Who to Know

1. Best Next Mayor of Seattle: Anyone but Nickels

Geez, is he really that bad? No S.L.U.T. fans out there?

2. Best


Readers Reveal the City's Best

Who to Know

1. Best Next Mayor of Seattle: Anyone but Nickels

Geez, is he really that bad? No S.L.U.T. fans out there?

2. Best Candidate for a New Local Statue: Bill Gates

Imagine a marble figure with glasses, hunched over, rocking back and forth.

3. Best Daily Newswriter: Danny Westneat

Sensible, insightful, and doesn't pander to reader prejudices.

4. Best Mariner: Ichiro Suzuki

Even a season this miserable can't break our love for the sleeve-tugger.

5. Best Storm Player: Sue Bird

After an off year, the sexy point guard is back on her game.

6. Best Emergency Plumber: Beacon

Behold the power of a memorable catchphrase. And good service. 749-9275, www.beaconplumbing.net

7. Best Urban Activist: John Pehrson

A former Belltowner tries to help shape South Lake Union.

8. Best On-Call Computer Help:Geek Squad

Seattle keeps these nerds on speed-dial. 306-7663, www.GeekSquad.com

9. Best Talk-Radio Host(s):Ron & Don

Afternoon drive-time has never been so gravelly-voiced. www.ronanddon.com

What to See

10. Best Neighborhood Blog: West Seattle

Keeping us astoundingly well-informed. westseattleblog.com

11. Best Arthouse Movie Theater: Harvard Exit

Seeing the movie here makes you seem just that much smarter. 807 E. Roy St., 323-0587

12. Best Wardrobe on a Local TV Personality: Jean Enersen

For 40 years: always tailored and professional, never trampy.

13. Best Theater Company: ACT

On a roll since striking gold with The Women. 700 Union St., 292-7676

14. Best Place to See Art: SAM

Cars exploding off the ceiling? We're running with the big boys now. 1301 First Ave., 654-3100

15. Best Adult Video Store: Blue Video

So friendly, you almost don't mind when they call you by name. 4100 Aurora Ave. N., 632-9886

16. Best Thrift Shop: Goodwill

When you need water skis, a popcorn popper, and a bag of hairbrushes in one stop. www.seattlegoodwill.org

17. Best Place for Designer Sneakers: Nordstrom

Shoes are where they started, and they're still kicking it.

18. Best Local Stage Actor: Marya Sea Kaminski

The WET vet made a lasting impression as Rachel Corrie.

Where to Go

19. Best Place for Bar Games: Shorty's

Arcades are for kids. Unless there's beer, then they're for adults. 222 Second Ave., #A, 441-5449, www.shortydog.com

20. Best Off-Leash Dog Park: Magnuson

Unfettered butt-sniffing and a splash in the lake. 7400 Sand Point Way N.E.

21. Best Place to Give Birth: Swedish

Those swank birthing suites will spoil the kid for life. www.swedish.org

22. Best Place to Work on Your Golf Swing: Interbay Golf Center

Plaid pants not required. 2501 15th Ave. W., 285-2200, www.seattlegolf.com

23. Best Hetero Pick-Up Scene: Peso's Kitchen & Lounge

A meat market that also serves excellent meat. 605 Queen Anne Ave. N., 283-9353

24. Best Nearby Hike: Mt. Si

Just enough elevation gain to make you feel as though you've really accomplished something. Exit 31 off I-90 in North Bend

25. Best Place to Drop Out-of-Town Guests: Pike Place Market

Drop them off a few blocks away to avoid the mayhem.

26. Best Spa: Olympus

Sorry, guys, this Korean-style escape is ladies-only. 3815 196th St. S.W., 425-697-3000, www.olympusspa.com

27. Best Spot for Knickknacks and Kitschy Weirdness: Archie McPhee

Because everyone needs a smoking baby. 2428 N.W. Market St., 297-0240, www.archiemcpheeseattle.com

28. Best Happy Hour: McCormick & Schmick

Get a $20 meal for under $5 on your way to catch the M's. 1103 First Ave., 623-5500; 1200 Westlake Ave. N., 270-8815

29. Best Gay Bar: Neighbours

Though everyone gets blissfully messy here. 1509 Broadway, 324-5358, www.neighboursnightclub.com

30. Best Place for a Non-Kid Birthday Party: The Garage Billiards and Bowl

Ironically monogrammed shirts always welcome. 1130 Broadway, 322-2296, www.garagebilliards.com

31. Best Restaurant Patio: Eastlake Bar and Grill

Bake in the sun, stare at the boats, and wolf down half-pound burgers. 2947 Eastlake Ave E., 957-7777

32. Best Eastside Watering Hole: Joeys

Cherry wood, leather seats; it ain't a dive bar. 800 Bellevue Way N.E., 425-637-1177

What to Eat

33. Best Pizza, Besides Pagliacci: Tutta Bella

Fastest pizza oven in the west. 4411 Stone Way N., 633-3800; 4918 Rainier Ave. S., 721-3501

34. Best Banh Mi: Seattle Deli

Crisper bread, better barbecued pork, and more room to wait in line. 225 12th Ave. S., 328-0106

35. Best Cupcakes: Cupcake Royale

No doubt the all-chocolate Deathcake Royale sealed the deal. 2052 N.W. Market St. and other locations

36. Best Fries/Frites: Dick's

The tastiest fries you'll ever eat in a parking lot.

37. Best Vegetarian Restaurant: Cafe Flora

Pretty, pretty food for pretty, pretty vegetarians. 2901 E. Madison St., 325-9100

38. Best Taco Truck: Rancho Bravo Tacos

Finally, a taco truck with its own salsa bar. 221 N.E. 45th St.

39. Best Take-Out Deli Food: Husky Deli

Family-owned and doing it well forever. 4721 California Ave. S.W., 937-2810

40. Best Barbeque: Jones Barbeque

We and Mrs., Mrs. Jones...we got a thing goin' on. Various locations, www.jonesbarbeque.net

41. Best Thai Restaurant: Buddha Ruksa

Seattle sure loves it some crispy garlic chicken. 3520 S.W. Genesee St., 937-7676

42. Best Restaurant When Somebody Else Is Paying: Canlis

Serving it up old-school, in all the best ways. 2576 Aurora Ave. N., 283-3313

What to Hear

43. Best New Band: Fleet Foxes

Unshaven, unkempt, unstoppable...and barely old enough to drink. www.myspace.com/fleetfoxes

44. Best Karaoke: Ozzie's

What do they do if you sing out of tune? Give you more booze. 105 W. Mercer St., 284-4618

45. Best Radio Show: KEXP's John in the Morning

"He's, like, our version of WKRP's Johnny Fever."

46. Best Local Album of the Past Year: Fleet Foxes

Sub Pop's latest successful attempt at "world domination."

47. Best Live Club Venue: Showbox

Modest Mouse to Danger Mouse and everything in between. 1426 First Ave., 628-3151; 1700 First Ave. S., 652-0444

48. Best Dance or Theme Night: '80s Night at Neighbours

Dancing in your underwear a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business is not frowned upon here.

49. Best Cover Band: Hell's Belles

It's hard to beat hot chicks singing AC/DC tunes. www.hellsbelles.info

50. Best Busker: Jim Page

A favorite at the Market and Folklife, often with the Spoonman in tow. www.jimpage.net

What We Missed

51. Best Thing in the City That's Not Included Here: The Chocolate Box

How could we forget you, O heavenly sampler store of Seattle chocolatiers? 108 Pine St., 443-3900, www.sschocolatebox.com

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