West Seattle Crime Watch: 1980s-vintage bicycle stolen

In a West Seattle Crime Watch report earlier this afternoon, we mentioned that crime will be the focus of tomorrow night’s Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council meeting. Since then, the person who sent the announcement, co-chair Amanda Kay Helmick, has sent a Crime Watch reader report of her own:

I had my 1980s Panasonic ladies bike stolen from my porch last night. 10 speed with Schwinn cruiser handlebars. It has a rear fender and bike rack. A light and bell on the handlebars and a clip for a basket on the front. Lots of star stickers, a Proletariat Pizza sticker and an Amanda4D1.com sticker too. It’s not worth a lot, but it’s My Bike! You know? I reported it to the police, and I’ve been driving around the ‘hood like a stalker…. the picture is from when I first got it almost 5 years ago. So BUMMED!

If you see it … let police know, and then consider commenting here as well.

RECENT BICYCLE CASES: None of these have been resolved so far as we know, so we’re mentioning them again (all three have photos too): 12-year-old boy’s silver Fuji Absolute stolen May 28th, also in Westwood; child- and adult-size bicycles found in Westwood and Highland Park respectively, published here May 20th – we suggested to the finders of the latter two that they be reported to police for pickup.

6 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: 1980s-vintage bicycle stolen"

  • PSPS June 1, 2015 (9:10 pm)

    Sorry, I can’t help but proofread everything I read. “None” is always singular, thus it should be “none of these HAS been resolved.”

  • Fred June 1, 2015 (9:26 pm)

    Sorry to be off topic. But with regards to the above comment: “none” can be singular or plural. It’s explained in many style guides, for example: “None” can be a singular pronoun if it’s referring to “not one” or “no part,” but it also can be plural when referring to “not any.”

    • WSB June 1, 2015 (10:24 pm)

      Thanks, Fred, was offline for a while and that comment went through without me being here to defend myself :)

  • Obsvs June 2, 2015 (12:47 pm)

    I saw someone riding this today by the Roxbury Casino

  • AmandaKH June 2, 2015 (2:20 pm)

    Obsvs! Did you call the police?! I have a police report in! The number is 2015-903637

  • Velo Lover June 11, 2015 (10:23 pm)

    This might help if you are searching for your stolen bike. We ride all over the city daily. So do uniformed SPD officers. Last week we followed a group of 10 officers on bikes from the Chelan Cafe to downtown. On trails, particularly from West Seattle to Downtown there are many many “campers” with possession of, among other goodies, shopping carts and bicycles. SPD and local pols are aware of the encampments, and SPD bike patrols roll by them all the time. A couple years back I took many photos, and Mimi Jung and King 5 did a piece on the news. One very visible encampment under the Spokane Street viaduct had a couple dozen bikes. Perhaps we could email pictures of stolen bikes to the SPD bike patrols and they could do a sweep?

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