West Seattle 4th of July Kids’ Parade: Hundreds walk, roll, and jump in the North Admiral sunshine

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The 20th annual West Seattle 4th of July Kids’ Parade has just finished crossing California SW at Atlantic, on the way to the afterparty – family-style games at Hamilton Viewpoint Park (concessions too!) – even if your family missed the parade, c’mon down! Above, a quick Instagram clip from the first leg of the parade route; we’ll have lots more video and photos here later. And here’s what else is up today/tonight.

ADDED 3:28 PM: Above, our traditional annual video of everyone in the parade, from Admiral-based Seattle Fire Department Engine 29 at the start to the Seattle Police officer whose vehicle trailed the final parader (a wee bicyclist). Next: Video of the pre-parade ceremony:

In that clip are co-coordinators Jackie Clough and Allyson Schreck, former Mayor Greg Nickels (who lives near the parade route) …

West Seattle Hi-Yu Junior Court Princesses Callie and Sadie (who also helped with the donation boxes pre-parade) …

… and national anthem singer Leilani Nitkey, who did a great job despite a faltering loudspeaker system (we were close enough with the video camera, we could hear her without amplification):

As Mayor Nickels said, “The real meaning of today is Independence Day, where we celebrate the fact that some very brave people … our forefathers, if you will … were willing to take a stand and declare that this nation would be independent, with certain inalienable rights, (such as) the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that was revolutionary.”

ADDED: A few parade photos (and don’t miss the pre-parade “bonus” pics at the end of the story). Here’s the contingent riding in the blue pickup that followed Engine 29:

Non-motorized transportation, otherwise, was the order of the day – including scooters:

Next – from the post-parade games on the green at Hamilton Viewpoint:

Kids toured the fire and police vehicles that had bookended the parade:

WSB sponsor A Kids Place Dentistry For Children handed out pinwheels:

The Admiral Neighborhood Association handled concessions as usual – this year, ANA president David Whiting (1st photo below) went mobile into the crowd, in addition to ANA’s fixed-location van (second photo below, with Kayle Shulenberger in the foreground):

Co-coordinator Jackie told us afterward that the parade diaper drive brought in 600 diapers and 100 wipes!

They’re going to WestSide Baby – in advance of its annual mega-drive Stuff the Bus on July 20th.

BONUS: Some views from the pre-parade sidelines, ahead:

It was all about rocking the red, white, and blue:

Captain America was a popular theme – check the shield as this parader waited:

And spotted on the pre-parade sidelines – it is not a parade in West Seattle without Jim Edwards (co-coordinator of the West Seattle Grand Parade, who assists with so many others):

A Seafair visitor was sighted, too – West Seattle’s own Seafair Clown, Officer Lumpy, with his kids:

Still adding!


  1. Great fun, as always. Many thanks to the coordinators and volunteers!

    Comment by JasonG — 11:14 pm July 4, 2014 #

  2. We had a BLAST! And all thanks to the WSB as we would have never known about it otherwise! Thank you!!!

    Comment by Debbie — 8:39 am July 5, 2014 #

  3. Thank you for the parade video. What a fun, colorful and wonderful slice of Americana! Laughed as I watched the whole thing!

    Comment by Are you kidding? — 9:10 am July 5, 2014 #

  4. Oh how fun!!! What great photos!!!

    Comment by Elle Nell — 10:27 am July 5, 2014 #

  5. The end of the parade video is wonderful! If you did not watch until the end, go finish!

    Comment by SeaChanty51 — 12:42 pm July 5, 2014 #

  6. Thanks to Tracy for recording and posting this. I saw her at work during the parade, typing on her phone with one hand and taking video of the parade with other. Our community is a community because of events like this, and her efforts that draw us all closer.

    Comment by Creighton — 3:24 pm July 5, 2014 #

  7. Thanks for the kind words, Creighton. I did overhear more than a few people marveling that it is indeed one of those events that can evoke the “small-town Americana” type of feeling even though in reality we’re in the heart of a big city. And I hope people will remember the holiday for this as much (or more) as for the fractiousness over the all-night kabooms.
    Meantime, I forget sometimes to put up photo credits but co-publisher Patrick (Sand, my husband) was hard at work too, taking a few hundred still photos from which we pulled the ones you see here … this year I almost brought the tripod so the video could roll hands-off so I could do Instagram, Twitter, etc. with my right hand instead of left and not look so goofy but .. well, next year. – TR

    Comment by WSB — 4:12 pm July 5, 2014 #

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