Update: Pickup truck flips in Gatewood, hit-run driver flees

(Added: WSB photos by Tracy Record)
3:16 AM UPDATE: Busy night for emergency responders. Now there’s word of a flipped pickup truck in Gatewood, near 39th/Myrtle. It went out as a major “heavy rescue” response but most units have been canceled. We’re checking it out.

3:37 AM UPDATE: Police told us at the scene that the pickup’s driver was gone when they arrived, so this is a hit-and-run. The driver appears to have hit a parked vehicle and a couple of mailboxes along 39th SW south of Myrtle before the truck flipped. So this is the second hit-and-run-away of the night in West Seattle.

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  • Mark adreers February 22, 2015 (9:44 am)

    Ah hit and runs. It’s like I never left Los Angeles

  • Ann February 22, 2015 (11:20 am)

    Our car was hit on 37th between Willow and Myrtle and two of our neighbors. It appears they were heading south based on our mirrors being turned in when hit. We think this is related. Waiting for a cop to show up to assess. My car door is damaged and paint and scratches on side. Super pissed right now.

  • Andy February 22, 2015 (11:22 am)

    As far as we can tell, 3 vehicles were hit on our block alone. Related?

    • WSB February 22, 2015 (11:56 am)

      Sorry to hear it. Seemed to be a lot of bad driving going on last night – there was a crash of some sort in High Point around 4, though I don’t know if it was hit-run; no injuries were mentioned. I won’t be able to get the written report on this before tomorrow (if then – traffic incidents are harder to track) but the last radio transmission I heard about it after getting back to HQ was related to police heading to the West Seattle address to which it was registered, suspecting it might have been stolen because of damage to the ignition. All too often, stolen vehicles’ owners don’t know they’re stolen until police find the vehicles crashed or otherwise abandoned … I have a report like that from the past week or so, waiting for the next non-breaking Crime Watch.

  • Plf February 22, 2015 (11:35 am)

    I am sorry, last summer 3 teenagers stole a truck, high on drugs, totaled our park car
    Nothing happened because they were minors out me deductible and had to buy a new car, insurance never fully compensates a replacement
    I’m still pissed sixe these teen thugs had zero accountability

  • JanS February 22, 2015 (11:53 am)

    and it begs the question…was the truck stolen? If not, what good is running away, since they can trace the license….?

  • Ann February 22, 2015 (12:05 pm)

    Great! Being stolen will be no fun dealing with the insurance company. Still waiting for police to come check it out, guess they are busy right now. But we are hearing from the folks who filed this report that there were two cars involved and the driver of this truck got in the other car and left. There is light and dark paint transfer on the cars on our street so may be a dark car involved too.

  • themightyrabbit February 22, 2015 (12:07 pm)

    “what good is running away, since they can trace the license….?”

    the charges from hit and run is likely *significantly* lower than whatever chemical cocktail they are subsiding on. it’s not just about just the property damage for these scum, it can be DUI also of some form.

  • KT February 22, 2015 (7:11 pm)

    Still waiting for police to come check it out, guess they are busy right now.” Yup, at noon on a Sunday in February. I swear SPD has three cops per shift in each precinct.

  • VH February 23, 2015 (8:11 am)

    There was a car behind the rolled truck. The driver of the pick up got in that car and they took off. It was said the car was one of those lowered Hondas with the loud mufflers

  • Ann February 23, 2015 (12:13 pm)

    The police did show up not too long after I posted last. He talked to all of us who were affected and gave us a report #. We informed him that we think it’s related and he agreed it probably was. Does anyone know if it is confirmed that the truck was stolen? I’m curious since I have had to file an insurance claim. Whoever saw the truck driver get into the Honda, did they get a plate that they were able to give to police?

    • WSB February 23, 2015 (12:36 pm)

      Ann, hopefully neighbors in the area have more info – I will be asking SPD if I can find the incident number for the whole thing.

  • Ann February 23, 2015 (2:01 pm)

    Thanks, I actually have both incident numbers, the truck flip and then the one the cop gave us. I tried to look both up online and no reports found so far…

    • WSB February 23, 2015 (2:17 pm)

      Ann – reports with narrative (any info beyond incident type, location, time, all of which we already know!) don’t show online for at least a week if ever. If you are able to send me at least the flip # I can get info from SPD Public Affairs but without a number (I couldn’t even find the # in tweets by beat or on the map) I won’t be able to. editor@westseattleblog.com

  • Ann February 23, 2015 (4:15 pm)

    I just emailed both to you. Thank you!!

  • Friend February 23, 2015 (4:17 pm)

    Red loud Honda was parked on Orchard and that is where truck driver got in. Too far and dark to see the plate.

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