Crime – West Seattle Blog… West Seattle news, 24/7 Thu, 21 Jun 2018 08:23:22 +0000 en-US hourly 1 WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 1 neighborhood, multiple burglaries; plus, two followups, including the fish-theft case Thu, 21 Jun 2018 04:34:23 +0000 In West Seattle Crime Watch:

SOUTH DELRIDGE BURGLARIES: On Sunday and Monday, we reported on early-morning burglaries in the South Delridge area while people were home. No one asked police about them at last night’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting, so we asked Capt. Pierre Davis if police believed they were related, and he said no. We heard from a worried neighbor this afternoon and she said police are now telling them otherwise – that at least two have similar MO’s, with the burglar coming into the resident’s bedroom. There have been at least four: Two reports in the 9400 block of 13th SW, early Sunday and early Tuesday; one in the 9200 block of 12th SW early Tuesday; and the one we detailed, early Sunday in the 9000 block of 11th SW.

CAR PROWLS: At least two overnight in 40th SW and SW Charlestown vicinity, per a brief texted reader report.

Two repeat-offender updates:

GREGORY L. THOMPSON: The Puget Ridge resident is now charged in the fish-theft case as well as with alleged witness intimidation, and he remains in jail with bail set at $325,000, a combination of current and previous cases. Charging documents tell the same story about the intimidation charge that we reported from probable-cause documents earlier this week – Thompson is accused of going to the home of the owner of a vehicle he is charged with stealing, and shooting out the vehicle’s window. But the charging papers also include new information about the saga of the stolen fish. Police found it while searching his house on a warrant related to the other case. Police say a purple Ford Explorer associated with Thompson left his house around 3 am Thursday and didn’t return until about quarter till 8 am (the fish theft is reported to have happened around 7:30). Early Friday, they served the search warrant at his house, but, the documents say, they actually arrested Thompson in White Center. At his house, the documents say, hundreds of rounds of ammunition were found as well as bb and Airsoft guns. Plus: “Detectives also located several large Styrofoam boxes marked Seattle Fish Company and at least 2 boxes containing 4 large cans of crabmeat stacked in the garage.” The charging document says this happened when Thompson was questioned about the fish:

Thompson initially denied ever being at the company. He later changed his story saying he was there and was with a friend named “Alex Harris” who had allegedly made a deal for the product. Later his story changed saying “Alex” was not with him. Thompson admitted to taking and loading several boxes into his truck and taking them to “Alex’s” place stating none of the product would be at his house. Thompson even went so far as to agree to recover the seafood from “Alex” if he called him.
When confronted with the fact detectives had located boxes of products from the Seattle Fish Company stacked in his garage and would like his consent to recover them, Thompson replied saying he would give consent if he could go home rather than being booked into KCJ, but otherwise no. A King County Superior Court addendum to the search warrant was completed and approved to recover the stolen seafood.

Thompson, police say, was never able to connect them with the mysterious “Alex,” who he said looked a lot like him. He remains in jail as of last check, and is due to go to trial later this month in connection with other cases.

NICHOLAS D. WATSON: When last we mentioned this repeat offender in a comment discussion, there was a warrant out for his arrest. Looks like police finally caught up with him. He is jailed in connection with three failure-to-appear warrants in two stolen-car cases and one burglary case, bail set at $125,000.

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BICYCLE ALERTS: Two stolen, one found Wed, 20 Jun 2018 16:41:01 +0000 From the WSB inbox this morning, three bicycle reports:

STOLEN BLACK BICYCLE: Ender says this Specialized bike was stolen in an Alki shed break-in Monday night:

This happened near 61st and Admiral. Any info, contact police and email (Added: Here’s the SPD incident # – 2018-223799.)


We had a stolen black ‘Jaunt’ bike stolen last night or early this morning before 4:30am from our yard in the Gatewood neighborhood. It has silver accents with a rack on the back, black plastic fenders and a flower on the seat. It also had a small bag on the back with some bike wrenches and a combo lock… not in use at the time.

FOUND BLUE BICYCLE: Jean reports this one’s at 59th/Admiral:

We don’t have police-report #’s in any of these cases yet but will add any we receive on followup.

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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Student arrested; burglary attempt; arrest followup Tue, 19 Jun 2018 05:23:44 +0000 Three notes in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

SCHOOL ARREST: Thanks to the Madison Middle School parent who forwarded the audio of a robocall sent to families by principal Dr. Robert Gary this evening. No accompanying e-mail so far as we’ve heard, so here’s our transcription from the audio:

At approximately 3:55 pm today, in the front of the school, near the bus area, a student was taken into custody by the Seattle Police Department. The situation that the person was taken into custody for was unrelated to any school situation that occurred at Madison. At this time, we don’t have any more information to share. This is a police matter.

After inviting parents to contact him if they have questions, Dr. Gary continued, “Once again, Madison was safe the entire day; the student that was taken into custody was taken into custody by Seattle Police, and it was a situation unrelated to Madison Middle School.” Police online incident lists don’t show anything with Madison’s address so far tonight, so we have no cross-reference on the incident, but will be following up tomorrow. (TUESDAY UPDATE: SPD tells us the case stemmed from a dispute between juveniles. We are still trying to find out more.)

Speaking of followups:

SUNDAY MORNING BURGLARY ATTEMPT: We were tracking multiple incidents early Sunday; one of them was a burglary dispatch to South Delridge/Highland Park. When we looked at the log this morning, we found only one potentially matching incident, and requested the report narrative, which SPD provided as follows:

We responded to a possible occupied burglary call at 90XX 11 Av SW. I contacted the victim, V/XXXXX, at the front door. She said she was asleep in her bedroom. The bedroom is on the N/E corner of the house. XXXXX had her bedroom window (north side) open a few inches.. The window has a lock to prevent it from opening further. XXXXX woke up to a light shining into her bedroom. She looked up and saw a hand reaching through her open window. The hand was moving the curtains a little to the side. XXXXX screamed to her daughter, XXXXX, to call 911. The male moved away from the window and walked out the front gate. He left in a S/B direction. XXXXX did not get a good look at him but described the suspect as a B/M wearing all black. Other units conducted an area search but did not find anyone in the area. We checked the window for fingerprints but did not find any.

This evening, Tweets by Beat – which is catching up from having been down much of the weekend – shows there was another “occupied burglary” call in the 9400 block of 13th SW a little later Sunday morning; we’ll have to pursue that report tomorrow.

And finally:

GREGORY THOMPSON UPDATE: We reported last Friday on the arrest of 28-year-old Gregory L. Thompson on Puget Ridge; police said they recovered stolen fish while seeking Thompson in an unrelated case. No information on that case was available Friday but we’ve obtained the documents from his weekend bail hearing, which explain why he is being held for investigation of tampering. Police allege that last Thursday morning, he shot out the window of a truck he is charged with stealing, “in an apparent attempt to dissuade the victim from testifying.” His bail is currently set at $275,000 – $100,000 for the tampering investigation, the rest related to various cases in which he already is charged. Nothing related to the fish case so far.

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From the ‘dumped and likely stolen’ file: Bicycle, swim bag Mon, 18 Jun 2018 19:08:39 +0000 Two items that seem to be more candidates for the “dumped and likely stolen” rather than our “lost/found/non-pets” section:


A 19″ Raleigh C40 hybrid road/mountain bike was recovered along Alki (Saturday). Probably stolen. Respond with bike ID number and color scheme to


We found this swim bag on our front lawn this morning. It’s sitting next to our front door for the owner. Our address: 4000 38th Ave SW

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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen black Chrysler 300; car prowls Mon, 18 Jun 2018 03:03:19 +0000 Two Crime Watch reader reports:

STOLEN CAR: A reward is offered:

I know it’s a long shot but please keep your eyes out- My husband’s car was stolen last night from our street in West Seattle (SW 40th Ave and SW Oregon). It’s a black Chrysler 300 with Iowa plates 599 WWI. Please contact 515-402-9823 with information.

And if you see it, call 911 first.

CAR PROWLS: From Sharon:

> Several cars on 34th Avenue SW, between Findley and Juneau, were broken into sometime between 6pm and midnight (Friday, 6/15). Tools and glove box contents were stolen. Be on the alert for car prowlers in the area. Police report has been filed.

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The ‘prank’ that wasn’t so funny: Best of Hands Barrelhouse asking for help after theft left iconic cow damaged Sun, 17 Jun 2018 19:30:13 +0000
(WSB photo, May)

One month ago, we reassured you that the future Best of Hands Barrelhouse would be keeping the iconic cow atop its building at 35th and Webster, while warning that it might disappear for a while for some sprucing-up. Part of its absence was unplanned, the Best of Hands crew says – it was briefly cownapped last week and taken to Chief Sealth International High School as what they say was a “senior prank.” They got it back but not without complications, according to this open letter they sent us today:

While we appreciate a good senior prank as well as the next person, I’m reaching out to the community here because in the process of stealing the cow, the kids broke one of the legs. Those who were involved with the prank also scaled our brand new electrical install in order to get on the roof (we now need to inspect this for any damage they may have caused). As many in this community know, we have spent over a year and tens of thousands of dollars bringing the iconic building up to code so that it can house a new endeavor. The actions of these individuals is highly disappointing, as it shows a complete disrespect for personal property, private property, and the West Seattle community at large. To add insult to injury, we had just finished cleaning and re-painting the cow the Monday before she was stolen. We will now have to take hours out of our busy schedules to do so again.

We know people have information about who is responsible for the prank, and we are asking them to step forward so we can hold the pranksters to account for their actions. If nobody comes forward, we will be getting the police involved. As for what the consequences should be for damaging our property and our landlord’s property (Clearview Eye & Laser), we have discussed compensation for the broken leg (and anything else that may have been damaged) and community service. We understand that these students will be graduating on Thursday, and would like to have a resolution before then. If college-bound, I don’t think dodging this responsibility will look good to the schools these individuals have applied to/been accepted to, as in this day and age, many colleges will revoke acceptance based on poor 4th quarter performance and extenuating circumstances.

We thank you for your time and help.

Best of Hands Barrelhouse

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UPDATE: Early-morning police activity Sun, 17 Jun 2018 07:28:02 +0000 12:28 AM: Two things:

*If you heard “gunshots or fireworks?” noise around midnight, according to police radio communication, it was fireworks, 24th/Holden vicinity.

*Thanks for all the tips about a search in northeast Arbor Heights. We know it involves both KCSO and SPD but we’re not sure yet what started it, so we’re heading over to see what we can find out.

1 AM UPDATE: We have found multiple officers on 28th and 30th south of Roxbury. Two said the search was related to a convenience-store robbery but wouldn’t/couldn’t say where. We have gone by several stores, no obvious signs of trouble. A K9 team was out on 28th when we went through. That’s all we have – no descriptions of who’s being sought.

2:50 AM: Unrelated incident, so far as we know, but it’s still early-morning police activity, so we’re adding … the sirens in south West Seattle this time are because police are now looking for a burglary suspect in South Delridge. We missed the exact address but one of the containment points is 18th/Henderson. The description of the suspect so far is black, male, 6’2″, 220 pounds, no shirt, no shoes, possibly bleeding from broken window glass.

3:29 AM: Still searching.

5:34 PM UPDATE: KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Ryan Abbott tells us this started as a shoplifting attempt by three juveniles at the 28th/Roxbury 76 station minimart. They tried to steal some candy; “When they were stopped by the clerk, one of them produced a handgun and threatened to shoot the clerk.” The search never did turn them up.

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CRIME WATCH: Student robbed; white Jeep stolen (update – found!); package taken Sun, 17 Jun 2018 06:35:55 +0000 Three West Seattle Crime Watch reports tonight:

STUDENT ROBBED: Thanks to the parent who forwarded the letter sent tonight to Chief Sealth International High School and Denny International Middle School families, about a crime that happened Thursday and was reported Friday:

We would like to let you know about an incident that occurred in the Sealth/Denny neighborhood that was brought to our attention yesterday. It occurred on Thursday afternoon at approximately 2:00 PM when a Sealth student was on his way home and was approached in a threatening manner by two youth from another school. They robbed him of his cell phone and made him take off his shoes but did not take them. The student and his parent reported the incident to the school yesterday morning and the police were called. They took the report and will follow up with an investigation.

No other details – the rest of the note to families consists of safety tips. We’ll be following up with police.


My Jeep was stolen in West Seattle last night around 11 pm near South Seattle College. I am out of country for two more days, I have friends and family looking out and contacted the police but need all the help I can get! It is a white ’92 Jeep Cherokee, I have attached a recent photo.

I have various things in the Jeep, clothing, camping items, etc., but not too worried about those. All paperwork is in the Jeep (not smart on my side). Hopefully can find in one piece.

(Update: Plate BBA7439 … Monday update: Found in Burien.)

PACKAGE TAKEN: Security video from the 6700 block of Beach Drive:

The sender says they have verified that this was not a retrieved misdelivery. If you recognize the person in the video, the police report # is 18-218524.

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CRIME WATCH: Early-morning gunfire? Hear it on security video Sat, 16 Jun 2018 04:06:26 +0000

One more early-morning incident that woke up more than a few people early today – suspected gunfire heard in South Delridge, Westwood, and as far north as Sunrise Heights. This security video is from a camera near 17th and Cloverdale. We couldn’t find a police report number showing that any evidence of gunfire had been found; if anyone reading this knows of a related report number, the video’s owner was wondering how to call it to police’s attention in case the vehicle seen going by in the background was related. Meantime, just a reminder, if you think you hear gunfire, call 911, because the more calls they get, the more chance they have of figuring out where it happened and if there’s any damage/evidence.

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UPDATE: Suspect found dead, police say, after gunfire, search on Puget Ridge Fri, 15 Jun 2018 17:25:32 +0000 (WSB photos)

10:25 AM: Police are searching for a suspect in what they call a case of domestic-violence gunfire. It happened a short time ago in the 6500 block of 16th SW. They’re asking that everyone avoid the area. Per scanner, the suspect was described as a white man with a shaved head and red beard, possibly in a white Jeep Cherokee.

10:35 AM: Our crew reports 16th is closed to traffic in the 7000 block on the south side of this investigation. And just tweeted by SPD:

10:49 AM: Now per scanner police are headed for a nearby greenbelt to investigate a report of a possible body and gun – we don’t know for certain whether it’s related but there’s a fire call too. Also, South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) has sent a text alert that it’s on lockdown. And Metro has sent a text that it’s not serving the campus right now.

10:59 AM: Police confirm via Twitter that they believe the body is that of the suspect they were seeking and that he appears to have died by suicide, in the West Duwamish Greenbelt.

11:16 AM: As a commenter noticed, the location of the SFD response related to the body discovery keeps changing (most recently 13th/Holly). That’s because it’s taken a while for SFD to find the best path into the greenbelt.

Meantime, Metro continue to route transit out of the area, including Routes 125 and 128. We’ll update whenever that gets back to normal.

11:40 AM: We talked to police at the scene; they say this started with a confrontation between the suspect and an ex-girlfriend; he started firing shots into her house. No one was hit, according to police, but other people were home too and some, police say, even jumped out of a window to get away.

11:54 AM: SSC is back to normal operations and so is transit in the area, which means 16th has reopened.

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CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Stolen fish recovered, as bycatch Fri, 15 Jun 2018 17:20:38 +0000 Early this morning, police were back at the Puget Ridge home of repeat offender Gregory Thompson in the 7100 block of 18th SW. We’ve reported on him previously in connection with previous arrests including this case in February in which guns and drugs were recovered. This morning, police confirm to WSB that while they were at his house in connection with an unrelated case, they recovered most if not all of the fish stolen from Seattle Fish Company, in the Thursday morning heist reported here last night. The King County Jail Register shows Thompson was booked this morning for investigation of tampering. We don’t have details yet on that case but will add anything more we find out.

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West Seattle Crime Watch: Fish heist Fri, 15 Jun 2018 03:30:05 +0000

THURSDAY NIGHT: That screen grab is from security video that Seattle Fish Company in The Junction (4435 California SW) told police shows someone stealing $6,000 worth of newly delivered fish early today. The report texted to us said the fish was taken right after Ocean Beauty dropped it off around 7:30 am. If you have any information, the theft report filed with police is 2018-216072.

FRIDAY MORNING: The fish has been recovered; here’s our followup.

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FOLLOWUP: Alki Avenue murder ‘could have happened anywhere,’ police say Wed, 13 Jun 2018 05:57:27 +0000 (June 2nd WSB photo by Christopher Boffoli)

Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis offered an update on the June 2nd Alki Avenue murder toward the end of tonight’s precinct meeting about beach noise enforcement (separate report to come). “This was an altercation between two individuals and their conflict resolution … slipped to the point where it got physical,” and a deadly stabbing resulted. “It could have happened anywhere,” he stressed, adding that SPD emphasis teams were in the beach area and got there quickly, though not quickly enough for an arrest. Detectives continue working the case. The victim, 22-year-old Jonathan C. Pecina, was remembered at a memorial service in Everett last Friday.

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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Reports from South Admiral, Gatewood, Hansen View Tue, 12 Jun 2018 21:15:40 +0000 In West Seattle Crime Watch:

SOUTH ADMIRAL GARAGE THEFT: A reader alarmed by the Ring version of this SPD auto-tweet for an “occupied burglary” last night in the 3200 block of California asked us about it. We checked with SPD today. Det. Mark Jamieson says that the system shows, “Officers responded to a report of a theft from inside a secured parking garage … The theft allegedly happened 5 days ago (possibly a car prowl?) Officers could not locate the reporting party despite several calls back. If victim calls back we’ll respond to take a report.”

GATEWOOD BURGLARY: Via e-mail this morning:

We live a block from (The Kenney) just off of Fauntleroy Way; at some time between 2 AM and 5:30 AM on Thursday (June 7) a thief entered our home through a first floor open window. I’m embarrassed to say it but I know when it must have happened because I was asleep on the couch at the time and must have been in plain sight of the intruder (and I’m the one naive enough to think I could leave that window open.) I suppose in one sense it might be lucky I slept through the whole thing , only discovering what had happened when I awoke and saw the window screen pried off and a number of things stolen.

HANSEN VIEW REPORTS: From the neighborhood near Providence Mount St. Vincent, Block Watch captain Karen Berge (who you also know as co-founder of the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network) has an update:

Our Hansen View Block Watch area experienced another vehicle theft recently, as well as two detached garage break-ins. The two garage break-ins took place this weekend in the 5000 block of 36th off the alley shared with those on 35th. … another neighbor found “loot” stashed in the alley behind their home… it all eventually came together, and the loot turned out to be a combination of items from both locations. Key point here are that the perp(s) cut through a lock on one of the garages, not padlocks or cables attached to the locks. Also, the car theft a week or so earlier took less than 30 seconds to steal, although it was locked…and the car that was stolen had been stolen in late April, then recovered (’99 Legacy Outback).

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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Face to face with a would-be burglar Sun, 10 Jun 2018 17:31:49 +0000 Received via text from a resident in the 3700 block of Belvidere [map]:

Last night at 1:20 am while I was asleep on our downstairs couch, lights on, TV blaring. I was awakened by someone starting to enter from our sliding back door. As I jump up to see if it’s an animal, I’m startled to find a 5’10-6ft white male trying to enter our home. I stand across from him paralyzed, realizing there is nothing keeping him from entering. I’m 8 months pregnant and fully aware that I cannot move quickly; my husband and 2 year old daughter are asleep upstairs. I start to scream for my husband, the man continues to stand at the door, poised to come in as I continue to scream. Finally, my husband wakes up and upon hearing my husband’s voice he begins to leave. Police arrive at 2:20, explain they had cleared the area, but found no one. The brazen way this man entered and occupied home, and probably would’ve still proceeded if he could validate I was home alone. Which makes this particularly threatening.

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