Video: He did it! Lou Cutler’s annual Make-A-Wish birthday run @ Pathfinder K-8

9:09 AM: The sun’s out and they’re off – Pathfinder K-8 PE teacher Lou Cutler and hundreds of students, as Lou’s annual Make-A-Wish birthday run began minutes ago on Pigeon Point. He runs a lap for every year of his life – and he’s about to celebrate his 63rd birthday, so it’ll be 63 laps this year.

Students from the school join him throughout the morning, and were the first ones out of the gate (short video clip here, if you can’t see it below):

They started the run before 9 am to inspirational songs including Macklemore‘s “Can’t Hold Us” and “Gonna Fly Now” (the “Rocky” theme).

Even if you can’t go cheer on Lou and friends in person (every lap, he stops at an easel on the sidelines to mark it off, as shown in the photo above), you can donate online. We’ll be checking back!

12:26 PM: He’s still going – about a mile’s worth of laps to go. (The entire 63-lap distance this year comprises more than 10 miles, Lou said toward the start.)

1 PM: He did it!

ADDED: The group photo is a post-run tradition:

Lou’s way in the back. The blue slips show how many laps were run by each participant – up to 63.

ADDED: Pathfinder parent and photographer Holli Margell shares two photos – first, one that shows how much the kids stake in their support of Lou – her son Cooper, exuberant over 27 laps:

And Lou with Teacher Andy, not only a one-man cheer squad but also emcee of the event, with his bullhorn:

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9 Replies to "Video: He did it! Lou Cutler's annual Make-A-Wish birthday run @ Pathfinder K-8"

  • comment-avatar
    BMC June 2, 2014 (1:08 pm)

    Go Lou! Yay kids and community for participating!

  • comment-avatar
    Beth Bakeman June 2, 2014 (3:22 pm)

    Congrats, Lou! You are inspiring and a wonderful role model for the kids and grown-ups at Pathfinder.

  • comment-avatar
    Cousin Bill June 2, 2014 (7:00 pm)

    Congratulations old man! Grace and I are so proud! You are inspiring.

  • comment-avatar
    Leslie June 3, 2014 (7:04 am)

    What Beth said – Lou is a treasure

  • comment-avatar
    Jen June 3, 2014 (7:44 am)

    Awesome job Lou! Love you and this event. Thanks for teaching my kids so many, many things.

  • comment-avatar
    Michelle June 3, 2014 (9:15 am)

    Lou, you make exercise fun, motivating and inspiring! My son ran 13 miles and daughter 5 miles yesterday and they are so proud. You are such a saint!

  • comment-avatar
    Bill June 3, 2014 (10:15 am)

    Thanks Lou! Wonderful event for you to share with the entire k-8 pathfinder community!

  • comment-avatar
    jenni June 3, 2014 (1:49 pm)

    Thank you, Lou, for keeping our kids healthy…what a wonderful role model you are. My daughter ran 42 laps with you…and looks forward to PE every week!

  • comment-avatar
    arbora June 3, 2014 (5:55 pm)

    Thanks Lou for all you do!

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