UPDATE: Driver hurt in Roxbury/9th crash


8:38 PM: SW Roxbury is blocked right now at 9th SW because of a one-car crash. The driver is reported to have hit a pole; the car was in the middle of the westbound lanes by the time we arrived. The driver walked away, possibly dazed from a head injury, but turned up a block away, and medics were called. The scene should be clear before too long – a sergeant at the scene told us a tow truck was on the way.

10:20 PM: We finally were able to go back to verify that the road’s clear – it is.

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  • WSB January 4, 2017 (9:00 pm)

    And for everyone who wants to speculate wildly how this happened – sorry, we have absolutely no info on that. It is below freezing again out there, and south/east West Seattle in particular still has ice on roads and snow on the ground.  (Some parts of west WS too … like northbound California’s ice-rink sides near Myrtle …) Going back that way shortly just to see if it’s clear yet – TR

  • Marianne January 4, 2017 (9:04 pm)

    I will say that I am extremely cautious crossing that intersection.  Just tonight a SUV ran the red light on Roxbury headed west as I was about to cross on 8th headed south.

  • Alki Resident January 4, 2017 (9:30 pm)

    I hope this driver is ok. Head injuries are no joke. 

  • Brian January 4, 2017 (9:35 pm)

    BMW with giant performance rims and tinted windows now 2/3 of its original size on Roxbury?

    Gee, I wonder what happened… lol!

  • Kimbee2 January 5, 2017 (10:09 am)

    I believe is this the second or third serious collision on this stretch of Roxbury in the past 12-18 months? @ WSB is there a reporting record on this? Thanks!

    • WSB January 5, 2017 (10:14 am)

      Best way to bring up everything we’ve covered is via Google and terms

      roxbury crash westseattleblog.com

      you can then sort using “tools” for past month, past year, etc.

      Our site search remains imperfect at best and that’s on our task list for repairs – Google remains the gold standard IMO. (I’d take a few minutes and bring it up but we are heading out as people are asking us about the 1st/Spokane RV fire/death overnight and we’re going to the scene for a photo and to see if there’s anything more to find out, as the news release is rather sparse.)

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