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More on the Cal-Mor murder

April 15, 2007 10:46 pm
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Many new details in the article posted by the P-I late tonight. The victim’s sister told the paper her brother was mentally disabled and described the suspect as a homeless man her brother had taken in and was trying to help. EARLY AM UPDATE: The Times has added details to its coverage too.

Morgan Junction murder

Just hearing about this now thanks to reader tips: a man was killed at Cal-Mor (the cylindrical building on Cali’s east side just north of Fauntleroy) this morning; someone described as “an acquaintance” is in custody. The Times update says this is the third murder of the year in Seattle; by our count, that means two of the three were in WS (the other was the 37th/Findlay killing in March).

Driver to be charged in 47th/Admiral death

As noted and spiritedly discussed here 2 weeks ago, the driver who hit and killed City Council staffer Tatsuo Nakata at 47th/Admiral last November won’t face felony charges, but there’s a new development – the city has decided to charge him with misdemeanor assault.

Sticker shock

On recent walks through The Junction and along stretches of WS waterfront parkland, we’ve noticed an increase in one of the newer variations of tagging vandalism — sticker tagging. Somewhat satisfyingly, you can take direct action against this if you so choose, unlike painted tagging (unless you happen to routinely carry paint remover with you at all times). We did just that with most of the stickers we passed; peel, crumple, toss.

No felony charge in 47th/Admiral death

Just written up by the Northwest Asian Weekly — had not heard it before, though it appears the decision happened earlier this month: No felony charge in the crosswalk crash that killed Tatsuo Nakata.

WS shooting arrest

Haven’t seen this on any of the newspaper sites, but Seattle Police confirmed for us that they have arrested a suspect in the 37th/Findlay shooting that killed Dewayne West. The suspect’s name is Jabarie Phillips. Police couldn’t share a lot of details but do say their original suspicion that this “wasn’t random” was indeed the case. Our research found that he, like the victim, is in his 30s, and has a criminal record stretching back into juvenilehood, most recently some sort of drug case dismissed less than two weeks ago. He is in the county jail, bail listed as a million dollars.

WS shooting victim’s murderous past

Some commenters on our last post about 37th/Findlay shooting victim Dewayne West were discussing an online discovery of a violent criminal record for someone with the same name. Looks like they were on the right trail; the P-I posted an article tonight talking about the man having killed someone at a Torchlight Parade almost 20 years ago, when he was just 16.

What all the Arbor Heights fuss was about

Several people e-mailed us to ask if we had any info re: helicopter, police, all sorts of hubbubbery last night in the Arbor Heights area. Lt. Paulsen at the Southwest Precinct was kind enough to provide this report:

Last night’s incident was basically an unknown female suspect who was driving erratically. SPD chose not to pursue the vehicle given public safety concerns. The female fled from the vehicle. SPD was able to locate the abandoned vehicle. Fortunately, there were a number of available police including K9 and a helicopter who were able to check the area. We were unable to locate the suspect.

Shooting victim no longer nameless

Doesn’t sound like anyone has been arrested yet, but the name of the man shot and killed outside a house at 37th and Findlay has now been made public.

Deadly shooting in West Seattle

Somebody shot and killed early this morning east of Fairmount Park. No arrest so far, apparently, but police say they don’t think it was “random” (which somehow doesn’t manage to be that reassuring). It’s been almost exactly three months since the last deadly WS shooting (a man killed in Arbor Heights).

Think twice before you pull over

Or at least, look closely … seems there’s a fake cop on the loose in WS, last seen on Fauntleroy, not far from Fairmount Park.

More mindless destruction

Seems that somewhere around the time some criminal idiots were stealing copper wire and throwing hundreds of people off the phone system the other night, some (other?) criminal idiots were smashing out car windows on lower Gatewood Hill. Happened to us near The Beach years ago. If the cops don’t get ’em, karma will. Here’s hoping.

From the front lines

February 26, 2007 8:56 pm
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Or the front SEVERED lines, anyway … those caught up in crime-caused phonelessness (see below) include one of the blogs linked from our Other Blogs in WS page, Cracks in the Facade.

Adding insult to injury

The wire-theft epidemic has not only hit another utility, it also cut off phone service for hundreds of folks in WS.

Driven to anger

Yes, we know new owners have taken over Huling. But the fallout from the recent scandal continues, in little ways as well as big, such as this blogger deciding to finally write, in furious detail, about a previous experience at the dealership.

Taking a BIG bite out of crime

Two bits of good news:

The P-I says (opening with a couple of West Seattle anecdotes) car theft is way down.

-The minutes from the last SW District Council meeting say tagging is way down because cops have recently nabbed no fewer than 10 graffiti vandals.

Chopper-buzz update: The police tell all

January 30, 2007 7:20 pm
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Tonight, thanks to helpful Cindi from, we have actual police info about last week’s incident that kept some WSers awake thanks to chopper involvement. A lieutenant from the Southwest Precinct sent her this explanation of (a) the crime and (b) why one inquiring caller couldn’t find anything out:

The call was a burglary with two suspects in the 6900 blk of 37th Ave SW. We were able to catch one of the burglars using the helecopter and K9.

Sometimes we do not staff the precinct clerk due to staffing shortages. A lot of the time, the daytime clerk may not be aware of incidents that occur at night unless it makes the news.

We could always do better in putting out info. We are currently trying to get the IT folks to allow us administrative access to revamp our precinct website in order to put out better info to the public.

Miscellaneous mysteries

Seems about once a week, someone notices a mysterious, unexplained late-night closure on the West Seattle Bridge. Here’s the latest report (with one response saying, without elaboration, “it was a police training exercise”). Anyone with more definitive dirt, please let us know. Meantime, remember all those recent helicopter buzzings? We have one neighborhood account of what was happening at the time on the ground (after the jump) …Read More

Wish we knew

Several people e-mailed us to ask if anyone knew why a chopper buzzed part of this side of WS (M-Junction, H-Point, etc.) for a good long while last night. We can’t find any info (though this is jumpstarting us to find a way to get more police scoop); King County is the only local police agency with a chopper, and it does assist others including Seattle PD, Port of Seattle PD, etc., when necessary. (Live Seattle police scanner here, if you have WMV.) Toward the water, if you hear chopper action, it could be the Coast Guard.

Starbucks stalker

Here’s an alarming tale that reportedly unfolded at “a” Starbucks (who knows which one, considering there are three) at Westwood Village. As of right this moment, the King County jail roster lookup shows the guy’s still in jail.

More on Arbor Heights shooting

Not much more, but this short Times article this morning does identify the victim as Robert Samson.

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