CRIME WATCH: Possible gunfire; bullet hits car; prowler bolts…

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

POSSIBLE GUNFIRE: We’ve received multiple reports of what sounded like gunfire in the past hour in the Westwood area, heard around 25th SW and SW Trenton. One person told us that when they called 911, they were told others had called. All we can say so far is we haven’t heard of any victim(s) nor any scanner discussion of evidence – but as at least one recent report reminds us, that doesn’t always emerge immediately.

CAR HIT BY BULLET: Speaking of time lags, we have just received a reader report of an incident almost two weeks ago. The victims say they were headed westbound on the bridge November 27th, around 6:05 pm, when it happened, and they are looking for witnesses. A car behind them shot at theirs, they say: “The first bullet missed us from behind and the second bullet hit our rear passenger door and the bullet shattered the automated Locking System, just stopping before hitting one of us. The car who was behind us had been driving erratically and exited the Harbor Avenue exit while we were still heading toward the Admiral exit. This is where the second shot hit our car. This has been reported to the police but they don’t have enough information to find the car or the person who did it. The car from where the shots were fired was a white older Camaro with a black stripe on the center of the hood. Driver was a Caucasian male around 20s-30s, perhaps dark hair and was wearing a dark jacket.” If you have any information, contact police and refer to incident 2016-435079.

CAR PROWLED: From a car-prowl victim in Sunrise Heights:

On Wednesday (12/8) afternoon at about 3:00 pm, a couple were out walking their dog in the Sunrise Heights neighborhood and noticed a man in his early 20s, possibly Hispanic, rifling through a car on 30th between Holden and Webster. Once the car prowler realized he was being watched he jumped into a silver Honda Civic ~2010, license plate AZK2—, driven by a white female in her early 20s. A police report has been filed.

5 Replies to "CRIME WATCH: Possible gunfire; bullet hits car; prowler bolts..."

  • nachobeaver December 10, 2016 (2:04 pm)

    neighbors said there was a house shot up @17th & barton.. supposedly police found bullets lodged in house/livingroom but couldnt get to them perhaps youll see report coming in soon??

  • Double Dub Resident December 10, 2016 (2:39 pm)

    What is it with the 16th/17th Barton /Henderson area?  That little patch seems to have issues. I feel bad for the residents there that have to deal with the POS

  • me on 28th ave sw December 10, 2016 (3:22 pm)

    Thank you WSB;  we definitely heard the “pop pop pop” but could not convince each other it really was gunshots, but both thought it probably was.  We are right by SWAC.  Our dog ran from where she was laying to look out the from window, which is very unlike her.

  • Furor Scribendi December 12, 2016 (10:42 am)

    Re: Car Hit by Bullets: last night about 6:45-7:00 a car echoing the ‘white Camaro w/ black hood’ description was pulled over by SPD southbound 35th at Thistle. Big police response; the hood was actually off, which is cause enough for a traffic stop, and hope SPD investigated closely to see if it was the shooter’s car. Drove by again ten minutes later, and we’re gone. Gotta get these trigger-happy perps off the street before they do worse.

  • H December 13, 2016 (9:30 pm)

    The gunfire was at 25th SW between Thistle and Cloverdale, confirmed. Police called me back after I called to report it. One of the blue condos there got hit. My poor 12 year old has had trouble sleeping since. 

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