STUDENT SAFETY ALERT: Denny students report luring attempt

Thanks to the Denny International Middle School parent who shared this e-mail sent to the school community tonight:

This afternoon, two of our 8th-grade scholars reported to us that they were approached by a man in a red Sports Utility Vehicle who called to them to get in the back of the vehicle as they walked home from school yesterday. The scholars did the right thing by running away and telling an adult at home and at school. Seattle Police have been informed.

As a precaution, we reminded our scholars this afternoon about safety tips for walking to and from school. We would appreciate your help by having a similar conversation at home. The walking-safety advice includes:


Pay close attention to your surroundings, avoid “automatic pilot.”

Walk with a purpose; project an assertive, business-like image.

Use common sense; plan your route to avoid uninhabited parks, parking lots, garages and alleyways.

Stick to well-lit areas.

Develop a plan before you see trouble. Crossing a street or entering a store may get you out of a potentially bad situation.

If a car follows you or beckons you while you are walking, do not approach it. Instead, turn and quickly walk the opposite direction.

Consider wearing clothing and shoes that you can move freely and quickly in, especially when walking or waiting for the bus.

Carry minimal items; overloading yourself can make you appear vulnerable.

Always plan your route and stay alert to your surroundings. Avoid shortcuts. Walk confidently. Scan your surroundings and make eye contact with people.

Avoid walking alone at night. As much as possible, walk or travel with a friend, even during the daytime.

As always, thank you for your help and partnership!

Jeff Clark, Principal

That’s the e-mail in its entirety, with no location-specific information regarding where the incident happened; Tweets by Beat notes a “lewd conduct” call not far from the school, at 28th SW and SW Elmgrove, but we likely won’t be able to check that directly with police until tomorrow morning.

4 Replies to "STUDENT SAFETY ALERT: Denny students report luring attempt"

  • Josh November 18, 2015 (10:00 pm)

    This reminds me of the attention that similar events last school year got and the resulting recommendations from SPD.

    I’m not sure if any of the vegetation clearing along Kenyon between Delridge and 26th ever happened. It’s definitely not a place I like to walk through especially after dark. I am curious if any of this stuff went farther than just being recommendations.

  • Ann November 19, 2015 (9:57 am)

    Stay off your phone until you get home. Phones and computers are a target.

  • Jim P. November 19, 2015 (1:08 pm)

    Bearing in mind that children are ten times as likely to be assaulted by people known and trusted by them (family, clergy, teachers etc) as opposed to strangers, they did leave off one easy and useful safety tip in general:

    Whenever possible (and safe) walk on the oncoming traffic side of the street (use sidewalks of course).

    This prevents this sort of interaction as the potential bad guy has to either get you to stop while he stops (in traffic) or drive backwards down the road.

    Since no honest person is likely to do that, you know you’re dealing with a problem if someone does.

    If for some reason you do talk to someone in a vehicle, use the cop method: stand forward of their doors so they can’t just reach out and grab.

    Also, stand a few feet back from the curb at intersections. (Generally good safety tip anyway.) They can’t interact with you if they have to yell and you minimize the risk of being clipped by idiots cutting a corner too close.

    A little paranoia is a good thing but a balance is needed.

  • k November 19, 2015 (1:52 pm)

    No the area behind 24th and Kenyon has not been cleared. Not to mention there is no light on this path either. It also floods everytime it rains because the creek area is not kept up

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