West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen car; Wyatt’s followup; package theft

Three notes in West Seattle Crime Watch:


I’d appreciate folks keeping an eye out for my dark blue 2007 Saturn Vue SUV that was stolen last night. The license plate is ARD2720. There are Obama and Gonzaga stickers on the back window. It was stolen from my home near 38th Ave SW & SW Henderson between 7:45 pm (12/15) and 4:00 am this morning (12/16). A report was filed with Seattle Police.

WYATT’S BREAK-IN FOLLOWUP: As promised, we checked back with Wyatt’s Jewelers (WSB sponsor) in Westwood Village, after a second break-in in nine days. Sacha sent a photo showing what they had to clean up:

No new info about the case yet – co-proprietor Kirk Keppler talked with a detective extensively this morning. And he talked with Channel 7 TV, who stopped by for an interview this afternoon.

PACKAGE THEFT: Bonnie believes a thief hit her house on Monday morning:

Possible package theft at North Admiral. As I drove away from my home to take my child to school, I noticed a UPS truck in front of my house. I was anticipating a package, so I thought it was for me. When I returned (maybe 7 minutes later) nothing was on my porch. Checked online to see if anything had been delivered, and sure enough at 9:15 my package was left. I’ve reported to SPD.

P.S. The West Seattle Crime Prevention Council is taking December off – tonight would have been the monthly meeting, as the third Tuesday – but expecting to be back next month, on January 20th.

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  • Chuck and Sally's Van Man December 16, 2014 (10:58 pm)

    “P.S. The West Seattle Crime Prevention Council is taking December off – tonight would have been the monthly meeting, as the third Tuesday – but expecting to be back next month, on January 20th.”

    Aha! I think I’ve found the reason for the recent crime spike ;)

  • Bonnie December 17, 2014 (7:21 am)

    We live around the corner from Jeni on 39th and Henderson. One day about a month ago a BMW showed up on our corner. It sat there a few days and we reported it. While it was still there my husband was out doing yardwork and asked neighbors if they knew whose it was. It had been stolen because the lock was broken and obviously broken into. Turned out the car came from one block behind us, 38th and Henderson and they were looking for their car and it was only 1 block away. I mention this because maybe there is someone in the neighborhood stealing their neighbors cars for joyriding?

  • David December 17, 2014 (11:45 am)

    Jeni – – I could have seen your Vue. Same vintage Saturn, dark in color, with one circular Obama sticker on left side of rear hatch just below the window. Faintly remember another sticker which could be Gonzaga, but definitely remember the ‘ARD…” license since I have an acquaintance named Ard.

    Saw it around 7:30-8:00am Tuesday 12/16 morning, and followed it from 35th & Trenton to West Seattle freeway where I lost sight of it. It was driven rather aggressively but unfortunately I don’t remember what the driver looked like.

    Tracy – – I authorize you to give Jeni my e-mail if she has any more questions.

  • Jeni December 17, 2014 (7:45 pm)

    Bonnie – thanks for the information about finding my neighbor’s BMW just a block away. I’ve been looking up, down and around, but no luck so far. I’m still optimistic!

    David – thanks for sharing the potential spotting of my car. You mentioned you saw an oval Obama sticker — any chance it was a rectangle Obama & Biden sticker? I realize you probably know your shapes, but thought I’d ask.

    I am grateful for such wonderful neighbors and a caring community.

  • David December 19, 2014 (12:33 pm)

    Jeni – – sorry for delay responding. The Vue I saw had a perfectly round Obama sticker from 2012, on lefthand side of back hatch, not rectangular. Don’t remember the other sticker but could have been the Gonzaga one. Definitely saw the ARD plate on a dark colored Vue on that morning. Will keep my eyes peeled for blue Vues. Hope you find your wheels.
    To the best of recollection, here’s the sticker I saw:

  • Jeni December 21, 2014 (12:13 am)

    Thanks for taking the time to identify the sticker. Unfortunately, not a match. Here’s the Obama Biden sticker to look for on the left side of back window:


  • Jeni December 29, 2014 (7:01 pm)

    My Saturn Vue was found this weekend by King County Sheriff’s Dept. in Burien area. Car appears to be in drivable condition, but needs some exterior and interior work, plus a really good detailing.

    The back was full of additional stolen items which have been confiscated by KCSD. Not sure if any of the items are mine yet — maybe they are yours??

    I don’t know how my car was located, but I was told no arrests were made in connection to the theft.

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