West Seattle Crime Watch followups: 2 cars found, 1 gone

First followup: Remember the car stolen Saturday with a bridesmaid’s dress inside, the wedding hours away? WSB’er Patricia spotted it today. We’re not certain whether it was her tip or someone else’s that led police to it, but TW sent this followup:

My girlfriend’s car was found today on 17th and Elmgrove; everything inside was gone, including the bridesmaid’s dress and the car battery, but it’s otherwise in drivable condition, so that’s been a big relief. (And a replacement dress was found for the wedding, which went fine). We appreciate WSB and all its readers for keeping an eye out, and the SPD for being so helpful. Thanks!

Second: Chuck‘s ’94 Civic, stolen from 18th/Barton, also has been found – almost two weeks after it was reported here.

Third: A new stolen car to watch for. It’s a low blow from the criminal(s) who already hit David‘s house once (the burglary mentioned in last night’s Crime Watch):

My car was stolen in the early hours of this morning, Sep 15, from the corner of Hinds and Belvidere. Bright red 2002 Mazda Protégé 5 wagon. 858ZDC plates. Our home nearby was burglarized Sunday evening and this morning saw that the car was gone (extra keys stolen from the house).

If you see David’s car, call 911.

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  • wsres September 18, 2014 (12:30 am)

    FYI: “extra keys stolen from the house”. McLendon’s sells an impossible to open steel “Key Safe” that bolts to the wall inside your house and holds dozens of keys, ie anything with a motor. So when a smash and grab robber invades, the keys to anything and everything are securely locked away. Only a custom combination can open the safe ($75.00)

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