West Seattle Crime Watch: Shop burglarized for 2nd time in 9 days

For the second time in nine days, Wyatt’s Jewelers (WSB sponsor) at Westwood Village has been burglarized. It happened this evening – exactly when, the proprietors and police were still trying to figure out when we heard about it from a texted tip and went over a little more than an hour ago. Once again, someone broke the front door to get in, same way entry was made during the early-morning break-in on December 7th. We’ll be following up with them and police tomorrow.

59 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Shop burglarized for 2nd time in 9 days"

  • HC December 15, 2014 (11:09 pm)

    Is there no security at Westwood Village?

    • WSB December 15, 2014 (11:15 pm)

      As noted in our report on what happened last Sunday, security was there quickly that morning and police quickly too – but the burglar had already gotten away. It was too soon for them to have sorted out the timeline yet when we went over tonight, early in the investigation.

  • m December 15, 2014 (11:24 pm)

    It seems bold to have happened earlier this evening when someone at 24 Hour Fitness could have potentially seen the person/people who did this.

  • alki resident December 15, 2014 (11:36 pm)

    Im so sick of the crime at Westwood. I grew up going there as a child when Luckys was there, my kids grew up going there. Bars need to be put on the doors of this store or its going to keep happening,

  • nefermore December 15, 2014 (11:48 pm)

    We used to go shopping at Westwood all the time, but we haven’t for over a year due to all the unsavory types that hang out.

  • Ray December 15, 2014 (11:57 pm)

    Yeah. Place is going downhill. Was threatened this evening outside the McDonald’s by someone who said they would “shoot my dog” because I did not give “bus money”.

  • Nancy@westsidebaby December 16, 2014 (12:20 am)

    Wyatt’s Jewelers is a fantastic store owned by real people who care deeply about our community. Kirk and Joni regularly support WestSide Baby and the White Center Food Bank through their store. (The WCFB food collection barrel is even in the store now!). I hope people will show support by heading there to shop or drop off food this week! Show up with a smile and a wave or stop in just to remind them that people care. It matters.

  • Maggie December 16, 2014 (3:53 am)

    Huh. I live on Vashon but frequently shop at various stores at Westwood, as I have my entire life. I’ve never come across unsavory characters as commenters above are describing. Never felt unsafe. Never seen crime. I have waited at the bus stop across the street on Barton in recent months. Now there you will find plenty of hoodlums with nothing better to do then smoke, drink, and use foul language – but I haven’t encountered them while shopping at Westwood stores. Believe me, I wouldn’t shop there is I felt uncomfortable.

  • Eric December 16, 2014 (4:17 am)

    Since these POS seem to get away so quickly, I would not be surprised if they simply lived in the apartments near by. Any footage of these POS?

    BTW, the good ole days of Westwood Village back in the day is snubbing mms amusing. It was a run down POS in itself, with have the space empty. My second day working at Big 5 back then, had to deal with a shop lifter and it wasn’t pretty…..for him. So POS have been around Westwood Village forever. Though with tent city here it was when I noticed the inundation of panhandlers that have not seemed to have stopped even after tent city left.

  • sophista-tiki December 16, 2014 (5:01 am)

    I’m not saying that the transit hub is responsible for the break in so don’t misinterpret me. My comment is in response to the comments posted about how “unsavory” Westwood has become. So heres my comment- Thanks a lot Transit Hub. ( gigantic string of expletives)

  • Cat December 16, 2014 (6:31 am)

    I love the owners at Wyatt’s. I go there for all my jewlery maintainance needs. The won’t let me pay for a new watch battery – rather, they take a donation of my choice for the food bank. So sad they have been targeted twice! More security please!!

  • Brian M. December 16, 2014 (6:35 am)

    Here, we have this beautiful shopping center that was supposed to improve the area. Then, we put a transportation hub there. Like it or not, that transportation hub is causing more problems in both the park and the shopping center. This is not a case of NIMBYism, this story is just further evidence of what is happening.

  • Sunrise Heights neighbor December 16, 2014 (6:43 am)

    I look forward to the update. The doors were broken but do we have any idea what the burglars got away with? Are there not cameras inside or in the vicinity? I am surprised that they do not have bars at the front or something more substantial to not permit entry after breaking through the glass… I will keep Wyatt’s in my thoughts and prayers this morning…and hope the best for them.

  • Bonnie December 16, 2014 (6:52 am)

    I never feel unsafe at Westwood. I’ve seen unsavory people in the Junction also.

  • Arnold December 16, 2014 (7:59 am)

    Sheesh, the fiends are really getting desperate and bold. Keep your eyes open for unusual people/activity and don’t be afraid to call 911. Hate to say it, but get cameras. They (and obviously a good alarm) are very useful. We need to get good images of these creeps and hopefully the police will start snatching them up ASAP!

  • Vanessa December 16, 2014 (8:14 am)

    Let’s help Wyatt’s by doing a little extra shopping with them soon!! I know they are really nice people and I will spend some honestly earned money to help support local business.

  • Erin December 16, 2014 (8:31 am)

    I’ve worked in Westwood Village for almost 2 years and the number of “unsavory” characters is negligible and consistent with other outdoor shopping areas – there are some, but I’ve never felt unsafe or threatened. My heart goes out to Kirk and Joni. It’s terrible that this has happened, but I understand their desire to keep a clear glass storefront rather than having bars or cross-hatched glass. We can’t let these few incidents negatively impact the thousands of people who do business at Westwood each week. Be aware of your surroundings, and if you see something suspicious contact the police or Westwood Security immediately – they have been very quick in responding.

  • Heather December 16, 2014 (8:33 am)

    I’ve never felt unsafe and Westwood Village and I shop there frequently. I do, however, agree that the transit hub has increased crime. Wheather it’s by physically dividing the neighborhood (park and retail village) or by the busses blocking sight lines, I am unsure. I
    recently sat in my car, in the waiting spot at McDonalds, and watched one teenager open an old school film canister and count out something into the hand of another teenager. From a distance they were monitored by three older men late 30’s to mid 40’s – appearing (my guess) to be of Ethopian, Russian and Mexican ethnicity respectively (clearly they were watching me watch them and got very close to my car). Those 3 men would periodically meet behind the HVAC? enclosure on the south west side of McDonalds. So I’m guessing that there’s a drug distribution thing going on. Brought in by the DT busses? Who knows? Connected to gangs? Who knows. I would suggest that when you see something suspicious call the police. Even if you’re not sure it should be reported. Apparently there is also a community crime prevention group for Westwood that maybe Traci can reference.

  • chelle December 16, 2014 (8:40 am)

    So sorry for wyatt’s. Such a wonderful staff and store.

  • DBurns December 16, 2014 (8:41 am)

    This is tragic news! Owning a small business is difficult enough without having your business targeted twice in your busiest month of the year. My heart goes out to the Kepplers. When we decided to open a business at Westwood Village we were already fans of the center. Going on eight years later, we are still fans. Westwood is no different than any populated place in West Seattle; yes, the transit hub has brought more people and with that density comes diversity. We have the best security now than I’ve seen in all of our years. If people stay away, the center will die. Empty storefronts are a magnet for trouble and eyesore. Please continue to support this neighborhood shopping center, we all appreciate our regular customers, we can’t exist without you.
    Donna Burns
    Giannoni’s Pizzeria

  • Heather December 16, 2014 (8:53 am)

    Part of the problem is that the physical “link” of Westwood to the neighborhood is the park (open public space leading into retail – 2 squares creating a single rectangle). The transit hub splits that link. So instead of the planned feel of Westlake Center (with a open central pedesterian area surrounded by retail) we have a something that feels like Northgate (a core of retail surrounded by transit). From a planning perspective this effectively limits peoples movement and creates “dead zones” where few people pass, spaces were people are unseen unless they’re 5′ away from you, etc. This invites crime because it’s easy to not be seen.

    Now, I ride the bus and understand the need for a transit hub. I just think that any busses parked along that linking corridor are problematic and will eventually invite crime.
    Really what we need are elevated public walkways from the park to retail or some cool public art on both the N and S sides of the street.

  • AJP December 16, 2014 (8:56 am)

    We chose our home in part due to its walking/biking-distance proximity to Westwood. Don’t worry, we’ll still be there several times a week! So sorry for Wyatt’s, they are great, we go there for our watches and jewelry repairs, and we went to their parking spot park this summer. You are supported!

  • John December 16, 2014 (9:03 am)

    Maybe we should restore ‘Westwood’ to the blueberry bog and pond it was in the fifties.
    After all, it is the headwaters of Longfellow Creek and could be restored as a Wetlands Habitat that would encourage wildlife and filter contaminates out of the run-off.
    As a kid, I remember the whole community gathering on hard freezes to ice skate on the frozen pond.

  • AG December 16, 2014 (9:14 am)

    Kirk and Joni, I highly recommend what’s casually known as “bomb film” on your windows. It makes them extremely difficult to break and doesn’t change the look. Any competent glass company can install it. Many, many retail locations downtown have it post WTO.

  • I live nearby December 16, 2014 (9:39 am)

    Is “Unsavory” types code for black teenagers hanging around McDonald’s in the evening? Maybe if West Seattle actually had places for kids to go after hours (and no, after hours doesn’t stop at 8p-9pm – as teens we all hung out a LOT later that even on school nights, you’re lying if you claim you did not) they wouldn’t hang out at a substandard McDonald’s.
    Calling Westwood Village “dangerous” compared to other corners of this city is stupid. Avoiding Westwood Village because of “unsavory” teens hanging out at McDonald’s is extra dumb. WWV is the single most heavily trafficked by people place around here except for the Alki beach in summer and the Alaska/California intersection itself.
    If you feel threatened there, especially during the day, that’s on YOU, your issues, and nothing more.

    • WSB December 16, 2014 (9:51 am)

      2 notes to previous comments:
      #1 – FWIW the McDonald’s is remodeling. Major remodel, according to permits. Don’t know anything else, and don’t have the time to try to wander through its corporate media-relations structure to find out, but since it was mentioned a couple comments ago …
      #2 – If you want to compare crime in this part of town to other parts of the city, just wander the SPD police-reports map, which tends to display a week at a time. I just took a quick non-scientific look (it’s a drag-around map, like most online maps). You’ll find the incident icons more densely populating other parts of the city, and not just downtown. http://web6.seattle.gov/mnm/policereports.aspx – ANY crime is too much crime. But trying to say it only happens here is not correct. – Tracy

  • pattilea December 16, 2014 (9:47 am)

    I am surprised that they don’t have vandal panels on the doors and windows.

  • Ex-Westwood Resident December 16, 2014 (10:15 am)

    Like I said in an earlier post; until the city decides to get tough on property crimes instead giving a slap on the wrist to adult perps, and just turning over juvies over to parents that don’t care, this is going to get A LOT worse.
    Maybe Waytt’s needs to look into hiring an armed guard to stay after hours?
    And yes the crime in Westwood Village has gone up in the recent past, but not at the rate when compared to other areas in the city.
    Is the transit Hub the cause? Maybe someone with the time and know how and compare the crime stats before and after the Hub opened.

  • Libs December 16, 2014 (10:17 am)

    @livenearby,How are you suggesting that this person is referring to black teens?How did you jump to that conclusion,in regards to the term “unsavory”?Very ignorant post. #racebaiter

  • irbinchic December 16, 2014 (10:28 am)

    I have witnessed a theft in Westwood QFC ifnI remember correctly. But I have also witnessed a theft at Thriftway. City livin’…

  • KT December 16, 2014 (10:37 am)

    @ILiveNearby … “If you feel threatened there, especially during the day, that’s on YOU, your issues, and nothing more”. No, that is not the problem of the poster. That is going to be a problem for the shopping center if more people have that perception.

  • WSFam December 16, 2014 (10:53 am)

    Well said Nancy! Everyone should go by and show your support this week.

  • sillygoose December 16, 2014 (12:57 pm)

    This just stinks, time for some bullet proof doors, and security guard!

  • JanS December 16, 2014 (1:12 pm)

    @Eric…how could a “tent city” on West Marginal Way possibly affect WWV? they’re not exactly close to each other. And Nicklesville has been gone for quite some time now. Just another slam at homeless people? I’m just curious.

  • datamuse December 16, 2014 (1:13 pm)

    I’ve been shopping at Westwood since 1999. If anything it’s improved. My biggest fear, to be honest, is the way people drive in the parking lot, particularly that corner between QFC and Rite Aid…

  • dereck December 16, 2014 (1:54 pm)

    I moved from nyc in 08. This is what I see buses buses from all over now go to westwood when they didn’t go it was nice. A lot of people didn’t know about westwood until these buses started going there or ending there wich means what more crime yes it does also the bus stop for the 21 n c line bus stop is the worst I’ve seen around the city. That trail near this bus stop needs to be ripped up to stop things. Let them cut through the park not the trail.

  • Josh December 16, 2014 (2:48 pm)

    JanS – I talked to a homeless person on my way to Westwood. He actually told me he lived in Tent City #3, in Roosevelt. It was funny because we started talking and I somehow reiterated Tent City, and he corrected me, saying Tent City THREE. Anyhow, he said he rides the bus here to “hang out.” Whatever that all means, I don’t know, but it’s a true story.

  • wsres December 16, 2014 (3:25 pm)

    Why hasn’t WWV Management hired at least 2 on sight security guards to walk the premises, round the clock?! It takes a rocket scientist? White Center Chase Bank hired an armed security guard who walks the exterior of the bank and since doing so it has not been robbed in over 2 years, and he shows his firearm. Too cheap WWV Management? The cost would outweigh the threat. WWV Management, you leave security up to the merchant and it’s not fair. I’ve stood at QFC while a shoplifter takes huge bags of groceries free out the door and the staff can’t defend themselves. What’s it going to take WWV Mgmt? Merchants moving? At least during the holidays?

  • Seattlite December 16, 2014 (4:00 pm)

    Today in the Alaska Junction there was an individual with sagging pants (crotch almost to the sidewalk), huge jacket, hat cocked to the side, walking with swagger. Is this type of guy okay or should one be weary? I’ve seen this type of gang-like clothing at Westwood but usually not at the Alaska Junction.

  • Eric December 16, 2014 (4:20 pm)


    Really, what are you curious about? As it is not like you actually asked a question, but made your statement in question form.

    As I have said before on this blog, I have lived 3 blocks away from Westwood Village since 2001. It is when tent city moved down from Boeing Hill that I started to notice pan handlers moving in at the exits of Target, QFC, and McDonalds. At about the same time, I also started noticing beer cans/bottles and hard alcohol bottles littering my drive strip on the side of my house since my house is on a corner. I also noticed people walking through my neighborhood stumbling around appearing intoxicated, yelling from people walking down the street who were arguing (which I never experienced before tent city’s arrival) and I caught people looking in people’s yards. All of which these people appeared to be homeless. At the same time neighbors began to report a high rate of petty crimes happening in the neighborhood.

    People who live in the Westwood area both on this blog and off have said they noticed the same thing at about the same time. I also noticed that people living in neighborhoods closer to tent city also reported this on the blog.

    Westwood is not actually far from tent city and on my way home from work or driving home from somewhere else I would often times see people walking their bicycles up the hill towards Westwood Village, only to later see some of these same people at a corner of one of the Westwood exits asking for money when I went down to go shopping.

    These are my observations of ACTUALLY LIVING IN WESTWOOD AND NEAR WESTWOOD VILLAGE, which I frequent all the time and have for years and years. Thanks for your armchair righteousness though from the comfort of your neighborhood.

    • WSB December 16, 2014 (4:31 pm)

      There are no “tent cities” anywhere near West Seattle right now. The one that called itself Nickelsville – Highland Park Way and West Marginal Way SW – has been gone for 15 months. There are pockets of encampments from Westwood to Admiral to the greenbelt across from the ex-NV spot, and other spots inbetween. “Tent City 3,” mentioned by an earlier commenter, is currently in the north end – http://seattletimes.com/html/localnews/2024765828_tentcityxml.html
      And please, if you want to get involved with continuing to work on the issues of Roxhill Park, the bus stops, etc., get involved with the new community council – they are all volunteers, not many in number, but they’ve brought issues to the attention of people who can do something about them, and the only way they can continue to do that is with more help. They usually meet on the first Tuesday: http://wwrhah.org

  • Christy Bemis December 16, 2014 (4:58 pm)

    They broke the glass door right in front of several of us leaving 24 Hour fitness after a class. It was between 8:40 and 8:50pm. I always see police in that parking area when I leave class every Monday. I saw a few people in front of the jewlery store. One broke the glass, ducked inside and took something from a case on the left before exiting and then they all ran north. A group of at least 5 was in front of Bed Bath & Beyond so they all got a better look at the burglars then I did. I was in front of the mattress store and a man near me called police. I was very surprised they broke the window with so many people around. I hope this stops.

  • Timing December 16, 2014 (5:43 pm)

    Three cheers for Eric! Don’t let the extreme liberals guilt you out of common sense! Get tough on property crime or expect more to come!

  • Eric December 16, 2014 (6:08 pm)

    I’m quite aware that tent city moved out 15 months ago WSB, and since then the countless bottles/cans in the yard, people yelling throughout the neighborhood, and the petty crimes have gone down considerably.

    I simply said that the panhandling became common practice at about the same time as when tent city came to the bottom of the hill and even when tent city moved out, the panhandling continued, which is probably due to the pockets of encampments you spoke of.

  • Eduardo Miranda December 16, 2014 (6:23 pm)

    i”m really sorry about this to happend to you, a person who always look out for other people and going out to help them. I hope the police figure it out soon to have this fix before is been an epidemic through our neighborhood. My sincere feelings goes to you and your family and employees.

  • Bradley December 16, 2014 (6:27 pm)

    @Eric: way to go! Thank you for speaking the truth. I have lived just a few hundred yards from Westwood Village for many years and used to manage a store there. I’ve seen everything you outlined myself, first-hand. I was approached and threatened by a large, scary male right in front of Barnes and Noble the other night around 7pm who swore at me angrily in my face when I didn’t give him money. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of self-righteous guilt-trippers who live in expensive neighborhoods far away from Westwood who tell us how we should react to the crime in our own neighborhood.

  • LyndaB December 17, 2014 (12:04 am)

    It may seem ugly but I think they need to put a metal gate like a lot (if not all!) of the asian jewelry stores. I don’t know how well it works but it seems to be sturdy.

  • Wtw December 17, 2014 (3:22 am)

    Another here to back up Eric- who has felt first-hand the disastrous impact these homeless camps have had on his neighborhood. JanS, why do you attack Eric for simply stating what he has seen happening in this area? Some homeless people are so by no fault of their own, and you don’t have to be an unsavory type to be homeless. However, if you are an unsavory type, you are much more likely to BE homeless. What do drug addicts, criminals, and mentally ill hooligans do when they become so volatile that they cannot live among society, and family and friends can no longer suffer their abuse to accommodate them- they become homeless! If someone is messed up on drugs, or running from the law, or so violent that his own mama won’t put him up- he becomes homeless. And having these meth addled opportunists approach you to coerce/threaten something, anything, away from you is a frightening, unpleasant experience. I can’t understand why JanS expects Eric to be welcoming to drunks screaming outside his home, pissing on his fence, littering in his yard, and stealing whatever is not nailed down, so they can exchange it for a rock.
    I’m a liberal guy- but I will not engage a homeless person who approaches me with a determined intent to manipulate me, scam me, or worse..!
    Thanks Eric for the inside scoop that some people are afraid to hear.

  • miws December 17, 2014 (7:26 am)

    Wtw, what part of Jan’s comment is an “attack” on Eric?


    However, if you are an unsavory type, you are much more likely to BE homeless.

    Citation, please? (Other than your personal opinion/perceptions)



  • Carol O. December 17, 2014 (10:45 am)

    Like shopping at Westwood Village and the parking is free.

  • Megan December 17, 2014 (3:13 pm)

    This is appalling!
    We need to stand up to this ruthless act and support our neighborhood shops! Wyatts is a wonderful store and we all need show them encouragement.

    When you’re out .. If you see something, say something! Not because it’s the Holiday Season, but because it is the RIGHT thing to do!

  • West Seattle Hipster December 17, 2014 (5:36 pm)

    Yet another here to back up Eric. The vibe at Westwood Village has changed for the worse since the transit hub was dumped there. “Nicklesville” may be physically gone, but it’s adverse effects linger.


    I am a bit disappointed in the comments regarding Eric’s opinion, and the judgmental comments. For a city that prides itself on diversity and intolerance, I see a glaring lack of tolerance from a select few regular WSB commenters if you disagree with their opinions. The same folks also categorize those who speak out about crime or homelessness as being “right wingers”. I am a proud Democrat but I have strong opinions about criminals and people who choose the homeless lifestyle.


    Respect each other’s opinions.

  • Josh December 17, 2014 (6:50 pm)

    I ALSO stand up for ERIC. Why does the neighborhood have to “accept” this or put up with this garbage? I just saw it happened at 8:45pm – there’s still tons of people and families there at that time! Ridiculous!

    The riff-raff brought in from the transit hub is OBVIOUS. Many examples of problems are expressed in this one thread alone.

    Westwood management and store owners need to read this and understand that this is a PROBLEM.

    Thanks Eric for saying the truth.

  • Paul December 17, 2014 (10:16 pm)

    Eric is right. Tent cities are a disaster for any neighborhood.

  • gia December 18, 2014 (6:13 pm)

    maybe the homeless camp has gone, but i do know that some of these “homeless” people, really have transporation and go to where the wallets/purses are the loosest. If drug addiction is a primary problem, then going where the money quickly adds up wont be a problem. Burien/white center area is not that far away and if one knows that they can score the money at WWV,then its off to WWV that they go. You would be surprised how much work a person can invest into obtaining money and getting high/drunk. You can wonder why if that much effort is placed in something so negative, if that energy was channeled into something positive how far one could go. Sometimes mental health and substance abuse go hand in hand and hygenie can suffer, making one look homeless but maybe not so much. Either way, i think having increased security can only be a good thing.

  • Brian M December 18, 2014 (9:57 pm)

    If I recall correctly, JanS lives in the Admiral neighborhood and is in NO position to speak of what we see everyday in Westwood.

  • Rick December 19, 2014 (9:13 pm)

    + for Eric.

  • Kathy December 20, 2014 (11:40 am)

    Don’t most jewelry stores remove their tempting wares from the window and lock them up every night? This might be a cheaper solution than bars on the windows or hiring more security guards.

  • Wtw December 20, 2014 (5:42 pm)

    More or less than somewhere else- posters to this thread agree that there is far too much stealing, robbing, and burglarizing happening in West Seattle. Even more compelling here is the show of support for someone who is not afraid to stand up to our (crushingly PC) prevailing community attitudes, and speak the unpopular truth.

    Apparently, hard working people around here, who are generous and giving in nature, are fed up with a system and cultural environment that enables unaccountability.

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