UPDATE: Police investigate Junction stabbing

ORIGINAL REPORT, 5:06 AM SUNDAY: An “assault with weapons” response to The Junction right now. According to Seattle Fire radio, a female victim reported being stabbed in the chest by a woman in her 40s with a “pocket knife.” The victim is being taken to Harborview Medical Center; the attacker is still at large, last seen southbound in the alley between California and 44th SW. The wound was not believed to be life-threatening.

UPDATE, 10:44 AM MONDAY: As promised, we sought the report from SPD, and have obtained it. Here’s what it says: The victim, a juvenile, told police it happened in the alley behind KeyBank. The attacker’s boyfriend, she said, had hugged her, and that upset the attacker, who the victim described as “intoxicated.” The attacker subsequently took out a “pen-type knife” and started stabbing the victim. The boyfriend pulled her away and was last seen with the attacker headed southbound down the alley. The attacker is described only as a Native woman in her 40s, missing her front teeth, dressed “industrial-looking,” including a brown/tan Carhartt jacket. No arrest so far.

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  • Double Dub Resident February 12, 2017 (7:29 am)

    Well I was thinking of going to Easy Street for breakfast this morning.  Think I’ll pass. 

    • HappyOnAlki February 12, 2017 (1:37 pm)

      Really, Double Dub? You think the suspect is still in the alley 2 1/2  hours later?

      • AMD February 12, 2017 (2:30 pm)

        He was thinking about going to Easy Street, not the alley.  He’s afraid the suspect is at Easy Street 2 1/2 hours later.

      • Double Dub Resident February 12, 2017 (2:52 pm)

        Really Happy? LOL,  no.  Just reading about  it left a bad taste in wanting to go to the junction did morning.  Hardly scared  as AMD  stated 

      • Fitz4 February 15, 2017 (6:37 pm)

        Let me ask you this…  if SPD went into that alley 2 hours later and found that woman, would you be surprised?  

  • Question February 12, 2017 (7:51 am)

    Any idea what was happening last night around 8:30 on Gennesse hill neighborhood. There were at least four cop cars going up and down the streets with their spot lights on? 

    • WSB February 12, 2017 (9:03 am)

      Nobody texted or called us, sorry. If you see a significant police presence, please call or text 206-293-6302 if you can … a lot less is discussed on the scanner than in the past (police get some dispatches and conduct some discussions screen to screen) so tips are vital for what we do. And this weekend, SPD’s Tweets by Beat and police-report map are broken again so we can’t even get a hint at what type of call it was. – TR

  • Erithan February 12, 2017 (11:33 am)

    Wish there was more of a description(might have an idea of who if they’re a “regular”), so sad to hear about this stuff, was so much different when I was a kid.

    thanks WSB for the great reporting.

    • WSB February 12, 2017 (11:37 am)

      I hope to be able to get the narrative report from SPD tomorrow (the inquiry will go out when the media-relations office opens in the morning; how fast I can get the info depends on how busy they are) and will publish a followup. Not usually much available in the early going but this was for those who were wondering what the big response was about. – TR

  • AlkiResident13 February 12, 2017 (11:43 am)

    Is there a more detailed description of the suspect?

  • MercyMoi February 12, 2017 (1:31 pm)

    I’m looking forward to more info if it becomes available. This is my neighborhood and I feel defensive when people start panicking about safety in the Junction. Common sense is your friend! We don’t know anything about either of these females except the age range of one of them. We don’t know why they were out and about at 5am on a Sunday, who they were with, what the circumstances were, what their conversation, if any, consisted of. Please, before jumping to conclusions that the Junction is suddenly an unsafe place, consider that no place is fully safe in the dark at 5am. I have lived in the Junction for seventeen years and never wanted to walk alone in the dark. That’s common sense. It’s safe enough here that I love my neighborhood and plan to stay another seventeen years – at least. I’ll continue to take safe measures when I’m out and about enjoying my neighborhood businesses. Do I call the cops about disturbances? Of course! And as a point of fact, I call the police far less now than I did 10 and 15 years ago. 

    Thank you for reporting, WSB. I look forward to an update.

    • Double Dub Resident February 12, 2017 (2:54 pm)

      Panicking? Really? The junction was far worse in the late 80’s early 90’s than the present 

    • Wb February 12, 2017 (9:06 pm)

      Please don’t propagate the myth that no one is safe at 5am in the dark or that it lacks “common sense” to be walking alone. We all have right to be safe, no matter the circumstances. I too, wait to hear the what and why of this attack. 

    • Fitz4 February 15, 2017 (6:43 pm)

      Mercy…   the more the city looks the other way on the homeless/bum problem, the more they will find alleys like the one at the Junction to go and get intoxicated.  

  • Dave February 12, 2017 (1:48 pm)

    Nice area.

  • Elle Nell February 13, 2017 (1:00 am)

    We have and will always live with crime and criminals in our communities… 

  • Chris Witwer February 13, 2017 (6:27 am)

    Sometimes it is dark before I leave home for work, and again before I leave the office for the day. I use public transportation. Walking in the dark is required, especially if I need to swing by the store or pharmacy. Telling people it’s stupid to walk in the dark is not helpful. I’m about to do just that in a few minutes so I can get to work on time.

  • Guy Olson February 13, 2017 (8:48 am)

    Ever since that Excalibur store opened in the Junction….

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