West Seattle Crime Watch: Car, mail, decoration thefts; plus, the case of the bottle-throwing booze thieves

Three reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight, plus a store-theft report from the public SPD files involving a bottle stolen and a bottle thrown:

Sophia reports a car stolen from the 5100 block of SW Stevens, 2001 silver Honda Civic, license plate 000-ZXD.

Mail theft last night from William on Pigeon Point:

I was a victim of mail theft (Friday night) on the 38xx block of 21st Ave SW. An Amazon package was stolen. The police found the empty envelope up the street and classified it as mail theft, incident #14-419433. They also found envelopes of other neighbor strewn down the alley. Because my bills were still in the mailbox, they figured that the thieves were going through mail boxes looking for packages and holiday gift cards.

From Tia:

It seems like we need a separate section for holiday crimes …. Just to add to the list of grinch-like behavior, someone cut my 2 white holiday sphere lights out of my tree in the early morning hours of 12/20, near 17th and Trenton. I hope Santa brings them what they deserve.

And finally – while publicly viewable police-report narratives have been few and far between lately, one from Wednesday turned up in the files, involving liquor thieves hitting Jefferson Square Safeway around 5 pm. The following is our transcription of the narrative by police, who wrote that the store manager described what happened this way:

An Asian male, about 19 years of age, 5’8″, blue Seahawks beanie, red jacket, and black backpack, came into the store with an Asian female, 19 years of age, about 5’4″. The male suspect was standing near the checkstand when there was a group of people in line. The male placed a bottle of Crown Royal into his backpack and exited the store with the Asian female bypassing all points of sale (without attempting to pay for the liquor. While attempting to exit the store (redacted) told the male to stop. The male turned around, started swearing at, and threw a full bottle of orange juice as hard as he could at (redacted) in an attempt to hit (redacted) and get away with the stolen liquor. The bottle missed (redacted) but (redacted) was afraid that if he continued to follow the male and female then the male would attempt to assault him further. (redacted) then called 911 and the male and female fled on foot with the liquor.

What’s in the narrative above is the only description. Surveillance video wasn’t immediately available but police hoped to get it later.

P.S. “Redacted” means blacked out by SPD, as is usually done with names and addresses. In this case, the bottle is classified as a weapon, and the direct interaction with the person at whom it was thrown makes this a felony robbery case, if the suspect(s) are caught.

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  • Paula T December 20, 2014 (7:12 pm)

    About an hour ago my husband and I were leaving Westwood Rite Aid and watched a guy “fake” a fall behind a guy backing out of a parking spot. Long story short, the guy didn’t get up until my husband picked up the offending fall guy’s purchase and said “look what I found!”. Said dude came up swinging and realized six witnesses to his shenanigans trumped his “supposed” injury. Driver backing up truck had a camera in his vehicle and saw the guy “fall” into his truck and was grateful there where other witnesses. Be careful folks, crooks show up in the strangest places.

  • AM December 20, 2014 (8:24 pm)

    Another package theft to report – we just realized that boxes were stolen from our porch (26xx 46th SW) after UPS delivered around 4:30pm on 12/15/14. A USPS package delivered on the same day is also missing.

    Be sure to check your delivery status on orders – it took us a couple of days to notice anything was gone, which probably makes gift-napping that much easier to get away with.

    Police report has been filed.

  • Sillygoose December 21, 2014 (9:01 am)

    Package theft is awful right now, if you are expecting a package you can call the local UPS hub, give them your tracking number and have them hold your package in will call, or on your tracking packing add further instructions to the driver as to possibly leaving it with a neighbor if you know you are going to be gone.

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