Followup: What’s planned for 2141 California, and what’s sought

July 31, 2014 at 1:32 pm | In West Seattle businesses, West Seattle news | 18 Comments

(WSB photo, July 13th)
Ever since the closure of Admiralty House Antiques one year ago, the fate and future of 2141 California SW has been a subject of much interest. Two weeks ago, the 1920s-built brick building came out from under wraps after months of remodeling/renovation. And that’s brought in more questions about what’s going in. Today – new information, courtesy of this for-lease listing. The listing declares that an “experienced restaurant operator” is being sought for the larger of the two spaces into which it was divided. Peeking into the listing, the accompanying flyer shows Prospect Mortgage moving into the smaller space.


  1. I am so excited to move it.

    Comment by Amie — 2:23 pm July 31, 2014 #

  2. Well, that answers that, and I hadn’t even had time to send e-mail yet – when I searched for Prospect Mortgage/West Seattle, you came up, with a Fauntleroy Schoolhouse address. Good luck in the new space! – Tracy

    Comment by WSB — 2:25 pm July 31, 2014 #

  3. Thank you. You can come visit anytime.

    Comment by Amie — 2:29 pm July 31, 2014 #

  4. this answers what? could you please clue us in?

    Comment by Diane — 2:55 pm July 31, 2014 #

  5. WooHoo! Looking forward to stopping in and saying “hi”.

    Comment by Shane G — 3:08 pm July 31, 2014 #

  6. A restaurant??? No parking = no customers.

    Comment by Foodie — 4:03 pm July 31, 2014 #

  7. The area already has more than half a dozen restaurants – do ANY have parking?

    Comment by WSB — 4:14 pm July 31, 2014 #

  8. Foodie. This past Saturday evening I had dinner at a lovely neighborhood restaurant in Madrona near 34th and Union. Two outdoor dining areas, a great inside area…great food, wonderful live jazz, was street parking only. No parking lot…but business was brisque…lots of regulars, lots of neighborhood people who brought their kids. So, what you are claiming is not necessarily true. Put in a good business with great food, and they will come….there are neighborhood people all around there…

    Comment by JanS — 4:35 pm July 31, 2014 #

  9. Upon reading yesterday’s article on Diva still looking for a new space, my first thought was this building, but I couldn’t remember if tenants had already been announced in the two week ago update.


    I wonder if Diva would qualify as an “experienced restaurant operator”, in the building owner’s mind?


    Comment by miws — 4:55 pm July 31, 2014 #

  10. Caffe Fiore is almost directly across the street, in a building built by the developer who owns and remodeled this one, so not sure if coffee would work, but FWIW I wondered that too.

    Comment by WSB — 4:57 pm July 31, 2014 #

  11. I’ve heard Tom Douglas might come in there. Wouldn’t that be great!!

    Comment by Michelle — 5:52 pm July 31, 2014 #

  12. I live in the Admiral district and go out to dinner at least twice a week – sometimes walk, sometimes bus, but never drive (and thus never park). Looking forward to another option. Tom Douglas would be awesome!

    Comment by Twobottles — 7:10 pm July 31, 2014 #

  13. Are there a lot of “foodie” restaurants in Seattle with dedicated parking lots? Since moving here, I’ve felt that part of the dining experience is going to the neighborhood and driving around looking for parking and you often notice a few other places you want to come back to and check out. Obviously, that won’t work if you’re handicapped or have other mobility issues, but I deal with that by dropping off my limited-mobility family member out front, then parking.

    Comment by Alphonse — 11:48 pm July 31, 2014 #

  14. I remember it being a soda fountain when I was a young child. I loved sitting on the tall stool and having a chocolate coke.

    Comment by cris — 7:12 am August 1, 2014 #

  15. It is nice to see an owner of a classic old storefront building keeping it in good shape.

    Comment by BlairJ — 12:27 pm August 1, 2014 #

  16. We need more restaurants in West Seattle and especially in North Admiral. As a family who do not like to leave the neighborhood after a week of battling downtown traffic, this is great news. We eat out once a week and are sick of the same old places. I hope something good moves in and kid-friendly. (Red Robin need not apply).

    Comment by kms — 12:53 pm August 1, 2014 #

  17. Hope they put a via Tribunali in

    Comment by morgan — 2:39 pm August 1, 2014 #

  18. I am just glad to see the plywood and visqueen gone. The renovation looks great. The brown paper looks ghetto. Maybe the Endolyne Joe’s chain can use it? Maybe the Cactus up top? Agree on the Lead Robin… ew.

    Comment by Thomas M. — 7:04 pm August 1, 2014 #

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