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West Seattle Crime Watch: Grocery thief steals school snacks; dumped bicycles

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

STOLEN GROCERIES: From Ryan in Gatewood/south Morgan Junction:

Our Amazon Fresh grocery delivery was stolen from our front door this morning between 4 am – 6 am. We live on SW Myrtle St near Caffe Ladro. Unfortunately, it contained all of the school snacks we had ordered for our son’s preschool class. I confirmed with Amazon that it was delivered and our empty Amazon Fresh containers we left out had been taken.

DUMPED BICYCLE #1 Also in south Morgan Junction, this bicycle turned up, apparently abandoned, near the McDonald’s:

DUMPED BICYCLE #2: And Jason found this one in an unspecified location:

Recognize either of those? Let us know. Last but not least, another reminder:

WEST SEATTLE BLOCK WATCH CAPTAINS NETWORK TUESDAY NIGHT: 6:30 pm at the Southwest Precinct, WSBWCN’s meeting features a guest from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office talking about prosecution of repeat offenders. Questions about what happens after suspects are charged? Bring ’em. The precinct is at 2300 SW Webster, and you don’t have to be part of a Block Watch to attend.

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West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen pickup truck; hit-and-run; car prowl

Three reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch today:

STOLEN PICKUP TRUCK: Keep watch for Caleb‘s truck:

Stolen from south side of West Seattle Corporate Center lot (Delridge/Andover)
2011 Red Dodge Ram 2500
Black wheels
Has a leveling kit
Black Top Bed Cover
5th wheel hitch
IBEW Sticker on the back window

Call 911 if you see it.

HIT & RUN IN ALKI: 56th and Lander is where Julie reports this happened: “Between 6:30 am and 8 am Sunday 9/25 morning, our blue 4-door pickup was hit while parked on the street. If you have any information, we would greatly appreciate your help. Police report filed.”


I just wanted to let everyone know our car got broken into last night or this morning. We live in an apartment complex with a covered carport on California Ave in Morgan Junction and we came to our car with the contents of our glovebox strewn about. Luckily, we had no valuables in the car and there was no property damage. We’re grateful they left our national parks pass and discovery pass. However, I wanted to let my neighbors to keep their eyes out! Even though we didn’t lose anything, we are reporting it to the police.

REMINDER – WEST SEATTLE BLOCK WATCH CAPTAINS NETWORK ON TUESDAY: You don’t have to be a Block Watch Captain or even a Block Watch member to attend the WSBWCN meeting 6:30 pm Tuesday (September 27th) at the Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster). A special guest from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will talk about her work including prosecution of repeat property-crime offenders.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Car-crime reports & Block Watch Captains Network preview

Two reader reports and a reminder in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

CAR VANDALIZED: Michelle says this happened to her car northeast of The Junction, near 38th SW/SW Genesee:


“Last night someone smashed the window out of my Honda Fit. Can’t see that they did any other damage or took anything. Seems like vandalism.”

CAR RANSACKED: On 42nd SW near Jefferson Square, someone ransacked Kiki‘s car overnight.

NEXT CRIME/SAFETY MEETING: Questions about how the justice system works or doesn’t work? Tuesday’s West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting – first one since summer hiatus – is for you. The special guest is from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, talking about their work on burglary/car-theft repeat-offender cases. Here’s the preview from the WSBWCN site. Meeting’s at 6:30 pm Tuesday (September 27th), Southwest Precinct, 2300 SW Webster.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen/dumped items? Plus, tale of 2 stolen-car suspects

Two notes in West Seattle Crime Watch so far today:

STOLEN TOOLS/JACKETS? From Patty in Morgan Junction: “I believe someone took these from someone and dumped them in our apartment parking lot. It’s a tool belt with tools in it, 2 jackets (one fleece). Our address is 6500 block of California. … A name is on the tape measure but we couldn’t find the person by googling them. Hate to toss them.” Let us know if you’re missing similar items and we’ll send you her way.

SUSPECT RELEASED: Following up on our Sunday report of a 36-year-old car-theft suspect’s arrest along Longfellow Creek – he has not yet been charged and was released from jail after three days. The probable-cause documents in the case (basically, the police-report narrative) described the circumstances leading up to the arrest, information we didn’t have for our original report: A patrol officer became “suspicious” of the car, which at the time was parked, unoccupied, near 25th SW/SW Juneau, called it in, continued along his way, and then got confirmation that it was stolen. When he went back to the area, he noticed someone was in the car and had started it. As his car got closer, the person got out of the car and bolted. The officer ordered the suspect to stop; he “feigned compliance” and then fled. Backup officers were called in to search, and as we reported, the suspect was arrested nearby.

SUSPECT BACK IN JAIL: While checking the jail register, we noticed a familiar name among those booked this week: 39-year-old Joshua Utecht. He is the man arrested and charged in a stolen-car case after an incident in the Beach Drive area, back in April. He is now back in jail with bail set at $35,000 for allegedly failing to appear in connection with that case. Court records say the warrant that resulted in his arrest this week was issued a month ago; we don’t know the circumstances of his arrest on that warrant, nor whether he was in West Seattle, but thought it notable. He had spent a month in jail in connection with the April case before getting out after posting bond.

UPDATE: Police searching Delridge/High Point for warrant suspect


12:23 PM: Thanks for the tips – if you’re seeing police in North Delridge (we’ve heard 26th SW/SW Graham and the 5900 block of Delridge Way, as well as points west), they’re looking for someone they were trying to arrest in connection with a warrant, not a current incident. Apparently the suspect fled as police were moving in. Helicopter involvement too, tipsters are telling us.

12:33 PM: Our crew has arrived in the area and has confirmed the same thing – no info on what kind of warrant (except that it’s for a felony case). The ground search includes a K-9 team.

‘We never give up’: Seattle Police announce West Seattle murder ‘cold case’ closed

Just published on SPD Blotter by Jonah Spangenthal-Lee – news that a West Seattle murder case dating back to 1984 is now closed. 36-year-old Michael Vanderpool was shot and killed in an alley in Highland Park. An SPD detective reviewing cold-case files this summer – who says, “We want to make it clear to suspects, we never give up” – tracked down witnesses and determined who the killer was. Read the whole story on SPD Blotter here.

UPDATE: Lawsuits filed in illegal West Seattle tree-cutting; criminal prosecution still possible, City Attorney says

(UPDATED 4:45 PM with comment from lawyer for two of the people the city is suing)

(April WSB photo – south end of area where trees were cut)

12:04 PM: Last week, City Councilmember Lisa Herbold told the 34th District Democrats that she’d learned the City Attorney’s Office would have something to say this week about last winter’s illegal tree-cutting in West Seattle’s Duwamish Head Greenbelt.

Here it is:

The Seattle Times just broke the news that the city has filed lawsuits “seeking more than $1.6 million in combined damages and fines.”

We’re following up with the City Attorney’s Office and checking court files.

12:15 PM: We’ve obtained City Attorney Pete Holmes‘s statement from his office:

City Attorney Pete Holmes: “Earlier this year, the City learned of unpermitted improper tree cutting on City property in West Seattle near the 3200 block of 35th Ave. SW. Today, the City filed two lawsuits, naming people the City believes were involved in the tree cutting. The property is in an environmentally critical area on a steep slope. Approximately 150 trees of varying sizes, including many big-leaf maples and Scouler’s willows, were felled.

“My office has been involved in the City’s response. We launched an investigation to assess the extent of damage and identify the responsible parties. To that end, we retained a consulting arborist to assess the damage and prepare a comprehensive restoration plan.

“No one has yet come forward to give the City the full story of what happened despite SPD’s best efforts and extensive investigation. However, we are satisfied that we now know enough to proceed with civil lawsuits. We expect to learn that additional people, beyond those named in the lawsuits, were involved with the cutting as the suits progress. Between the lawsuits, the City seeks over $1.6 million in damages and fines. The City seeks relief on several grounds, including timber trespass, damage to land, trespass, negligence, environmentally critical areas violations, violations of the parks code and violations of the city’s tree and vegetation management in public places code.

“On its damages theories, the City generally alleges that the defendants and/or their agents cut down trees on City property without permission when they should have known better. The extensive tree cutting damaged the trees and the underlying land. On its code violation theories, because the cutting took place on City property and some occurred in City right of way, the cutters or their employers were required to obtain a number of permits before they cut any trees. No permits were issued to authorize the cutting and penalties and fines are therefore appropriate.

“The SPD criminal investigation of this matter is ongoing, and it is possible that SPD will refer this matter to the King County Prosecutor or my office in the future for potential criminal prosecution.”

We also have the court documents and are going through them for additional details. More to come …

12:27 PM: Two suits are filed. The first one, involving “the northern site” (off 35th), names Stanley Harrelson and Mary Harrelson, who are residents next to one of the cut zones, and Martin Riemer and Karrie Riemer, who live across the street to the east from the Harrelsons. That suit also names Forrest Bishop and John Russo, who the city alleges “were hired by the Harrelsons and Riemers to cut trees on city property located adjacent and/or across from (theirs).” The same suit also names “Defendants John and Jane Does 1-10 (who) may have retained Bishop, Russo, or others to cut trees on (two city parcels) or may themselves have cut trees on those parcels.”

(added) This suit alleges that “55 trees 6 inches in caliper or greater were cut down on the Parcels in Exhibit 1 Area A (which) are located in an environmentally critical area that contains steep slopes and landslide-prone areas. None of Defendants sought permission from any City department to cut trees on the Parcels. The cutting of trees increased the likelihood of landslides on the Parcels, and thereby damaged the land itself.” It alleges six “causes of action”:

*Timber trespass
*Damage to land
*Violations of the Environmentally Critical Areas Code
*Unauthorized use of park property

The damages sought in this suit are listed as:

… a principal judgment against Defendants, jointly and severally, including treble damages of $678,180 on the City’s timber trespass claim or in such other amount as may be proven at trial; penalties in the amount of $275,000 for cutting down 55 trees of six inches or more in diameter and an additional $500 for each tree cut …

… as well as other costs including legal fees and “enforcement costs.”

The suit involving “the southern site” (off City View) names Kostas Kyrimis and Linda Kyrimis, as well as “defendants Jane and John Does 1-14 (who) resided at and owned property within a two-block radius of the intersection of 35th Ave SW and SW Hinds Street and had views that were previously impaired by trees … (and) Defendants Jane and John Does 15-20 (who) were hired by the Kyrimises and/or Jane and John Does 1-14 to cut trees on property owned by the City …”

(added) This suit alleges that “72 trees over 6 inches in caliper” were cut in the area involved and makes the same allegations as the other suit, that no permission was sought, and that damage included the increased likelihood of landslides on the steep slopes.

Along with the same six “causes” as the northern-area lawsuit (listed above), this one adds a seventh:

*Tree and vegetation management in public places

And the damages sought in this suit, along with various costs such as enforcement and attorneys’ fees:

… A principal judgment against Defendants, jointly and severally, including treble damages of $362,760 on the City’s timber trespass claim or in such other amount as may be proven at trial; penalties in the amount of $360,000 for cutting down 72 trees over six inches in caliper and an additional $500 for each tree cut pursuant to SMC 25.09.460.A; land restoration costs …

We’ll add any comment we get from those targeted in these two lawsuits.

1:32 PM: Councilmember Herbold’s statement:

“I thank the City Attorney’s Office for filing two civil lawsuits this morning to address the illegal cutting of 150 trees in West Seattle earlier this year. I appreciate the use of a full range of the legal remedies available for civil suits, including timber trespass, which allows for 3x damages.

“The $1.6 million total in damages and fines sought by the City speaks to the seriousness of the claims. The damages and penalties must be significant enough to deter this kind of activity in the future, so that those with financial means don’t see unauthorized tree cutting as a cost-effective way to increase their views and property values.

“These trees played an important role in maintaining soil stability in an environmentally critical area, and lessened the risk of landslides onto a major arterial, SW Admiral Way. They also helped maintain air quality by absorbing carbon—an important issue in West Seattle, which sits adjacent to SODO and the Duwamish industrial area.

“I understand the Seattle Police Department’s criminal investigation is ongoing. My hope is that the Department will eventually be able to establish probable cause for pursuing criminal charges. However, I appreciate the difficulty they face, given that persons believed to be involved are declining to cooperate with investigators, and the legal standard needed to establish probable cause for criminal charges and to prove those charges beyond a reasonable doubt.”

ADDED 4:45 PM: Just received a statement from Clayton Graham, lawyer for two of the people the city is suing:

We are disappointed by the City Attorney’s decision to file the lawsuit today. Our clients, Stan and Mary Harrelson, deeply regret the tree cutting which happened next to their property. At no point did our clients request, or condone, the extent of the work that was done by the contractor.

The Harrelsons have acknowledged their role in this mistake but the City has been non-responsive to our attempts to reach a settlement in this matter. We believe the damages sought in the suit are excessive, given our clients’ limited role in the cutting that took place. While the lawsuit claims that none of the homeowners has come forward with the full story, our clients have fully cooperated with the City’s efforts since they, themselves, disclosed this work to the City early this year, and hired a former City of Seattle arborist to develop a restoration plan. The Harrelsons remain ready and willing to work with the City to remedy this matter.

We had published a statement from Graham in this March 28th story on behalf of his then-unidentified clients, saying they and also-then-unidentified neighbors had “hired a landscaping business to top and prune some trees to improve the view from their respective residences” and that his clients had come back from a trip to find out the landscapers had gone beyond their mandate.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Garage break-in attempts; WSCPC reminder

September 19, 2016 10:33 pm
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Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes tonight:

ATTEMPTED GARAGE BURGLARIES: From Darren, who lives in an Alki townhome complex near 60th and Admiral: “Last night someone attempted to break into 3 of our neighbors’ garages (after 7 pm, as one of our neighbors didn’t notice damage to his garage when he was taking garbage and recycling out to the curb). They didn’t get in but did some damage to the doors. Our neighbor who reported it to the police isn’t able to open her garage now as the damage affected the sensor.” SPD case number is 16-339756.

CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL TOMORROW: One last mention before the Tuesday highlight list – the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council returns from summer hiatus tomorrow night. 7 pm Tuesday at the Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster), bring your neighborhood concerns to local police, and hear from them about local crime trends. Plus, this month’s special guest is Lisa Love, manager of Health Education for Seattle Public Schools, who WSCPC president Richard Miller says will “discuss the topic of harassment, intimidation and bullying in our schools.”

West Seattle Crime Watch: Bicycle stolen; bike frame found; prowler on video

Three West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports, plus a reminder:


I’d like to report a stolen bike, which was stolen from 3809 Delridge Way. We were working on our business when the thief stole the bike from behind a fence, and walked through long parking lot with multiple unlocked cars and tools. Bike was purchased from West Seattle Cyclery, and was a Bike Marin Cortina T3 with Gum tires (52cm frame).


We found this bike frame behind OutWest on Thursday, 9/15. Looks like an expensive commuter bike. The tires are gone. We’ll leave the frame behind the building for the owner to pick up.


We live in the Beveridge-Holly neighborhood near Morgan Junction.

(Last week) a neighbor had a bike stolen off an attached car rack on Beveridge near the stairs. Also, late that same night we saw a BMW parked on Beveridge with its door left wide open at night and the dome light off; not sure if the owner left it that way by accident or if a prowler had opened it earlier. We closed the door and the car seemed to lock itself.

Coincidentally I checked my security camera footage (Thursday) morning and saw a caucasian man with a goatee and backpack was going around and checking car doors at 5:37 am.

It’s a good reminder to keep your car doors locked and to be be aware of strangers wandering through the neighborhood – 5:37 am is a time when people are going to work and not a time we’d expect to see a car prowler working. This guy may have even been going to work himself or thinks he has plausible deniability looking like a morning bus commuter.

REMINDER – CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL TOMORROW NIGHT: 7 pm Tuesday at the Southwest Precinct, the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting is your chance to bring neighborhood concerns directly to local police, and to hear about crime trends. This month’s special guest will talk about school issues including bullying. The precinct is at 2300 SW Webster.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Car-theft suspect caught

If you noticed all the police near Delridge and Juneau – they were after a suspect who ran from what turned out to be a stolen car (white Saturn, taken somewhere in King County Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction):


Police took up containment posts and found the suspect trying to hide along Longfellow Creek south of Juneau. We confirmed with a sergeant at the scene that the suspect was in custody.

UPDATE: Helicopter helps police search after burglary report near Fauntleroy Park

2:02 PM: Thanks for the tips. We’re hearing Guardian One too. The helicopter showed up concurrent with a report of a possible burglary near Fauntleroy Park – we’re checking to find out more.


2:09 PM: Police are in the 4000 block of SW Barton, for what we still believe, so far, is a possible burglary investigation. That abuts the Fauntleroy Park greenbelt, on which they are focusing as well.

2:24 PM: Police are now searching the house that was the subject of the burglary report – our photographer reports that the residents came home and let them in. Fauntleroy has had an uptick in burglaries recently, as mentioned in our coverage of the Fauntleroy Community Association meeting this past Tuesday; we reported on a break-in near Lincoln Park just yesterday.

2:35 PM: No word of an arrest yet. But a sighting that *might* (or might not) have been related – someone who told us about hearing the burglary alarm said they saw several people jump into a “black Acura” near Fauntleroy Church – we know police have that tip as well, as it’s been mentioned over the air.

2:37 PM: Our photographer is back with this image of police when they were outside the house with guns drawn about 20 minutes ago, before determining whether anyone was still inside:


West Seattle Crime Watch: Couple attacked, robbed at California/Andover; car stolen from supermarket lot

Two incidents in West Seattle Crime Watch:

STREET ROBBERY NEAR CALIFORNIA/ANDOVER: We’ve just obtained the Seattle Police report on this incident that happened just before 11:30 last night. It says a woman who had just gotten off work in The Junction was walking home with her boyfriend, northbound in the 4000 block of California SW (near Andover), when four men “approached them from behind.” One man asked the woman what time it was; when she started to pull out her phone to look, the man showed a “small black handgun” and said “Give me all your stuff.” She said the men then pushed her to the ground “and punched her several times … she covered her face to keep her glasses from breaking.” Her purse, meantime, was on the ground, with its contents scattered, the report says, and the attackers/robbers went through the items, stealing $30, before running away southbound, possibly because two people had just pulled up in a car. Police arrived at the scene, where they found the female victim, who said her boyfriend also had been assaulted and then chased after the robbers/attackers. SFD was called to check out their injuries. The victims said that because it was dark, they didn’t get a good look at the attackers/robbers, but they and the two people who had pulled up in a car told police the four appeared to be black men in their 20s, “average build,” wearing dark sweatshirts “with the hoods pulled up.” Police brought a K-9 in to help search, but didn’t find anyone.

CAR STOLEN FROM SUPERMARKET LOT: A brazen car theft this morning – while Kelly stopped for coffee, bagel, and a work call at West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) in Morgan Junction, someone stole her car, a green Honda CR-V, plate AQK4300, taken around 9:20 am from the south side of the parking lot: “The car had very special fishing poles that mean a lot to our family.” They’re in the process of filing the police report now; call 911 if you see the car.

P.S. The West Seattle Crime Prevention Council resumes monthly meetings next Tuesday (September 20th) at the Southwest Precinct, 7 pm, with crime-trend updates from police and a chance for you to bring up community crime/safety concerns.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police search Lincoln Park after nearby burglary


9:21 AM: If you’ve noticed police near/inside Lincoln Park this morning – we’ve just found out what the search is about. We started looking into it after a texted tip (thank you!) about police near 47th and Othello. We were unable to get more information at the scene but just reached SPD media-relations Det. Mark Jamieson by phone; he tells WSB, that’s where a resident reported seeing someone break into a neighbor’s house. They told police they saw someone come out of the house “carrying something” and then heading into the park. Officers called for a K-9, who picked up a track and has been helping search – no word of an arrest so far, but as of just before 9 am, according to scanner traffic, they’re still searching.

3:39 PM: Just checked with SPD. No arrest in this case so far. (If you have any info – it’s 16-334518.)

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen car; stolen package; prevention bulletins; next WSCPC meeting…

More West Seattle Crime Watch notes this afternoon:

STOLEN CAR: Morgan‘s car was stolen last night or early today – “My car was stolen from my driveway (corner of 108th and 37th Ave SW [map]): 2016 Honda Fit, Cobra Drivers seat (says COBRA on the headrest) and license-frame bracket that says Seahawks Season ticket holder. WA plates — AYZ9219.” Call 911 if you see it.

STOLEN PACKAGE: In a comment following today’s first Crime Watch report, Chelsea reported a package theft near California and Dakota [map] and included this link to images from a security camera.

CRIME-PREVENTION ADVICE: The Southwest Precinct e-mailed two “bulletins” today with general advice on what you can do to prevent/reduce burglaries and car prowls – read them as PDFs here (burglaries) and here (car prowls).

NEXT WEST SEATTLE CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL MEETING: WSCPC meetings resume this month – they are your chance to come hear about crime trends from, bring neighborhood concerns to, and ask questions of, Southwest Precinct reps, as well as special guests. WSCPC president Richard Miller tells WSB that the 7 pm meeting next Tuesday (September 20th) will feature “Lisa Love, manager, Health Education, Seattle Public Schools, to discuss the topic of harassment, intimidation, and bullying in our schools.” The meeting is at the precinct (2300 SW Webster).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Boat & trailer stolen; another bicycle found

Two reader reports:

BOAT AND TRAILER STOLEN: The photo and report are from Alyssa:

A family member’s boat was stolen from the corner of 14th Ave. SW and SW Elmgrove in Highland Park in the middle of the night. [map] It’s a 1966, 14 foot, white fishing boat on an army green trailer. Numbers on the side of the boat are: WN6881SJ and WA license plate # on trailer is: 7574QK. It was locked and had been moved within the last 72 hours … it has great sentimental value.

It’s been reported to SPD – call if you see it.

BICYCLE FOUND: Recognize this?

The photo’s from the finder, who says: “We found this bike in a hedge in an alley at Alki.” (Recognize it? Please comment.)

West Seattle Crime Watch: Armed robbery starts in Roxhill Park, ends in Safeway

We just got details of an armed robbery on Sunday afternoon that started in Roxhill Park and ended at the nearby Safeway store. Thanks to the person who tipped us about it last night; they had heard about it secondhand but only knew about the part that happened at the supermarket, which is in unincorporated King County, so we contacted KC Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West for details. She says it happened around noon, and that the victim was “walking in the area of Roxhill Park when he was approached by … a lone black male on foot,” who “displayed a handgun and told the victim that if he did something wrong, he would shoot him.” The robber took the victim’s backpack and cash, Sgt. West says, but “told the victim he would give him his property back for $1,000.” So they went together to the ATM at the Shell station across Roxbury, but the victim couldn’t get money there, and they proceeded to the ATM inside Safeway. “There were other people waiting in line at the ATM so the victim yelled ‘he has a gun!’,” says Sgt. West, and with that, the robber ran away, “southbound.” He is described as around 18 years old, black, with a goatee, about 5’4″, 120 pounds, last seen wearing a black hooded jacket, camo pants, and “red basketball-type shoes.”

West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 more bicycles, found

Two more probably-dumped bicycles have turned up on West Seattle streets. Recognize either?

IN ARBOR HEIGHTS: From Dawn: “This bike was found on the side of the road, near 35th Ave SW and SW 112th.”


Dawn brought it in off the street.

NEAR LINCOLN PARK: Lorraine reports, “For several days there has been a ladies’ purple Huffy bicycle with pink cables leaning against the railing on the sidewalk, about half a block north of the ferry dock on the east side of Fauntleroy Way.” Brian reported the same one and sent a photo:


If your bike has been stolen but has not turned up “found,” be sure also to check with SPD – bicycles turned in to police are often posted on their @getyourbikeback Twitter feed.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Car prowlers steal sports stuff

12:47 PM: BT reports an overnight car prowl:

My 2013 Jeep Wrangler was broken into last night by cutting through the soft top window at (4800 block) 38th Ave SW [map]. Various personal items including a yellow and black striped (like a bee) Disccraft golf bag with all of my discs and a blue and gray gym bag with boxing gloves were taken.

If anything fitting that description turns up dumped in your neighborhood, please comment.

ADDED 1:19 PM: We have received another report of a car prowl that netted sports gear, this one in the 3900 block of 37th SW:

In total they took 16 golf clubs, a discover pass, and the vehicle registration. Hope that these items turn up as I was planning on donating the clubs to Goodwill.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Another dumped bicycle, found


Recognize that bicycle? It turned up “abandoned,” likely stolen, behind a Harbor Avenue condo. The finders have it in a safe place and hope to find its rightful owner – if that’s you, or you know who might be, you can contact them directly at – thanks!

West Seattle Crime Watch: Another stolen Prius

For the second day in a row, we’ve received a Crime Watch reader report of a Toyota Prius stolen in West Seattle. First Arbor Heights, now Fairmount Springs (Fauntleroy and Graham): “Charcoal gray Toyota Prius, Chico State sticker on rear window. WA license 474-YNG.” 2008 model, per @getyourcarback. Owner says usage of card(s) that also were stolen might suggest it is or has been in the Westwood Village vicinity. Call 911 if you see it.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Another storage-unit break-in

1:38 PM: Burglars are still targeting local storage units in the Luna Park area. Most recently, we’ve had multiple reports of break-ins at Public Storage on SW Avalon Way; today, we have word of a break-in at nearby Stor-More (WSB sponsor) on SW Yancy. The victim says it happened late Friday night:

They broke into only our unit, apparently. We had a really good lock on the door but they cut the hasp — so essentially, they cut *around* the lock. They went through almost every box and threw stuff around and took jewelry and a few antique silver ornate serving platters. Mostly stuff they could sell easily.

Searching Tweets by Beat for the incident number (2016-320931), we noticed another burglary report this weekend (different incident #) for an “unoccupied structure on residential property” in the same block.

6:08 PM: As noted in comments, there are reports now of multiple break-ins at Stor-More this weekend. We’ll be following up on these and the PS break-ins, with police and with company reps, to see if we can find out about plans for increased security.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen Prius

An Arbor Heights resident hopes you can help find her stolen car:

My newly bought 2012 Prius v – my dream car – was stolen from in front of my house last night (Sept. 3rd). It is silverish blue. I live on 40th St. SW. Reward for anyone who provides information leading to the recovery of this vehicle.

Plate # is AZE2410, according to SPD’s @getyourcarback Twitter feed, which includes the reminder to call 911 if you see a stolen car, rather than checking it out closeup.

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