New timetable for ‘People, Dogs, Parks’ plan: Late February

What will be proposed in the city’s “People, Dogs, and Parks Strategic Plan” – formerly the off-leash plan? We won’t know for another month. That’s the latest word from the city; thanks to Mike Dey from the Fauntleroy Community Association for the alert. When the new project lead, Susan Golub, spoke to the Delridge Neighborhoods District Council in November (WSB coverage here), it looked like the draft plan would be out in early January. Now the city says “tentatively … late February.” You can watch this city webpage for updates – or be at the city Parks Board’s next meeting, as they have a “preliminary discussion” about the forthcoming plan. A briefing paper just posted in connection with that meeting offers these questions for Parks Board members to discuss:

1. Should we allow/encourage sponsorships and advertising? …

2. Should we have unfenced, hours-only off-leash areas? …

3. How should new OLAs be added to the system? …

4. Should there be a restriction on the number of dogs an individual can bring to an off-leash area?

The Parks Board meets 6:30 pm next Thursday (January 28th) at Queen Anne Community Center. No dog-plan-specific meeting dates/times are set yet

3 Replies to "New timetable for 'People, Dogs, Parks' plan: Late February"

  • Wild Bill January 22, 2016 (4:01 pm)

    1. Why not?
    2. I say yes.  My wife wouldn’t mind me being off leash for a couple hours here or there
    3. OLA?  ¿Que tal?
    4. What do dogs have to do with me being on my leash or not?

  • anonyme January 23, 2016 (6:20 am)

    The off leash proposition is absurd.  Not only would the hours not be respected, but it would increase – no, ensure – that dog crap would not be picked up.  Furthermore, it does not take into account the damage done to natural areas, nor the threat to wildlife.  These issues don’t go away merely because the hours are restricted.

  • AJ January 23, 2016 (12:54 pm)

     “Good fences make good neighbors”. I agree with Anonyme; having areas open with limited hours will only increase the problems we have now. For a city that purports to be “green” there are lot of dog owners that don’t give a hoot for wildlife, the beach and Puget Sound and the natural areas that they let their dogs foul and tear up.  The “honor” system will not work. If you point out that they are not following the law, you get the “f you” card or worse. We live by a park, and the problems are in our neighborhood by people on their way to the park; no regard for the law or other peoples property. More enforcement, please!  

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