West Seattle food: Shoofly Pie Company to close in The Junction

July 2, 2014 at 11:56 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle restaurants | 30 Comments

(King County Assessor’s Office photo)
Shoofly Pie Company in The Junction has announced its shop will close next month. Here’s what proprietor Kimmy Tomlinson posted this morning on Facebook:

Friends of Shoofly – After 7 wonderful years bringing pie to wonderful West Seattle, Zak and I have decided to pursue other life interests (I dunno, maybe write a cookbook?! ;)). Our last day at our retail store will be Sunday, August 17th. It is bittersweet, but we are also looking forward to the next chapter of our lives.

Thank you so much for supporting us from the beginning when most people were asking the question, “you’re going to open a bakery that only sells pie??!?” We hope you’ve enjoyed our handmade pies as much as we’ve enjoyed making them for you. Thank you to all the brides and grooms who have given us the honor of making your wedding pies. Most of all, thank you to our amazing staff who have always gone above and beyond throughout the years. We’ll miss you.

Please stop by at street fair and over the next weeks to enjoy some pie and help us say goodbye. And remember, Pie Fixes Everything!

Shoofly is at 4444 California SW, where it opened in July 2007 (and notes, also on FB, that it’ll be open 10 am-4 pm on the 4th of July).


  1. rats, I guess I won’t be seeing them in Thriftway either, great savory pies

    Comment by chas Redmond — 12:05 pm July 2, 2014 #

  2. NOOOOOOO!!!! My wife, daughter and I go here all the time! After dinner pie dates will come to an end? I’m so sad right now.

    Comment by westseattletransplant — 12:06 pm July 2, 2014 #

  3. You will be MISSED! Thank you for being a part of the community for so long, and best of luck in your next endeavor! I’ll miss your key lime pie, cherry pie….the list goes on and on.

    Comment by CEA — 12:25 pm July 2, 2014 #

  4. That is too bad. Always enjoyed their product.

    Comment by KT — 1:27 pm July 2, 2014 #

  5. The pies here were pretty bad. Not surprising that they’re shutting this thing down.

    Comment by Rippah — 1:39 pm July 2, 2014 #

  6. Drat!….I really enjoyed going here for a slice of pie after having dinner nearby. I don’t know how many pies I’ve ordered for special events. I’ll miss our little pie store.

    Comment by John — 1:41 pm July 2, 2014 #

  7. Uncool! You guys make the best pies in the city. Really sad to see you go.

    Comment by Mrs.T — 1:48 pm July 2, 2014 #

  8. :(

    Sad news. Great pies and staff were always enthusiastic about the baked goods.

    Comment by I. Ponder — 1:52 pm July 2, 2014 #

  9. We’re sad to see you leave us! Thank you for bailing me out of more dinner-party panics than I care to mention – with tasty pastries AND helpful baking tips from your staff. Love the shells and pies I’ve brought home and the coziness of your eatery when I’ve stayed. Wow, this is really sad. Good luck with your next endeavor!

    Comment by MercyMoi — 1:54 pm July 2, 2014 #

  10. This is a sad day for the chocolate cream pie lovers in the world. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    Comment by SuperAwesome — 2:17 pm July 2, 2014 #

  11. How about a pie school? Give pie classes occasionally so we can learn how to bake our own. You will certainly be missed!!

    Comment by Marie M — 2:42 pm July 2, 2014 #

  12. It’s always a sad day when a cool, small, local business closes. It’s especially sad because your pies are yummy and beautiful and your staff is wonderful. Good Luck in your next adventure! I have no doubt you’ll be a success!!

    Comment by JO — 3:01 pm July 2, 2014 #

  13. My heart is broken! Not only was this our every special occasion place, as well as date night escape & treat night for toddler, but now my baby girl won’t have her 1st birthday pie from the same place as her slightly older brother. At least we had the best pies around as long as we did…you will be missed. Baby will continue to wear her I “heart” Pie onesie with pride.

    Comment by EH — 3:56 pm July 2, 2014 #

  14. No!!!! :( You are the best around! So sad to see you go.

    Comment by Beth — 4:00 pm July 2, 2014 #

  15. :( I loved going there to “share” a piece of coconut cream pie with my toddler. You will be missed!!

    Comment by Westgirl — 4:48 pm July 2, 2014 #

  16. Is this a result of rising rents, Obamacare mandate, or $15 minimum wage?!

    Comment by JUDE — 4:57 pm July 2, 2014 #

  17. I will really, really miss those chocolate cream pies. Man.

    Comment by evergreen — 6:09 pm July 2, 2014 #

  18. I just moved here from Atlanta last February and I instantly fell in love with the shoofly pie at Shoofly Pie! I am devastated! Now where can I goto such yummies! :-(

    Comment by Dena Williams — 6:49 pm July 2, 2014 #

  19. Kimmy, we will so miss your chocolate pecan! It’s graced our Christmas dinner for many years now! Best of luck.

    Comment by Rachel — 8:21 pm July 2, 2014 #

  20. JUDE, none of the above – it’s CHEMTRAILS!

    Comment by Marcus M — 8:22 pm July 2, 2014 #

  21. You had my absolute favorite pie. So sad to see you go!

    Comment by Katie — 8:57 pm July 2, 2014 #

  22. Noooooooo!!!!!!!! I was beginning to enjoy chilling out after work before I headed home. I’ll be there for my birthday pie on Monday. I wish you the best in your new endeavors. Thanks for being part of WS!

    Comment by LyndaB — 9:19 pm July 2, 2014 #

  23. Awwwww, darn it!!! Reconsider?? Well, does anyone know about or tried the Pie (Pi Bakery?) in White Center on 16th right off of Roxbury? Will it do, or do they offer similar items? Comments from those that know?

    Comment by 4th of Eight — 9:38 pm July 2, 2014 #

  24. So sad! Best pies around, they are so good! Certainly will be missed. That being said, enjoy your next adventures! Changes are needed and something to look forward to! Wish you all the best.

    Comment by Max — 9:50 pm July 2, 2014 #

  25. All the best to you in your new endeavors! You guys have (had, boohoo) the best veggie pot pies evahr!! Thank you for being here. Better to have loved and lost and all that… :)

    Comment by Jill — 10:15 pm July 2, 2014 #

  26. Oh no! I will miss you! Your pies were consistently delicious each time I came in. Thank you for making me happy so many times :)

    Comment by heather — 10:19 pm July 2, 2014 #

  27. Crap. You mean I will have to learn to make my own pies?!?! You will be missed, Shoofly…

    Comment by ttt — 10:20 pm July 2, 2014 #

  28. Two thumbs down!! WAY down!

    Comment by Huck — 10:52 pm July 2, 2014 #

  29. @Jude…it can’t be the $15 wage yet cuz it hasnt happened in Seattle yet nor has the ACA or Obamacare (Oh, r we scared yet?) kicked in for small business on health care. Thanks for reminding us of the boogeyman though..cuz I Like to boogey.

    Comment by Dale — 11:43 pm July 2, 2014 #

  30. No! =( That makes me so sad. I *think* my husband and I were their first wedding pie couple. I like to think we started the trend! I love everything about Shoofly. @EH – have them make a pie to freeze for you! Not the same, but still…sigh…

    Comment by charellestby — 7:19 pm July 10, 2014 #

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