1. True, PR only goes so far, but even if all officers started acting perfectly today, pub perception would take time.

  2. Yep, that's what happens when you hire Jonah, Seattle's best former crime reporter, to do your marketing:

  3. Friends w/o Borders: RT: JJtweets wins prize for being first friend (outside family) to ask for our new address in Amsterdam!

  4. Hey, any idea when Chromecast will come to Canada? I haven't heard anything about it for outside the U.S.

  5. "Welcome to the era when, for one game only (so far), an NFL stadium is not big enough for MLS soccer."

  6. Nearly 250k ballots are in for today’s election! If you haven’t voted, get your ballot postmarked by today or returned to a drop box by 8 pm

  7. That would have been an awful choice. I was hoping for Mark Williams before I realized he's already Rory's dad.

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