About the police, fire response in Admiral

If you’ve been wondering about the police and fire response near Admiral Way and 42nd – and/or the subsequent police response at California and Spokane – sorry for the delay, it took a while to sort out exactly what this is about.

(California/Spokane, photo courtesy Bill Schrier)

The southernmost scene (photo above) is where police took one person into custody in connection with what was reported to be an assault near the northernmost scene (photo below).

(WSB photo)

A Seattle Fire crew apparently was among those who witnessed the assault, which police say is believed to be a case of domestic violence, and did not result in major injuries, but initial concern led to a dispatch for both police and fire on a “fast backup” basis.

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  • Filmateria March 13, 2017 (12:34 pm)

    Thanks! Just watching the police response and happy to see WS Blog presence.  

  • 22blades March 13, 2017 (3:53 pm)

    I was the first N bound car stopped as it unfolded. The article explains the Police Officers running back & forth to the Fire Truck as they  got a handle on things. Saw the suspect pinned to the ground. There was a Metro Bus stopped the busstop right on top of them. Glad nobody got hurt as Domectic Violence calls are scary.

  • FYI March 13, 2017 (9:12 pm)

    There was a woman attacked – attempted rape (?) in broad daylight by a crazy person today. I was told by Met Market but maybe this was it. I can’t find note of any other. Ck SPD log.

    • WSB March 13, 2017 (9:35 pm)

      That was an early bit of scanner traffic as police tried to sort out this call in the early going but according to the officers Patrick talked to on scene and the people I talked with in public affairs downtown, that is NOT what it turned out to be.

      • FYI March 13, 2017 (10:53 pm)

        Well that’s good. Curious, what did it turn out to be? 

        • WSB March 13, 2017 (11:01 pm)

          What’s described above is what the incident turned out to be, according to police. I don’t have any further details and am not likely to pursue them – the only reason we wrote about this is because it was a briefly high-profile response, in two locations, and sometimes the reason to write the story is more to reassure people about what was NOT happening – no killer on the rampage, etc.

  • WestCake March 14, 2017 (9:13 am)

    Suspect is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I would be interested in some sort of follow up to these write ups. Did we even find out what happened at Hamilton with the large police response.

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