Update: Shooting, robbery attempt on 28th SW east of Arbor Heights

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(WSB photo: At left, a sheriff’s car that was on ‘containment’ earlier, on 106th at 26th)
FIRST REPORT, 7 PM: If you’re in Shorewood/east Arbor Heights, you might be noticing a major law enforcement presence: Sheriff’s deputies are getting help from SPD in their search for a suspect in a reported shooting near 10300 block 28th SW (map). No word on shooting circumstances/victim yet.

7:11 PM UPDATE: KCSO says the male victim is expected to survive. A K-9 team is helping search for the person who shot him.

7:38 PM UPDATE: KCSO says the K-9 track wasn’t able to find a suspect. They’re still sorting out the motive, possibly robbery.

9:40 PM UPDATE: We just checked in with KCSO spokesperson Sgt. DB Gates. She won’t have more information until morning but did say that as far as she knows, the shooting, while it happened near Grace Church (as discussed in comments), had no connection to the church.

TUESDAY MORNING, 10 AM: From Sgt. Gates:

There were four males in a parked car smoking marijuana when the suspect approached the car, opened one of the doors, displayed a handgun, and demanded their belongings.

For whatever reason, just a few seconds after the initial demand the victims felt the suspect was spooked by something outside the car. He then fired one shot into the car which hit a 17 year old seated in the driver’s seat. The suspect fled immediately on foot.

One of the males in the car also fled on foot, presumably because he had the marijuana. The other two (ages 19 and 20) remained with their friend and cooperated with responding deputies.

A K9 unit from Renton PD responded and a track was done but it was unsuccessful. Renton PD’s dog assisted as calling for an on duty dog is often quicker than calling out one of our K9 units from home. We also were assisted by Seattle Police.

The unknown suspect is described as a black/white mixed race male in his late 20s, approximately 5′ 10″ and medium build. He had short dreadlocks and tattoos on his neck and hands, last seen wearing a gray hoodie, red T-shirt and jeans. The victim vehicle was impounded for processing by detectives.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Armed break-in in Sunrise Heights; stolen store statue; fence fight

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Three West Seattle Crime Watch reports today:

SUNRISE HEIGHTS ROBBERY: Just published on SPD Blotter – three men, one with a gun, broke into a home in the 7500 block of 32nd SW during the windstorm early Sunday “looking for drugs and robb(ing) a 35-year-old woman, threatening to kill her if she did not cooperate.” The SPDB report continues:

The woman told police someone banged on the back door of her home, in the 7500 block of 32nd Avenue Southwest, shortly after midnight. When she walked back to investigate, a man broke the glass and reached in to unlock the door. The victim headed toward the front door, but one of the suspects barged in, pointed a handgun and ordered her to stop. A second man, armed with a knife from the kitchen, pushed her to the floor and held the blade near her throat. The robbers told her not to look at their faces, and asked where her safe was. The victim told them it had been stolen several weeks ago. One man held her down at gunpoint while the others ransacked her house. The woman offered them her purse containing $100. The men took the purse and then saw several police cars arriving in front of the house. They fled through the back door.

The victim ran out the front door to alert officers. She was not injured. A neighbor had called the police a few minutes earlier because the men had apparently walked through the yard of a neighboring home. Detectives believe the suspects were looking for illegal drugs. A K-9 team was brought in to help search for the suspects, but no one was found. If you have any information about this incident, please contact robbery detectives at (206) 684-5535.

Also in Crime Watch:

STOLEN FOX: Pink Gorilla Games in Morgan Junction (6053 California SW) says somebody has made off with the store’s distinctive “Fox McCloud” statue, shown above. They reported the theft on Sunday. Please contact the store and SPD if you’ve seen it.

FENCE FIGHT: Police were called to the 4200 block of SW Donovan in Upper Fauntleroy last Friday to investigate a reported assault, as neighbors’ fight over a fence escalated. The report says one neighbor installed the fence for property separation and privacy more than eight years ago. The other neighbor, “thinking the fence is shared property,” according to the report, recently put up decorations. The fence owner said the decorations were damaging the fence. Three weeks of arguing over the fence ensued, according to the report. The neighbor who installed the fence finally put up “No Trespassing” signs facing the yard of the other neighbor, who subsequently “got a pair of wire cutters and attempted to cut the signs down,” at which time, police say, the sign-installing neighbor ran outside, yelled “Get off my fence,” and struck the other neighbor in the hand, repeatedly, with a Home Depot bucket. The victim declined medical attention. Police advised them to consult a surveyor if they’re not clear about the property line, and advised the fence owner to call police if they suspect trespassing, not to take matters into their own hands.

Crime Watch followup: Christopher A. Brown pleads guilty in Roxbury rape/beating attack

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Just discovered this in the court files:

The man charged in last March’s rape and beating of a 58-year-old woman near 22nd/Roxbury has pleaded guilty. The attack drew regional-media attention as deputies went door to door searching for clues to solve the exceptionally violent attack. 25-year-old Christopher Anthony Brown was found via a DNA match, arrested in Oklahoma in June, charged with rape and assault, and extradited. Investigators said Brown had been visiting this area when he attacked the victim as she waited for a bus – asking her for a cigarette, then offering her money for sex, and when she declined, dragging her into nearby shrubbery, choking her until she was nearly unconscious, beating her, raping her, robbing her, and threatening to kill her and her family if she reported it.

According to documents in the online files, prosecutors will recommend a sentence that would put Brown in prison for 171 months – just over 14 years. Brown pleaded guilty last week to one count each of rape, assault, and robbery. King County Superior Court Judge Julie Spector is scheduled to sentence him on November 14th.

West Seattle Crime Watch: ‘Wagner Prowler’; phone robbery; road rage

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Three West Seattle Crime Watch reports tonight. First one is a reader report:

Saturday night our elderly neighbor had a prowler down on Beach Drive. The man, described as a white male, was in her backyard around 2 am. Her house guest was awakened by his VERY distinctive ring tone “The Charge of the Valkyries” ! I thought that was distinctive enough that someone may be able to identify the Wagner Prowler. It appears that he was trying to gain access to a neighbor’s yard..but took off when his cell phone went off.

We don’t have the block number. But keep an … ear out.

Next – two from the police-report files: Another smartphone stolen, and an odd cross-peninsula case of “road rage”:

Click to read the rest of West Seattle Crime Watch: ‘Wagner Prowler’; phone robbery; road rage…

Found in West Seattle: Recognize these binders? Or this bicycle?

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Two “found” reports:

WHOSE SPORTS-CARD BINDERS ARE THESE? Southwest Precinct Det. Brian Ballew shares the photo – he is hoping to find either the owner of those binders (and what’s in them) or at least someone who knows whose they might be. He confirms they’re the same ones mentioned at last week’s Admiral Neighborhood Association meeting. If you have any info (or if they’re yours!), please contact Det. Ballew directly at 206-233-7836.

Second, a reader report:

BICYCLE FOUND: As with stolen cars, we spotlight found/stolen bicycles when we get word of them. The photo is from Julie, who says someone left a red, men’s Excitor 21-speed road-type bike in her yard. She’s reported it to police but if you know whose it is, speak up so it can be returned sooner rather than later.

West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Bryan Tiedeman sentenced

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Another repeat-offender sentencing to report tonight: After several delays, 43-year-old Bryan Tiedeman has been sentenced in two cases involving stolen cars and drugs. The first time we reported on him, in December of last year, he and an accomplice had been charged in connection with four stolen cars, including the one they crashed on Highland Park Way, leading to their arrest. Tiedeman got out of jail in February, and was arrested again less than three months later in connection with a car stolen from SeaTac and found near his Fauntleroy home. After 17 days in jail in May, he was allowed into a work-release program. Then in June, after missing a hearing related to the 2013 case, he was arrested on warrants in Morgan Junction, at which time a reader sent us this photo:

He’s been in jail since then. In July, he pleaded guilty to charges in both cases, including three counts of possession of a stolen vehicle, taking a motor vehicle without permission, methamphetamine possession, identity theft, unlawful gun possession. On Monday, King County Superior Court Judge Theresa Doyle sentenced him on both sets of charges, with a variety of concurrent sentences that boil down to 51 months in prison – four years and three months, plus restitution to be determined later. At the time of his arrest last year, court documents said Tiedeman had been booked into the King County Jail 34 times in 20 years.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglar Jason Wyman pleads guilty

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Three months after burglarizing three homes in one day, 33-year-old Jason Wyman has pleaded guilty. We reported on his spree back in July, when he was charged with breaking into two houses and a guest house within blocks of each other in Gatewood and Upper Fauntleroy; in two of those cases, people were home when he walked in through an open or unlocked door.

According to court documents from his plea hearing last Friday, Wyman is also suspected – but has not and will not be charged in – two other local incidents in July, a burglary at a business in the 7200 block of West Marginal Way SW and a theft at a business in the 7300 block of Delridge Way. Court documents list more than 40 property and drug crimes on his record, dating back to 1996, when he was 15. (The photo above is from 2002, which the state Department of Corrections says was the last time he was in their custody.) In the plea agreement, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office recommends that he get a prison-based Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative (DOSA) sentence of three years, which would include mandatory substance-abuse treatment, followed by three years of community custody (probation). He’s eligible for that, according to court documents, because these are non-violent offenses and he hasn’t had a DOSA sentence in at least 10 years (if ever). He is scheduled for sentencing on October 31st before King County Superior Court Judge Douglass North.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Dog park car prowl; burglary attempt

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Two reader reports – first, from Amy:

My car was broken into yesterday @ 400-445 pm while my boyfriend and I were with our dogs at the Westcrest dog park. We noticed a suspicious vehicle nearby. Watched them park. But leave briefly after. They were driving a Tahoe dark charcoal gray with 22′ inch rims or bigger with blacked-out windows. Passengers were white males. They broke my back-side passenger window and stole my purse. They got away with some jewelry + prescriptions + makeup + Jean purse.

Second, someone tried to break into Annalisa‘s house on Friday:

We had an attempted break in at our house on 20th and Trenton. They did not get into the house, but they did crack our window and lean the window screen nicely back up against the house … It occurred between 3:45 and 7:15. They tried to break into our baby’s room, which is all the more frightening.

Meantime, your next chance to bring neighborhood crime/safety concerns/questions to Seattle Police is this Tuesday, when the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meets for the first time in a few months – 7 pm, Southwest Precinct (Delridge/Webster). No guest on the agenda, so the entire meeting is a chance to hear from and talk with police.

Reader reports: Car prowl; plus, recognize either of these bikes?

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CAR PROWL: Reported via text: Somebody smashed the window on that car along 36th SW between Raymond and Juneau. They also found evidence of a battery-theft attempt inside.

FOUND BICYCLE #1: Scott writes, “Anyone missing this bike? Showed up in my alley in Sunrise Heights”:

FOUND BICYCLE #2: Thanks to WSB Forums member Metrognome for pointing out this – a post about a bicycle found at Alki Elementary, and destined for city pickup.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Gunfire suspect out of jail; tonight’s helicopter

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Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes:

GUNFIRE SUSPECT OUT OF JAIL: 30-year-old Daren Atwood, charged with a firearms offense after last Thursday’s gunfire incident near Fairmount Ravine, is out of jail after one day. We reported Tuesday night that he had been charged and booked; this afternoon, he appeared in Seattle Municipal Court. According to the online docket, the city asked for $50,000 bail; a judge let him out on personal recognizance. His next court appearance is set for November 13th.

ABOUT THE HELICOPTER: Just before 9 pm, a relatively brief burst of helicopter activity brought some questions from north and northeast West Seattle. Via Twitter, the Guardian One crew confirmed it was them, helping Seattle Police with “a disturbance call.” No further details, so if we find out anything in the morning, we’ll add it here.

West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Fauntleroy search, explained

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From the “sometimes followups take a few days” file:

(WSB photo from last Saturday)
Back on Saturday, police had a visible presence near the Fauntleroy ferry dock and Lincoln Park for a few hours. All they would say at the time was that they were “looking for a felony warrant suspect.” Finally we have tracked down the case number and report with details: A fare-enforcement officer at a bus stop by the ferry dock called police around 4 pm Saturday to say he had someone who he thought had a warrant out for his arrest (didn’t say why the enforcer thought that) but couldn’t hold the suspect.

Police arrived and found the man did indeed have a warrant out for a drug charge. They arrested him and handcuffed him; he had an empty syringe in his possession and told them he had used heroin that day. As they were putting him in a patrol car, he asked them to adjust his handcuffs, which were somewhat obstructed, the report says, by rubber bracelets and a watch. While officers were using a handcuff key to adjust the cuffs, the suspect bolted with such force “he broke the handcuff key in half.” They ran after him into the neighborhoods to the east, but lost him as he ran through yards. Containment was set up – the cars you might have seen blocking streets – and a K-9 officer was called; the dog sniffed the backpack left behind at the bus stop and followed a trail into Lincoln Park, but the suspect wasn’t found. Whenever he is found, along with the drug warrant, he is now wanted for escape.

Update: About the helicopters near east West Seattle …

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(Added: Guardian One video from the arrest scene)
5:46 PM: We’re getting a few questions about helicopter activity near east West Seattle. KIRO TV says it’s a search by the 1st Avenue South Bridge related to a stolen car, and that three people have been detained. Aerial pictures show a King County Sheriff’s Office vehicle, so we’re trying to contact KCSO for more information.

6:34 PM: KCSO confirms 3 – all the suspects they had sought – are in custody.

West Seattle scam alert: Fake ‘City Light’ callers, again

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Thanks to community advocate Tracy Dart for sharing the word that another local business (not hers) has been targeted by the bogus “City Light” telephone-call scam. We’ve reported on versions of this scam at least four times in the past year, most recently here. Bottom line, whether you’re a business or a residence, if you get a phone call from someone claiming you’re facing imminent disconnection, DON’T FALL FOR IT – if you aren’t sure of your billing status, hang up and call the utility directly yourself to check. (And call the police!)

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stabbing; robbery; stolen stereo, signs

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Four West Seattle Crime Watch notes this morning:

FIGHT LEADS TO STABBING: Police say “a fight over a bag of pot” was behind a stabbing inside a house in the 8800 block of 36th SW early today. The suspect is 15; the victim, 26, and expected to survive the wound to the torso. Police say additional details on this might be available later in the day.

PHONE ROBBERY: We’re hoping to find out more about this too; it hasn’t shown up in online records yet, but we have a reader report, from Jennifer, of another street robbery over a smartphone, Monday morning around 8:20 am at Delridge/Croft. The victim was a teenage girl and the robber is reported to have flashed a gun.

ALKI CAR PROWL: Also a reader report, from Ryan: Sometime Sunday or Monday, a Honda Prelude was broken into in the 6100 block of SW Stevens, and $2500 worth of stereo equipment was stolen, described as “a Pioneer AVH P3200BT with two JBL 10″ 1000w subs and 2 Kenwood amps.”

YARD SIGNS STOLEN: Three weeks until Election Day, and we’ve had multiple reports of yard-sign theft. Yes, it’s illegal. Might just backfire; one victim writing in the WSB Forum says it’s made them mad enough to step up their donations for the cause espoused by the stolen signs.

P.S. Live or work in the Admiral area? Crime/safety is on the agenda, with guests from SPD, for tonight’s Admiral Neighborhood Association meeting – 7 pm, The Sanctuary at Admiral (42nd/Lander).

West Seattle Crime Watch roundup: 35th SW, not shots; recognize this car?; recognize this bike?; robbery reports

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Five notes in West Seattle Crime Watch – one from an incident that’s just wrapped up:

NO, IT WASN’T SHOTS: Police converged on an apartment building in the 7500 block of 35th SW (map) this past hour after a report of possible shots. They eventually determined it was fireworks, but not until some commotion involving people in a car and apartment, some of whom we’re told took off running. No injuries.

RECOGNIZE THIS CAR? Trina says this car has been near her parents’ house in the 5th/Kenyon vicinity for at least a week:

It’s been tagged by police already. But in case you know someone who is missing a car like this – she wanted to circulate the word, too.

RECOGNIZE THIS BIKE? Carla found a possibly stolen bicycle in an alley near Ercolini Park west of The Junction:

She describes it as a purple “Glacier Point” Magna 15-speed mountain bike, looks to be a kids’ bike or woman’s.”

Ahead – two strong-arm robberies, both on the same day last week: Click to read the rest of West Seattle Crime Watch roundup: 35th SW, not shots; recognize this car?; recognize this bike?; robbery reports…

West Seattle Crime Watch: Fauntleroy search; Arbor Heights theft

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Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes tonight:

FAUNTLEROY SEARCH: Many were wondering about the police presence in Fauntleroy, near Lincoln Park and the ferry dock, since late afternoon. Officers told us they were looking for a “felony warrant suspect” who had been seen in the area, near the bus stop by the dock. No new incident/crime, apparently, but this was someone they were looking for. We don’t know whether they’ve found that suspect yet, and we don’t have details of the warrant.

PACKAGE THEFT: Fumiko in Arbor Heights (near 35th/100th) says she’s been hit by package thieves for the third and final time, and she’s just not going to get home deliveries any more. Her iPhone 6, delivered by UPS at 3:55 pm, was gone when she got home Thursday night and: “This is the third time an UPS or USPS delivered package went missing from my property (front porch and side door).”

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen Acura, with new car seat inside

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The car is 20 years old – the car seat inside, brand-new – in this West Seattle Crime Watch reader report from Tunisia:

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that last night my husband’s car was stolen. It’s a teal 94 Acura Integra hatchback with visible body damage. There’s dents in the back bumper and a debt on the hood. To make matters worse, our daughter’s brand new car seat was in there. We live on 40th Ave inbetween Oregon and Alaska. The same street where the Honda Fit was messed with :(

If you think you’ve seen it, call 911, as the SPD @getyourcarback stolen-car Twitter feed always advises.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police report from gunfire arrest

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(WSB photo by Christopher Boffoli, taken after suspect was in custody)
Right about this time yesterday, an intense police search including Seattle Police SWAT and the Guardian One helicopter was under way after gunfire was reported over the west side of Fairmount Ravine (WSB coverage here). Five schools sheltered in place as a precaution. Finally, police reported an arrest. After checking nearby homes and cars, they determined no one had been shot. Today, in hopes of finding out more about what happened and why, we obtained the official report – with addresses/names redacted – from SPD, and have just transcribed the bulk of the narrative:

Click to read the rest of West Seattle Crime Watch: Police report from gunfire arrest…

Update: Man arrested after ‘numerous’ shots fired in Fairmount Ravine area; no shooting victims found

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(TOPLINES: Gunfire reported, no one shot, one man taken into custody)

(Added: WSB photo by Christopher Boffoli; we’ve obscured face of man who was being treated)
2:53 PM: Police and fire are rushing to the 2100 block of Arch Place SW (map) – a dead-end road near Fairmount Ravine – on an “assault with weapons” call. Scanner report indicated shots were heard, but no report yet on victim(s). More to come.

3 PM: Via Twitter, SPD has confirmed that they have no report yet on whether there’s a victim – although emergency-radio discussion indicates there may be someone “down.” Police/fire are not certain yet whether it’s safe to go in – please note that, if you are anywhere in the area.

(WSB photo by Patrick Sand: Where fire crews are waiting, a few blocks away for safety)
3:07 PM: Scanner indicates police do not believe it’s safe to get close to the area. In comments, it’s reported that West Seattle High School and Lafayette Elementary are in shelter-in-place mode; let us know if you hear of any others. (added a moment later) Via Twitter, Seattle Public Schools says Madison, Schmitz Park, Alki also sheltering in place.

3:19 PM: Again, there is still no word of whether anyone is hurt. Police are still not sure of the status of the person who was reported to be shooting, so that’s why the abundance of caution. We have a crew in the area near where emergency responders are staged in case they’re needed – adding a photo, but take note, that’s a couple blocks south of the actual scene, since everyone is being kept back for safety. You might hear/see a law-enforcement helicopter there shortly. The suspect they are trying to find is described only as a white man in his 30s, blue shirt.

3:27 PM: The Guardian One helicopter has joined the search.

3:41 PM: Again, this is happening in a greenbelt area around a dead-end street in north Admiral, over Fairmount Ravine. That’s where police are concentrated. There is a report now via scanner they might have heard more shots. Still no confirmation whether anyone anywhere has been hurt.

3:55 PM: One person is in custody. We had heard via scanner that police had found a man – who we believe lives in the area – that they were looking for.

(WSB photos from here down are by Christopher Boffoli)
4:05 PM: Police have declared the scene “secure.” Our crews at the scene got word there might be one patient related to this – how they were injured, we don’t know yet.

4:14 PM: Schools are no longer sheltering in place. Police are still checking homes in the area to look for anyone possibly hurt.

4:28 PM: Police are reopening northbound Fairmount. They also are still checking the area (including some parked cars) to make sure there isn’t anyone hurt anywhere. An SPD media-relations detective is expected at the scene shortly for a briefing, and we will of course add whatever more we learn then.

4:57 PM: That hasn’t happened yet. Guardian One came back for a while but has been cleared again. Meantime, we’re adding some photos from the ravine part of the investigation.

5:17 PM: SPD spokesperson Det. Drew Fowler has just finished his media briefing – we have it on video and will upload when photographer’s back at HQ. (Added: here it is)

The toplines: Police first got a report of multiple shots fired, but couldn’t figure out where callers’ stories and locations differed. Eventually, with Guardian One’s help, they found one male suspect in the ravine. They have not found anyone who was a shooting victim. The suspect had some cuts and was treated by firefighters; now SPD is taking him to a hospital for a mental evaluation. They say he had a shotgun and handgun. They don’t know how many shots he fired but described them as “numerous”; some bullets hit cars.

ADDED 9:54 PM: SPD Blotter has a summary of the incident; no additional information except that the man arrested is described as 30 years old. We’re adding a few more photos and a short video clip from this afternoon’s investigation/search:

Click to read the rest of Update: Man arrested after ‘numerous’ shots fired in Fairmount Ravine area; no shooting victims found…

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen bike; stolen tires/wheels

October 7, 2014 at 7:26 pm | In Crime, West Seattle news | 13 Comments

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports tonight – starting with Dawnee‘s bicycle, stolen near 18th/Trenton:

Another day, another stolen bicycle. Mine was taken from our locked garage sometime between 8:30am – 3:30 pm today. It was there this morning when I fed the chickens (I keep their feed in the garage), and when I went out this afternoon to feed them again I noticed the back garage door wide open and my red 2010 Marin Larkspur hybrid (valued at $450) was gone. Police report #14-335901. The bike was in great condition, recently tuned up, and was my secondary transportation (I haul my kiddos in a trailer with it) and my workout buddy. A big loss, as I can’t afford to replace it.

Also -Kathrine‘s 2009 Honda Fit was hit by thieves:

I just wanted to let you know two wheels and tires were stolen off my car overnight [Sunday to Monday]. I went outside to leave for work … and they were gone. It must have happened overnight. The two tires that were left, all the lug nuts had been removed but the car was too close to the curb and the thieves could not get them out. Just wanted to let people know in case it happened to others. I am at 40th between Oregon and Alaska. Police report has been filed.

P.S. The West Seattle Crime Prevention Council will meet this month – 2 weeks from tonight, Tuesday, October 21st, 7 pm, at the Southwest Precinct (Delridge/Webster).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen station wagon; mystery hit-run

October 6, 2014 at 10:25 am | In Crime, West Seattle news | 3 Comments

Two Monday morning West Seattle Crime Watch notes:

HAVE YOU SEEN CARRIE ANN’S STATION WAGON? Silver 2002 Volvo V70 wagon, license #AAE8123, stolen in The Junction “up the street from Holy Rosary,” sometime between 8:30 pm Friday & 9:30 am Saturday. Small black spot on the back hatch, where the previous owner’s bike rack rubbed; small-medium dent in the rear passenger’s side door; long slice all along the headliner, across the front, near the windshield; multiple brightly-colored IKEA blankets left inside. Call 911 if you see it.

Also this morning:
Click to read the rest of West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen station wagon; mystery hit-run…

West Seattle Crime Watch: Teens attacked, robbed in Admiral

October 4, 2014 at 7:22 am | In Crime, West Seattle news, West Seattle police | 70 Comments

Police are investigating a strong-arm robbery in Admiral early today, and we just received details via this reader report from Edward:

Three local West Seattle teens were assaulted and robbed by another group of older youths near Hiawatha park & the Safeway in Admiral area a little after midnight (early Saturday am) Oct 4th.

The boys, who all grew up here and attended Lafayette, Washington Middle School & currently attend Garfield (two) & Sealth (one), had met to hang out and get some snacks at Safeway when they were stalked by a gang of four sketchier looking males, one wearing a beanie with long curly hair.

The first blow was a sucker punch from behind that split the victims lip open, and he yelled “They punched me!” to warn the other two boys. But two of the attackers tackled and slammed the second victim to the ground, bloodying his nose and causing a large swollen contusion on the forehead from the impact.

The criminals then stole his red down vest with a K2 Snowboard logo on the chest, his new Galaxy S5 smartphone (worth over $700), and his wallet that contained an Orca bus pass, Debit Card, Garfield School ID, and a few various gift cards along with $5 cash. The third victim eluded his pursuer and ran across to the PCC, which was closed.

After regrouping, the boys contacted their parents and then the Seattle Police. SPD Officer Steiger is handling the case: Incident #14-331689. Please contact him if you have any further information regarding this violent assault & theft.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Three quick notes

October 3, 2014 at 8:59 am | In Crime, West Seattle news | 1 Comment

Three notes in West Seattle Crime Watch this morning. One is somewhat general – multiple reports of “metal scrappers” stealing items left out on parking strips or in alleys. Theft is theft, so if it happens to you, please be sure to report it.

Second, Dean reports interrupting car prowlers near 46th SW and Admiral Way, but not before they got away with T-shirts that say REPETE (with a pic of the Seahawks’ coach). A police report has been filed.

And third, an update from Rick in Gatewood:

Thank you, West Seattle Blog, for posting the information about my stolen work van. After driving around West Seattle for hours on Saturday, I located my stolen van. The locks & ignition were destroyed/missing & my tools stolen. Eye witness reports indicate that my van was stolen between 4:15 a.m and 5:30 a.m. and that individuals were car prowling w/ a dark colored van on Ida Street. Also, I learned that other individuals in the area have also reported their tools stolen.

New, slightly longer sentence for West Seattle-residing ex-deputy Darrion Holiwell in drugs, prostitution-assistance case

September 29, 2014 at 11:04 pm | In Crime, West Seattle news | 11 Comments

One more chapter closed today in the case of former King County sheriff’s deputy and West Seattle resident Darrion Holiwell. First, he was charged last June with drug sales, theft, domestic violence, and promoting prostitution. Then he pleaded guilty and was sentenced on August 4th to one year and one day behind bars. At the time, Holiwell – who ran a gun-related business on the side – said he was broke. But as our partners at The Seattle Times reported on August 25th, prosecutors found out otherwise, learning Holiwell was about to get a $181,000 retirement cashout, and filed to have his sentence thrown out on grounds of fraud. The motion was granted, and we just found court records showing Holiwell was re-sentenced today. Judge Bruce Heller gave him a five-month-longer prison sentence – 17 months in all, still short of the 20-month maximum. He also was ordered to pay $45,000 in restitution; no amount had been set when he was originally sentenced in early August. And his previous $1,000 fine for promoting prostitution was tripled to $3,000.

Have you seen Rick’s work van? Stolen early today in Gatewood

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From Rick:

My work van with all of my tools inside was stolen from in front of my home at 39th and Holden. It is a 2003 Ford Ecovan with Relius Marine in large blue and green lettering. The license # is A46580Z. The police have been informed. The van was stolen after 1:00 a.m. or so on September 27, 2014. I am out of business without my tools & van. Please call Rick at 253-350-4263 with any information.

And call 911 if you see it – don’t approach a suspected stolen car, police advise, since you never know who or what might still be in it.

West Seattle Crime Watch reader report: Parking lot robbery attempt

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One more West Seattle Crime Watch reader report tonight – an attempted strong-arm robbery. Jacqueline sent this note:

I wanted to let you know that I called the police and reported an incident that happened just before 8 pm this evening, 9/26/14. I stopped at the Walgreens at the corner of 35th & Morgan in West Seattle (High Point neighborhood), right across from the West Seattle Food Bank. I was stopping quickly to return a dvd rental at the Redbox. When I was getting out of my car, a man approached me and grabbed a hold of my car door handle and tried to grab my purse. I immediately screamed extremely loud, and since I still had my right side of my body partially inside of my SUV, I started beeping my horn and the man backed off, and I also swung my door open at him to try to get him away. I screamed so much and got everyone’s attention in the parking lot with the sound of my horn.

I was able to get back into my car and get the heck out of there. I pulled out onto 35th Ave SW and drove up a few blocks and called 911. Here is the description I gave the police:

Click to read the rest of West Seattle Crime Watch reader report: Parking lot robbery attempt…

West Seattle Crime Watch followup: Nicholas Broughton sentenced

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(January 2014 photo by WSB’s Patrick Sand)
On a Friday night back in January, 33-year-old Nicholas Broughton drew the attention of thousands by driving that stolen SUV through a fence near a relative’s home west of The Junction, with the Guardian One helicopter overhead, tracking him through the LoJack device in the SUV. He was arrested, jailed, and charged, described by prosecutors as an “11-time felon.” In the ensuing months, Broughton got out on bond, then was charged with identity theft related to cards stolen in earlier car prowls.

Other developments since his January arrest include the Labor Day incident in which he and his girlfriend both bolted when pulled over by police, two days after he pleaded guilty to most of the aforementioned charges. The official record listed her as being in King County Superior Court today when Judge Catherine Shaffer sentenced Broughton for possession of a stolen vehicle, hit and run, and two counts of second-degree identity theft. The sentence, same as what prosecutors had recommended, totals (see the document here) a little over four years in prison, with credit for the two months Broughton has served since the January arrest. He will be on probation, aka “community custody,” for a year after he gets out.

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