West Seattle Blog... » Community Garage Sale Day http://westseattleblog.com West Seattle news, 24/7 Sat, 25 Apr 2015 21:37:36 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.4.2 2 weeks to West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day: Registration closed, 320+ sales; here’s what happens now http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/2-weeks-to-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-registration-closed-320-sales-heres-what-happens-now/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/2-weeks-to-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-registration-closed-320-sales-heres-what-happens-now/#comments Sat, 25 Apr 2015 05:17:44 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=308214 Saturday, May 9th, will be the 11th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day and the biggest one ever. By the time registration closed late last night, more than 320 sales had signed up! All sizes, from individual homes to organizations/schools/businesses and multi-seller sites (including WSB sponsors Hotwire Online Coffeehouse and C & P Coffee Company), to block sales around the peninsula. WSB has coordinated WSCGSD since its fourth year (2008); here’s our update on what happens now:

*We are finalizing the list so we can make the map, which debuts on May 2nd so shoppers have a week to plan ahead – the clickable and printable/downloadable versions will be featured here on WSB and on westseattlegaragesale.com.

*If you’re a seller, please check that you got both receipts, the confirmation from us AND the registration-fee receipt from PayPal (which would be via our LLC name, A Drink of Water and a Story Interactive). If you had problems paying, please e-mail us at garagesale@westseattleblog.com if you don’t hear from us first.

*We’ll be mailing (e- or postal- depending on what you marked on the registration form) info packets to sellers, including the “official participant” sign you are welcome to use with your signage.

*If you need to cancel your sale, please call us – 206-293-6302 – by May 1st so we can take you off the map. After that, last-minute cancellations can be taken off the online map, but not the printable/downloadable version.

*In sale updates over the next week-plus, we’ll have a poster file available for anybody who wants to put one up at their school, workplace, wherever – we promote WSCGSD regionally, and have heard of shoppers coming from hours away, but your help in spreading the word will be awesome. The easiest web address to share is westseattlegaragesale.com, though the map will be here too (and will have a special “tab” under the sunset header).

*If you’re a prospective shopper – watch for the map starting May 2nd, and whether you’re just going to walk around your neighborhood and see who’s selling what, or planning a wider expedition, get ready for a great day. Note that some sellers might start earlier or end later than the 9 am-3 pm window on May 9th – if they provided that information, it’ll be in their “ad” info accompanying the map.

One more note: In years past, we’ve published info from nonprofits making special arrangements for sellers to donate leftovers, and/or inviting people to shop for potential donations of certain items the nonprofit needs, so that WSCGSD can have great community ripple effects beyond the fun of buying/selling. Any org thinking about either of these, please e-mail garagesale@westseattleblog.com ASAP so we can discuss. Thanks!

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West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day: Last day to sign up! http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-last-day-to-sign-up/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-last-day-to-sign-up/#comments Thu, 23 Apr 2015 16:27:47 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=308027 Another BIG West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day is in the works – more than 280 sales on the list/map now, and 24 hours left to register – the deadline is 11:55 pm tonight. If you’ve been mulling it over and think you want to give it a try, please sign up now so you don’t miss the cutoff – just go here. If you’re not selling, get ready to shop, shop, shop on Saturday, May 9th, 9 am-3 pm, all over West Seattle (the map will be ready for your perusal one week in advance – so watch for it May 2nd).

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West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day: 2 more days to sign up http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-2-more-days-to-sign-up/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-2-more-days-to-sign-up/#comments Tue, 21 Apr 2015 23:50:17 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=307877 Thanks to the 220+ sellers – individuals, schools, businesses, organizations, blocks – who have already signed up to make Saturday, May 9th, another epic West Seattle Community Garage Sale Dayperson-to-person recycling at its finest! If you are thinking about having a sale – we just want to make sure you know that registration, which has been open for three weeks, closes in **two days** … the cutoff is this Thursday night (April 23rd), so we can get going on the map/list, to keep our promise that it’ll be available one week before sale day. Just go here to sign up online.

IMPORTANT P.S. IF YOU’VE ALREADY REGISTERED: Please be sure you got both receipts – confirmation e-mail PLUS a receipt from PayPal (it carries WSB’s legacy LLC name, A Drink of Water & A Story Interactive) – as happens every year, a small percentage of sellers are in the system only with the former, not the latter, and if that’s you, e-mail us ASAP at garagesale@westseattleblog.com so we can send you a link to finish the process. Thank you!

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West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2015: Updates! http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-2015-updates/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-2015-updates/#comments Fri, 17 Apr 2015 15:59:44 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=307343 Saturday, May 9th, is the 11th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, coordinated by WSB, and we have updates:

LESS THAN A WEEK TO REGISTER: The registration deadline is next Thursday, April 23rd, so if you’ve been procrastinating, it’s time to decide if you’re having a sale. More than 170 of all sizes, all over the peninsula, are signed up so far! Register your WSCGSD sale here.

MULTI-SELLER SITES: The Hotwire Online Coffeehouse/Ginomai courtyard/lot space (4410 California SW) is booked up, we’re told, though you can get on a list in case of dropouts (contact Hotwire directly). The other site for those who need just a little room is C & P Coffee Company (5612 California SW) – check in to see how they’re doing. (Our standard disclaimer, Hotwire and C & P are both WSB sponsors.)

THE MAP: If you’re new to WSCGSD as either a seller or shopper, reminder that the map of sales will be available one week in advance (watch for the announcement here and at westseattlegaragesale.com on May 2nd) – we produce it in two formats, the clickable online version here on WSB and on westseattlegaragesale.com – click on a marker and a bubble will open with its address and sale “ad” as sent in @ registration, and the printable PDF version including the numbered list of sale addresses/”ads.” The map’s free, and you’re encouraged to share it with friends, family, co-workers from all over the region to be sure they know that this is the day to come shop WS (checking out our restaurants and stores while they’re here, too).

So again – six days to register, 15 days to map day, 22 days to sale day!

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West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2015 update: Closer! http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-2015-update-getting-closer/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-2015-update-getting-closer/#comments Wed, 15 Apr 2015 21:25:40 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=307153

(File WSCGSD photo, Hotwire courtyard)
Quick update on West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2015, coming up 9 am-3 pm Saturday, May 9th, all around the peninsula:

*More than 150 sales registered – individuals, blocks, schools, businesses, clubs, teams …

*Registration deadline is one week from tomorrow (Wednesday night, April 23rd)

*2 announced multi-seller sites, Hotwire Online Coffeehouse and C & P Coffee Company (both WSB sponsors) – please check directly with them for space availability

*Ready to sign up YOUR sale? Please go here!

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Four weeks until West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2015 http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/four-weeks-until-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-2015/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/four-weeks-until-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-2015/#comments Sun, 12 Apr 2015 01:16:10 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=306862 garagesaledaysmalllog5.jpgThe countdown continues: Four weeks until West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2015, which is coming up on Saturday, May 9th. The newest toplines:

–We’ve set the registration deadline – sign up by Thursday night, April 23rd
–More than 120 sales are registered so far – all sizes!
–If you have no room and/or just a little bit of stuff to sell, check directly with multi-seller spots Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (4410 California SW; WSB sponsor) and C & P Coffee Company (5612 California SW; WSB sponsor)
–If you’re just looking forward to browsing – the map (which we make in 2 formats, online/clickable and PDF/printable) will be ready a week in advance as usual, which means you’ll find it here and at westseattlegaragesale.com starting May 2nd

Ready to sign up and sell? Go here! Questions? garagesale@westseattleblog.com – thanks!

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1 month until West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day! http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/1-month-until-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/1-month-until-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day/#comments Thu, 09 Apr 2015 22:06:33 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=306641 Quick mid-afternoon note: Exactly one month until the 11th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, 9 am-3 pm on Saturday, May 9th (coordinated by WSB since year four)! Great lineup so far – 100+ sales big and small, east to west, south to north – and registration continues for at least another week and a half (we’ll set and announce the closing date next week). If you’re planning to be part of this big day of “person-to-person recycling” by having a sale, go here to register. If not – just save the date and get ready to be out and about meeting neighbors and friends. More updates ahead!

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West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day update: 70+ are in! http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-update-70-are-in/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-update-70-are-in/#comments Mon, 06 Apr 2015 23:41:45 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=306338 The biggest person-to-person-recycling day of the year is approaching – the 11th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day – and in the fifth day of registration, more than **70 sales** of all sizes are in! Whether you plan to shop or sell, we hope your calendar has 9 am-3 pm blocked out on Saturday, May 9th, for WSCGSD. Registration will run for about 2 more weeks (we haven’t set the closing time just yet) and then we get going on The Map, which will be available one week ahead of time, in both clickable online format and the printable downloadable PDF format. Just browsing the addresses, we can tell you sales are already planned all over the peninsula, from North Delridge to Arbor Heights, Highland Park to High Point, Gatewood to Genesee Hill … and beyond. Categories and fees are the same as always, and you’ll find them on the form, here.

P.S. If you don’t have space for your own sale, or just a few things to sell, check in ASAP at WSB’s coffee sponsors – Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (4410 California SW) and C & P Coffee Company (5612 California SW) – both on the map as multi-seller sites again this year.

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The first 50 sales are already signed up, with 5 weeks to go until West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2015! http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/the-first-50-sales-are-already-signed-up-with-5-weeks-to-go-until-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-2015/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/the-first-50-sales-are-already-signed-up-with-5-weeks-to-go-until-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-2015/#comments Sat, 04 Apr 2015 22:10:58 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=306177

(Scene from 2013 WSCGSD. No, the boat was NOT part of the sale!)
Five weeks from today, neighborhoods around West Seattle will be abuzz with shopping, selling, and neighbor-to-neighbor chatting, during the 11th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day on Saturday, May 9th (9 am-3 pm; check the forthcoming map for some sales starting earlier, some ending later), presented by WSB. Today is the third full day of registration, and we have 50 confirmed sales so far, from Arbor Heights to Alki to Admiral, Delridge to Gatewood, Seaview to Sunrise Heights, and beyond. You can register a sale in one of three classifications – individual, business/group/school, or block sale; the info’s all on the form, which you’ll find here.

As always, the WSCGSD map/list will be created in clickable online and printable PDF forms, and it’ll be available one week before sale day. Whether you’ll be selling or shopping, get May 9th on your calendar and invite your friends, relatives, co-workers to come for the sales and stay afterward to visit West Seattle restaurants, coffee shops, beaches … More updates to come!

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20+ sales already, less than a day into signups for 11th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/20-sales-already-as-signups-start-for-11th-annual-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/20-sales-already-as-signups-start-for-11th-annual-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day/#comments Thu, 02 Apr 2015 22:31:19 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=305979

(Photo from a past WSB Community Garage Sale Day)
What treasures will YOU find – or sell? On the first full day of registration for the 11th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, more than 20 sales of all sizes are already on the list! Saturday, May 9, 2015, is the big day – 9 am-3 pm, but you can start earlier and/or end later if you want as long as you cover those 6 hours. Remember that it’s a two-step registration process, and it’s not complete without the confirmation from PayPal – here’s the official online form. If you have questions or problems, e-mail garagesale@westseattleblog.com - thanks!

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Be part of 2015 West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day! Registration now open http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/be-part-of-2015-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-registration-now-open/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/04/be-part-of-2015-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-registration-now-open/#comments Thu, 02 Apr 2015 04:49:27 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=305894 garagesaledaysmalllog5.jpgIt’s on! Signup time for the 2015 edition of West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day starts now.

You can get to the form here. Or, it’s embedded here on WSB, below. First, the basics:

*Sale day is Saturday, May 9, 2015.

*Official sale hours: 9 am-3 pm, but if you want to start yours earlier/end it later, that’s up to you (no late starts/early ends, though; thanks!).

*Registration gets you on the map, which is published on WSB and on the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day website – as well as promoted/advertised regionally and in our social-media channels – with clickable and printable (PDF) versions. The map is ready a week in advance and assigns each sale a number, which you can use for cross-reference, your own promotion (“come see us, we’re sale #22!”), etc.

*Same registration fees/process as years past – all online. Three categories: Individual, Organization/Business/School, Block Sale.

P.S. If you just have a bit of stuff and no place to sell it, check in at Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (WSB sponsor) ASAP for a free spot in the Hotwire courtyard and Ginomai across the alley. There’ll be one general map listing for Hotwire; if you sell there, you’re still welcome to buy your own (optional) mention on our list via the form above – just mention Hotwire/4410 California SW as the sale address.

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West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2015 approaches, and signups start here tomorrow! http://westseattleblog.com/2015/03/west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-2015-approaches-and-signups-start-here-tomorrow/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/03/west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-2015-approaches-and-signups-start-here-tomorrow/#comments Tue, 31 Mar 2015 16:00:25 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=305671 Tomorrow not only brings a new month, it also brings the start of registration for the 11th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day. This year, May 9 is the Saturday when, for six hours, sellers and shoppers will fill the peninsula with “person-to-person recycling.”

WSCGSD, which we’re coordinating for the eighth consecutive year, brings sales big and small, from household sales to organizational fundraisers, all over the map – which is what we create and publish with the locations and information shared by registered sellers, making clickable and printable versions available one week before the May 9th sale day. When the signup form is ready to go sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening, we’ll announce it here and on the official WSCGSD site at westseattlegaragesale.com. Registration will be open for more than two weeks, so there’s plenty of time for word to get around.

P.S. If you’re an apartment resident or otherwise don’t have room for your own sale, check in at Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (4410 California SW; WSB sponsor), where proprietor Lora Swift is again offering courtyard spaces (including the lot at Ginomai across the alley). More tomorrow!

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Six weeks until West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day on May 9th; registration starts next Wednesday http://westseattleblog.com/2015/03/six-weeks-until-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-on-may-9th-registration-starts-next-wednesday/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/03/six-weeks-until-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-on-may-9th-registration-starts-next-wednesday/#comments Sat, 28 Mar 2015 16:31:19 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=305351 On this springtime Saturday, thoughts turn to … garage/yard/rummage sales. We call it “person-to-person recycling.” Six weeks from today, for six hours, sellers and shoppers will turn the peninsula into an epicenter of that activity, during the 11th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day – 9 am-3 pm on Saturday, May 9th. We’re coordinating it for the eighth year; this is another alert that registration opens this Wednesday (April 1st).

If you’re new to West Seattle and/or WSB – this is NOT one big garage sale, but instead, many sales of all sizes, all over West Seattle. If you don’t have enough room for your own sale, Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (WSB sponsor) proprietor Lora Swift has announced they’re again offering courtyard spaces (including the lot at Ginomai across the alley to the east of her shop, which is at 4410 California SW).

Again, registration will open on Wednesday – we’ll link the form from WSB and from the official WSCGSD site at westseattlegaragesale.com when it’s ready to go!.\

http://westseattleblog.com/2015/03/six-weeks-until-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-on-may-9th-registration-starts-next-wednesday/feed/ 0
11th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day coming up May 9th; signups start in two weeks http://westseattleblog.com/2015/03/11th-annual-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-coming-up-may-9th-signups-start-in-two-weeks/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/03/11th-annual-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-coming-up-may-9th-signups-start-in-two-weeks/#comments Thu, 19 Mar 2015 03:31:28 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=304331 We’re starting to get questions about signups for this year’s West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, so we’ve set the date for registration to begin: Two weeks away, on Wednesday, April 1st.

Sale day is always the second Saturday in May, and that means this year it’s May 9, 2015. Official sale hours are 9 am-3 pm, but if you want to start yours earlier/end it later, that’s up to you; just include the times in the listing info you include with your registration, which gets you on the map, published on WSB and on the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day website, as well as promoted/advertised regionally and in all our social-media channels, with online and printable versions. The map is ready a week in advance and assigns each sale a number, which you can use for cross-reference, your own promotion (“come see us, we’re sale #13!”), etc. We’ve been presenting WSCGSD since the 4th annual event in 2008, and are looking forward to it again this year, both the organizing and coverage – more info as we get closer to the April 1st opening of registration.

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Wondering when West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day is happening this year? May 9th – only 3 months away! http://westseattleblog.com/2015/02/wondering-when-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-is-happening-this-year-may-9th-only-3-months-away/ http://westseattleblog.com/2015/02/wondering-when-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-is-happening-this-year-may-9th-only-3-months-away/#comments Tue, 10 Feb 2015 17:00:52 +0000 WSB http://westseattleblog.com/?p=300638

(WSB photo from 2014 West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day)
Even Spider-Man shops West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day! This year’s edition is now officially less than three months away – coming up ****May 9th****. We’re starting to get our first “when is it happening?” questions of the year, and that’s a sure sign the end of winter is in sight. In case you’re new to West Seattle, or haven’t participated before, WSCGSD is not one big sale but rather one big day of hundreds of sales around the peninsula with thousands of shoppers – we promote it regionally and people come from all over (we’ve even heard of people driving from Eastern Washington), but ultimately, at the heart of WSCGSD is an opportunity to meet your neighbors and “recycle” some things you no longer need. We’ll open registration in early April as usual, so you still have lots of time to decide whether you’ll be a seller or shopper this time.

BACKSTORY: West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day is now in its second decade, launched in 2005 by a group of community connectors who called themselves Megawatt (they also created the Gathering of Neighbors). In late 2007, they decided to close up and move on; we didn’t want to see WSCGSD go away and proposed taking it over – they agreed, and so this year will be the 11th annual WSCGSD, eighth one coordinated by WSB. You can look at past years’ coverage and information at westseattlegaragesale.com. Watch for more updates here as it gets closer!

http://westseattleblog.com/2015/02/wondering-when-west-seattle-community-garage-sale-day-is-happening-this-year-may-9th-only-3-months-away/feed/ 7