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CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: How ‘open letter’ dad got daughter’s bicycle back – and why the suspect wasn’t jailed

Over the weekend, we published an update from Byron, the dad who wrote an “open letter” after his 8-year-old daughter’s bicycle was stolen – he reported a suspect had been arrested and the bicycle returned. Wanting to track the case through the system to see what happens along the way, we requested and obtained the police-report narrative today, and it tells a complicated story.

For those wondering how Byron found the bicycle, the report says he spotted it on Craigslist, made initial contact with the person who listed it, and went to the Southwest Precinct, where the Saturday day shift was in the morning briefing. Officers came up with a plan. (This isn’t the first time SPD has done this – we’ve seen past reports, like this one in West Seattle last year, and this one elsewhere the year before.) The report described it in part as:

Our approach was to set a predetermined meeting location and when the bicycle was determined to be Lhe one in question and a specific suspecL was found to be in possession of this bicycle we would move in, affecting a stop, at which time we would verify the serial number and combination to the lock on the bicycle as given to us by (the dad). The combination on the bícycle lock was given as (xxxx) and the serial number was given as (xxxx).

They originally agreed on a meeting place near Roxbury Safeway but they eventually found the suspect near 15th and Roxbury, with the bicycle, and took him into custody.

The bicycle was taken to the Southwest Precinct, as was the suspect, who was eventually released, as explained in the report, after a lieutenant who had stayed back at the scene showed up at the precinct with three children. The circumstances of their discovery was not described in the report, but it did say this:

.(They) were identified as (the suspect’s) children. All were … found to be in acceptable health but it should be noted that their clothes were dirty and the children themselves were unbathed to a point of being unsanitary. … (N)oting that the children’s mother had a no-contact order against her from being in contact with the children, it was collectively determined that in the best interest of the children, that (the suspect) be released to tend to the children’s needs. It was expressed by the children that (he) is the only parent that feeds them (and he) stated after he had invoked his right to remain silent that he wanted to change his mind, and stated that his girlfriend, who is the mother of (the children), had given him possession of the bicycle. (He) knew that the bicycle was not hers, but that he was trying to sell the bicycle to feed his children.

His release does *not* mean he isn’t facing charges; he was arrested on suspicion of trafficking in stolen property, which is a felony, and the report says the case has been forwarded to the Major Crimes Unit for investigation. We don’t know the suspect’s name, so we don’t know if he has a record.

WEST SEATTLE DEVELOPMENT: Comment time for 1709 Harbor SW

The only West Seattle item in today’s city-circulated Land Use Information Bulletin is the one marked by this sign (in the city’s new format) – 1709 Harbor SW, where it’s comment time on the application for this project:

Land Use Application to change the use of an existing building from office and residential to all residential. The project includes a five story residential addition on the south side of the building for a total of 17 apartments. Parking for 17 vehicles proposed. Existing two-story single family residence to be demolished.

The official notice says comments will be taken until September 20th on various aspects of the project, including its environmental impacts (including traffic, and the fact it’s close to the shoreline). Here’s how to comment.

NEW WEST SEATTLE PARK: ‘Open house’ planned so you can see site-design options – but first, a survey

Now that the new Fire Station 32 is open, the city is moving ahead with plans for the future city park at the site that held the temporary station. Thanks to Justin at Sound and Fog for the photo and first word of a poster up at the site (4723-4731 40th SW, which is right next to his shop); we have since received the city postcard with the announcement. An “open house” is planned during the West Seattle Farmers’ Market on Sunday, September 10th, 10 am-2 pm, “to show site options and hear what you like the most for your new park.” The project’s page on the Seattle Parks website also includes a link to this quick (one page) survey. The city bought the two-thirds-of-an-acre site for $1.4 million in 2012 and has almost $2 million budgeted for park development; it’s one of three “landbanked” future park sites in West Seattle, along with 48th/Charlestown and the Morgan Junction Park expansion site.

AT THE LIBRARY: Still space in free ‘Minecraft and Reading’ next 3 days

2:55 PM: Today’s eclipse event was just one of many cool things at local Seattle Public Library branches, as often featured in our calendar and daily highlight lists. Dave at Southwest Library just e-mailed with the news that there’s still room for a Tuesday-Thursday kids’ program that he promises will be “great”:

Minecraft and Reading is a technology-based Reading/Art class. Students will use the widely popular Minecraft game to create artistic representations of popular storybook scenes. They learn technology skills, and hone their artistic sensibilities. They have opportunities to work collaboratively and to develop leadership skills through class presentations.

This is a three-part series and will take place from 2:30-4 on Tuesday 8/22, Wednesday 8/23, and Thursday 8/24. Please call Southwest Library at 206-684-7455 to register. Online registration is closed, but registration is still possible.

The branch is at 9010 35th SW.

5:29 PM: Dave says in a comment below that the “guaranteed” spots are now filled, so they’ve started a waiting list.

Dave Eicke

Children’s Librarian

Southwest Library

AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: Watching the solar eclipse in West Seattle

(QUICK LINKS: Eclipse-viewing eventsNASA’s live stream)

(Eclipse through Patrick Taylor’s telescope at Myrtle Reservoir Park)

9:12 AM: We’re starting our eclipse coverage as more of a weather report. While it’s been sunny here in Upper Fauntleroy at ~300 feet, the fog’s rolling through again. We’re headed to check higher elevations. Updates to come.

9:22 AM: In general – if you’re socked in, head east/south. We’re at 35th/Thistle, and the sky’s blue both to the east (Highland Park/Westwood) and now to the north as we head toward High Point.

Myrtle Reservoir Park (35th/Myrtle; photos added above) is near the highest point in the city, lots of open space, and people are watching.

9:40 AM: Now arriving at High Point Library at 35th/Raymond. Big crowd. If you need a parking space, be prepared to walk a ways.

9:57 AM: The viewing party here is inside and outside. Outside, the view of the sun is on the east side of the library:

Thanks to everybody who offered to share their glasses – we took a quick look and even at partial, it’s amazing! Meantime, inside, the recently upgraded library meeting room has NASA’s live broadcast on the big screen:

The NASA stream includes a feed from the special Gulfstream aircraft that’s flying over the path of upcoming totality in Lincoln City, Oregon (read about it here) – it took off this morning from nearby Boeing Field, and is scheduled to return there around 12:30 pm.

10:04 AM: A lady here in the meeting room just announced to everyone that her daughter in Ocean Shores reports it’s “getting dark” there. In here, the NASA feed is having trouble due to overload.

Meantime, if you’re just going outside to see the near-totality, Lora Swift from the West Seattle Junction Association tells us skies are clear for their viewing party too (Junction Plaza Park, 42nd/Alaska, photo above).

And Jamie Kinney just tweeted the telescope-camera photo above.

10:34 AM: Maximum coverage has come and gone; the sun won’t be fully revealed again for about an hour in our area. More photos: First, eclipse “shadows” on the ground at High Point Library:

Peak-coverage crowd at High Point, with some “wows” and cheers:

At Junction Plaza Park, where Lora (who sent the photos from there) says about 200 people showed up!

Not far away, a few people went up to the roof at West Seattle Christian Church and sent this photo:

(added) At Jack Block Park – here are West Seattle High School teachers Joy Patman and Renee Phelps, eclipse-watching (thanks for the photos!):

Back to the sun and the moon – another photo from Jamie Kinney, taken at the 92 percent peak:

(Added: Here’s a gallery of Jamie’s images.) We will add video later that we rolled during the peak coverage. No, it did not get dark.

ADDED 12:45 PM: More photos – first, perhaps the most-enthusiastic eclipse viewer we saw:

Here’s High Point librarian Nathalie, who worked energetically to keep everyone informed of the eclipse status and what was going on at the library, inside and out:

Unique viewing apparatus included a colander:

Everyone we saw heeded the “don’t look without glasses” warnings:

One other unusual view – two Alki residents sent us this view of a “white rainbow” in the fog during the eclipse, looking across the low tide – this photo is from Lynn Hall:

Another gathering spot – Providence Mount St. Vincent. (Thanks for the texted photo!)

ADDED 5:32 PM: Thanks to Greg Snyder, a West Seattleite who went to Cascade, Idaho, to be in the totality zone, and shared this image:

And thanks to those who are sharing photos in the comment section below!

AND MORE: From Tom Stoner, another view of the “vegetation shadows” that showed the eclipse:

Another totality view – this one from Alki photographer David Hutchinson, who went south to watch, from “south of Baker City, Oregon, at the Weatherby Rest Area along I-84”:

P.S. The next solar eclipse visible in the U.S. will be in April 2024 – but nowhere near here.

West Seattle Monday: Eclipse viewing, and beyond

From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

WHERE TO WATCH THE ECLIPSE: In our area, it starts in minutes, peaks with 92 percent coverage at 10:20 am, and will be entirely over by 11:40 am. You’ve probably now heard this many times but DON’T LOOK AT IT WITHOUT SPECIAL EQUIPMENT – whether it’s approved protective glasses, or, without looking toward the sun, a pinhole viewer. Here’s our list of potential places to watch around here (with links to online coverage if you’d rather just watch from your computer or phone).

Then, post-eclipse:

LAST LOW-TIDE BEACH NATURALIST DAY THIS SUMMER: You’ll find Seattle Aquarium volunteer beach naturalists out one more time, 10 am-12:30 pm, at Lincoln and Constellation Parks. Low tide is -1.8 feet at 11:08 am.

WADING POOL AND SPRAYPARK: The only wading pool still open for the season is Lincoln Park (8011 Fauntleroy Way); it’s open 11 am-8 pm today, as is Highland Park spraypark (1100 SW Cloverdale), both open daily through Labor Day.

AFTERNOON BOOK GROUP: 2 pm at Southwest Library. “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry” by Rachel Joyce is this month’s book. (9010 35th SW)

QUIZ NIGHT: 7:30 pm, all-ages Monday quiz, free, with prizes, at The Skylark. Details in our calendar listing. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

MORE OPTIONS … on our complete calendar!

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Monday eclipse edition

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

6:30 AM: If you use 26th SW in North Delridge, be aware that some SFD units may still be in the 4700 block and vicinity in the aftermath of an early-morning house fire.

Otherwise – it’s Eclipse Day. If you’re not already taking the day – or at least the morning – off to watch it, remember that near-totality (92 percent coverage) arrives in our area at 10:20 am. Provided the weather cooperates – here in Upper Fauntleroy, we’ve been watching a fog bank advancing this way from Vashon …

Other things you should know about today:

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: Ninth-graders start today at Summit Atlas, West Seattle’s first charter school, on the southwest corner of 35th SW and SW Roxbury. That means about 100 students arriving around 8 am. The school also is starting its first year with a sixth-grade class, and their first day is tomorrow. (Here’s Summit Atlas’s calendar.) Our area’s other schools are generally not starting until early September.

4TH AVENUE S. REPAVING: This is the start of the second week for repaving between Spokane St. and the stadiums.

UPDATE: House fire in North Delridge, no one hurt

4:18 AM: Seattle Fire has a “full response” arriving at a possible house fire in the 4700 block of 26th SW [map].

4:26 AM: The fire is described via radio communications as “well-involved” on at least one side of the house – mostly exterior but partly extended into the house’s kitchen.

4:38 AM: The fire also is reported to have extended into the attic. Two more engines have been requested. Our crew is just arriving.

4:51 AM: This is not yet under control, firefighters have radioed, and our crew verifies they’re continuing to haul more hoses toward the house; they’re also reporting roof collapse on a shed-type structure behind the main house. No injuries reported so far, and they’re dismissing a medic unit.

4:56 AM: Now it’s been declared under control.

5:07 AM: … now “tapped” in both structures, and they’re calling for the investigator to find out how this started.

5:29 AM: That official determination won’t come until later this morning, but SFD spokesperson Capt. Shata Stephenson just talked with us at the scene and says the fire appears to have started toward the back of the house, which actually has two non-residential structures behind it, and the one with the roof collapse is the one all the way at the rear of the lot. (added – video from his briefing)

Two people were home at the time, both checked out for possible smoke inhalation, but both found to be OK. We’ve also confirmed that the address is 4737 26th SW. Crews will be here at least another hour, so you’ll want to avoid 26th SW – which is an official greenway – in this area.

10:35 AM: SFD says the fire was accidental, started by a candle; damage totals $150,000 to the structure, $100,000 to contents.

Weather Watch Park seal pup ‘Randy’ euthanized

(WSB photo from Friday)

Weather Watch Park was a seal-pup-watch park for a while Friday afternoon, but the little harbor seal that Seal Sitters Marine Stranding Network was guarding did not make it. So reported Robin Lindsey from Seal Sitters in a note to volunteers today. She says the pup was on the beach twice that day – first “forced back into the Sound by an encroaching tide,” then back on the shore in the afternoon. It didn’t appear well, Robin noted, “tiny and terribly thin with some kind of issue with the left eye.” It was still on the beach when volunteers left after dark, keeping the cove taped off, and still there early Saturday morning, appearing to be having seizures. It was taken to PAWS in Lynnwood, where euthanasia was decided as the most humane course of action due to “a number of health issues.” It weighed only about 15 pounds. A necropsy is planned.

P.S. As Seal Sitters reminded us last month, it’s pupping season around the region. If you see a seal or any other marine mammal on a local beach, or in trouble offshore, their hotline is 206-905-SEAL.

2017 SOLAR ECLIPSE: Where to watch it in/near West Seattle

(Photo by Jamie Kinney, who got this view of the sun – with sunspots – while practicing telescope photography in advance of tomorrow)

If you haven’t finalized where you’re watching tomorrow morning’s solar eclipse, here’s a list of nearby gatherings – some of which you might already have found in the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar.

First – as expert skywatcher Alice Enevoldsen has warned (among many others) – DON’T LOOK AT THE SUN WITHOUT SPECIAL EQUIPMENT! If you didn’t already get viewing glasses (the comment section on our original report from last weekend morphed into a marketplace of sorts), some viewing parties will have glasses – sharing might be required.

Second – from Alice’s “eclipse basics” report here on WSB, the West Seattle timeline for tomorrow:

Start of partial eclipse: 9:08 am

Maximum eclipse: 10:20 am — Coverage of the Sun: 92%

End of partial eclipse: 11:56 am

HIGH POINT LIBRARY: 8:30-11:30 am – here rae the details. (35th SW/SW Raymond)

SOUTH PARK COMMUNITY CENTER: 8:30-11:30 am – here are the details. (8319 8th Ave. S.)

NEW – WEST SEATTLE JUNCTION VIEWING PARTY: 9-11:30 am – the invitation from the WS Junction Association:

Solar Eclipse viewing party at Junction Plaza Park.

On the event that could be the largest scientific viewing in human history, the total solar eclipse will occur at 10:20 am. During a total solar eclipse, the Sun is entirely blocked by the Moon, and in totality, night appears in the middle of the day. While Seattle is not on the path of totality we will experience a partial eclipse with over 92% of the Sun blocked, still an event to behold.

BYOSG (bring your own solar glasses). We’ll have refreshments and snacks.

(42nd SW/SW Alaska)

MUSEUM OF FLIGHT: Watch outside the Museum of Flight‘s entrance for free 9:30-10:30 am; NASA broadcast inside as it moves across the country, included with museum admission. And then see the NASA plane that will be up over Oregon during totality, as it arrives back at Boeing Field. Full details here. (9404 E. Marginal Way S.)

WATCHING ON THE WATER: Thinking about watching on a state ferry, since you won’t have to worry about buildings blocking your view if you’re out in the middle of Puget Sound? Here’s the official bulletin sent by Washington State Ferries today:

ALL ROUTES: Between approximately 9:05 and 11:40 a.m. on Monday, August 21, the moon will block a portion of the sun — with a peak of 92-percent coverage at 10:20 a.m. Some of the best views of this solar eclipse will be aboard a Washington State Ferry. However, all passengers are advised to take precautions before viewing the eclipse, as looking directly at the sun is extremely harmful to your eyes. Seattle’s Pacific Science Center advises everyone to view the eclipse with an approved special solar filter, such as glasses or a pinhole projector. Please protect yourself, and we hope you enjoy this rare event.

Nearest route to our area is Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth – the schedule is here. If you walk on, keep in mind that you do have to disembark at Southworth, even if you are walking right back on to finish the round trip.

Anything in the area that we’ve missed? Please comment, or e-mail us ( so we can add!

P.S. From Alice’s previous eclipse previews, a resource list, including how to watch online:

NASA Eclipse 2017
Interactive Google Map #1
Interactive Google Map #2 (works better on phones than #1)
American Astronomical Society Eclipse 2017
Mr. Eclipse
Clear Sky Chart: the astronomer’s forecast for the next couple days. Cloudcover, darkness, and “seeing” which is how nice it is to view the stars, all on one handy chart.

UPDATE: Seattle Parks truck crashes into Roxhill Park restroom building; man, child hurt

(WSB photo)

3:59 PM: Police are investigating a bizarre crash right now – a Seattle Parks pickup truck into the side of the restroom building at Roxhill Park, with one person hurt before he could get out of the way. Police tell us they’re trying to find out whether the driver had fallen asleep in the truck or hit the accelerator without realizing it was in “drive,” but whatever the case, the truck hit a man who suffered an arm injury, and then hit the building’s brick wall before stopping. Along with that man, the Parks driver is being evaluated, as is a child, our photographer reports. The building damage does not appear major, but we’ll check with Parks tomorrow.

SUNDAY NIGHT: A commenter says her husband and 2-year-old child are the ones injured at Roxhill Park and that both are seriously hurt, with her child being transferred to Harborview with a skull fracture.

ADDED MONDAY AFTERNOON: SPD tells us the report isn’t available in its system yet; meantime, here’s the statement Parks sent us when we asked several questions about the incident, the driver’s status, and the building’s condition:

On Sunday, August 20, at approximately 3:20 pm, a Seattle Parks and Recreation vehicle, driven by an SPR staff member, unintentionally collided with the Roxhill Park restroom. In process, two citizens were injured.

The Seattle Fire Department and the Seattle Police Department responded to scene, and a 2-year old child and a 47-year old man were transported to the hospital in stable condition.

Currently, the Seattle Parks and Recreation safety staff are conducting an investigation.

At this time, we believe that the injured child has been transferred to Harborview and that the injured adult is still in recovery as well. We are wishing a speedy recovery to those injured in this incident.

The men’s-restroom side of the building, where this happened, was closed off when we went by to look earlier today.

COUNTDOWN: Arts In Nature Festival 2017 at Camp Long next weekend!

(WSB file photo from past Arts in Nature Festival)

Yes, there will be Life After The Eclipse. So you might as well start planning next weekend, if you haven’t already. One of the biggest events will span both Saturday and Sunday (August 26-27) – the Arts in Nature Festival at Camp Long! From the organizers at Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association:

The Arts in Nature Festival is unlike any other summer festival in Seattle. The variety of performers alone rivals some of the larger events the region is known for, but add in the verdant abundance of Seattle’s only camp site, Camp Long in West Seattle, and you get an experience that is unrivaled in its beauty and its capacity to utterly engage all your senses and make you feel at once exuberant and peaceful.

The 2017 Arts in Nature Festival takes place Saturday, August 26, 11 am-9 pm, and Sunday, August 27, 11 am-6 pm at Camp Long, 5200 35th Ave SW. Tickets are $10 per day for adults (or $16 for a weekend pass) and $5 per day for kiddos 5-12. Get tickets through Stranger Tickets or buy them at the festival. For more information go to:

For two delightful summer days, the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association hosts musicians, dancers, actors and artists from all over the style, cultural, media, and entertainment spectrum! Wander the meandering paths of Camp Long with the entire family to discover puppets by the pond, fine art in the forest, sound creations in the cabins, and much, much more.

This year, the Arts in Nature Festival is particularly excited to feature Seattle’s own Clinton Fearon and the Boogie Brown Band, known for bringing exciting reggae beats to wider audiences.

Other artists include West African musician and Griot storyteller Naby Camera, alt-folk duo Animals of Grace, rumba musicians Cocotazo, storytelling and choral collaborations from the Moonshine Revival Tent, and a scavenger hunt installation by Melanie Reed, plus many more!

A convoy of food trucks including GAI BOX, PICNIC, and POP UP keeps you energized for art-making, dancing, and nature-trail exploring. For an added dose of hoppy happy, Monumental Undertaking sponsors this year’s beer garden!

We’re pleased to also welcome participants Caz NW – A Performing Arts Family Camp, Full Circle, King County Dept. of Natural Resources & Parks, the National Wildlife Federation, and the High Point Branch Library, hosting a fun and informative trivia afternoon on Saturday from 4:00-5:30.

Special thanks to our local Sponsors who help make this magic possible, including: Boeing, Nucor, KUOW, Seattle Parks & Recreation, Northwest Folklife, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, and the West Seattle Blog.

More previews as the countdown continues in the week ahead.

Marination Ma Kai benefit today for employee’s family

Marination Ma Kai at Seacrest was closed on Saturday, and told us that it was “in remembrance of an employee gone too soon.” Today, multiple WSB readers have messaged us to say the employee was the young man who died on Beach Drive Friday, and that the restaurant is donating today’s proceeds to his family, and they thought we should let you know. Marination Ma Kai is open until 9 tonight.

WEST SEATTLE WEEKEND SCENE: Junction rally for peace and justice

Four groups demonstrated at Walk All Ways in The Junction today, focused on “peace and justice” – West Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Justice, which has long rallied there on Sundays, was joined by Hate-Free Delridge, Anti-Hate Alaska Junction, and Sustainable West Seattle, as a followup to last Wednesday’s gathering in North Delridge. Participants spanned generations:

One of the signs on the southwest corner mentioned Anti-Hate Alaska Junction’s next “bystander intervention training” workshop, one week from today, which is also listed in the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE: Westside Neighbors Network now accepting founding members to support ‘positive aging’

It’s been almost a year since we first reported on Westside Neighbors Network, building a “village” to support positive aging. Now, WNN has announced it’s ready for members and other forms of support:

Westside Neighbors Network (WNN) has reached two major organizational milestones: incorporation in the State of Washington and 501(c)(3) federal nonprofit status. As a result, it’s now accepting Founding Memberships as well as financial donations.

WNN is a group of West Seattle neighbors working to create a “village” on the west side. The village model began in Boston and has been replicated many times throughout the country. Three other village organizations are already in place in Seattle and several other neighborhoods are planning theirs.

In a village, members access the social connections they need to thrive, the support they need to age gracefully in their homes, and the sense of community they desire. Each village has a unique focus.

“We envision our village as a network of neighbors who come together to create and sustain community,” said founding member Judie Messier. “Our goal is to nurture a lively and engaged multigenerational community that celebrates and supports positive aging.”

WNN recently hosted two community forums and has been making presentations to a wide variety of organizations throughout the west side. Planners have chosen Jan. 1, 2018, as the official launch date and two tiers of membership for individuals and households:

*Social membership, which entitles members to participate in activities and, if they choose, to volunteer their skills to support other members.

*Full membership, which includes the benefits of a social membership plus the ability to receive support from other members (such as rides to appointments and light household repair), to get member-referrals to service providers, and to utilize co-living resources.

By paying 2018 dues early, Founding Members can lock in the cost of membership and participate in member-driven activities through the remainder of 2017. Those who like may also be involved in continued development of the village.

Learn more about WNN and Founding Membership from Judie at or visit the website at

West Seattle Sunday: 2-wheel history; Delridge wading pool season finale; Junction rally; music; lighthouse tours; more…

(Northern flicker, photographed by Mark Wangerin)

Options for your Sunday:

SFD TRAINING: Today through Tuesday, Seattle Fire Department training is planned at an Alki house slated for demolition and redevelopment, as previewed here. (3027 59th SW)

EXPLORE THE BEACH AT LOW TIDE: Seattle Aquarium beach naturalists are out at Lincoln and Constellation parks 9:30 am-noon, with a -1.9 foot low tide at 10:21 am today.

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: 10 am-2 pm, see what’s fresh as we head into the final weeks of summer. (California SW between SW Oregon and SW Alaska)

CHEER HAWKS CAR WASH: 11 am-(updated end time)NOON at Les Schwab Tires in Burien, the Chief Sealth International High School Cheer Hawks are raising money by washing cars – $5 donation requested. (13609 1st Ave. S.)

TODAY’S WADING POOLS AND SPRAYPARK: Lincoln Park wading pool and Highland Park spraypark remain open daily, 11 am-8 pm, through Labor Day. Today is the final day of the season for Delridge wading pool, noon-6:30 pm. (Find addresses here)

SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOR KIDS WHO NEED THEM: Backpacks, school supplies, and haircuts are being offered at the Mary’s Place shelter in White Center, 11 am-2 pm. (10821 8th SW)

‘STAND FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE’: Noon in the heart of the West Seattle Junction, join West Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Justice, Hate-Free Delridge, and others, for a followup to last Wednesday’s demonstration. Noon-1 pm – bring a sign, or borrow one. Kids’ activities too! (California SW/SW Alaska)

ALKI LIGHTHOUSE TOURS: Third-to-last weekend this year! 1-4 pm tours at Alki Point Lighthouse. Free. Get there before 3:40 pm to be in the final group of the day. (3201 Alki SW)

JAMTIME: Bluegrass and old-time music at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 1-4 pm. (5612 California SW)

BICYCLING HISTORY @ SW STORIES: 2 pm at West Seattle (Admiral) Library, Stu Hennessey talks about “Alki Bicycling History” in the next installment of SouthWest Stories, presented by the Southwest Seattle Historical Society and the Seattle Public Library. Free! (2306 42nd SW)

FINAL PERFORMANCE OF ‘SHREK’: Twelfth Night Productions‘ summer show closes with today’s 3 pm performance at West Seattle High School‘s theater. (3000 California SW)

K-TEL CABARET: A ’70s-music extravaganza at Parliament Tavern, 8-11 pm. No cover. 21+. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

WATER TAXI ON EXTENDED SCHEDULE … to get you back home from the Sounders FC match – last run from downtown (now NORTH of Colman Dock) to West Seattle, 10:45 pm.

LOOK AHEAD to next week and beyond via our complete calendar!

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Confirmed gunfire in Highland Park

Second confirmed gunfire incident tonight – and again in this case, no victims reported – dispatchers reported multiple calls, and officers have radioed in that they found casings at 11th and Kenyon.

SUNDAY: West Seattle Junction sequel to Hate-Free Delridge’s Wednesday demonstration

On many Sundays at noon, West Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Justice demonstrate at Walk All Ways in the heart of The Junction. Tomorrow, they’ll have company from other groups, including Hate-Free Delridge, as a followup to that group’s demonstration last Wednesday on the overpass by Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (WSB coverage here).

(WSB photo from last Wednesday)

As HFD told us at the end of that event, all are welcome during the noon-1:30 pm demonstration in The Junction, at which they intend to “stand for peace and justice” – bring your own signs, or borrow one of their extras.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police investigating South Delridge gunfire

8:09 PM: Police are at 16th and Barton investigating a reported exchange of gunfire, and radio discussion says they have found shell casings, but no victims, and that those who were involved are believed to have gotten into at least two vehicles and left. More to come.

8:19 PM: If you heard/saw a helicopter, that was Guardian One looking around for anything matching what descriptions police have so far of the vehicles – white mid-2000s Mercedes SUV, and a black vehicle.

8:25 PM: Our crew has talked with police at the scene. No property damage so far as they can tell; they say they have found one confirmed shell casing, 9mm. Along with the aforementioned white SUV, the description of the second vehicle involved is now black or blue. By the way, if you’re a bit south of the scene and noticing police pulled over with a silver car, near 15th/Roxbury, that’s NOT believed to be related – they noticed plates on the car that were reported as stolen, and pulled it over.

8:40 PM: Our crew says police are wrapping up at the scene. No further reports of progress on finding those responsible, but if you have any information, call 911.

8:44 PM: Now police are investigating a report that one nearby residence was hit by a bullet.

9:31 PM: We went back over to find out more about that. Police confirm that a bullet went into an apartment two buildings south of Barton, along the alley between 16th and 17th.

No injuries.

SIDE NOTE: From SPD’s latest SeaStat briefing last week (last page here), the Southwest Precinct – West Seattle and South Park – has had 41 confirmed “shots fired” (meaning confirmed because of shell casings and/or property damage and/or victims), second after the South Precinct, which has had 111.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Bike-theft suspect arrested, reports ‘open letter’ dad

You might remember the “open letter to a bicycle thief” from Byron, published here a week and a half ago. Today, he e-mailed this followup:

I am writing to tell the person who was arrested today for stealing my daughter’s bike – told you I would find you. It took me two weeks but I got you. I am not putting his name here for now, even though he was arrested by Seattle Police today with the bike and will be charged with a felony, because he is innocent until proven guilty.

I did my duty as an engaged citizen and helped by watching websites, making phone calls, and driving around neighborhoods BUT I WANT TO MAKE IT VERY CLEAR, our Seattle Police, Southwest Precinct, did the heavy lifting today. Officers put themselves in harm’s way to find and arrest this guy. Our police have a brutal job, and any way we can help them we should. Every bike theft can’t be investigated, as much as we want it to be, but we as law-abiding citizens can do something to help. Be vigilant and don’t give in to these thieves. Don’t shrug it off. Theft is not OK.

The Southwest Precinct was awesome. The Officers were amazing. Thank you for helping us.

Moral of the Story: Crime doesn’t pay? Don’t give up? Don’t Steal?

Sure, but even better…COPS ARE AWESOME.

Thanks for giving back some faith in humanity to an eleven-year-old.

Make sure you shake an officer’s hand next time you see one and say thanks for protecting us. I know I will.

We will do our best to track the case through the system.

COUNTDOWN: 1 week to West Seattle Car Show 2017

One week from today, you’re invited to the 10th annual West Seattle Car Show, presented by West Seattle Autoworks and Swedish Automotive (WSB sponsors)! 10 am-3 pm on Saturday, August 26th, it’s taking over the north side of the Puget Ridge campus of South Seattle College (6000 16th SW; WSB sponsor), with vehicles old and new to admire, plus music – the Disco Cowboys, live! as well as a DJ – kids activities, vendors (not just vehicle-related – jams, jellies, and pickles too), plus food trucks – Double Up (Caribbean cuisine) is already confirmed. Check out SSC programs including Automotive Technology, which show proceeds help support, and the Northwest Wine Academy. As a co-sponsor again this year, we’ll be there too, covering the show as it happens, so come say hi. Spectators get in free.

P.S. It’s not too late to get your vehicle into the show – pre-registration has ended but same-day registration is available; find the form here – load-in starts at 8 am on show day.

P.P.S. Even if you’re not entering your vehicle, yours will be eligible for free leak inspections during the show courtesy of “Don’t Drip and Drive” as well as free bulb checks via “Lights On For Safety.”

About the ‘assault with weapons’ call at 37th/Cambridge

Seattle Police are at 37th and Cambridge, south of Fauntleroy Park, where they and SFD responded to an “assault with weapons” call – but they found no evidence that the purported victim who called it in had been assaulted at all, with or without weapons. He showed signs of intoxication and was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

SWEET! Puget Sound Beekeepers at West Seattle Bee Garden for Kids’ Day

What better way to let your kids learn about bees and their vital role in our ecosystem, than by taking them to the West Seattle Bee Garden for Kids’ Day, presented by the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association? Above, you can watch the bees without getting too close. Earlier, it was story time:

Art activities are keeping other young visitors busy:

And the grownup visitors might be interested in buying honey to support the nonprofit PSBA:

The event’s on until 2 pm. The WS Bee Garden is on the north end of High Point Commons Park – scroll down this page for a map.

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