling back a number, you know is genuine for that person or company.

Do not pay upfront for a promise – scammers may try to ask you to pay up front for debt relief, loan offers, mortgage assistance or a job (such as handy work or lawn maintenance).

Consider how you pay- most credit cards have significant fraud protection built in, while other payment methods (such as wiring money through services like Western Union or MoneyGram) do not have these protections. Government offices and honest companies will not require you to use a risky payment method, keep this in mind when paying.

Talk to someone – scammers will often want you to make decisions in a hurry and may even threaten you. Before you give money or personal information, slow down, check out the story, do an online search and maybe even talk to an expert or friend about the request.

Hang up on robocalls – if you answer the phone and hear a recorded sales pitch, hang up and report this to the Federal Trade Commission and/or to local police. These calls are illegal and are often fake. Do not follow prompts, just hang up.

Be skeptical about free trials online- some companies will use free trials to sign you up for products and bill you each month until you cancel. Before you agree to a free trial, review the company’s cancelation policy and always check your monthly statements to review charges.

Don’t deposit a check and wire money back- banks must make funds from deposited checks available within days, but discovering a fraudulent check can take weeks. If a check you deposit turns out to be fake, you are responsible for repaying the bank.

Sign up for free scam alerts from the Federal Trade Commission at (updated link)– get the latest tips and advice about scams directly to your email.
For more information, or to access tips and suggestions in other languages, please visit the Federal Trade Commission’s consumer website –

And one more reminder if you see this close to when we are publishing it – the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meets at 7 pm tonight at the precinct – your chance to bring neighborhood crime concerns/questions directly to local police leadership.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Bail set for suspect accused of breaking into sleeping family’s home

A judge set bail at $30,000 today for a 20-year-old man arrested after allegedly breaking into a Highland Park home early Saturday, awakening a sleeping family, including David, who shared his firsthand account, saying screams woke him up:

“Uncle David! Uncle David! There’s a man in the house!!!” I shook the sleep out of my eyes, sure that I must have heard incorrectly. The screams continued as I exited my room to find a man inside the home, confronting my niece and her three children ages 1, 3, and 5. I demanded that he leave immediately, but he delayed, as though he was considering his options. Meanwhile, my niece was calling the police on her cell phone. Still the man did not move.

David finally pushed the intruder out of the house and watched him disappear between neighbors’ homes before police arrived. While they searched near his house, he decided to drive a wider circle to look for him, and spotted him near the South Seattle College campus. He called 911 to get that information to police, and that’s where they made the arrest. According to the police report, which we obtained along with documents from today’s bail hearing, “The suspect was not wearing shoes when contacted by officers. The suspect’s shoes were found inside the victim’s residence.” (Blue and white Nike Air Jordans, according to the police report.) Arrest paperwork includes the notation that police would be against releasing the suspect, as he is a convicted felon with a record including robbery, and a weapons history. The King County Jail Register says he spent a month in jail last summer in an assault case; his listed “last known address” is also in Highland Park.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen silver Chevy Sonic; vandalized window; backyard theft attempt

Three reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

STOLEN CAR: Be on the lookout for Robert‘s car:

Our car is a 2013 Chevy Sonic LT hatchback with noticeable bumper stickers.

It was stolen from the parking lot of our apartment at the Overlook at Westridge on 600 SW Kenyon St between 6:30 and 9 PM last night 11/17. The police incident # is 17-426990. License plate # ANU8386.

Call 911 if you see it.

ROCK THROWN THROUGH WINDOW: This also happened in Highland Park, near 12th/Thistle:

Around 10:30 pm (Wednesday, November 15th), 3 boys walked past our house, threw a rock, broke our bay window, and ran away.

Luckily, no one was injured. The victim has security video and has filed a police report – the number is 17-910494.


Our back porch light went out and I hadn’t had the time to replace it for about a week or two – in the meantime someone (last night 11/17/17) went into our backyard and tried to steal my BBQ. It’s a green egg so they could not do it (it’s ceramic and weighs over 200 lbs). The reason I know it happened yesterday sometime is that I was in my backyard before work about 8:30am on 11/17 and everything was in order. I woke up this morning to find the following:

Moral of the story – keep your porch lights on and if your BBQ doesn’t weigh > 200lbs like mine then lock it down.

P.S. Another reminder that the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meets Tuesday, 7 pm at the Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster) – if you have a neighborhood crime concern/question, bring it so you can ask about it.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: What’s happening as high-profile cases make their way through the courts

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight, court updates:

RYAN COX TRIAL DATE CHANGES AGAIN: Three months after repeat offender Ryan Cox was charged with stabbing a man in Gatewood, his trial date has changed again. Court records show that early on, Cox insisted on going to trial on the second-degree-assault charge, and after the first date was postponed, he was scheduled for a trial-readiness hearing today. Instead, his lawyer told the judge they need more time to prepare, and obtained another postponement – over Cox’s objection, according to the document filed after the hearing. The trial-readiness hearing is now planned for December 22nd, with the trial date tentatively set for January 29th.

OTHER CASES WE’RE FOLLOWING: We’ve been asked about other defendants arrested in high-profile cases in the past few months. Right now, these defendants are all in the phase where they’ve appeared for a case-setting hearing, at which their lawyers sought a continuance to a later date: Anna Kasparova, charged with first-degree murder in the September shooting death of Edixon Velasquez, is due back in court November 30th, as is her co-defendant Abel LinaresJonatan Islas-Martinez, Diego Carballo-Olivares, and Elizabeth Cabrera-Aparicio, all charged with murder in the Westcrest Park stabbing death of Derek Juarez-Lopez, are due back in court January 10th … Kierra Ward, charged with two counts of assault in the Admiral stabbing attack on a mom out walking her baby, is now due back in court November 29th.

Don’t miss your chance to speak out about crime, safety, police

November 16, 2017 2:27 pm
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 |   Crime | Safety | West Seattle news | West Seattle police

Two weeks left for this year’s Seattle Public Safety Survey – with a holiday right in the middle of those two weeks, so we’re reminding you today: If you haven’t answered the survey’s questions about crime, safety, and police, consider setting aside some time for it before the November 30th deadline. The survey is overseen by Seattle University, which will provide the results to SPD, and also works with the department on analyzing crime trends, via interns at local precincts. The survey starts here and is available in 11 languages.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gun search; package-theft victim’s question

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes, plus a reminder:

GUN SEARCH: A texter sent that photo and wondered what the King County Sheriff’s Office was doing with multiple units at Don Armeni Boat Ramp much of the day. We checked with Sgt. Cindi West, who says they were searching in the water for a gun – and found one – possibly linked to last Friday night’s White Center shooting death, for which a juvenile suspect has been arrested. (Added: Court documents from the 16-year-old shooting suspect’s hearing today say he told detectives he had thrown the gun into Puget Sound.)

PACKAGE THEFT: From Patrick in High Point:

We had two packages delivered from Amazon at around 11am on Tuesday the 14th, and by the time we arrived home at around 7pm they were gone. An additional package had been dropped off at 4 pm and that was here, so presumably the theft occurred sometime between 11 am and 4 pm. There was a variety of items in the packages, mostly nursery items (crib sheets, wipe dispenser, etc.). The theft occurred at our house on the corner of 34th and Morgan. If anyone has any information or had similar issues yesterday, we’d be interested to hear about it. This is the second time we’ve had a package go missing this year.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL: Yes, WSCPC does meet this month! 7 pm next Tuesday (November 21st), be at the Southwest Precinct to hear about crime trends and get answers to your questions about neighborhood crime/safety concerns.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen silver CR-V; gas thieves hit school buses

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports today:

STOLEN CAR: Mariana reports her silver ’99 Honda CR-V, with Yakama Nation plate 2535, has been stolen from the 7300 block of California SW, where it was last seen at 9 pm Sunday.

She adds, “Unique plates, but my original Washington plates are in car and could have been switched out. I don’t know my WA state plate number. It has studded snow tires, painted feather and beaded bag in window. Police Incident Report # 17-422184.” Call 911 if you see it.

MORE GAS-TANK PUNCTURES: We’ve published previous reports of gas tanks being punctured, apparently to steal gasoline. Now the thief/thieves are hitting schools. Sometime between last Wednesday and Sunday, they hit Hope Lutheran School‘s bus: “One of our teachers went to fill the bus and realized at the gas station that there was a pencil sized stream of gas from the tank. We took it to West Seattle Autoworks and it was the 4th incident they had seen of this type this month.” The Seattle Lutheran High School bus parked next to Hope’s bus (on the north side of The Junction) also had gas stolen, but via siphon, not puncture. (We had multiple gas-tank-puncture reports last month, including this one.)

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police search in South Delridge

10:10 AM: Police are searching in the 17th and Barton vicinity right now for one or two people wanted in what’s been described via scanner as a robbery and hit-run in which someone was reportedly dragged by a stolen car. One suspect has been described as a “possible Hispanic man, 25, heavy set, brown or black wavy hair, small mustache, black hoodie, light T-shirt.” The car’s been found but no one was inside. We’ll update with anything more we find out.

10:31 AM: The search continues, and a K-9 team will be joining. The person who was hurt did not need to be taken to the hospital, we’re told. That part of the incident apparently happened near/at a 13th/Henderson-area construction site (photo added above).

10:37 AM: Added above, a photo of the abandoned stolen car, a blue Subaru with plates starting in AYT. (We don’t know whether it was stolen in West Seattle or elsewhere – it’s not one that we’ve received a reader report about. Police eventually plan to impound it.)

UPDATE: Deadly shooting in White Center; helicopter search

(WSB photos)

10:53 PM: For everyone asking about the helicopter – a shooting is reported near 15th and Roxbury in White Center. King County Sheriff’s deputies have asked SPD to assist with the investigation. We are on the way to find out more.

10:58 PM UPDATE: KCSO says one man has been shot and is undergoing CPR.

11:11 PM UPDATE: Just arrived at the scene. 15th SW is taped off about a block south of Roxbury. SPD is here as well as KCSO, and Guardian One is still overhead.

11:15 PM UPDATE: A sergeant at the scene tells us the victim has died. No arrest reported so far.

8:44 AM: New information in from King County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Cindi West: The victim was a 27-year-old man from Burien: “Witnesses told police that a group of men were talking with the victim prior to the shooting. The suspect who was with the group of men fought with the victim. When the fight was over, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the victim. The men fled the scene on foot. King County Guardian One and K-9 responded but were unable to locate the suspect or the men he was with. The only description obtained was that the suspect was wearing a red hoodie.” They’re hoping for tips, 206-296-3311.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: One stolen Accord swapped for another

Mike in Gatewood e-mailed this morning, hoping you can help find his stolen car – “a green 1994 4-door Honda Accord. It was stolen last night from a home in Gatewood. It’s not the prettiest car, but it runs wonderfully.” License plate ACY5949, SPD incident # 2017-416928 – call 911 if you see it.

And there’s a twist: Where Mike’s car was taken, another stolen Accord was left behind – the one Tim reported last Monday, taken from Charlestown Hill.

FYI from SPD: Level 3 sex offender moves to Delridge

Just in from Southwest Precinct crime-prevention coordinator Jennifer Burbridge, one of the occasional notifications that a Level 3 sex offender has moved into the area:

In an effort to keep you informed and to reduce future victimization, we want to let you know that recently one Level 3 registered sex offender has moved into a SW Precinct neighborhood.

Please see the below message from Michelle McRae from the Seattle Police Department Sex Offender Detail Unit.


Elijah Vincent is a level 3 registered sex offender who has recently moved to the 5600 block of Delridge Way SW in Seattle and is currently under Department of Corrections supervision.

Detective Foster is the detective responsible for verifying his address as long as he is living there.

To learn more about this offender and for additional safety tips please visit the website at and search by his name. [Editor’s note: You will find his photo and background here.]

If you have any questions please contact me. Thank you

Michelle McRae
Seattle Police Department
Sex Offender Detail Unit
ph – (206) 684-5581


(From Jennifer Burbridge:) Level 3 sex offenders pose the highest risk to re-offend. It is normal to feel upset, angry and worried about a registered sex offender living in your community. The Community Notification Act of 1990 requires sex offenders to register in the community where they live. The law also allows local law enforcement to make the public aware about Level 2 and Level 3 offenders. As all of these offenders have completed their sentence, they are free to live where they wish. Experts believe sex offenders are less likely to re-offend if they live and work in an environment free of harassment. Any actions taken against the listed sex offenders could result in arrest and prosecution, as it is against the law to use this information in any to threaten, intimidate or harass registered sex offenders. The SPD Sex Offender detectives will check on these offenders every 3 months to verify our information. You can use 9-1-1 to report any and all suspicious activity.

Please call me to schedule a Block Watch meeting if your block is interested. My office phone at the precinct is (206) 256-6820.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Little red wagon stolen from porch

That’s Riky‘s daughter. Riky sent the photo with this Crime Watch report:

I know a wagon isn’t the same as a car or something more significant but my daughter’s Radio Flyer Wagon was stolen from our porch yesterday and I’m so upset over it. She loves it and we use it constantly. Any tips on its location are greatly appreciated.

(As we replied, yes, a wagon IS significant!) This happened near 28th SW and SW Roxbury, and a police report has been filed; meantime, if you see a wagon like this abandoned somewhere in that area, let us know.

FOLLOWUP: Police find stolen Prius, arrest suspect

Last Saturday morning, we published Fuchi‘s report of a black 2017 Prius stolen near California/Hanford. Today, Fuchi e-mailed with word the car was found last night, “with a collection of presumably stolen goods inside, and suspected thief was arrested.” We contacted Seattle Police to find out more. Media relations Det. Mark Jamieson tells us a detective spotted the car in the Junction QFC parking lot and confirmed it was stolen; the suspect was arrested shortly thereafter “without incident.” After the car was reclaimed, that’s when items that didn’t belong to the owners were discovered; police have those items now, Det. Jamieson said. He didn’t have details about the suspect – except that he’s in his 30s – because the report is still being processed.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen gold/ivory Honda Accord

10:39 AM: Tim‘s car was stolen overnight on Charlestown Hill:

It’s a golden/ivory 1996 Honda Accord. Very clean 110% bone stock. 5-speed manual. Tan interior. It has a small dimple dent with a green scuff on passenger rear door, and the bumpers have small scratches/scuff marks with “color match paint” to cover. Last seen parked out front on Charlestown St. (near 52nd SW; map) Stolen Sunday night 11/5/17. License plate #BEZ9764. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Call 911 if you see or have seen it. (Tim was in the process of reporting it to police and we’ll add the report # when we get it.)

ADDED 1:28 PM: SPD incident # is 17-411669.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Kite-surfing gear stolen

Our second report today of sizable items taken in a car prowl. This report is from Paul in the 3500 block of SW 98th [map] in Arbor Heights, where the theft happened sometime this weekend:

The main thing that was stolen was a large gear bag (black PGA golf bag with wheels) that contained kite-surfing gear:

Kite board
10 and 12 meter kites
Bar and line
Wet suit
Long board skateboard
About $2500 worth of stuff to the right person but worthless to most people

I also lost a black briefcase that had my entire financial life in it and an old MacBook Pro.

Hopefully the criminals just dumped it all somewhere and I can recover it soon.

If you have any information, the SPD incident # is 17-410552.


Matt lives across SW Frontenac from the north side of Gatewood Elementary and is asking you to watch out for guitars stolen from his car:

I’m kicking myself for making the mistake, but I left my guitars in my truck out in front of our house on the evening of Thursday November 2nd. When I went out to my truck to go to work on Friday morning, I knew right away what had happened. Someone had broken in and stolen my guitars and my backpack with song books, journal etc. We love our neighborhood, but I never leave things in our vehicles for this reason. Sadly, I blanked out this time and paid for it. Here are some more details as to what was taken in the off chance they cross people’s paths.

Taylor 714 Acoustic Guitar – serial #20060209124

Vintage Classical Guitar – circa early 70’s with distinctive wear around the sound hole where someone played it with a pick long ago and scratched up the soundboard.

It seems crazy that I don’t know the make given how long I’ve had the guitar and how much I love it, but it’s true. I seem to remember it being a Japanese maker, perhaps starting with an M. …

Northface Backpack, black – contents include a song book, journal, egg shakers, harmonica, harmonica holder, and other odds and ends etc. In short, things that would be meaningless to others, but matter to me.

A police report is filed among other steps Matt has taken to get the word out. If you have any info on the stolen items, you can refer to SPD incident # 2017-409388.


9:45 AM: Fuchi in South Admiral moved to West Seattle a few months ago and has just become the victim of auto theft: Black 2017 Prius stolen early Friday, from SW Hanford between California and 44th. License plate BGJ4568. Fuchi found out from neighbors that someone was seen prowling cars shortly before the 3 am theft – described as a white man, late 20s to mid 30s, 5’10”, dark pants, “some kind of insulated jacket,” carrying a gym bag. If you see the car, call 911; police incident # is 2017-408542.

1:45 PM: Here’s the aforementioned prowler, as caught on a neighbor’s security camera:

TUESDAY UPDATE: Fuchi reports the car has been recovered and a suspect was arrested. We’re working to get more followup info from SPD.

CRIME WATCH: Package thieves, including a repeater; sign mystery

In West Seattle (and vicinity) Crime Watch:

WESTWOOD REPEAT PACKAGE THIEF: What you see in this security video isn’t the usual quick look at a theft. Toward the start, you see someone remove a package from the porch; then you see another delivery; then about 5:15 in, you see the same person back to remove that package. Stacey, who sent the link, explains:

Our family had the nice UPS driver come by last night around 8 pm to tell us that a thief was prowling the Westwood area stealing packages. You can see in this video clip a guy with an odd hat and puffy jacket grab a small package and later come back for our Old Navy package which was hidden in a milk box. The UPS man said he was chasing this guy down with over a dozen packages.

A very Good Samaritan brought us back our ripped open Old Navy bag. Keep an eye out for this guy. And anyone in the Westwood area, look to make sure you got your packages the last two days.

BEACH DRIVE PACKAGE THIEF: The photos and report are from Nina:

I live on the 5600 Block of Beach Drive. On 11/1 at 10:58 AM, this woman stole a package off our porch 4 minutes after it was dropped off.

She was following the delivery truck through the neighborhood. I have filed a police report but thought the neighbors in West Seattle should be warned. Police Case Number 2017-910072

SIGN MYSTERY: Do you know what happened to this sign at 4th SW and SW 108th? Vandalism? Crash?

Mark Ufkes, who led the White Center Chamber of Commerce when this and similar signs were installed, sent the photo and notes, “Wish we knew who did this, to help us make it right. The sign alone cost the Chamber over $2,000.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Trespassers; bicycle found; driver pursues rider on Alki Trail

Three West Seattle Crime Watch notes:


The vacant homes on the corner of Fauntleroy and Brandon have attracted squatters. Unfortunately, we were informed that this has become a problem throughout the area.

The owners of both vacant properties (5251 Fauntleroy Way SW & 3914 SW Brandon St) have been notified and the police have been out multiple times this week. While an arrest was made on Monday evening, there does not seem to be much that be done to deter this.

As concerned neighbors, we will continue to notify the owners or both houses when we see individuals on the properties and will contact the police.

As reported in our community-meeting coverage, vacant homes are indeed a problem throughout the city. Police have to have permission from their owners to “trespass” people found squatting, so in some cases, they have been able to get that permission in advance so it doesn’t have to be sought anew every time. Meantime, we checked city files for the addresses, wondering about the sites’ future; both have redevelopment proposals on file – 5251 Fauntleroy, for three-unit rowhouse and two single-family houses, and 3914 Brandon for a six-unit rowhouse.

FOUND BICYCLE: Carmine spotted this bike at Lincoln Park:

Abandoned 17” Marin bicycle at far north end of Lincoln Park beach trail. Looks stolen, flat front tire caused abandonment.

DRIVER ON BICYCLE PATH: Yesterday on Reddit, a member reported seeing someone driving a car on the Alki Trail, pursuing a bicyclist with whom they had just had some kind of confrontation. The member reported having recorded it on video, and then posted it in a separate thread today. Caveat: It is shot from a distance, and the narration is full of profanities. We invited the witness – who was planning to take their video to police – to contact WSB, but have not heard from them, so we don’t know the status of the case, and all we can do is link to their posts. (Thanks to the people who flagged us to this – we do read the Seattle subreddits regularly but hadn’t seen this until we got the first note about it.)

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Locker-room theft victim chases thief

Out of the WSB inbox, from Andrew:

I had just returned to the locker room from a post-workout shower at LA Fitness at about 7:30 am to discover that someone had cut the lock off of my locker and stolen my wallet and bus pass. I’ve been exercising there every morning before work for over two years, so I recognize most of the regulars.

I’d seen a unfamiliar man there this morning, so I confronted him then contacted the gym’s staff. When the staff asked that he empty his pockets, he had my credit card and about $50 in cash from my wallet on him.

He bolted out of the front door, and I gave chase while the staff called the police. I then took photos of him while he was getting away. He took off on a bicycle heading east on SW Alaska Street. I did not escalate the situation because I didn’t know if he had a knife or some other weapon.

Fortunately, he must’ve ditched my wallet and bus pass at some point during the confrontation, because the gym staff found and returned both, minus the cash, which he must’ve shoved back into his pockets. He was not a member of the gym and apparently snuck in somehow. I’ve been working out with no problems at LA Fitness since they opened their West Seattle location, and I’m somewhat shaken by the brazenness of this encounter. However, I will return, since something like this could happen almost anywhere.

I gave my statement and emailed the photos to the police, and they provided me with Incident # 17-404018.

Andrew added more description in a followup note: White man, late 30s, medium build, about 5’10”.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Seen this stolen black Honda Civic?

October 30, 2017 3:26 pm
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Just out of the WSB inbox, from Chris:

My wife and I just got back to our Roxbury Street home from a weekend visiting family to find my 1999 Honda Civic stolen (4 door, black, license plate #ASU6838). If anyone finds it abandoned on their street, please let me know.

But first, call 911. (Update – you can refer to SPD incident # 2017-430174.)

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Alki hit-run; South Admiral discovery

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes this morning:

ALKI HIT-RUN: From Russ and Kim:

Our 2002 Volvo S60 was parked on SW Stevens street in front of our house (last night). Around 11 pm we heard a crash outside and saw a pickup truck zooming away. It had clipped the front of our car as it turned right down the alley the leads down to Alki Ave.

The whole front of our car was taken off. Called SPD and they responded quickly and are looking for a pickup — a big one that might be carrying two barrels in its back (according to our neighbor, who caught a brief look).

We are fine. Just an annoying hit-and-run. SPD is on the lookout, but if anyone sees a pickup — probably a larger one — with damage to its front right side, please let us know.

DUMPED ITEMS: The photo and report are from Teresa:

She found the items in the parking lot at 3700 California SW early Friday morning and turned them over to police: “The purse on top still had the wallet, ID and cash inside. I did not look in the rest of the bags but high heels were falling out of a tote. I don’t remember the person’s name but the address on their ID said Marysville.” So contact SPD if you know whose these are.

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