Speed cams, school-zone beacons, ‘pedestrian zoning’ and more @ this quarter’s Morgan Community Association meeting

Transportation issues dominated this quarter’s Morgan Community Association meeting – with information of interest beyond Morgan’s borders.

SPEED CAMS: In addition to the two new ones that will be activated on Roxbury (by Roxhill Elementary and Holy Family School) this fall, dozens of other locations remain under evaluation around the city, according to SDOT‘s Brian Dougherty. Since the first one to be activated in West Seattle is on Fauntleroy Way near Gatewood Elementary, and since a flashing (cameraless) beacon recently went in on California SW near Gatewood, Dougherty was asked if the latter location would likely get a speed camera. He said he thought that 35th SW by Our Lady of Guadalupe – frequently staked out by the flexible-location “speed van” – would be a more-likely priority for another West Seattle speed cam. Once there’s a new list of proposals, they would require City Council approval, and you’ll recall that the money generated by the cams is all slated to go to school-safety projects. One such project is in the works for the aforementioned Fauntleroy crossing by Gatewood, at Myrtle – bulbs to shorten the crossing.

FLASHING BEACONS ON FAUNTLEROY: Dougherty also mentioned that new flashing school-zone beacons will go up on Fauntleroy Way before newly expanded Fairmount Park Elementary reopens this fall, so look for that work soon.

The meeting included even more transportation info – regarding the Fauntleroy/California intersection – click ahead:

FAUNTLEROY/CALIFORNIA INTERSECTION: Grumbling about this intersection has increased since RapidRide launched, with bus bulbs and middle-of-the-street bumps to keep drivers from passing a stopped bus. But its “level of service” remains at an acceptable level, according to the SDOT reps who came to brief MoCA at its longstanding request. The information provided at last Wednesday’s meeting was from an analysis done last February-March. In the eastbound and westbound directions, the “level of service” is low – “D” – and there are issues the analysis likely didn’t take into account, the SDOT reps were told. Here is a table explaining what the letter grades for service levels mean:

One couple who live on 41st SW said drivers detour onto Holly, one long block south of Fauntleroy, and they think their intersection needs a traffic circle.

SAVING METRO SERVICE: MoCA remains concerned about Metro Transit cuts, and discussed area routes that remain on Metro’s potential chopping/trimming blocks – the 128, 21, 22 in particular. The group voted to send a letter in support of saving local service.

ANOTHER LETTER: The group also voted to sign on to a letter that the Coalition for an Affordable, Livable Seattle – a group raising concerns about development – is circulating. See it on the CALSeattle website.

PEDESTRIAN ZONE FOLLOWUP: Back in January, as reported here, MoCA was the first local community council to get a visit from the Department of Planning and Development‘s Aly Pennucci, who has been working on potential zoning changes for business districts, to make them more pedestrian-friendly. In all, she recapped, the City Council asked that 60 areas around the city be studied. After outreach and feedback, she said, Morgan Junction residents seemed to be making it clear they did not want the potential rezoning. The overall plan is getting some changes that might address concerns, Pennucci said, and the area “meets many of the qualifications and qualities” of the zoning, but since the community doesn’t want it, she said her inclination will be to NOT recommend one for Morgan. However, she qualified, DPD will only be making a recommendation to the mayor and council, so she can’t say for sure what will happen. DPD’s “revised analysis” will be published by September, she said, and this could go to the council by year’s end.

More quick notes from the quarterly meeting:

BUSINESS ASSOCIATION? Morgan businesses may be interested in organizing themselves into a business association. Not an easy thing to create and maintain, as Admiral learned, it was noted.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN AMENDMENT FOR CHURCH PROPERTY TOWNHOMES: It’s moving on as of a City Council committee meeting. Next council consideration soon; here’s our most-recent mention.

STREET FUND PROPOSAL FOR CALIFORNIA/JUNEAU: Bicycle/Pedestrian improvements are potentially in the pipeline for California/Juneau. Final decision would be in the hands of mayor/council next fall.

6917 CALIFORNIA PROJECT: Appeal was withdrawn, settlement worked out.

COMMUNITY GROUPS IN THE PARADE: MoCA is one of the West Seattle community groups that walked in the July 19th West Seattle Grand Parade (which at the time of the meeting was still a few days away); see a photo in our fifth parade report.

VOLUNTEER CLEANUPS Friends of Morgan Junction Parks is still doing cleanups and planting (not in the heart of summer) including the triangle on the west side of Fauntleroy/Juneau.

WEST SEATTLE LAND USE COMMITTEE: Launch meeting, August 27th. (Still awaiting time/location.)

MORGAN COMMUNITY FESTIVAL: Great weather, great turnout, 45 vendors, kids’ activities, and even with food trucks on site and restaurants all around, West Seattle Thriftway‘s (WSB sponsor) barbecue benefit brought in a big donation for the festival. Date’s set for next year – Saturday, June 20, 2015. (See our as-it-happened coverage of this year’s festival here.)

The Morgan Community Association usually meets four times a year – January, April, July, October – track meeting dates and other information at morganjunction.org.

4 Replies to "Speed cams, school-zone beacons, 'pedestrian zoning' and more @ this quarter's Morgan Community Association meeting"

  • Diane July 27, 2014 (7:32 pm)

    “6917 CALIFORNIA PROJECT: Appeal was withdrawn, settlement worked out.”; that’s all? no more info?

  • Cindi Barker July 27, 2014 (11:22 pm)

    Diane, the neighborhood rep couldn’t be there on our meeting night. When the settlement is finalized, MoCA will put out a press release with more info.

  • Out for a walk July 28, 2014 (7:09 am)

    Who’s paying for all the data collection that’s being proposed by Ms Barker? Support the use of data but the requirements look very labor intensive to collect. Who’s going to be doing that?

  • Cindi Barker July 28, 2014 (8:49 am)

    Out for a walk – I can’t figure out what you are referring to – can you clarify? thanks

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