West Seattle weekend scenes: Tat’s Truck & Burger Boss debut

As previewed here earlier in the week, two food debuts in West Seattle this weekend:

The truck spinoff from Tat’s Deli in Pioneer Square is scheduled to be open until 2 pm at 35th/Graham – that’s after a momentary scare, when the generator acted up right at 11 am, per a subsequent tweet from SeattleFoodTruck.com – which subsequently tweeted (and thanks also to the person who texted us) that it was fixed and all’s well now. For today, the truck’s in the Hans VW spot where other food trucks have held court over the years (including Marination’s “Big Blue” long before it opened Ma kai [WSB sponsor] at Seacrest). (Added a few minutes later – someone just texted to say the line’s about 20 people long, and the operators came out to say thanks to those who’d shown up.)

And at 9061 Delridge Way … Burger Boss opened Saturday afternoon as announced:

We stopped by about an hour after its opening; their walkup windows were busy. And thanks to Christina for sending images of the menu – here and here. We’ll be adding BB to the WSB West Seattle Restaurant Guide within a day or two (you are welcome to add mini-review-type comments to the ~100 entries there any time).

13 Replies to "West Seattle weekend scenes: Tat's Truck & Burger Boss debut"

  • ms. June 8, 2014 (11:54 am)

    Tried to stop by burger boss yesterday at 1ish but they weren’t open yet. Will try again soon.

    Tats truck is rocking. The line is still growing. About 25 people in line just before noon.

    • WSB June 8, 2014 (1:26 pm)

      Ms. – we’d mentioned the soft open yesterday was slated to start at 4 pm. I don’t know if they are moving immediately into regular hours, since it’s a “soft open,” and we haven’t heard a followup from them. Good luck next try! – TR

  • Marianne June 8, 2014 (3:00 pm)

    What kind of food does Tat’s serve?

    • WSB June 8, 2014 (3:08 pm)

      Famous deli. Pastrami, etc. Never been there but heard about it. If you click MENU at upper right of website, it will scroll down to the menu (no direct link in this type of format): http://tatstruck.com/

  • Ray June 8, 2014 (3:27 pm)


    For the BB menu, did you get two images of the menu? Seems you posted the same on twice….

    • WSB June 8, 2014 (3:39 pm)

      Fixed. Thanks.

  • robwestseattle June 8, 2014 (3:49 pm)

    Tat’s Truck direct link to the menu:

    The main Tat’s Deli in Pioneer Square has a much larger menu:

  • Ray June 8, 2014 (5:21 pm)

    Just tried Burger Boss, seeing as it is a few blocks away.

    Constant line of people coming/going.

    Service was great! Food was good, not great. Had the chicken sandwich (good) but the fries were only “OK” (crinkle cut, but a bit flaccid/soggy. Would like then a bit crispier). Had the Boss dipping sauce (not bad). Prices are about right.

    Will definitely return.

  • West Seattle Hipster June 8, 2014 (5:45 pm)

    Finally some delicious food options for West Seattle.


    I am throwing away my scale.

  • Pibal June 8, 2014 (9:26 pm)

    Regrettably, according to Tat’s schedule, today was Tat’s only appearance in West Seattle.

    • WSB June 8, 2014 (9:35 pm)

      Their schedule wasn’t entirely filled out, though, and they certainly took note of the big turnout. They promise to let us know when they book another WS stop.

  • Hungry in Arbor Heights June 8, 2014 (11:40 pm)

    Regarding ‘soft opening’
    (I was hangry on Sunday…not open😔)
    Saul Bloom, Ocean’s 13: When they opened The Flamingo, one day it was closed, the next it was open. End of story. I know, I was there.

  • Truth be told June 9, 2014 (8:12 pm)

    BB was super busy and we actually turned around to join in the fun.. Ordered the DUb C I believe, tasted just like a Dicks deluxe with pickles.. It was ok.. Yes I’ll be back but I won’t stop on my way to Zippys. Not sure that makes sense but you know what I mean…

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