Arbor Heights microsurfacing update: New map from SDOT

August 22, 2014 at 3:28 pm | In Arbor Heights, West Seattle news, West Seattle traffic alerts | 8 Comments

(Click image to open full-size PDF version of map)
SDOT is now more than halfway through the microsurfacing work in Arbor Heights (and part of south Fauntleroy), and says there have been some changes along the way (as noticed by at least one commenter on our previous story), so it’s revised the map. From spokesperson Caylen Beaty:

The original map we provided contained some mapping errors, so I’ve attached the updated version. As the work has progressed this week, the contractor has been providing correct information to residents and posting “No Parking” signs at least three days in advance of the work.

The work is on track and we anticipate it will wrap up by next Tuesday, August 26. Our thanks to the Arbor Heights community for their attention and cooperation as we work to maintain the residential streets of Arbor Heights.

The microsurfacing plan was first announced back in January, when SDOT explained that this process is now used instead of chip seal to refresh residential streets.


  1. When you put this garbage on a street. It will create Very Unsafe conditions for motorcycles for days or even weeks.

    Comment by Todd — 8:30 pm August 22, 2014 #

  2. I’m with Todd. The work they performed is sloppy at best. I have seen better roadwork performed in Central and South America. I seriously question the return on investment of this bandaid approach. We need new roads- not a thin layer makeup to appease the community.

    Comment by Sloppy at best — 8:40 am August 23, 2014 #

  3. It’s much more safer and eye pleasing then the old chip rock approach! I’m just saying count your blessings not all neighborhoods are getting this treatment!

    Comment by Paul — 11:56 am August 23, 2014 #

  4. Please tell me Fauntlee Hills is next… our roads are in terrible condition.

    Comment by Mr.B — 8:48 am August 24, 2014 #

  5. They covered our storm drain… Will they uncover it or build a new one??

    Comment by gypsyhippie — 10:36 am August 24, 2014 #

  6. As a cyclist and motorcyclist who’s lived in AH most of my life I completely disagree with todd. The micro surfacing,if it holds,will be way safer than all the loose gravel we’ve lived with.

    Comment by j — 3:20 pm August 24, 2014 #

  7. I agree with Todd and Sloppy at best, it is a crappy and cheap way to fix these roads. My street, they didn’t smooth out completely and it looks like it will be cracking soon once the rain and snow hits, not to mention potholes…… must have had the cheapest bidder to do this sh**** job……..

    Comment by JW — 8:58 pm August 24, 2014 #

  8. We live in the section of 32nd Ave SW that will be affected by the work on our chosen day AND on the following day. All of the entry and exit roads for us are being microsurfaced the day after ours which leaves us trapped. Also, any news on how trash/yard waste/recycling is going be collected for those who are having their roads microsurfaced on Tuesday or for those, like myself, who live on a street that will be blocked because of neighboring streets?!?! The flyer we received said that we will be notified if our trash/yard waste/recycling will be affected, which hasn’t happened. Maybe our street just slipped through the cracks. :-/ (Poor planning WSDOT) Wish that I would have noticed this sooner than now.

    Comment by tc — 10:11 pm August 24, 2014 #

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